of course i had to rewatch from the begining

PLL ‘Till DeAth Do Us PArt’

Well, this is it. The final episode of Pretty Little Liars. I’ll be honest, I had very low expectations for the finale. And I was even more disappointed than I expected to be. I guess some part of me hoped that we’d get lots of answers, and I’d be able to go back and rewatch from the beginning and piece it all together. But of course that didn’t happen. I’ve had some time to process it all and I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I did. The finale was a ridiculous mess but I did enjoy it. It was just a bit unsatisfying. I don’t know what else I expected from the show though. And don’t get me started on the full circle ending. So, here goes. The final ever analysis of a new PLL episode.

The beginning of the episode was so… odd. The Liars are just chatting. Their conversation was really weird. About frozen panties or some shit. Then Lucas comes along tap dancing. Umm??? I did not expect that to be the last we saw of Lucas. And then Jenna comes along riding on a horse. Okay?? And then it starts snowing… and it was just Mona looking into a snow globe. Imagine if the episode had ended like that??? If it was all Mona’s imagination. That would have actually been amazing! Anyway, the person in the back hoodie comes to visit Mona (in Welby I think she was) and she says she never would have guessed it was them. It must have been Wren!

All of the girls doing the shhh in the opening credits was amazing!! The perfect way to end the beginning of the final episode.

The first half of the episode focused on all the ships. I found myself getting bored for the majority of it. It was pretty much just fan service. And it felt different. It had a very different vibe.

Ezria were planning their wedding. I am so happy they acknowledged Aria’s ugly cry!! That was amazing! Aria can’t have kids. It was heartbreaking when she broke down and told Ezra. And they had that song that was playing when they found Maya’s body. Why are they messing with my emotions like this??

A year later, Emison have twins. Twin girls. Seriously, how many twin girls are there in Rosewood?? Okay, they’re just acting like a family and forgetting the fact that A.D violated Ali like that. Ali proposed. Which was pretty sweet, but I still don’t care. They do make a cute family, but I’m sorry, I just cannot support their relationship after everything that has happened.

I am so happy that Melissa was back!! I was so, so excited to see her in the black hoodie! That was everything I ever wanted! But… my heart sunk when it was revealed it was only Mona wearing a very realistic looking mask. Anyway, it was great to get to see Melissa in a black hoodie at least once. It really suited her. It was a missed opportunity not making her A.

Spoby! Spencer and Toby have always been my OTP and we got some great Spoby scenes. Or so I thought. I got so emotional when they were playing Scrabble. My Spoby heart! That is how they first bonded. That was the beginning of Spoby. They had their first kiss the morning after the first time they played Scrabble. And the S scrabble piece necklace that Toby gave her. Scrabble is their thing. I got really emotional watching that. ‘Limerence’. That was the final word of their game. The kind of unrequited love. My heart!! There were so many great Spoby scenes on the episode. But to think none of them were actually Spoby.

Haleb. I’m so bored of them. Don’t have much to say about them. Mona caused some drama in their relationship. Hanna was trying tog get pregnant. And in the end she did. Pretty boring typical stuff. So much unnecessary drama. We all know they’re going to have happy endings.

Umm, the HBO level sex. Okay… Lol I was cringing so hard at those scenes. And the music… Just, I was questioning what I was watching?

The Lost Woods Resort has been remade. It’s no longer a creepy place. It was nice to see them all chatting like adults for once. All of them together.

So, Addison is the new Alison. A bitchy mean girl. She is exactly how Alison used to be. And she has her own clique, with 4 other girls. It’s literally the Liars all over again. And a new A for their generation. I’m not sure how I feel about that whole thing. One of them is Maya’s niece. Jenna though. I love her! “I can smell a bitch a mile away.” ICONIC!

Mona! So, she has been working for A.D. She was told to wear the Melissa mask and spy on the Liars. And this whole time she’s had no idea who A.D was.

Mary is still in prison. When Spencer met with her it was so weird. That’s when I started to suspect that maybe that wasn’t Spencer. Their conversation was odd and full of twin clues.

The Wine Moms!! They mentioned the basement but we still don’t know how they got out! So good to see them get drunk together again. They need a spin off show!

So Spencer just threw herself at Toby. It made my Spoby heart happy, but none of this was actually even Spoby! I am so mad. Spoby shippers were robbed by this ending.

When Spencer was back in the barn, when just a second ago she was with Toby, that’s when I knew for sure they were going there. And when Mona slapped her. “De ja vu bitch!” OMG!!! And then she woke up in the strange room. It was like the Dollhouse all over again.

They went there!! They actually went there! Twincer/Spencerietta is confirmed!! Spencer was staring at her reflection and her reflection did something different and I was shaking. I can’t believe they actually went there! I knew it, but I still hoped it would be something better.

Alex Drake. Spencer’s twin sister. She lived in London. She happened to meet Wren one day when he came into the bar she worked at. He was convinced it was Spencer. He’s always had a thing for her. He ordered a vodka soda which is what Spencer ordered back in S1. Omg I was dying at this point!! Wren has always had a thing for the Hasting sisters. Omg.

Alex didn’t know about anything. She didn’t know she had a twin sister. She didn’t know she had another sister Charlotte. She didn’t know her mother was Mary Drake. Wren told her everything and that’s when it all started. When A.D began.

Okay, so wasn’t Wren living with Melissa in London?? How did Melissa have no idea about Alex?? Remember when Spencer visited Melissa in London. Was that actually Alex?? I am so confused.

Okay, so to get this straight. Alex Drake is Spencer’s twin sister. She’s British (Troian did an amazing job but her accent sounded a bit off at times). She wanted revenge for her sister Charlotte’s death. Wren helped her. She is A.D.

When Hanna saw Spencer when she was locked in that barn, that was Alex. She was one looking at the Hastings photo albums. She was the one who kissed Toby when he was about to leave. She’s the one who seduced him in the cabin. And she was the one at the airport with Wren. They were arguing. That’s why that scene was so awkward when they saw Ezra.

Alex was jealous of Spencer’s life. She wanted to become Spencer. She wanted her life. Very similar to Ali and Courtney in the books. Alex wanted a friendship like what Spencer has.

I have always loved Wrencer. I always kind of wished they’d get back together at some point. But this is not what I expected. I loved it though! Alex is a crazy bitch and made Wren shoot her in the same place Spencer was shot. Fuck this is what I always wanted in a villain on this show. I love it!!

I AM SO FUCKING MAD THAT THEY KILLED WREN!!! Alex that crazy bitch killed him and turned his ashes into a diamond! OH MY FUCKING GOD!!! That was the final straw. She is a fucking psychopath and I love her but I can’t believe she killed Wren. He’s now a fucking diamond I want to cry.

She kidnapped Ezra as well. And Ezria’s wedding was almost ruined. Aria’s wedding dress was so ugly. Who decided on that ugly dress??

Wren is the father of Emison’s babies! I fucking knew it!! Well, I guess the only good thing is as well as living forever as a diamond, he will also live on in the twins. Alex always knew he’d make beautiful babies.

So, what was Mary’s game? Whose side was she on? She says she didn’t know if Alex was even alive. She was taken right after she was born. Well, Mary sold her to get out of Radley. I love Mary and Spencer’s relationship and I just hope that it really was real. After everything Spencer deserves a real mother.

So, Ezra and Spencer are locked in ‘some do it yourself dungeon’. I was laughing at how ridiculous the whole things was.

So, now that Wren is dead Spencer wants Toby. SHe’s obsessed with him and wants to be Spencer so that he will love her. That’s some messed up shit and I love it!

So Sara was basically irrelevant?? We never got to know her motive. Was she kidnapped or not? Where are the answers??

Charlotte met Archer Dunhill on the flight to Paris. She’d been in contact with Wren and met Alex at the airport. That flashback was great! So, that was how they met and how they became such good friends.

Okay, so the whole thing with Archer marrying Alison was nothing to do with Alex or A.D or any fucking thing. This is just leaving me with more questions. I am so confused.

Charlotte wanted to keep playing the game. Playing with her dolls. Alex wanted too help. Their relationship was sweet and the goodbye was sad. (And why were there English flags behind them. We know they’re in London, you don’t need to keep reminding us!!!)

That was the last time Charlotte and Alex saw each other. That’s why she became A.D. Charlotte told her all about what the Liars did. And what she did to them. And Alex wanted revenge because she blamed them for Charlotte’s death. Okay, yes. A very simple motive. That makes sense. Unlike CeCe’s motive which I still don’t completely understand. But as well as her motive, which I understand, she’s just psychopath who wants to hurt people. Which is everything I wanted A to be.

Spencer’s horse was the first one to find out that Spencer wasn’t Spencer. Animals are smart like that. Then finally Toby started to notice something was off. But Jenna was the next to figure it out. A horse and a blind girl figured it out before anyone else.

And then it took them about 5 seconds to realise that Spencer has an evil twin. Really?? They’ve been wondering who A.D is for years and it takes them 5 seconds to figure it out??

Alex with the axe was everything I wanted in a villain on this show. THIS is the A I wanted! A psychotic bitch who just wants revenge. She doesn’t want people to feel sorry for her because of her tragic backstory. She just wants to hurt people and laugh about it. THIS is what I have always wanted! As cringey and cliche as this whole ting was I loved every minute of it! When she went form British to American accent I got chills! Aaaaaaah! Remember the spoilers that said Wren was A and he dropped his accent mid sentence?? We got that but it was Alex not Wren but it was everything I wanted (almost)! I was living for crazy Alex!

So the Dollhouse 2.0 was actually the house that Toby built. The one he was building for Spencer. Alex bought it, and made the Dollhouse 2.0. It’s completely underground. There was a tunnel system and everything. And an artificial sky. It was so creepy but so cool! I wish we could have seen more of it. The others went to the house and it literally looked like Spencer’s house. Seriously, it’s Dollhouse 2.0.

I LOVED the showdown between the twins where Alex copied everything Spencer said, trying to imitate her as best as she could. And then the others arrived and Toby aimed his gun at them, but he couldn’t tell who was who. That reminded me of something but I could not remember what. And then it came to me. It’s literally a scene from Hannah Montana. When Miley’s evil cousin was pretending to be Hannah Montana and Oliver and Lilly couldn’t tell which was the real Miley. Yep, very original scene haha!

When they figured out which was the real Spencer by asking what her favourite poem is I started crying. The whole thing was ridiculous and stupid, but it made me so emotional. They finally caught A.D. Finally after all this time it’s all over.

The Ezria wedding was beautiful I’ll admit. Not because I necessarily like them, but because they were all together. They were all happy. A.D was not there to ruin anything anymore. And wtf was Marlene’s cameo?? I couldn’t stop laughing omg!!! And she did the shhh!?!!

The Liars right at the end ruined me. It was a goodbye to them. This is the last we are going to see of them. And they’re all happy. For the first time in their lives they are actually all happy. I was crying. It’s the end. I’ve grown up with these characters. This is the end of an era.

And Mona got a happy ending too. She is living in Paris. She has a French boyfriend/husband (who I just realised is the cop that came and arrested Alex. On my rewatch I realised he had a French accent in that scene). She has Mary and Alex in her very own Dollhouse. Mona got the real happy ending.

And then the ending we pretend never happened (I rewatched the episode on Australian TV and this scene wasn’t even in it). It came ‘full circle’, as Marlene says. It was literally word for word, scene for scene, from the pilot, except with Addison and her group of friends. What was the actually point of that??

So, overall I didn’t hate it. I actually quite enjoyed it. I was really confused and disappointed when I first finished watching the episode, but after taking some time to process it all I didn’t think it was terrible. I mean, it was still a mess. A huge fucking mess. And it left more questions than answers. But it was a fun and ridiculous ending to the show.

One thing that confused me was that Alex was the name of Spencer’s first boyfriend. Seriously, they could have used a different name that started with A. There are tons of different names! Or did they just forget about him? I always joked that Alex might be A. And hey, Alex did end up being A.D!

Troian did a fantastic job!!! If anyone was going to have a twin, I’m so glad it was Spencer. Troian is a fantastic actress and made it believable. Her accent was a bit off at times but overall Troian was incredible!! She was the saving grace of the episode to be honest.

We all knew Twincer/Spencerietta was confirmed, but a part of me wished it would be something more exciting, like Wren or Melissa. I loved that Wren was a part of it, but it was a missed opportunity not make him and Melissa working together as A/A.D. That would have been amazing! Wren has been my number 1 suspect since the beginning. The thing I’m most upset about in the finale is that Wren is dead and was turned into A FUCKING DIAMOND!! I am so mad. I can forgive lots of things on this show, but not that. That just crossed the line.

There are still so many questions though. What was Ali doing for the 2 years she was ‘dead’? That is one thing I really wanted to know. Did Sara Harvey willing help CeCe or was she kidnapped? Did Melissa have anything to do with A/A.D?? Because from the episode it seems like she didn’t but she was always so sketchy? And how did she know nothing about Alex when she was living with Wren? What ever happened to Eddie Lamb?? What did Bethany’s drawings mean? I was hoping we would learn more about Bethany. Why did Alex impregnate Ali with Emily’s eggs? Was she just a big Emison shipper? I do not understand. We still never found out who Beach Hottie was. And what was the deal with the NAT club? How did Alex make the board game?? Was it Alex with Caleb or did Spaleb actually happen? Did Wren know Archer? How did Alex kill Wren? And most importantly HOW DID THE WINE MUMS GET OUT OF THE BASEMENT??

I’m sure there are many more questions but thats all I can think of right now. Overall I’m actually sad that this is over. It’s been a part of my life 5 years. I’ve wasted so much time searching for clues and theorising. I feel like I’ve grown up with these characters and cast. I am so glad I’m free from this train wreck but a part of me is sad that there won’t be anymore new episodes. I’m going to miss this show. It has frustrated me to no end but I’m sad to say goodbye. This fandom is amazing. We’ve turned this train wreck of a show into memes and inside jokes, and written theories and fan fiction that are so much better than the actual show. This show pretty much makes absolutely no sense. I don’t even know how to explain the premise of this show to others. I wold not recommend watching this show to anyone because in the end it still makes absolutely no sense. But I’m glad I’ve watched it. It was a great experience watching each new episode live. I’ve loved discussing and theorising and making of fun of it with other fans. I feel like no one understands why I love this show. I sometimes wonder myself. But I think it’s partly because it feels like a family. The core of Pretty Little Liars is friendship and I feel like that’s what my relationship with the show is. The fandom is like one big friendship group.

So thank you PLL. Thank you for 5 years of my life I’ll never get back. Thank you for taking me on this rollercoaster of a journey that never really made any sense. Thank you for these characters and for the cast. Thank you for being something that I looked forward to each week. Thank you for being a part of my life. I’ll miss you. You will always have a place in my heart.

“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Enjoy, @parkerscupcake 💜

• You are looking forward to rewatching Spider-Man: Homecoming for the fourth time at the Dollar Theater
• As the trailers begins to play, you hear two voices bickering behind you
“Pour el amor de Dios! Do you mind keeping it down? All I’m asking for in life is one night to watch some badass action from Tom-the-bae-Holland on the big screen in peac-” You whisper-yell while turning around to face the two strangers
• You then proceed to die or mortification
• You had just scolded the one and only Holland twins!
• Of course with Sam being the amazingly nice softy he is, he smiles at you warmly and says, “I’m so sorry for the trouble, love”
• You can’t even enjoy the movie because you are so stressed about the two boys behind you
• Before you briskly walk out of the theater, Sam grabs a hold of your arm
• “I’m terribly sorry for stressing you out. Maybe I can make it up too you?”
• When you two meet up at a cafe two days later, Sam is blown away by your appearance as you walk inside
• With your deep brown eyes, bouncy brown hair, and adorably small stature, you are gorgeous
• The date proceeds after a little while of awkward small talk
• But everything goes very smoothly when you two discover that you share the same interests in Criminal Minds, action movies, and traveling around the world
• So Sam is loves everything about you
• From your Mexican-Amercan heritage to your current learning of the Italian language
• And your name???
• So beautiful!
• He loves whispering “Ambahr” in your ear
• Your Spanish is so attractive to him as well
• You both encourage each other all of the time
• Sam enjoys watching you write and take pictures
He always makes fun of you for your celebrety crush on his older brother, Tom
• When you are feeling insecure about your 5'1 height, Sam enjoys explaining to you why your height is so perfect
• “I mean, it makes perfect sense. You love to travel, and you yourself are travel-sized. I can tuck you into my pocket or into my suitcase when we travel together”
• And speaking of taveling, you go to your favorite place, Santa Monica, on your honeymoon

See, we never went out to eat when I was a kid. So I always had this fascination with chefs and fine dining. My dad actually loves to cook… Of course he taught me to measure by eye. Seasoning to taste, all that stuff.

Kai Parker

So I was making some gifs and I was rewatching the “Table for three” scene at the Grill. And for the first time I actually tried to listen really carefully from the very start. Kai is yapping and yapping and it starts kinda hushed and then it gets louder and louder, so it’s easy to miss what he says at the beginning. I never realised what he actually said there. I can’t believe I never listened to this entire monologue before. I find it very interesting and surprising. It tells us something about Kai and his relationship with his father. And there were some good memories there apparently. And Kai’s whole thing for food came from his father. WOW.

Am I the only one who just noticed that? I kinda feel a little stupid. I think I’m this Kai Parker expert, but I still keep discovering new things about him. *mind blown*

nanoishuge  asked:

I'm rewatching the series from the beginning (not ready for it to be over), and (whether this is deliberate or not) the first episode makes a lot more sense once you know Lin's full back story. Of course she's not going to just let Korra get away with her crimes, because she saw how that broke her mother. I think her overly rigid sense of justice stems a lot from the promise she must have made to herself not to repeat her mother's mistake. What do you think?

Sometimes I wonder how much of Lin’s history they actually had planned out in their head when they first were writing book 1. She obviously had the scar, so they must have some idea where it came from. But at the same time, I know they really didn’t have the other books planned out very much beyond Korra’s spiritual arc. Bryke even said in the book 1 commentary that when they wrote the way she behaved towards Tenzin in the first episode, they hadn’t come up with the idea that they had once been a couple. It wasn’t until later that that idea came up and they wee like “hey this makes sense.” It brings up a lot of questions, like how long have they themselves known about Su? I think this is just how storytelling works though. Some things you plan out ahead of time, and some things just organically fit in as you go.

Even if they didn’t have Lin’s family history completely planned out when they wrote book 1, It’s very obvious that when they wrote book 3, they gave her a back story that made sense with the way she behaves. Bryke has always been good about that with all the characters.