of course last time i thought i was getting better i ended up getting sick all over again and it was worse

12 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as violence, torture, death, light smut

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Read your tags, and the dangerous mission first kiss one sounds damn good I'm up for an essay honestly

*rubs hands together* i really hope you knew that i meant essay when i said essay (aka, more proof that you should never ask me about these two) 

i listened to this 

  • the war may be over, but it’s practically impossible for a demigod to go months without being thrown into some dangerous quest and with percy, annabeth, jason, etc. busy, all heads turn to nico di angelo
  • who of course attempts at getting out of it with his incredibly valid doctor note, except even that is not going to convince chiron this time
  • and as he’s packing to leave, will comes by the hades cabin and just stands in the doorway, not really doing anything besides letting his eyes rest on nico, who hasn’t noticed yet
  • maybe he’s drinking in nico—his figure, his movements, his little gestures, perhaps in fear the he won’t return from his mission.
  • when nico does notice, both of them perhaps look at each other a bit too long before will cracks a smile and nico reciprocates before busying himself with packing aka not letting will’s unbelievably blue eyes distract him from this 
  • and then will approaches him and they just do a lot of cute banter that’s light and carefree as if nico might not die today
  • near the end of the packing, there’s a lot of silences and parting lips as if they want to say something to the other but choose against it and instead exchange glances that look so adoring but with these worried undertones
  • eventually, the dreaded moment finally comes after they walk back together
  • it’s kind of awkward and neither of them know why. maybe it’s cause will has these words that are in his throat that he’s desperate to confess but instead he just swallows them down. maybe it’s cause nico is more fidgety than normal and his lips keep getting dry
  • if it’s going to be the last time will sees him, then his heart insists on embracing the smaller boy and getting used to his figure and warmth all too fast. except he knows nico really hates physical contact, and he isn’t sure what they are exactly
  • little does he know that nico really wishes he could bury his face in will’s neck as well
  • but they both settle instead on a few closure comments with half-hearted smiles and pursed lips and nods before nico turns away with a sole backpack slung over his shoulder and his iron sword securely around his waist
  • and as nico’s figure fades, the panic settles like a fire and it sinks in low until will feels sick to his stomach at the thought of nico getting hurt or even worse-–dying.
  • but he waves that thought away because that is the last thing that he needs to dwell on, and instead he walks back to the infirmary, perhaps shaking a bit, and finds excuses to stay there
  • will takes on all the patients at every given opportunity, leaving his siblings worried but unable to do much about it because will is far too stubborn when he’s nervous
  • and when there’s nobody left to heal anymore, he takes out his medical tools and organizes them all and skims over each book on his shelf but learns nothing because there are thoughts that are racing across his mind
  • will he be okay? will he be strong enough? will he shadow travel himself too much? will he know how to deal with injuries if he’s alone? 
  • and then he hates himself, because he might never see nico again and he didn’t have the guts to even tell him how he felt. 
  • in the process, will falls asleep with his face pressed against his arm and an open medical book on the desk. (kayla and austin have to drag his half-conscious ass to the apollo cabin when they find him) 
  • nico, on the other hand, is doing a bit better since he’s kind of distracted with trying to stay alive, even if he hadn’t seen much of anything for the past few days
  • he finds his target’s general location and when he gets sleepy, he decides to camp it out in the natural veil of a forest
  • nico ests his head on the back of a tree and closes his eyes, sighing.
  • the first image that comes to his mind is the sun kissed mop of blonde hair. it glimmers in the sunlight, and he isn’t sure if it’s a memory but the simple sight of it is comforting
  • eyes still closed, he can almost touch will’s tan skin and gaze into the never ending blueness of his eyes that darken like layers of the ocean. he can feel the presence of will, just the gentle and honest warmth and kindness that seems to circulate around
  • (it’s an easing thought to nico, especially in the dark of night with grumbling clouds above and the wetness of the dirt from an earlier rainfall)
  • just as he feels himself drift off to sleep to will’s voice, a simple creak makes his eyes snap open, and he’s immediately pulled from his thoughts
  • nico surveys the forest, grasping at his sword and holding his breath until the monster lunges from the trees and suddenly nico feels his entire body being crushed, the metallic taste of blood instantly trailing across his lips and all the air in his lungs being squeezed out of him
  • he can’t see well, but his grip on his sword is strong and with a jumble of movement, he’s able to roll free from the monster’s grip and stand on his own two feet, immediately going for a direct slash
  • everything is a blur to him but the groans of the dying creature are enough for him to confirm that he’s done his job before he falls unconscious 
  • will, on the other hand, hasn’t heard a thing from nico in a week by now. he keeps going to chiron, asking him if anyone has heard of him and his heart sinks every time chiron denies it
  • he’s tried his hardest to keep his chin up and act normal, but eventually kayla and austin see his condition and force him to get some rest at the cabin
  • in the silence of the cabin, will realizes that rest is the last thing he needs because it makes his thoughts wander and so he sits up on the bed and takes in a deep breath before considering his situation
  • it’s been a week and he hasn’t given any notice that he’s okay. 
  • will imagines a pretty horrible scene in his head of nico and that’s enough to jog memories of nico’s laughter and smile and he realizes how much he misses that
  • so he takes his pillow and he buries his head in that and lets his worry channel through his tears, and it isn’t long before his tears become more like sobs as he whispers things out to nico
  • please be okay. i can’t do this anymore. please let us know. please be alive. please be okay.
  • nico wakes up in a daze. the first thing he notices is that he’s alive and actually breathing despite the sore throbbing of pain that’s pulsing in his ribs. 
  • there’s still the taste of blood in his mouth and his vision is a blur for a few seconds before it becomes a bit too hard to breath correctly with his face stuffed in dirt
  • so nico tries to sit up a few times and fails before finally balancing himself on trembling legs and looks at the creature long dead before him, the knash in it’s abdomen prominent
  • nico puts a hand over his ribs, wincing at the pain and realizes that a certain son of apollo will be furious at him when he returns
  • the thought of will makes his throat tighten and he wonders how long it’s been since he last notified the camp
  • he’s worried sick about how worried will might be, and he trudges to camp, fighting his urges to shadow travel and get it over with because he knows that if he even tries, he’ll be dead in seconds
  • but eventually, he goes through camp half blood’s entrance and a few faces turn to aid him but he waves them off, insisting that he’s fine.
  • of course, he can’t have them worrying now. he needs to get to will. he doesn’t care what happens to him afterwards. 
  • the thought scares him, but that’s the last thing on nico’s mind at the moment.
  • so he limps along the path to the infirmary, getting more numb to the pain along the way and his heart swells when he see’s that blonde hair glistening in the distance
  • will is sitting down on the steps of the infirmary, and nico notices that his eyes are stubbornly focused on nothing in particular, and for will that means he’s thinking deeply about something
  • the simplicity of that is enough to make those familiar skeletal butterflies flutter across his stomach and there’s a sudden bundle of energy that bursts in his chest
  • he keeps watching the peacefulness of the sight and wants to, forever.
  • “hey” is the only thing that nico can choke out with a pathetically wide smile plastered across his face
  • will’s head shoots up to that voice that he’s been wanting to hear for such a long time now, and tears instantly prick at the corners of his eyes when he see’s nico, in all his torn and scratched up glory
  • he’s okay. he’s okay. he’s okay. he’s alive. he’s okay. he’s alive.
  • those are the only thoughts that are in will’s head at the moment, and he doesn’t know what to do with the sudden ball of happiness and relief in himself besides running up to nico and collecting him instantly in his arms.
  • will lets his head fall into nico’s neck, and he could care less that the smaller boy can feel the wetness of his tears. nico only lets out a light laugh that hurts a bit and he tangles his fingers into will’s hair, breathing in his scent.
  • will’s holding him a bit too tight, his fingers grasping at the fabric of nico’s jacket and he doesn’t want to ease up—he’s too afraid that nico will disappear if he lets go.
  • they part, both unwillingly, but before nico can speak, will captures his lips in a kiss with his own. nico’s lips are slightly cold and chapped, but will couldn’t care less because they’re his
  • nico, on the other hand, offered no hesitation and instead melted into will’s arms further feeling his heart swell with a sense of deliverance.
  • he couldn’t think of anything besides how warm will’s lips were and the taste of coffee that came with them.
  • for a few moments, they stay that away until both boys part and realize that they’ve actually kissed—which is huge considering they were pining nerds who couldn’t even brush hands without turning into every shade of red
  • and of course, they proceed to turn every shade of red when the realization kicks in, but it fades away as quickly as it comes because nico’s alive.
  • forehead touch!
  • …and then they kind of realize that nico has a pair of very possibly broken ribs and that he’s kind of slowly dying and now will is red, panicking and angry at him for every reason on the planet
  • nico couldn’t be happier

i am half asleep and this is such crap but i couldn’t stop myself after i started and it’s really long and im sorry and should i put this under a read more tag??

(also thank you for being a cute and reading my tags!!)

Mad Love - Request

Requested by @sexy-bookworm-fangirl:  Being Sherlock’s twin sister (basically the kinder and more sassy version of him), and Moriarty falls hard for Reader. Like, his breath is quick, he can’t think, and he stutters around Reader. Reader falls for him, and Sherlock, John, Mycroft, and Lestrade (your boss/bestest friend in the world) get protective of Reader

Pairing: Jim Moriarty x reader

Word count: 1,968

Warnings: First time writing Moriarty (it is indeed a warning).

A/N: Ugh, don’t be so rough on me, I’ve never written him before…


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The Holmes family, a family of six strange individuals with very unique characteristics each. The father, who could be considered the most normal one and a true romantic; the mother, who was a math genius before becoming the mother of four little freaks: Mycroft, Eurus, Sherlock and (Y/N).

Mycroft was a brain just like his mother, and at his adult age he was the British government on his own. Eurus was the psychopath one, presumably dead by then. Sherlock was a scientist, a philosopher even, and the world’s only consultant detective while his twin sister, (Y/N), worked as forensic investigation along with Greg Lestrade.

Sherlock couldn’t be prouder of his twin sister, because “someone needed to show the British police how to do it properly”. Meanwhile, Mycroft was a little reluctant about her choice of career because it was quite dangerous. But the Holmes Twins loved danger and were too stubborn to change their minds once they got an idea inside their heads.

It was known that once they got together, there was not a single case that could be left unsolved – except for the unsolved ones, but they refused fervently to talk about those – and so they got involved in all kinds of trouble together.

She was the only one Sherlock actually gave credit too. Mostly because they were basically the same and denying her cleverness would be equal to denying his own cleverness, but also because she was his best friend, companion, partner in crime, and every other brotherly-term one can come up with.

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Anonymous asked: (jock!dean & nerd!cas) Cas sending Dean one of those school anon flower valentines day things with a little personalized note (cough cough mean girls) but thinking he’s not going to notice his specially. Little does he know Dean sent one to him as well.

Castiel was staring at the bulletin board, his mouth dry and his heart hammering against his rib cage as he read the new announcement.

Valentine’s Day 2016 at Lawrence High

Anonymously send a rose with personal note to the one you desire, our cupid will deliver the message on Friday February 12th.’

There was more information about how and where to leave your message, but Castiel knew that he had to talk himself out of this horrible idea before he gave in. Because he was this close to actually doing it. This close to acting on his feelings, to throw caution to the wind. This close to finally doing something about his crush on the most popular guy in school.

“Hey, Cas!” A cheerful voice called his name from not too far away, and suddenly an arm was casually draped around his shoulder. “I can already tell what you’re thinking, and I think that you should go for it.”

Charlie Bradbury, Castiel’s best friend, was wiggling her eyebrows at him, nodding at the school’s special Valentine’s offer.

Castiel sighed, shaking his head. “It’s pointless, we both know that.”

“Oh come on, you won’t know for sure if you don’t try!” Charlie countered immediately, one of her hands ruffling Castiel’s hair. “And honestly, if I have to watch you pine after Dean Winchester for another year, I will end up needing therapy.”

“It is not funny.” Castiel grumbled, giving his friend a sideways glare.

“You’re right, it’s not.” Charlie agreed. “Therapy costs a fortune.

“Charlie!” Castiel warned, lightly smacking his friend’s arm as he continued to glower at her.

Charlie surrendered, holding up her hands, calling a truce.

“Okay, okay. I’m sorry! I’m just saying, as a friend, that this is your chance, Cas. And it’s anonymous, so what do you have to lose, really?”

Castiel sighed, staring at the bulletin board again as he pondered that question.

“My sanity?” He offered after some time had passed.

Charlie shrugged. “Even better. If it doesn’t work out you can join me in therapy, maybe we’ll get a group discount.”

When Castiel reached out to reprimand her with another gentle slap to the arm, she moved out of the way before he could strike.

“Look, all I’m saying is, think about it. And before you start the whole he’s-popular-and-I’m-not argument again… It shouldn’t matter, as far as I know, Dean’s nice to everyone.” Charlie said, more serious now. “I gotta get to class, but I’ll see you at lunch, alright?”

Castiel muttered a goodbye in return when Charlie turned around and took off, feeling anxious as he considered the idea once more. The wise thing would be to forget about it altogether…


One week later, Castiel was deeply regretting the decision he’d made.

February 12th. He froze in his seat the second the door to the classroom opened in the middle of Math class. In walked Garth Fitzgerald, the janitor. Some students said that Garth wasn’t right in the noodle. When looking at him now, dressed in nothing but a giant white diaper with a pair of fake wings and a bow and arrow to match, Castiel suspected that they were right.

“I come bearing gifts.” Garth declared in a dramatic tone, holding up his right hand, the one that held at least fifteen red roses.

To make matters worse, of course it had to happen during the only class that Castiel shared with Dean. This was a scene taken directly from one of Castiel’s worst nightmares.

Garth was handing out roses here and there, and Castiel bit his lip, sinking lower in his chair, mortified. Jo Harvelle got one, and so did Victor Henriksen. Meg Masters got two, and Meg’s friend Ruby had scored three.

“Dean Winchester, six for you, the school record.” Garth whistled as he dumped the roses on Dean’s desk with an elegant hand gesture.

Dean frowned, green eyes narrowing. He looked sincerely surprised.

Castiel breathed out for the first time in what felt like ages, feeling a little defeated. Dean got six, of course. It wasn’t the first time that Castiel was reminded of just how doomed his infatuation with the guy truly was. He made up his mind there and then; he was never going to confess that one of those roses was his doing. Dean would never know that one of the messages came from Castiel, and everything would go back to normal.

“Castiel Novak, one for you.”

Castiel flinched when Garth’s voice was practically singing his name. Next thing he knew, a rose was placed on his desk. Almost all of Castiel’s classmates were staring at him, shock painted on their faces. Dean wasn’t one of them though, he was stiffly staring down at the roses on his own desk.

Garth had already moved on to another victim, and Castiel blinked at his rose, dumbstruck. There had to be some kind of misunderstanding. No one ever even paid attention to shy Castiel Novak with the dorky glasses.

Curious nonetheless, Castiel discreetly checked the card.

‘You’re awesome, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise. PS: I think I could drown in your eyes, and I wouldn’t even mind if did.’

Castiel tried to hide a laugh. This had ‘Charlie’ written all over it. This was a typical case of Castiel’s best friend trying to make him feel better. He could appreciate the joke, and he was kind of thankful that she’d taken the time to make him feel like less of an outcast.

He decided to go find her as soon as class ended, so that he could thank her.


Charlie was at the library, using one of the school computers. Castiel grinned as he hugged her from behind, surprising her.

“Whoa, Cas. What was that for? You never hug unless it’s a matter of life or death.” Charlie accused as she turned her head, dragging her eyes away from the screen. “The last time you hugged me was back in kindergarten when my cat died.”

Castiel rolled his eyes. So perhaps she was right, but that was not the point.

“Very funny… I just wanted to thank you for getting me a rose, that was nice of you. The part about drowning in my eyes was impressive, especially considering that you’re not even into males.”

Charlie’s hands slid away from the keyboard, and she turned in her chair to stare up at Castiel, appearing to be completely clueless.

“Rose?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. “That sure as hell wasn’t me… I sent you a friendship card, it should be waiting for you in the mail when you get home.”

There was no doubt that Charlie was speaking the truth; Castiel knew his friend well enough to detect when she was lying.

Castiel’s blood turned to ice. Someone had pranked him. Great. Predictable, but embarrassing all the same. Without thinking, Castiel rushed out of the library. He heard Charlie call after him, but he didn’t stop, aiming for some fresh air and some alone time instead…


It was chilly outside, even though the sun was struggling to break through the clouds. Castiel shivered as he took in the empty school yard. It wasn’t time for lunch break yet, which meant that he was alone. Perfect.

He made his way over to a group of trees, sitting down on a wooden bench that was still slightly damp. Putting down his bag, he took a deep breath. Now that he could think clearly, he realized that he was overreacting. It had simply been a prank, and whoever had pulled it, at least the message hadn’t included any mean or harmful words…


Castiel nearly fell off the bench at the sound of that voice, deep and warm, calling his name so casually.

“Hello…” Castiel mumbled as he looked up into troubled green eyes. “Dean.” He added in an even smaller voice when he realized that this was probably bad news.

Like this, Dean was towering over him, and Castiel felt the need to get up to his feet as well, so that they at least were on the same level. When he did just that, Dean was even closer, and Castiel took a tiny step back.

Did Dean know? Had someone found out about Castiel sending him that rose? Castiel felt sick to his stomach at the mere thought.

“Can I talk to you, Cas?”

For reasons unknown, Dean sounded nothing like the confident guy that Castiel knew, and it was a bit unsettling.

“I… Yes, I guess.” Castiel permitted helplessly, trapped by both those eyes and the intense look on that handsome face.

Dean nodded, but stayed silent for a brief amount of time, as if collecting his thoughts. Castiel shamelessly used that pause to count the freckles on Dean’s nose, until he caught himself in the act and swiftly averted his eyes.

“Look, I think this whole anonymous thing with the roses is one big load of crap.” Dean suddenly stated out of the blue, breaking the silence and making Castiel look up at him again. “I mean, why send someone a message if you’re not even gonna tell them it’s you, right? Besides, it’s weird and awkward…”

Oh no… Dean knew. It felt like Dean’s gaze was boring right into Castiel’s very soul, digging up all of the secrets that he’d tried to keep hidden for so long.

Castiel contemplated running away and hiding in a cave forever, or moving to the other side of the country. Anything, something to get away from Dean Winchester, as well as impending humiliation. But Castiel was not a coward, never had been. He stood a little straighter, squaring his shoulders, a confession on his lips, just waiting to spill out.

“I’m sorry, Dean…” He apologized, loud and clear. “Sending you that rose was stupid, I know it was irrational, and I should’ve known that it would make you uncomfortable. I wasn’t thinking…”

The dumbfounded expression on Dean’s face that followed after, was not what Castiel had anticipated. This entire conversation was getting more confusing by the minute.

You? No Cas, I was talking about me!” Dean blurted out, face turning pink. “I sent you a rose… I think you’re cute, and smart, and your eyes are just… they’re gorgeous, okay? That’s what I’m trying to tell you, because otherwise what even would the point be, huh?”

Dean was grinning sheepishly, one hand rubbing the back of his neck as he waited for Castiel to say something.

Castiel couldn’t believe what he was hearing, shocked that Dean even knew he existed, let alone that he’d taken an interest in Castiel.

“So did you… Was I the only one who got a rose from you?” Castiel eventually questioned, not knowing what else to say.

Dean put his hand over his heart in mock offense. “Of course! I think one Valentine’s date at a time is enough, don’t you.” He winked at Castiel, and Castiel was officially lost.

“Y-You want to ask me on a date, Dean?”

“Yeah, I do…” Dean replied with a grin. “But first, I wanna know which one of those six messages was yours.”

Again, Castiel was reminded of his competition, but he suddenly felt less nervous. This was Dean, captain of the football team, the popular kid, yet he seemed genuinely vulnerable when talking to Castiel. It made Castiel confident enough to tease him a little.

“How about you guess which one it was?” Castiel said, tilting his head as he challenged Dean.

Dean weighed his options, squinting at Castiel. “Okay… Do I get a bonus if I guess it right away?”

Castiel laughed at Dean’s obvious enthusiasm. “You’ll see.”

Again, Dean was staring at him, as if trying to lift the answer straight from Castiel’s mind. Castiel gladly took yet another opportunity to map Dean’s freckles.

“Ha!” Dean shouted triumphantly, almost making Castiel jump. “It was the message that compared my freckles to the constellations, wasn’t it!”


Lucky for Dean, Castiel wasn’t a sore loser. Dean had earned that bonus, fair and square. In a moment of extreme bravery, Castiel stood on his tiptoes and lightly kissed Dean on the lips. When Dean pulled him closer and started kissing him back, Castiel could tell that this was going to be the best Valentine’s day ever.


1k words inspired by this post by the lovely nareh and my own extensive feelings about yuri getting acquainted with victor’s humanity, and loving it.

It’s amazing how much Russian Yuri’s learned in just four months. He’s confident enough he can bring himself to run errands that require basic communication with St. Petersburg locals, like buying groceries or greeting neighbors when he takes Macca for a walk.

He wouldn’t need to be Russian-savvy to know what he’s hearing right now is anything but a friendly conversation, though.

They’d been halfway through Finding Nemo when Darth Vader’s Theme - Victor’s ringtone for Yakov - drowned out Dory’s whale-speaking efforts. Victor was about to refuse the call when Yuri suggested he answer lest it’s something important about tomorrow’s practice.

Now, the way Victor’s face twists in frustration as he paces up and down the living room has him regretting that thoroughly.

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A Friendly Visit

Fandom: Marvel

Summary: Based on: “Imagine Loki secretly taking care of you when you are sick because you are Tony’s sister and he is not allowed to be near you.” by @imagining-imagines

Word count: 1,621


Originally posted by maryxglz

The dim light was floating through the thick curtains on your left. It was your only source of time and the way you knew it was still daytime after you took a nap. Or it could be the next day already, if your nap took a while longer than you expected. It would probably bother you more if you weren’t feeling as bad as you did. You could feel your every bone screaming and every muscle trembling from the cold and exhaustion. When you coughed, a wave of pain erupted deep in your lungs with a force that almost made you cry out.

You hated being ill. One could think that all the high-tech stuff Tony packed into his tower would make the illness almost comfortable and convenient, but the sad truth was that you weren’t interested in any of his toys.

You wanted the pain to go away and the sickness out of your heavy head, but the medicines Tony made sure you were regularly stuffed with, required time to fight off the illness. It was a natural order and the plasma on the wall or a remote managing everything in your room couldn’t really help with it. Your brother did his best to make you feel better and you were grateful for his efforts.

You opened your eyes when you heard a soft knocking on the door. It was quite unusual, because Tony always made a loud entrance, even if he tried not to, and Vision would usually float into the room if he sensed you weren’t sleeping. The rest of the team was out, taking care of their own lives somewhere in the city. Or other realms, who knew where some of them liked to wander.

“Come in,” you coughed out with a much weaker voice than you expected. Your back was to the door so you couldn’t see the guest.

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The Joyride -Part 4 (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long! I worked hard on it, though, and stayed up until 2:30 writing it! I hope you like it! If you’re on desktop just click the title to enlarge the post! This is not the last part!

Warnings: Injury, angst

Tagging: @solis200213 @pinkwitch21 @tigeragathe @gokusanfan @just-a-girl-maybe @queen-of-all-the-fandoms @holywinchesterness @neverlandprincessjaz @actbat @steggy4ever @iamngoclinh08 @blackparacosm @maryenette

The past few days had been nothing short of hellish. It was an undeniable truth, but strangely enough, you were still hopeful. Jason had agreed to move back into the manor, at least temporarily, while you were recovering.

Bruce had brought the family in to visit, and it had lifted your spirits greatly. You hadn’t realized how much you would miss having a life with friends until you had to be cooped up in a bed for days at a time.

Dick had cried when he had seen your condition, and had cried even harder when Jason told him exactly what had happened. Of the three, Tim seemed to be the calmest. Dick was hysterical and Damian had vowed revenge on whoever had done this to you.

Alfred came in and talked to you for a while, which was greatly comforting.

Once they had left, Jason insisted that you rest, concerned that all the excitement had been too much.

That had been the day before, and today the nurses were telling you that they were going to try to get you back on your feet.

That was why Jason was currently easing you out of the hospital bed, careful not to aggravate your injuries.

“Take it slow, babe,” he cautioned, wrapping one arm around your back while a nurse helped shift you so that your legs dangled off the bed.

You winced as your legs were jostled. They were still bruised, and the wounds and scars where they’d had to surgically remove the shrapnel still stung slightly.

“Take it easy,” he repeated, his voice slightly hushed. “We’re gonna take it easy.”

“Yeah,” you replied softly, comforted by his presence, as he and the nurse worked to get you to your feet. Your legs felt weak, and you could barely support your own weight. Slowly, but surely, you were standing, leaning on Jason, who stood to your right, for support.

“You good?” Jason asked, careful not to overexert you.

“I’m good,” you answered, giving him a hesitant smile.

He smiled back, giving a thumbs up with his free hand. “We’ve got this.”

You nodded your head. “We’ve got this.”

“Okay, we’re gonna move forward, now. It’ll be slow at first. Are you okay with that?” the nurse inquired cautiously, standing at your left.

“Yeah,” you affirmed, preparing to move forward.

“Okay, here we go.”

Jason moved with you as you put one foot in front of the other and began to shift your weight. You faltered slightly, and Jason was quick to steady you.

“Who knew walking could be so hard?” you asked, giving a short and shaky laugh before your leg faltered again.

“Careful, there,” Jason chuckled, inching forward as you took another small step. “Don’t hurt yourself.”

“I’m okay,” you assured him softly. “We got this, right?”

He nodded as you took another step, holding you up as you wavered. This went on for a little while until you reached the doorway, and the nurse instructed that he walk you back to the bed. He helped you back in and under the blankets, and the nurse did some routine checks before leaving.

Once you were alone, you smiled over at Jay. “Wow. I made it a whole five feet. I could probably sprint a marathon now.”

“Hey, you made it five feet and back,” he joked, brushing your hair out of your face with his thumb and giving you a crooked smile.

“How impressive,” you sighed, biting your lip as you frowned slightly.

“Hey, don’t be like that,” he reassured you soothingly. “You’re recovering. It’s gonna take a little while, but you’re gonna make it.”

“I know,” you mumbled. “But I’m just impatient. Being cooped up in here all the time is just- it’s driving me crazy. At least once you recovered they let Bruce bring you your clothes and stuff. I don’t even get to wear my own clothes.”

“I get it,” he agreed, leaning forward to kiss you on the forehead. “You’ll be out in a couple days, though, and we’ll be back at the manor, and everything will be just fine.”

“God, I hope so,” you muttered, looking up at the white-tiled ceiling. You’d never thought you’d miss seeing colors other than white and the occasional blue, but you did. The tanned leather of Jason’s jacket and the blue of his eyes seemed like the only things in the room that had any real vibrancy or depth.

“We’ll be fine,” Jason repeated soothingly. He stopped himself from adding ‘I promise,’ to the end. As much as it pained him to acknowledge it, he knew that he was in no position to give you that promise.

You nodded and closed your eyes, letting out a long sigh. It was going to be a long few days.

You had been right. The next few days had crawled by agonizingly slowly, and your walking hadn’t improved much. You were able to get down the hallway with Jason’s help but that was about it. The hospital staff had decided to send you home, but you would need to be in a wheelchair and going back to the hospital every few days until they decided you were fit to walk on your own.

It wasn’t what you had wanted. You wanted to leave fully able to walk, and it frustrated you that you weren’t recovering as fast you would have liked. You were frowning as Jason wheeled you out the front entrance, though you were glad to finally breathe fresh air and you were glad to be part of the real world again.

Bruce pulled up to the curb and Jason pushed you over, helping you into the car before collapsing your wheelchair and packing it into the trunk.

You were itching to get back to the manor, and you were bubbling with anticipation as Jason took you up the walkway to the manor, excited to see your family all at once and not one at a time in a tiny room.

The boys were all waiting in the living room, all draped awkwardly across the furniture. They didn’t notice you at first, as Damian had stomach flopped onto the couch and had his nose buried in a video game, Tim was reading and looked preoccupied, and Dick was staring intently down into a bowl of Lucky Charms.

You cleared your throat softly, and they looked over. Soon, they were all on their feet and had moved to greet you. They were excited to have you back, and it was so refreshing. Happiness and excitement felt surreal compared to the tangle of panic and desperation that had consumed you mere days ago.

Of course there was always something to bring you back down, and this time it was the fatigue. You hadn’t even been interacting with your friends for fifteen minutes before you were unbearably tired. Somehow this was almost worse than the hospital. To be so close to normalcy but having it just out of reach.

“I’m so sick of this,” you hissed as Jason helped you into a separate wheelchair that you had to use for the stairs. “I’m not getting any better. How am I supposed to go back out on patrol when I can’t even walk?

“Give it time,” Jason replied, his voice comforting and soft. He moved and knelt down in front of your chair. “You’ve only been out of the hospital for two days. You’re going to be fine.”

“You keep saying that. Nothing is getting better!” you snapped, your voice breaking slightly.

“Hey, hey,” Jason soothed, moving a hand to brush the backs of his fingers against your cheek. “You’re going to get better.”

“God, I’m sorry, Jay,” you mumbled, sighing. “I’m just impatient. I want things to go back to normal, you know?”

“I understand, babe. I understand. Let’s get you upstairs now, okay?”

You nodded and sighed. You felt terrible for snapping at him. He’d been so wonderful through this whole thing. You were so tired, though. You were just beginning to process just how close you had come to losing everything, and it had started to weigh on you. You hadn’t slept very well the last few nights. Every time you closed your eyes you saw the pavement rushing towards your face or the sparks against the concrete guardrail. In moments of quiet you heard the engine of that truck as it slowly pushed you towards the edge and the screech of metal scraping against stone. Your entire stay in the hospital, you had been praying that you could come back home, and wishing that you could leave. But now that you were actually home, the aftermath had set in and you had grown weary of living in your own head.

It was a quiet day, Jason was out running some errands, and the others were all in the cave. That left you alone upstairs with a plan that no one in their right mind would approve of. You hoisted yourself out of your chair, bracing yourself against your chest-of-drawers as you rose.

Even as you stood stationary, you knew it was a terrible idea. But that didn’t stop you. You inched yourself towards the doorway, leaning on your good arm, your broken wrist dangling uselessly at your side. Logic-be-damned, you were going to walk, and you were going to walk now.

You reached the edge of the dresser, and you held onto the corner to support yourself. You were about a foot away from the doorway, and your goal was to make it through the hallway and down the stairs.

You let go of the dresser and moved towards the doorway. Your stomach dropped as your legs gave out underneath you. You let out a short cry as you collapsed partway through the doorframe. You didn’t want to call for help, that would be mortifying, but you were also aware that with one useless arm, you were in absolutely no position to get yourself back up. You sighed and stared across the floor, your cheek pressing up against the hardwood. At least you had a lovely floor-view of the hallway. You weren’t sure when, but at some point you drifted off, waiting for someone to come upstairs and find you.

Jason set the groceries down in the kitchen and put his keys back in his pocket before deciding to go upstairs to check on you. He climbed the staircase, his boots thumping lightly against the wooden stairs, and turned into the hallway.

When he saw you collapsed and unconscious, he feared the worst. When he saw you, unmoving, he froze. When he saw you, all he could think was how much you had suffered already and how much you had gone through, and for what? He rushed forward, practically diving onto his knees to be at your side. There was already a knot at the back of his throat, and tears already welling up in his eyes because this couldn’t be happening. Because he’d already suffered so much. And oh please, God, not her too.

Gently, hesitantly, he shook your shoulder. When you didn’t move at first, he let out a sob, and for a second he felt his heart being ripped out of his chest. But then you were moving, and your eyes were open and he was thanking whatever deity was listening.

“Oh my god,” was all he managed to choke out as your eyes met his, and relief seemed to be the only feeling he knew.

You frowned, confusion evident in your expression, your mind still cloudy from having just been stirred. “Jay?”

He pulled you into his arms and held you tightly. Your legs were draped off to the side in an awkward position but he didn’t care.

“I’m sorry, Jason,” you whispered into his shoulder, the side of your face pressed against the leather of his jacket. “I just wanted to walk.”

“Don’t do that to me. Don’t scare me like that. What were you thinking?” He held you even tighter as he spoke, his voice still cracking as tears spilled down the sides of his face.

“I’m sorry,” you repeated, guilt washing over you in tidal waves. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.

Jason didn’t say anything, just held you closer and buried his face in your shoulder. He prayed that nothing like this would happen again. He prayed for your safety and he prayed for this nightmare to end. He had suffered through too much, but he couldn’t seem to suffer enough.

Class Dismissed

 Request:  Can you do a Chris Beck x reader where Chris is teaching new NASA recruits and the reader is one of the students and they are both super attracted to each other and like smuuuttt please

Pairing: Dr. Chris Beck x Reader

Warnings: language, unprotected sex (please use condoms), mentions of hospital stay.

Originally posted by vibraniumdoll

Originally posted by my-dragons-fell-out

My first day as a NASA employee, you could say I’m nervous. But also so excited for this new chapter in my life. I was at a horrible time in my life, I was constantly sick for about 3 months, been to doctor to doctor to doctor, and no one seemed able to help me. I had given up hope, and the only person I was relying on more than anything, my boyfriend of 3 years, went ahead and cheated on me. And you know what makes it even worse? It was cliche, he was cheating on me with my best fucking friend, and I found out on the day I found out what was wrong with me. I had just found out I had sepsis, and they caught it just in time. I was hospitalised for 3 weeks while they pumped antibiotics and fluids, while battling depression. Neither him nor her came to see me once in the hospital. Once I got out I had a new lease on life, and so far I’ve never seen either of them again. I enrolled for the NASA recruit program, and I was accepted. I’m here today, about to met my instructor. I’ve met a few of the students, and they’re pretty cool so far.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry if this is late. Not sure when 12 is for you. But. #70, Shiro, serious sick fic? I would love you forever.

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!


….so my 2k milestone is 50 people away.

…..I might wait till 2.5k

“Uh, Shiro, you doing okay?”

Shiro paused, feet stumbling mid-step before he found his pace again, then he frowned over at Hunk.  “What do you mean?”  

Glancing down pointedly at Shiro’s feet, Hunk shoved on his helmet.  “You look a little flustered.  You okay?”

“He means you’re sweating like Pidge,” Keith translated flatly.  “You don’t look so good.”

Oh, jeez.  Shiro huffed in frustration, glancing between them both.  There was silence ahead of them from Pidge and Lance, which meant they were listening in carefully.

Of course they picked now to actually listen to him.

…Eugh, Shiro’s temper really was shot.

(Read More Below)

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Broken and Cursed

Characters: Y/N (reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Metatron (mentioned), Naomi (mentioned), Crowley (sorta).

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Selfloathing, Self-blame, hurt!Sam, canon typical violence, s8 spoilers (but is that really spoilers anymore?)  

Word Count: 2400ish

A/N: This is a rewrite of the end of the season 8 finally. I loved the scene in the church, and I hope that I haven’t butchered it completely by inserting a reader into this moment between the brothers. I used some of the dialogue from the episode, and I do not claim to own any of that.  

This is 1 out of my 13 entries for @mamapeterson / @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Fanfiction Challenge where I chose the album “Smoke and Mirrors” by Imagine Dragons. The song prompt for this fic is: Shots

You clasped your hand over your mouth, staring into thin air as Cas disappeared before your eyes, and Dean called out to him to no avail. This had just gone from bad to worse, and the panic you had struggled to hold in ever since your talk with Naomi was getting harder and harder to contain.

“Goddammit!” Dean snarled, making you jump slightly. Not so much because of his reaction, but because you knew Dean tended to speak before he thought when he was angry. He said things he didn’t mean, things that Sam always ended up taking to heart. You didn’t blame Dean for it. They were brothers, and it was part of who they were. It had been part of who they were long before you had met them. Long before you had fallen in love with Sam, and long before he had pushed you away out of fear of what his love would do to you.

No matter how hard he had pushed though, no matter how much it had hurt, you hadn’t left. Not really. You had kept in touch with Dean, and the second Sam had started showing signs of being ill, Dean had told you and you had reentered the brothers’ lives completely. You had moved into their new found home with them, but you had given Sam his space because you thought that had been what he needed. Standing outside the old church with Dean yelling towards the sky, you weren’t so sure. You were terrified of losing him, and the nagging feeling you could have done something to prevent things coming to this weighed heavily on your heart.

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Never Again; No Strings Attached PT. 4. A Luke Hemmings Imagine

Hey everyone! I am so sorry that this took literally like a month for me to write. I really hope you guys enjoy this next part and stay tuned for part 5!! Also, I really recommend listening to Clarivoyant by The Story So Far with this chapter! ❤️


It had been a few weeks, but your face was still everywhere. You had to force yourself to stay off twitter in order to avoid all of the drama surrounding you and Luke. You couldn’t escape that day, even though you have tried everything in your power to do so. The feeling that went through your body when Luke left you in the alley was one of pure and utter heartbreak. You told yourself you weren’t going to fall for him, but that’s exactly what you did.

The minutes turn to hours and the hours turn to days. You can’t seem to get Luke out of your mind. This is the last thing you wanted to happen. You never could have imagined things going the way they did, and honestly you feel awful. Not only was your face plastered everywhere, but fans were turning on Luke. That hurt you worse than your heartbreak.

Sure, you thought to yourself, you both fucked up. Like royally fucked up. But what happened was between the two of you, not Luke and his fans. It made you sick to think they are hurting because of this too.

You check your phone a hundred times a day, just to make sure you haven’t missed a phone call or a text from him, but can’t help feeling stupid every time. Of course he isn’t going to call you. Why would he? You have given him every reason not to even want to see you again.

Tonight though, you’re having a really rough night. Your anxiety is setting in and you can barely sit still. If you lay down you can’t get comfortable, if you stand up you can’t stop pacing. Your mind is racing and your heart is trying to keep up the best it can. You have tried everything. You decide to fill up the bath and drop some oils into the steaming hot tub as a last resort to help cure your nausea and your racing heart.

Before you get in the tub you stare at your naked body in the mirror, observing all the places that you can’t stand but somehow Luke seemed to love them all. Thinking about him and all the hurt you may have caused him is what caused your anxiety attack, but right now, thinking about how much attention he showed you is calming you down. You climb into the bath and turn some music on and allow your mind and body to relax into the tub.

A few hours have passed since your attack and you’re exhausted. You’re laying in bed online shopping when you realize you left your purse out in the car. Groaning, you roll out of bed and put your feet on the floor. You slip a big sweatshirt over your body and make your way to the front door. You grab your keys off the hook and slowly step outside. It’s near one a.m. and you hate going outside at this time of night. You start to open the car door but are stopped by a hand. You don’t want to look up, you’re sure that this is the end of your life. But when you finally do, you’re hit with what feels like one million bricks.

It’s Luke and god he looks rough. He’s in an oversized sweater and shorts with his hair pulled back out of
his face. You realize that you probably don’t look much better yourself, so you don’t comment on the obvious.

“What are you doing here?” You ask timidly, crossing your arms over your chest. He doesn’t say anything, he just leans agains your car. The tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

“I don’t know.” He finally speaks up, his voice sounding strained. The two of you stand there avoiding looking at each other for what feels like forever, and for a moment you find yourself wishing that he never would have given you his number just so you could have avoided this.

“How are you?” you decide to ask, knowing it was a stupid question as soon as it left your lips. For the first time, you really let yourself look at his face and it sets in just how tired he looks.

He scoffs and drops his arms by his side.

“How am I? Did you just ask how I am?” The tone in his voice makes tears begin to form in your eyes.

“I’m fucking fantastic, thank you very much. I couldn’t be better, y/n!” He’s pacing around your driveway and pulling at his sweater sleeves. You can’t help but to begin to cry, because you know that you’re the reason he’s so upset.

“Luke..” you trail off, wiping the tears from your eyes. He stops and looks at you shooting you a defeated look and decides not to say anything. Instead, he just sits down on the step beside your car and places his head in his hands. You can’t bring yourself to sit next to him, you’re not even sure if he wants to be that close to you.

“I don’t know what to say to make this better, Luke.” There aren’t enough words to tell him how sorry you are.

“Me either, y/n. I really don’t.” There’s a sadness in his voice that makes the tears want to fall even faster on your face.

“I’m sorry,” you start. He looks up at you and his eyes are ripping through the small shreds of self control you have left. You can’t hold the tears back any further and they begin to roll out in waves. You expect him to laugh in your face, but instead you feel his arms wrap around your body. You can’t stop yourself from sinking into his warm embrace and allowing yourself to feel everything you’ve ignored.

“Let’s get you inside, yeah?” Luke nudges you off the car, your purse long forgotten and leads you in the house. He’s only been here a few times but he seems to remember it pretty well. He pushes open the bedroom door and let’s you walk in behind him. You go to sit down on the bed while he still stands in the doorway. It’s obvious that the mood is now awkward, because neither of you are speaking.

Before you can say anything, Luke backs out of the room and retreats down the hallway. You’re not sure what he’s doing but you can hear him in the kitchen. It’s not long before you hear his feet shuffling down the hallway and back into your room, and a surprise to you, he made you tea.

“I thought you may want this..” He crosses the room and gives you the hot cup of deliciousness. You grin up at him as you take a sip and are pleasantly surprised that he remembered the way you drink your tea.

“What do we do from here, Luke?” He sighs and takes a seat beside you on the bed.

“I don’t know, y/n. I just really fucking missed you.” Your breath hitches in your throat but you take a sip of the tea to disguise it.

“Luke.. This is your life, your job we’re talking about here. I ruined everything for you. I painted you black when you used to be golden.”

He doesn’t say anything. He just sits there playing with the ends of his sweater. But when he finally does speak, he sounds offended.

“I chose to give you my number. I chose to have sex with you. I chose to spend all that time with you. But what I didn’t chose was to fall in love with you. You know that right?” His words hit you right in the chest, damn near knocking the breath out of you.

“Well I didn’t ask you to fall in love with me, Luke.” You speak quietly and stare off at the wall. He sighs yet again.

“That’s not what I meant, y/n.” He reaches out and places his hand on your thigh, then traces it to your hand that’s not wrapped around the tea mug.

“Then what did you mean?” You question.

“I meant that I fucking love you, but that I didn’t chose to love you. It just happened. I can’t help that, you can’t help that.” You look over and he’s already staring at you.

“I know. But your relationship with Arzaylea,” You start, but he cuts you off.

“She is out of my life. We tried to make it work but I just couldn’t do it.” You start to feel your veins run wild with electricity.

“Are you being serious?” You ask, making sure you heard him correctly.

“On Petunia…I’m serious.” His response makes you giggle, but somehow you know you two aren’t in the clear yet. There’s a lot of talking that needs to happen.

You look at him and admire him, even with the bags under his eyes, his face is still the most beautiful you have ever seen.

“I really want to kiss you right now…” You whisper. He pulls you closer and places his lips on yours, igniting a fire you so desperately tried to put out over the past few weeks.

You kiss until you can’t anymore, until there’s nothing but skin on skin tangled in sheets. It happened fast, but a hunger took over Luke after a few seconds of having your lips on his.

The two of you lay in silence, the sound of your breathing taking over the room.

“Why didn’t you ever call me?” Luke wondered, the tiredness in his voice really catching up with him.

“I don’t know. I thought you never wanted to hear from me again.” You sigh, curling into his bare chest.

“I wanted to hear your voice so bad. So, so bad.” He lightly kisses your shoulder before wrapping his arms around you.

“We have to talk in the morning,” you trail off, allowing the sleep to start consuming your body.

“I know we do baby,” He says.

“You’re not going to leave me are you?” You can’t help but to wonder aloud. Luke pulls you as close as he can get you to his body.

“Never again, will I ever leave your side. I promise.” He kisses your shoulder one more time and you slip into the best sleep you’ve had in weeks because you’re finally at home where you belong.

Shy and Blind

Word Count: 2813

Player: Sebastian Aho (Carolina Hurricanes)

Feat. the Canes

Warning/s: mentions of alcohol and throwing up, long I got carried away

Originally posted by temipanarin

“Wait a second, am I drunk?”, you asked as realization dawned on you. 

Of course, you drank something like everyone else did too, but you lost count at some point and just expected that you had drunk a lot less. But it was weirdly difficult for you to walk in a straight line without help, and the room was spinning a little.

“Very.”, Teuvo replied with a chuckle.

You shot him a filthy look as he took out the key to the Apartment he shared with his best friend. Sebastian, who happened to be behind you to keep you from falling down. 

“That’s your fault.”, you muttered.

“You drank. Not my fault.”, Teukka grinned.

“But you dragged me to the Canes party. You provided me with the atmosphere to drink and you provided me with a person that gets me to drink.”, you chuckled, your words not as clear as you had hoped.

“I didn’t know that Skinner could take that much, to be honest.”, your best friend laughed, finally opening the door. 

You prepared to move forward, only to get tangled up with your own legs. So you stumbled backward instead. And you would’ve fallen flat on your ass if Sebastian wouldn’t have caught you by your arms, steadying you enough to lead you in. He settled you on the couch, where you waited without a plan. Teuvo threw you some clothes - the ones you kept in his Apartment in case you were sleeping over at his place unplanned - and set a glass of water down on the coffee table.

“Why am I wearing socks?”

“Because you didn’t want to wear your heels and we didn’t want you to get sick.”

You woke up several hours later, with the worst headache of your life. You blinked, trying to adjust to the sunlight in the room, but it didn’t help. It was burning out your eyes, blinding you and making you feel dizzy. Nausea had taken possession over your stomach, and all you wanted to do was get up and punch the stupid grin out of Teuvo’s face. He was watching you from the doorway, a coffee in his hands and curiosity in his expression.

“How are you?”, he asked as you sat up.

“Great.”, you groaned, hiding your face in your pillow. 

“You know, you’re better than I thought you’d be.”, he said right as the nausea was getting worse.

“I thought you would-”, he started, interrupted by you sprinting past him and into the bathroom.

You barely had any time to kneel down onto the floor, when the gagging already took over and threw up right into the toilet. 

“- throw up.”, he finished his sentence.

“Crap.”, you muttered, right before you threw up again. 

Whoever first said that Alcohol coming out was worse than going in, they were right. It was like warm acid that was slowly burning your throat. You were so out of it and exhausted, you just kept your head down, noticing that someone held your hair back for you. You had forgotten about your hair, so you were just glad someone else didn’t. You imagined Teuvo to be the one sitting behind you, but the hand that was slowly rubbing circles on your back didn’t feel that large. So it had to be Sepe.

Throwing up a couple of times, you felt like you would pass out on the bathroom floor. Leaning back, you noticed that it really was Sepe that was sitting behind you.
You wanted to mutter a thank you, but your throat didn’t let you. Instead, you just gave him a faint smile.

“You done?”, he asked.

You nodded, surprised as he scooped you up from the floor, with his arms under your knees and back. Too tired to protest, you just leaned against his chest, waiting to be back in the living room.
But that’s not where you ended up, which you only realized when your back hit a soft mattress. Your eyes fluttered open in confusion as you spotted the ceiling of Sepe’s room.

“What?”, you asked, brows furrowed.

“You need rest.”, was all that you heard, as Sepe pulled up the covers. 

You wanted to protest since it was his bed and you didn’t want to occupy it, but he didn’t listen. He just pulled the comforter over you and let the blinds down, leaving you alone in the dark room. 

At least your eyes weren’t burning anymore, and there was nothing left in your stomach to make you feel sick. And to deny that the warm feeling of the bed was better than the couch, would be flat out a lie. So you fell asleep, curled up against one of the two pillows.

You woke up to the sound of feet shuffling across the floor. With your eyes opening carefully, you realized that you were feeling a lot better. You didn’t feel that sick anymore, only the throbbing pain in your head made it difficult to concentrate. 

Sebastian shuffled through his room, quietly placing down the hockey bag next to the door.
How long had you been asleep if they already had practice? Did you sleep the whole day?

“How late is it?”, you asked quietly, stretching out under the comforter. 

Your throat was still sore, but you managed to talk, that was a plus point. Sebastian didn’t notice you at first, flinching when you started talking.

“It’s 5. Turbo was here before practice but you were sleeping.”, he explained, coming up to the bed. 

He hesitantly sat down on the edge of the mattress, looking at you with concern obvious in his eyes.

“How are you?”

“Better. Thank you for… helping me this morning. My head is killing me.”, you said, trying to grin. 

Sebastian just shrugged it off, handing you a glass of water and two pills from the night stand. You were thirstier than you thought, downing the pills and the water quickly.

“You want food?”, he asked.

“No, thank you. I should probably just head home.”

“Turbo said no driving.”, he chuckled.

You rolled your eyes with a smile on your face, thankful for being distracted from the pain, even if it was just for a minute.

“Then I’m gonna sleep on the couch. This is your room.”, you insisted.

But when you actually moved, although your head didn’t want you to, Sebastian gently pushed you back down.

“I don’t mind. Rest.”, was his simple explanation. 

He took the glass with him and stood up from the bed. A yawn escaped your lips and you realized that you probably wouldn’t drink ever again, or for a very long time. You didn’t want to feel like that ever again. The familiar scent of the pillow was lulling you back to sleep and you quickly had trouble to keep your eyes open.

“Can you stay?”, you whispered, almost entirely asleep already.

“Sleep.”, he shot you down, leaving you alone.

But you were already back to sleep before the door closed.

When Sebastian entered the room next - to retrieve his sleeping clothes and a blanket for the couch - you were shivering. Although you were wrapped up in the comforter like a burrito.

“Hey.”, he said, waking you up with a slight shaking of your shoulder. 

You jumped a little, shocked at the sudden touch of someone before your eyes adjusted to the dark. Before you could say anything, he took your hand and placed it on a soft object. Looking down, you spotted a dark sweatshirt that you knew belonged to him.

“I-”, you started.

If there was one thing you didn’t want to be, it was a burden. Sebastian had let you sleep in his room the whole day- two? how much time had passed? - and now you were supposed to wear his clothes? Of course, you wanted to wear it. You were cold and the soft material felt comfortable, but to risk that it seemed like you were using him? No.
But you using him was the last thing that Sebastian thought of. He knew you wouldn’t, and he was doing it because HE wanted to help you. He was concerned and wanted to make sure that you were well. So no was not an option for him.

“Yes.”, he insisted. 

He watched as you pulled the sweatshirt over the T-Shirt you were wearing, making sure that you were warmer. When he saw that you were better, he turned to go, but this time you snatched his hand before he could walk away.
Even though there was a risk to sound clingy, you still felt uncomfortable. You didn’t want to be alone. If it would’ve been Teukka you wouldn’t have asked. But right in front of you was Sebastian. That was a whole other thing.
Sebastian looked at your hand - that was holding his - in confusion, his eyes flickering up to yours.

“Please. Stay.”, was all you said.

Sebastian contemplated on what to do for a moment. Should he shoot you down again? Would that be mean? Should he stay? Would that be weird? A lot of questions beamed through his head. You gently tugged on his hand, getting him to come a step closer.
He waited for another second before he gave in to your wishes - although he wanted the same if he was being honest with himself - and came to the bed.
You moved over slightly, as he pulled up the covers to scoot under them. He lay down next to you, pulling the covers back up until they reached your waist, his head on the pillow.

“Thank you. For everything.”, you mumbled, scooting a little closer to him when you noticed the distance. 

“I like seeing you well.”, was his quiet reply.

He hesitantly wrapped his arms around you, with your back against his chest, causing your heart to pound against your ribs. It was comforting you, the scent now stronger and the warmth back in your body, so you started getting sleepy again.

And soon Sebastian heard your even breaths and knew you were fast asleep, both of you completely relaxing against each other.

The next morning, you woke up in the exact same spot. The only difference was that your head stopped throbbing and you were feeling like your normal self again. And you were definitely closer to Sebastian than you had been the evening before. Your back was now completely pressed into his chest. His arms were tightly wrapped around your waist, not leaving you much space to even attempt to lie differently, not like you wanted that. You were comfortable the way you were, just slightly turning your head to see that Sepe was still asleep, his face nuzzling into your shoulder. You smiled and turned back around to close your eyes again.

“Hey hey, Miss Tipsy.”, Jordan Staal snickered as you stood in the family suite next to Heather. 

You blushed, not for the first time that evening, looking up at him with an embarrassed look on your face.

“Please don’t mention it ever again.”, you begged quietly.

Jordan erupted into laughter and you quickly saved yourself into a corner, right as Faulk and his girlfriend came in, before they could join the chirping. What you didn’t know was that your corner was already the hiding spot of someone else. And that someone would be a very embarrassed looking Skinner.

“Oh.”, you said when you saw him, the blush still there.

“We will never live this down, will we?”, he asked you quietly. 

You bit your lip and shook your head, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. Turns out for the Canes, you and Skinner getting drunk at that party was one of their highlights of the month and you couldn’t set foot anywhere near one of them without a nickname or a reminder that you had been as drunk as never before.

“At least I didn’t have practice the next day.”, you chuckled.

“Yeah. That was not that great. But I heard of your day.”, he whistled quietly.

You froze in your spot, a shocked expression on your face.


“Nothing. Turbo mentioned one thing or another.”, he joked playfully. But your eyes went wide.

“What did he tell you?”

“Oh, he didn’t tell me directly, I heard in the locker room like all of us. He just mentioned your sleepover at Sepe’s, you know? I think that they’ve been chirping him more than me. For what I am really grateful.”, Skinner snickered.

The blush returned to your face and you refused to look at Skinner, stupidly looking over to the others who were grinning widely. You caught the eye of Teuvo and shot him a death glare, but your Finnish best friend seemed to understand what you had just discovered. He chuckled and winked at you, before turning away to discuss something with Jordan.

“I can’t believe he told all of you.”, you mumbled quietly.

“Well, it was just some sort of confirmation for those of us who didn’t already know.”, Skinner shrugged with his famous smile.

“Know what?”, you asked this time confused.

“Your thing?”

“Wait what?”

What was going on? Why were they talking about a thing between you and Sepe when you didn’t know that you had a thing with Sepe?

“Oh, Turbo mentioned that you are blind and he’s too shy. So don’t worry if you didn’t know.”, he joked before he left you alone in your corner. 

Oh, you would so have to talk to Sebastian. 

“Sepe, can I ask you something?”, you asked carefully. 

You looked up from your book to meet Sebastian’s eyes as he nodded, setting his phone down on the coffee table. Currently waiting for Teukka to return from his run, you were sitting on the couch together. And you were still trying to figure out how to ask this in the best possible way without ruining your friendship.
You took a deep breath, spontaneously deciding to directly ask him.

“I was just wondering… could it be that you might… like me?”, you asked sheepishly. 

Sebastian didn’t reply. He stared at you with a flustered look. It made you wonder if he might have forgotten the words or if he was just too shy to reply. Or maybe Teukka and Skinner had been wrong. Maybe he didn’t like you like that.
That, however, would mean a big disappointment from your point of view.

“Sepe?”, you asked softly, as his cheeks got red in a blush. He quietly cleared his throat, sorting out his thoughts.

“Me- uh I… love you.”, he confessed after struggling with the words at first. 

Your heart fluttered at the confession and your stomach was dancing. But you were also shocked. The determination he said it with… did he know it for a little while? 

“Oh Sepe, why didn’t you tell me?”, you asked gently.

Sebastian avoided your gaze and looked right past you, just shrugging it off like his words didn’t matter.

“Time wasn’t right. But that’s why I worry about you when you’re not well.”, he admitted. 

It was by far the loveliest thing someone had ever said to you, but why were you even surprised? No one had ever taken care of you like Sebastian either, although Teukka came very close.

“What do you mean the time isn’t right?”

“You said to Turbo you didn’t want to date. You’re not interested.”, he said, sounding a little sad.

“That was months ago… Did you love me all of this time?”, you asked. 

You were about ready to cry because he was just so damn sweet. Sepe just nodded as if it was obvious, avoiding your eyes further.

“But I am interested, Sepe. I’ve liked you for a while now.”, you admitted.

His eyes snapped from the space behind you directly to yours, looking at you in surprise. Sebastian was unable to realize what you had just said. His mind was swirling.

“What?”, he breathed.

“I’m in love with you.”, you said a shy smile on your face.

You had finally said it, and you felt better immediately. It felt so good to get it off your chest. A small smile spread on Sebastian’s face as he took your hand in his and leaned forward, putting his lips to yours.
It was a gentle kiss and you just had to grin into it. You leaned further into Sepe’s direction deepening the kiss for a while.

“I love you.”, you muttered when you separated, just wanting to say it again.

“I love you too.”

Benevolence 6

6/20 Get some background on how Taeyeon got back into Baekhyun’s life. Baekhyun’s health has been messing up and he’s been acting strange around Taeyeon, not only that you get to jump into Y/N’s past life (her past may trigger some people and it’s based off of my personal experiences with my own mother)


Word Count: 2,594

                             Y/N  at 14 years old

“Stop hitting me!”, I heard her scream and shove him off of her, it made me sick. I could feel all of the bumping against walls and shoving against tables. It frustrates me to no end. My own damn mother being abused just a few rooms away from me. The worst part of this all is the fact she isn’t sick, or mentally ill and doesn’t know any better. She’s 47 years old and her boyfriend is 24, she’s fully aware of the fact that him beating on her is completely wrong her only excuse is that she knows she’ll hurt him if she fights back.

He wasn’t even supposed to be here, if brother knew my mom was dealing with the same shit she was dealing with back home her little boyfriend would be gone in an instant. What really pisses me off is when my mother says if my brother ever decides to stay that her boyfriend has to go? What about me and my respect as a person living in this house? Do I need to hear him brag about the fact that he might’ve given you an STD from how many girls he’s cheated on you with? I hate whenever my mom tells me about how not to let a boy disrespect me and how I’m not allowed to have a boyfriend yet I have to put up with hers everyday. 

I didn’t even want one at this point, all of her bad experiences with men fucked me up honestly. I guess the one good thing you’ll always be able to say about my mother was that she was always honest with her kids. My older brother is 9 years older than me he was the only planned pregnancy at only 17 years old, meaning she was in a relationship with my brother’s father for a little over 20 years.To put it simply, she’s been allowing men to abuse her, her entire life. However, the man she’s dealing with now is worse than ever, he extremely rude and abusive not only to my mom but continuously makes comments towards my little sister. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t have the guts to say anything to me. My mom says it’s because of the vibe I pull off, that I’m a good judge of character. She gets so pissed whenever I threaten to tell my brother, she then threatening to take away some of privileges including my sewing machine. 

Breaking me away from my thoughts I heard my door swing open and shut, looking up to see my mother standing there panting with frustration, tears ready to roll down her cheeks. She was embarrassed she knew I heard all of the disgusting things he said out there. Every time they fought like this she’d run to my room to tell me that she was being stupid and that I shouldn’t ever accept this treatment. It hurt me a little knowing that she was also only coming in my room because her little boyfriend didn’t have the guts to. Her words meant nothing to me as she knew that I was uncomfortable with him living in my house.

“Don’t, I’m so tired of having this talk with you over and over again mom.”, I snapped turning away from her, she disgusted me in so many ways. I didn’t hate my life she got me the things I wanted, I never asked for much. Most of the time I’ve never gotten them exactly when I wanted them but still, I got what I wanted and I always took care of my things. One thing I can’t stand is misplacing anything, we were homeless due to her fuck ups 3 years ago. My older brother’s father had just gotten out of prison feeding my mother lies and bullshit about marriage and happily ever afters. She had completely ignored the fact that he cheated on her their entire relationship before prison I don’t know why she thought anything would change. Once she found out that he wasn’t really going to ‘mandatory work’ but to the same woman’s house he was cheating on her with she broke down. She quit her job, started smoking cigarettes again and got us evicted. 

No, this isn’t like other stories where we were forced to leave our homes, she chose not pay rent because she wanted to move away to Florida. We didn’t end up going of course, we lived in hotels for almost year. Forced to throw away some of my favorite belongings, scared of whether or not we’d have enough money to spend another night in a hotel. The last few months we were forced to stay at shelters, I hated it more than anything, now we’re here while she’s repeating the same mistakes.

“You know it’s not okay to be treated like that Y/N, the only reason why I’m not fighting back is because I know I’ll hurt him.”, She spoke as if she was a responsible parent. “I’m really sorry you had to hear what he said.” I turned back around to see a tear rolling down her face. That’s once thing that always made me so confused her sadness, if she was tired of disappointing me or having her little boyfriend work her nerves why not just end this all?

“Clearly you’re not that sorry.”, I deadpanned she wasn’t sorry and neither was he, when you’re sorry for something you did you stop doing it. You can only make a mistake once and certain ones twice anything after that is no longer a mistake it’s a choice. My mother wasn’t a weak and stupid woman she just didn’t know how to fucking say no to that bastard.

“Y/N, watch how you speak to me, yes I’ll have my man disrespect me but I will not allow my own children to.”, She spoke firmly towards me.

“Why should I respect you when you let someone who clearly respects no one around your children? He knows I’m in here mom, yet he said all of those things knowing I could hear it.”, I snapped at her, this is what pissed me off. When she tried to justify what she was letting him do but then not allowing us to do the same thing.

“Remember what you promised you’d do for me?”, She asked ignoring my question. We both knew exactly what she was talking about and honestly I was just doing it prove it her that I’m stronger than she is. I promised to not have sex with more than one person, I was only to have sex with the person I was to marry. She wasn’t worried about be being abused she was actually worried about me doing the abusing, I was never one to obey a male. Since my father passed away when I was 2, I didn’t remember anything about him but, I was always told he was a responsible parent. I couldn’t look up to my brother because he’s still doing everything except what he’s supposed to be doing as responsible parent, yes his dumb ass had a baby at 16 years old. I grew up around boys so I’ve never been scared to hang out with a male. Whenever I was at school boys were disrespectful as well so I’ve never really given a fuck about the male species. Yes, I found them attractive and yes I’ve watched porn and got turned on. I just never had a need to ask a male or anyone for that matter for affection or assistance. I’ve always done everything on my own. 

“I know and unlike any promises you made I intend to keep mine at whatever the cost.”, I responded.

“You’re not like your brother and sister, it’s too late for me to try and save your brother and I can already tell your sister might follow down my path but, you, you’ve never taken shit from anyone.”, She stopped to let out a laugh “Y/N, you have grown men scared of you.”

I knew I did and I like it that way, leave me the fuck alone, I like being alone it’s way less dramatic this way. I barely leave the house anymore as is, can’t I at least enjoy being in my own home? The saddest part of this all no matter what happens in the future a part of me will always be disgusted with my own mother, because she has a choice in all of this she just continues to let it happen for her own selfish reasons.

“Mom, I hate you I’m just letting you know. It’s not the teenage kind of hate I really hate you for what you’re doing and what I have to deal with because of it.” She looked shocked and almost hurt by what I had said but, it was the truth…..

Three months later.

After the day I told my mother I hated her was the day she got rid of her boyfriend. We never saw him again and she never spoke of him again. 

“I’ll back I’m making a quick run.”, My mom yelled before she was out the door. Those were the last words I had ever heard from my mother. I was at home alone with my little sister for 14 hours. 

Yes, I worried she was supposed to be back way before then but my calls were unanswered. My little sister had been crying for hours wondering why it was taking so long for her to come back. It wasn’t till 19 hours when my brother showed up at the door that I knew something was really wrong. My mother had died in a car accident. My mother had died knowing I hated her and that I was still disappointed in her. The worst part of this all and why to this day a part of me still hates her is because she died going to pick her boyfriend up. They never broke up and he had the audacity to tell me this three weeks after the funereal. I couldn’t help my reaction, I scratched one of his eyeballs so hard that he couldn’t even get a prosthetic eye. The damage for him hadn’t ended there, I was finally able to tell my brother all that was going on and he beat my mom’s ex until he was unrecognizable. My brother served 6 months in jail before he took me and my little sister in forced to moved back to our hometown. At least my little sister was, I study aboard in multiple countries before I moved to Korea.I was never home I was always in another country. I stopped talking to my family completely because everyone knew my feelings towards my mother. Eventually they’ll forget me and that’s what I want, I’ll always keep my promise to my mother and one day whether I’m going to heaven or hell I’ll be able to apologize to her.

  Almost a year ago with Taeyeon and Baekhyun..

Taeyeon and Baekhyun sat face to face on her sofa awfully close. Baekhyun eyes were already streaming tears since Taeyeon had not spoken to him since the night of the break up. He missed her dearly, even though she wasn’t his exact ideal type she made him happy and he knew she would never cheat on him.

“Why’d you have to break up with me?”, He asked voice already searching for pity. The break up was so hard on him, all he did was cry causing his singing voice to get fucked up. Taeyeon was fine as in she was the one to cause this, she didn’t intend to make him like this she just felt unloved.

“I’m almost thirty Baekhyun.”, She chuckled letting her finger trail down his finger and fall down his chin. “I need a man to settle down with me and take life seriously, I don’t want to be an idol forever. You like to go out and party all night while I enjoy staying home…besides don’t you have a girlfriend?”, She asked scooting away from him.

 Baekhyun was so caught up with Taeyeon that he had forgotten about Y/N. His feelings for Y/N were real they just didn’t make him forget about Taeyeon, However he didn’t want to mess up any future with Y/N because of Taeyeon. Shuffling further away from Taeyeon Baekhyun realized what had been happening. Taeyeon was asking to meet with Baekhyun again because she wanted to know more about Y/N. Taeyeon was never too open with just throwing herself at people and it would’ve been even more awkward for her knowing she was dating Baekhyun. 

“You didn’t even want to see me you just wanted to befriend Y/N. I’m not comfortable with that so stay away from her.”, He snapped getting off of Taeyeon’s sofa.

“So you coming over here to see me was any better.”, Taeyeon blurted out before covering her mouth. She wasn’t the type to blurt things out like that and it kind of turned Baekhyun on.

“Stop Taeyeon, I love Y/N.”, He spoke trying to convince himself.

“I’m not doing anything wrong, you are if you love her go to her and stay away from me.”, Taeyeon snapped getting off of the sofa as well. “I wanted to befriend Y/N because of my own reasons you clearly aren’t that in love with her if you’re here with me.”

“I just wanted closure!”, Baekhyun snapped tears rolling down his face, Taeyeon always had a way of doing this to him making him feel like a child like he was completely beneath her. He’s sure she doesn’t mean to make him feel bad about himself but, he was still a grown man and wanted to be treated like one.

“I told you what you needed to hear Baekhyun whatever we had is over, I refuse to step into someone’s relationship.”, She raised her voice which was very unlike Taeyeon to do. “Stop loving me, it’s that simpl-” before she could finish her words Baekhyun’s lips were on hers before they fell onto the sofa.

This continued for 3 weeks before Taeyeon finally admitted she was still in love with Baekhyun. She then became a little selfish wanting to see Baekhyun all the time making him forget plans he had with Y/N. She eventually realized that something needed to be done so she didn’t have to sneak around with Baekhyun anymore.

“I want to move in to your apartment.”, She blurted out of nowhere one night after having sex.

“No, this has to end anyway and I have to tell Y/N and beg for her forgiveness.”, He said bluntly before removing himself from Taeyeon’s mattress. She didn’t want it to end yet she had to do something.

“Why not have us both? If she truly loves you then she will accept it. You have needs Baekhyun.”, She grabbed his back “Why are you letting her decided everything? The three of us all together makes you feel better than sneaking around doesn’t it?” Baekhyun didn’t know how to react he loved them both Taeyeon maybe a little more, so he went with her plan. It’s just that he ended up taking things into his own hands more than she wanted him to. Now all three of them are stuck in a mess at least Baekhyun and Taeyeon are.

Bitch, you ruined my relationship let’s not play victim.” Kai spoke towards Taeyeon as he waited for Baekhyun in the kitchen…

 yes the mc may seem like a hypocrite but remember the fact that a lot of children who see their parents being abused follow in their footsteps, NO my mother is not dead and no our relationship is not fuck up nor am I, it’s always been in my mind that if I ever allowed my anger towards her actions to turn into hate something like this could’ve happened it’s because of the fact that she talked me through everything that I’m okay though it does make me not have a lot of pity or forgiveness for a lot of people when it comes to things But anyways hope you enjoyed 

Runaways | Jughead Jones

Originally posted by diltons

Request: OMG okay I just got this idea but could you maybe write something were jughead and the reader like runaway together?? Like maybe because she’s pregnant or just because they both have terrible family you can choose

Pairing: Jughead x Reader
Description: You’re determined to get away from Riverdale even more so when you find out you’re pregnant.
Warnings: I don’t think there really is any? Just pregnancy and talks of rubbish family life.
Word Count: 1858
A/N: let’s pretend that they’re like 17/18 in this, ok. anyways lemme know what you think like always and if you wanna be added to the tagslist and stuffs <3

Starting a family was something a lot of people thought about. It was something a lot of people wanted and it was something a lot of people needed. When family life wasn’t the best at home in the first place, it was nice to have the idea that maybe, just maybe you could start a better family of your own. The whole shebang! A loving partner, a couple of kids and a nice home where you could be happy.

Your family life wasn’t the best. It was barely existent most days. Your dad had left when you were around five so you’d never really known him but from what you did remember he and your mom had so many arguments, it wasn’t healthy. It got so bad that one day he’d ended up leaving and not coming back, that’s what your mom and everyone else told you anyway. Since then, your mom wasn’t the happiest. She threw herself into her work often forgetting that she had you to care for. It sucked, it truly did. Then she remarried and things only got worse. Your step dad was always yelling at you and your mom always seemed to take his side. It hurt but you didn’t really have anywhere else to go. All you wanted was for a nice family life which is why when you were ten years old, you told yourself your dream was to make sure that any children and partner you had would know they were loved and appreciated every single day.

Some days you felt so lonely because you couldn’t exactly talk to your mom about anything but luckily for you, you had a good group of friends that were the most supportive people around and a loving boyfriend that you’d been with for two years now.

Jughead was the love of your life, there was no doubt about that.

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Nurse Andy

Ty was a piece of work. He thought he was king; grabbing the ass of any hot man he felt like grabbing, cat calling as many men as he could. Some straight men tried to fight him, some did. But he could hold his own and protected himself in many of those fights. One day he got the flu and headed to the hospital. The nurse greeted him to step into the examining room and Ty was in heaven. Nurse Andy was tall, personable, glowing, and he had the largest ass he’d ever seen on an in shape dude. “Fuck, you got a fatty!” Ty pinched Andy’s ass and Andy grabbed Ty by the wrist; squeezing it hard. “Follow me to the exam room” Andy said with a bit of disdain.
The appointment took forever (in Andy’s mind) Ty would sneak glances at Andy’s ass whenever he got the chance, his hands were reaching for his ass, cock, and abs whenever he found an opportunity. If Andy ever felt uncomfortable at work, it was now. “How about your number sexy?!” Andy cringed and told Ty he was getting a new one tomorrow… anything to get the creep to head home. Ty was sent with a prescription and a boner as his night was filled with jacking off to the ass of his dreams.

The story doesn’t end there. Ty was a very stubborn horn dog. The next week as he was feeling better Ty returned to that hospital. Andy was standing at the computer and Ty stared hungrily at that ass. It had to have gotten larger since the last time he saw it. “Excuse me… nurse!” Ty grabbed Andy’s ass and Andy jolted back and tensed up. “Sorry, I needed your attention… you see… I think I’m sick…” Ty gave Andy some puppy dog eyes and continued… “I’m lovesick baby…” Ty tried to reach behind Andy for another booty grab but Andy stopped it. He got an idea… “Oh… well… I think I know just the cure… sugar…” Andy guided Ty into another exam room and whispered in his ear, “That number could be all yours after this is over with…” Ty’s boner shot up and he was ecstatic. Andy sat his down and Ty laid on the table. Andy put on some new gloves and asked “Where’s it hurt baby?” Ty pointed to his crotch and Andy began to massage and kneed to problem area as Ty began to moan. “Oh, I’m having a hard time finding the problem… I need to get closer…” Andy jumped on Ty’s stomach and his ass was right in front of Ty’s face as he began to gently “examine” Ty’s cock through the man’s sweats. “Looks like this is gonna require surgery…” Andy coyly spoke. “SURGERY!?!?” Ty was confused… what type of sex reference could Andy be doing now? “But first I need to apply some anesthesia.” Andy scooted back with Ty’s face in his butt. PHROOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBTTTT! Five seconds of wind rushed right into Ty’s lungs as he began to cough. “What’s *cough* going on?!? *cough* *gag*” Ty was struggling the minute the smell instantly hit him. “This is for being a pervert fucker!” BBRRRMMMMPPPPHHHH!!! BBBRRRRRMMMMMPPPPHHH!!!! It started out with ten farts to the face. Ty was in shock with how much gas this guy had. He was in tears, afraid as to what Andy was truly capable of. The endless barrage of gas increased in length and Andy was ripping farts well over 10 seconds long. They got hotter, denser, they burned Ty’s lungs. “GET OFF OF ME!!! GET OOOOOFFFFFFF!!! PLEAAAAASE! PLEASE! please!…” Ty began to thrash as Andy was just getting warmed up, Ty’s dick began to get limp as Andy increased the length of each blast of gas. “I think you’re starting to go limp… everywhere sweetie…” Soon I can begin the procedure…" Ty fell out of consciousness after a whopping 65 farts. Nightmares flooded his brain of the guy with the massive gassy ass from hell.

The story doesn’t even end there… Andy worked diligently to perfect his master plan. A little bit of this medicine… a little bit of that medicine. Ty would soon look like an addict. A cut to the wrist, a smear of drug on his face, around his mouth… under his nose. Andy would soon own him. “DOCTOR! Look what I found! Come quick! Who was his attendant?” Dr. Rear looked puzzled, “I have no evidence of his as a patient since you treated his flu.” “How did he get in here?” Andy asked sheepishly. “I feel like a failure… he was my patient… Do you think???” Andy gave Dr. Rear some puppy dog eyes as Ty jolted awake and began to scream. “AHHHH STOOOPP!!! STOOOOOP!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!” Dr. Rear watched Ty’s dramatic screams and called for Andy to calm him… Andy grabbed him by the shoulders and whispered in Ty’s ear… “shut the fuck up or I’ll make the next dose ten times worse…” Ty hushed and Dr. Rear was impressed at Andy’s soothing nature. He had no idea what he said to Ty, but he knew he had picked the right nurse. Ty began to cry and whimper about a butt monster. Dr. Rear chuckled and decided to announce the news. “Andy… we were gonna surprise you tonight, but you got the job… head nurse over the psychiatric clinic… your dream job. Ty seems to react well to your care and I think he’s gonna be your new patient.” “Oh boy!!! Thanks Dr Rear!” Andy jumped up and down and Ty was starting to feel nauseous from worry.

And of course the story isn’t gonna end there. Ty sat, restrained to a chair, whimpering in fear of his new life. The door abruptly opened and Andy barged in wearing the tightest scrub bottoms he could find. He was munching on some hummus and broccoli. “I have a prescription for you for your… problem… but we both know that doesn’t exist. I have all the prescription you need right here…” Andy turned his back and showed Ty his ass. Ty was still in awe of those beautiful mounds of flesh… until something erupted. PHHHRRRRMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHH!!! The smell hit Ty and the gagging began again. “What’s that honey? Oh?!? Didn’t I tell you my post lunch gas is even worse than my morning gas? Well, you’ll have to get used to it fast… because I’m only gonna be making it worse…” Ty was in hell. Days went by, weeks turned into months and it was a year and a half later when Dr. Rear checked up on Ty. “As you see Doctor… I cured his drug addiction. He won’t even look at the stuff.” Andy had previously farted in a whole bottle of narcotics and opened it in front of Ty for the doctor to see. Ty winced and turned his head away from the pill bottle to avoid the smell. Dr. Rear thought nothing of it but that the boy was cured. “Perfect!” Rear exclaimed. “There is one issue though Doc. He still has screaming sessions and won’t stop talking about the butt monster… but his insurance no longer covers hospitalization at a psychiatric clinic.” Dr. Rear looked puzzled until Nurse Andy presented an idea. “I will give up my position as head of this clinic and become Ty’s at home nurse… permanently if need be.” Ty lost his composure and started screaming at Dr. Rear. “Nurse! Restrain him! I think he’s having an episode!!!” Andy grabbed Ty and whispered: “shut up or I’ll fart” Ty began to cry out louder. Andy grabbed Ty’s head and caressed it shill pressed against his hip. “There there Ty… the butt monster isn’t gonna hurt you.” The smell entered Ty’s nose and Ty began to give up hope. That nauseous smell would haunt him for the rest of his life. Ty fell unconscious at Andy’s SBD. “Nurse Andy, you’ve always been able to keep that boy calm and centered. Thank you for your talents and hard work at this clinic! I’m proud to promote you to stay at home nurse for young Ty. Here’s a $20,000 annual bonus!”

The story sort of does end here. Nurse Andy took Ty home and tied him to a bed. That night Andy watched TV as he ate ice cream and sat on Ty’s face. The gas burned Ty’s nostrils more and more with each constant release. Andy brought him to the dining table and farted on Ty’s food… every bite. Ty was chained to the ground as Andy worked out. Each squat he’d receive a fart. There was no more complaining, no struggle. Over time Ty accepted his fate. Hundreds if not thousands of farts a day were fed to the once horny, perverted, asshole. One day while at dinner Andy sat on Ty’s lap and ripped a fart that lasted minutes long. When he stood up he noticed a wet spot on Ty’s pants. “OHH!!! Looks like that little problem of yours is back… may have to take you to surgery again. Ty didn’t scream. He didn’t fight. He didn’t resist. He bowed his head, held out his wrist and prepared to be led to bed to receive his daily "anesthesia” “Yes master” Were Ty’s solemn words.

Marauders Headcanon

(I don’t know if I should title it Remus Lupin headcanon, Wolfstar headcanon or Lily Evans headcanon… so Marauders will have to do. This sort of entered my mind and refused to leave until I wrote it down. - P.S)

We all know Remus Lupin was very insecure of himself and his worth growing up, so I always imagined that he would have resisted being with Sirius, at first, because he thought he wasn’t worth someone as incandescent as Sirius Black. And even though Sirius had his own insecurities, I always felt like he would’ve had James’ support in pursuing what he wanted and who he wanted.

I always imagined their relationship would have progressed organically. No panic, no big revelation moment… they just always loved each other, first as friends and later as lovers.

So imagine a young Sirius Black holding Remus a few seconds longer than the usual friendly hug. Imagine him always trying to find a way to be close to Remus and becoming increasingly more tactile every time his advances weren’t rejected. Imagine Sirius glowing with pride whenever Remus gave his approval on anything he did, from becoming a Beater for the Gryffindor Quidditch team to his elegant cursive handwriting. Imagine him constantly finding a way to hold Remus’ hand, because it centred him, it made him feel safe and loved. Imagine Sirius Black with hope shining in his eyes every time Remus smiled at him or gave him a compliment. Imagine him feeling like he could conquer the world because Remus Lupin believed in him.

Now imagine a young Remus Lupin, who lived in fear of the monster inside of him, beginning to understand what all these changes in behaviour meant. Imagine him becoming increasingly more comfortable with the way their relationship was progressing. Imagine him happy and growing in confidence, because every day, more and more, he’s certain Sirius Black loves him. Imagine Remus Lupin gazing at Sirius Black with wonder in his eyes, because this gorgeous being wants to hold his hand in their Common Room, in front of everyone. Imagine him being accepting of Sirius’ habit of sneaking into his bed, because sleeping next to him is the most peaceful he has ever been. Imagine him daydreaming about kissing Sirius Black and what that would feel like.

And then the full moon comes.

Imagine Remus Lupin lying in an Infirmary bed thinking to himself, how could he be so selfish? How could he inflict this evil on someone like Sirius? Imagine him becoming increasingly unhappier, because Sirius deserves better. Imagine Remus Lupin beginning to pull away from Sirius Black. Imagine him rejecting Sirius’ hand, when he wants to hold it. Imagine him cancelling plans when it’s just the two of them. Imagine him avoiding being alone with Sirius. Imagine Remus Lupin feeling like he isn’t good enough for Sirius Black.

This, of course, would not be something that went unnoticed. As soon as Remus started to pull away Sirius began to wilt, like a flower plucked from the earth and placed in a glass vase.

Peter Pettigrew had no idea what was happening, at first. He began to frequently question James about it, because if someone was in the know about what was going on with those two it was him, right? Peter soon realised his assumption was wrong, because James was getting progressively frustrated over his own lack of knowledge. As time wore on, Peter in his own quiet way, tried to breach the subject with both parties. Sirius simply shrugged him off, while Remus denied anything was wrong, at all.

James Potter noticed the changes as soon as they happened. He had always been aware of Sirius’ feelings for Remus, even before his best friend brought up the subject with him, so to say he was watching them very closely and cataloguing their every reaction was a bit of an understatement. James Potter considered himself an expert in the Remus and Sirius love affair, he knew every landmark of their relationship. So as things took a turn for the worse, he was there for Sirius. He promised him he would find out what had happened while reassuring him that he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Imagine a James Potter pestering Remus all day long about what was going on with him. Imagine him not getting a truthful answer or any answer and having to watch Sirius get gradually moodier and quieter. Imagine him becoming so involved in his friends’ situation that he stops hitting on Lily every ten minutes, because he has so many things on his mind. Imagine James Potter feeling increasingly more powerless for not being able to help his friends and fix everything. Imagine him having a breakdown in the Gryffindor Common Room late one night, because both his friends are so miserable and he doesn’t know what to do.

Now imagine a Lily Evans who sees this breakdown. Imagine her watching as James runs himself ragged to fix whatever it is that is keeping his friends from being happy, together. Imagine her seeing this caring side of James Potter in light of Remus and Sirius falling apart. Imagine Lily Evans, who had only a few weeks ago realised Sirius and Remus loved each other in a romantic way, seeing how much their happiness affected James. Imagine Lily Evans deciding she’s going to do something about it.

Remus was sitting in the library by himself. It was Saturday afternoon, he had no homework whatsoever do to, but here he was, in the library, by himself, because he couldn’t bear to be around Sirius knowing how selfish it was to let the other boy waste his love on a monster like him. As his thoughts got continuously darker, as was their wont these past few days, he was unaware of the presence of Lily Evans in the chair next to his.

“Remus!” With a startled jolt, he turned towards the sharp voice calling his name.

“Lily, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.”

“I’m sure you didn’t. There’s been a lot you haven’t been seeing these last few days.” She sighed, irritated.

“What?” Remus was truly lost. He didn’t remember doing anything to warrant Lily Evans’ wrath, that was more James’ thing. Then again…

“Look Remus… this might be a bit presumptuous of me.” She started, voice softening considerably. “But I feel like our friendship is strong enough that I can have this conversation with you.”

“Are you alright? Did something happen?” He asked, worry colouring every word.

“I am fine. But something did happen.” She touched his clasped hands, that were resting on the table in front of them. “Something happened with you and Sirius. No! Don’t bother denying it, Remus. It’s apparent to everyone, not just me, and your friends are worrying themselves sick about it and here you are sitting dejectedly in the library on a Saturday afternoon. I am not Peter nor James. My affiliation to Sirius Black starts and ends with you, so why don’t you tell me about it?”

Remus held her gaze, silently, for a minute, before exhaling and giving in. He needed to talk to someone and Lily Evans was the most clear-headed person in his acquaintance.

“I… We… I’m in love with Sirius. And I think… I’m afraid… he might be in love with me too.” He breathed.

“Okay?” Brows furrowing. “Isn’t that a good thing?”

“It is but… I don’t deserve him Lily. No! Wait. Let me finish.” He took a deep breath, then held Lily’s gaze with a sombre look. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me Lils. And trust me when I say that Sirius deserves better. Being with me would be much more trouble than I’m worth. I’m not good for him… or anyone. I’m a mons… I’m nothing, Lily. Nothing at all. And Sirius is a star. I know how that sounds, I do. But he is. He’s mercury, in a constant state of change. He’s silver, a far rarer and more precious metal than gold, yet so unappreciated by those who hold him. He’s an incredible phenomenon of pure blinding light and I’m but the dust he leaves in his wake.”

Lily held one of Remus’ hands and leaned forward in her chair. “You are Remus Lupin.”


“No, it’s your turn to listen to me. You are Remus Lupin. Are you even aware of what that means?” At the shake of his head, she continued. “To me you are Remus Lupin, friend, counsellor, the wisest, kindest soul I know. You are my sounding board, my study partner, my shoulder to cry on. You are Remus Lupin a person I admire.” Lily clutched his hand tighter. “To Peter you are a friend, a pillar of support, a teacher. You are the person he goes to when he can’t understand something on his own. You are the one who shields him from Sirius’ sharp comments and James’ careless retorts. To Peter you are Remus Lupin, the protector.”

Lily took a deep breath and tried to convey through her gaze, how much he meant to all of them, before continuing to make her point.

“To James Potter you are a friend, first and foremost. You are an anchor. You are the voice of reason. You are the person he looks up to.” Remus’ hands started to shake, his eyes, however, never left Lily’s, as his emotions overtook him. “You have no idea how much James looks up to you, Remus. You are the person he strives to emulate. He admires your compassion, your strength, your altruism. To James Potter you are Remus Lupin, the bravest person he knows.”

Lily felt compelled to stop her speech here and open her arms to Remus. Offering him a hug and the comfort of being cared for, by her and every other person his life had touched. After a few seconds, where they both got themselves under control, Lily began the final part of her speech. And perhaps the most impactful one.

“But to Sirius, Rem… To Sirius you are Remus Lupin.”

Even in her voice the difference was perceptible. The way Sirius said Remus’ name had always had a poignancy that it lacked when saying anyone else’s. The same way James’ voice changed when he said Lily’s name, it gave an emphasis to the care, the love, the respect he had for her, all in a shift of tone over two little words. An occurrence mirrored by Lily herself when saying James’ name, Remus wondered if she had ever noticed.

“There are entire melodies trapped in the emphasis he gives your name. To Sirius Black you are Remus Lupin, the same way that to human beings oxygen is air. Nothing else in this world matters to him Remus, if he doesn’t have you. You are not everything he has, but you are the most important part of it. Not because he needs you, even though he does, but because he wants you. You make Sirius a better person simply by being present in his life. He loves you Remus, so much! Much more than I ever thought possible from him. And you love him just as much. Don’t push him away. I won’t pretend to know all of the reasons why you feel like you aren’t good enough to be with him. I won’t agree with the way you put him on a pedestal. I will, however, remind you that Sirius Black does not see himself as you do, or as James’ does. He doesn’t even see himself as I do, and I see him as a troublesome idiot who annoys me to no end. We will never be able to change the way other people see themselves, it is a sad truth, but a truth nevertheless. I only urge you to remember. Remember that one of the many reasons Sirius even believes in himself is because you do. Remember how happy you were when you were together. Remember how much you hate that feeling in the pit of your stomach every time you do something that hurts him.”

In Lily’s green eyes Remus saw the awareness of his own feelings and his own longings. Remus saw Lily Evans, the girl who was trying very hard to not be in love with James Potter, because he wasn’t yet the man she knew he could be.

“Remember that to Sirius Black you are Remus Lupin.”

Feeling Alive- Part 11

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)

Part 2 (Stay)

Part 3 (There Will Come a Time)

Part 4 (Weapon of Choice)

Part 5 (Came Here For Love)

Part 6 (Where the Sky Hangs)

Part 7 (When Can I See You Again?)

Part 8 (Manhattan)

Part 9 (Skip To The Good Bit)

Part 10 (Poison & Wine)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 12/?: Clean

Word count: 2412

Warnings: swearing and ANGST

Just… YOU GUYS. I am utterly indebted to your enthusiasm and love. Thank you a hundred times. (Because TSwift is who she is, the version of Clean I linked is a cover, but you can find the original on Spotify).

Y: Hope you’re OK, despite the awful situation

Y: Give my best to Steve tomorrow

Y: Try to sleep as much as you can

Y: OK I’m hoping you’re asleep, good night


Friday is your day off. You can’t decide if that’s good or bad. On the one hand, you don’t have to try to get through a day at work, with all that happened yesterday clouding the back of your mind- on the other, you have nothing to distract you from the horrible reality of the situation. You force yourself to get up and make a start on tidying your apartment. Anything to keep your mind from swerving back to the ugly bundle of Steve’s knee resting on stark white blankets, or the expression of hopeless anger on Bucky’s face.

Y: Hope you’re bearing up

Y: Try to keep eating etc.

You know that Bucky’s probably in class or at the hospital, so the fact that he isn’t replying doesn’t bother you too much. Instead you try to stay focused on the tasks in front of you: vacuuming, sweeping, rearranging your bookshelf until finally everything looks neat once more. Then you check the time and pick up the phone.

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The Effect of Emotional Abuse on Each Type: ISFJ

SUBMITTED by hannah-elizabeth-j


I mean, obviously what Sansa went through is more intense than the average case of abuse but if you wanna actually see the journey it sends an ISFJ on (I’ve never read the books but TV Sansa is an ISFJ) then just watch Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones and you’ll see it.

I’ve seen a few posts/requests on here about the effects of emotional abuse and the affect that it has on each Myers Briggs type so, as someone who works with a lot of domestic abuse victims I thought that I’d give my two cents worth. I wanted them to be quite detailed to give people a fair amount of information so this will be the general format; a general description of what it will look like, how this differs from similar types (ie. the ENFJ compared to the INFJ and ESFJ) and a character in fiction who acts similar to this (may not be for the same reason and I might not get one for each type but I’ll try).


There will be some variation depending on when the abuse took place in their life but there are somethings that will remain the same.

Okay so, as I’ve said this will vary depending on when this happened in their life with all types, but that will be the case for Si doms even more so. Think about it, everything Si is and does is taking in their past experiences and trying it into a personal mythology. For this reason, when the abuse is happening (particularly if it happens as a child) for an Si dom it is, for want of a better word, normal.

Let me give you an example, I was talking to a girl who had an abusive father, he was awful to her brothers and mother too but was arguably a lot “worse” to her. And this was her whole life, if you asked her if what he did was wrong then she would have said “no, he just gets angry, he always has, it’s what he does” it’s heart-breaking but this has come out of the mouth of almost every abused  ISFJ I’ve ever met with only the personal pronoun changing. This isn’t to say that ISFJ’s can’t stand up for themselves by the way, of course they can and do, but because of the emotional manipulation used it just becomes hardwired into their brain that everything is fine for a while.

For this reason, ISFJ’s just tend to sort of carry on when they are going through abuse, it can last ages. They will still do things like, try in school, have hobbies ect. In fact with the combination of Fe this often becomes even stronger. There is a model used to help abuse victims called  ‘The Island of Power’ it basically describes that state that an abuser sets up where everyone on the ‘island’(so either a family or just you if it was a romantic relationship with no kids) is set up in a state of compaction with each other, where the prize  is the abusers attention and love. Often ISFJ’s try to achieve this by being the golden child. They will kill themselves to get good grades, be polite, be compassionate always, ect.

Until the line is drawn.

It can come either from, something they have read, seeing other people’s families, the abuser becoming even worse, the development of a stronger moral code(what I mean by this is that if the abuse was from childhood and  they’ve gotten to the age of like 12/13 when everyone really starts to question their parents) or well, a whole manner of different places. But after this, if the ISFJ cannot get out straight away then they will into survival mode. They loop. They close themselves off from everyone, always want to be alone ect. They then start to push back against the abuser more and more, they start subtly and build up over time.

It is really common for the abuser to try and ‘change’ and since this is often really believable and victims have been set up to want the abusers praise, most people (regardless of type!) fall for it at least once. If this happens then it will be back to the stage of “carry on” then to “pushing” and this will ping-pong until they decide they need to get out. 

Now once they get out, as I’ve said the grip is very common but in ISFJ’s I’ve actually seen this far less. They tend to go from extreme guilt to extreme rage. One day it will be “I should have done more, it was me, I should have been better, I should have fixed them.” The next day it is  “How dare they do that? That is not what a parent/partner is supposed to be. I was filling my role and you did this to me? This goes against everything that the world should be! I feel sick at the thought of you.”

Then a few weeks/months later Ti kicks in hard. “But why would they this? No humane person could. So, they must be mentally ill in some way. Time to look up things like narcissism, psychopathy and anything else I can think of until I understand exactly why they could do this.”

But the truth is, even if the abuser ends up having something like (which they often do but not in all cases) it doesn’t make Fe understand, it makes Ti understand and since Fe comes first, it really isn’t that satisfying. All you are left with is, “okay I get why they did this, but I still don’t and never will be able to understand how they could actually do this to someone.”

How will this affect them long term? Si is not prone to making the same mistake twice in general but in these cases that will be even stronger. They can think they are going fine for months’ years even then something crops up that reminds them and dam, spiral.

Romantic relationships often become really hard to, I know a guy, ISFJ, his boyfriend had to wait 3 years for him. Why? Because he had seen what being in an abusive relationship had done to his mother and vowed never to make her mistakes. As much as he pretended  he wasn’t, he was terrified at the thought of getting into a relationship.

But  although that if taken too far the never repeat mistake thing can be a weakness, it is also a massive strength. I refer you back to Sansa Stark, season 6 Sansa takes no shit from anyone, she is tough as all hell and fights the people who hurt her. She saw how being who she was had gotten her into that state and completely changed herself. (Again I am talking about the TV show and I always loved her but…not the point). The fact is when an ISFJ is recovered enough they are the type that looks  the most different afterwards (tied with ISTJ’s actually) because they are so adamant about not being the person they once were, changing themselves. 


  • Who they talk to, ISFJ’s want to talk to people about what happened, they need to ISTJ’s just don’t  really
  • ISFJ’s tend to have a desire  to find out why what happened did, ISTJ’s have more of a “I’m way to angry or confused to even think about getting into your head” attitude
  • ISTJ’s stay more withdrawn from people and large crowds for linger


  • Difficult as things like depression make most extroverts look like introverts but…
  • See if you looked  outside  the home/relationship and tried to escape by surrounding yourself with others
  • What hit you harder, seeing a normal relationship/family and comparing it to yours (higher Si) or looking at other people in your life and seeing how different they were to you because they hadn’t been through it(higher Fe)

Finally, as I’ve said Sansa Stark(Game of Thrones TV) is an amazing example of an abused ISFJ.

Other examples, (I know she wasn’t being abused) but to see an ISFJ when they are convinced or at least trying to tell themselves that it’s all fine Jane Bennet from (Pride & Prejudice) is  one.

This for the other types will be coming soon. If there are any further questions I’d be happy to answer (send them to me not this blog).

anonymous asked:

I read a fic a long time ago where the characters somehow got cursed or something to have all the things that people said about them appear on their skin (like if someone called them 'cute' theyd have'cute' stamped on their hand or somewhere else. i was thinking about this somehow happening to ace and the wbp (or mas or the asl), like they eat a crazy grand line fruit, and for the most part its pretty innocuous and funny, except that ace has stuff like 'should have been drowned at birth' 1/2

on his face (basically a lot of bad things people said from when he was a kid doing that ‘what if gold roger had a son’ thing. Maybe he would try to cover up, since there would some pretty incriminating stuff on there? basically id just really like some hurt/comfort with ace and sabo/marco/wbp in this scenario. he is a sad boy (sorry this all long and confusing, you dont have to do it at all if you dont want) 2/2     

Oh, I’ve read those too! There was a Kakashi one I loved, I think, and a real good Tony Stark one! It’s a fun concept.

Also I got, uh, a bit carried away. So, y’know, sorry in advance. (edit: now with prequel)

“I’m not sick,” Ace says stubbornly. “I’m a fire logia. I can’t get sick.” And then he sneezes, sharp and sudden.

“Bad timing, with that sickness you don’t have,” Thatch says. “We’ve still got two more days out here.”

“I know; don’t worry,” Ace says, scooting back from the fire. “I’ll just run hot for a while and be fine.”

“Does that work?” Haruta asks, leaning away from him and the heat he’s suddenly throwing.

“Dunno,” Ace answers. “I haven’t been sick since I ate my fruit. Honestly thought I was immune.”

He doesn’t look happy, and Thatch can see why. Being sick is always miserable, and worse if you’re not used to it. He knows he packed an extra blanket, though, because Marco denies his nesting tendencies and yet always ends up stealing everyone’s bedding. He digs it out and hands it over. Ace glances at him and he shrugs. “If you want it,” he offers, and sets it on the ground.

Ace reaches for it, then pauses to stare at his hand for a second. Thatch doesn’t get a chance to follow suit because suddenly the blanket is flipped open and wrapped around bare shoulders.

Thatch and Marco share a worried glance. Ace never uses blankets, and he doesn’t accept help that easily either. And Ace isn’t even using it like a blanket; he’s got it wrapped around his back and over his head like a makeshift cape.

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