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Jonnor Drabble - Plaid

“Jude! Connor’s here!” Lena yelled from downstairs.

“Send him up, please!” Jude yelled back, and he could hear her closing the door behind the boy.

“Of course, Hon!” Lena yelled up as she told Connor to go on up.

Jude could hear Connor coming up the stairs, and Jude put a smile on his face.

“Hey Jude, where are you?” Connor said, as as glanced into Jude and Jesus’ room.

“In Mariana’s room.” Jude said, still concentrated on the task Mariana gave him.

Connor came in, and the smile on his face could be seen from a mile away.

“What are you doing?” Connor asked as Mariana held her nail kit out to Connor to see.

“Mariana just got this nail kit, and she asked me to help.” Jude said, his eyebrow ruffled, holding Mariana’s hand very close to his face, checking his work.

Connor takes a look at the nail kit, and he his breath hitches. He puts the box down, and looked at him.

“You can paint plaid on your nails??” Connor said in an excited voice, one that Jude isn’t familiar to hearing, unless he a talking about Flannel shirts, or Jude in particular.

“I swear, sometimes I think you like plaid more than me.” Jude looked at Connor and smiled.

“Never.” Connor said and smiled, planting a kiss on Jude’s temple. He focused on Mariana’s nails.

Mariana giggles just watching the couple, and looks at Jude. He has that cute innocent smile on his face.

“Yeah right.” Jude laughs, and focus’ back on Mariana.

“Okay, so now that you have the sticky stuff on, now you paint over that.” Mariana reads off of the instruction sheet. Jude pulls Mariana’s hand closer, just to make sure he does it just so.

Connor looks intently at Jude as Mariana hands him the color that goes on next.

Jude straightens up, and begins painting.

Connor looks at the nail polish and smiles. Jude finishes the second coat.

Jude looks at Connor, and smiles. “You want me to do yours next?”