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Don’t tell me that someone who presumably convinced Jim Moriarty, in the spam of five minutes, to kill himself if necessary and predicted three terrorist attacks on twitter in less than an hour did not foresee Sherlock having to say I love you first. That was the whole point. Eurus wanted him to face his feelings and prove to him how detrimental they are to his thought process. The prospect of losing Molly Hooper made him lose his cool and his logic. (Duh, of course there was no bomb in her flat you dummy).

He knew that Molly loved him. He knew that asking her to say the words was cruel. And that’s why the whole make-her-say-it procedure took far longer than it should have.. He hesitated, rambled, begged. He was a mess of emotions. A disconnected Sherlock would have lied to her face in order to save her life 10 seconds into the conversation. This is what he is best at. Seeing the bigger picture and putting feelings aside to achieve the goal. Being a soldier. And he is brilliant at it. But this is the woman he loves. Hurting her hurts him too. That’s how it works. Add a death threat on top of it that turned out to be a scam and that’s what you get. 

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That scene was so powerful. I shall never recover.

@likingthistoomuch requested an angsty (with happy at the end) Victorian or Regency Sherlolly where Molly breaks off their engagement because of how she believes Sherlock feels about Irene. I’m gonna go with Victorian and I also went with Sherlock’s POV. Enjoy! ;)

Sherlock passed by the library in his parent’s estate, catching sight of Molly lingering by the fireplace and wringing her hands a bit. The silvery gown she wore glistened with the kiss of the nearby flames, and for a moment she looked almost unearthly. 

“Ah, Miss Hooper,” he announced casually as he entered the room. “Watson said he saw you head this way. Perhaps it would be best if you rejoined the party, seeing as my father is preparing to announce our engagement.”

She remained silent.

Sherlock frowned to himself. Something wasn’t right. 

“Miss Hooper?” he questioned, stepping further into the room now.

“I cannot,” she said very softly.


Molly turned then, revealing the shimmer of tears on her cheeks which matched her gown. She gave him a quick smile.

“Mr. Holmes, I cannot go through with this. This engagement and marriage…it is so obviously a mistake.”

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Sick - Sherlock x reader

Something, short and sweet to hold you guys out until later, WOLF chapter three will be posted sometime in the afternoon. Thanks guys for being awesome. Stay sweet.


“Y/n.” Even from the kitchen Y/n could here Sherlock’s grumble of her name from their shared bedroom. She stays still, staring at the open cabinet in front of her, “Yy/nnnn.” Sighing she walks to the bedroom, bottle of medicine in one hand, spoon in the other. “Yes Sherlock?”
If she can even call him that, what she’s staring at is a bundle of sheets that is supposedly her husband. The sheets move about and Sherlock’s head pops out, definitely not where I left him, she thinks. “I’m cold.” After two days of blatant denial, Sherlock had finally accepted the fact that he had caught a cold, there was a case that somehow required him to jump into a pond. And, here we are, “Well of course you’d feel cold, you’re running a fever.” Y/n says, walking over to place her hand against his forehead, and the fever seemed to have increased in the past hour. The detective groans and sits up, leaning against the headboard, “Well don’t worry, we’re gonna break that fever,” Y/n says, setting down the spoon so she could crack open the medicine bottle. As she pours the sweet pink liquid onto the spoon, Sherlock tightly closes his mouth and turns his head away, “No, don’t do that. Open.”
He shakes his head, keeping his mouth and the spoon at a considerable distance. Y/n sighs, here we go again, “Come on Sherlock, it’s not that bad.” she says, trying to encourage him to open his mouth, but to no avail. He had dome this before, the two times he had to take it, he was being an insufferable child. “Sherlock, would you just–” Y/n stops letting out an exasperated groan, staring at the ceiling before looking back at her baby for a husband. “Do you want to get out of this flat and go solve a case or not?”
Sherlock turns to her, and she raises her eyebrows, and he reluctantly opens his mouth, causing the girl to smile. She puts the spoon in his mouth, allowing the medicine to slide off it, and Sherlock pulls a face while swallowing. “There, see. Not that bad.” She smiles and he glares at her, “It’s strawberry.” he complains, “Yes, like you’ve complained the two times I had you take it. But it’s either that or you swallow pills, and we both know how that went last time.”
Sherlock groans, covering his head with his sheet, moving away from her, “Sherlock, come on, we have to break that fever.”
“Why can’t I just stay in bed?”
“Because you won’t get better, come on.” Y/n takes hold of the sheet that he had expertly wrap around his legs, tugging until he was free of it, leaving Sherlock sprawled out on the mattress, pouting at the ceiling. “Do I have to shower in cold water?”
“Yes.” Y/n laughs, taking his hand and gently pulling him up, immediately sensing the man’s reluctance to move. “I’ll go in with you if that makes you feel better.” Sherlock stands, smiling at her suggestion, and she laughs at him, “Of course you’d get up for that,”

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Molly and I had dinner with my parents per their request. Unfortunately, Mycroft was there as well. Fortunately, he is fond of Molly and wasn’t as annoying as he usually is. Exactly 3 months minus 1 day from today, I will be Molly’s husband; her, my wife. I do not know what I have done to be worthy of her love but I promise to always love and cherish her; to always be there for her. She is my whole world, and though I may never have told her, she has had my heart for a very long time; longer than she realizes.

Mummy and Father adore her; how could they not? Mum gave me a good scolding about not having pursued Molly sooner in which I explained had attempted to when I came back from taking down Moriarty’s network but she was otherwise engaged. Mycroft remarked how it was just bad timing. He has never been more right. Interesting enough, I quite enjoyed the dynamic of Molly and I having dinner with my family. I am usually quite put out with them but over the last few months, my emotional side has been developing much more rapidly than we imagined. 

Let me refocus on my fiancée. Molly Hooper. I love her more than I can truly express. She makes me feel happy and loved; two things I never considered I could honestly feel, but I feel them quite strongly. She looks lovely in that photo, doesn’t she? Of course she does, she’s Molly. She is intelligent, kind, beautiful, brave and strong.I admire this brilliant, loving woman greatly. I am madly in love with her. And that is the simple truth, @mollyhooperxxx.   

*arrives a month later with Sherlolly  fanfiction that takes place - of course - in the aftermath of ~that episode~*


“Go away, Sherlock”

“Mrs. Hudson sends biscuits.” He blurted out, ashamed of the way his tongue rushed to bribe her with sweets. He noticed, as he noticed (almost) everything else, the fact that she loved sweets. Always during her visits to Baker Street she took her tea with not one but two of Mrs. Hudson’s treats.

“You go down there and you talk to her.” John had said. “Fix it, Sherlock, as you fix everything else. Look, Mrs. H brought biscuits. That’ll get you inside. The rest is up to you.”

Her icy command came through the closed door.

“You can leave them at the door on your way out.”

“No, Molly. You have to let me in”.

He immediately regretted his poor choice of words.

“You know, I really do not have to do anything, just because you ask”.

“N-no, of course not.”

In a manner very un-Sherlock like, he faltered. Against her good sense, she was drawn to the door at this sign of vulnerability in his voice. It was as if her presence could make it better, which was, of course, a ridiculous thought.

“I just-I really need to explain-”

The door suddenly burst open. Molly Hooper stood before him, looking at him directly in the eye. His towering form wasn’t so intimidating now, she noticed, and, in turn, he didn’t feel very powerful standing before her.

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The Video

A prompt I clearly procrastinated on for @shanfic Sorry! But I do hope you enjoy this!

The Conductor xx


“Let me see the video.” Molly said as she began to take in the way she had been manipulated. The way she had been manipulated in order to save her life that never needed saving.

Manipulated to say “I love you.”

Sherlock quickly sent a text to Mycroft asking for the footage. “You can see it in 5…4…3…2…” His text alert went off and a text carrying the footage opened up on Sherlocks phone.

“Are you sure you want to do this? To watch this, I mean…” Sherlock trailed off as Molly gave a firm nod. Even in a pink jumper, she was still intimidatingly formidable.

“I can handle this. After all, I handled getting my heart broken while being filmed.” Molly gave a cold laugh and took Sherlock’s phone from his hand.

“Hello, Sherlock. Is this urgent? Because I’m not having a good day…” Molly held her breath while she heard her own voice.

“Molly, I just want you to do something very easy for me.” Sherlock’s played out of the speakers.

Sherlock closed his eyes and went back to that day. To when he made her say words that broke her worse than ever before. He remembered seeing the pain on her beautiful face, the tears in her big brown eyes. And he remembered the way it broke him, too.

“…say it like you mean it,” the video continued playing as Molly’s flat stayed silent. Molly watched her face mouth the words before ordering Sherlock to say them first. As she watched, her attention drifted to Sherlock’s face. She watched Sherlock stare at the camera in shock before realizing what he had to do.

What she hadn’t prepared herself for was how she noticed emotion in his ocean green eyes. His eyes never felt, never showed any sign of sentiment… but here, in the video, he was feeling so much more than he could ever handle.

“I love you,” he said the first time. It looked pained, forced, and Molly felt a blow to her stomach as she thought that he didn’t mean it. But then she saw the second time he said it. The way the words slipped smoothly of his tongue as his eyes begged for her to say the same.

Eurus’ voice echoed in the video. “There were no explosives in her little flat… why would I be so clumsy?” And Molly understood. What he had believed, and how it destroyed him. The video ended abruptly, causing Sherlock and Molly to stare at the blank screen in a silent apartment.

“I suppose then, that’s that.” Sherlock quickly stuffed his phone in his pocket and made a move to the door, but was caught by Molly’s hand as she held on tightly to his own.

“I never knew it was like that… I’m sorry. And I looked so weak!” Sherlock stopped down unexpectedly and hugged her tightly.

“You aren’t weak… you are the strongest, most amazing woman I have ever known. And it’s taken me some time… far too long actually… but I realize it now. I love you,” he whispered as his green eyes stared into her warm brown ones.

“It sounds a lot better when you say it and my life isn’t being told it was at risk, doesn’t it?” Molly smiled as Sherlock caressed her face.

“Yes, it really does. And now, will you say the same to me?” Sherlock asked as he held Molly.

“Of course, I have no reason not to,” and she kissed Sherlock the way she always dreamed she had. “I love you.”

Sherlock looked at her, breathless. “Then I suppose we could go somewhere together tomorrow?” And Molly nodded, with a smile that truly reached her eyes.

And Sherlock and Molly laughed, feeling the salt and the sugar of true love.


I’m seeing some people say that it’s unrealistic for Sherlock not to see through Molly Hooper’s disguise in The Abominable Bride, but remember that this is all in his mind. Sherlock is seeing what’s appropriate for him to see.

Since they recreated the scene where Sherlock flagellates the corpse, I expected them to introduce Molly in the same scene. But they didn’t, because in Sherlock’s worldview Molly did not exist in that scene. She was too unimportant to take any real notice of. Later on, she’s introduced to us as Hooper, and she’s effectively neutered by her male disguise, rendered sexless. She is nothing but the slightly argumentative doctor who provides valuable assistance with his work. “I don’t count” is her famous line in S2, and it takes Sherlock some time to realise “You do count. You’ve always counted and I’ve always trusted you.” He didn’t see the real her and who she truly was until much later on, just as he doesn’t in the special. That is why it’s such a shock when she doffs her disguise and he sees her as a woman, and why one of the biggest revelations he has in his mind palace is “I’ve treated the women in my life horrendously and I need to make amends.”

Of course the real Sherlock would have seen through Hooper’s disguise in a second, but in his mind Sherlock doesn’t because it reflects his changing perceptions of her in real life. John, on the other hand, sees the value in people right from the start, and he cared for Molly’s feelings in real life from the moment he met her. Sherlock knows this, and that is why John recognises her in the mind palace before he does.

I’ve been thinking a lot about that ‘I love you’ scene in 4x03. I thought about it yesterday after I saw it, and I thought about it all day today. And then I got in the shower and thought about it some more. Of course, like many people, I get my best thinking done in the shower so here’s where my brain went.

I think the fact that Sherlock said 'I love you’ twice says so much.

Let’s observe the way he reacts when she tells him she’s not an experiment. He is flustered as he says “No, I know you’re not an experiment! You’re my friend!” He is being the most sincere, I think, than he’s ever been with her. He’s so against the thought of her believing he only sees her as an experiment, that he doesn’t care for her at all that he must clarify that he’s not just trying to use her or manipulate her. This line, right here, is proof that he does not want to give her the wrong idea. That he wants to be truthful and honest and to not wreck the friendship they have. That he does not, in fact, want to manipulate or use her.

So if that is true, then why does he say he loves her twice? He is being backed into a corner and made to say it once even though he does not want to give her the wrong idea, but he does not have to say it again nor does he have to say it so emotionally. He is being 100% sincere when he says he loves her and if you think otherwise, then you have an awful understanding of the scene.

Of course, whether he means it platonically or romantically is up to you but I believe the way he breaks down and destroys the coffin is a clue that he is disappointed in himself for feeling the way he feels. He always thought romantic feelings were for boring, mundane people and I think the destruction of the coffin was him realizing he cannot deny what he feels anymore and that he can’t hide his feelings from himself any longer.

Meh. This was what my brain did. Enjoy my dramatics.

Three Wishes

Here’s a little Sherlock John bromance with loads of Sherlolly feels. Thanks to @mizjoely for her help! Can also be found on FF.net and AO3. It’s a tiny bit sweary. Enjoy ~Lil~

They had been sitting in the small out building for almost two hours when John finally broke. “Fuck, I’m bored!” he said, rubbing both hands over his face.

Sherlock just continued to stare out the one and only window at the seemingly unoccupied house.

“Did you hear me, Sherlock. I said I’m bored!”

His friend sighed and glanced in his direction. “I heard you, John, as you’re sitting less than three feet away from me. But your boredom is not my concern. This is why you need a mind palace. I’ve solved three cases whilst we’ve waited and devised several new ways to annoy my brother.”

“I don’t want a bloody mind palace,” John complained. “I want this stake-out to be over.”

Stake-out.” Sherlock huffed. “This isn’t an episode of Miami Vice, John.”

“When was the last time you watched telly, Sherlock?”

Once again, the detective ignored his friend. Several minutes went by, then John got an idea. “Three wishes!” he blurted.


“If you could have three things, without consequences, what would they be?” John asked.

“A quieter assistant…”

“No I’m serious.”

“So am I,” Sherlock replied dryly.

“I’d wish for Mary’s past to stay hidden… forever and for her to never have to worry about it again.”

Sherlock finally took his eyes off of the building that they were watching, though keeping it in his peripheral vision, and looked at John carefully. “I thought…”

“It’s fine, Sherlock. Just play the damn game before I lose my mind.”

“All right, let’s see… I wish cigarettes were healthy. That they made your breath fresh and put a spring in your step.”

“You’re an arsehole…”

“It’s your game,” Sherlock said, looking at the house with a smirk on his lips. “What else do you wish for, John?”

“To never worry about money again.”

Once again Sherlock looked at his friend with a bit of concern on his face.

John rolled his eyes. Of course he doesn’t get it. “I have a child now, Sherlock,” he said patiently. “I worry about money and… things.”

The detective nodded.

“All right, two more,” John demanded.

“A neverending supply of cases. All nines.”

John smirked. “What, not tens?”

“I’m not greedy, for heaven’s sake.” He chuckled and John joined in. “One more and we can be done with this foolishness.”

John paused. “Ah… for you and my sister to be clean and sober… completely clean and sober, forever.”

“Way to kill the mood, John.”

“I’m serious.”

“Yes, I know. I thought this was supposed to be fun…”

“One more, come on,” John said.

There was a long pause before Sherlock finally spoke again. He kept his eyes focused on the house and said, “I wish… that Molly Hooper was still in love with me.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your Sherlolly Fanfictions and I can't get enough of them! I don't know if you're still taking requests, but I thought about what would happen if Molly and John were engaged and Sherlock needed to tell Molly he loved her before they get married. I can't get it out of my head and I'd LOVE to see it written out. And don't worry about the length, I like long stories! If you would be so kind as to write this, I'd really appreciate it!

Hi Nonny, I had to tweak your prompt a little bit because (a) love triangles are a genuinely difficult subject for me and (b) I cannot imagine John and Molly in a romantic way. And by John, I’m assuming you mean John Watson.

So I’ve twisted this to avoid the bumps that make me uncomfortable and hopefully the intrigue of it makes up for not following your prompt through. I have my boyfriend to thank for this brainwave of using another John (Helloooo, John H.) as opposed to John Watson. So thank you, boyfriend! 

Also this is insanely long and a little haphazard. In any case, I hope you’ll all enjoy it somehow. x


Secrets & Rhythms

The change had been so subtle that even the great consulting detective had not noticed. Molly seemed to smile a little more to herself, particularly so when he was not in the room. He had only found this out when he walked past the morgue and peered into the circular perspex panels of its doors. There she was, smiling sweetly to herself as she made notes on her clipboard, carefully circling the grey body she examined. However, it was only when she started forbidding him to come to the lab at night, that he really pricked up his ears and took note. 

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anonymous asked:

If I may be so kind as to offer you a prompt! Molly takes a chance at a new job offer far away from London. However, it turns out it's not a job offer at all... it's a clever ruse set up by none other than Jim Moriarty to take her hostage and burn the heart out of Sherlock. When he finally realizes this, Sherlock goes off to help prevent the demise of the person who matters the most to him.

*This turned out differently than I expected because my brain just didn’t want to. I hope you like it, though :)*

“I know how it looks…but I am not actually in love with Molly Hooper-”

“Well, I am…look at us both.”

Molly tugged the tangled sheets higher, stealing a quick glance at her equally breathless partner lying next to her.


Sherlock shook his head, his heavy panting rendering speech temporarily impossible. He peered at her from the corner of his eye; she was utterly beautiful like this, unkempt and completely natural. Now that he thought about it properly, interrupting her Bart’s leaver’s party and dragging her away for a night of debauchery at 221B had been the best decision he’d ever made.

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A/n It is three in the morning and I just saw another gif of that memorable Sherlolly scene.


“I think I am going to die”

When someone you deeply and truely love says this to you, how will you react?

I’m going to go on a limb and say that for most of you, some form of objection or denial will be expressed.

‘No, you’re not…’ or 'Don’t say that’

As commonly thought and said, denial is the first step.

Most of the time, denial is our reflex answer when presented with bad news or unfortunate events. When our happy reality is disrupted, we tend to refuse the facts in the hopes that not acknowledging will reset things and return everything to normal.

In a way, denial buys us some time, so that we can process what is really happening; so that we can ease ourselves into this new reality.

So why is it that instead of denial, Molly Hooper simply asked “What do you need?”

Don’t you find her response odd?

For a gal who has no qualms of showing Sherlock what she truly feels during distressing periods (eg. “Why do you have to spoil-”

“You always say such horrible things. Everytime. Always. Always…”)

Isn’t it odd that her response seems to fall short of emotions?

Instead, she’s proactive, asking immediately what she can DO to help him.

Of course this might just be my hyperactive mind wearing shipping goggles, but in a way I think this shows (1) how in-sync they are and (2) how strong Molly is.

Molly wasn’t perturbed by Sherlock’s pronouncement which means she didn’t have to reflexively deny his impending doom because SHE KNOWS HIM SO WELL, enough to immediately think that he has a plan.

And she wants IN on that plan.

“What do you need?”

She doesn’t have time to let tears well in her eyes. If the man she loves is going to die, but seems to have a plan to stop it, Molly Hooper is GOING TO BE part of that plan.

Molly has enough trust and faith in Sherlock such that upon being confronted by his declaration, her instinct knows that he is actively finding a way to stop his coming death.

Molly is strong enough to look past the possibility of losing Sherlock, and move on to how she can help him instead of bawling out.


And on the other side, Sherlock trusts Molly enough to include her in his plan and I think he knows that Molly is strong enough to handle being part of this plan. After all, if you have a brother that practically holds the government and its various agencies that deal with this level of James Bond trickery, why would you need the help of a single pathologist?

Because you need a fake body?

Brother dear can supply that.

Because you need someone to sign off your body?

Again, brother dear because A) he can control bureaucratic things like that B) he’s a relative who can demand that no autopsy be performed.

So why include Molly?

Because she needs to be part of the illusion.

The illusion of loss. The illusion of mourning.

She needs to be part of the plan because death is not just a milestone that people surpass. Death is a ripple in the ocean of life and it resounds through the lives of loved ones that remain.

Loved ones like John Watson, Martha Hudson and Greg Lestrade.

Mycroft can’t perform that illusion because A) he is not close enough to maintain a mask of grief B) he can’t even wear that mask of grief because for everyone else he is The Iceman.

Molly on the other hand is in the perfect position to play the part of a grieving friend.

And she HAD played that part. She had played it so well that there were no suspicions from Greg and John who could have launched their own investigations if there was even a grain of doubt or hope.

This is how strong and trustworthy Molly is and Sherlock knows that.

On the other hand, Molly trusts Sherlock to save himself, to find a way out and she knows he is strong enough to do that.

Because Nothing Says Let's Have Dinner Like Solving Crimes

For broomclosetkink.

Broomy: This was originally just a short little reblog response to your explanation about what Moffat said about sociopathy and how that affected the dynamics of TEH. But stupid tumblr wouldn’t let me reblog, so I wrote this for you instead.

After Tom, Molly Hooper decided that it was best that she stop deluding herself about her feelings for Sherlock Holmes. He would probably never reciprocate her love for him, but she didn’t want to hurt anyone else the way she had hurt poor Meat Dagger, uh Tom. So it was with a heavy heart that Molly decided that casual dating would be it for her, that is until Sherlock loved her back (in which case hell would have frozen over) or until her feelings for the man were truly gone.

Of course, leave it to the great Sherlock Holmes to never follow a plan….

It had been five years since that whole Moriarty returning fiasco. Five years since she had been kidnapped by a madman just to be saved by another, arguably, madman.

Over the course of those five years, Molly and Sherlock had grown closer as friends. Molly now knew for certain that she was important to the consulting detective, and not just for her skills in the morgue. Not to be full of herself, but Molly figured she ranked as high as John and Mary on the friendship scale. Of course, she didn’t receive the same “playful” ribbing as John did, but she chalked that up to male bonding. Certainly John never received kisses to the cheek the way Sherlock would periodically bestow them on her and Mary.

One big change that Molly enjoyed immensely was that Sherlock had begun inviting her out for cases again. Whenever John was busy with Mary and the baby, or the case wasn’t big enough to warrant disturbing John at work, Molly was invited to play sidekick to Sherlock. She enjoyed watching Sherlock be brilliant, and she especially enjoyed catching the people that put bodies in her morgue. On his part, Sherlock seemed to enjoy having her expertise readily available, and he also seemed to enjoy sharing jokes with her about the sometimes insane situations they found themselves in.

Everything seemed to run along smoothly in Molly’s world. Between work, Sherlock, poor old Toby, and her other few friends, Molly was constantly busy and hardly ever felt lonely. She sometimes wished she could marry and settle down, but her feelings for Sherlock hadn’t dissipated over the years, and she still refused to string anyone else along.

The one big thing she did miss? Sex. Molly had not had sex in five long years. Even for her, a woman with few sexual partners, that was a long time. But she had managed to survive through lots of yoga and meditation, as well as copious amounts of manual self-stimulation to thoughts of Sherlock Holmes. Thoughts, which while privately kept, she refused to be embarrassed about.

She was in the middle of one of those thoughts while at Baker Street (not an ideal time), when Sherlock spoke. They were waiting on clients and Molly was bored to tears, hence her sexual thoughts, so she did not quite catch what the detective said. From the blank look on her face, Sherlock deduced that she hadn’t actually heard him and he rolled his eyes. Molly bristled. It certainly wasn’t her fault she was so bored that she took a little jaunt into her own mind palace to keep herself from withering away in John’s old chair. Of course, her mind palace was devoted solely to sexual thoughts of Sherlock Holmes.

“I said,” Sherlock emphasized, causing Molly to roll her own eyes, “we should be getting married soon don’t you think?”

Though it took her only a few seconds to respond, in Molly’s mind it seemed forever as she struggled to parse what Sherlock meant. “What?

Sherlock refrained from rolling his eyes again, but Molly saw the slight flicker of his eyelids as he struggled to do so. “Married, Dr. Hooper. You and me.”

Molly’s mind seemed to jumpstart at that moment, and it was none too soon, since the whole topic was starting to rattle her. “But why would we get married? We’re not together.”

A look of hurt flashed briefly across his face, but Sherlock quickly composed his features into his normal emotionless mask. Molly, who was staring intently at him though, caught the look and felt even more confused by the sudden turn of events.

“What did you think the last five years was about then?” He asked stiffly.

Sherlock’s face was still composed but she caught a hint of anxiousness in his eyes. And Molly, being the smart woman she was, was able to piece together the logic from what Sherlock was hinting at. “Are you telling me that the five years of me helping you to solve crimes was us dating?”

At her seemingly quick grasp of events, Sherlock relaxed slightly into his chair. “Well yes, ofcourse. Why else would I ask you to keep solving crimes with me when I could have easily availed myself of Wiggins or Lestrade, or even Anderson. John certainly wasn’t always busy everytime I’ve asked you to join me.”

Molly was brought up short by this statement. When she thought about it, there were times when John hadn’t been working and Sherlock could have sought him out. Certainly Mary didn’t mind as long as John came home periodically during a local case to spend time with his girls.

Molly shook her head. “Let me understand this. We’ve been dating for five years, without me knowing apparently, and now you want to get married.” Sherlock nodded. At this point the reality of the situation hit her full on and Molly’s temper, while rare, flared to life. “Why the hell weren’t we having sex then Sherlock Holmes?! I’ve never dated a man for years with no sex involved!”

At some point Molly had stood up and was towering over Sherlock’s form. He seemed as if he wanted to interrupt, but Molly continued to rant at him, her arms flailing wildly about. “My god, we could have been having sex! I could have been having sex! Is this why you scared off every guy that showed interest?! For five bloody years!”

Sherlock managed to push away from his chair, forcing Molly to take a couple of steps back, and stood before her. His mouth was twisted into a smirk and his eyes were alight with humor before his facial features shifted again and he gave her a haughty look of derision. “I was saving it for marriage Dr. Hooper. I’m not a heathen.”

Molly wavered in between wanting to strangle Sherlock with every fiber of her being and dragging him to the bedroom. She thought about the last five, dry years of her life and settled on sex. Because, you know, five years, and Sherlock was certainly fit. Molly reached out suddenly to grab Sherlock by the arm, and took pleasure in the slight flinch he was unable to suppress. ‘Serves him right,’ she thought to herself angrily.

As she began dragging him by the arm toward his room, Sherlock, being the confused puppy that he was in social matters, struggled a bit against Molly’s iron grip. He certainly knew how futile that struggle was, since the pathologist was deceptively strong for her small stature. “What are you doing Molly?”

Molly choked out a laugh and wicked sexual thoughts of Sherlock began to flash in her mind. “After five years of no sex, I refuse to marry you until I test the merchandise Sherlock.”

Molly was pulled to an abrupt stop outside of Sherlock’s open bedroom door. “So you will marry me?”

She turned back to look at her socially inept detective, and apparently her boyfriend. He had a look on his face that Molly could only describe as joy, though others would be unable to detect the happiness in his eyes, and the gentle upward curve of his lips. “Yes Sherlock, you crazy man, I will marry you.”

And for the first time ever in her acquaintance with the man, his lips pressed directly onto hers as he bent down to kiss her. Molly’s hands found their way into Sherlock’s curly hair, while his hands wrapped around her waist and pulled her flush against his body. The burgeoning evidence of his attraction encouraged Molly’s ardour, but she relunctantly pulled away.

“So you really do want to marry me Sherlock?” He nodded, and Molly took a deep breath to rally her courage. “I love you, Sherlock Holmes. You don’t have to say it back, but I do wonder, since you want to marry me, do you love me?” She stared intently at his face as she asked the question, unwilling to look away as a small uncertain part of her feared that he would lie just to appease her, though she knew in her heart he didn’t have to.

"Yes Molly Hooper, I do love you.” Sherlock smiled in response to the smile that bloomed on her face.

"For how long?” At this, Molly did look away. She focused instead on her small hands as they linked with one of his.

Sherlock gently brought her head up with his free hand and began to caress her face. “I knew for certain, when after Moriarty’s likeness was plastered throughout the city and Mycroft called me, my first thought was of your safety.” Here he paused, as they both thought of that terrible time. “Though I first suspected I might have deep feelings for you when I came back to London… but, well….”

Molly nodded at the unspoken recognition of her disastrous relationship with Tom. “I wish we could have discussed this years ago.”

Sherlock smiled at that and pulled Molly back into his arms, this time to simply hold her. “I should have said something a bit more direct than simply asking your help with cases. Not everyone can make the logical deductive leap from solving cases to dating.” Molly giggled into his shirt at his words and Sherlock smiled, his chin restly lightly on top of her head.

“Now, Dr. Hooper,” Sherlock pulled back and Molly looked up at the man who loved her as she loved him. A wolfish smile, which she had never seen before, spread across his face, “I’d like to point out that I am not an object to be tested and that I will expect to be married after this.” They grinned at each other and Molly began to pull Sherlock into his room once more. “I also expect for us to use swan shaped serviettes at our reception.” Molly laughed as Sherlock closed the door behind them.

The End.

  • Molly: Why am I doing this?
  • Sherlock: Because I asked and you love me.
  • Molly: *rolls eyes* Fine...take your shirt off.
  • Sherlock: *raises eyebrow* I could roll my sleeve.
  • Molly: *frowns* It's five in the morning. We're doing this my way or not at all.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Fine... *slowly removes shirt*
  • Molly: *stifles a yawn* So, why couldn't John do this? I hear he's a pretty good doctor.
  • Sherlock: You'll be gentle.
  • Molly: *grumpy; prepares needle* 5:00am.
  • Sherlock: *swallows* It's...quite big.
  • Molly: I told you it's better with someone you know really well...your best mate, for example.
  • Sherlock: *shakes head* Can't go to John. I have a...slight needle phobia.
  • Molly: *through gritted teeth* I know...you're hurting my arm.
  • Sherlock: *blushes; drops Molly's arm* Sorry.
  • Molly: *softens; softly rubs his arm* It's okay. I'm not a morning person...Molly Hooper doesn't usually happen until after three cups of coffee. You can...use my bed to recover, if you want.
  • Sherlock: Only if you'll join me.
  • Molly: *chuckles* Of course I will *ruffles Sherlock's hair; smirks* You'll feel a slight prick.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Such a way with words, Molly Hooper.

anonymous asked:

If you need a prompt: Sherlock cannot figure out why he feels different when he kisses Molly (it's is not like when he he kisses The Woman or Janine) and conducts some experiments (and or asks John) to figure out why.

in the valentine’s day spirit! 

John opens the door to the flat. And freezes. 

Because despite the fact that 221B is almost never in tiptop condition and despite the fact that Sherlock commonly tosses many different items around (including but not limited to shoes, clothes, papers, experiments, eyeballs, etc.), he has never seen such clutter. 

Art easels with the sole purpose of holding up…he squints, pie charts and bar graphs; large, new, pink looking books and magazines all open and face down on various surfaces (tables, chairs, the floor); and somehow, the kitchen table has migrated into the living room and is now covered with flasks and pipettes and an assortment of different scientific equipment, all with different colored liquids inside. And are those…shampoo bottles?! 

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anonymous asked:

Prompt: Sherlock insists on protecting Molly from Moriarty after the end of His Last Vow. Molly doesn't understand why he's so insistent about protecting her specifically, and Sherlock finally says it's because he feels a certain way about her.... :)

“…believe me, there is nothing remotely appealing about the thought of…you naked and…on top of me…”

“I wish I could say the same.”


Ever since the terrifying message forced Sherlock Holmes’ plane to make a sudden stop and send him back to London, it had taken the genius consulting detective all of half a minute to decide Molly Jennifer Hooper needed protecting at all costs. Mycroft had, of course, scoffed at the absurd idea, claiming she was unimportant and he had made sure there was no evidence linking her to the Fall.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Sherlock from ignoring his brother’s calls and leaving the airport heading straight for Bart’s; it was up to Mycroft to find whether or not Moriarty really had returned whilst Sherlock guarded Molly.

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