of course i screencapped it

Bathroom Makeover?

in 6.1 this is what the bathroom in the Turner’s flat looked like:

However in 6.5 it looked like this:

I can understand a mirror being changed but not the tiles!

(It’s probably just as well the Turners are moving!)

Icon Tutorial

My dear friend @morrisonjennifer​ asked me to make an icon tutorial, so here it is. I’m really bad at explaining, but I’ll try to make this right. Also, english isn’t my first language (therefore my PS is in spanish) so forgive me if something isn’t clear.

To get any of these:

You’ll need:

  • Photoshop (I use the CC version)
  • A screencap/pic (I prefer HQ ones of course)
  • Basic photoshop knowledge
  • A PSD
  • Patience

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Captain Janeway in Parallax

Over the years, I’ve learned that sometimes, you just have to punch your way through.

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I would love to hear your personal headcanons for leckie and Hoosier!

Smol disclaimer that some of these have been worked on w/ @malarked so I can no longer remember who originally came up with the thing. Also, this is probably a mix of a lot of things, that’s like during the war and like post-war and stuff. Idk, I have written these two with Ed for too long and we have too many AUs and things.

  • Leckie never learnt how to drive before the war, since he grew up close to New York. He mainly didn’t really need to, but he also never really got the chance to learn. It wasn’t until post-war that he learnt how to, and that was mainly thanks to Hoosier teaching him (and being really patient about it and being so proud of when Leckie got his license. Basically, they’re cute af)
  • The first place Leckie drives them to after getting his license is their favourite spot in a forest of some sort, and they sleep in the back of the truck and watch the stars and are just… cute.
  • Hoosier is 100% the small spoon and Leckie the big spoon, but that might have already been established tbh.
  • Leckie wears glasses for no other reason than to look smarter, and Hoosier loves to tease him for it, because Leckie is just such a hipster. 
  • Hoosier is a great cook (credit to Ed for that one), and he cooks Leckie meals whenever he has a lot of work, and makes sure he gets his sleep and take breaks and stuff. 
  • They own a bathtub for the sole reason of soaking and washing together after sex, because it gives them an excuse to cuddle and still stay close
  • They love going on roadtrips together in Hoosier’s pickup truck and just stop in shitty motels to sleep, or sleep in the back of the truck if it’s warm enough. 
  • Leckie’s family doesn’t like Hoosier at all - not only because of the gay thing, but also because they think he’s too uneducated - and Leckie gladly cuts all ties with them, because it’s not like his parents have ever done much for him. 
  • Basically, get Leckie a better family 20kforever
  • Seriously, anyone who makes my boy look like this does not deserve him:
  • Hoosier thinks Leckie looks super hot in his dress blues, so that’s pretty much the only reason Leckie ever wear them. 
  • Hoosier fell in love with Leckie LONG before Leckie realised he wasn’t a Good Straight Boy™, and even after he realised he had feelings for Hoosier, he still struggled with them A LOT. Basically, I can talk about this for years, I have so many emotions about Leckie’s internal struggle with his sexuality. 
  • Hoosier totally didn’t think Leckie would fall for him, because, look, he’s not intellectual or educated or anything, but fuck, does Leckie fall HARD for that blond sweet boy. Yikes, okay, Leckie is so in love, but it takes him SO LONG to admit it. 
  • Basically my boys are sweet and good and OTP and I love them more than air.
  • Like, y’all, if this isn’t the face of a man madly in love, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. LOOK AT THAT FACE. THAT SMILE. THIS IS ALL AT LECKIE. 
  • I need to leave I’m just here with tears in my eyes mumbling about how much they love each other. Pls, I love them and I need to write them more, oh my god.

The trick is – don’t fall in love.

Introducing the last of my main Pokemon Fankids.

He’s Izumi, my Twinleafshipping fankid.

A dancer, hyperactive and dramatic, devoted fan of Serena Zay that follows her steps (even with his starter who happens to be a Fennekin). 

He also happened to meet Lara on a night party on a Pokemon Center and it was basically love at first sight. 

Charlotte despises him because he’s totally going to corrupt her baby after all.

Stuff ensues later.

one thousand souls crossed over: celeste’s return 

“You don’t recognize me, do you?” There is a sigh.  “I should have expected this.  You often looked right through me.  I wonder if that made it easier in the end.”

Bonnie wants to ask the obvious question.  In the end she doesn’t need to.  Elijah appears on the balcony, his face wholly unreadable.  A guttural sound escapes him as his fingers curl tightly around the railing.  For a moment he stares at the woman in red and she only has eyes for him in return.  

Then he says it.


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could i ask for the show's name?? sounds SUPER cool wow (also if you have any other anime recs...... hmu please...........)

it’s called re:create (it started this season and so far there are only 3 episodes so it’s super easy to catch up to lmao) as for other recommendations it depends on what genre you’re looking for!! im just gonna list what i’ve watched and kinda left a lasting impact

is if you’re into sports anime go for the Obvious Ones™: haikyuu, free, kuroko no basket, yuri on ice, those are the ones i’ve seen, people also like daiya no ace which i have yet to watch. haikyuu is about volleyball, knb is about basketball, yuri on ice is about ice skating and free is about swimming, daiya is about baseball.

when it comes to fantasy stuff i liked fairy tail, tales of zesteria the x, sword art online, attack on titan, venus versus virus, magi, d.gray-man, ao no exorcist, soul eater, noragami, and many many more are pretty good, i still have to finish some of them but they’re great. there are a lot of fantasy anime basically

as for school / slice of life stuff ouran high school host club is a classic and honestly an anime that probably defined a Generation, aside from that i’d watch ore monogatari and gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, special a, Gals!, lovely complex, which are all great and will make you laugh so much. others you can watch, which i’ve yet to watch or finish, are nijiro days, kaichou wa maid-sama, hibike euphonium, orange,  the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya. also lucky star, don’t judge me it’s HILARIOUS okay

if ur into thriller/horror stuff i’ve heard good things about psycho-pass, also try death note and tokyo ghoul.

if you wanna get on that Magical Girl Anime train there’s sailor moon and sailor moon crystal and magical lyrical girl nanoha and madoka magica. magical lyrical girl nanoha starts off as a lil bit cutesy but it gets darker as the seasons go on, pretty good. there are a shitton more of magical girl animes like tokyo mew mew and pretty cure and all that fun stuff.

what else is there, ok there are like the… Very Popular / You Have To Watch This anime, i’ll be real i haven’t watched them all but : naruto, bleach, full metal alchemist, neon genesis evangelion, code geass. then there’s stuff i dont know why i watched it … such as .. vampire knight

uhhhh what els we got, there’s one punch man and K! and gintama, bungou stray dogs, honestly i think this is where it ends, i have watched more stuff but to write that all down would cost me like 3 years……….

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5 and 7?

5. What’s your favorite thing to draw?
Going by my sketchbook I’m guessing it’s male dunmer faces (Darash and Shiosh in particular) with hands coming in on a strong second place.

7. How often do you use references?
I take, make and hoard tons of references (photographs, screenshots, screencaps) but rarely use them. Of course I dig through them when I do studies but I havent done nearly enough of them lately.
I’ve been trying to force myself to use references more cause to be honest I’m trodding water with my ‘art’ and I wish to improve for my own sake.