of course key as the joker

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I'm the anon who suggested Jokers daughter dating an joker' employe or business partner's son. I was low-key hoping you would do a fic based on it but I would love the headcanons you usually do. Sorry I took so long to answer you!

I’m sorry to disappoint hun. I only write full imagines for people when they are sent in during the time requests are open. The only ones I do other than those are my own ideas. Next time they open up feel free to send it in and of course i’ll write it then.

Joker does everything possible to piss of his partner to see how far he can push them and if they will remain honest and loyal to his daughter despite what’s happening.

The power is constantly shifting between them and Joker because they can’t say no to the daughter who is always asking both of them to go easy on each other with certain deals.

Joker is always looking for a way to cause a rift or start a gang war in hopes he can kill the person and blame it on business so he can have his little girl back.