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Kinktober #27: Branding

SEXY KAGEHINA MAGE AU!!! I’ve been super excited to write this prompt since day 1 of the challenge! I hope everyone enjoys!

The Mage Academy is the best place Hinata has ever been in his entire life. The sprawling college nestled in the heart of the forest seems almost lost amidst time and the wilds around it. But those who can find it, find themselves. And Hinata never wants to leave.

Which is why he’s in the position he’s in now.

The forest at dusk is nothing short of—well, magical. The area around the college is filled with traces of old magic, from its students learning, practicing, doing. Though it is growing dark, magic motes of light drip upward from the brown earth, floating through the air and dispersing into the tree branches, giving off light enough to see with, but not to disrupt the sacred night.

Hinata sits on the ground, poring over a dusty old spell tome, The Power of Joining: Magical Bindings, Contracts and Oaths. He bounces his legs as he flips through the pages, before—“Here!” he says, and the tall figure leaning against a tree some ways away walks nearer.

“The Kindling Pact,” Hinata reads out. “For those who wish to amplify their power a hundredfold, only the toughest thread may be used to bind them.”

Kageyama, the other mage with him, crouches down to squint at the pages. He’s so close, Hinata can smell him a little bit—light, clean sweat and lingering traces of some mild soap. Hinata bites his lip and pretends he hasn’t noticed.

“What if one of us needs to use the bathroom?” Kageyama asks.

Hinata stops reading and looks up at him. “What?”

“I guess…” Kageyama says, brows furrowed, “the string goes under the door?”

Hinata looks at the directions. “I don’t think it means actual string.”

“Oh,” Kageyama says. “That’s good, because if I have to spend any more time with you than I already do, then I don’t know if this is worth it.”

“You won’t!” Hinata yelps. “Besides, I’m only doing this so we can beat that blonde glasses bastard. You heard! You heard what our Counselor said. If we don’t win tomorrow’s match—”

Kageyama folds his arms. “I know, dumbass! If I’m not stuck with you, then it’s fine, whatever.”

“Fine,” Hinata agrees, venomously, because Kageyama is making it sound like Hinata is the one it sucks to get along with, and not entirely the other way around. But he can’t piss Kageyama off—he needs Kageyama, because Kageyama is the magical prodigy, and Hinata is…

Hinata is the lost cause who probably wouldn’t have ever made it into the Academy, if he’d never met Kageyama in the first place.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter. He shoves the book over for Kageyama to look at.

After a moment, Kageyama says, “Are you sure this is the right spell?”

“Of course I’m sure,” Hinata says, glaring at him. “…Wait, why?”

Kageyama turns the book toward him, and Hinata notices his ears are weirdly pink. He frowns and looks back at the book, where Kageyama has pointed to a small footnote at the bottom.

*The more intimate, the stronger the bond! Though not required, intercourse is highly recommended.

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