of course i cried afterwards

So let me tell you a lil story about Sebastian fucking Stan

It’s very brief because my encounter with him was very brief.

From what I could gather from the Internet, Seb was too friendly for Philly Comic Con’s staff’s liking, so I’m assuming they made him dilly dally less today. The line for his photo op went very quickly. But I made him a bracelet (see my first philly comic con text post from today), and I was really excited to give it to him! When I was waiting in line, I honestly was going through some sort of attack. My whole body was on fire and fluttering. I could barely breathe and I thought I was going to pass out. But then it was my turn, so I walked up to Seb and was just like, “Hi, I made you a bracelet.”

And I swear to God, his reaction made my life.

He look so surprised! He thanked me and was all like oh wow, but I had to hand it to him quickly because the line was moving so fast. And then we took our photo. And then I left, and of course, cried and fangirled for two hours straight afterward.

And idk what the purpose of this text post was??? but guys, seeing Seb smile like that because of me made me die o h m y g o o d n e s s

and he was so fucking firm and wore cologne but it wasnt too strong AND HIS HAIR JFC and navy blue is so his color my lord jesus bless his romanian soul

and my dream is that he posts a picture of it on IG and at least wonders what the TG on the bracelet stands for (my initials hehehahahoho) or even fucking acknowledges it in some way and i’m rambling now but FUCK COMIC CON WAS AWESOME