of course it got cancelled

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Are you still doing Luna with Silas ?

yessss ;-; i suck for leaving it so long but life has been crazy. they should be together right now, in theory they’ve met now and they’re friends. let me tell you this to kinda try and atleast make up for taking so long.. silas spent some of christmas with luna and isla. her flight home got cancelled and she had nothing prepared of course so she tried to get as much together for isla in a short time but couldn’t do much.. silas turned up on christmas eve with gifts for isla and luna and made sure they had a good christmas after all ;-;

Kept getting calls from my dad while half asleep waking up. Oh is he calling me about the transgender text i sent last night? Im not gonna pick up any of these calls wtf. Then i wake up to him at my door. Oh But of course its about fucking. One of my community college classes got cancelled and i need to replace it fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you