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yo whats ineffable husbands looks gay im interested


buckle up, pal

alright. so there’s this book called Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, published in may 1990. two main characters are

and Aziraphale, who is an angel who has not, in fact, fallen, because he’s a Good Angel!!! they’re both canonically sexless and the book is extremely progressive in gender and sexuality, despite when it was written, such as ‘shes become a lesbian but that’s all right these days!’ and ‘morning, sir or madam or neuter’ (there are a few gay slur used as insults, but they are shown as generally bad). the authors have denied a sexual relationship (ACES!!!!) but neil basically said ‘well, romantic interpretation is up to you ;)’

now, these two entities, over time, have basically become Good Friends™, despite the unlikelihood of a demon and an angel getting along. this is mostly facilitated by the fact that crowley thinks it’s acceptable demon activity to glue coins to the sidewalk and he has an emotional attachment to a car, while aziraphale owns a bookshop that he refuses to sell books from and just really likes sushi. they’re. they’re awful ok. both of them

the book has a lot of really amazing social commentary and it’s extremely funny, regardless of characters, bc the writing styles are so comedic, never even in a dramatic scene is there a lack of humor. (”the antichrist! how many nipples does he have?”)

ineffable husbands is the name of the ship between these two useless occult/ethereal beings. there’s so much of it in the book that anathema literally thinks they’re a couple (seriously), they’re referred to as a couple, and a love song is referenced for them. and of course, people just generally meeting the angel form three impressions:

as Good Friends, these two get drunk together, hold hands, fight together, generally trust each other more than they rely on their respective sides of heaven and hell?? run to danger for each other, freak out when the other is in danger, run errands for each other…

basically, they’re gay as hell if you like to read it as such, and the book is excellent for all other characters too, and i admit i don’t give them nearly as much attention as they deserve, so lemme just say anathema is a badass and newt is an idiot (i love him) and death is a chill dude.

also, queen songs.

r e a d  i t. and message me your reactions as you go.


like. it’s all i’ve ever wanted? star crossed childhood friends to lovers!! MERMAIDS!! woc protag!!! MERMAIDS!! lady warriors!! MERMAIDS!! lady friendship!! MERMAIDS!! life on a ship/an island/heavy ocean focus!! MERMAIDS!!!!!!!!! did i mention lesbian mermaid love story!!!!????

THERE IS A SEQUEL!! (which i’ve now started) and I THINK THERE’S GONNA BE A THIRD.

i conclude: wlw mermaids, woc protag, (most characters are poc actually, everyone but the merpeople thus far), lady friendship, lady warriors sent off to slaughter murderous mermaids to save their ppl, WLW MERMAIDS YALL.

there has never been a book more written just for me in my whole damn life. 12 year old me is LIVIN right now and she is validated and i want to hug her so hard.

(also, ps: the author loves clexa and would be into picturing eliza taylor as lysi, which, now… i’m dying and picturing her as a mermaid and i can’t breathe.)

Lifting The Curtain Tumblr!

Hi friends!! This is the launch of the official tumblr for my book, Lifting The Curtain!! 

I realized I had yet to actually make a place where all of my information on my book can live in one place. Throughout the process of finishing my book (that will hopefully be released on August 31st!! Fingers crossed), I’ll be posting updates and teasers to content and answering any questions people have about the book. 

For those who may not know me, my name is Phoenix and this is a book about gay love. It’s a bit more detailed than that, of course, but basically this book focuses on Sherlock Holmes and John Watson as characters from the original canon by Arthur Conan Doyle, all the way to BBC Sherlock today. There’s an untold history behind the LGBT identity of these characters and these stories overall that demands to be told 130 years later.

Huge thank you to James krispy-bits for designing the cover of this that you can see in the side bar!! I adore you and I can’t thank you enough for helping me out.

You can learn more about my book in the about page of this blog and feel free to send me any asks with questions you might have. 




i like violence, she’d shrieked at me

__________ I BLAME MY MOTHER.

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Per your top 5 favorite characters list, why Ginny? I love her too, just curious what in particular put her in your number one spot. Love your blog, btw!

Honestly my top 5 varies based on how I feel when I get up in the morning. I honestly can’t choose a single character most of the time.

But I do love Ginny dearly.

She’s smart, witty, and friendly, and what’s not to love about that?

But more than that, I think she is an incredibly strong woman who comes into her own over the course of the series.

From the very beginning, she’s impressive. How many 11-year-old girls could escape from Voldemort’s control like she did when she got rid of the diary? How many 11-year-old girls could go through what she did and come out on the other side without completely falling apart? From the very start, she’s a survivor.

A lot of people complained that she wasn’t included enough in the books (though she’s mentioned more often than most people realize), and I would love to have seen more of her story too. On the other hand, I also love that she has her own thing going on in the background. She grows into this amazing self-assured woman, and we as readers get only glimpses of that transition. There are all of these wonderful little moments, her developing independent friendships, her sharing a joke with Harry. One of my particular favorites is when Ron suggests she goes to the ball with Harry. She had already accepted Neville’s invitation to go as friends, but to be completely honest, Neville would have understood if she ditched him. But she didn’t. This is a 13-year-old girl who has just been handed her crush on a silver platter, and she turns the opportunity down because she already has a date.

This is the girl who Fred and George were both impressed with and slightly afraid of. And that alone says a great deal about Ginny.

As we get into OP, I love that Ginny is even more confident. She stands up for both Luna and Neville, and that absolutely matters. She also shows that, regardless of her feelings for Harry, she’s still going to stand up to him. She calls him out on his shit when she thinks he needs it, but she’s also there to listen to him when he just needs someone to listen. OP shows Ginny’s ability to connect with Harry emotionally, and give him exactly what he needs. I love that she has the emotional intelligence to deal with both Harry and her friends. She’s down-to-earth, but she also injects some much-needed positivity into Harry’s life.

In HBP, we get to see even more of Ginny. I genuinely like the way the subplots with Ginny’s boyfriend were handled. Ron’s annoyance seemed perfectly in-character, but I love how Ginny and her relationships basically deconstructed the idea that Ron has a voice in her dating life. Not only does she repeatedly fire back and assert her independence, she challenges the hypocrisy and makes it clear that her business is not her brothers’ business. And I love Ginny for giving zero credence to the idea that her brothers had a vote in her dating life.

All in all, I just really really love Ginny.

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*whispers* can you do webgott for the ship meme

Sorry for the wait, Anon.  I’ve been super busy and these take a lot longer than I thought (ie, I get carried away).  Still have more fills coming, guys!  Please, be patient with me!  <3

who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter activist:

Of course, Lieb is the wolf.  He loves to run around in his wolf form as often as possible.  Web is working as a forest ranger or game warden while he writes his books to educate people on wildlife conservation.  Lieb may have fallen a little in love with the pretty ranger/warden he sees wandering around his territory - not that he’s stalking him or anything.

who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman:

Web’s totally the mer - mershark that is.  He also has the ability to shapeshift, so if he ends up falling in love with some human while spending time on land, well…  What Lieb doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.

who’s the witch and who’s the familiar:

Lieb swears Web would have gotten himself dead a long time ago if it wasn’t for him.  No one wants to mess with a witch that has a black panther as a familiar.  And they would be right to be wary.  Whereas Web might hesitate to hex someone into oblivion, Lieb has no issue ripping their throat out to protect what’s his.

who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict:

Barista Web looking to make a few bucks while going to school, and comic book store manager/art student Lieb who survives on coffee alone.

who’s the professor and who’s the TA:

Professor Webster and TA Liebgott.  That’s literally all I got.

who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss):

Come on now, Webster is the prettiest prince to ever prince.  Liebgott used to think he was nothing but a spoiled brat, however those were his own prejudices and nothing that Webster had done.  Once he figured that out, Liebgott started to look at the prince in a new light.

who’s the teacher coach and who’s the single parent:

(I dunno why, but I want Lieb to be a coach instead.  Could be because Ross is a huge Celtic fan - as am I - and the Premiership game is today.)  Web wasn’t that big on sports.  Sure, he understood it was healthy for kids to be active and learning sportsmanship and teamwork were good things, but Web felt like sports were a distraction from academics.  Still, his son wanted to try soccer and Web couldn’t really tell him no.  The kid was whip smart and did well in school, so, with the caveat that his studies couldn’t suffer, he was allowed to join.  He regrets it the moment he meets the coach - Liebgott.

who’s the writer and who’s the editor:

Whelp, this one’s easy…  Web’s an acclaimed author.  Lieb is the long-suffering editor.  They bicker constantly and people wonder why Web just doesn’t work with a different editor.  The thing is, though, that Lieb doesn’t pull punches just cause Web is kind of a big deal, and he makes Web’s work shine.

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Could you write why Tom would be a good roke model/inspiration 😍

May I please use this opportunity to talk about one of the greatest things I think Tom Felton has done for the HP community throughout the years? I always wanted to say it but didn’t know how to put it into words, I still don’t but I’m gonna try anyway, so bear with me anon :)

I started reading HP when I was 11 (back in 2000), and for the most part of my years of obsession with the books, I felt isolated, bullied and silenced because of my interest in morally ambiguous characters like Snape and Draco.

Back in that time, you wouldn’t feel safe to let others know you like Draco Malfoy. It’d give them a reason to bully you. If you blurted out that you like Draco, then you had to start justifying your interest in him, which was a very tiring task for someone so young. They’d say but Draco is a jerk. He treats Harry horribly. He’s a snot. He’s a supremacist. He’s morally corrupt. And all I really wanted them to understand was that, yes but he’s INTERESTING.

I think it’s a dangerous thing when people trust the moral point of view in a work of fiction, because more often than not, it’s not consistent. You are naturally inclined to sympathize with the protagonist and side against the antagonist, but what if the protagonist isn’t completely moral and the antagonist is in certain aspects? If you put too much value and trust into morals of fictional characters, you’d be deeply conflicted and led astray.

We shouldn’t be forced to justify our interest in Draco by trying to find moral values in him. Just the fact that he’s an interesting character to us with lots of potential for development should be enough. Just bc I like Draco doesn’t mean I’m gonna turn into him. There should be a clear distinction bw FICTION and REAL WORLD. I don’t take morality lessons from fictions, I don’t trust the writer to be any more knowledgeable about morality than I am. I read books to stretch my imagination, to avoid closed narratives, to escape the dreary dullness of the real life. Of course I learn many things from books but I don’t put any trust in the morality of the characters. It’s not even interesting anyway.

Now what did Tom Felton do? He stopped the bullying.

You rarely see people hating on Draco like the old days (young fans are very comfortable to say ‘I love Draco’ on social media). I’m pretty sure the children today reading HP have a completely different experience than what I did back then. There are A LOT of fans who love Draco now, and aren’t afraid to admit it, and I’m gonna say it’s mostly to do with Tom. I’ve seen people trying to make a point that liking Draco because of Tom’s attractiveness and charming antics is wrong. But I’d say as long as people are free to express their interests in fictional characters without being bullied for it, it doesn’t matter how and why. Tom’s love for Draco made accepting Draco a lot easier for those who wanted to like him but were conflicted to do so because of moral values. I’ll be forever grateful to his love and support for Draco. I’d rather fans look up to Tom’s open-mindedness and appreciation of every taste and ship in the fandom, than say, JK Rowling’s own brand of bullying by shunning fans for liking Draco simply bc she didn’t like him and didn’t intend to write him in a way that some readers would find him interesting.

The intention of the author is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is how readers interpret the work, and that’s why fandoms are created: to have an outlet to discuss your own interpretation of the work. Still, the interpretation needs to take sth from the canon to have any relevance, and I’d say for many, having Tom as that element to support their interest in Draco was a very appealing option.

So, Tom Felton’s love and appreciation for Draco and also the Slytherin House helped create a safe zone for younger fans to easily share their interest in a character and a House that are marginalized and shunned by the books and the majority of readers. The HP community owes a lot to Tom for the spread of tolerance and understanding, in my opinion.

This is of course one aspect of Tom’s inspiring personality. Other things I like about him is his laid-back attitude which in turn allows him to be genuine, energetic, open-minded, polite, funny and all-around nice and pleasant. I’ve had a number of carefully hand-picked crushes throughout the years, but somehow this 15-year-old crush doesn’t seem to go away any time soon, and I think it has everything to do with the kind of man Tom Felton continues to be.

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PASS THE HAPPY ALONG! When you get this, reply with five things that make you happy and pass along to ten nice people. ❤

Man I got this twice. So you’re gonna get five normal answers and five answers that probably tell you more than you really need to know about me.

My family and friends, because they’re all pretty neat.

My course, because I’m secretly very proud of myself for it, and for the results I’m getting, and for what it could mean for me.

My cat. She’s weirdly fascinating but also loves me so much and I’m obsessed.

Bookshops - books, man. BOOKS. Also related to course above, because Books.

Thunderstorms. I love really heavy rain, the dark clouds and thunder. It’s great.

Weird things:

Shitty movies. Really really terrible films are my jam they’re hilarious and I love them.

Ducks. Have you spent a significant amount of time looking at ducks? They’re hilarious.

Nuns and monks. I dunno what it is, but when I spot one in the wild I get very excited.

Really crappy shameful pop music. I love it. I dance like a four year old, so I just jump up and down and shout along and I love it.

Weird things that humans do. Like “ugh this tastes revolting! Try some.” And then whoever is being offered it inevitably trying some, and then also being revolted. Or how basically every conversation I had at university cycled back to kids’ TV. Humans are weird and cute and gross and fun.

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OTP ask: 25, 28, 49 for Emil and Mickey!

Thank you dear :D

  • 25. Who wears the other ones clothes? 

Michele loves wearing Emil’s clothes. To be perfectly honest, Emil would wear Michele’s too, but Michele is slightly shorter and a bit thinner, and he loves wearing very fitted clothes. So there’s no way for Emil to comfortable wear Mickey’s clothes. Michele, however, loves to bundle up in Emil’s loose sweatshirts that always carry his scent. Especially in the morning, when Emil sleeps in and Michele can’t sleep anymore (after a good half an hour of watching his boyfriend sleep, of course), he wears whatever Emil wore before their clothes got dumped on the floor the night before and goes to prepare some nice Italian breakfast (consisting of brioche and cappuccino).

  • 28. Who is the book worm? 

I’d say, between the two Michele reads more than Emil, but he’s not this super avid reader. He’s one of those people who only read when they find something they really want to read in that moment, which means he doesn’t have a book on his nightstand every night. When he does read something, he won’t put the book down until he’s done with it. He used to only read books in Italian, but for the sake of improving his communication skills with Emil he started reading them in English (if that’s the original language they were published in). Plus, if they’re in English there’s always a chance that Emil will pick them up too, sooner or later. And sometimes he does.

  • 49. Who is the driver/ Who is the passenger? 

Much like with…other activities, they’re pretty versatile and switch easily. They rarely have long road trips, since in Europe it’s much easier to move by plane or train. So their longest trips are usually just…Sunday afternoons at IKEA (that’s about a 40 minute drive from Emil’s - now their - house), or rides along the sea whenever they go back to Italy in summer. Emil usually takes the lead though whenever Michele is in a mood (he’s got a serious case of road rage let me tell ya) or simply because he likes driving.

Send me a number and an OTP :D

He said he loves her. No matter what, he said. But she is rain, and she pours down randomly. A mess, a destruction, she causes things that people hates without any hesitation. Despite what, he said. I’ll still love you, he said. A lie, she realized. He hates catastrophes, and she is more than that—worse than that. Of course, she thinks, staring into nothing. How can he love the rain when he hates the storm it brings?
—  xvi. // raincracks - she is nothing but storm.

What if you’d never seen the sea before? What if the only thing you’d ever seen was a child’s picture -blue crayon, choppy waves? Would you know the real sea if you only knew the picture? Would you be able to recognise the real thing even if you saw it? You don’t know what Dionysus looks like. We’re talking about God here. God is serious business.

Henry Winter as God 

Charles and Camilla Macaulay as a Seraphim. 

Francis Abernathy as a Cherubim. 

Bunny Corcoran as Lucifer, the fallen angel. 

Richard Papen as the believer. 

Ouija Board FAQ, Part 2

Here is Part 1, that contains long explanations to the most common Ouija board questions. Here is the next part, which are questions I get about weekly and don’t really need long explanations.

~Do pets have spirits?

Not like people do. I’ve written about this a few times. Spirits can shapeshift to look like whatever they want, and they can definitely look like dogs or cats. Living people like to look like dogs and cats, so do dead ones.

~Can pets see spirits?

For sure. Just don’t think that anytime your dog barks at nothing or your cat stares at a corner that it’s a spirit, they could be just playpretending.

~What is pendulum dowsing?

I get asked this A LOT, since it’s a really fun, really easy method to talk to spirits by yourself. I have a video demonstration of it.

~Why is it so bad to play alone?

Well, I mean, it isn’t bad but it’s not safe. Spirits need your energy to move the planchette, and the more people there are to give energy, the easier the spirit can do their thing. If you’re the only one giving all your energy, then you could wind up really drained and exhausted, plus you’re allowing the spirit to have lots of control of your body and mind.

~If I’m depressed, but it’s under control, can I still play?

I suggest that people who are undergoing depression not play because the spirit could easily trigger you or worsen your depression for their amusement, and I don’t want to be responsible for encouraging people to play to have them wind up very ill or worse. But if you feel like it’s under control, of course you can play. Rule of thumb: if you feel okay to play, play, if not, don’t.

~How can I talk to a loved one if I shouldn’t use the Ouija board to do so?

Contact a psychic medium.

~How can I remember my past life?

Try past life regression, which is a mediative/hypnotic state where you can remember some of your previous life. It’s not something I recommend though, since you’ll remember your last moments first, and remembering what it feels like to die is awful.

~How do I meditate?

Get comfortable, relax, and stop thinking.

~How can I make a protection spell to keep me safe?

Get something that makes you feel safe. Boom, protected. It can be a pillow, or a book, or the Hamilton cast recording, or a reallly good friend.

~How do I start a Ouija board session?

Say whatever you want. You don’t have to “warm up” the board by moving the planchette in circles, or say a rhyming chant like they do in the movie. Do whatever.

~Do homemade Ouija boards work?

Absoluely. Get a pen, paper, and something to use for a planchette (like an upside down glass, a blank CD, or just cut one out of a piece of paper) and you’re in business.

~What are shadow people?

Spirits that have halfway manifested. They are not good or bad, they’re just spirits. They look scary, because I mean, shadow people, but that doesn’t make them bad.

~How do you feel about:

The Psychic Twins: They are awful. They make predictions that are based on fear mongering, and say terrible things about people who have died.

The Warrens: These were two investigators who let their faith dictate their conclusions. They very much believed that all spirits came from the Devil, and therefore every kind of haunting was demonic. They sensationalized a lot of their stories in order to sell more books and movie rights. Do NOT trust people who will not look at both sides of something; if someone says something is demonic and refuses to think logically about another outcome, do not listen to them.

Long Island Medium: Theresa is lovely! She is a psychic medium, which is more than what I do, and she really does talk to her clients with love and support. Of course the show is scripted, and places her in situations that have clearly been planned, but that’s just how TV works. I don’t mind TV mediums as long as they speak respectfully of those who have passed and don’t treat the people they talk to as payroll.

Ghost Adventures: This is my favorite ghost show, mostly becuase they spend a lot of time debunking evidence. That being said, there are obvious experiences they have faked, and that’s because they have to put something on TV if they didn’t get enough exciting evidence. Recently I visited a place they investigated to find that a lot of the facts they presented about the location weren’t true and just sensationalized rumors, so don’t believe everything they say.

Guest Post by Anonymous--Why Romance Novels Scare me as an Asexual and as a Woman

Disclaimer—contains references to rape and homophobia

Let me start by saying that I read a lot of romance novels. It’s pretty much the primary thing I read. (They are pretty much the primary thing I read?) As a whole, I really like romance novels.

Also, as prelude number two, let me say that I am gray-ace, or gray-asexual, which fits under the asexual umbrella. The best way to explain how I feel is that I look at people the way that straight girls describe other girls. There are people that I look at and go “you’re really attractive” but I have never in my life had any urge to have sex with them. The other thing necessary to this little piece is the information that I am heteroromantic (I’m a cis female who is romantically attracted to males).

Okay, preludes done.

There are two reasons that romance novels bother me. I’ll start with the smaller one first.

Romance novels are all about “love,” which means they’re all about sex. The main female character and the main male character (or every once in a while the two main female or two main male characters) want to screw, and they usually fall in love by the end of the book. Sometimes it takes a few books. Either way, sex comes first, and everything else comes later.

This in itself is not a problem. You want to have sex first? Cool. Have fun. Go for it. The problem comes when the books start having lines like “Of course I was attracted to him. I was only human,” and, “Of course I’d felt lust before. I was a virgin—not dead.” Romance novels more than most stories really like the idea that the only people who don’t want to have sex are repressed, inhuman, or in mourning, and the sign that a character has become more “human” is that they start feeling attraction.

I am not inhuman. I am not repressed. And I am not mourning the death of some ex-lover. I am just not interested in having sex with…anyone.

Anyway. Onto the thing that actually scares me.

Romance novels aren’t great on consent. Like, at all. Most of the more recent ones (last ten years or so) are at least decent about what I’m going to refer to as immediate consent. If two (or more) people might be close to having sex (close in a romance novel meaning they are anywhere between holding hands and full-on penetration) and one of them says no, the partner(s) will stop. Usually. Even that can get a bit iffy sometimes.

But what characters (especially male MCs) tend to be really bad about is taking the initial “no” badly. By which I mean they don’t listen. At all. There seems to be some view that it’s sexy for a male character to continually pursue the female character after she has repeatedly said that she will not sleep with him. In romance novels, she always changes her mind and sleeps with him.

The continuous pursuit is terrifying, first to me as a woman and second to me as an asexual. As a woman, the idea that a man—the man who is supposed to be my best choice, the one who I will probably marry (given how romance novels tend to go)—will not take the answer “no” is scary. This is a continuous threat to women, that someone who is physically more powerful than us (because a lot of these romance-novel men tend to be military or something of the sort) won’t listen when we tell them to leave us alone.

As an asexual, though, this is always one of the scariest things for me, because I will never say yes. I will never decide that I do want to have sex with that man, no matter how attractive he is, no matter how much I love him, no matter how much I need him. And this is a reminder of one thing that always bothers me about what people say about asexuals and asexuality, that it’s not as bad as being gay because they aren’t being killed in the streets. Up until recently (1993) marital rape was legal (1993 being the year when it became illegal in the 50th state). A man had the “right” to have sex with his wife whether she wanted to have sex with him or not. If you were asexual and married, you wouldn’t have a choice in whether or not to have sex, and you might never want to. We may not be being killed in the street, but rape is still a real threat.

Moral of the story, it’s not attractive or cute or nice for a guy to pursue a woman after she has repeatedly told him no. In the real world, that’s often called stalking, and is generally looked down upon. Don’t romanticize it in your story. Don’t make it seem like that is how men are supposed to act or how relationships are supposed to work. This isn’t just for the asexuals of the world. This is for the women who sometimes live with the real fear of this happening, and for the men who are being taught that this is how they are supposed to act.

lysandras  asked:

36 and 48 for the book asks !

Thank you for the questions, I love talking about BOOKS

36. What is a book you love that has a terrible trope? (Love triangle, etc) ok is is cheating if I say the acotar series? Because there are soooo many trope-y things in it. There are a couple of other books though that also have tropes, like Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler, the main character falls for the bad guy and it ends terribly of course and everyone is like “don’t fall for him you’ll get hurt” and so what does she do? But it’s beautifully written. Also the book Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller, it’s also beautiful and tragic, but starts off with the trope of college student falling for her professor, which I’ve seen more than once and love.

48. What book made you angry? Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo. The end, I did not like it. I know a lot of other people agree. That’s all I will say. Ship disappointment. Is there a word for that, when you are disappointed in how ships go? There should be. I didn’t even rate the book on Goodreads because I love 75% of it, and hate the end, I hate the last line, even. But I’m not bitter.

50 bookish questions

“Fallen in love? of course i’ve fallen in love. Who hasn’t, problem is i fall for people i can’t get. 

No, literally , i fall for fictional characters from books or movies. I fall for actors more than twice my age and for youtube personalities.”

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What's the difference between Commentarius and the life and times? xx


Well, Commentarius is written in first person, the entire narrative is told through Lily’s diary, so you get her side of everything that goes on in her very Com!Lilyish way (super self-depreciating and a bit naive at times AND SUPER IN DEPTH.) There’s much talk of Guam and trading out her friends for pet rocks and it’s more humorous I suppose, than TLAT. The main focus of the story is James and Lily’s relationship. There are a few side plots, but Jily is what’s important. Com!James has a pretty dark side, and his temper is fairly scary and he’s got this certain sense of entitlement about him, but he’s a sweet heart most of the time so you forgive him rather easily (most of the time).

TLAT is a Marauder era story, more so than a Jily story. Lately people have been using that as some sort of criticism, but that’s ridiculous. I mean, of course I want to know how Alice and Frank’s wedding went, and I want to root for Adam and Marlene, I love Reginald Cattermole and that Mary MacDonald is his Mary from the books. I like all the extra stuff that’s put into the story. tlat!Lily is firm in her beliefs, but has a soft spot for her long time friend Severus. She’s a hopeless romantic and only says things if she means them. She’s quite honest and spends a great deal of time taking care of other people’s problems, most likely to avoid her own. tlat!James is a bit more angsty than we usually see James, but he’s great. He’s snarky, sharp and kind of an arsehole in a lovable way. He’s forced to start behaving in his sixth year, which causes him to start smoking, Remus likens him to Bob Dylan at one point, which he takes as a compliment. He’s in love with Lily from the beginning, but (in my opinion) he deals with it much better than com!James. He let’s her do her own thing and he does his own thing, intervening only occasionally to give her a hard time and eventually they become friends and I just really really like their story line. It’s gradual, and natural feeling.

TLAT is my preference, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve read them both a couple of times at least. They’re both fantastically written, so if you don’t like one of them, it’s going to be because the characterization doesn’t match yours or something like that, which isn’t a good reason not to read one if you ask me. If you opt out, you miss out.

This was much too long.

Peace out.