of course it had to be them though

Small update: I need to write it out extensively but there’s a change in Eileen’s past — she was adopted at the age of 3, her biological parents are alive but for various reasons ( that will be written out ) couldn’t keep her. However, her family is the Casey-Dunn. She knows she isn’t tied to them by blood ( told her when she was 16 ), but she’d never consider anyone else her parents, just as they consider her their daughter, niece & sister ( even if Thomas is still accepting it ). Of course it had certain effects on her when she found out but her current personality doesn’t change at all — there might be some new things, though, or things that I still need to write out. She’s obviously curious about her parents, but so far she hasn’t tried to look for them — if anything, it’s just to find out what kind of people they are, but they’ll never be her ‘mom’ & ‘dad’. 

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Opal, the very first fusion that we meet in the show, excluding Garnet, in episode 12; Giant Woman, is the gem we know the least about. Opal has made 3 seperate appearences: Giant Woman, The Return, and Log Date 7 15 2. However, over the entire course of her being on screen, she has only said a total of 15 words. We know absolutely NOTHING about Opal, even though everyone loves her, and we met her so early on. We can easily see more of Sugilite, Sardonyx, Alexandrite, Stevonnie, or Smoky Quartz's character than we can of Opal. Why? Why has Opal not had ANY character development yet, despite being the gem that introduced fusion into the show. Everyone loves Opal, everyone wants to see Opal more. Sardonyx, Smoky Quartz, and Alexandrite have had almost 2 whole episodes dedicated to seeing them in action, so can we please just get some Opal development? It's not that I don't love and appreciate all the other fusions, because trust me, I do; but we know NOTHING about Opal, and I want to learn more about her.
Becoming a Queen

You knew your ship was doomed. You were the only one left alive, though as far as you could tell, there was only one of those /things/ left, too. You wanted to set a course to crash into the planet then use one of the escape pods to get to safety.

But that was before one of those leaping fuckers found you.

Your ship had been on expedition to explore some hitherto undiscovered locations. There were rumors that there was xenomoph activity in this area, which had you and the other scientists all excited. You’d heard about them, but you’d never had the chance to observe them. The plan was if you found them to watch from afar and remain as hands off as possible.

You never counted on how diligent they could be, or how gah damned smart they were. For alien creatures who’s only drive seemed to be to breed and kill, they exhibited almost human levels of intelligence. They ambushed your crew, sticking them to the walls to allow facehuggers to inject eggs into them to make more. You’d never seen it happen in person. You’d seen them dissected, seen pictures of their probing ovipositors, but watching it happen in person had been the most horrifically fascinating moment of your life.

The soldiers that had accompanied the expedition had done an excellent job of isolating and eliminating most of the aliens, burning the eggs you had recovered from a stranded ship and blowing said ship into stardust.

But one had escaped.

If they were smart, this one was a savant. It had not only figured out how to work doors, but also to let its victims scream to lure more along. You observed it (no..him) several times, noticing that the elongated cranium that was usually smooth and round had begun to flatten out, black carapace forming a hard hood more often observed in queens. But you understood what was happening: he was adapting to his environment, taking on a needed role. You’d only heard of alpha xenomorphs as a theory, a sort of last ditch effort that some of their amalgamated biologies allowed. Some theorized is was the human members of their species, allowing for remarkable adaptability both environmentally and biologically.

The soldiers had set another trap, and the alpha had just set it off as a lure to kill several of them. A few of the remaining soldiers had tried to attack him then, only to end up cut off and killed on by one.

You had a close encounter with him, and you thought it would have been the end of you. If only that had been so…He cornered you and your team, slaughtering two of them. When he raised a clawed hand at you, he hesitated. A low growl came from him, and his lizard like lips relaxed over his dripping teeth. He growled and sniffled, butting his muzzle against you. You thought for sure you were dead…instead he pressed his head against you, rubbing at you almost like a cat would.

He ran off when the few remaining soldiers tried to attack him. Your heart was pounding and you could barely breathe. They asked if you were alright, and you suddenly realized you were the only one of that group left.

Things seemed to go downhill from there. You always had the sense that he was following you, hearing his claws on the gratings around you, seeing his long tail whip around corners. The last of the soldiers and crew began to dwindle, getting picked off in the mad attempts to get back to the ship’s bridge. By the time there was a clear path, you were the only one left.

That was when it found you. It looked like a chestburster, only larger with longer legs and tail. You ran, keeping an arm up level with your head and neck. But this one wasn’t concerned with your mouth. It flung itself at you and landed on your lower back, its tail clamping around your waist. Its legs gripped your buttocks and thighs, and you felt two sharp points ripping at your jumpsuit. You felt the tapered end of the ovipositor probing you, searching. You tried to pull it off, but its grip was iron. You slammed backward into walls, but its back was covered in a hard shell like the aliens themselves. It shifted itself between your thighs, the same shell forcing your legs apart.

It found your warm hole and thrust in. You screamed and frantically grabbed for it, but it was pressed up against you so tightly, you couldn’t even wiggle a finger between it and you. You screamed again, feeling it thrust upward into you. It reached impossibly deep, and you felt your stomach pushing outward with its movements.

Then you felt it. A lump against your hole. You threw yourself on the ground and tried to make it stop, but you were powerless to stall the inevitable. You felt the large sacs on the thing convulsing and sending ripples down its ovipositor. Your belly felt hot suddenly, and you gasped, clutching at it. Your hole was wet with some sort of alien goo it filled you with. Every lump was more goo, and the feeling of heat spread through you.

Another bump pressed to your hole, this one large and solid. You screamed no over and over, trying to thrash free of this thing attached to you in a death grip. Your hole stretched wider and wider to the point where you swore you would rip in two. Convulsing on the ground, you sobbed in mixed pleasure and pain, gasping when the hard thing passed into your body. You felt every inch it moves, and look down to see it pushing your belly outward.

Everything from there was fuzzy. The thing pumped more goo into you until your belly looked like you’d had a meal that was far too large. You crawled down the corridor, tears streaming down your face as you realized there was no salvation for you, not now. You only had one option left: crash the ship to destroy everything on board. You felt your stomach surge and convulse, churning and growing steadily heavier. By the time you reached the bridge, you looked like you were pregnant, your belly almost brushing the floor.

It took the last of your strength to pull yourself up to the navigation computer. Even as you key in the commands, overriding the ship’s safety protocols for a steep descent, you feel something happening inside you. You sob, knowing this must be the moment they punch through you and rip free…

But they don’t.

You see them moving inside you, writhing and slithering like snakes. Your belly is so full and heavy it’s all you can do to stay upright. You fumble your ID code, blinking back tears as you put it in for the fourth time. The computer finally accepts your trajectory, and you let yourself fall on the floor.

As you scream and hold your belly, you’re aware of not being alone. You know the sound of hard claws on the metal of the ship, scrabbling as the creature moves closer. He shrieks, though you don’t know why. You don’t really care either. You would have loved to study him, learn why he grew so large and why his head grew as it did. He looked like a king somehow.

All thoughts of that leave you as your stomach convulses. The movement in you shifts, and you scream as you feel the writhing mass move lower. You lay on your back, legs spread. Screaming and panting, you press your back to the floor and push with all your might. You feel your hole bulge and stretch, something smooth and wiggling pressing against it. You push and scream, feeling a long thing slither out of you. Before you can even see what it is, the pressure builds again. You push, screaming as two more press out of you side by side.

It feels like eternity as you lay there, panting and pushing, countless things slithering out of your hole. You finally see them as a couple of them climb across you. They’re neonate xenomorphs, their soft skin still fleshy and covered in the greenish goo the strange facehugger forced into you. Most of them scatter when the alpha pads toward you. He growls and lays over you, his smooth body cool against your flushed skin.

All around you, sirens are going off, the ship’s warning systems kicking on. It’s placidly screaming the descent is wrong, it’s too fast, too steep. You hope the ship burns up in atmosphere. The last thing you remember is heat, the ship’s life support falling to critical levels as the white hot burn of planetary entry seared the plating off the hull.

You never expected to wake up. Blinking blearily, you looked around, wondering where you were. Pieces of the wrecked ship surrounded you, and you could see huge trees between them.

Somehow, you survived the crash.

You can’t move, looking up to see your arms have been carefully secured in glossy black resin. The same kind the xenos restrain their chest burster victims in. You try to move, but you’re dangling about 10 feet off the ground and are powerless to so much as twist. You look down at yourself and see your belly is still slightly distended. You don’t feel the writhing weight inside you anymore, but it still feels..wrong.

Below, you see several small xenos run back and forth, one of them looking up at you and screeching. The trees shudder, and the alpha appears. He’s grown even larger, almost 9 feet tall now. He easily climbs up to you, the long fingers of one hand forcing your mouth open. His lips curl back and his huge teeth part, and you see his secondary mouth shoot forward. You scream and writhe as he forces it into your mouth and angles to shove it down your throat. He growls and his torso jerks, and you feel something sliding down your throat. He’s..feeding you?

This becomes a regular routine, him returning from the forest and pushing his secondary mouth into yours to share his hunts with you. You beg him to stop, to let you go or let you die, but he just growls and rubs his smooth head against you.

You’ve lost track of time. Your body is changing, you can feel it. Slowly, day by day, your belly is growing again, though much more than before. The alpha begins to nose and prod along your body, often trying your hole with the smooth swell of his nose. You realize your hole has become softer and larger, and each day it feels like he can slide his muzzle further against you.

You start to notice him changing, too. The carapace between his hind legs seems to have softened, swelling outward slowly, growing. You realize somehow, he’s grown a penis. As far as you know, that’s completely unheardof. Yet there it is, dangling between his legs.

He climbed up to where you were hanging, taking you in his hands. He growled and settled his head over your shoulder as his body bowed. His hips work their way between your legs, and you feel the head of his newly grown cock spread your hole. You can’t resist, you can barely cry out when he thrusts into you. There’s no pleasure to it, not tenderness or love. He thrusts roughly, pushing deep into you. You feel your body react, everything in you suddenly alive with sensation. You cry out and thrash, then scream in pleasure as he cums inside you. Your already distended belly grows larger as he pumps you full.

Time passes. Your belly grows until it’s hanging between your legs. The alpha and the smaller xenos you birthed on the ship connect your growing belly to the broken ship with more resin, taking the burden of weight bearing off of you. You’re grateful to them. The alpha fucks you almost daily, further distending your belly.

Little by little, black patches appear on your skin. Hardened plates cover your arms and legs, then your chest above the swell of your belly. From your ribs downward, you are nothing but belly, your legs dangling comically on either side. Your hole continues to stretch, and though you can’t see it, you’re fairly certain it’s moved.

The skin over your belly becomes thinner. Inside, you can barely see the movement of large objects, shuffling around within you. Your spine has grown its own cage-like carapace which wraps around your ribs and hips. It’s only then you realize the flesh of your back and ass have changed, stretching backward. Your hole has begun to shift downward, dangling just off the ground from your massive belly.

No…not belly…Egg sac.

The hard cage along your spine helps support the ever growing sac. The alpha and smaller xenos dutifully tend to you as you begin to understand your new place. They didn’t have time for a queen to be born and grow..they had to make do. Your belly ripples, the translucent skin shifting and pushing, moving the hundreds..no, thousands of eggs through you. The small xenos have brought back living creatures and restrained them to the walls of the ship and the surrounding trees. Day by day, the skyline gives way to a lattice work of resin construction. They build a sanctuary for you.

The alpha rarely leaves you now, staying always at your side, climbing around you and tending to your every need. He caresses your egg sac, soothing the discomfort of the eggs moving inside you, easing your burden.

You feel your egg sac convulse and cry out. Your voice sounds like their’s now, a shrieking growl that echos in your chambers. The alpha is beside you at once, rubbing his crested head against you. The convulsing contractions travel all the way down your belly, and you feel your hole begin to bulge. Slice and goo pour from you, sending the small xenos scurrying to your hole. You feel the birthing tube of your hole stretch and elongate until it almost touches the ground. The bulge of an egg moves through it, and you groan at the tight pucker you feel before you stretch around it, easing it to the floor.

Another egg soon follows, then another. You find yourself in a haze, trapped in a feeling of pleasurable pain as egg after egg travels through your birth canal to be deposited on the ground.

The smaller xenos collect the eggs and move them, setting them in front of their captives. The creatures writhe and scream, exactly the wrong thing to do. The eggs blossom open, and facehuggers wriggle their way free. They leap and plant themselves over the screaming mouths, muffling them as their ovipositors force deep into their throats.

Some time later, you coo as you watch your children burst from their incubators and wriggle onto the ground. Your children, your second brood. They skitter around you, finding places to shelter their small, soft bodies until they grow. The alpha purrs at you and rubs himself along your belly. You want him to seed you again, and he obliges, thrusting into your hole even as you try to push out more eggs.

Your new life as their queen will be full of pleasure and offspring. You will make a new home of this world, together with him and your children. Your species will thrive. Even as hard plates cover your face, and the soft skin of your cheeks falls away to expose your huge, gleaming teeth, you feel every inch a queen. Your crest soon grows from what was once a rounded skull, just like his did.

Every day you lay more eggs, and every  day your children burst free. This world is yours, your realm, your home, your kingdom.

(by supernona)

badboy!Calum is confused about his feelings for goodgirl!Reader

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Calum Hood didn’t fall in love. He just didn’t. Of course, I mean, he likes to fuck around with girls but he never, and would never love them. It was something he made sure of because somewhere in his mind he had this fixed mindset that he didn’t need it and didn’t want something like that.

That’s why when he saw you his heart raced a little faster and he didn’t understand. He would walk up next to you and talk to you even though his reputation as a bad boy didn’t fit with talking to one of the smartest girl in school. He didn’t understand why he blushed when you laughed at his stupid jokes or why you even offered your notes to him when he needed them.

He also didn’t understand why he was so protective of you either.

“Y/n. Damn dude, I’d smash.” Ashton looked towards where you were standing, holding a megaphone and cheering on the ASB event that was currently going on. From where they were sitting on the empty tables, Calum looked up and noticed you, smiling and laughing at the pies that were being thrown at teachers for a fundraiser.

“Definitely, man.” Luke smirks, “but she’s way too goodie goodie for me.”

“Don’t talk about her like that.” Calum mumbles, looking down and picking at his shoes irritably.

“Oh, sorry I forgot, mate. You’re in love with her.” Ash teases, rubbing Cal’s hair tauntingly. Cal signs, shaking his head.

“I’m not in love with her. She’s just- Just don’t talk to her about that.” He mumbles.

“Like what, Cal? How good she’d look under me?” Luke smirks, knowing he was riling Calum up.

“Or how sexy she’d be screaming out my name?” Michael laughs.

“Say something like that again and I’ll break your nose.” Calum growls, turning and glaring at the boy with the colored hair.

The boys all snicker slightly as Cal rolls his eyes.

“Shut up.” He mumbles.

“Mate if you like her just go ask her out.” Michael says shoving him towards the courtyard.

“Hell no. You guys know my rule.” Calum says but his mind urged him to follow his friends advice.

“The rule was you weren’t gonna fall in love. After these couple weeks, mate, I think you’re in love.” Luke points out and Calum glances at them before looking down and sighing.

He really didn’t know. His mind conflicted ideas of dating and a relationship when a thought came across his mind. Did she even like him the way he liked her?

These very thoughts were the main reason Calum didn’t fall in love. He’d much rather go back to not worrying about stupid little things and his feelings, but yet, he couldn’t help himself thinking about her 24/7.

How did a tough bad boy come to this? He needed to get her out of his head.

He tried to avoid her, he really did. But when she always seemed to make time to come and say hello, it became hard.

He ignored her like they’d never met and she eventually stopped coming up to him. He told himself he didn’t care, hoping that he’d follow his own advice.

For the next couple weeks, he’d succeeded. She was probably the last thing on his mind and she ignored him, but all of that changed on the Monday of the fourth week.

“Dude, I got fuckin’ wasted, man.” Michael laughs, leaning on his locker for support and fixing his sunglasses, “I woke up in some chick’s room and had the worst hangover yet.”

Calum, who also had sunglasses on, blinked a few times before looking back at him.

“What?” He asked and the boys erupted in a fit of laughter.

“No one got as wasted as you, mate.” Ash exclaims, “I think you’re still woozy.”

Calum wasn’t his best no, but that wasn’t the reason he didn’t hear anything Michael said. Down the hall, Y/n was talking to Dylan, a star football player and someone Calum personally did not like.

He was cocky, treated girls like trash and overall not a great football player. Well, compared to Calum.

He tried hard to listen in on their conversation.

“…and I was wondering if you’d like to go with me.” Dylan speaks, smirking.

“Uh, “ Y/n starts, pushing books into her locker and grabbing things out, “I don’t know, it’s a school night and there’s a quiz in History tomorrow.” She replies and Calum chuckles. Of course, Y/n would say something like that.

“The quiz is easy, you’ll pass it.” Dylan coaxes, “But tonight is an important night, sweetheart.” Calum became irritated when he called her that, “The football team is celebrating and I want you there.”

“I guess,” She thinks aloud and Calum finally turns, ignoring what his friends were saying and makes his way down the hall, coming in between them.

“Sorry mate, but she can’t come with you.” Calum growls, standing front of him. He was very intimidating, but with the dark glasses he looked even more intimidating.

Apparently, Calum Hood obviously telling him to get lost wasn’t enough to scare the jock.

“I believe it’s her decision, Hood.” He replies. Calum chuckles lightly before slamming him into the wall of lockers.

He didn’t know why he cared so much now, but something raged inside him as an asshole tried to steal his girl. His girl? Honestly, he didn’t even care at this moment.

“You must be pretty damn tough to say something like that to me. I haven’t been myself lately, but that doesn’t mean I lose respect, got it?” Calum growls, muttering things Y/n only heard rumors about.

“Calum, get off. Stop!” Y/n says, pushing in between them. He lets go of the boy pinned to the lockers eventually, but when he sees the scared look on Y/n’s face he realized this was a part of him she hadn’t seen yet, and wasn’t thinking about how she would take it.

He turns hesitantly, finding his way out of the hallway.


“I’m gonna go for the drinks.” Ash tells Calum, pushing his way through the drunken crowd.

He looked around. He was here to clear his head. He needed to have fun and let loose, and maybe not think about the look on her face for once today.

He saw no sight of Y/n, which he thought as good.

Ashton handed him the drink and he downed it.

“I know you’re thinking about her.” Ash says, “And honestly, you’re idiotic to be losing a girl like that. But if you really want to get her off your mind, then Alicia told me trying to get with you tonight. Easy.”

“I’ll think about it.” Calum tells him and he disappears through the crowd. He looks towards Alicia and her friends and checks her out, his mind already drifting from Y/n.

Suddenly, the crowd’s voice lowered and whispers erupted around him. He turns to find what was going on when he saw her standing in the doorway, a hand wrapped around her waist.

People stared at him, wondering if the guy around her wasn’t going to be at school tomorrow, but he sighed, looking at her one last time, before turning and making his way to where Alicia was.

When Y/n saw him, she immediately made her way towards him.

“What the hell was that this morning?” She shoved him, when he ignored her.

“Nothing,Y/n, leave me alone.” He tells her, drawing his attention towards the girls in front of him.

“It wasn’t nothing! I’d never seen you-“ “Well, I’m sorry Y/n, but the person you thought you knew wasn’t real.” He growled at her.

“That’s bull, Hood.” She says.

“I’m not fighting with you.” Calum mumbles.

“Well you should! You don’t talk to me for weeks and then suddenly you’re making my decisions? Calum, if you don’t care, then you don’t care. I get that, but you can push your way into my life when you feel like it?”

“You think I don’t care?” He questions. She stares at him and he stares at her for a good 5 seconds.

“Come on.” He growls, pulling her hand. “I’m not fighting with you out here.”

He leads her into one of the boys bedrooms.

“What the hell, Calum? You can’t just push a guy into the lockers like that and-“ “I’m sorry.” He says, sitting at the edge of the bed.

“What?” She asks.

“I’m sorry, Y/n. I just- I was confused. I thought that if I stayed far enough away from you I could lose you, and I didn’t want anyone else to be with you and-“

“Cal, what are you saying?” She asks.

“Y/n, I’m in love with you. Love the way you would rather stay in class to finish a book and freak out about bands and the way you hung out with me even though I was an asshole the first couple weeks.” He laughs. “I’m so in love with you that I was scared, and God, you’re probably gonna laugh in my face and-“He doesn’t get to finish as Y/n presses her lips against his. It takes him by surprise and he doesn’t know what to do at first. He lays his hands on her waist and kisses back before she pulls away.

“You’re such an idiot for not telling me.” She scoffs.

“Yeah I can see that now.” He smirks, “But there’s one thing I need to ask you.” He starts, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Of course I do, Cal.” She smiles, and for once with her, Calum could see straight.

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BTS Reaction to Their Bestfriend Accidently Confessing to Them; Jimin Version

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Pro tip: when going to hide inside of a closet, make sure to bring a comfy blanket or sheet to lay on, because god damn the floor is so hard and rough. You weren’t just sitting inside your best friend, Jimin’s, closet for fun. Just a few minutes ago, you were in his living room, battling him out in the tie-breaker round of Mario Kart. Your character, Daisy, was currently beating his Luigi racer. Of course you had to keep your focus, because even though you had an immense lead over him he could easily acquire a blue shell and pass you up, taking 1st place for himself. You tried striking up conversation with Jimin, trying to distract him from his racing so you could get a farther lead ahead of him.

“Jimin, how come Luigi and Daisy don’t have an in-depth love story like Mario and Peach do? Don’t you think they deserve to have the same recognition for their love too?”

“Stop it Y/N. I know what you’re trying to do, but its not gonna work this time.” Jimin teased, nudging his shoulder against yours as he stuck his tongue out in concentration.

“I’m dead serious, Jiminie. They deserve just as much as Mario and Peach do!” you protested, nudging him back while your Daisy threw a banana peal behind her. Jimin this time gently kicked your thigh with his foot, jamming buttons on his controller as he fought to catch up.

“I don’t. If you and I were together, for example, I wouldn’t want the whole world to know every single thing about our love life like Mario and Peach. Its better to have a relationship like Daisy and Luigi, quieter, but still acknowledged and accepted.” he explained, activating his Bullet Bill and gaining a small lead over you. You cursed softly and kicked your feet in frustration.

“I’d want the world to know you’re mine, so that no one would try to take you from me. Because I really do like you Jimin, like a lot, and I’d want the world to know that.” you said quickly, so quickly that Jimin barely caught any of it. But he did. And his button smashing ceased as he looked down at your still playing figure.

“Y/N?” he asked in a soft voice. You paused the screen and looked up at his wide eyes. Your eyes mimicked his as the dawning realization of what you just said rained down on you, quickly throwing the controller at Jimin to distract him as you ran into his room and dived into his closet.

Now here you were, sitting with your knees close to your chest as embarrassment bubbled in your stomach and dreed filled your heart. You really blew it this time, didn’t you? What if your friendship is ruined now because of your accidental confession. You sighed, just as the door to the closet opened, looking up to see Jimin standing above you. He knelt down onto his knees, avoiding your gaze.

“Y/N… do you really like me?” he asked, his eyes soft and voice sweet. You couldn’t find the heart to speak, so you just nodded your head and hid your face in your knees, awaiting the rejection you knew was to come. But the words never came. Instead you felt Jimin grab your hand, and felt the soft brush of lips caressing your knuckles.

“Good, because I like you a lot too.”

After cosette introduced her dad to them; les amis de l'abc accepted jean valjean as their dad weirdly fast and as did valjean like over the course of a week Jean Valjean had unexpectedly adopted 11 college students and 1 ten year old and they all look up to him as a fatherly figure and randomly call him for advice and he is pretty sure that over half of them have him as their emergency contact now. Sometimes the call him and give him life updates like enjolras excitedly calling him one night: “GRANTAIRE ASKED ME OUT TO GET COFFEE TOMORROW!!! Wait what am i supposed to do?” Then proceeded to slightly panic while valjean gave him dating advice and told him to be himself (yesterday grantaire had called him for advice on how to ask out enjolras) and every time they tell him about one of their latest achievements in life he gets this swell of pride in his heart.

He goes to gavroches soccer/football games, grantaires art shows, courfeyracs plays or musicals, every protest he can go to, and every big event that matters to them because even though they arent actually his kids they practically are at this point


Alien Boy

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Interrupted : Joe Sugg Smut

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“Oh my god, I frickin love this one!” Zoe said excitedly as Harry Potter and the goblet of fire began to play on the TV.

You and your boyfriend Joe were staying with Zoe and Alfie for a few nights at their house. It had been a while since you had seen them so it was quite nice to catch up and spend some time with them.

However, Alfie was out late with Sean and Dave as they were working on a van, turning it into a campervan or something. So you and Zoe had decided to have a girly night and watch some films, of course you both had popped out to M&S beforehand to get some snacks. Joe left you both to it as he had some editing to do, so Zoe had run him a bath and he was upstairs editing in the spare room – where you and Joe were staying.

“I always found this one really scary though.” You said to Zoe, pulling the blanket closer to your body.

“Yeah, if you think about it these films are actually quite scary.” Zoe pointed out.

“I mean… If I get scared watching them then I can imagine lots of other people do.”

Time went by as you and Zoe watched the film. Nala was asleep next to Zoe on the sofa and Alfie still wasn’t back yet. You checked the time.

“How is it half 11 already?” You said, not quite believing how fast the time has gone.

When there was no reply, you looked over at Zoe to find her fast asleep on the sofa. Typical.

You watched about 15 minutes more of the Harry Potter film before your phone buzzed. It was Joe.

‘What you doing? X’

You didn’t reply, the film was almost over so you would go up and see him soon. About 2 minutes later your phone buzzed again.

‘Y/N xx’

Joe hardly ever put kisses in texts unless he was missing you or in a loving mood.


‘Come to bed x’

This made you smile. You were feeling quite tired and would love nothing more right now than to go and see your boyfriend. The film was almost over so you decided to head up. You thought about waking Zoe, but decided against it as she’d probably wake up soon or Alfie will wake her when he gets home.

You folded the blanket you were using and placed it on the edge of the sofa. You silently walked out of the living and through the kitchen. You got up the first flight of stairs and opened the door to the spare room, revealing a half naked Joe in his boxers laying beside his laptop on the bed.

“Finally!” He smiled up at you, placing his laptop on the floor and stretching his arms out to you.

“How’s editing going?” You asked, shutting the door and moving over to him.

“Fine, but I missed you.” He pouted and pulled you by your wrists so you got onto the bed next to him.

“Aw babe. I missed you.” You replied, even though you were only apart for 2 hours or so and you were just downstairs.

He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and pulled you into his body, you wrapped your arms around his exposed waist.

“Joe!” You laughed when you felt something hard poke into your leg.

“I know, I really need you right now.” He told you truthfully.

“Well we’re in your sisters house so I don’t think so babe.” You laughed, getting up off the bed and into the en suite bathroom to brush your teeth.

“Fuck sake.” You heard Joe sigh as you walked away from him.

However, when you were almost done brushing your teeth you heard a light moan. Was he really doing this right now?

“Y/N.” You heard your boyfriend moan out. Even though you had just told him you wouldn’t do this with him here, you couldn’t help but feel very aroused at the thought of Joe touching himself to the thought of you.

You walked back into the bedroom and switched off the bathroom light. Joe was sat up, leaning against the head board with a hand wrapped around himself. His boxers were now on the floor. Even though this was the last situation that you would like to be in, you couldn’t deny that the sight in front of you made you weak at the knees. Joe’s eyes were drooping from the pleasure he was giving himself. His eyes never left you as he pumped his length at a steady pace.

“Please.” He whimpered.

That was all it took for you slip off your pyjamas and leave them on the floor at the end of the bed. Joe watched you the whole time you were getting undressed, and when you were finally fully naked, he picked up the pace of his hand movements.

“Can you honestly not wait?” You laughed, climbing onto the bed once again.

“I’m so fucking horny.” He groaned, finally moving from his position so that he could lean forward and press his lips against yours.

Lips still attached, Joe flipped you around so now your back was against the mattress and he was hovering over your exposed body.

Your hands went to Joe’s chest, feeling up and down his toned stomach. This was one of your favourite things about Joe – his abs were so defined and you loved it. One of his hands went next to your head to hold himself up, and the other went to the head board of the bed.

You broke the kiss and stared up at Joe with a smirk. He sent you a confused look.

“What?” He asked.

“I just really love you.”

“Well, Y/N, I love you so much more,” He smiled, kissing you again. “But we’ve got to be quiet.”

Without warning, Joe pushed himself into you. You had to hold yourself back from letting out a moan. You were so used to having sex with Joe at home and making as much nose as you wanted, when you had sex somewhere like this you always struggled to keep quiet.

It’s because Joe knew exactly how to make you feel good. Considering you’ve been together for around 2 years now, Joe knew your body. He loved to make you shake so hard when you cum and to scream out his name. Sex with him was always and intense and you loved it.

He rocked in and out of you, each thrust getting harder. The feeling of Joe’s bare skin on your own was such an intimate feeling which is why you were on the pill. It was such a nice feeling to have Joe completely inside you without a condom, it made the pleasure even more enjoyable and it made you feel closer to him.

“Babyyyy…” Joe moaned into your shoulder before nipping at the bare skin.

You took Joe’s hand that was holding onto on the head board and laced your fingers together. He gave your hand a squeezed and let out a gentle moan, trying his hardest not to make too much noise. Joe’s moans were the most angelic thing you’ve ever heard and you would do anything right now to hear his moans and groans echo throughout the room.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, making Joe stop his actions immediately. When the handle went down, he pulled out of you as quickly as he could and pulled the covers over you both, making it look casual. Thankfully, he was quick enough.

“Y/N?” Zoe opened up the door as she rubbed her tired eyes. “I can’t believe I fell asleep on the sofa!”

“I know! I mean… can’t say I was surprised!” You laughed.

You could hear Joe panting next to you, trying to catch his breath. His cheeks were red but Zoe didn’t suspect anything.

“We’ll have to have another girly night again soon, and I promise I won’t fall asleep.”

“Ok,  Zoe, I’ll believe it when I see it.” You laughed.

“I won’t!” She defended.

“Is Alfie still not back?” You asked.

“No, I’m think I’m going to ring him in a minute though. What are they doing? Surely they can’t get much done in the dark.” As Zoe spoke, you felt Joe’s hand trail up your thigh.

You didn’t think anything of it until he kept on getting closer and closer to your centre.

“Yeah, he’ll probably be back soon though.” You said to Zoe.

Joe’s fingers went to your clit, gently rubbing his fingertips against the sensitive area. You sucked in a breath, feeling uncomfortable with the situation but also still very horny.

“How many days has he been doing it for?” Joe piped up. You squeezed the duvet in your hand as Joe slid his middle finger into you.

“This is the third, I think they’re planning on finishing it on Saturday.” Zoe told her brother and he nodded.

“It’s quite cool that they’re doing this though,” He replied, sliding his finger in and out of you as you bit your bottom lip, trying your absolute hardest to refrain from moaning.

“I think it’s amazing! I can’t wait to see what it looks like when they’ve finished it,” Zoe said. “Well, I’m going to bed now so night you two.”

“Night, Zo.” Joe said, using her nickname.

“G-goodnight.” You literally almost face palmed yourself as you stuttered over your words.

“You alright Y/N?” As Zoe asked this, Joe added another finger.

“I’m fine.” You quickly said as Joe finger fucked you.

“Ok,” Zoe sent you an odd look. “Night!”

“I fucking hate you, Sugg.” You said to Joe as soon as Zoe shut the door.

“You hate me?” He repeated. “Looks like you don’t want me to finish you off then.”

Joe’s fingers left you and you whined at the loss of contact.

“Shut up and fuck me.” You groaned.

“Of course, m’lady.” Joe chuckled, hovering over you and finishing you both off.

Viktor's Pauses

Okay, this is a break from my usual tough love on Viktor. This time, I’d like to talk about something Viktor does that makes me really, really happy and proud of him.

We see how kind Viktor is to Yuuri. He is thoughtful and careful with him in a way that appears so soft and warm and everything that made us fall in love with them. Somehow, Viktor just seems to do and say the right things. Not all the time, of course, and he has had his slips like what we saw at the Cup of China, but this is because Viktor is still learning. Most of the time though, he seems to have the right words to say.

The best part for me though is HOW Viktor says these things - more specifically, how he comes up with them. It is not as if the responses come naturally, or are top of mind. He had to learn them, because Viktor definitely thought about other things before the things that he does say out loud. How do we know?

He pauses.

For example, in episode 3, Yuuri (and Yurio) struggle with their respective programs. Yuuri, at his wits end, suddenly comes up with the crazy, “That’s it! Katsudon!”

Now look at what happens next:

There must have been a dozen things that passed through dear Viktor’s mind. Remember, he didn’t know that Yuuri forgot everything that happened at the banquet. He didn’t know that Yuuri didn’t know about his own Eros potential. Viktor’s thoughts possibly ranged from “Excuse me?” to “What the actual fuck,” but he does not say these things. Instead, he pauses.

What do pauses even mean? A pause means a person is thinking. Viktor thinks about what he will say to Yuuri. Granted, Viktor does not have the record of being the most tactful person on Earth. We have seen him deliver brutal truths with that heart-shaped smile of his, but that only makes it even more precious that he makes these later considerations for Yuuri.

Viktor did not start off being this considerate. You know when this kindness started? When Yuuri first ran away to skate away his anxiety since Viktor came, and then more and more as Viktor learned that Yuuri was apparently shy and more delicate than Viktor initially thought him to be.

So back at the dinner table, of course we know that what Viktor says instead of, you know, Yurio’s more sensible, “Seriously?” is:

Viktor’s first careful step!

Fast forward to Hot Springs on Ice. Yuuri panics when it is his turn, but eventually, comes up with another gem:

Viktor pauses a bit.

He’s still not used to this type of lines from Yuuri. In the end though, his answer to Yuuri is:

The beauty of what Viktor does is that it’s a considerate way of acting neutral while he tries to understand how this beautifully confusing creature he sort of fell a little in love with at the Sochi banquet ticks. At the same time, whether he meant to or not, he says things that Yuuri seems to need, as proven by the way Yuuri blushes every time Viktor says something that tells him that Viktor is on his side. Viktor is very careful with Yuuri, and what I love about it is that it shows to us that Viktor still wants to stay and get to know this person even though he is not who Viktor thought he was.

Episode 4, as we know, is that wonderful, wonderful episode that spanned the months of Yuuri’s training, during which we are somehow told that Yuuri and Viktor grew closer and got to know one another better. The next Viktor-pause is not so much a consideration for Yuuri as much as it is proof that Viktor picked up the habit of thinking before he speaks around Yuuri, and somehow finding the right words to say within those brief pauses.

The beauty of the pause here is that it seems to be a tentative one. The theme is love? Why did it become love, now when I am working on him with this? Am I somehow making progress with this person? Viktor pauses for his own sake this time, because Yuuri’s theme caught him off-guard.

But after all this time, Viktor is better with Yuuri, and his response is:

He reacts positively to Yuuri and supports his decisions. He has learned to relate with Yuuri better, and continues to be kind to him. He knows how to say yes to Yuuri’s decisions in the best way possible.

Here is another of my favourite scenes, purely because of Viktor’s word choices.

“Perfect” and “the best theme” – Viktor’s words are encouraging and uplifting, and I can perfectly imagine how they can affect Yuuri and motivate him.

Episode 5 is yet another gift of an episode where, for the first time, we hear Viktor think. And boy, he thinks a lot, and now we know that he does think a lot before doing and saying things in regards to Yuuri. We know he does not always agree with his student:

Yet at the end of the day, still makes the conscious decision to accept and support him.

We can see how this endeared Viktor to Yuuri. I mean look at the boy’s face in that last frame. He’s so happy, he actually cried. Viktor’s constant affirmation helped Yuuri grow and be more confident in himself. While I do believe that Viktor is naturally warm and a very kind person deep down, and while providing Yuuri this kind of positive regard is not contradictory to his personality, it’s wonderful to think that he still had to learn and develop these things in himself as well.

Now, of course Viktor isn’t perfect. He slipped in episode 7 and said the wrong thing. But, as Yakov said, Viktor still had a lot to learn, but it’s heartening to see him keep at it, isn’t it?

Lol, he even does this silent pause thing during their engagement. There was a good pause there, but then again maybe it was just shock. He’s been quiet even during the time that they bought the rings, and pretty much just followed Yuuri in a daze (I assume) up to the last moment. He doesn’t even talk until Yuuri prompts him.

Viktor still says something good, though - probably the best that could be said given the circumstances and given what Yuuri said. He has also grown quite a lot. Somewhere along the way, he learned to speak Yuuri’s language, and it is just a beautiful thing to watch.


[2 .08. 17]

Hey everyone! I hope you all are stable and happy, and if not I hope you get to where you want to be ASAP! Anyway! I was sent home earlier today because of how sick I was :( So, I decided to put in some work after a nap and some snacksss. Of course I took some breaks (a lot actually haha). Since I’m sick there’s no reason to push myself really hard and then stress about still feeling gross yanno? Gotta rest up and do only what you can. Take it by little steps and breath!

So, on the top I have my AP Psych notes from class today. I had to finish them up at home though. Then under those I have a Honors Biology outline that’s due Friday (along with another one). Finally the last two are my spreads for this week! I really love bees and I think they’re super cute. I’ve been stung by one and one of my best friends are terribly allergic, but I still think they impact our society greatly. They are a big necessity!! So we gotta save + protect them :)

I think that’s all for today. Probably going to go take a nap now haha! Talk to you all again soon! Bee safe!!(haha get it?) ;)

reblog this and write ‘don’t repost’ in your language to help artists

i was thinking for pixiv artists etc, artists could put a page full of text saying ‘don’t repost’ in different languages as the second pages of a log after the cover. because there are so many reposters who tell me ‘oh, i just got it off of the tag’ and don’t acknowledge any of the rules or what the artist says on their profile. some even suddenly don’t understand english after you comment that it’s your art, and some of them genuinely don’t speak it at all, which makes it hard to communicate. if it’s in the log, they can’t say that, more so if it’s in their language.

my point is, i’m planning to make a page full of all these different languages for artists everywhere to use freely, but i need people to help me out by adding this phrase in their respective language, like so:

english- do not repost my work on other websites

urdu- میرا کام اور جگه پرنہیں ڈالنا

And the award for the best fandom goes to...

After most people now have seen DSOD, I once again realized why the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom is the best fandom.

As a Puzzleshipper myself, just like any other ship supporting shipper out there, I can admit that DSOD definitely was one hell of a Prideshipping ride, even if I don’t necessarily support it.

Prideshippers on the other hand, who of course are happy asf about the movie and I can only congratulate them, still see the deep moments Puzzleshipping had, even if only a few. What’s most important though, they still respect other ships and their shippers. They don’t act like assholes about their ship and don’t bash other ships.

Because that’s what would have happened in EVERY other fandom where a movie gives especially one ship a lot of attention. The shippers of the movie present ship turn into arrogant asses, who bash other ships. The others turn salty and hate on the movie’s ship.

But not with our lovely Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.

And that’s why this fandom and its members is a blessing.

Bless you all

Energy [M]

 You were Jungkook’s sunbae and trusted mentor, you never intended to seduce him but when you turn him on after a performance, when he already has pent up sexual energy coursing through his system, it leads to something explosive. 

Rating: M

Warnings: None. It’s pretty vanilla just super explicit.

You were standing in the corridor when Bangtan came offstage, waiting with a cheerful smile for your favorite dongsaeng. Though there were a lot of newer artists who looked up to you, and you tried to look after them, Jeon JungKook was the only one that you made an effort to never forget.

You had taken him under your wing, so to speak, ever since he said on TV that he wanted you to be his mentor in singing. It was the sweetest thing you’d ever seen. You were really flattered, especially since he made a cute little video message to you saying that he really respected you as an artist and was your biggest fan.

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Little Shadow (Newt x Reader)

Originally posted by sweetly87

Request: Reader is jealous of Newt and Tina. She feels like she’s been pushed into the background causing her to get reckless and get injured.

Warning: Jealous Reader and spoilers

You were always Tina’s shadow. You weren’t the oldest and you weren’t the youngest. You were the middle child of the Goldstein’s and was always compared to Tina. You just wished people would stop it.

That’s why you fell for Newt. He never compared you to your older sister. So of course seeing them talk and smile drove you mad. You trailed behind the group stuffing your hands in your coat pocket. Your eyes scanning the building for the demiguise even though you knew you couldn’t see it.

You ran into the back of Newt and nearly fell over. Your cheeks tinting pink realizing they had figured out where the demiguise was. “S-Sorry Newt.”

Newt chuckled and smiled warmly at you. “No need to apologize (Y/n). Now come along this shouldn’t take too long.”

You and the others slipped into the building scanning your surroundings. Newt told you all the information you needed to know though you weren’t really paying attention.

“(Y/n) do you mind being by yourself?” Newt’s voice drew you from your thoughts making you scowl slightly. Of course he was going with Tina.

“Of course not,” You mumbled quietly.

“Good and try not to be predictable. Alright?”

“Alright Newt,” You grumbled angrily. You couldn’t help it. There was a jealous rage clouding over your mind and you couldn’t shake it off. So as you followed after the others you didn’t notice the large scales all around the room. You couldn’t stop thinking about Tina and Newt and obvious it was that they liked each other.

A loud crash sounded through the room as you unintentionally kicked a box across the room. A loud shriek came from the Occamy as it shot forward beak wide open. Then everything went dark…

The first thing you felt was a throbbing pain all across your stomach. You let out a small groan and slowly opened your eyes.  You instantly recognized Newt’s small room in his case.

The door creaked open as Newt stepped inside the room. His eyes met yours and he was instantly by your side. “Thank God your awake (Y/n)!”

You shift slightly wincing at the pain that shot through you. “W-What happened?”

Newt’s eyes soften as he gripped your hand. Was he holding it earlier? “You kicked a box and the crash scared the Occamy… You had me terrified cause it took a bite at you…”

You closed your eyes biting your lip. “Oh that’s what killing me…” You opened your eyes and gazed at Newt for a moment. Thinking about it now being so jealous was stupid… And it nearly killed you and could of hurt the others…

Newt shifted nervously looking at the ground. “(Y/n) why were you so reckless?” Your felt your face start to flush as his thumb soothingly rubbing across the back of your hand. “Your normally more careful…”

You looked down and swallowed nervously. “I felt left out… You were paying so much attention to Tina and well… I just felt like I didn’t fit in.” You felt Newt’s grip tighten and you hesitantly glanced at him. Guilt was obvious on his face.

“(Y/n)…. I-”

“I was also Jealous,” You said cutting him off.

Newt’s eyes widened as his cheeks started turning red. “Y-You were (Y/n)?”

You shifted slightly trying to ignore the heat rising to your cheeks. “Y-Yes… Cause I…. Well I-I… L-Like you…” You pulled your hand away feeling a pit in your stomach. “B-But I understand-.”

You froze when Newt kissed you. You couldn’t believe it at first. It took you a moment before you kissed back. The butterflies in your stomach fluttering like crazy. Newt finally pulled away smiling slightly trying to hide his blush. “Well I… Fancy you as well…”

You smiled happily trying to contain the tears threatening to fall. “Really?”



“So Newt um…. Were you the one that bandaged me?”

Newt blushed badly. “Y-Yes b-but I swear-”

“It’s alright Newt. I trust you. Your way to Innocent to try anything.”

“Oh thank God….”

Veterinary Legend: Best Friend

There are certain stories told around the campfire that transcend from whispered words to pure legend. There are also tales retold in the veterinary sphere, obscuring confidential client details of course, which seem unbelievable at first but certainly happened somewhere, some time.

This is one of them.

Originally posted by giphy

A husband and wife present their dog to a vet clinic. Retelling of the legend has lost whether this dog was a Labrador, a Golden Retriever, or something of a similar size, though the details are unimportant.

The dog had been vomiting for a day or so, and after an Xray it was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction due to an unknown object. The vet recommended emergency surgery.

Husband and wife bicker over whether they can afford it. The husband doesn’t think they can afford the expensive surgery, but the wife insists they go ahead anyway.

“He’s my best friend,” she says.

The surgery goes ahead. All goes well, and the foreign object blocking the dog’s intestine is removed. The veterinarian proudly places the object, stained with canine intestinal juices, in a bag to show the owners.

Later, with the dog safely recovering, the owners visit and the veterinarian proudly unveils the object that caused such an expensive visit.

Inside the plastic bag was pair of lacy women’s underwear, that would have been very sexy prior to the dog’s stomach.

“…They’re not mine,” said the wife.

They divorced.

She kept the dog.

Nct Dream Reaction: Their crush asking them to a dance/ vice versa


Originally posted by minhyunq

I think he’d be the one to ask his crush to the dance, I think he’d do something simple but really sweet, playing them a song on his guitar while chenle plays piano and the rest of nct dream hold balloons with PROM? written across them in handwriting you know to belong to the one and only Mark Lee.


Originally posted by yutaly

I think you’d probably be the one to ask Renjun to prom, his shyness would maybe stop him from asking you. Once to had confessed to him he’d be in complete shock “y-you like me too? u-uh y-yeah of course I’ll go to p-prom with you”


Originally posted by txnct

I think he would want to ask you to prom though he’d be too shy to confess in front of you so he’d maybe sneak a note into our bag when you weren’t paying attention. “ hey y/n I’ve liked you for a while now and I was wondering if you wanted to go to prom together? ^^”


Originally posted by wizardmark

Okay he’s the type to be really extra when it comes to asking his s/o to prom, like all of a sudden in the middle of your lunch break, music begins to play and you see Donghyuck standing on a lunch table singing at the top of his lungs and sending hearts your way.


Originally posted by nakamotens

Probably isn’t afraid to disrupt your class, bursting through the door, he’d be carrying balloons and a teddy while dragging the rest of the dream team behind him, wishing they were anywhere else but there in that moment. He’d walk right up to your desk and ask you to prom while the rest of your friends die behind you, squealing about how cute he is.


Originally posted by t-yong

you’d probably be the one asking him to prom, this baby would be way to shy to ask you out, you’d try to slip a letter or not into his bag when he wasn’t looking. At lunch, he’d drop the letter while pulling out his lunch box, he’d be a blushing mess and would write a little note back saying he’d love to go with you. 


Originally posted by princerenjun

he’d probably attempt to ask you to prom on a few occasions but every time it would end up with jisung running in the opposite direction when he saw you walking down the corridors. It got to the stage where the dream members confessed to you for him so you took matters into your own hands and asked him yourself, giving an eye smile he nodded happily (because in all honesty he was too excited to form words. 

Here’s another completed request, please remember your feedback is always appreciated and we love talking to you guys!! ~ Admin luna  ♡

I Need You

Pairing: Shawn and Y/N

Summary: It’s Shawn’s first time performing at a show without you for a while since you had to leave tour and come back home; he calls you a wreck.


It’s been weird being anywhere without Shawn since you and him had become inseparable on tour these past few weeks. Unfortunately, duties called and you told him you needed to go back home, Shawn obviously detested that thought but you told him it was inevitable and was bound to happen sometime.

Your parents thought it would be a brilliant idea to leave town, asking you to look after the two dogs you had before they left and gather mail and your professors requested that you attend at least two days this semester. You of course, tried to get them to find someone else, but no one was found and you tried to argue with your professors, but they threatened you with F’s even though your sent all your work in on time to them via email.

So, you had to leave. That didn’t mean much to you since you knew he would call or FaceTime you whenever he had the chance, but you knew the Mendes family would be expecting to see you at their home.

Today, you arrived with no one knowing that you were leaving the tour and when Karen and Aaliyah saw you, they were over the moon.

Aaliyah loved having you at her home - it meant girl talk and help with homework that didn’t make it feel like homework.

You two sat sprawled out on the couch in the living room, you trying to help Aaliyah with a math problem.

“But, then what does x stand for?” Aaliyah asks you, genuinely confused.

It had been a while since you studied this stuff, your memory was a little hazy and when you tried to explain it to her, it came out in a jumbled mess that made no sense.

“Good question,” you mumble, confused yourself.

“Girls, dinner is ready! Would you mind setting the table please?” Manny comes out of the kitchen with a towel tossed over his right shoulder and smiles lovingly at the both of you.

You both groan in happiness, your brains needing a break from this torture.

Aaliyah helps you set the table and when you two are finished, Manny and Karen come out of the kitchen with steaming hot plates of food, waiting to be eaten.

Everyone begins to scarf down, engaging in the fun banter that usually occurs at any time in the Mendes household.

“Well, thank you so much for dinner, Karen and Manny. But, I actually think I ought to be going and check on the dogs.” You say, wiping your mouth on a napkin.

“Wait, Y/N, please don’t go yet.” Aaliyah says, pouting her lip.

“Sorry Liyah, but I have to go see if the dogs ruined anything.” You lightly laugh, Manny letting out a chuckle.

“Please Y/N! They can last an hour and a half more by themselves.” She pouts even more while grabbing a hold of your arm, trying to keep you where you are. Aaliyah looks towards her mother to have her back her up, which Karen does.

“Yes, Y/N, please stay. We still have dessert that needs to be eaten!” Karen gets up and goes back into the kitchen, and how could you say no to that?

Of course, if it were up to Karen and Aaliyah, you would be spending the night and Manny would ask them to leave the “poor girl to go home and spend some time with her family”, but he knew your family wasn’t home so he didn’t say any of that tonight.

“Fine, you persuaded me with dessert.” You puff out and sit back down, Manny leaning forward.

“You don’t want to miss this, Y/N, Karen baked an apple crumble.” Manny smiles.

Oh god, apple crumble - you could feel the crust melting in your mouth right now.

However, that was interrupted by the tone of your phone.

You pull it out of your pocket, Shawn’s name and contact picture popping up on the screen.

“It’s Shawn.” You tell his father and sister, seeing them smile. “I’ll be right back.” You stand from the table and walk into the living room, accepting the call.

“Hi baby.” You say happily, feeling like it’s been forever since you’ve heard from him.

“I can’t do this.” His voice comes out shaky and nervous and it makes your heart speed up.

“Can’t do what, Shawn?” You ask, needing more clarification.

“Can’t perform tonight without you, it’s just not going to happen.” He sounds generally frazzled and that frightens you, not knowing what to do.

“Shawn, your fans are counting on you to perform tonight - you have to go on.”

“I know, I just…I know that when I look to my left, you’re not going to be standing there and if I’m being honest; that freaks me out because you calm the nerves that I always have before I go on and while I’m playing. You’re not here tonight, so I just can’t.”

You need to get him to calm down, he sounds as if he has just run a marathon.

“Shawn,” you say calmly. “Listen to me, to the sound of my voice.”

You hear him let out a small sigh, knowing he’s pressing the side of his face into the phone while he closes his eyes.

“You’re going to do great, you know how talented you are and how much fun you and the fans will have tonight singing together. You just have to calm down, alright?”

Shawn’s heavy breathing starts to slowly soften and you know that whatever the hell you’re doing, it’s working.

“God, I need you. I need you so much, you’ve been gone a day and I miss you like you went off to war. You have no idea how much it sucks doing things when Andrew is your date.” He says and you laugh.

“I heard that, Mendes!” You hear Andrew call from a distance, making the two of you laugh.

“It’s okay, Shawn, tour will be over soon and we will be reunited, I promise.”

“I know, shit, I Just can’t wait to be home again. I miss you and my mom and my dad, even Aaliyah.” He jokes.

“Hey, Aaliyah!” You raise your voice, catching her attention at the table. “Shawn misses you.”

“Tell Shawn I don’t miss him!” She jokes, shoving some apple crumble in her mouth.

“Rude,” Shawn laughs.

You hear a faint voice talking to him in the background and hear Shawn going “yeah, okay.”

“I have to get on stage babe, but thank you so much for calming me down. I don’t know what  I would do without you.” He says, a lot smoother than earlier.

“I think you’d be okay.” You smile softly. “Have a great show, I love you.”

“Have an awesome show, Shawn!” Manny, Karen and Aaliyah all call from the living room.

“Tell them that I love them. And for you Y/N, I love you so much. Talk to you soon.”

“Okay, bye, babe.”

You hang up and join the Mendes’s at the table, getting yourself some apple crumble and just like Karen wanted - you end up sleeping over in Aaliyah’s room, talking about boys and all kinds of things before she tells you how perfect you are for Shawn. You both slip into sleep shortly after.

mini coda? 12.08

She can’t go back to her job. She can’t look into those eyes again without seeing flashing red, even if they’re set in the face of the man she loves. (Still loves, of course.) She can’t let them find her either. They want to take her baby. Castiel had made it very clear what she is. But this child is hers and she wants it and it deserves a chance at a life, whatever it is. 

So she runs.

Kelly jumps around the country, staying in motels without bibles tucked into the bedside tables and hiding in dark places that angels can’t see. She never stays long, she doesn’t look at anyone even though she can feel them looking at her, eyeing her swelling stomach and wondering why the room has suddenly gotten 10 degrees colder. And she is cold all the time. She hunches into herself to keep her heart warm, to keep her child safe from prying eyes. No one offers her comfort or solace. Their eyes glance over her, unsettled.

Then one night, she steps into a diner and huddles into a corner booth. She shivers and her teeth chatter. The very bones of her ache. 

A man approaches her table. He’s young, but strong and healthy looking, and he’s gotten closer to her than anyone else has in weeks. She’s immediately suspicious.


The man smiles with dark eyes. There is not one thing malicious about him. He has the face of a boy.

“Hi,” he says. “My name is Jesse Turner. I think I can help you.”