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Can you do like the Main con Tfa(+Poly jettwins, ratchet) headcanons for raising sparklings with there bot!s/o,if you're okay with those kind of headcanons I saw you doing stuff with sparklings before so I wasn't sure

Sparklings!!!!!!!! x3 x3 x3 x3

(I already did Ratchet so it’s just a copy from a previous post ;3 )

-He may be a scary Decepticon leader, but his sparkling is going to be raised to have a better life
-He teaches his child how to fight, with your blessing of course! This is a partnership and he is not going behind your back
-If his sparkling does anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. He’s going to blame Starscream for it

-He is so proud of himself, he has a sparkling and they’re going to be just as great as he is! (He adds on quietly “maybe even better”)
-He gets a bit critical of the sparkling, like if they draw a picture and it isn’t that good Starscream will tell them so. You have to remind him it’s a baby and needs positive encouragement
-He likes it when the sparkling mocks him because he thinks of it as a compliment that his child wants to be like him

-He’s clumsy and well aware so he lets you carry the sparkling most of the time
-He likes to tell the sparkling many stories about the great leader that is Lord Megatron… and also the stories of how he managed to win your spark
-He lets the sparkling sleep on his chest while he sleeps, but he likes it when you sleep beside him

-Random is the fun dad, Hothead is the protective dad, and Icy is the responsible dad
-Random makes the baby laugh by playing silly games like Peek-A-Boo and Patty Cake, he invites you to join them during their silly dance parties
-He likes to hold the sparkling to him when they sleep, you often catch Icy smiling fondly at his sparking (He wraps an arm around you too and tells you how lucky he is to have you and his sparkling)

-She is very nervous when alone with the sparkling because she doesn’t want them to be scared of her
-If the sparkling cries she quickly hands them off to you and watches you settle them down. She promises next time she’ll do it on her own, she just thinks they like you better
-After a while, when the sparkling can talk and calls her “mommy” she is overjoyed and can’t stop talking about it all day

Jetfire and Jetstorm:
-They switch back and forth between responsible parent and goofy parent. One second Jetfire is cleaning up while Jetstorm sings to the baby, the next Jetfire is playing on the floor with the sparkling while Jetstorm is getting a bottle of oil
-They sometimes argue who’s turn it is to hold the sparkling, then you come in to find Safeguard holding the sparkling
-The two of them always get the sparkling down for recharge at night, then they’ll sandwich you in the middle so if the sparkling cries, one of them will get to it first while the other gets you back to sleep

-He’s grumpy and constantly working, which means you watch the sparkling a lot
-He often shoos you away because he doesn’t want to get distracted and risk the team or his family’s safety in the long term
-When he’s not working, he likes to sit with the sparkling on his lap telling them old war stories
-He holds the sparkling to his chest and rocks it to sleep, then he’ll take a nap with the sparkling
-He likes it when at night and you two lay in the berth with the sparkling between you and just talk

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Hello, I hope this isn't too much of a bother but can you explain how you rename your poses? I saw your response on a post by InaBadRomance but wasn't able to fully understand how you do it so they're easier to find? Thanks so much, and I understand if you're not able to reply at the moment!

Of course!! Here is Zina’s super duper quick tutorial on how to rename poses so they are categorized in player!! (working title)

I’d show you an in-game screenshot but I don’t have my desktop PC available rn. I’ll just try to explain the process. 

Go into Studio, and press “my projects”. Locate the pose pack and open it.

Now, the left of the screen should look something like this:

Now, to add a “category” to the pose, all you want to do is add a string right before the name that is the same for each pose pack you want to fall into said “category”. In this example, it looks like this:

@eslanes gorgeous pose pack I’m using here has two people arguing. Therefore, I am writing ARGUING in front of the name of the pack. Leave everything the same, save. Then keep going with other poses.

My “categories” are: ARGUING, CUDDLING, CLEANING, DANCING, EMOTIONS, EATING, FRIENDLY, GENERIC (talking + walking mostly), KISSING, PARTY, SCHOOL, SKATING. I go on pose hunts before I start shooting a chapter, so I always know what exactly I am going to use a specific pose for. If there are some that don’t fall into those categories, I just name them “EP. NUMBER” depending on what part of my story I plan to use them for.

Now. The reason this sorta works in categorizing poses is pose player now sorts everything alphabetically (you need to batch fix old poses though). Because of this, all the poses listed as “ARGUING” will come first, then “CUDDLING”, then “CLEANING”, so on so forth. 

I find this to be the easiest way to keep track of what a pose pack is, especially when I start piling up several of them on top of each other. It still takes some going through to try and find the exact pose, but at least it’s limited to 5 “ARGUING” packs and not 100.

Hope this helps!! Feel free to ask any clarifications :D

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One of the characters I loath with a fucking passion is TOBIRAMA and his dogs 3rd Kage and Danzo. One of the disagreement I have with my fellow sasusaku shippers is supporting the leaf village and covering the Uchiha massacre and not putting themselves in Sasuke's shoes. Of course I don't support him killing innocents, but maybe killing the ducking elders the two old bastards since Danzo is gone, ik Taka and living with Oro wasn't going to make him happy, it wasn't, but Sasuke needs Justice!!

I don’t know what happened to your fandom pal, they just became 10 times more retarded since the ending. I remember they used to be critical of Kishi’s handling of political/social issues, and their posts used to make some sense. But ever since Kishi made your ship canon, they just blindly support everything and anything in this series. I recalled pre-ending sasusaku didn’t even like the series, they tended to be more scathing of Kishi’s attempts at “plot” and “themes” compared to other shipping fandoms. 

Now, it’s like they’re doing some martyrdom shit for Kishi, not only do they defend their stupid ship, they’re like also shouldering hatred for the fascists in this trash. I could deal with SStards who’re only tards for the ship, but I LOATH Kishitards and Konoha apologists in the SS fandom.

I don’t even know why they’re doing this, cos it’s not gonna make people accept SS or the ending. Sasusaku’s reasons for supporting Konoha are:

1. Sasuke doesn’t want revenge anymore, he’s happy, so you should accept the ending.

ME: I don’t care if Sasuke is happy, or he wants revenge anymore. I don’t care about him. I care if this god damn series condones genocide, and unless I see Naruto stops lying about the massacre and strongly condemns it, this series glorifies genocide. And I fucking can’t stand it, I could see past the ships, but I can’t stand the fact I invested a decade in a series that promotes evil.

2. Sasuke is saved by Naruto, his plot is resolved. 

ME: Who cares if Sasuke is saved? Who cares Naruto did another stupid TnJ? I care if the massacre victims got justice, and they didn’t. I care if Neji and other underclass hyuuga got justice, and they didn’t.

I know SS don’t care about Sasuke or if he’s happy, but this is not about him. SS got the wrong idea why some anti hate Konoha, they thought it’s about sasuke, it’s not, Konoha is generally full of shit. Even if Sasuke were happy, I’d still hate the ending. 

That moment when the widowtracer fan art you posted on your art blog with 3 followers gets more notes than what you get on most of your portal content

└ Behind-the-scene fun with Miyama Sensei Matsumoto Jun ~❤

Cr: 99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi DVD Extras

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Hi! I'm SUPER new to the sterek side of tumblr (like i went on a year-long hiatus and wasn't even into teen wolf back when i was active the first time) and I'm so far in Sterek hell and I was wondering if you had any blog recs? because there can never be too much sterek on my dash.

Of course, sweetheart. I have tons of Sterek filled blogs I can share with you. These blogs don’t all post Sterek exclusively but they are all still worth a follow and your time. I know I am going to forget people because my brain is like a sieve these days but if I follow you I think you are incredible and you brighten my day every time I see you on my dash. 

@hoechlindylan  @cutthissmilefromeartoear @crossroadswrite @matildajones @herosterek @runedsterek @alecmagnu @lykoslupus @halekingsourwolf @loveactually-rps @ladydrace @lena221b @the-mess-sterek-left-behind @hoechlbutt @scruffysterek @prettyinsoulpunk @nerdyderekhale @weasley-detectives @sterekballs @hoechlinslapsdylansbutt @ryvetted4 @bleep0bleep @pininghobrien @strictly-chaotic @acollectionofsterek @asexualericbittle @acountrygirlsfun @dontgobrienmyheart @aflailureandamasterpiece @andavs @aredblush @sourwolfpowers @eeyore9990 @mad-madam-m @benaya-trash @sterektrashbag@bilinskiandthesourwolf @bistiles @zsphoenix @bitchitsune @stiles-and-the-sourwolf @bladeofsolstheim @littlerosetrove @rohruh @clarz @claudiia–stilinski @captain-snark @sterek-stories @deleted-scenes @detectivesterek @petals42 @dexterous-sinistrous @diamondvistaridge @dylanlovesthemets @endgame-sterek @foreverblue-navy @shittyslardo @smokesforwolves @foxerica @loserchildhotpants @fruit-of-my-hoechloins @fuchswrites @fuckyeahsterekaus @gingerqueen-lydiascream @gri-clover @haletostilinski @hale-of-stiles-heart @50-points-for-ravenclaw @sinnamonrollsterek @sinyhale @haleandlightwood @harrys-shums @inell @jadorehale @lightwoodsdaddario @literaryoblivion @poetry-protest-pornography@lovingderekhale @lunaticderek @mattlightwoods @trilliath @maybehonestly @messymarionette @midnightisquiet @mighty-alphalpha @queerlyalex @notenoughgatorade @obroech @prettiestcaptain @redhoodedwolf @shitpostingsterek @sleepy-skittles @sterekshelter @stilessderek @stilesbansheequeen @t-g-i-sterek @themaze-wolf @felicitysmock @thesparkandthewolf @thepsychicclam @troubleiwant @truealqha @werewolvesandarrows @withmyteeth  @wheredidhiseyebrowsgo @yetanotherobsessivereader @derekdeservesbetter @yijitumbles @dudeitsbaconhills @okamiaki @yourlovelyalpha @authorkurikuri @sterekhobrienfics @stilesisderekslittlespoon @krysylyn86 @ask-ichigo-and-rukia @nottherightwords @iddayidnight @histerek @hales-republic @hale-stilinski @hale-rogers @fuckyesonceuponatime @ellkis @nederys @drgrlfriend @yodas-yo-yo @dragonspell26 @dude-its-stars-hollow @derekhale-ismyking @derekdeservesbetter @paintedrecs @paintedlandscape @derek-x-stiles @derekandstiles

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(you posted about this last night) Are queer spaces usually not safe for people of faith? At least in the US, I have a hard time imagining there's anywhere that /isn't/ safe for people of faith. (Speaking generally, of course. I know there's plenty of places that aren't safe for people of the wrong faith, but that wasn't what I think you were talking about)

(Referencing this post by kosherqueer.)

So I’m going to split this answer up into addressing two points - and keep in mind that I am speaking from my own experiences here and I don’t want anyone to assume this has been true for everyone.

Not safe for people of faith 

I’ve noticed that a lot of the queer spaces in which I’ve been involved have been very strongly secular - and of course there isn’t anything wrong with that. As a member of a minority faith, I encourage it (otherwise anything religious starts to take on a majority religion feel - see next point) and I also know that a lot of the people in those spaces have been hurt and excluded because of the faith groups in which they grew up. But there are often a lot of assumptions being made that everyone in these spaces are secular or atheists and so people and that all religions and faiths are harmful to queer people and this leads to a lot of cruel and mocking comments about what religion and how religion is inherently intolerant and brainwashing and that people of faith are sheep and stupid, etc.

I actually have a friend (who may be reading this and will be left unnamed unless they tell me they want their URL here) who stopped volunteering for a local queer rights organization partly because a volunteer coordinator was so loudly anti-religion and so dismissive of anyone religious that he made them feel unwelcome. felt unwelcome as well but because he was higher up in the organization than I was (I was just an intern), I didn’t feel comfortable speaking up past a certain point.

Overall, a lot of people would vocally blame religious people and religion for intolerance and homophobia in society and while this is certainly a problem in a lot of religious contexts, the conversation began to sound less like “there are a lot of faith groups that use religion to justify homophobia and that’s disgusting” and more like “religion is outdated and the root of all intolerance in society and we should get rid of all of it and teach the gullible religious people that they’re wrong.”

Often I felt as if people were trying to convert me from my religion and my culture which was just too religious to fit neatly into their religious/homophobe - secular/queer dichotomy.

Not safe for people of the wrong faith

As a Jew, and so as a member of a minority faith, this cropped up in three ways. One, people assumed that everything they had found wrong in mainstream Christianity applied people of all religions. If someone had been victimized by a Christian community because they were queer, they would often turn their (obviously understandable) anger and derision towards people of other religions as well. For example, while the Christian interpretation of the sin of Sodom has traditionally been gay sex (hence “sodomy”), the Jewish interpretation has traditionally been that the sin was being inhospitable to guests and strangers - but people would refer to the Christian interpretation as if all religious people held that opinion of sin.

Two, even among queer people of faith, my own religion was dismissed or minimized with Christianity being the reference point. For example, I was invited by (that same) local queer rights organization to join an outreach program managed by queer people faith targeting faith communities as allies. I was the only non-Christian there. Not only was the entire meeting overwhelmingly Christian referenced but the opening prayer was actually and literally in Jesus’ name.

Other religions weren’t represented at all and when I brought up reaching out to mosques and Muslim queers, the facilitator actually said that she didn’t think she’d find anyone to connect with in the Muslim community, the assumption being that religious Muslims were necessarily homophobic - the same sort of assumptions that many of the non-religious people in the organization held toward all people of faith.

Needless to say, I did not return to this program.

Three, prejudices like Islamophobia and anti-Semitism exist just as strongly in queer communities as they do anywhere else and left unaddressed they become poisonous. Being secular and “enlightened” and “hating all religions” does not keep people from being bigoted towards persons of minority faiths.

So you can see the predicament this left me and other queer people of faith who looked for a safe space for one aspect of themselves only to find another aspect of themselves deemed unacceptable.


Secular queers can get pretty nasty and unwelcoming to queer people of faith and make all sorts of assumptions about queer people of minority faiths (Jewish, Muslim, etc.) that leave safe spaces not so safe at all.

  • Kurt: Hey.
  • Blaine: Hi.
  • Kurt: So you went to go see Elliott?
  • Blaine: I did. He's a good guy. He's a good friend to you.
  • Kurt: He's one of the only real friends I've made since I came here. He texted me as soon as you left his apartment six hours ago, so I guess I've just been wondering where you've been.
  • Blaine: Well, I um, actually took a water taxi to the Statue of Liberty. Just needed some space so I could think.
  • Kurt: I went to the Highline, to do the same.
  • Blaine: Well then, can I go first? I think I should move out.
  • Kurt: I'm not sure if that's what I want.
  • Blaine: Me neither, but I think we need to take a step back for a second, together, and just look at the situation honestly. It's not working out. After graduation, I just moved in and we didn't even have a conversation about it, we never weighed the pros and cons, we never really discussed if this was the absolute best thing for our relationship.
  • Kurt: We just wanted to be us, together.
  • Blaine: And we are together. We are so together. But I just think that maybe living together in less than ideal circumstances...
  • Kurt: Maybe we don't need that pressure right now, but it's such a scary decision to make. I just, I feel like I -
  • Blaine: I know, I know. It is scary, but I think it's a little less scary if we make the decision together.
  • Kurt: We can't go backwards.
  • Blaine: We're not going backwards. I think we're being smart.
  • Kurt: By protecting something that is very precious to me. You know that, right?
  • Blaine: Of course I know that, of course. Always, I know.
  • Kurt: No matter who we become, even if we do need alone time, which is completely valid, we'll always belong to each other. And even though this wasn't a fight, this was just, you know, a grown-up, adult conversation, you know, we are now going to have the hottest makeup sex ever now.
  • Lucy: Hey, boss.
  • Mashima: Yeah?
  • Lucy: How come Natsu is my implied love interest?
  • Mashima: Is there anything wrong with that?
  • Lucy: Well I'm the smart and beautiful main character. Why do I get the idiot hero of this series?
  • Mashima: I thought it works pretty well with the fans.
  • Lucy: I just think that I deserve so much better.
  • Natsu: Hey!
  • Mashima: Sounds fair, who do you want to be paired with then? Just name anyone you'd like.
  • Lucy: Mirajane!
  • Mashima: Sorry, no can do.
  • Lucy: Huh? Why not? You already had Kyouka and Seilah as a lesbian couple.
  • Mashima: I mean pairing her with you is the same as pairing her with Lisanna, that's just wrong.
  • Lucy: Stop comparing me to Lisanna! I bet that's how you got me stuck with Natsu in the first place. Anyway if not Mirajane then how about Erza?
  • Mashima: Well I can't do that either, I promised Jellal I'll make it up to him for what he had to go through in the beginning of the series.
  • Jellal: Also because you killed me off in Rave.
  • Lucy: Then Yukino.
  • Mashima: Believe me I thought of every possible lesbian pair you might fit into and the only one that works is you and Cana.
  • Lucy: The guild's alcoholic? I think I'll pass.
  • Cana: Well I didn't want you anyway, I only like you for your big boobies.
  • Lucy: OK, got it, no girls. Then how about...
  • Mashima: If it's a Guy then it's either Gray, Hibiki, or one of your Celestial Spirits.
  • Lucy: Wow, really? That's it? What, Warren wasn't available?
  • Warren: Hey I have feelings too you know!
  • Mashima: I could always make Dan Straight canon.
  • Lucy: Gotcha. Well then I guess Gray it is.
  • Juvia: LOVE RIVAL!!!
  • Lucy: What I meant is forget about Gray! I'll go with Ca...
  • Mashima: You can't choose Capricorn, he's like a family member.
  • Lucy: I wasn't gonna choose Capricorn I was gonna choose Cance.. Oh who am I kidding of course I was gonna choose Capricorn at least he's not a total weirdo like the rest of them.
  • Foxboy666: Pick someone already, this post is getting way out of hand!
  • Lucy: Fine, I pick Plue!
  • Elie: Plue isn't a guy, he's a bug, silly.
  • Mashima: To clarify you can choose either Taurus, Cancer, Loke, Scorpio, or Sagittarius.
  • Hibiki: Hey, what about me?!
  • Lucy: Yeah Right... Anyway, Taurus is a pervert, Cancer and Sagittarius are total weirdos and Aquarius thinking of me as her love rival is 100 times worse than Juvia. So I guess that leaves me with..
  • Loke: Yes! Finally!
  • Lucy: Natsu, he doesn't sound like such a bad pick after all.
"Do you love me?" - The Signs
  • Aries: ummm I think I need to go to the toilet
  • Taurus: *Internal screaming*
  • Gemini: Why are you asking?
  • Cancer: *blushes* um *blushing intensifies*
  • Leo: What are you saying?? Hahahahahaha
  • Virgo: Of course not...*regrets saying that 0.5 seconds later*
  • Libra: *giggles* ...who knows?..haha...*giggles* *dies inside*
  • Scorpio: *stoned* ..........................................
  • Sagittarius: What if I do?
  • Capricorn: No.
  • Aquarius: Huh?
  • Pisces: *wasn't even listening*

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Hilaryyyyyy, I just saw this and I'm going crazy (over Zelena too, of course. ZELENAAAA!!! ASGHSGSH) thesorcererslibrary[.]tumblr[.]com/post/112529792072/i-love-when-im-right There is a book with Killian'story!! That's why he wasn't in snowing book!!



I’ve been thinking about the stuff that Lyall Lupin probably taught his son, about Boggarts and Poltergeists, probably Dementors too, because they seem like they’d also fall under “non-human spirituous apparitions”. ‘Cause he was sure Remus would never go to school like a normal kid, but he’d be damned if his baby boy never got an education.

And I’m just thinking about little baby-faced eleven year old Remus making friends for the first time, and they know all sorts of cool stuff. Sirius is always going on about high society and pureblood rubbish, he talks about how much he hates it, but always with a hint of pride in his voice because he knows stuff. James acts like he’s the expert on everything Quidditch-related, but never really notices that he’s a potions prodigy too. Remus notices. Peter’s mostly quiet, but at least he seems to know what everyone’s talking about when they go on about all these things Remus has never heard of, or has no contextual understanding of. But Peter’s cleverer than he knows, with street-smarts that astound small, sheltered Remus Lupin.

So, he sinks into the background, falls into the homework they’ve given with more passion than any of them (which isn’t saying a whole lot, the other three seem to put schoolwork on a backburner a lot), and he soaks up everything, he needs to know this stuff. They’re always nice to him, but he always feels somewhat out of step when they try to relate. He doesn’t feel…necessary.

Which is why he surprises even himself when one day an idea clicks in the previously unexplored, devious part of his mind. He speaks up after James is finished ranting about how Peeves had gotten the better of him (“Evans was there laughing her smug arse off, it was bloody humiliating!”).

And this, this is the first time they ever see Remus Lupin’s proper gap-toothed grin, complete with what looks suspiciously like a glimmer of self-confidence in his eye. He rolls up the too-long sleeves of his hand-me-down robes and says, to their amazement, “I got this.”

Oh and he does. It’s all they talk about for days afterwards, how quiet little Lupin bested the notoriously anti-first year poltergeist, how there was a spark of joy on his face that they’d never seen before, and how bloody brilliant his spellwork was. (“Why didn’t you tell us you’re a damn genius?”).

Obviously he waves it off, pleased but embarrassed (“It’s just something my dad taught me, no big deal”), he doesn’t tell them about the excited letter he sent his parents the very next day, detailing everything down to the warm glow of pride he felt, for once in his life. His parents are trying not to be over the moon about the mayhem bit, but it's just so nice to hear that he’s happy.

Of course, they all got detention, (“Excessive use of magic in the corridors! Shameful behaviour!” McGonagall scolds, the corner of her mouth gives a traitorous twitch as she struggles to look stern) but it was so worth it.

It only took Peeves a few days to dislodge the chewing gum, but he never really let go of the grudge, much to his dismay years later of course. Lupin never forgets a handy spell.

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when homestuck updates will it be on mspaintadventures or will it be somewhere else? a friend of mine said it would be somewhere else but she wasn't sure where and i don't really believe her haha

i’m sure hussie would want it on mspa because of how much money it’s going to bring in and just because well.. its his work? of course he wants it on the site.

but we don’t know. tbh the server wasn’t handling updates well before homestuck went on hiatus, let alone posting the last one ever.

the last biggest event like this was probably cascade, and that just crashed everything. mspa crashed, newsground crashed. if we thought another site had a link we crashed that too like…. it was terrible.

so i assume the best solution is to host it on multiple sites. however i’m already 200% sure it’s just going to crash and burn around us. i wouldn’t be surprised if it’s hosted off-site, but i don’t think it’s hussie’s main objective to do so. it must be so awkward to bring down someone else’s site, i don’t think it’s something he’d take lightly again ahaha!

so yeah, i wouldn’t be expecting to be able to see the update as soon as it comes out–but even if it has to be hosted off-site for traffic reasons, eventually it will be put on mspa :)

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hi, i was just thinking... people always say louis literally ended the wanted's career, but i wasn't in the fandom at the time, so could you maybe explain how all of that happened?

Oh I’ve seen that post. It’s kind of a joke, but in a way it’s not entirely false either. There was always a “rivalry” between One Direction and The Wanted. It basically started when they poked fun at Harry’s solo in WMYB when 1D performed on Red and Black. Louis of course wasn’t going to let that slide and he took the opportunity to throw some digs at them via twitter and interviews. The other boys did the same as well. One time Zayn called Max “chlamydia boy”. And naturally The Wanted made their own snide comments in response. It was a very played up feud and it all came to a head in the great Twitter War of 2013. Fans picked sides. One Direction basically had a larger more intense fan base and The Wanted eventually broke up. I’m sure they disbanded for a number of reasons, but the market just wasn’t big enough for two big boybands especially when fans were strictly divided and most sided with One Direction.