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You think Eren loves Levi in a certain way? I mean, of course, it's never gonna be romantic (sadly), but I like to think that Eren loves him as someone he can truly look up to. As someone who can guide him through hardships and nurture his growth as a soldier and a person. Someone who he can trust and talk to and feel safe by his side. And of course, as a fellow important comrade.

Such a beautiful message <3 I think you expressed it very well… I like to think he does, in his own way. Of course right now it’s not romantic (I think romantic love is the last thing on Eren’s mind at the moment), but it is surely platonic love.

Usually I don’t like to say “I’m sure they will be canon!” or something similar (well we all have our fangirling moments, but I mean when talking seriously haha) unless we get any definitive proof on the manga itself, because I don’t want to create false hopes to myself, or others… But, I don’t think I can say their relationship is never going to be romantic either… because the truth is, we just don’t know!

I’ve seen several people depressed about this lately. We all know what the general opinion in the fandom about ereri is, and we’re always seeing negative posts about it. And even the ones that aren’t negative usually end up in “but well ereri is never going to happen”. 

Of course it’s good to stay objective and realize the chances are small… but in the end they’re all speculations, and no matter what people says, only Isayama knows what’s going to happen.

So it is completely ok to keep holding your hopes for your otp to be canon! There is nothing wrong with being excited about it, and thinking that still can happen. So never say never! :P

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11° Here on Brazil have too much junk in all roads (of course, it's Brazil and in Brazil live Brazilians). What Levi will think about it?

He lived in the underground, it’s not like he doesn’t know such circumstances. Sure he doesn’t like it, but there’s hardly anything he’d be able to do about it. 

A Happy Mistake
  • Levi and Eren have been lovers for almost 7 years now, living together for the last 3. Levi hands a letter to Eren who is currently sprawled on the sofa. He tears the envelope earning an eye roll and begins to read. A frustrated sigh escapes him.
  • Levi: What, is it bad news?
  • Eren: (still reading) Hang on–
  • Levi: –Eren.
  • Eren: (holding up his free hand) Wait a sec.
  • Levi: You look like you need to take a giant shit.
  • Eren: Hey! (glancing up from the letter to find Levi standing in front of him) I don't look like that.
  • Levi: S'pose. Now you look pissed off.
  • Eren: It's nothing.
  • Levi: Doesn't look like nothing. What's in the shitty letter?
  • Eren: Ugh. (placing the letter on his lap) It's just from work. I'm going on that food safety course.
  • Levi: And that's bad...
  • Eren: (sighs) No. It's just that head office is still getting my name wrong. This is their fourth different way spelling Jaeger. There's two just in this letter.
  • Levi: Let me see. (Eren hands him the letter, Levi frowns at 'Jager', and an even more idiotic 'Jeagar', he looks up from the letter to see Eren biting his lip) This bothers you that much, huh?
  • Eren: It does. I know it shouldn't.
  • (Levi kneels and finds Eren's hand, interlocking their fingers) Hey- what are you-?
  • Levi: Then take my name.
  • Eren: (gripping Levi's hand, mouth agape) What?
  • Levi: Be Eren Ackerman. Even your head office can't fuck that one up.
  • Eren: (half-chuckling) Levi, was that a proposal?
  • Levi: It can be. (Eren stares at him dumbfounded) I mean... if you want... Shit! (dropping his hand)Eren, I'm sorry. This isn't how it was meant to-
  • Eren: (pushes a finger to Levi's lips) Do you mean it?
  • Levi: (wraps his free hand around Eren's) Yes.
  • Eren: (quietly) Then, yes.
  • Levi: (wearing a glazed expression) Yes?
  • Eren: (more confidently) Yes, Levi. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
  • Levi: Me too.
  • This is PART ONE, and you may be interested to know based on a real story: :D
  • Both parts will be on AO3.

Hello everyone, it is I, Ereribell, posting my first piece of art for this blog. And of course its ereri with puppybrateren’s Mer!Levi… i cant not draw these two constantly. its an obsession now. what have you done to me.

also i based this picture off of this one :3 i thought it was so cute-

Fairy Tail characters being asked who their best friend is
  • Natus: Well of course it's Happy.
  • Lucy: Levy-chan is a good friend of mine, but there's also Erza, Cana and Juvia.
  • Gray: I don't know... everyone is my friend... but best friend... *coughnatsucough* can't think of anyone specific.
  • Erza: Natsu and Gray are my childhood friends, and I also get along pretty well with Lucy and Wendy.
  • Wendy: Carla, but I try to be best friends with everyone.
  • Mirajane: My brother and sister are the most important people in my life.
  • Elfman: My sisters.
  • Lisanna: Definitely Mira-nee and Elf-niichan.
  • Cana: I'm not sure... I get along with Lucy and Wendy but I'm not sure if they feel the same towards me.
  • Levy: Lu-cahn is my best friend!
  • Freed: Laxus!
  • Bickslow: Laxus.
  • Evergreen: Laxus.
  • Laxus: The raijinshuu... Don't tell anyone I said that.
  • Gajeel: I don't need any friends......... Lily.
  • Juvia: Juvia is friends with everyone but she doesn't have a best friend since they're all love rivals trying to win Gray-sama's affection.

Hi minna .. Im back ..

I know this story was kinda out of date , but still I wanted to upload it .. 

I had a headcanon that Gajeel was playing with his son Edward .. and Levy didn’t like it .. though Lily had advised him not to .. Which he didn’t listen [of course] .. 

So enjoy guys .. Im still working on sumthing else .. and of course its my most fave OTPs NALU ..