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Coincidences Part I (Bucky x Reader)

Okay, so this is me attempting at one of those “I texted you by accident and we ended up talking and I actually think you’re a pretty decent human being” tropes. I don’t know how it’s going to work out because this is the first time I’m doing something like this, but I dunno.  Maybe it’ll be cool. 


Without further ado: Happy Reading!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (Modern AU if that’s what its called)

Words: 4259

Warnings: I mean, swearing a little. But none other than that. 

Excerpt:  Blowing a sigh through your nose, you realize you probably should just leave it alone and not answer at all. Then again, you are slightly curious to at least find out who texted you. They obviously thought they were talking to someone else, so it couldn’t hurt to maybe steer them in a different direction. Maybe.

*After writing this first part, I have determined that this is going to have to be a multi-part fic. Yeah. This got away from me, but I’m gonna try to post the parts in succession. 

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Your name: submit What is this?

New Message from: Unknown

3:32 p.m hey u still wanna get that drink sometime? 

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For: Anon

Imagine: Getting caught in the rain with Dallas Winston.

“Dally, you two should go, you really don’t need to walk me home,” You tell one of your closest friends, Dallas Winston.  You were at Buck’s place for a party, Dally was walking Sylvia home, and he was insisting on taking you with him since your house was on the way to hers.

“Ya wanna get jumped again Y/N?” Dally has always been so damn blunt, and to be completely honest you were a little afraid, not that you’d ever admit it.

“Dallas, let’s go!” Sylvia says rolling her eyes, this bitch was Dally’s stuck up girlfriend and she hated you. She was constantly two-timing Dally, yet she couldn’t stand the fact that Dallas’ best friend was a girl.

“Alright Sylvia, Y/N will be coming along,” Dally responds, dragging you with him.

“Ugh, fine,” Sylvia says in pure disgust. You join the couple and the three of you head out. You instantly regret it as Sylvia practically throws herself on to Dally. Fuck this, just get me home already.

*Boom* You screech and jump at the sound of the booming thunder as Sylvia grips onto Dally, he chuckles slightly and rolls his eyes.

“Looks like it’s gonna rain, we should take a short-cut through the park,” Dally calls before making his way towards the grass.

You take off your heels and run after him, and Sylvia tiptoes through the grass trying to avoid getting her dress and shoes dirty. Suddenly you hear Dally cry out, “Fuck!”

You look around and see Dally lying on the ground in the mud, you burst into laughter, “What happened?”

“I slipped,” He says, forcing himself to look annoyed.

“Here,” You say giving him your hand, “Let me help you up Dal.”

Dally takes your hand and you pull him up half way before pushing him back into the mud, causing it to go splashing everywhere, he curses and you continue laughing, at this point you can’t tell if there’s tears streaming down your face or if its rain, “What the fuck Y/N?!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Dal, here, give me your hand, I actually help you up this time,” He looks at you reluctantly, and tries to get up himself, but he slips again in the process, “I promise I won’t let go this time Dally, trust me.”

“Will you hurry the fuck up?!” Sylvia says, getting annoyed.

“Alright doll, I’ll trust ya,” Dally takes your hand, and just as you’re about to pull him up, he pulls you down instead, you cry out as you fall on top of him. He takes advantage of your shock, and rolls you over so that you’re in the mud and he’s on top of you, “But you shouldn’t trust me.”

“DALLY!” You squeal as the mud surrounds you. You reach to the side and grab a handful of it, quickly splashing it up into Dallas’ face.

“You little bitch,” He growls playfully, before smearing some on you.

“You think you’re real strong huh Dal?”

“I know I am doll,” He smirks as you struggle under his grasp.

“Asshole,” You say as Dally leans in, before you know what’s happening, Dally’s lips are a meer inch away from yours. It’s finally happening, I’ve been waiting for this moment for years. Your happiness is short lived as Sylvia coughs; you’d forgotten about her.

“I’d hate to interrupt, but this is disgusting and I’m leaving Dallas, if you want to you can join me,” She says, before tiptoeing away.

Dallas grunts and pushes himself off you before helping you up, “Let’s go Y/N.”

“Dal, go after Sylvia she’s your girl, besides my house is close by, I’ll get there,” You say, looking down. You’ve liked Dally for years, you’re one of the few people who, unlike his girlfriend, can actually see the good in him, he’s not just a sex tool for you, but of course, you’ve never had to guts to tell him.

“Fuck it, I’m gonna drop you off first, she always does this,” He says rolling his eyes.

The two of you continue to walk in silence, the only sound that can be heard is the sound of your shivering and a few sneezes here and there. You hear a rustling next to you and suddenly Dallas wraps his jacket around you, you look at him and raise an eyebrow, “Look at you being a gentleman.”

“Do you want the fucking jacket or not,” You stick out your tongue and the two of you continue walking, trying to break the silence from time to time. You finally get home only to realize that you are missing your keys, you mentally curse at yourself, and spend the night at your neighbours’ house, the Curtis brothers.

“Alright Y/N, I’m gonna go now, g’night doll,” He leans in once again, before he realizes what he’s doing, he saves himself by just going for an awkward hug. You hold on for just a moment too long, taking in Dally’s scent. He eventually pulls away, and walks off, leaving you in the Curtis’ yard.

You walk in and see the brothers along with Johnny and Two-Bit sitting in the living room, “Mind if I crash here boys?”

They all look at you as if you’re crazy, you look down and realize that you’re soaking wet, covered in mud, and wearing Dally’s jacket, “Oh this? Let’s just say there was a mishap on my way home.”

“Is that Dal’s jacket?” Two-Bit questions.

“Yeah,” You say nonchalantly.

“Dally never gives anyone his jacket,” Johnny says, smiling a little, this kid has always been trying to set the two of you up.

“So?” You say before walking into the bathroom, you shut the door and finally let your smile break out, as you cuddle yourself in Dally’s jacket. Maybe he does care about me!

A/N: *Please read* Finally another post!! K I know the reader asked for a fluffy Dally imagine so I tried to make it as fluffy as possible while staying true to Dally’s character, I obviously didn’t want to make him seem soft or anything. Also DISCLAIMER, I never really liked Sylvia’s character so I made her sound like a little bitch, but if you guys actually liked her, don’t hate, just change up her name for the sake of this imagine and pretend it’s about a different girl. ILSYM and I hope you liked it!

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(hello, yes, im turtle garbage and i like leaving this jerk confused cus i love him and its late)

You’re sitting on a far corner of the couch in the lair, away from the boys who currently are ogling some hot chick on TV. Which wasn’t all that abnormal, but with the funk you currently are in, it’s just grating on your nerves. No one notices really, because, well, you’re always quiet. So, who knew the difference between sulking and just sitting there?

The whole reason you were in this slump to begin with was a simple cut on your cheek from training with master splinter. You were always distracted, never wanted to talk to him about it as he offered, but you always thought about it and over thought on it. Mikey had been the only one to even mention it when the group had gotten back from patrol, and innocently he’d kissed it ‘to make it better’. Which under normal circumstances, would have been a cute gesture. However, you’d had about thirty minutes of self-seclusion to over think on it and the current TV situation was just adding fuel to the flame. And then that was it, you snapped.

Not in a psychotic way, but you’d simply had enough and spoke up in a snotty tone.

“You would like a slutty girl like that.”

All four boys looked over at you with mild surprise. Even Donny who wasn’t even paying attention to the TV.

“What?” Leo asked, clearly confused why you would say something like that at all.

You scrunched your nose and showed some teeth in disgust at the situation,
“I dunno, it just is so typical. You and Raph are the type of guys who would only pay attention to hour glass bodies in too-tight-too-short dresses.” None of them said anything but exchanged confused looks.
In the whole year and a half your homeless ass had crashed with them, never had you sounded so disgusted or annoyed, and that includes the time Mikey knocked you into a pool of sewage while trying to teach you how to navigate down there.

You huffed in annoyance and gripped at the sleeves of your high school hoody. It was a small comfort when you had nothing, it had always been so soft on the inside and warm enough to keep the chill off.
“Guys always look at girls like that, the ones who look like they’d sleep with any one given half a chance.”

“Well aren’t you pissy.” Raph spoke up, he sounded more amused with your irritation than angry, but you could hear the small bit of it that dared you to direct anything at him. So, you did. Of corse. After all, he was why you were pissy any way.

“Oh Jesus Christ Raph, you have fucking comics and magazines and posted of half-naked chicks like that all over. Of course, I’m pissy!” There it was, the shift from amused to angry. It was plain as day on his face, but buttons must be pushed.
“I mean, hell, I get it. Your strong and built for a chick like that. I know you’ve never been to a high school, just you really are a Jock at heart. You deserve a dumb ass cheerleader. I mean, hell, I’ve seen you watch April, and she’s pretty close. Tiny waist, nice hips. Too bad she doesn’t have the boobs your posters do, or I bet you’d make an enemy out of Donny real quick.”

Clearly agitated, you half pulled your hair, half scratched at your scalp. Yeah, half of this was jealousy, but it really was annoying to constantly be reminded of what you can never look like. You had a shape similar to them, but it came with a whole lot of extra. At least to you it seemed that way. Usually you just hid it under your hoody and cargo pants though. Baggy clothes could hide anything if you tried hard enough. But it wasn’t just that, you were in no way the pretty girl every guy wanted; even a mutated one. You hated the feeling of makeup, couldn’t even afford it if you wanted it, never really did anything with your hair, weren’t exactly stupid, but definitely weren’t smart enough to make up for how you looked either.

Mikey and Donny had eased away from the about-to-be-fight, leaving poor Leo to squish himself into the couch as best he could. They all knew Raph wouldn’t start a fight with you, but it was awkward to be around, especially since 99% of the time you were the compliant one and hardly argued with anything or anyone ever. Leo was clearly dying on the inside and at a loss at what to do or say and it was too late to get up and move away from between the two of you or he’d get stuck in the cross hair somehow.

“And you know me so well do ya?” Raph had his hands clutched but you didn’t notice, you were focused on the stare down between the two of you.

“I know your type.”

“My type!?” His hollering caused the sensitive TV to lose its vertical hold, “I have a type!? Look at me! I’m not a fucking Jock, I’m a god damned turtle!”

“Human, Turtle, Still the same thing. Both are dicks who only care about how someone looks.”

“Are you serious right now!?”

Raph had only meant to move the table out of the way but managed to flip the whole thing over in his hurried anger. Screw it though, everyone was more or less used to that kind of behavior from him anyway. Or he thought so up until it made you hop to your feet and puff out your chest like you had some kind of chance against him. He could see the fear and anger and complete hurt he didn’t understand and any thought that might have slithered through the back of his mind about knocking you around like his brothers was completely gone. True to form, you wouldn’t back down and he had always liked that in people, even when it was stupid to. He respected it, even from someone who was usually so quiet and self-restrained.

“And what if I wasn’t.” The words poured out more like venom than a real question, which it clearly was rhetorical anyhow, and you hesitated.

And Then everything was silent. Accept the static-y TV still playing the cop show. The three silent brothers exchanged very confused, very quick, glances. There was no way they were missing this… Whatever this was.

Raphael moved a step back, which considering the height difference between the two of you, was a reasonable space really. You hadn’t moved, you hadn’t made a sound, your eyes were just as wide as they could be. Slowly, as if your head would fall off if you moved it to quickly, you looked over at the boys and pointed at their brother,
“…Did… Was that in my head?”

Two head shook ‘no’ while Mikey raised his shoulders, also unsure if he was caught in some weird nightmare where he had to watch his brother kiss girls. He hoped he wasn’t in that nightmare.

Raph, in his smugness, watched your expressions change; Shock, to confusion, quickly to happiness before shifting to anger and betrayal. He didn’t get it, he thought that would fix it but instead you were glaring at him with tears in your eyes.

“What!?” Any smugness that was there was wiped clean. He hated that look. He’d never gotten it before, but he sure as hell hated it.

“Why would you do that.” Your voice was shaking in your attempt not to cry.
“You shouldn’t do that to people you don’t like… It’s wrong!”

In a split second, you’d turned around and hopped over the back of the couch and started towards the door as quickly as you could, scooping your bag up and over your shoulder as you did.

“Wait, where are you going!?” Leo spoke up, completely confused where you were going since you lived on their couch. Logically you couldn’t go home or anything.

“Who cares.”

And then you were gone.

Raph stood in a bit of dumbfounded shock for a moment, arms limp at his sides.

“What was that all about?” Donny chimed in quietly.

Raph threw his arms towards the door angrily and had the most stressed face he could give his brothers,

“Uh… Maybe we should go get her.” Leo offered.

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Bucky x reader

Summary: Just some fun banter between you and Bucky (and a bit of Clint) during a mission.

Warnings: a swear or two.

Word Count: 1400

A/N: oh hey this is my first time posting a one shot. Go easy on meeee

You weren’t entirely sure why you and Bucky Barnes bickered all the time. The arguments never got too heated, the words exchanged were never too harsh, and you didn’t really make anyone uncomfortable with the harmless banter. It had just become a constant about life in the tower.

But despite the back-and-forth between the two of you, you worked amazingly well together in the field. You listened to each other, you were both able to predict how the other would act in any given situation, and you always had each other’s backs. Sure, sometimes one of you would pester the other as you searched through questionable buildings or fought baddies, but it never interfered with your mission.

So the fact that you and Bucky were creeping through a mostly abandoned warehouse just before dusk was par for the course.

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Lost and found

Summary: What would you feel if you found out that everyone you used to know thought you are dead? What if the person you loved the most thought you were dead and nobody told him you weren’t? How would you break it down?

Warnings: Angsty-ish.

(Y/N) walked calmly down the New York streets. She stopped near the always majestic Stark Tower that stood as tall as always and somehow watched over the city and its inhabitants, making sure everyone were more or less safe. She sighed, with a light smile on her lips and carried on with her way. She noticed something on a light post just a few meters away from the tower; it was a paper stuck to it, but completely battered now. Looking closer, she recognized herself in it, above a question that read “Have you seen this girl?” and with a whole bunch of number available to call to for any information, even a reward was offered, and it was a hell lot of money. She took one and shoved it inside her bag and walked away, hurrying her footsteps to get as far from there as possible.

She got to her boss’s office, enraged and demanding an explanation.

“What the hell does this mean?” She yelled, taking the paper out and showing it.

“You might want to take a seat, agent (Y/L/N).” Replied the man on the other side of the desk with a calmed voice. He knew this moment would arrive, but nothing had prepared him for this unwanted conversation.

Somewhere, not very far away, Steve Rogers laid on a new bed. He had bought it a few months ago, after the team’s persistence to get rid of the old one because the love of his life was not coming back unless he knew a way of bringing the dead back to life, but neither him nor the rest knew if there was a chance of bringing them alive, so they didn’t try.

This was a smaller bed; it was big enough for one and a half and Steve, with all his heart, believe she was his half. He was a full man due to his size and the other things the super-soldier serum had done to him, but the way he remembered her, she was tiny, gorgeous, funny, and overall the woman that’s one of a kind.

“Steve…” Natasha’s soft voice dragged him out of the usual daydreaming about her. “The guys and I called for some pizzas and we thought you might want to join us…” Her voice lingered and slowly faded away. She bit her bottom lip and rested her head on the door frame. Steve looked at her for two seconds, but then looked away to the ceiling.

“Not hungry.” He retorted.

Natasha entered and left a plate with several slices of different kinds of pizza put together in a pile and two bottles of beer on the TV table in front of the bed. “I’ll leave this here if you get hungry and thirsty, and if you get lonely… just go and meet us downstairs.”

If I get lonely.” The blonde soldier repeated in an absent-minded voice. “Thank you, Natasha.”

“Steve, you know I didn’t mean to say that.” She sighed, almost as if she was apologizing for something unsaid. “I worry about you, ok? We all do. I know it’s hard to think (Y/N) is dead, but she is, and it’s about damn time you let her go.”

“The same way you all have done?” Steve asked, growing angrier and even more heartbroken.

“The same way she would have wanted us to do, Steve.” The Russian spy replied coldly. “Don’t forget she was my friend and that I’d known her for longer than you did.” She got out of Steve’s bedroom, slamming the door behind her slim figure and feeling even more hopeless to get both her friends back.

Steve felt lonelier than ever and as much as he hated to make his teammates feel bad for him, he couldn’t just go there and talk it out because they wouldn’t understand. Sure, she was everybody’s friend because who could resist her bubbly personality and sweet words? But no one felt like she had arrived to their lives to pull them back on earth, and surely nobody felt like she was a beacon in the middle of the night. No, because for Steve she was that and so much more.

“What do you mean Steve thinks I’m dead?” (Y/N) asked in a loud voice. Louder than it ever was. She paced around the room trying to find an explanation herself, but it all seemed too crazy and out of an action movie to be real. “Coulson, I am certainly not dead and I haven’t died!”

“I know—I know,” he replied, trying to sooth (Y/N), “but no one else knows that. Well, apart from Fury and Hill, of course.”

“What did you say?” (Y/N) asked again, feeling even more furious than before, but before Coulson could reply, she spoke again. “Fury knows everything, so what does he know?”

“Of course he knows you’re alive—(Y/N), please stop and take the damn seat. It makes me nervous to see you like that.”

“Oh, Coulson, it makes me nervous to find out that everyone I love thinks I’m dead!” She shot back, giving him a menacing look. “Steve and I were supposed to get married, to have kids and all that crap. I wanted that.” The tears started to pool in her eyes. “I wanted to fight side by side with the man I loved and the team that respected me so much—”

“Well, tough!” Coulson replied, feeling exhausted of the conversation. “I had a life too before SHIELD, you know? And I got killed and I was brought back and here I am, running a team and staying away from the one I love. None of us here got it easy, but we move on because that’s what we, agents, do.”

“I am not one of your soldiers, Coulson.” (Y/N) replied coldly and left the office.

Everyone awaited outside Coulson’s office to check out what happened and why all the crazy yelling, but all they got was a fuming (Y/N) that gave no answer and exalted Coulson trying to calm himself by taking deep breaths. May was the first and only one to go inside and with a serious voice, she warned Coulson.

“I don’t want to say I told you so, but you knew damn well this was gonna happen one day. You can’t expect (Y/N) to be away from New York—”

“Agent May, I don’t need this, thank you.” He sighed tiredly and pinched the bridge of his nose.

(Y/N) was far too nervous to do it, but she was already in the elevator on her way to the common room to back down and run away. It seemed like a lifetime since the last time she was there. Her hands were sweaty and her breathing was unsteady, and as she looked around she found everything as if it never changed, but she knew, deep inside, that things had changed and a lot. A soft voice, a very familiar voice, startled her.

“Miss (Y/L/N)?” JARVIS, the AI, asked. “I’m sorry to ask you this, but… is it really you?”

“Yes, J. This is me…” She replied nervously. “Can you please call Captain Rogers to go to the meeting room… if it still is where I think it is?”

“Not a problem.”

Steve was told to go to the meeting room, but he had not heard the usual pacing on the hallway on the way there. It was quiet and it seemed like there was nobody home, but it was JARVIS’s special order.

The soldier slowly walked towards the room, making up a hundred excuses if this was one of those ridiculous interventions from the Avengers. He was ready to put up a fight and a million ways of saying no, but what he saw there made him forget everything he had planned.

“Hello, Steve.” (Y/N) greeted. She was on the furthest seat, intertwining her hands on the table and looking as gorgeous as she ever did. “It’s been quite long, isn’t it?” She pointed at the chair that was near him to sit down, and he did, but it was more of a reflex act than something he wanted to do. The first thing he wanted to ask was— “Yes,” she said, dragging him out of his thoughts, “I am alive and I’m here and all that’s happening is real.”


“I never died…” she explained; the words hurt more than she had thought, “I went missing and Fury found me before you guys did. He and Maria put me back together and then Coulson—”

“Coulson? As in Phil Coulson?” (Y/N) nodded, without giving him a worded answer. “He’s alive too? Why?”

“Steve, please calm down…” her jaw trembled and the tears pooled in her eyes, “I will tell you everything but I need you to calm down.”

She explained everything she had found out thanks to Skye, and she told him everything about the new team of agents Fury had put together, how different they were from the Avengers and the things they fought against and how she thought there was something wrong in SHIELD. They maintained the professional distance between them, even though their bodies longed to be close to one another.

(Y/N) was even more gorgeous than Steve’s blurry memories could remember, and she looked like she had been under some heavier training now. It was as if somebody changed the outside of the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and changed for a woman, but deep inside this new woman he found, there were remains of his (Y/N).

“Why didn’t you call?” Steve asked after the long explanation. He still found hard to believe what he heard, but after seeing aliens, the Norse god of thunder and being brought back to life, he could get used to hearing some strange news. “I mean… you could’ve told me you were fine…”

“I couldn’t do it. Melinda kept a close eye on both Coulson and I because we had connections with the outside world. We both had our lives tied to someone else…” She looked down at her lap and stayed in silence for a while. “I’m sorry if this makes everything worse. It was not my intention.”

“At least I know you’re not dead, (Y/N)…” he shrugged, “I knew you weren’t.”

“I just came by to say howdy… I gotta go now.” She sighed and stood up. “Please, move on… I’m alive, I’m fine and that’s pretty much all you need to know.”

“You’re gonna leave again?” Steve stood up and stopped (Y/N) before she could run away.

“I have to… it’s my job.”

“Please, don’t go…” Steve pleaded, holding (Y/N)’s hand and gazing into her eyes, looking for that spark that he knew she still had and it would prevent her from escaping his life again. “We need to you.”

She smiled and placed a soft hand on the soldier’s cheek. “You’re Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, you don’t need me.”

I need you.”  Steve corrected, and leaned to gently crash his mouth on hers. They needed one another so badly that it hurt. He longed to hold her in his arms once again, and he loved the taste of her lips and how they naturally molded to his.

She pushed him away, knowing that if she had stayed just one second more, she would have surrendered to his words. She had a job and she couldn’t just leave it.

“I’m sorry, Steve.”

A Sight to Behold - Yondu Udonta x Reader

This was inspired by this post/amazing art by @beltoons, so thank you for that.

Summary - Your crush on Yondu was sent to a whole new level as soon as you saw him shirtless and on that stage but this time you decided to do something about it…

Warnings - smut and a little bit of a daddy kink

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Post-It Notes, ch11

on Ao3

ch1 | ch2 | ch3 | ch4 | ch5 | ch6 | ch7 | ch8 | ch9 | ch10 | ch11

hi im not back i just need validation on my fics to like, survive or whatever 

i love @reyxa

heres ch11 its a mess pls enjoy

Marinette doesn’t tell anyone about the note. She doesn’t tell Alya, she doesn’t tell Nino, she doesn’t even tell Tikki.

The hardest part is pretending that she has it together. She doesn’t. She is bursting at the seams. She is overflowing with excitement and confusion and happiness and she doesn’t even know what. All she knows is that Adrien Agreste asked her out. Oh my god, she thinks. Adrien asked me out. And she is going to explode.

She can feel Adrien’s anxious gaze following her as she walks past his desk to hers. She pretends not to see.

Unfortunately, she is not an actress.

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Beginnings/EXO (Baekhyun)

Summary:  A beginning, middle, and end—that’s how all stories go. But between you and Baekhyun, it seemed all you ever had were beginnings. Beginning friendships, beginning dreams, beginning jobs, beginning, beginning, beginning. But then you left—for so long and with dwindling messages that calling whatever you had been “an end” didn’t seem right. When you finally meet again, it all catches up, igniting in a spark of power-outages, sasaengs, and a frozen theme-park.

A/N: Finally mustered up the courage to post my first ff up on here. Now if you’ll excuse me, *screams*.

Scenario: angst, fluff

Word Count: 4,300 of course my first fanfic is this long

You never thought that it would have begun again like this: locked in your boss’s office during a power-outage, crying, jamming desperate numbers on your phone only to be met with an answering machine each time.

Even your mother didn’t pick up.

At the sound of someone padding along outside, leaving their desk, you gasped and pounded on the door. You could hear them! The slamming of drawers, the slap of a laptop shutting. If you could hear them, then surely they could hear you. You tried once more, kicking the bottom of the door with your crimson colored heels, and you hoped the tack tack tack carried far enough. With an ear pressed between the handle and frame, you strained to listen. The rustling outside ended, and then there was the stairwell exit slamming shut.

That was it. The last person had left the office.

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Acnara´s super long Harrymort/tomarry archive

Ok so, I´ve been wanting to do a harrymort rec list since probably forever. As a Harrymort shipper, I´ve always had a lot of trouble finding long lists of recommendations -or fics at all. You feel me. And, even if at the beginning I was planing in making this a single post, the recent amount of new stories on AO3 about my OTP (Guys, thank you so much), made me decide to make this more of an interactive thing. So, I´ll keep editing this every time i find anything worth tagging.

And here we get to the tricky part. This is full of recommendations, but, in order to make this fair to new authors/not so well known authors, instead of making this a “you must read” list I´m making it an “everything i´ve ever favorited/followed in ff.net and everything I´ve bookmarked/marked for later on AO3″ kind of list. I personally thing everything here is worth your time, either WIP or complete or one-shot. BUT: lots of the WIPs are old, so they are unofficially descontinued. If you have read everything here, I´m sorry :( I´ll try to update it soon, fear not!

The favorites will have a *, and my personal favorites will have ** and probably fangirl comments, sorry about that. I´d also recommend checking out anything written by this authors. 

Ok, enough talking. Take a sit, this is huge.


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Falling Petals Chapter 9: talking to cute girls is hard, a danny phantom fanfic | FanFiction

           If you asked her, Valerie Gray would say she was used to getting weird ass customers. I mean, you’d have to be a little weird to walk into a tiny coffee shop that’s right across the street from the literal Nasty Burger. Usually they just got fanfiction-writing nerds and book worms that were too preoccupied with reading to even glance at the cup of coffee that they absentmindedly ordered. Every so often Valerie would find someone she used to be friends with in highschool standing on the seat to get a better picture of their perfectly arranged bagel and foamy cup of coffee before taking a sip and a bite and walking back out the door. And then there was that guy that stopped in every Saturday morning and just sat by the window, staring out with a glazed sort of look in his eyes. Oh, and Valerie couldn’t forget that old couple that only spoke in whispers and sent death glares toward Nasty Burger, discussing in whispers about how bad that place was for your health.

           Yeah, Espresso Patronum was certainly a hotspot for weirdos. Valerie was 99.9% sure that she had seen it all.

           And then, one day, a girl walked in.

           Her long, wavy black hair, which would easily reach her butt if put down, was pulled into a high ponytail with a bright blue hair band that matched her eye color exquisitely. Her white shirt very clearly read “drop dead gorgeous” and was accompanied by a tiny cartoon ghost. She was wearing baggy gray sweatpants and Christmas-colored slippers that clashed horribly but somehow just worked for her, and, when she moved to find a seat, Valerie caught sight of a tiny cartoon ghost tattooed on the inside of her elbow.

           Valerie felt her heart skip a beat, because holy shit that girl was hot.

           Cedric, who had started working at Espresso Patronum because he thought the irony was “fucking hilarious,” walked out from behind the counter, straightened his apron, and started heading towards the girl. Valerie pushed him out of the way and pulled out her little notebook with practiced ease.

           “Good afternoon; my name’s Valerie. What can I get for you today?” she recited, pushing a strand of curly brown hair out of her face and ignoring Cedric’s incoherent sounds of anger from behind. Now that she was closer, Val could clearly see tiny freckles dotting her cheeks and nose and a healthy blush lighting her skin. She had multiple earrings in, all of which were simple studs, and a tiny little crystal nose piercing that was almost impossible to spot unless you studied her as closely as Valerie was studying her at that exact moment. The girl, who was easily eighteen, by Valerie’s calculations, glanced up at the sound of Val’s voice. Her eyes sparkled in the dim café light.

           “Holy shit; you’re hot. I’ll have a slice of you and also a double espresso, please.”

           Valerie was so shell-shocked that she dropped her notepad on the floor. She was sure that her entire face was glowing red.

           “Ok, maybe not the slice of you. Was that too straightforward? That was too straightforward. Sorry, I don’t really have a filter. Name’s Danielle, by the way, but everyone calls me Dani. Nice to meet you, Valerie.”

           Valerie was still frozen to the spot, jaw unhinged in utter shock. Cedric had to come up behind her to pull her away from the scene.

           “God, you’re horrible with hot girls. This is why you shoulda let me handle it.” He whispered, steering her towards the kitchen. “Do you even remember what she ordered?”

           “She called me hot.”

           “Wow, of course she’s gay. Great. Perfect. Why would the only hot girl that walks in here be straight? No offense, Val.”

           “She ordered a double espresso.”

           “I just mean to say that you’re not my type, I mean, I see you more as a sister, I just—“



           “Shut up before I break your nose.”

           “Double espresso coming right up.”

           Valerie straightened her apron self consciously. God, she had completely froze out there! She fought ghosts in her free time and she couldn’t even look the cute girl at the café in the eye! She blew a curl out of her face. Wasn’t she supposed to be good at this?

           Valerie glanced over at Danielle, who was interesting herself in the sugar cube bowl situated in the center of the table. She popped a sugar cube in her mouth and clicked her nails against the table distractedly.

           “Here’s the double espresso, Val,” Cedric said, coming up behind her.

           “I thought you liked Dani?”

           “Val, she’s gay, you’re gay.”

           “I’m bi.”

           “Irrelevant. You guys are, like, that perfect homosexual match.”

           Valerie glared at him.

           “Go get her, tiger.”

           Val sighed, straightened her apron again, and headed over to Danielle’s table. Fuck, she was shaking. Her heart felt like it was pounding out of her chest.

           Talking to pretty girls was so much harder than fighting ghosts, Valerie decided.

           “Here’s your order,” she said, trying to steady her hand to set the espresso on the table.

           “Sit with me?” Dani queried.


           “Would you like to sit with me?”

           “Uh, I’m kinda working…” Valerie trailed off, glancing behind her at Cedric.

           “JUST SIT DOWN, DAMMIT,” Cedric yelled across the room, startling a boy in the corner wearing giant glasses and reading a rather thick book. His coffee splashed onto the table and Cedric rushed to help, sending a thumbs up towards Valerie whilst simultaneously apologizing.

           I hate that boy, Valerie decided, sliding into the booth opposite Danielle.

           “That your boyfriend?” Dani asked.

           “Oh, hell no,” Val answered, eyes widening a fraction. “He’s way too much work.”

           “Thank God. For a second I thought you were straight.”

           “Just because I’m not into Cedric doesn’t mean I’m gay,” Valerie argued, sending Danielle a look that was both confused and a bit angry. She had a habit of hiding her fear behind an angry façade.

           “Am I wrong?”

           Valerie said nothing.

           Dani laughed, throwing her head back. Strands of baby hair that had been tucked behind her ears spilled forth, gently framing her face. “You can’t fool me, Valerie. You travel the world and you learn some stuff about homosexuals.”

           “That’s not at all what I thought you learned while travelling the world. Besides, aren’t a bit young for that?”

           “For what? Adventure? Bullshit. I just got back from Australia like,” Dani glanced at the clock over the store door, “thirty minutes ago.”

           “And the first thing you did when you got home was go to a Harry Potter themed café?” Val queried, crinkling her nose.

           “I happen to be a fan of Harry Potter, thank you very much.”

           “Didn’t tack you as a nerd, Dani.”

           “Didn’t tack you as a bitch, Val.” Danielle stuck her tongue out at that and then proceeded to hide her smile behind her coffee cup.

           Valerie felt her fear ebb away. It was so damn easy to talk to her.

           “Hey, don’t do that.” Danielle said suddenly.

           “Do what?”

           “That grin thing.”

           “Why the hell can’t I grin?”

           “’Cus it’s fucking cute! I just wanted a cup of coffee, dammit.”

           Valerie snorted. “Maybe you shouldn’t have called me hot.”

           “Maybe you shouldn’t have been hot,” Dani retorted, sipping her drink. “Ow, fuck!”
           “I burnt ma tangue,” she answered, letting her tongue flop out of her mouth. “I’m ganna thue.”

           “You’re gonna what?”

           “Thue! I’m ganna thue!”

           “Say that again, please?” Valerie was trying her damndest not to smile and, yet, still managing to fail miserably.

           “Thuck you!”

           Valerie burst into a fit of laughter, her hand coming down to smack the table. Dani glared, tongue still sticking out, a grin lifting the corners of her lips.

           And then Valerie heard Danielle gasp lightly and looked up just in time to see concern twist her features.

           “Fuck me,” she whispered, tongue back in her mouth.


           “I gotta go.”


           “My, uh, cousin wanted to meet up with me after I landed and I totally forgot.” Danielle stood. “How much do I owe you?”

           “It’s on the house,” Valerie insisted, standing as well. She was surprised at the sudden cut in conversation and found herself missing it already. “Well, I guess I’ll see yo—“

           “Hold up. Gimme your pen.”

           “My what?”

           “The pen that’s in your apron pocket, ya goob.” Danielle glanced out the window, searched the sky with one quick sweep of her eyes, and smirked at Valerie.

           “Oh! Here.” She passed it over.

           Dani rolled her eyes, reached across the table, and grabbed Valerie’s wrist. She wrote down a collection of numbers and finished it with a little cartoon ghost, which was something that Valerie had started associating with her.

           “Call me later, okay?”

           It wasn’t until then that Valerie realized that that collection of numbers was Danielle’s phone number. “Oh. Oh! Okay!”

           “See ya.”


           Danielle rushed out the door with a small little wave, the bell dinging softly as she left.

           “You scare her off?” Cedric asked, coming up behind Valerie.

           “I got her number.”

           “Really? That fast? That’s impressive. What’d she run off for, then?”

           “She had to see her cousin.”

           Cedric snorted. “That sounds suspiciously fake. I’m honestly confused whether she wants to talk to you or she was just trying to get away from you.”

           Valerie turned on her heel, coming face to face with Cedric. “Hey, shut it! I’m sure she was just busy.”

           And then a ghost came straight through the opposite wall and landed with a crash behind the counter, followed by a black and white blur.


           “Oh, would you look at the time, Cedric! I gotta go!”

           “Your shift doesn’t end for another two hours!”

           Valerie was already out the door, hiding behind a trash bin beside the café, and letting the cool metal that made up her suit envelope her entire body through tiny openings in her wrists and ankles.

           She grinned from underneath her mask.

           A cute girl gave her her number and now she got to kick some ghost’s ass. She decided to mark today off as a good day.

           Valerie jumped and her hover board popped out from the bottom of her shoes. She couldn’t think about that right now. That black and white blur just had to be Phantom.

           Duty calls.

The Morning After (Scott McCall)

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Summary: alcohol (n.): a liquid in a variety of colors, smells, and tastes that gives the drinker courage to do (and say) something stupid at the cost of their memory

She woke up feeling relatively normal. No hangover, no desire to stay in bed, and no need for ibuprofen. That was a good thing, especially after she knew that she drank a lot in the club last night. But she would take no hangover any day.

She reaches over to her nightstand to check her phone. There was a long list of notifications of likes on a picture she apparently posted on Instagram. She didn’t remember posting it, but let out a sigh of relief when she saw what it was. It was only a pic of her with Lydia, Malia, and Kira at the club with the caption: #girlsnightout. Good. Normal. Nothing stupid.

Good morning.

That was an incoming text from Scott.

Her heart skips a beat and she smiles. Good morning, she texts back. Because it was a good morning. There’s something very good, downright pleasant that the guy she liked for the past six months was sending her a morning text. It didn’t mean anything, of course; they were just classmates and she just so happened to like him.

Just wondering…
But do you remember anything from last night?

That wasn’t a good start.

Not really, she answers. Why do you ask?

You don’t remember what you said to me last night?

Her heart skips another beat, but it’s not a good one. It’s like it just tripped and is dropping to its doom. Oh god. What did she say to him last night? Damn alcohol.

No. What did I say? The three ellipses that pop up is like a countdown to her doom. Shit, shit, shit.

You told me you liked me.


Her heart comes to a halt, and she wants to cry. Fuck, she said that to him? How was she supposed to face Scott in class now? Or even lab? He was her partner in bio chem, and now she made the rest of the semester completely awkward with an admission that she didn’t even know she made.

Her phone makes a few pings. It’s another series of texts from Scott.

You said you had a crush on me and before I could answer, you said you had to go to the bathroom so you left.
I didn’t see you after that.
When I texted Malia, she said that you both left to get steak and eggs.

She buries her head in her hands. Her good, normal morning had turned into a bad one. She should just withdraw and transfer home because there was no way this could get better.

You left before I could say anything.

“I wish you didn’t say anything so I wouldn’t be rejected,” she mutters to her phone.

If you stuck around, you would have known that I like you too.

Oh. Well shit. Things were starting to look up again.

Among The Pines

Chapter 6

Warnings: Cussing (of course), a bit of a terribly written make out 😬😐 haha 

Word Count: 2230 ish

A/N: I feel like this is mostly filler, but hopefully gives a bit of insight into another side of the reader. Anyway, the next chapters may take longer to post, since I’ve pretty much caught up with what I already had written before I started posting. I honestly never thought I would I post this much, let alone have people actually interested in it. So thank you so much for reading this 😘💜 Also, feel free to ask me things, keep me inspired guys!

Tags: @unprofessional-inhumanbeing​  @hamilton–trassh

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Table of Contents

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Kai Parker x Reader

word count : 2 878
summary : Y/N and Kai ‘borrow’ Damon’s car for a ride.

*not my gif

*the day before*

Kai & Y/N went out to a party at Whitmore and later on stopped by the bar.
Y/N had a little bit more to drink and ended up climbing on top of the bar , laughing and dancing like nobody’s watching, her skirt twirling around her hips. Kai couldn’t take his eyes off of her … same for the other boys at the bar and he hated it.
“Whoa !” she screamed , starting to lift her shirt over her head twirling it in the air above her head as some guy’s hands suddenly found their way on her hips.
Kai’s eyes widened , jealousy taking over and he muttered a spell , the guy choked and fell over the bar on the ground. He rushed towards her pushing everyone daring stand in his way. There was no way he’d let any of those boys touch her.
“Alright princess , time to take you home.” Kai said tossing her over his shoulders and heading towards the exit.
“What ? No ! Let’s take Damon’s car and go somewhere fun , just the two of us !” she said slurring her words a little.
There’s an idea… Kai thought.
He drove to her house. Carrying her in his hands as he climbed the stairs to her room letting her gently on top of it. Y/N’s was semi asleep , just as Kai was about to leave she grabbed his hand.
“Stay with me.” she mumbled. “I want you to stay with me.” she said pulling him on the bed next to her , her head on his chest. Y/N tried to say something else but quickly drifted off. Kai wrapped his hands around her and spent the rest of the night awake , watching her sleep.

* * *

The doorbell rang and Y/N rushed outstairs to open it. It was nearly 11pm and there was no doubt in her mind about who it was outside.
She opened the door and just as she had expected - Kai was there , hiding one of his hands behind his back.
“Hi.” Kai said smiling , a devilish spark in his eyes. “Wanna go for a midnight ride to some dangerous place with a vampire witch heretic and have fun?” he said , showing her what he was holding in the hand he was hiding.
She had expected to find Kai at her doorstep , what she hadn’t expected was to find the key’s for Damon’s camaro in Kai’s hands. Her eyes widened.
“N-now ?” she asked. “How did you even get those ?”
Kai stepped inside , putting his hand across her shoulders.
“Not important.” he said. “I’ll drive if you don’t want to.”
Y/N fought off the butterflies in her stomach , it happened every time Kai touched her and she was pretty sure he was doing it on purpose … tho she’d never complain about it because as much as it drove her crazy , she loved it when he did that.
“Kai , we shouldn’t do that … Damon would kill us.” Y/N said nervously.One thing was sure - when Damon found out his beloved camaro was gone , all hell would break lose and rain on them for sure.
“Let him try. I won’t let him lay a finger on you.” Kai said , a serious look on his face and he pulled her closer to him for a second before letting go and taking a step towards the door. “Come on. It will be fun!” he said , danging the keys to Damon’s camaro infront of Y/N’s eyes. “Plus it was your idea. Don’t tell me you are getting cold feet now ?”
Y/N shifted on her feet uncomfortably. It was true , taking Damon’s car for a ride without him knowing was her idea but she had been semi-drunk when she had suggested it and didn’t think Kai would actually approve let along steal the keys himself. Then again a midnight ride with Kai in the car with her , it sure was going to be a lot of fun. There was no way she’d back out now.
“Lets go for a ride.” she said with a mischivious look in her eyes , grabbing the keys from Kai’s hands and headed for the car.
Kai grinned. “Who’s dri-?
“I’m driving. Get in.” Y/N said interrupting him , Kai opened the door for the passenger seat and stood there for a moment looking at her. “What ? Are you afraid I might crash the car ? I know I’m a girl but I can drive…” she said.
“No , no … its not that.” he said still looking at her.
“Then what is ?” she asked stuck at the cardoor herself looking at Kai who shook his head smiling and got in the car. Y/N sighed and got in too. Whatever it was Kai was thinking , clearly he wasn’t going to tell her.
She put the keys in the ignition and started the car , steering the wheel to the left and heading down the road. Suddenly Kai’s hands were on her , pulling her seatbelt on and locking it.
Unreal. she thought. When was he going to figure out that when he is around , nothing scares her. Not even death itself. Every time they went for a drive somewhere , he’d always make sure she wears her seatbelt.
“Thanks…” she muttered glancing at him. “… but -”
“Not ‘but’. You might want to risk your life dying in a car crash , but I don’t want to risk your life.” Kai said , his eyes piercing on her as Y/N fought to keep hers on the road.
She couldn’t figure out why he cared so much , but was happy that he did. Kai was always super protective of her , but he didn’t treat her as if she was a porcellan doll. He still let her make her own decisions , stepping in when things go sideways.
Y/N turned on the radio , her favorite song starting to play just a few seconds later.
“OH I LOVE THIS SONG!” she said blasting the music loudly , her fingers turning the volume up when suddenly the button fell off in her hand , the radio stopping. “Damn it.” Y/N sighed and hit the radio with her palm and the radio turned itself on. “Finally !”
Kai chuckled. “Damon would not be happy about this…”
“Shut up and sing with me , please ?” she said with a pouty face making him laugh.
“So rude.” he said winking at her. “You know I’d say yes to pretty much everything you ask me to do.”
Y/N glanced at him. What does that mean ? she thought.

“Where is your car?” Stefan asked. “It’s not outside…”
Damon took a sip from his bourbon before turning towards his brother.
“I gave the keys to Kai.” he said , Stefan’s eyes widened at his answer.
“Whyy would yo-?”
“Because he asked and because he wants to know if Y/N has feelings for him too… Which of course she does.”
“Ah… OK. Aren’t you worried they might wreck your car ?” Stefan asked a little amused. “Or that they might … you know ?”
“Shut up Stefan.” Damon said looking at the clock and heading towards the door.

*somewhere on the roads outside Mystic Falls*

“That’s the best idea you’ve had.” Kai said laughing. Y/N laughed too. “Can you imagine Damon’s face right now?”
Suddenly Kai’s phone rang. DAMON said the called ID. Y/N caught a glimpse at his phone.
“Speaking of the Devil …” she said.
“Oops.” Kai said mockingly , before declining the call. Damon kept calling tho.. “That guy’s persistant.” Kai said finally picking up. “He-llo ?”
“Where is my car ?” Damon sounded angry.
“I don’t know what you are talking about…” Kai lied.
“Are you kidding me ?! You do realise I can hear the humming of my car’s engine , right ?”
Y/N laughed. She turned towards Kai not looking at all at the road ahead.
“We’ll give it back , Damon.” she said loudly “By the way , I think I might’ve broken your radio … sorry.”
Kai laughed and Y/N laughed , they were just having so much fun.
The prospect of Damon’s reaction when he had discovered his missing camaro was one of the reasons why Y/N had gotten the idea , tho at the moment she was starting to have doubts about how good that idea really was.
“Listen to me -” Damon started to say but Kai hung up before Damon could finish.
“I think he is upset about you breaking his radio …” Kai said serious for a split second before starting to laugh again making her laugh instantly too.

They kept on driving , laughing and talking. Y/N loved Kai’s laugh so much it could make all her life problems just go away. His smile was the literal sun… and a thought crept inside her mind about him being goneamaking her feel nervous.
What are we doing? she thought , fear creeping in.
She knew the risk of taking Damon’s car without his permission , she also knew what he is capable of. Y/N glanced at Kai who had stolen the keys. Damon’s rage will rain on Kai and not her and even if did - she didn’t care something might happen to her , all she cared about was Kai. Damon would have no problem hurting him. She felt the panic grow inside her and her breathing getting uneven. She tried to calm down but it didn’t help , keeping her eyes on the road didn’t help. Her mind was drowning in images and thoughts of what might happen to Kai when Damon gets his hands on him (because with Damon there was if).
Kai noticed the change in her heatbeat and put a hand on her shoulder scaring her a little and she had to spin the driving wheel hard to the right to avoid hitting a lamp post.
“Y/N? Are you OK?” he asked concerned , all color had drained off her face.
She took a deep breath and pulled over on the side of the road , her head in her hands resting on the steering wheel, taking in deep breaths. Kai rubbing her back.
“Have you eaten today ? What’s wrong?” he asked. “I think I have a chocolate bar somewhere …” he said rummaging through his pockets. “Y/N?”

Y/N took another deep breath and bounced back on the seat , her eyes closed and her head towards the car’s roof. Where did she even get that stupid idea ? Putting Kai in danger… She should never have mentioned it to him.
“I’m so stupid.” she whispered , her voice barely audiable but Kai heard her. She opened her eyes and turned towards him. He looked so worried it was breaking her heart. If something happened to Kai it would be her fault and she would never be able to forgive herself or be able to go on…
“Y/N , what are you talking about? You are not stupid , you are the smarte-” she didn’t let him finish , opened the door and got out of the car sitting on the grass a few steps away. Her hands on her temples rubbing them slightly.
Kai got out of the car and sat down next to her putting his arm around her shoulder but she pushed him off.
“Oh-kay.” he said , a note of hurt in his voice. “Are you going to tell me what this is about ? You were laughing and having a good time one moment and then the next …”
Y/N turned towards him , tears starting to gather in her eyelids.
“It’s Damon…he is going to find us and hurt you and I just … I can’t even…” she said pursing her lips together , blinking fast trying to push away the tears , one of them escaping and she wiped it away quickly. “It’s all my fault…”
Kai sighed.
“There is nothing for you to worry about. I won’t let Damon touch you , or even look at you. I’ll always protect you.” he said softly.
“It’s not me I am worried about, don’t you get it? When Damon retaliates and trust me he will , he will go after you. He knows you took his keys , he won’t give a damn about it all being my idea. Where did I even get that stupid idea from ?” she said getting up , taking a few steps ahead and walking back towards Kai who was still sitting on the ground. She fell silent for a moment and then started rambling again. “I am so stupid , why can’t I keep my mouth shut ?!… ”
“Hey , hey , hey … just breathe.” Kai said getting up , Y/N didn’t even seem to have heard him and he grabbed her shoulders making her look at him. She seemed to snap back to reality. “Listen to me - nothing is going to happen to you. Nothing is going to happen to me. OK?” Y/N nodded and he let go of her , putting his hands in his pockets. “Why are you so freaked out about my safety anyways? I’m a heretic , not that easy to hurt or kill…”
Y/N looked at him. When they had first met , she hadn’t been afraid of him like her friends have been… She had been afraid that she’d fall for him and her fears were correct. Somehow from the very beginning , Kai had found his way into her heart. All her friends always acted as if she was made out of porcellan , thinking they knew what’s best for her. Kai didn’t , not for one moment.
“Because I am in love with you !” she blurted out without thinking , her eyes widening.
Kai smiled. “You love me ?” he said.
Y/N couldn’t move or speak , she felt absolutely paralyzed. This evening had turned out completely different than what she had expected and now she was terrified that Kai would reject her and tell her their friendship is over. Her head was spinning and the world was starting to turn black around her , she felt her knees buckle and for a moment she lost her balance. Suddenly she felt Kai’s strong arms around her.
“Maybe you should lay down a little…” Kai said worried. Perhaps he had pushed it too far.
“No , no … I’m fine.” Y/N said her eyes meeting Kai’s , her breath getting stuck in her throat. “Kai , what I said .. before , I..”
“Did you mean it ?” he asked , a hopeful expression on his face.
“Yes.” she nodded and Kai smiled. Why is he smiling? “Oh wow ! What …what are you doing?” she asked laughing after Kai had literally swept her off her feet and was now carrying her to the car.
“Sweeping you off your feet , isn’t it clear?” he laughed. “We are just going to ditch the car somewhere close to the Salvatore’s for Damon to find and then … I am taking you home.”
Home? she thought and felt broken. Kai had smiled when she told him she loves him but he hasn’t said a word back about hiw he felt ..and now he was taking her home? He didn’t feel the same way about her , that must be it.
“I’m driving this time.” Kai said letting her gently down on the ground. and opened the door for her , waiting until she got in to close the door before whooshing to the other side and getting in himself. He turned towards her , she was starring ahead and of course Y/N hadn’t put her seatbelt again. He let out a quiet sigh and put it on for her again. She turned towards him and their eyes met , both of them freezing in place. Kai could hear her heart beating faster than it had been a few moments ago.
“You are my light in the darkness Y/N. ” he said with a small smile, his hand on her cheek pulling her face closer to his. Her eyes drifting between his eyes and his lips. He could hear her heartbeat getting faster with each passing second. “I think … I’m in love with you too.” he said , a second before his lips touched hers.

“Not. In. My. Car.” Damon’s voice snapped them back to reality , his timing the worst possible. “I am angry enough about you ‘stealing’ my car , you do not want to get me angrier , trust me.”
Y/N and Kai pulled away from each other.
“Borrowed.” Kai said. “We were going to give it back …”
“Just get out.” Damon said. “I missed my car.” he said reaching to pull Y/N out of the passanger’s seat but Kai rushed out and pushed him away , holding out his hand for Y/N , helping her out. Damon looked more irritated than angry now , pushing his way past them and getting in his car.
“You are lucky I am not in the mood to fight right now..” he said slamming the cardoor shut. “Looks like you got your answer , twirp.” he muttered before driving off.
Y/N and Kai stood on the side of the road watching Damon drive off still unable to believe how calmer he had reacted.
“W-what?” Y/N asked confused. What had Damon meant with that comment ?
Kai smirked and wrapped his arms around her. “Hold on tight. I am taking you home …” he said winking at her.
Something told Y/N that by ‘home’ , he didn’t mean her house and her heart skipped a beat.


MASTERLIST March / April 2017


Frannie- Ajax (Francis) (Deadpool)


Hey! Could you do an Ajax (from Deadpool) where she’s Wade’s sister, and Ajax takes a liking to her? And it annoys Wade because he knows he can’t kill Ajax at the end? Fluff?! Or smut? Thank you (and I loved the Negan one you just posted)!!

Sorry this took so long but I had a real trouble writing for Ajax so my friend Nicki wrote this, hope you like it <3

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It was a cold night, fog filled the air around you, making it damn near imposable to see where you were going,  you were on your way home from shopping for some stuff for your new place, you had spent all day looking for things for your kitchen seeing as you had already done most of the other rooms. As you neared the flats you live in you noticed there was someone walking up to the door, knowing your keys were at the bottom of your bag and you were also carrying multiple other bags.

“Hey can you hold the door please?” you asked in your best damsel in distress voice. By the time you had finished your question you were almost at the door and the man had almost walked through the hallway, he stuck his hand in the way of the door to prevent it from closing. You reached the door and made eye contact with him, you hadn’t been able to see him very well before but now you could clearly see his sculpted jaw, blue eyes and chiselled features. “Sure no problem darlin’” He pushed the door fully open for you and you made your way through, the struggle you had had with these bags meant that you had never been so glad to live on the bottom floor.

“Thank you so much, finding my keys in the bottom of my bag outside would’ve taken me ages” you smiled at him. “Ah I understand its dark and foggy outside, I could barely see the lock while my key was in it” he laughed. Good god you thought, his British accent was melting you. “I’m Ajax” he grinned, and held out his hand out for you to place in his. You smiled, “Well hello Ajax, my name is y/n” you lightly placed your hand in his, he brought it lightly to his lips and placed a soft kiss on your hand. “Hello y/n” he grinned, you couldn’t help but find him incredibly attractive, as he moved his hand down to his side you noticed there was a rather large cut on his upper arm across his  arm and it seemed to still be open.

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Post-it Poems


So I fully intend to do one story that includes all of these words but I thought of this idea and couldn’t resist. Enjoy this beautiful sappyness. 
(edited by @alittlemissfit of course)

As Scully packed up the apartment that she’d barely made herself at home in, she found herself distracted by things she’d either hidden away when she moved in or that she’d gotten from her mother’s house.

She would find keepsakes from when she was a kid or old pictures of her siblings. She would find old case files that she’d chosen to keep for one reason or another.
But she hadn’t taken a pause in her work until finding a simple wooden box. One that held quite a few memories.

Running her hand over the lid she wondered if she wanted to open it.
The small cedar box held old notes from Mulder. Poems that he’d given to her over the years, written out in his messy scrawl on post it notes. The tradition started when she was dying of cancer and continued for most of their life together.

Scully rifled around through the post-its and found the first one he’d given her. It wasn’t dated or signed but she knew it was the first from the moment she saw it. She’d found it sticking to her nightstand one day after a nap.

The note read:

Ah, love, let us be true
To one another! for the world which seems
To lie before us like a land of dreams,
So various, so beautiful, so new,
Hath really neither joy, nor love, nor light,
Nor certitude, nor peace, nor help for pain;
And we are here as on a darkling plain
Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight,
Where ignorant armies clash by night.
- Matthew Arnold

At the time it made her cry, hold tight to her pillow to soak up her tears. When Mulder came back later that night she kissed him, was grateful she still had the strength to hold him. She’d run her hands under his shirt, down to the sizable bulge in his pants.
He’d taken her hands and held them between them before she asked him to make love to her, convinced it would be their last chance. Every day she’d felt weaker and weaker and when he looked into her eyes he’d been unable to pull away. They moved slowly together on the hospital bed in the dark room and she’d tried to hold on to every moment. Wanting to remember each detail during the pain to come.
When she recovered they didn’t discuss it. He would occasionally kiss her on the cheek or forehead, say something that made her smile or melt, but they steered clear of heavy discussions, talking about things like love.

Searching for the next note Scully found it sticking to the bottom of the box. After Emily had died she closed herself off, from Mulder, from her mother, from everything. And he let her, until one day a few weeks later she found a post-it on the window of her car after work.
The sad words read:

Tread lightly, she is near
Under the snow,
Speak gently, she can hear
The daisies grow.

All her bright golden hair
Tarnished with rust,
She that was young and fair
Fallen to dust.

Peace, Peace, she cannot hear
Lyre or sonnet,
All my life’s buried here,
Heap earth upon it.
- Oscar Wilde
I’m here when you’re ready- M

She cried after reading it, cried like she wanted to at the funeral. Before she knew what she was doing her car was in front of Mulder’s building.
She didn’t have a plan but walked up to his apartment and when he opened the door she flung herself into his arms. He held her until she fell asleep, and in the morning she left before he woke. Again, they didn’t discuss it.

Remembering all the words unsaid, she came upon another note in the box. This one she’d found in her briefcase after she’d rescued him from the Bermuda Triangle. When he was lying in the hospital he’d told her he loved her. She had tried to take it with a grain of salt but at night she’d find the words echoing in her mind, seeping into her dreams.
After he was released from the hospital she found the note. It had read:

S, I meant what I said-
I have been here before,
  But when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door,
  The sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.

You have been mine before,—
  How long ago I may not know:
But just when at that swallow’s soar
  Your neck turned so,
Some veil did fall,—I knew it all of yore.

Has this been thus before?
  And shall not thus time’s eddying flight
Still with our lives our love restore
  In death’s despite,
And day and night yield one delight once more?
- Dante Gabriel Rossetti

That time there was no rushing over to see him. She had worked up the nerve to bring it up one day until she saw him standing close to Agent Fowley in the hallway, having a hushed conversation.
She’d tucked the note away and felt like a damn fool for a long time after.

She didn’t open up to Mulder again until after his brain surgery, and shortly after received another tender note. It had been inside a file folder holding their latest X-file, one that had come across her small desk. The poem was scrawled on the front and back of the post-it note.

To Scully-
There is a lady sweet and kind,
Was never face so pleas’d my mind;
I did but see her passing by,
And yet I love her till I die.

Her gesture, motion, and her smiles,
Her wit, her voice, my heart beguiles,
Beguiles my heart, I know not why,
And yet I love her till I die.

Her free behaviour, winning looks,
Will make a lawyer burn his books;
I touch’d her not, alas! not I,
And yet I love her till I die.

Had I her fast betwixt mine arms,
Judge you that think such sports were harms,
Were’t any harm? no, no, fie, fie,
For I will love her till I die.

Should I remain confined there
So long as Phœbus in his sphere,
I to request, she to deny,
Yet would I love her till I die.

Cupid is winged and doth range,
Her country so my love doth change:
But change she earth, or change she sky,
Yet will I love her till I die.
- Thomas Ford

The words filled her but she didn’t go to him. Instead Mulder came to her. As she sat on her couch reading the note for the fifth time, he knocked on her door.

She opened the door and they simply looked at each other for a moment before she moved forward. Taking his face in her hands she kissed him, practically devoured him. They wound up stumbling into her apartment and into her bedroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind.

That night he spoke poetry aloud to her, and the next morning she pulled open the top drawer of her nightstand, showed him each of the notes he’d given her before handing him a pen and a stack of post it’s.

She asked him to write the one he’d just recited while pillowed on his chest, cuddled close to him and reveling in the afterglow.

Pulling that note out from the box she smiled, recalled the husky tone his voice took on as he spoke the words, kissed and nipped at her breasts.

Have you beheld (with much delight)
A red rose peeping through a white?
Or else a cherry (double graced)
Within a lily? Centre placed?
Or ever marked the pretty beam,
A strawberry shows, half drowned in cream?
Or seen rich rubies blushing through
A pure smooth pearl, and orient too?
So like to this, nay all the rest,
Is each neat niplet of her breast.
- Ovid

At the time she’d laughed in delight at the mischievous look in his eyes. He rolled her nipples between his fingers while reciting it by memory and she praised him for efficient multitasking.

Reaching for the next poem, she was overcome with the sadness she’d felt back when she first read it. Mulder had left it for her the morning he left, three days after William was born. It was stuck on the top of the pile of post-its that still sat in her drawer, but it had taken her a week to find it. When she had she’d held it tight to her chest and cried. The tear stained paper read:

I’m sorry that I have to leave.
I love you.
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.
I love thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight.
I love thee freely, as men strive for Right;
I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise.
I love with a passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood’s faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints,—I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life!—and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Scully felt the tears gathering in her eyes but blinked them back. Kept sifting through the other notes in the box: From time to time she’d find them in her office at the hospital or hidden in her suitcases when they were on the run. She kept the box all these years and she’d kept them all.

Not hearing the door open she was startled when Mulder’s arms wrapped around her, circled her waist.

“Whatcha doing?” he asked, laying a kiss on the top of her head.

“Your post-it poems,” she answered, leaning back into his chest as he looked at her in surprise.

“You kept all of those?”

Putting the box down she turned in his arms. Laying her hands flat on his chest she smiled, looked up into his eyes.

“Of course I did. Every single one.”

His eyes watering Mulder pressed his lips to her forehead. Pulled away after a beat  just enough to speak.

“Now that I have your face by heart, I look
Less at its features than its darkening frame
Where quince and melon, yellow as young flame,
Lie with quilled dahlias and the shepherd’s crook.
Beyond, a garden. There, in insolent ease
The lead and marble figures watch the show
Of yet another summer loath to go
Although the scythes hang in the apple trees.

Now that I have your face by heart, I look.

Now that I have your voice by heart, I read
In the black chords upon a dulling page
Music that is not meant for music’s cage,
Whose emblems mix with words that shake and bleed.
The staves are shuttled over with a stark
Unprinted silence. In a double dream
I must spell out the storm, the running stream.
The beat’s too swift. The notes shift in the dark.

Now that I have your voice by heart, I read.

Now that I have your heart by heart, I see
The wharves with their great ships and architraves;
The rigging and the cargo and the slaves
On a strange beach under a broken sky.
O not departure, but a voyage done!
The bales stand on the stone; the anchor weeps
Its red rust downward, and the long vine creeps
Beside the salt herb, in the lengthening sun.

Now that I have your heart by heart, I see.”

At some point as he spoke Scully curled her head into his neck, listened to the rumble of his voice. Reaching her hand up she stroked his cheek that was covered with a day’s worth of stubble.
They stood in silence for a few minutes until Mulder pulled her back from him, looked into her eyes.

“Let’s go home Scully.”
She nodded, holding the box into one hand and held his with the other.

They had movers coming to get the few boxes that remained of the half-life she’d lived in the bare apartment. But she knew that she would have left all of the rest behind to be with him.

(-final poem written by Louise Bogan)

Murder by Coffee Pot(Reader x Frank Castle)

Word Count: 1554

Summary: Frank is a regular at the diner that reader works at, and one day turns out to be quite eventful.

A/N: Finally finished that scholarship essay *phew*. It took longer than expected to write but hey, at least it’s over with! This idea has been stuck in my brain for quite some time and I can FINALLY post it! Enjoy!

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Daredevil fic writers!

Want to write fic, but not totally clear on the New York details?  Fear not, my friends; here’s the relevant 411.

New York City consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn (hi Steve!), the Bronx, Queens (hi Peter!), and Staten Island.

Manhattan is the long skinny island between New Jersey and Brooklyn.  It’s the heart of NYC and in fact was all of NYC until 1898 - the others were separate cities until then.  People in the outer boroughs still sometimes refer to Manhattan as “the city.”  But you don’t really have to worry about the other boroughs at all for fic purposes, because everything on the show takes place in Manhattan.

Hell’s Kitchen is a neighborhood in Manhattan.  It is not a separate borough, or city, or suburb.  It’s not even a very big neighborhood.  It’s located on the west side of the island, in Midtown, and stretches north-south from either 59th or 55th Street (depending on who you ask) to 34th Street and east-west from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River.  (See the red rectangle on the map below.). That’s about one square mile.  It’s small.

Columbia University is also in Manhattan, in a neighborhood called Morningside Heights.  It’s also on the west side, about three miles from Hell’s Kitchen (the avocado on the map), just south of Harlem.  It’s about a 30 minute trip by subway.

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Dean/Cas: Looks Like Home

The five people Dean dates in college. 1.8K.

Contrary to first impressions, Dean Winchester is not a player.

Sure, he used to love ‘em and leave ‘em (one at a time, of course; he isn’t amoral), but after Lisa Braeden broke his heart by dumping him days before their prom, citing his lack of emotional investment and “pushing it all down for the sake of machismo,” Dean swore he’d turn a new leaf and ditch his antics come freshman fall. He didn’t lose his penchant for flirting, though he managed to curb his commitment-phobia, and, over the course of the next four years, he learns a thing or two about dating in college.

1. The Freshman Floormate

Dean met Cassie on move-in day while walking down the hallway with an armful of boxes. It was almost clichéd how she took his breath away, all infectious laughter and big brown eyes. They sat together at the welcome dinner, were together less than a week later, working through the 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate list with a determination fit for the Olympics. Perhaps if they had met at a different time, spring semester or sophomore year, maybe their excitement about each other wouldn’t have petered out with the novelty of college. But they met new friends and joined new circles that didn’t necessarily get along, and Dean spent his freshman Valentine’s Day splitting a family size Hershey’s bar with his roommate.

2. The T.A.

In hindsight, he’d cringe at the fact that he used “You followin’ me?” as a pick-up line, but the flustered stare he received had been worth it, though it quickly evolved into an exasperated eye roll.

“I’m your T.A.,” Aaron said with a sigh. “We only see each other in lab, remember?”

Dean merely grinned, shaking his head. “Except I also saw you back at the quad.”

“Yeah, along with fifty other students,” Aaron laughed, stacking their labs into a neat little pile.

“Aw, come on,” Dean leaned on the doorjamb. “You’ve gotta admit we had a moment.”

“A moment of frustration,” corrected Aaron, “because your work is great but your penmanship’s awful.”

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Random Natsu Pairings: Natsu x Juvia/Natsu x Erza - Mine (Part 1: Erza)

Erza drummed her fingers on the table as she glared holes into the back of a certain Dragon Slayer’s head. There he was again, talking animatedly with… that girl… Instead of his team. Happy was with him, of course, and it looked like the trio was planning out their next fishing expedition. A tick mark pulsated on Erza’s head as she thought about those expeditions. They’d been happening with increasing frequency over the past month, and only recently did they seriously start eating into Team Natsu’s time together.

The scarlet knight growled under her breath. She had nothing personal against the Water mage; Juvia really was a sweet girl. It’s just… Natsu was he- theirs. His first priority should be bonding with her, Gray, Lucy, and Wendy! Okay, so for the last month they might’ve been branching out a little and spending time with other people… Sometimes they just needed to change up their day-to-day lives so that they wouldn’t neglect their other friends. Jellal had been around for a bit longer than normal, and Erza had really enjoyed their time together.

But… Erza also knew these periods of branching out were hard on the Dragon Slayer. He got along just fine with everyone in Fairy Tail; it’s just that, well… there’s a reason Team Natsu formed and stuck together through thick and thin. Natsu in large doses was not recommended for the average mage; The four of them - plus Happy and Carla - were about the only people who could manage to associate with a ‘walking volcano’ so frequently, and even then, he would, at times, test their patience.

…. Then again, didn’t they all get on one another’s nerves a bit? They were like a family within the larger one that is Fairy Tail.

Except it seemed one of them had strayed from the flock, now that their time apart was dwindling down, and requests were coming in with more frequency. Who knew Natsu could get along with Juvia of all people? Their opposing elements aside, Juvia was enamored with Natsu’s rival; she was as calm and collected as the deep blue sea - you know, when she wasn’t fantasizing or draped over her “Gray-sama” - and he… he was as wild and untamable as a raging inferno. You’d think that these two wouldn’t bond very well, but it’d obviously gotten to the point that Natsu would invite Juvia to tag along on some of Team Natsu’s missions.

And the worst part was… instead of fawning over Gray, as one might think she would on those trips, Juvia had been very buddy-buddy with the Dragon Slayer. Almost as if she’d unearthed some great secret about the loveably dense Pyro that made their friendship truly blossom instead of fizzle out. She’d even blown up at Lucy a few times when the blonde criticized the Dragon Slayer.

And Natsu… Ohhh, Natsu. When he wasn’t inviting Juvia along on their missions, he was getting to know her better and “showing her the ropes” with fishing. And when he wasn’t doing that, half the things that would come out of his mouth in general would be about Juvia. Juvia, Juvia, Juvia. It made Erza’s blood boil, seeing the abundant affection twinkling in his eyes as he talked about his and Juvia’s adventures when the rest of Team Natsu wasn’t around. Juvia had really… wormed into his heart……..

“Uh-oh! Somebody’s looking a little green over here!” Mirajane giggled as she briefly stopped beside Erza’s table, balancing two trays in her arms.

Erza narrowed her eyes and raised a gauntleted hand to her cheek instinctively.

“Green…? Do I look ill?”

Mira laughed. Seemed like somebody wasn’t all there if she wasn’t registering figures of speech.

“No, silly… Well, not physically.” A mischievous smile played on her lips before she rolled her tongue playfully. “Somebody’s jealousss!”

Erza adopted a frustrated blank face.

“Jealous? Of what?” Mira waited, never dropping her playful smirk for a second. Erza didn’t need it spelled out. And indeed, after about a minute, Erza’s eyes connected Mira’s line of sight with the bluenette listening to her Dragon Slayer with such rapt attention, and she spluttered as her face became the same color as her hair. “M-M-M-ME?! Jealous of Juvia?! That’s absurd!”

Erza roared this at the top of her lungs, and only belatedly did she realize that at least half the Guild was looking over at her and Mira now. Even the Dragon Slayer stopped in his engaging storytelling to stare at her, along with Juvia. Putting on the sternest expression that she could, she glowered at her “audience”.

Is there a problem…?” After receiving many hurried 'no’s’, and the Guild went about its day again, Erza glared scathingly at the barmaid. “Damn Demon…”

Mira tilted her head and offered a serene smile.

“Guilty as charged!” She giggled before offering one piece of advice. “If you want my opinion, just go and be blunt with him! The longer you put it off, the more you’ll regret it, y'know.”

Erza turned her face away from the Takeover mage, though she could still see Erza’s cheeks redden.

“I… I don’t know what you’re talking about… I just think Natsu has been neglecting his team lately, that’s all.”

Mira appeared unimpressed.

“… Uh-huh. And who was it again that was off gallivanting with Crime Sorciere for the past month?” Mira rolled her eyes as the redhead opened her mouth to protest; she cut off her rival before she could butt in. “Gray, Lucy, and even Wendy I can understand; Wendy doesn’t want to turn anyone down when they ask her to go on a mission with them, and Lucy can get a bit carried away when she’s going on jobs without losing any serious reward money. And of course Gray likes to get away from his rival from time-to-time… But you… What’s your excuse? Y'know Natsu’s been moaning about wanting to go on S-Class Quests with you.”

Erza opened her mouth to refute the fact that she would take Natsu on something as dangerous as S-Class Quests, but…. she closed her mouth within seconds as she also knew that he and Gray were about the only ones she would take on those missions. Lucy and Wendy were strong, but they hadn’t bonded with her like Natsu and Gray had; and with Gray wanting to take a “break” from his rival, as Mira put it, Erza knew Natsu would be the only one she’d be “gallivanting” around with.

For some reason, that made Erza’s blush intensify…

“W-Well… he should’ve said… something… sooner…” Erza weakly, albeit stubbornly argued, arms crossed over her chest and her cheeks puffed out.

Riiiiiiight. Like Natsu is going to interrupt your alone time with you-know-who.” Mira rolled her eyes and waved off the scarlet knight as she tried to refute her again. “You have to know by now that loveable Pyro places your happiness above everything else. If you wanna hang around with Crime Sorciere, that’s none of his business, as far as he’s concerned. And because you so insist he be the one to break the ice, that's why you’re gonna lose him, at this rate. So I’ll repeat it one more time… go be blunt with Natsu. We both know it’s the best way to get through to him. Unless… You want Juvia-chan to win his heart?”

Having spoken her peace, Mira turned on her heel with a serene smile on her face, leaving Erza there at the table, opening and closing her mouth repeatedly, like a fish on dry land. It wasn’t like Tincan to hold herself back from something she wanted; but then again, her rival was probably wrestling through her emotions, and was unsure that what she was feeling was burning jealousy for the Water mage that had apparently swooped in while the gallant knight’s back was turned.

It was enough to send Mira into another fit of giggles, really. Tincan could be so much like her pet dragon in so many ways, it was so cute.

While Mira was finding amusement in the whole situation, Erza was slowly coming to grips with the fact that she really was jealous of Juvia. Natsu and Gray would always be the most special people in her life, but it was unsurprisingly the Fire Dragon Slayer that she’d grown more attached to. That she got more physical with. That she admired out of everyone else in the Guild.

Damn it! Natsu Dragneel was hers! She’d staked her claim long ago! And it was about time she reminded… everyone…. of that….


Note: hehe. I was gonna make this a single “Nervia” post, but then my mind stuck to Erza-chan for a while, so I’m making this a mini-series. The next part obviously centers around Juvia-chan, and the part after that, Natsu-boy. From there…. I dunno if there’ll be a fourth part yet. Part Three might be the initial conclusion, at least. Let’s see where this harem takes me. I’m looking forward to it. XD

Out of Reach (McCree x Reader)

You are short. He is tall. He likes to tease you about it. You swear you aren’t stubborn. So you tease him back.
About 1,200 words. I think.
I’m posting this at 3 am. Don’t ask why all my writing is at ridiculous hours.


Your fellow Overwatch agent Jesse McCree was a pretty tall guy. He was 6'1", to be exact, and you weren’t exactly blessed in the height department (Thanks Mom and Dad).

But you had a handle on things just out of your reach. There was a step stool in the kitchen, if you needed to reach the higher shelves. You weren’t too fond of crowds, so no one had to try to find you amongst a sea of people. And your hand-to-hand combat relied on quick moves instead of power so bigger opponents couldn’t take you down as easily.

You were fine with being short.

But one morning. One single morning out of the 365 on the calendar, things didn’t go as planned.

You headed to breakfast at around 10:30, which was admittedly late because your alarm decided not to ring this morning. It wasn’t like you had anything to do in the morning, but you promised Fareeha you would run with her at 11:00, and you liked to keep your promises.

Clambering quickly into the community kitchen, you realized everyone had already grabbed breakfast and many agents were filing out the door in a commotion. Lucio buzzed past you casually chuckling,
“Morning, sleepy head! Where have you been?”

As he and other younger agents drifted away into the hall you shouted,
“My alarm, man. I think the batteries died!” You rubbed the back of your head, embarrassed.

As the room simmered down, only a few agents were left putting away bowls, cups, and food containers: Ana, Reinhardt, and McCree.
You padded over to the fridge to see if anyone left you anything good, but alas, you didn’t feel like eating any of the food you saw.

Deciding to instead grab a cereal box, you filed through the kitchen cabinets for that one box of cereal you liked.

Where is it….?

Oh. Of course. It’s on the top shelf. You glanced around: Ana and Reinhardt seemed to be engaging in a quiet (as quiet as Reinhardt can be) conversation, and McCree was finishing up washing some dishes. You decided that no, you would not be asking for someone’s help in your cereal-box-retrieving endeavors, and that you could do it yourself.

Glancing around, a step stool was no where nearby. This would be a bit harder than you thought. You instinctively placed your knee atop the counter in an effort to get in a few more inches of height, but it was just not enough. If you climbed up a bit more, there was a high chance of falling.

So you climbed up anyways. Upon your ascending, you reached for the cereal box, and it was barely in your grasp when-

You started falling. Your adrenaline kicked in, your arms failed a little bit, and in a split second of panicking, you realized you were already steadied.

You felt a warm hand at your back when you grabbed onto the cabinet door for leverage.

A warm chuckle behind you made you blush in embarrassment, and you realized exactly who was helping you not fall to your doom when you saw his metal arm reach up to grab the cereal box you let go of in your stumble.

A deep Southern accent drawled,
“Need some help there, Y/N?”

You glanced down at McCree and saw his brown eyes twinkle with mischief. He helped you down and set the cereal box on the counter when you replied,

“Umm…. I had that under control.” Yeah, you were embarrassed, but you were NOT about to admit to MCCREE that you needed his help because he was tall. Nope. Nuh-uh.

“Suuuure, if you call ‘under control’ falling because you’re too stubborn to ask for help.” He smirked and you huffed back,
“I’m not stubborn. I just don’t need you to do these kinda of things for me. Thanks, but no thanks, Jesse.”

You stuck your tongue out at him. Or rather up at him. You were both standing in the middle of the kitchen now, less than a foot of distance between you and you had to look up to his eyes. He still wore that stupid smirk on his face.

“Stubborn looks kind of cute on you, you know, darling?”

Your brain caught on fire. How dare he???
Be this charming while brushing off your legitimate argument. You wanted to punch him in his attractive face. Instead you mumbled quietly while sitting down with the cereal box,
“Everything looks good on me.”

You thought he didn’t hear you, (he totally did) and you expected him to leave the kitchen at this, but he instead grabbed a fresh cup of coffee from the counter and sat down nearby to reach some news on a tablet.

Every now and then you glanced over at him, and he still wore that stupid smirk on his face.

It wasn’t until you were done with the cereal that he got up to put his empty cup in the sink. At this point, Ana and Reinhardt had already left the kitchen and you two were alone.

“You know, it’s okay to ask for help every now and then,” his drawl piped up from the sink area when he was washing his cup.

You deposited your bowl and utensils in the sink and stared at the cereal box in your hand before realizing you would have to put it back onto that top shelf.

Damn Jesse McCree.

He smiled at you and you sighed quietly,
“Then help me put this back onto the shelf…”

He finished with the dishes and grabbed the box and put it back in its place.

“You know most people feel bad for themselves at their short height. You, on the other hand, are stubbornly short.” He placed a hand on your shoulder spinning you gently to face him.

You looked up into his eyes and felt a blush rising back into your cheeks.

“Well, I think more people should know that although being short has disadvantages, it can be nothing to worry about.” He backed you into the counter now and placed both arms on either side of you, effectively trapping you between his tall body and the counter.

“Well, I reckon that being tall also comes with a few benefits.” He moved closer, and you froze in place. He was teasing you, so you decided to tease him back. His head tilted and moved slightly downwards towards yours as he continued,

“One of them being I can keep you here while I-”

You pushed up, pulling his head down, and caught his lips with yours, meeting him halfway. The stunned look on his face diffused as you both moved against each other deepening the kiss. After a few moments, he slid a hand up your back and into your hair as you started to break away for air.

He was flustered and a blushing mess, when you pulled away and said with a smirk,

“Can’t believe I had to stoop to your level.”

You walked away smirking and blushing as all he could do was stand there dumbstruck.


I hope this thing makes sense. Also I would love some feedback.
I actually originally planned this to be a couple of scenes about shortness but I already wrote too much for this one. Should I make a part 2?
Thanks bye.