of course i had to rewatch from the begining

See, we never went out to eat when I was a kid. So I always had this fascination with chefs and fine dining. My dad actually loves to cook… Of course he taught me to measure by eye. Seasoning to taste, all that stuff.

Kai Parker

So I was making some gifs and I was rewatching the “Table for three” scene at the Grill. And for the first time I actually tried to listen really carefully from the very start. Kai is yapping and yapping and it starts kinda hushed and then it gets louder and louder, so it’s easy to miss what he says at the beginning. I never realised what he actually said there. I can’t believe I never listened to this entire monologue before. I find it very interesting and surprising. It tells us something about Kai and his relationship with his father. And there were some good memories there apparently. And Kai’s whole thing for food came from his father. WOW.

Am I the only one who just noticed that? I kinda feel a little stupid. I think I’m this Kai Parker expert, but I still keep discovering new things about him. *mind blown*

nanoishuge  asked:

I'm rewatching the series from the beginning (not ready for it to be over), and (whether this is deliberate or not) the first episode makes a lot more sense once you know Lin's full back story. Of course she's not going to just let Korra get away with her crimes, because she saw how that broke her mother. I think her overly rigid sense of justice stems a lot from the promise she must have made to herself not to repeat her mother's mistake. What do you think?

Sometimes I wonder how much of Lin’s history they actually had planned out in their head when they first were writing book 1. She obviously had the scar, so they must have some idea where it came from. But at the same time, I know they really didn’t have the other books planned out very much beyond Korra’s spiritual arc. Bryke even said in the book 1 commentary that when they wrote the way she behaved towards Tenzin in the first episode, they hadn’t come up with the idea that they had once been a couple. It wasn’t until later that that idea came up and they wee like “hey this makes sense.” It brings up a lot of questions, like how long have they themselves known about Su? I think this is just how storytelling works though. Some things you plan out ahead of time, and some things just organically fit in as you go.

Even if they didn’t have Lin’s family history completely planned out when they wrote book 1, It’s very obvious that when they wrote book 3, they gave her a back story that made sense with the way she behaves. Bryke has always been good about that with all the characters.