of course it's a sexist thing

Gay former Ontario Hockey League player disappointed in Ryan Getzlaf

Brock McGillis couldn’t hide his disappointment when he heard Ryan Getzlaf’s statement after the Anaheim Ducks captain was punished for apparently using a homophobic slur during an NHL playoff game.

Getzlaf was fined US$10,000 by the NHL a few hours before the Nashville Predators beat Anaheim 3-1 on Saturday night in Game 5 of the Western Conference final. Getzlaf appeared to shout the inappropriate remark in frustration with an official after returning to Anaheim’s bench in Thursday’s Game 4. Officials appeared to be too far away to hear Getzlaf, but television cameras were trained directly on him.

“There was obviously some words said, not necessarily directed at anyone in particular,” said Getzlaf late Saturday night. "It was just kind of a comment. I’ve got to be a little bit more responsible for the words I choose. It’s tough to see someone refer to it as (homophobic). I didn’t mean it in that manner in any way.

“I understand that it’s my responsibility to not use vulgar language, period, whether it’s a swear word or whatever it is. We’ve got to be a little bit more respectful of the game, and that’s up to me.”

McGillis, who played in the Ontario Hockey League and semi-professionally, became an advocate for LGBTQ rights, addressing schools throughout Ontario, after he came out in November. He had hoped Getzlaf would take the opportunity to educate other players about how homophobia has no place in hockey.

“I don’t care how you mean it, when you say the word, it’s a homophobic slur,” said McGillis in a phone interview with The Canadian Press. “He doesn’t sound, in my opinion, very apologetic. He’s comparing what he said to a curse word and he didn’t apologize to the LGBTQ community or take ownership of his actions. That’s quite disappointing.”

Getzlaf’s fine is the maximum allowable under the league’s collective bargaining agreement with the NHLPA, but McGillis says he does not think it was severe enough.

He notes that as the Ducks forward has made millions of dollars over the course of his 12 year career, the $10,000 dollar fine isn’t especially punitive. Instead, he hopes that the NHL, its players, and other sports leagues try to engage and educate adolescent players before homophobic, racist or sexist language is ingrained in their pscyhes.

“(Getzlaf) is a social influencer, he is a superstar hockey player and he has an opportunity to do some good things,” said McGillis. "I think that if these athletes continue to just donate money they’re missing the boat because that’s not going to shift the culture and that’s going to lead to more and more incidents like this.“

You Can Play Project, an advocacy group dedicated to eliminating homophobia in sports, also criticized Getzlaf before Saturday’s game.

"Words matter and Ryan Getzlaf’s words are offensive. No language considered homophobic belongs in sports. It’s not the language of role models. This is yet another opportunity to educate athletes, teams and fans,” tweeted the organization that was founded by Philadelphia Flyers scout Patrick Burke and his father, Calgary Flames president Brian Burke.

Getzlaf’s punishment was particularly disappointing to McGillis because last season Chicago Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw was suspended a game and fined $5,000 for using a homophobic slur and making obscene gestures toward officials in the first round of the playoffs.

“It seems like it’s almost backwards,” said McGillis. "We took a step back for equality and for hockey to be a safe space for everybody.“

Earlier this week, the Toronto Blue Jays suspended centre-fielder Kevin Pillar for two games for directing a homophobic slur toward Atlanta Braves pitcher Jason Motte.

"If anyone in a regular field of work were to use that type of language they would lose their job,” said McGillis. "I’m not saying either of the players should lose their jobs, because it’s a mistake and it happens. However, I don’t think the penalty is harsh enough.“

McGillis said he had "incredible” support from the hockey community when he came out. He advises any young person struggling with their sexual orientation to find peace within themselves so that homophobic language doesn’t cut as deep.

“You have to learn to accept and love yourself because when you learn to love yourself these words won’t have as much power over you. The thoughts and the opinions of other people won’t affect you the same way they currently do,” said McGillis. “I’m so desensitized to those words they don’t have the affect. When I hear a professional athlete say them I say ‘good, this is an opportunity’ whereas before I would have hid and thought I was horrible.”


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John Chidley-Hill, The Canadian Press

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I think the worst thing about Jontron drama blowing up like this is that you've got fairly young kids who just wanted to watch a guy play bad videogames and they're seeing something scary in him and he doesnt seem to give a shit about those kids. Like in the long cap list from his twitter (after the 2 genders post) there was one person literally saying "this is scaring me". Of course i would rather they know the truth, but its still sad that they're being crushed under his metaphorical boot

I mean, of course the actual worst thing is the white supremacist transphobic racist sexist grossness i just felt so bad for that one person in the list of twitter replies

Yeah, I know kids are going to be upset or maybe even traumatized by this and I feel bad for them, but there’s nothing we can all do about it other than protest and mock him and point the children to content creators who aren’t garbage.

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i feel guilty for liking the photoshoot she did with the bikini, cause apparently she didnt like it too much? but she looked beautiful on the beach ;-; its so aesthetic, i mean she could've worn a regular bikini or even a tshirt and id think the same but yeah

Don’t feel guilty. Carrie herself looked back on it with some proud because she looked good (hot). The worst thing about the bikini is the whole idea behind it: Leia wearing it not because she wanted to but because they made her wear it. It’s sexist and it goes against her character (just check her wardrobe for the rest of the trilogy). And of course the producers, director, etc took advantage of how her body looked to appeal to audiences. But I think you should only feel guilty if you like it for the wrong reasons. Personally?? It’s far from my favorite look but Leia was so fierce when she wore it that I won’t stop reblogging pics or giffing the scenes where she kills Jabba just because of the bikini.

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Doesn't the existence and presence of that culture that thinks cross dressing is inherently transphobic within Britain, prove that it's multinational, not just US centric nonsense leaking over there? Because from where I'm standing, it's the same kind of people passing around the same playbook in every western nation. "Everything is sexist, racist and transphobic. Especially things that are old and especially YOUR culture. We must change EVERYTHING, because your culture is wrong for X reason."

There’s no doubt that there’s multinational support for the current ridiculousness, but it’s absolutely come from the US and is perpetuated by US-centrism.

Take police brutality and Black Lives Matter, for example.

The US – generally speaking, of course – decided that there’s a massive problem with police brutality and it’s always down to racist white police officers that will do anything to kill or maim innocent black citizens. 

So, from that, we’ve seen a bunch of false claims that guilty criminals were actually innocents murdered, with a bunch of protests, riots and the like. And then actual cases of police brutality – from white cops and black victims to black cops and black victims and whatever other combination you want – are ignored. Which is horrendous, because police brutality is something terrible.

Because we’re living in an age where the internet exists and young people are seeing and believing plenty of false claims and the like over social media, Black Lives Matter tried to come to the UK.

Only deaths by police in the UK? Are pretty much consistent with demographics, and there isn’t an overrepresentation of black citizens killed by the police. So they had to change their tactics and claim that “climate change is racist” to try and keep themselves relevant. It was embarrassing enough that one news story had a bunch of white BLM protesters shutting down a runway… that inconvenienced and angered black passengers.

The young here are allowing themselves to be more influenced than ever by America. When I was in school, we had a dance at the end of Sixth Form to celebrate leaving. Now, there are yearbooks, there are actual proms, and the young really do believe that somehow, the same cultural issues that the US has are happening over here because they’re over-exposed to social media, which is massively US-centric, and don’t really know what it’s like around the country in which they live.

The truth is that the US has a massive influence as far as the media is concerned, and when you add social media to that mix, you end up with non-US natives believing in US-centric falsehoods. And the worst thing about them is that whilst they preen that they’re not the oh-so-terrible Americans, so they’re safe from all their bad behaviour, they still spout the same lines.

Look at the European bloggers on this site that unironically agree with the idea that all white people are to blame for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Even if you ignore all the complexities and pretend that every single white American ancestor owned lots of slaves and were entirely evil, just hypothetically, the European users have somehow managed to forget that they don’t have ties to the US. They’re still internalising that blame.

When do we hear about the British begging those from the colonies to come to the UK after the war because so many British men had died in battle, only to have so many in the population be racist towards them? You don’t. You hear about American slavery. And American slavery is the reason that so many white bloggers decide to feel guilty, because they see themselves as exactly the same. They’ve forgotten their own country, their own history and their own heritage to bathe in US-centrism until that’s all that they know – and then they use that US-centrism to police others.

In a climate that’s full of “majority-guilt,” that’s a powerful combination. And nobody seems to notice. 

It started in the US, was perpetuated by the US, bled into US media and social media, and that was imported elsewhere and internalised by the naive and those that want an excuse to be either victimised, angry or virtue-signal.

And it’s really, really bad for everyone involved.

I am not so blind as to think that there is nothing wrong in our society, I just believe that the constant attempts of umbrella groups are a hindrence. It is easier to form an organisation to solve an issue in a single place and only that issue then disband once your job is done than to create a group that thinks it has a monopoly ons social justice.

Feminism has run its course in western society and is no longer useful because in an attempt to do everything it does nothing. This is why we have things like “air conditioners are sexist“ or “stare-rape“ because in an attempt to stay relevant they have to find problems but there aren’t really any that fit.

This is why I also dislike intersectional feminism becase it attempts to segregate problems with arbitary boundaries instead of looking at them as a whole.

I feel the same about other umbrela groups such as with the trans lable where people attenmpted to include GNC people and others until the point where trans lost its meaning.

Your group doesn’t have to do everything to be a good group, it just has to do something of worth. Setting up individual charities for a distinct cause is a far better and more likely to accomplish something method than deciding your group now is going to help but is so disjointed that it cannot.

Fuck 'em

Something I just thought of, especially having to do with Smite or any other game that might be criticized due to the “Art style” of their characters and such. I feel as if the creators should say fuck any who hate or tell them they should change something because of his/her views. For example, the whole ordeal with Tracer in Overwatch with her old pose where she looked behind herself, a few people were all like, “Oh, thats sexualizing the character and is sexist.” In my opinion, you are the people who take all that time and effort to make that game, and no matter what anyone says, you have that game how you and your team (unless you’re a lone creator which I salute you if so) want to have things. At the end of the day, you can’t appeal to everyone and its your game, do what you want with it!

Of course, this goes for all things in a game/movie, art, whatever you yourself make or something someone else is creating, not just characters and such, that was just an example.

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Wait sorry I'm confused are you mad at the article, or that jAGR slept with someone 1/2 his age? or that she tried to blackmail him? This whole thing is kind of fucked up...I don't get the asking for $50,000 though?

i’m mad at the article for its gross and sexist language, its excusal of the issue at hand (the fact that he’s in his 40s sleeping with 18 year olds… like the power imbalance there is beyond gross), and its blatant slut-shaming of an 18 year old girl – it’s pretty par for the course as far as barstool goes and one look at the source link really tells you all you need to know. i’m especially mad that jagr thinks it’s appropriate to sleep with girls that weren’t even alive (thank u to karina for pointing this out !!!) when he was 18. there’s something predatory about old men sleeping with girls half their age. there’s a power imbalance – i don’t care if she’s legal, fam. it still doesn’t make it okay. it’s really gross, tbh. 

i’m not excusing her trying to blackmail him or whatever. obviously she shouldn’t have done that, obviously it’s not okay, obviously that’s an issue here and me choosing to focus on the other two aspects doesn’t negate the fact that i think her trying to blackmail him is fucked up. but maybe he shouldn’t have been sleeping with an 18 year old in the first place ! 



To those who don’t know, here is the definition of doxing.

Doxing (spelling variant Doxxing) is an abbreviation of document tracing, the Internet-based practice of researching and publishing personally identifiable information about an individual.The methods employed in pursuit of this information range from searching publicly available databases and social media websites like Facebook, to hacking, and social engineering. It is closely related to cyber-vigilantism, hacktivism, and cyber-bullying.

Doxing may be carried out to aid law enforcement,extortion, coercion, harassment, public shaming, and other forms of vigilante justice.[6]

Note it is NOT illegal to collect data but BLACKMAIL and posting information PUBLIC is.


I blurred the information out because its outright wrong to dox someone with their personal information. And remember, when we saw Anita was a PROFIT organization when she was accused of stealing from Tammy, she claimed she was being doxed. Not only was she accusing people looking up her corporate organization as doxxing but she has officially done it herself.

And of course, in the email sent to her, notice how the person asked her why she doesn’t address ThunderFoot and she calls him sexist?


Your name is one thing but again, your IP address is your personal computer address.

This needs to be spread around. Anita thinks she’s above the law because she just registered for non-profit. No, if you do this, you have to blur out there personal information.

I’m very aware that this could be a troll account but the fact still stands that she doxxed the person with their name, email and IP Address.



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when you say "a decade old wrong has been righted" what r u talking about? What happens originally? I never read the books but i gotta catch this tea

Violet signing the marriage document with her left hand is the ending from the book. The 2004 Nickelodeon movie changes this to Violet attempting to sign with her left hand but Count Olaf saying “Right hand, please”, leaving her helpless until Klaus climbs the tower to rescue Sunny and burn up the marriage document with a giant lens.

Fans were not happy with the movie creators’ specific wink to the audience clarifying that they know what happened in the book but changed it anyway, Count Olaf now being defeated by Knowing How To Burn Things instead of Research and Plucky Children Trickery, and the possible sexist implications of giving Violet’s heroic grappling hook climb to Klaus instead. Damony Snickler even said on the DVD commentary:

“And now Klaus is apparently running off to go and save Sunny. In the books of course it is Violet, but I know that Hollywood prefers its female actresses to do very little.”

Thankfully, the 2017 adaptation restored the book’s ending after 13 years of woe and despair for fans. And thus, my skin was cleared, crops were watered, and ills cured.

I actually dont get the whole “genderbends are problematic” thing like
Obviously some depictions are going to be fatphobic, sexist or racist but Genderbends themselves? Nah
Like as a trans person of COURSE I like the idea bc its like
Gender transformation
And its not like genderbends are like
Same Universe But Character Is Turned Into ____ Against Their Will??then thatd be understandable

I suppose one would want context for this.

There were was this post going around about how John Stewart became a Star Sapphire but his costume was basically the same as his Green Lantern Uniform

“Why would that cause hubub?” one may ask. After all, when characters go through changes it tends to be that elements of their original look remains the same.

Well, it’s becuase it seemed a little suspicious becuase the Star Sapphires seem to be traditionally an all-female lantern corps whose primary emotional core is love (Of course, because love is such an exclusively female thing, amirite? Ahhh, the sexist old days.).

And becuase these are superhero comics the Star Sapphires tend to be, well….



Less Modest.

Could be chalked up to just John Stewart already having a uniform so the Star Sapphire outfit was just using that as a base… I mean, it happened to Guy Gardner

Surely it has to do with having a previously established costume, righ-?


I mean, in comparison it is barely any worse than her traditional outfit but it is more overtly sexual in its design and Guy and John didn’t go through such radical thematic changes. I call foul. Also, great job, DC on being thoroughly incapable of distinguishing “Love” from “Lust”. I mean why else would they make the all female lantern corps focused on “Love” all scantily-clad?

And look, 

Abraham Pointe, A dude who is exclusively Star Sapphire and he’s as fully clothed as any other superhero dude. Welcome to the pattern

DC dun effed up, yo.

If they were going to go with this whole “Skimpy Star Sapphire” thing then it should be a rule across the board, should it not? Why should guys be the exception? 

I mean besides the obvious reasons of pandering to straight dudes’ sexual appetites rather than do something that’s right or makes sense.

So apparently drawing ponies from a feminist cartoon saying positive, accepting, and/or thoughtful messages is “mouth piecing” now 

However making them rapists, serial killers, saying racist/sexist things, or to voice your opinions on video games clearly isn’t mouth piecing at all of course, that would be silly


If i see any other person taking the piss out of Bruce Jenner i’m going to remove you from my social networks because you are everything that is wrong with the world and it’s embarrassing. I’d actually be ashamed to be associated with you. 

If a grown man or any man wants to be a woman then simply let them, same goes for women who want to be men. Especially children, if my child wanted to be a different gender because that was who they were comfortable as, then i’d happily let them. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s good to see some people are comfortable with who they are. I am so sick of misognystic, sexist and transphobic wankers these days. The next thing i’ll probably get is abuse like “Omg u wanna be a woman”, or something ridiculous like that. Yeah course i do because i’m sticking up for a human being who is happy and comfortable in their own skin and had to brace themselves for how harsh this horrible world and its views can be. If i was comfortable being a woman then i would just be one, no human being should ever feel pressurised into being ‘suitable’ just to fit into society and it’s shitty mainstream values.

Do not take the piss out of Bruce Jenner or anyone because of their gender, race or sexuality, you are an absolute disgrace if you do so.

Just so we're clear...

There is a lot of heat and friction and upset that has come out of the TCA panel today and I’ve been having a rant and moan about it all on here this evening, but I just want to clarify what I’m pissed off about;

1. It’s not that I’m annoyed to get, or didn’t expect, angst. Frankly Oliver and Felicity are exactly where I expected them to be at this juncture of the season - it’s her turn to push him away, and that’s a natural thing for balance that I’ve always expected her to have her turn at. They needed to put the brakes on, because they have to drag this badboy out til May. Same as last year.

2. This isn’t my first shipping rodeo, I never expected or got entitled about smooth sailing to endgame. You’ll notice I have never once said that ‘Olicity is endgame’ - I’m always very aware that tv is a tricky little bugger, and tv writers are even worse. There are no guarantees about what might happen in the next few seasons. They changed course once. They can do it again. I’ve never declared otherwise. So its not accurate to say I’m pissy because I got too comfy and entitled.

With those things said - what I AM annoyed about;

1. One woman on that panel. One. There are no words (despicable / shameful / embarrassing / sexist) Oh look at that. I did have some words.

2. The downplaying of the importance of Olicity. No one forced you to write it into the fucking show. Don’t pretend like it’s no big deal when you had your main character think of their only shared kiss in the last moments of his life. YOU did that. YOU put that in there. Don’t be surprised when people respond.

3.The bullshit comment that it’s mostly people on twitter who like Olicity. That’s total bullshit. Have a look at what pairing the media talk about why don’t you. AND it’s dismissive to people who love your show, and who promote it like crazy and are passionate about your work.

Take those people for granted at your peril MG, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Legit one of my least favorite tropes
  • Woman: I'm gonna do the dangerous thing!
  • Man (often boyfriend or husband): I must prevent you from doing the dangerous thing!
  • Woman: I certainly hope you aren't stopping me just because I'm a woman! The author wants to tell the readers very clearly that I am a Strong Female Character.
  • Man: Of course not, my sweet, that would be very silly of me, the author wants to tell the readers very clearly that I think you are strong and capable and that I respect your independence without clinging to outdated sexist attitudes. He sure as heck won't be showing it, though, because I still won't let you do the dangerous thing, it's just too dangerous.
  • Author: *arranges the narrative so it is clear Woman would have died or been horribly injured had Man not stopped her from doing the thing*

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I'm not sure if you talked about this before, but do you have any problems with the books? I know it's x1000 times better than the show, but nothing is flawless right?

Well nothing’s perfect, for sure. And I’ll be the first to admit I’m not particularly delighted when I turn the page and see it’s an Aeron or Vic chapter. Though even there, I’ve started to listen to the audiobooks on my commutes and when I exercise, and like…you always see what Martin’s going for at the last. He forces you into perspectives that you may or may not like, but that tension is important.

There’s always going to be things I wish hadn’t happened, or details I wish had been filled in, for sure. Still, that’s also just based on my personal preferences. For that reason, it’s very possible it will end in an entirely unsatisfactory way for me. But…is that a “problem”?

My problems with the show aren’t like, “oh I don’t like how this plot is unfolding.” It’s more like, there’s no internal logic, characterizations change with the wind, it’s thematically simplistic and full of overused tropes that its source works hard to avoid, it’s sexist and worse it’s sexist in a way that creates a space for apologists, and of course, it’s not even an adaptation at this point: it’s fanfiction that profits from the creative work Martin’s done and hides behind things like “well this is his world” as an excuse for its problematic narrative.

I don’t have any such problems with the books. I may not like a certain character, but you can bet they’re written consistently. I may not be delighted to read Battle of Meereen sample chapters, but they’re happening for clear and logical reasons and there’s always intrigue and nuance rather than “lol here’s the good guys and here’s the bad!” So no, no real problems with the narrative. I doubt I’d be reading it if I did.

Ok, lets do this.  Gamergate is (finally) dead

Right, back before I lost my blog and everything I loved and cared about, I planned to write this, so you will have to forgive the timing being off as it is.  But I think it is about time we asked a very important question.  Is Gamergate Dead?  4 months ago, I said GG had 3 ½ months left in it, and while I am writing this half a month late (again, my tumblr ceased to exist), I think my claim was just as accurate two weeks ago as it is now.  Gamergate as an entity has ceased to be thing, Gamergate is dead. 

    Now the moment I say that I am going to be hit by a barrage of rebloggs by the most fanatical people who will go screaming about how they are proof that GamerGate is alive and breathing, and I am just another “SJW” with delusions because I actually use facts to make my judgements rather than eating whatever spill Bairtbait or Thunderf00t feeds me.  And of course because there are people on tumblr and by extension twitter and reddit running around saying “GG is still alive” that somehow proves that the movement is real.  And sure, you can run around and pretend that the Roman Empire is still a thing, but I am sorry to break it to you, but the emperor has no clothes.   honestly though, if you have talked about Gamergate on tumblr enough, you will notice its the same score of people who show up every time, and that doesn’t really indicate a strong or long lasting movement.  Of course, these are the same people who think the best way to prove its about ethics in games journalism is to just say “its about ethnics in games journalism” and then rattle a list of sexist villain cliches, so you can’t really expect too much from them.  

     Now lets do what Gamergaters hate, and try to define terms.  What does it mean for a movement to be “dead?’  After all a movement isn’t exactly a real tangible thing.  And while Communism in the US has not been a relevant social movement since the Depression, the American Communist Party is still a thing, they have an actual structure.  However, gamergate does not, as they will remind you at every possible opportunity, have a leader, instead they are just sort of a nebulous angry mob.   So when does something like that end?  Well either when 

A) They cease to have any relevance and have no ability to make any difference in terms of their goals.


B) When they have successfully achieved their goals and thus do not need to justify their own existence.  

Well back in December, Gamergate was certainly alive, you couldn’t really avoid it if you were involved in Gaming, certainly if you were a women.  If you went unto Google News you would find a new article about gamergate every day, often multiple every day.  And now….its been months since there has been a major break through in terms of Gamergate.  What have they done recently that is newsworthy.  Most of the articles that have come out have been about the aftereffects of the movement, how it has changed feminist discourse, or gamer discourse, or journalistic discourse, not what it is currently doing.  Even that bomb threat that happened last week got almost no coverage.  And while some Gaters will show up and scream about a liberal conspiracy, 

So……did Gamergate just win?  Did they finally able to overcome the Feminists, “SJWs” and Anita Sarkeesian in their nefarious scheme to take video games seriously as a medium and be more accepting of disadvantaged groups.  YOu know, “ethics in games journalism”.  Well lets go through their stated and unstated goals. 

Stated Goals

1) To boycott and damage the corrupt and ‘progressive” review sites that have all of these crazy ideas like women deserve basic representation and that a random women on youtube is not at all equivalent to a Floridian Lawyer attempting to pass laws.  So lets have a look at those websites.

Has Eurogamer cease to be?  No it is doing as well as ever.  Ok, Destructoid.   nope, they are fine.  Gaminformer?  Nope, perfectly fine. Polygon.  Nope, still in buisness.  Rock Paper Shotgun?  Nope, they are still fine.  PC Gamer?  Hell, I still see their magazines at the doctor’s office.  Ok, how about the big one, Kotaku.  Surely after 9 months they are….still around and doing fine……huh.   Well Gawker lost a seven digit number due to Gamergate that counts for something right?  Well ignoring the fact that destroying Gawker doesn’t really help GG’s goals, lets assume that Gawker lost 9,999,999.99 thanks to Gamer gate.  Gawker makes 60 million dollars a year…..yeah that is not what we call real damage.  And is Gawker still around.  Yeah, they most certainly are.  And even Gamasutra is fine.  

2) The Removal of Specific anti GG figures.  So this is the “literally who” list, the people GG seems to hate more than anybody.  Right so lets do the first, Nathan Greyson, has he been fired for the crime of being accused by an internet blogger…..no he is still working for Kotaku as we speak.  Ok, how about…Zoe Quinn?  Well her game is certainly going fine, and she is making a name for herself working with anti harassment software.   She clearly isn’t having a good time, but she is still working in games, and is now seen as a matyr.  Ok, how about Leigh Alexander, who wrote the first “Gamers are dead” article and proved to the world that GG doesn’t understand basic subtly.  She is still writing as many articles as she always has, and became an editor.  So ok, she is still around.  How about BRianna Wu?  Still writing, and still working.  Ok, how about the big one, the arch enemy, the true monster who plagues gamer gate.  What about Anita Sarkeesian, the women who…is not a journalist, not a law maker, and is not a reviewer and yet they care about her aways.  Well…..she got another project kickstarted, and has been releasing videos at her constant slow pace….ok.  How about Zennistrad, the greatest anti Gamergate critic on tumblr?  Well….he is still around.  Right here in fact.  


And you know what all of these people have in common other than basic human decency?  They haven’t been talking about Gamergate for about two months now.  No seriously, they each put out the occasional article, but they haven’t been seriously talking about Gamergate for awhile, most of their recent work is about well….video games.  Or in the case of Zennistrad, other right wing crazy bullshit.  Gamergate hasn’t been their main focus for a long time now, because as I said earlier…..Gamergate hasn’t been relevant for a long time now.

3) The removal of the influence of big publisher’s financial control over most games journalism.  Ok, the only goal of GG that is valid, and of course the least talked about.  Has there been any change in the press’s relationship to EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Square Enix and all of the other filth of the games industry?  No?  Ok, well so much for that then.    

How about the unstated goals, and by unstated I mean stated all the time but they deny it when you call attention to it?  the real reason for Gamergate’s existence?  

4) Have feminists and other progressive stopped talking about offensive aspects of games and gaming culture.  No, in fact the opposite has happened, many critics have taken up the subject with far more detail than ever before.  

5) Have academia ceased to take gaming seriously?  Well the attempts to archive video games have failed, but other than that…no, no they haven’t. 

6) Have they been able to preserve the term gamer?  Well…kinda but it wasn’t really under attack by anybody but boogiemen anyways.  

Finally, here is the big one.  Have they managed to turn the tides so that gaming will continue to pander to the same white straight male demographic at the exclusion of literally everybody else.  Nope.  Sure, stuff pandering to me is still going to be the majority (and isn’t that just a massive implied insult), but every year more and more video game characters who don’t look like me.  Hell, one of the biggest games of the year so far, Dragon Age Inquistion, Featured a massive amount of racial, gender, and sexual diversity by the standards of gaming, and there isn’t any indication that this is stopping.  Traditionally marginalized groups are continuing to buy games in larger and larger numbers, and the absurdly hilarious “Gamer Culture” continues to become more and more the thing of the past as games become more mainstream.  Which I find absolutely hilarious, because again, Gamer culture is an absurd construct to begin with

So beyond the basic goal of making as many women feel unsafe playing games, and making a great deal of intellectually dishonest bullies feel self righteous about their own bigotry for awhile, and a weird child porn scandal, Gamergate hasn’t really accomplished any of their goals.  Oh they did get Intel to give 300 million dollars to feminist causes, so good job there.  

Now the first thing these people will say to ‘prove’ gamergate is still relevant is the fact that the movement supposedly led to certain websites rewriting their ethics section.  Now even if we can actually can attribute this to Gamergate (we can’t) and pretend that their primary goal was not the harassment of women (it was) and take them at their word (we shouldn’t) that…isn’t really impressive.  All of those changes happened in september, and clearly gamergate wasn’t happy with the result, because they kept on fighting for another nine months.  So clearly A) They weren’t happy with that result because they still keep going B) they haven’t done anything in the nine months since.  After all, movements don’t justify their existence by “we were awesome one” to go with that music metaphor again, if a band produced one awesome hit song two years ago and haven’t done anything since, that doesn’t justify listening to them now.  Or better example, the SImpsons used to be funny, but isn’t anymore.  Wait, that doesn’t work, because the Simpsons is still a physical thing that exists, even if it should be dead, it isn’t.  A better example would be something as disorganized and intangable as Gamergate….lets say Disco.  Like Gamergate, it didn’t have a central leadership, was very much an insular sub group, and brought only pain and suffering to the world.  And when did Disco “die?”  Well, when Disco music stopped getting unto the charts and disco music stopped being played in most of the country.  How could you tell when Disco died?  When nobody was listening to disco.  And sure there were a few people running around going “DISCO ISN”T DEAD” but…yeah Disco is dead.  And by extension, Gamer Gate is dead, they haven’t done anything recently, and they have no power to do anything. There is a small group of dedicated fans who keep the label alive and keep circle jerking each other with the reassurance that “GG will one day save the world” but what have the accomplished in the last few months other than making innocent people’s lives miserable.  

So why did GG fail?  Well for the exact same reasons I said they would, they had no leadership and no mechanism to determine “true” gaters from people who gave them a bad name, so it was just a leaderless angry mob that burned itself out.  

HOWEVER, and this is critical, just because Gamergate is over, doesn’t mean that the conflict created by it is over.  Because as everybody who has any knowledge of critical thinking already knew, the main conflict didn’t start with Gamergate.  Gamer culture was already this exclusive, hyper nationalistic, reactionary, paranoid, entitled, self centered haven of bullies and bubble think who saw women wanting to have a big more representation as a personal attack on them.  I mean the pointless and utterly vicious attacks on the like of Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian didn’t start getting attacked for the crime of…making an indie game you didn’t have to play and a series of youtube videos respectively, back when gamergate started, that was going on for years before hand.  And will continue to go on, its died down now, but wait a little awhile, most likely the post christmas game’s drought, and this issue will reign its ugly head again.  And then it will die down and come up again, much like race relations in the US, because the fact is the fundamental issues at hand haven’t been solved, the GG side just made themselves look so bad that they had to take time to regroup.  And remember, these are the same people who think Anita talking about video games on youtube is somehow related to Jack Thompson passing a law to ban video games, they are not simply going to give up just because logic tells them so.  

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I think that "tumblr brings people down with different opinions" is pretty inaccurate like.... Of course you should express yourself but I've never seen someone being dragged on here unless they had racist/sexist/homophobic/harmful actions. I'm not saying it's always justified since they might just be ignorant to the problem but I mean if you're on this site you are certainly able to educate yourself on social issues and therefore shouldn't say/do stupid and offensive things....

Two words: shipping wars.