of course i'm mad

△ “You can control it, Credence.” 


        It’s her first day back to school since
                 the infamous meltdown.

  • Me, before Riverdale, whenever Jughead and Betty smile at each other: I'm so happy they're friends, this relationship is so pure, they will take care of each other, my heart is full.
  • Me, watching Riverdale, whenever Jughead and Betty interact after ep.6: This is disgusting, I never asked for this, I cannot believe they would degrade these beloved characters like this, I am physically ill seeing this.
On Cursed Child

On one hand, there’s a super bad plot and bad characterization (Cedric especially) and weird time travel and the script format causes a lot to get lost without the actors actually there to act it out and the forced heteronormativity a bunch of other problems.

On the other hand, Scorpius is a beautiful cinnamon roll and his mutual love with Albus is the greatest thing ever.


Alice: This is what I have to deal with.
Mad Hatter: What YOU have to deal with?! YOU’RE the one who’s been following me ever since you fell down the rabbit hole. [x]


Beautiful, darling, JEALOUS Jack. Made these at the request of balticprincess, such a great idea! These were the scenes that sprang immediately to mind when I thought of jealous Jack, but if you guys come up with some others I’d be glad to make some more of these! Making gifs kind of turns into an in-depth examination of the scenes you’re giffing and of course it gave me all these fangirly thoughts soooo now that I’ve engaged in a few hours of Jack scrutiny let me add a bit of commentary…

1-2 1 x 6 - Ruddy Gore: this is the first time I remember seeing Jack acting overtly jealous. Holy hot damn, the way he grinds that jaw! It’s also the only time I can recall him pulling what I see as a total alpha male stunt, speaking for Phryne - “Miss Fisher was on her way home.” Phryne calls him on it too, gently reasserting her control - “Actually, Miss Fisher is feeling a tad peckish.” And the cheeky look she gives him as she walks away with Lin! She seems completely delighted by his jealousy and so am I.

3-4 1 x 8 - Away With the Fairies: Does this count as jealous Jack? At first he just seems kind of bewildered by the romantic scene in the dining room, but then he mentions Lin to Phryne once she joins him - “Mr. Chung looks well. We crossed paths as he departed” - it alters the context of the scene somewhat and gives us a hint as to what’s been on his mind. There is much throat-clearing and he adorably knocks over a piece of crockery in his turmoil. And Jack is generally not a clumsy man so…there’s that.

5-10 2 x 2 - Death Comes Knocking: This damn episode. So many memorable Phrack moments! But the above has always been one of my favorite scenes, with the two of them interviewing Warwick Hamilton. It all starts, of course, when Warwick mentions the boudoir. Jack’s expressions are priceless (major kudos to Nathan Page’s acting here, he can do such amazing things with his face!) and he shoots Phryne dirty looks pretty much throughout the scene. Afterwards, she follows him into his office…just look at his body language in those last two gifs! Jack does not often lose his temper to the point of angry gesturing, and that he does so here is pretty indicative of, well, growing feelings. Unnngghh when he irately plants that fist on his hip! *thudddds* My God, if ever there was a moment for an angry, caught-up-in-the-passion-of-the-moment kiss, this was IT. I imagine some of that anger is aimed at himself for being jealous in the first place. Because let’s be honest, Phryne having a fling during a case is pretty much business as usual.

Hope this is what you were looking for balticprincess! Again, let me know if y'all can think of any other jealous Jack moments, I will gladly add to the collection.

So… This post appeared on my dash and then this happened:

Real Puppy Love

[Affectionately titled as such because I couldn’t think of anything better on the spot.]

Two minutes.

Maybe three.

Three minutes is all it took.

And now here is, walking up and down the bloody street, looking and shouting, “SHADOW!” as loudly as he can, because his stupid dog is still young enough to hop the fence around the backyard despite being old enough to know better. He’s not even been back home 24 hours, and Shadow is already acting like the spoiled, puppy at heart, that he is.

He’s just climbed into his car, is about to push the key into the ignition when his phone goes off in his pocket. His heart jumps into his throat when he thinks about having to tell his da that he lost The Shadow again; he remembers the first time Shadow had run off, remembers being 14 years old and scared out his mind that Bobby would cuss him out. Bobby hadn’t cussed him out at all, in actuality. He’d simply said that “dogs will be dogs”, ruffled Niall’s hair newly dyed hair, and then insisted on going out to look together. They’d spent hours searching all over town, using a picture of Niall’s mobile to show to strangers in hopes of somebody seeing Shadow, before finding him down by the creek behind the house.

He fishes his phone out of his pocket – and he’s not sure what surprises him more: the message lighting up his screen, which is a picture of Shadow sitting on a step in an in-ground pool, or the name of the person who has sent him the message.

Harry Styles.

It’s a name he hasn’t heard in ages, and it belongs to a person he hasn’t seen, or even spoken to, in…well, even longer. And it might not be his father checking in on him as though he isn’t a 22 year old man that just graduated university three days ago, but his heart stays firmly planted in his throat all the same.

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*slides $100 bill to NBC*

How about you guys renew Hannibal for a fourth season?


˝What do you want me to do Dean?! Do you want me to just accept what you did? To just accept that you’ll die instead of me? ˝ you yelled at the men in front of you, tears streaming down your face.

˝What was I supposed to do? ˝ Dean’s voice broke in the end. ˝I can’t live without you Y/N. ˝

˝And you think I can live without you Dean? ˝


Lately, a few locals have been eager to give me lectures about how unpredictable and dangerous German Shepherds are and how much they’re scared of my dog.

Meanwhile I swear this is the scariest face my dog can make.

Like there’s a point in his ‘relationships’ in which he stops being his own person and he becomes an extension of his girlfriend and I’m so fed up with it. Louis is important. Louis, he, himself, alone. Without anyone else.


Like are you fucking kidding me? This is exactly what Larries imagine Harry and Louis do with each other. Harry and Louis literally can’t breathe without people saying that it is a reference to their (non-existent) obsessive relationship.

Look at what happened when Louis dared to wear a Gucci sweatshirt. It HAD to be because of Harry. Because Louis can’t be his own person for two seconds and wear a sweater because he wants to. No. It’s because of Harry! His tattoos are because of Harry. If he wears green it’s because of Harry. If Louis tweets about a TV show it’s because of Harry.

Stop trying to hide your thinly veiled hatred of Danielle with some absolutely bogus concern for Louis’s autonomy. You guys are just angry that you can’t enjoy this because the imaginary world you’ve spent 6 years building has imploded. Danielle is still here. Freddie is still here. Briana is still here. And guess what. Harry ISN’T. Get over it omg