of course i channel it into this pairing


Adrien Agreste is desperate. He’s tried asking Nino, but his friend sort of tripped his way into his relationship with Alya by mistake, and he’s not too proud to admit it. Plagg is no help. He’s asked Natalie, only to get a blank look. Plagg is NO help. Adrien’s even asked Gorilla. The man stared at him through the rearview mirror for a full minute before he burst out laughing and didn’t stop even after he dropped Adrien off at school. It was hard not to pout all day.

So now, Adrien is doing what he should have done in the first place - it’s SO obvious, after all. I mean, obviously HE’D be an expert.

‘Come in.’

Adrien walks into his father’s study with shoulders pushed back in his dad’s preferred posture.

‘What did you need?’ his father asked without looking up from his designs, seven different sketched clothes articles being shuffled around to create various combinations.

‘Yeah,’ Adrien said, trying to channel as much of Chat Noir as he could, ‘so dad, you and mum, huh?’

Gabriel’s hand paused delicately where it was poised over a pair of tan women’s trousers.

'I mean, you two…. Got together and everything, you know?’

Adrien watched in fascination as his father’s eyebrows rose very slowly. He wasn’t sure if it was a good sign so he went on.

'And mum was pretty. I mean, REAL pretty. Well of course she was pretty she was a model. But she was. Nice, I mean. And you TALKED to her. And it WORKED. Of course it worked, she married you and you had ME.’

Gabriel Agreste looked like he was almost afraid to talk, but he put the sketches down, steepled his fingers and finally looked up at his son.

'What are you asking exactly, Adrien? I thought Natalie had adequately covered the topic of human sexual reproduction even before you joined College?’

'Not that, dad!’ Adrien replied, throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation. 'I know all about that. Natalie tested me and everything and I got top marks. I’m asking about all the rest! That’s more important!’

Gabriel Agreste’s eyebrows joined his hairline. He managed to look vaguely nauseous, which was the face he made when he was in any way flustered or uncomfortable.

'All… The rest.’

'Yes!’ Adrien replied, the word exploding out of him when he couldn’t contain it anymore. A river of more words followed it once it had split the dam. 'The flowers and the complements, and the manners and kissing her hand, and being a gentleman! All of that! But I’ve tried it all and it hasn’t worked, so I MUST be doing something wrong! But you landed MUM, so you must have done something really right, so please dad, please teach me?’

Gabriel Agreste may as well be speechless for the first time in his life. He managed, 'What?’

'How to ask out a pretty girl!’ Adrien said in moan. 'The right way! So she says yes!’

Gabriel took off his spectacles to give himself time to think, polishing them off a silk hanky he always carried in his pocket, to give himself time to think. He didn’t think he’d be thinking about this already. But that was the problem with thinking. Once he put them back on, he’d formulated a reasonable response.

'I would like to know who the young lady in question is, before we go any further.’

Adrien’s brain went into panic mode. Darn, darn darn darn, he hadn’t thought of this! What was he going to say? He couldn’t say Ladybug obviously, his dad would never buy it. Quick, think of girls he knew! Girls he knew, girls he knew- ah! Girls from his class! Let’s see; Chloe- ah ah, hard nope, no way. Alya- nope, no way again, bro code. Mylene, yeah, super taken. Alix….. Just no. Darn it all, all he could think of were black hair and blue eyes and - hang on!

'Marinette Dupain-Cheng,’ Adrien squeaked. He hoped his cheeks feeling hot meant he would convince his father. Gabriel stared at him for a moment before he buzzed Natalie from the intercom on his desk.

'Natalie, send me the file of Dupain-Cheng Marinette from the College research folder.’

'Yes sir,’ Natalie chirped back. A few moments of heavy sweating later - for Adrien - his father’s phone pinged, and Gabriel picked it up, thumbing through whatever Natalie had sent. One eyebrow rose higher than the other in the expression his father often made when he was pleasantly surprised. Somehow, Adrien was irrationally pleased his father approved of Marinette, even though he realised he was now totally screwed.

'Designed an album for Jagged Stone,’ his father said, sounding reluctantly impressed. 'You will invite her to dinner next week.’

Gabriel put his phone down, seemingly done with the decision. Adrien tried desperately one more time.

'But, the advice!’

Gabriel looked him straight in the eyes.

'What I’m about to tell you does not leave this room,’ he said solemnly.

'Yes father!’ Adrien replied eagerly.

'The secret,’ Gabriel went on solemnly, 'is puns.’

'I knew it!’ Adrien hissed under his breath.

'Ah, but not just any puns,’ Gabriel admonished. 'That is why you have been unsuccessful. You need to find her interests, formulate humourous sentence arrangements. Drop them with the correct TIMING. Timing is crucial, especially in one particular way.’

Adrien fairly vibrated in his seat as he leaned forward, waiting for his dad to finally tell him the secret.

'You must take her hand, gently. Look her in the eyes, and tell her, without fanfare, how you feel about her. And how that makes you feel: in that order, son. Then, and only then, must you drop a very smart pun, about something she loves, and beg her to consider giving you a chance. Then walk away, let her think about it, and maybe drop another pun on your way out. Make her laugh, so that when she remembers you, she will smile. She’ll call you back within the week.’

Gabriel was smiling for the first time in a whole year, that Adrien remembered. He looked misty eyed and far away before he snapped out of it.

'Natalie,’ he said into the buzzer again, 'contact mlle Dupain-Cheng, invite her to dinner Friday week.’

'Yes sir. I will inform cook and the household.’

'Good.’ Gabriel looked at his son with a determined look on his face. 'I will allow you to see how it is done during this first dinner. I will then expect you to try and learn, with practice, during following invitations. Do not let me down.’

'No sir!’ Adrien replied excitedly. He raced to his room, almost bouncing giddily with joy at how helpful his dad had been. Real advice! With practice!

Then he froze when he realised he was going to be practicing on his sweet, shy classmate, who was likely going to get the entirely wrong idea, and who he had absolutely not the courage to come clean with; not on this.

'Darn’, he hissed into his room. Plagg ignored him and continued to eat his cheese noisily.

Wanted - Character Portrait Artist



If you are a portrait artist, please consider reading this post! If you know any artists, please comment or private message me their information!

My name is Jenna Moreci, I’m a SFF author and writing vlogger - you can peep my channel here. Within the upcoming months, I will be in the market for a character portrait artist in order to prepare for the launch of my highly anticipated fantasy novel, The Savior’s Champion. Want details? I’ve got ‘em.

- I am looking to commission a minimum of 2 but ideally up to 10-35 character portraits. Said characters are from a fantasy novel with a Grecian vibe. I have reference photos readily available.

- I am looking for professional inquiries only

- I am looking for a realistic or semi-realistic style. No cartoon, Disney, or anime submissions, please. I would prefer digital work, but if it’s possible to make the portraits look as though they were painted, that is a plus (though certainly not mandatory). I am open to colored portraits or black and white.

- These portraits will be displayed on my website as well as all social media platforms. They will be used for promotional material and tools. Most importantly, they will be displayed on my YouTube channel. You’re looking at a total reach of roughly 100k+ followers, many of whom are other writers potentially in the market for artwork.

- Artist watermarks/signatures are encouraged on all portraits. I will also promote said artist prolifically on all of my platforms, including YouTube. If you’re working with me, I want to bring you traffic and clients. I want this pairing to be mutually beneficial.

- Of course, I am not anticipating paying you “in exposure” (though I do want you to get TONS of it). We creatives need to make a living, after all. I want to hear your rates. Let’s talk payment.

If this sounds like a project you’d be interested in, or you know of an artist who fits the bill, please let me know. I did have an artist already in mind for this project, but it looks like she might be bowing out :(

Note: this project is not yet time sensitive. I am not looking to get to work for a few months, so if you’re interested but not currently available, that is not a deal-breaker. My schedule is very flexible. My everything is flexible (except for my actual body - I can’t even do a cartwheel). I am just starting the hunt early, especially since my expected artist might no longer be interested.

Looking forward to hearing from some amazing talents! I’m aware that this is potentially a very large project if we move forward with up to 35 portraits, but my goal is not only to produce an outstanding novel release but also to expose a talented artist to my audience. I take care of my own.

<3 Jenna Mo

Prompt from the lovely @teacass! college, a group of friends organise Christmas dinner before they all go on Xmas break. There’s a mistletoe somewhere & of course Cas and Dean get caught up under it. This is a slight variation of your prompt and made me really emotional?? 1k. 

There is a high probability Charlie Bradbury is responsible for the mistletoe hanging in the doorway of Dean Winchester’s kitchen.

She has avoided Castiel’s eyes ever since he unknowingly walked underneath it, sending a peal of laughter around the party. Dean walked up next to him, pitching the laughter into an “ooh!” accompanied by a sea of upturned faces. Looking up in kind, Castiel saw the offending plant, heard Dean’s hard swallow – he saw it too.

His regard for Dean is not a party joke. It’s also not common knowledge; he doesn’t know most of the people here. If he makes a big deal out of this, it will only raise suspicion, so he rolls his eyes and plants a kiss square on Dean’s mouth as though it’s nothing. Then he walks away, gets a beer from the fridge, and flicks the bottle cap in the sink, his back to the room.

He’s loved Dean for six years, since Castiel’s family moved to Kansas and Dean nearly stabbed Castiel with a pencil when a transformer blew during homeroom. Dean sat with him at lunch and gave him a ride home to apologize, and became a fixture in Castiel’s day. Castiel ran track; Dean was on the wrestling and baseball teams and copied Cas’s notes when he daydreamed in class. Dean ate dinner at Castiel’s house as often as his own, and they sometimes fell asleep and woke up wrapped around each other. They double-dated for prom. Castiel watched him dance with Lisa over Meg’s shoulder, face hot when Dean caught him staring and didn’t look away. They stayed like that the rest of the song, and Castiel thought, impossibly, that Dean felt the same way about him. 

But Dean and Lisa were crowned prom king and queen minutes later. Dean kissed her in front of everyone. Castiel chose an out-of-state college and doesn’t come home except for Christmas.

Dean isn’t in love with him, and the only time Castiel will ever get to kiss him has just happened, a throwaway holiday tradition in front of drunk college seniors.

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Demon on Detail (Jack Lowden x Reader)

AN: Thought of this in the shower after listening to BBC Radio 4 Marathon Man (in which Jack has an adorable American accent and Palpatine is a Nazi dentist). Also, I just have a thing for when boys get really shy, it’s adorable as fuck. Jack is adorable as fuck. So it works!

Prompt: “Please God don’t let me think too much.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Forgive me if I'm asking for too much, but do you have any recommendations as in for sites, books etc to start learning Korean? For someone who never had anything to do with the language before. Thank you!

Hi! I’d love to help so don’t worry :)

For learning hangul I recommend this channel: https://www.youtube.com/sweetandtastytv She explains it really well and goes at a reasonable pace (Also has worksheets/activities!)

For vocabulary, the app Memrise helped me A TON. It uses repetition to really help the words come to you naturally and there’s multiple courses for different subjects of the language.

I haven’t had much experience using books but I would recommend the TTMK (Talk to Me in Korean) books paired with the podcasts. I take notes while listening to them and it helps with refreshing my mind and gaining little tidbits of helpful info. They actually make learning fun.

I hope this helped and I wish you lots of luck on your studies!!

Just another day.. grayson imagine

Working can be a right pain sometimes. Claiming all the overtime in the store but still finding that you don’t have enough money for the things you want in life. Dealing with the grouchy customers and the staff, it forebears brings your mood down. It’s tough.
It was a normal ordinary Thursday morning, waking up and stretching you reach over to your nightstand to pick up your phone. Turning it on, you’d expect a few messages from friends or family but the only thing on the black and white screen is a reminder telling you that you have work this afternoon. After some mental preparation you hop out of bed and start walking towards your wardrobe taking your uniform off its hanger and placing it on your bed before jumping into the shower to wash all the aches of sleep away for another day.
After a quick shower, you do your hair and make up how you’d normally do it for a busy day at work, putting your long H/C hair into a sleek ponytail, a swipe of mascara and a bit of blush for a hint of colour. Checking the time you realise that you have at least an hour before you have to leave for work, but sighing slightly when you think of the short walk to it. Slowly making your way downstairs, you prepare a small breakfast of toast and a glass of water, after placing the plate and glass in the sink, you pick up your bag and start the slow journey to work.. Walking along with your headphones in, blocking out the world you notice that your phone has shuffled to The Dolan Twins compilation which perks your mood up a little more. You’ve only watched a few videos but never been a big fan.
Walking into work, you notice how busy it actually is and think to yourself about how you’re gonna exhausted after your shift has finished.
Work starts pretty quickly with customers asking for your help left, right and centre. As a sales assistant, you know that you have to keep a smile on your face at all times and always be polite to the customers when all you wanted to do was to tell them to shove it. Looking at your watch, you see that you luckily only have 2 more hours left of your shift. Walking over to the stock cage that your manager has kindly dumped on the foot of the aisle, you pick up the heaviest box to get it out of the way, not knowing how heavy it actually was. With a slight struggle and customers blindingly getting in your way, you drop the box at your feet getting ready to place the items in its desired spot on the shelf.
After condensing the stock down and making a space for the items to fit, you start unloading the box, a few minutes later you hear someone approach you, so you mentally prepare yourself for the question that you’ve heard most of the day ‘excuse me, can you help me at all’ or the usual ‘can you show me where I can find this item please’ you ready yourself with the fake smile and laughter that you’ve mastered so well.
'Excuse me Miss, but I need your help, could you show me where I’d be able to find this item at all please?’
Turning round with your fake smile, you come face to face with the voice. A very shy guy with the most gorgeous pair of eyes, a chiselled chin that if you ran your fingers across you’re sure that you’d cut yourself and a pair of strong looking arms you begin to daydream.
'Erm, Miss. can you help me at all?’ 
'Oh, I’m very sorry! Of course I can! What is it you’re looking for?’ Way to go Y/N, you meet a cute guy and you’re already daydreaming about him?!. 
'Well my brother and I are trying to film a video for our YouTube channel and he’s sent me shopping with a list of food to grab, but in all honesty I’ve never heard of any of these before.’ He smiled and awkwardly laughed, hoping to ease his anxiousness, you help him along with the list. Walking round the store with him showing him where the food is for the video and telling him the best recommendations, he finally has a basket full of items and is ready to checkout which you’re pretty sad about, you think to yourself how lovely he sounds and how much you’d love to see him again!
His voice suddenly takes you out of your thoughts 'Thank you so much for taking time out of your day for helping me find these items, I’m kind of glad that I got the courage to ask for your help’. 'Oh, it’s no bother, it’s basically my job to help people you know being a sales Assistant and stuff’ you say as he slowly chuckles. As he’s about to leave, your mouth starts moving before your mind has anything to do with it. 'Erm before you leave, may I catch your name? You’ve intrigued me so much, besides I think I recognise you a little, have you been in here before?’ 'My names Grayson, Grayson Dolan. I’ve never shopped in here actually it’s my first time, it’s a lovely shop you work at. I may have to come in more often if it means I can see you more?’ Your thoughts go into overdrive, THE Grayson Dolan is standing right before you and you never opened your eyes to believe it, how stupid could you be! 
'I’d love it if you came in more, means I can sneak away from work for a few minutes to help you again’ you say whilst laughing. He smiles back at you, whilst silently ripping a piece of the receipt and writing something down which to you looks like a number. 'Here, if you ever get bored at work or outside, here’s my number. Perhaps we can go for a coffee and you can tell me all about yourself?’ 
You look up smiling with the piece of paper tightly being held in your hands, 'I’d absolutely love that’
Who knew that work would end up being fun?

Hey guys! Another imagine that I thought I’d try. Hopefully it’s a bit better than the first one! Loves and stuff😘

Otayuri Fic Recs #2

Summary, Thoughts, * (Complete)
Note: This has been sitting in drafts for quite some time and the ones that were WIP are now complete. If you do want an Otayuri Fic Mayhem for the day, or week, or month for your vacation, here’s the second fic rec!

First Fic Rec is HERE.

1. A Heart Beats At Night by  magicalyoyo 
>>  Otabek’s heart was pounding a sickening, dizzying rhythm, but he schooled his face into stoicism as he pulled his helmet off to get a better look.

“Yuri Plisetsky died two years ago,” he growled. “What the hell are you?”
>> ANGST, ANGST, DRAMA, THEN FLUFF. Full of supernatural beings and jargon. I might re-read this again, because I skipped some parts to gush and weep over the Otayuri angst and fluff moments. I missed the other portion of the story, but this is a great read! Several chapters to look forward to.

2. * Anatomical Accuracy by  Fayina (Dayea) 
>>  Yuri has a secret talent in drawing, and he’d be damned if Otabek finds out about his shameful collection of the Kazakh’s portraits. Oh and his skype call with Mila and Sara is getting out of hand.
>> This suits me. Why? Because I’m a sucker for anatomy (and because I’m in a Bio course with a slight art enthusiasm that I would be completely immersed into AU’s such as this one) and because I love College and Roommate AU’s. With Pining, of course. 

3. Break Me Down, Down, Down by  legolifesaver
>> Yuri refused to let anyone call his videos “pointless”. He spent too much of his time on them and he wasn’t about to let some asshole question him.orYuri runs a fashion channel, Otabek makes covers, and they both meet in the middle.
>> A Youtube AU. This AU’s rare for this pairing, but i’m not sure.. I’ll probably scavenge for more if I missed any. Three chapters in and my brains already spewing daydreams all over the place for this couple!!

4. More Than He Bargained For by  FollowYourDreams 
>> Yuri made one mistake. One. But, since it resulted in police bringing him home, his parents put their foot down. Now, he’s being sent away for the summer to learn his place. He’ll be staying with the Altin family and learning from their son, Otabek.Aka, the one where Yuri is a rebellious shit and ends up spending the summer with Otabek and falling in love and shit.
>> First heavy fic I’ve read for this pairing. There is a ton of dense and tear-drenched backstory for Yuri and he needs all the XOXO’s he can get and that’s from Beka himself. My heart kept tearing itself in pieces for my smol little son. Also, I adore a literature enthusiast Beka. Brilliant mentions for Jane Austen and Ernest Hemmingway (if you do want some classics, you could dive in to Ernest Hemmingway’s stories; maybe even a John Steinbeck?).

5. On the Cusp of Dawn by  LoveActually_rps 
>> Otabek bowed to the new Prince and offered the flower crown that his sister, Sabrina, had made and a basket full of fresh cherries which he’d collected from their small farm on the cusp of dawn. Carefully, he set them down on the overflowing heap of gifts.
The Prince, who’d just turned six, frowned at the basket for a long moment before raising his hand and shoving a fistful in his mouth. Otabek blinked at him, totally taken aback.
“Mmm-hum… ” the Prince hummed, closing his eyes, as he chomped on the bites of the plump fruits in his mouth. He opened his eyes, fixing his crystal green glare on Otabek. “Bring me more tomorrow,” he ordered, taking a few more from the basket.
“Y-yes, your highness,” Otabek stuttered, bowing again before he was shoved away by a royal guard to clear the area. He hadn’t missed the way the Prince had shot a burning look at the guard.
[Aka, AU where Yuri is a Prince and ranked highest among Omegas, whose life has revolved around his childhood friend, Otabek, who holds the lowest rank among Alphas. Their worlds suddenly comes shattering down after a loss they both isn’t prepared for]
>> What got me into this fic is the fresh concept of omegaverse. There’s a level of Alphas, Omegas and Betas, with a hierarchy that (idk if there’s a proper wording for this but I’m just word vomitting) dictates how people treat other people and it’s apparent here and it seems to relate in the society we’ve been living in for a while now. I like this concept, and it just sparks a rich dynamic between Otabek and Yuri. Otabek’s determination is also pleasing to read. Here you have an Alpha of the lowest rank who’s trained for years and it’s finally paying (which is fucking awesome). I’m excited for more chapters to come!

6. * I’ll take in stride, the consequences of falling by  harajukucrepes 
>> He wanted to ask to be touched, because in times like this intimacy would break him, and if he was broken enough, Otabek would finally see that he wasn’t ok. Stop having faith in me, stop idealising me, I’m not perfect.But Otabek would kiss him like he was the most wondrous thing to have happened to him, the most treasured, most beloved, and if there was one thing that would make him feel the worst he could humanly be is to be loved like that, because he would only want to lock this feeling, hide Otabek away and crush him underfoot if he could.He would bury his thoughts, destroy his voice, vanquish his own colours.
>> Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful MASTERPIECE. At least for me, it is. It’s just an awe-inspiring work of art! It’s familiar that it almost felt like a Haruki Murakami tale and I don’t see words, I see feelings, music, anything that explores the relationship of these two people. I just love how this author blends all timelines together without disrupting the mood of the story (I think that’s what you call it, I’m not sure). I LOVE THIS PIECE and I love it so bad. This deserves more than one kudos from me!

7. Fly by  foreverhalo 
>>  Otabek Altin, CEO of Altin’s Aviation Academy has a secret business not many know about. He meets Yuri Plisetsky and offers him a chance to become a pilot, a long awaited dream ready to be fulfilled. With no questions asked, Yuri accepts but he doesn’t know what awaits him beyond a simple act of kindness. Then again, Otabek wasn’t expecting for Yuri to open a side of him he wasn’t aware of.
>> This deserves more attention. This fic is AWESOME. It’s a shady business in the guise of an aviation academy that features a darker, much more sinister (maybe? but the author seems to be leaning towards it, idk) Otabek. I haven’t really explored fics with a Dark!Otabek but this is a start. Maybe it’s a mild Dark!Beka for now, but it’s only been a few chapters and I love it. I love the story plot and how Yuri is dragged into this mess. I’m predicting it’s gonna be a bumpy ride for these two idiots. 

8. * They’re All Long Gone (It’s Only You and Me) by  JennaFlare 
>>  Five years after the show, Otabek visits Yuri in Russia and dredges up what Yuri thought was long-dead history.
>> Unrequited love dugged up into something reciprocated after a few years of friendship. My kind of tale, actually. This was an indirect inspiration to my fic ‘now i gotta wash my hands out with soap’ and ‘Reunions’.Maybe because of the events that occurred in my life or maybe because it’s absolutely relatable topic on a daily basis, I love this fic.

9. * Of Monsters and Men by  RoseAnthem 
>> Ever since the day dark, mysterious, and endearing Otabek Altin told Yuri Plisetsky that he had the eyes of a soldier, Yuri hasn’t been able to stop thinking about him, the boy who saw him as something other than a beautiful, delicate fairy. Now three years later, Otabek has moved to Russia to live with Mila, his new fiancee and Yuri’s skating accomplice, and train under their coach Yakov.Yuri knows that his skating career is more important, but he can’t seem to ignore the tightness in his chest when he sees Otabek and Mila kiss or the tug at his heart when Otabek smiles sweetly at him. He knows that he isn’t in love, so why does he feel this way? Yuri decides to bury his foreign emotions as he always does and focus on what makes him happy, but as they grow closer, he cannot ignore the pain in his heart; and neither can Otabek.This is a story about the tough choices of love and the sacrifices you have to make to be happy. The story about two boys who don’t know their fate, because their futures are standing in the way. This is a story about love and life.
>> OtaMila is my NOTP. Friends are… fine, but essentially, I don’t really like otamila (sorry). But I love this story. So much drama! So much self-hate! So much self-deprecation! DAMN this is a monstrous fic! My waterworks filled a dam in my heart. This is so BEAUTIFUL YOU HAVE TO READ THIS FIC. If you want to of course and if you want drama, angst, and all that with a tinge of happy ending, this is your fic. 

10. * Frayed String by  Errolina 
>>  Nikolai Plisetsky always told his grandson that he was the one that got to make his fate and not a string. Yuri always hated the fact that he was always reminded that he didn’t have a soulmate. Otabek always did want to defy what was left of his string and make his own fate.
>> Now this fic takes a bumpy turn on the concept of Red Strings of Fate Soulmates. It’s a fresh concept, one that I adore very much and love how it’s used in this three-shot. Go check this out if you’re up for some tears and fluff in the end. But there’s some angst too. 

(For some reason, most of the fics involve pining, angst with happy endings, and more pining)

11. * Talk Flower To Me by  ABoyWorthFightingFor 
>> "Can I help you?“ A voice asked, shocking him back into reality. Yuri gave a small jump at the sudden words, cursing under his breath for being startled."Otabek Altin?” He asked. The bassoonist gave a nod, but didn’t offer anymore words, so he spoke on. “I’m Yuri. You’re accompanying me, or whatever.”“I know who you are,” he spoke, starting to disassemble his instrument. “You’re in my math class.” Oh. So that’s where the name’s familiar. The black haired teen looked amused. “You didn’t know? You sit right in front of me. Every single day.” The Russian only scoffed with a roll of his eyes to try and hide his embarrassment.
>> In my own Filipino language, “Nakakakilig ‘to”. It’s so giddy and it’s full of fluff everywhere! This is a unique way to spice up the use of flower language. Happy endings coming your way! Read this if you’re having a bad day or nothing seems to get right. This cheers me up!

12. Watch Out for This by  dovesnroses 
>> “It could have been your guardian angel, ya know?” Georgi observes as he’s testing the soda dispensers the next night. Yuri reaches over the bar and takes an olive.“No such thing as guardian angels in this part of the city,” he retorts stuffing the olive in his mouth. Georgi gives him an amused look.“Well if they’d been planning on raping and or murdering you, they would have done it. ”Or: Otabek DJs at the club Yuri works at, and everything goes from there.
>> Awesome piece of work! I’m loving the dynamics of not just Otayuri but other people as well. I can’t really predict what’s gonna happen in this fanfic, because recently there was some angst, and while that angst was resolved, I’m not entirely sure it’s gonna stay that way.. After all it’s still a WIP, so I’ve got a feeling there’s more! After all, what’s a happy ending if there’s no angst? HAHA kidding kidding.. But I love this fic. I re-read the sentences over and over again until the plot’s in my memory cabinet. Go check this fic out!

13. crystallofolia by  RennieOnIceCream (Hitsugi_Zirkus) 
>> Yuri stared at the flower, utterly paralyzed, ignoring Viktor’s scandalized, “Oh my!”“What the fuck is this?” My eyes aren’t beautiful .Without wavering, Otabek continued to hold the flower out. “I call it a tulip. As well as an offer of friendship.”AU in which Viktor is a florist looking to start a family, Otabek is a flower vendor dreaming of home, and Yuri is an orphan wrapped in seven layers of teen angst that he can only get out by screaming profanities and shoving flowers in people’s faces.
>> What other way to spice up the language of flowers than to put a gallon of angst, backstory, and more angst. It’s like embedding the scientific name of a parade craniates in a fanfic that has an involvement with the feelings, the plot.. everything! If you want a dose of new flowers per paragraph and chapter, this is the fic you’re looking for.

14. * Reaching out for Silver Linings by  Muspell 
>> There’s a whole life he didn’t know. A whole person he didn’t know. A whole person Yuri considered his best friend.
But who the fuck is he? Is anything Yuri thinks he knows actually true?
Who the fuck is Otabek Altin, after all?
Has he ever even known who his best friend was?——————————————-
Warnings are there for a reason, please have that in mind.Second part of the KazGang series, sequel to To Judge a Book by its Cover.
>> Angst… So. Much. Angst. So much misunderstandings… I’ve been treading lightly when this fic first came out because I knew how I can’t get over an angsty fic easily, so I waited till the angst wavered for a bit before reading it. And it was mind blowing. Still mind blowing. I’m planning to read this again because I like how Otabek’s dark history was portrayed here. So mysterious… 

15. * A Stiller Doom by  Tessa on Ice (tessacrowley) 
>>  “It is in vain to say human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquility: they must have action; and they will make it if they cannot find it. Millions are condemned to a stiller doom than mine, and millions are in silent revolt against their lot. Nobody knows how many rebellions … ferment in the masses of life which people earth.”
Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre
>> I saved the best for last. It revolves around the OmegaVerse, the major differences on how people treat alphas, omegas and betas and how it influences Yuri as a omega skater amongst the crowd of alpha dominant field of skaters. What I do love this if most is how the politics blends in chapter by chapter. It’s rare that I read such and I love how the socio-political aspect was dealt with in this fanfic. This is a great read, and if you are into stuff like this, you could try this out! 

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Prompts are open. I watch way too many of these kind of videos so I was all over this. In my brain John is like a less sweet-as-sugar Markiplier, and Dirk is almost certainly a Ray-style fan-fave Twitch gamer. (John playing horror games with the Ghostbusters music as his outro is my new aesthetic.)

For whatever it’s worth, you were very drunk during the stream.

Honestly, you aren’t even sure how you remembered to upload it, but there it is, with a much larger number of views than you expected, and twice as many comments as normal.

Okay, well. At least the traces of your inebriation are all over the title, and the description, if you can even call the jumble of words down there descriptive.

You squint, sipping your coffee, dreading what you did wrong, other than your abuse of the English language. Bad things are what usually what gets the comments- your mistakes, the moments you slip up and say something offensive in the wrong ways, the times you mention something you didn’t know was as big a deal as it is.

You glance at the comments with trepidation.

Oh no.

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I channeled Stan Lee in my solicitation this month.

Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt
Cover Artist(s): Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt

Join us for the finale of Princeless: The Pirate Princess. Adrienne and Raven are surrounded and outnumbered by pirates ten to one. Will our pair of powerful princesses be able to pound these pesky pirates? Of course they will, but it’s gonna be fun to watch!
32 pgs./Teen/ FC                        $3.99


Weekly Brallie Post: I’m Back, Get Ready For Secret Channels & Non Sibling Connections

<I>What a dry spell, their have seriously been hardly any post about our favorite ship and ultimate one true pairing, but alas I’m back with my weekly diatribes. As per usual you’ll see me pumping up this ship or half deflated life boat by now with every tiny morsel we get from each episode. I know it’s hard to hang on to faith when so much is pointing to a non cannon endgame, but if you continue to look for the tiny clues and of course hold on to the fact that Maia her self stated that she could never see Brandon and Callie as siblings, their is always hope. She then goes on to say the thought causes her physical pain. This is a major turn around from how she’s viewed BRALLIE in the past and I’m sure it’s due to the same reason we all agree upon, their is just no going back from Idyllwild. I’m sure David agrees as his thoughts point to the fact that they are always tuned into one another and have this amazing connection. Their is just no way you can infill that type of intake with someone especially in a familiar way. Like many of my BRALLIE FAM I will be going into this season with very low expectations of any real big moments between Brandon and Callie, because their stories are on different paths right now, but the beauty of this is when we do get that candy moment it will be all the sweeter, because we didn’t expect it. Honestly I believe we are in for one hell of a season, because I love the show and all of its characters at its core. While I do think we will see more interaction between Brandon and Callie this time around due to his confession of being tired of shutting her out of his life, I’m not expecting any GU HUGS or sweet touches. All is not lost though, We can always count on those long intense gazes, because weather they realize it or not the heart always knows and subconsciously these two will always love each other. Oh, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say David & Maia took the words write out of the fandoms mouths, never have I been so understood by the real people who play my fictional favs. As always your girl will be here on the front lines live blogging with you come premier night and throughout the season. Let’s continue to watch live if we can Fam, because if we don’t get another season BRALLIE may not have time for their happy ending.

@theteambrallie Thanks so much for inspiring my first post back.
13 months (Harry/Lewis R request)

(Day 19!!! I’ve had a strange weekend! It went from being very hard hitting to very hilarious and I think today has been the day for everything to sink in x Hope this is still good however)
“Hellooooo” You grin, looking up to where your best friend has just walked in.
You and your boyfriend Harry were currently in his room, watching a film on his bed.
“Sorry to disturb you young ones” Tobi shrugs, jumping down beside you to where the scene of Fast and Furious was playing.
“Piss off” Harry laughs, kicking his leg.
“Shut up this is a good bit” You hiss, shuffling with the laptop on your legs.
“Pass the popcorn then” Tobi whispers, taking the bowl from Harry.
“Tobi you were meant to go in there to get them out. What the fuck are you doing now?” Cal yells, walking into the room and stopping in his tracks, “For fucks sake! We need to leave”
“Shhhh” All three of you say at the same time.
“Ughhh” Cal groans, “(y/n), you have a bad effect on these two!”
“Alright alright its finished now” You mention, turning off the laptop.
“Who’s driving?” Harry asks, hopping up and grabbing his shoes.
“I’ll drive” Tobi nods, following Cal out of the room.
Harry takes your hand as you walk out, he always did.
You and him had been together for over a year now. He had asked you out after a lot of urging from the other guys and acceptance from Tobi. Harry had been terrified. He had clammy hands when he had finally asked you after months of harmless flirting.
And now here you were 13 months later. With all of his viewers loving you. You appearing or helping with a lot of the boys’ videos and of course plenty of adorable edits of the pair of you.
~~~Lewis’ POV~~~
It had been 13 months. 13 months since Harry had asked her and she’d of course said yes. I couldn’t blame her. I had only told Simon that I actually liked her and it wasn’t like she knew herself. She just thought of me as a friend. The guy that was similar to her. Showed up in videos and was known by all the fans but never had their own channel. No matter how much people insisted we should.
But it had still been 13 months and I couldn’t get over her. She made us all laugh more than anyone else. She lightened up any party we had and didn’t care about how crazy she acted. She was perfect for Harry. Fearless. Crazy. Funny. Beautiful.
“Earth to Lewis” Josh waves in front of my face.
“Oh what sorry?” I shake my head.
“Are you even watching this game?” He laughs at a blindfolded JJ and a Vikk sat on the couch playing FIFA.
“Ahhh shit its in my eye!!” JJ squeals, shaking his head frantically, “There’s fluff in my eye!!”
Simon is sat on the end of the couch, laughing hysterically at how hard the boys are trying.
“Oooh I’ve got it!!” Vikk screams, “Yessss!!!”
“What the hell did we just walk in to?” (Y/n)’s familiar voice sounds from the door.
“Ohh god you’ve come at the best time” Simon claps and she sticks her head round to watch the screen.
“Hey (y/n)!” JJ yells.
“Yes Vikk you’re winning” She grins, walking over to the other side and sitting down on the couch beside me.
I shuffle slightly in my seat.
“You alright Lewis?” She smiles happily.
“Yeah I’m great th-” I begin before Harry runs into the room.
“Watch out!!” He cheers, running over and jumping onto the couch too.
He never acted rudely towards me. He didn’t know that I felt any different about his girlfriend. He was in love. But when he would hold her hand or put his arm around her or hug her or kiss her- I wanted to be in his position.
He slings one arm across her shoulder, watching the game intently along with the rest of them.
“Oooh he’s through he’s through” Harry commentates.
“Go on Vikk!” Tobi supports, watching as the virtual ball flies into the net.
“Yessssss!” Vikk jumps up, scoring to make the game 4-0.
“Stop celebrating, I’m fucking blind” JJ shouts. He seemed to think that him not being able to see anything meant he had to yell everything he said. It really didnt.
We order pizzas before the boys begin filming, hoping they would get here at least after filming one video.
And, as though perfect, (y/n) comes in with a pile of pizzas in her arms, enough to cover her face behind them.
“Thanks for the help boys” She yells from behind the boxes.
Tobi takes some from her and sets them down on the floor, opening up each of them.
The boys all plate up their food, taking spaces on the couch to leave no room for (y/n).
“Here you can-” I begin.
“Sit here babe” Harry grins, shuffling so she can sit on his lap.
I see Simon glance at me. He glances back to the couple. Evidently reminding himself of exactly how I felt.
We ate and the boys are loud as usual. (Y/n) had that personality that never failed to keep a conversation going. She spoke about random topics and joked around. She wasn’t afraid to make herself the punchline of her jokes. No Lewis. Stop doing that. Stop looking at her and finding no flaws. I mean sometimes she was loud. So were we all. Or maybe she… Oh who am I kidding? There’s no way I’m going to find anything bad about her.
“Lewis can you help me bring down some props please?” Simon asks me and I gladly follow him up to his room.
Its messy as usual. Random props and gifts scattering the area.
“You still like her don’t you?” He turns to ask me, that sympathetic look on his face.
“I don’t know i-” I begin but there was no point, “Of course I fucking do”
“Lewis you’ve gotta stop doing this to yourself. Its gonna kill you” He sighs.
“Its not that easy. I can’t just turn round and suddenly hate her Simon” I comment.
“She’s got a boyfriend!” He exclaims, “And I know that’s horrible for you but its Harry. And he loves her. She loves him”
“And what about me?” I look up, the emotion evident on my face.
“I know you like her but this is (y/n) and-” Simon begins, stopping when he hears the sound of the door moving…

American Girl ships series, 11 of 11.

…o look, a boy at last! xD

Maryellen Larkin + Davy Fenstermacher = Ellvy

I used both the short from the official AG Youtube channel, and of course the Amazon Original Prime Video Exclusive (what a mouthful…make it available to buy already, Amazon!)

I personally think the pair in the short fitted my vision of Maryellen and Davy better than the Amazon video. What do you think?

The Boyfriend Challenge

Originally posted by shellar

Fandom: Avengers
Pairing: Steve x Reader
Word Count: 2.914

Requested by Anon: Can you do a Steve x reader imagine where they an avenger but she also does YouTube videos. Steve her boyfriend knows she does but doesn’t realize how popular until tony discovers her YouTube channel and sees she have over 5 million subscribers. The team ends up watching all her videos and Steve asks if he could be in one of her videos and end up doing the boyfriend tag.

A/N: Alright it’s up! It’s pretty long, but the last 1.600 words are the challenge itself. I thought it would be a nice change of course to try and write it. So… well.. here it is! 

The Avengers reaction to some of these questions is right here.

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Hello there! I’m really glad people who liked Yuri!!! on Ice were actually interested in real figure skating, so I made a post of things that you can start with.

First off, blogs to follow! Here’s a list:















And many more. Have no fear, I’m sure you’ll find more on the way!

Also, you can check out the #fskateedit tag.

Now, off to the skaters that got me into figure skating.

Let’s start with the men.

Of course, my husband Yuzuru Hanyu. He’s from Japan, and I’m sure you’ve heard his name before (because we love saying that Yūri was based off of him). He’s the 2014 Winter Olympic Champion, he’s amazing, and seriously the best skater (in my eyes, at least).

Also, he’s very very cute. I mean, look at him:

He’s the current record-holder for the highest short program, long program, and combined total scores. He got this record in this performance.

My favorite program of his is this one.

Off to another one! The guy I loved too much when I was twelve: Michael Christian Martinez of my home country, the Philippines.

Here he is. 

He’s not good enough to be an Olympic champ, but trust me when I say he’s good. He’s a two-time Triglav Trophy champion and the 2015 winner of the Asian Figure Skating Trophy. Also, he’s the first skater from Southeast Asia and a tropical country to qualify for the Olympics and the only athlete to represent the Philippines at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

My favorite program of his is his Short Program in the last Winter Olympics, here it is: Romeo and Juliet by Arthur Fiedler.

You know Phichit? I’m confident that he’s based off of Michael.

Let’s move on to the Ladies!

YUNA KIM. YUNA KIM. YUNA KIM. The Queen of Ladies’ Figure Skating. Retired, but I believe she’s too amazing to not be in this list.

She’s the 2010 Winter Olympic champion and the 2014 silver medalist in ladies’ singles. She’s a two-time World champion, three-time Grand Prix Final champion, and six-time South Korean national champion.

She’s the current record-holder for the combined total scores, and broken world record scores ELEVEN TIMES — EIGHT OF IT HER OWN RECORDS.

In her entire career, she’s never been off the podium. #OP

My favorite Yuna program is this one right here.

Next up is Mao Asada.

All I can say is: triple axels. She’s an Olympic silver medalist, and the only female figure skater to ever land three triple axels in one competition (2010 Winter Olympics).

Originally posted by iguana012

She currently holds the world record for the ladies’ short program score.

My favorite program of hers is this one, which is also the same program in which she landed two of the mentioned triple axels.

And we’re off to the Ice Dance!

Now I don’t know much about this because I focus more on the singles. However, I do have favorites!

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada. 

They’re the 2010 Olympic champions, 2014 Olympic silver medalists, two-time World and Four Continents champions, and six-time Canadian national champions.

They didn’t compete during the last two seasons, but now they’re officially back (and with a Prince medley as short dance).

The Great Gig in the Sky has got to be my favorite program.

Another pair of ice dancers is Meryl Davis and Charlie White.

They’re the 2014 Olympic champions, 2010 Olympic silver medalists, two-time World champions, five-time Grand Prix Final champions, and six-time U.S. national champions.

They’ve retired, I think (there were no confirmations!), but I sure as hell still love them.

Favorite dance? This.

Another notable fave is the ShibSibs. Maia and Alex Shibutani, ice dancers from the U.S.

They have a YouTube channel that can give us an inside look at skating. Check it out at ShibSibs.

Now it’s the Pairs, which I don’t know much about (again). But I do know my faves.

Of course, the cutest pair I’ve ever seen, Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, the 2014 Winter Olympic champs.

They’re married! And they won’t be competing this season because they’re expecting a baby. (I’m still crying.)

This is their gold medal-winning performance in Sochi.

That’s how you guys could start on figure skating. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone about anything, okay? Again, we will welcome you to our fandom if you want to join. Happy skating :)

"Delirious will always have Evan and Evan will always have Delirious"

So there has been a lot of commotion about this and I just wanna give you the rundown of how it happened for those of you who missed it.

I asked Mini “Why don’t you do the same thing Delirious does; upload solo content on your own channel but play once in a while with Evan.” Which is where he responded with him and Delirious being on different levels with subscribers, wanting to prove himself and about Delirious always having Evan and Evan always having Delirious. He said they were a pair similar to the H2OVanoss ordeal and that its always Evan, Delirious and other. Of course as soon as Mini even said the word H2OVanoss, everything went a little crazy as you may know. The topic was then dropped as soon as it came up and he continued clearing things up and answering any questions people had about the whole BBS tumblr drama.

If you have any further questions about the discord meeting last night, feel free to ask me or any of the others who were there last night. ^•^

Catch Fire: Chapter 1

When a one-night-stand turns two-night-stands turns sex buddies turns…well, good question OR when Lou met and somehow ended up having sex with her celebrity crush, she never expected things to turn out the way they did

Warnings: smut, language, 5SOS and especially Luke are kinda assholes


Greenlight – 5 Seconds of Summer

“It’s taking me over, I don’t wanna play this game no more

All you gotta do is tell me right now, you want me right now, come on

Give me the greenlight, we could have all night

If you just say the word, tell me it’s alright, give me the greenlight”

I open my eyes and squint in the harsh sunlight coming from the window of my bedroom. Yawning, I reach for my phone and check the time. It’s 2pm and I just woke up. Oh well. That’s what holidays are for. Sitting up, I stretch and wonder what I’m going to do today. I’ve spent the last week in LA making the apartment ready for when I’m moving in (in a few months), and this is my last day before flying back to France, where I still live with my parents.

I don’t feel like getting up just yet, so I go on YouTube to check the number of views on my last video (yes, I’m a dork that way). I smile goofily at the screen. I posted it two days ago and there are already 1k views! Okay, it might not be enormous, but I started my channel a little over a year ago and it’s not like I’m that great at singing, so I’d consider it an achievement to even have two views. I quickly scroll through the comments, which go from ‘Omg your voice is amazingg and ur sooo pretty <3’ to ‘Do u call that playing guitar?! ur voice is a fuckin disaster’.

Oh well, haters gonna hate. Comments like that are actually pretty ironic since the name of my youtube channel is GoAwayPeasant. Okay I’m not funny.

Anyway, I finally decide to get up and pick out my clothes as I check my Twitter, which I basically only use to stalk bandmembers. No one’s posted anything special, except Jack from All Time Low who’s just being his usual hilarious and stupid self. I shrug on a pair of skinny jeans and the DropDead ‘Join Us’ tank top, pulling my dark red curls in a ponytail. My phone lets out a small sound as a new tweet comes in. I look at it and freeze. Oh my god. It’s a picture of all of 5SOS in LA. I had no idea they were here. The tweet simply says that they’re stopping here for the day, and then leaving for the European leg of their tour tomorrow (yes of course I have tickets for the show in Paris). I breathe and try to channel my inner fangirl, but it’s no use. I’m in the fucking same city as them! Of course they probably won’t leave their hotel and I’m not enough of a creep to stay outside of it and stare at the windows, but still.

Just then, New Americana by Halsey starts playing as my phone rings. I pick it up, recognizing my dad’s number.

 “Hello? Louisiana?”

I sigh. Don’t get me started on my name. Normally I make everyone else call me Louise or Lou, but he insists on using my full name. I hate it. It’s not my fault my dad has family in Louisiana and has thus insisted I be called that, or that my mom thought it was a very awesome idea. But still I’m the one stuck with that horrible name.


“Hi honey, how are you?”

“Hey dad, I’m great! How are you guys?”

“We’re good. How’s the apartment?”

“It’s amazing,” I gush. “I love it so much! And it’s really close to this awesome music store! Well, I haven’t really checked it out yet, but it looks awesome. I’m probably gonna go today,” I add as an afterthought.

“I see, glad you’re having fun.”

We talk a bit more about what I did during the holidays and discuss the details of how I’m gonna get home before saying goodbye. I settle back down on my bed and contemplate what I wanna do before visiting that music store. After a few minutes of hesitating between movies, fanfics and YouTube videos, I go for the last and decide to do a re-run of all of danisnotonfire’s videos, because let’s face it: he’s amazing.

Five hours later, I’m at the music shop. And I was right: it’s paradise on earth. I trail my fingertips over the rack of CDs, looking for…there. Taking the CD out, I inspect the cover. The extended version of 5 Second of Summer’s new album finally came out, and I’m holding a precious copy. The four boys’ faces smile up at me, and I notice that for once, they’re all actually looking at the camera. I focus on Luke’s face, tracing the edges of his light smirk. So damn hot. Gripping the CD as well as the other few albums I’ve selected, I head towards the counter.

And stop in my tracks.

Entering the shop is a tall young guy around 20, with golden-blonde hair, sky-blue eyes and a pierced lip. It’s him. Lukey. Aka Luke Hemmings, 5 Seconds of Summer’s lead singer and guitarist and the boy who has been my celebrity crush for three years. Here. In this shop. Walking in my direction.

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anonymous asked:

I recently had a dream about being on a plane with Jack and after the dream i kept imagining what it would be like going on a holiday with him to vidicon or something, so i was wondering if you could write a little something about it? thank you!!

Going on holiday with Jack would be hard work. 

“Jack, taxi’s here!”
“On my way!”
“Have you got your toothbrush?”
“…one second!”
“And your phone charger?”

Yeah, the plane ride would be okay, direct from London to LA. Jack had landed a window seat so you’d cuddle up to him for most of the trip so you could watch the clouds below roll by. You’d try and watch movies in sync on the little TV screens and feast out on loads of snacks you’d bought in the airport instead of the terrible in-flight meal. Halfway through you’d fall asleep, one earphone each, and then woken up by Josh as you’re coming into landing. And that’s when the fun begins.

You’re off to Vidcon which is being held in Los Angeles in summer. It may only peak at 20 or so degrees in the UK but in LA they’re hitting the high 30s! And of course, the silly thing has only packed black. Skinny. Jeans. You think he would’ve learnt from last year. So as soon as you’ve checked into your hotel, you immediately go in search of some shops. He tries on about fifteen practically identical pairs of shorts, doing a mini runway walk in each and posing dramatically, but he eventually settles on two pairs and a flower print shirt since Conor stole his last one. He changes out of his jeans before you leave the mall.

You’re now 8 hours behind the UK, and staying awake is proving difficult. So you decide to film an America-themed Q&A for Jack’s channel.
“This’ll be yours and Y/N’s first holiday together, are you excited?” he reads from Twitter. “Of course I’m excited! I’m in a Youtuber’s paradise and I get to share it with the most wonderful girl,” he grins, kissing you quickly but then smirking and pulling you back onto the bed to make out with you, making a mental note to cut that out during editing.

The next day Jack has a meet and greet to go to, but there’s no way he’s leaving you behind.
“Jack, I don’t know how your fans will react to me.”
“They love you, honestly!”
There’s a line of girls queued up to meet Jack, Conor and Josh so you offer to take group pictures for them, but almost all of them (apart from a few who are far too up their own backsides) come up and give you a hug and say hi and how beautiful you’re looking. One of them even says how lucky Jack is to have a girl like you.

Woop woop

160930 EXOrdiuminHuangzhou

Look at this guys Chanbaek be going on and on during that concert

There’s so much happening in this collage but all I can say is that I love the way Chanyeol keeps looking at Baekhyun, and you’ll see with later pictures that Chanyeol can’t seem to take his eyes off of Baekhyun, it’s the sweetest thing ever. And the picture with Chanyeol having the microphone under his chin? It’s so cute he’s just like a little puppy~ Trying to get Baekhyun’s attention and make him laugh ;-;

And then Baekhyun imitates Chanyeol and they act like total dorks it’s so precious I cannot handle it.

More staring~ It’s hard to tell if Chanyeol’s really looking at Baekhyun in the first picture but the second one, as Baekhyun’s talking, Chanyeol’s just looking at him with this serious expression, I notice that Chanyeol a lotta times tends to stare at Baekhyun with this serious face and kinda half-lidded looking eyes, as if he’s daydreaming while looking at Baekhyun. I mean when I look at someone I like I have a similar expression. 

EYE CONTACT OH MY HEARTEU. I love it when in one picture Chanyeol looks like a giant but then the next he only looks slightly taller, it’s funny to me~ Actually when I said eye contact I lied, I think Chanyeol might be looking at Baekhyun’s lips, same with Baekhyun, except Baekhyun might be looking at someone else XD wonder what Chanyeol’s thinking when he looks at those lips…. ehehehe.


(channel looks a bit out of it tho ><)

*gasp* Chanbaek holding hands? Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoooooooo what’s the context?

Chanyeol, hunnie I’m pretty sure Baekhyun’s already your fan, and probably from the start. (The deal should’ve went like ‘will you be my boyfriend?’ ‘Chanyeol we already are boyfriends.’ ‘Shhhh I wanna hear you say yes one more time.’ ‘*cute sigh* fine, of course I will.’ *grip each other’s hands)

Picture one, Park Chanyeol steals a glance at the beautiful Byun Baekhyun and can’t seem to take his eyes off of him. Picture two, Baekhyun catches Chanyeol staring at him and they lock eyes, intimate eye contact ahahahahahahaha. Picture three, not of them look away with a shy/small smile on their faces. SO adorable.

Shoulder bump. Featuring very derby faces.

Ok so this isn’t really Chanbaek but seriously.

Byun Baekhyun what in the name of heavens are you doing? Yes a microphone is supposed to go near your mouth but not into it. Baek please, think of all the dirty minded fangirls… which is….*cough*…definitely….not…me.

ANYWAY! It seemed like this concert was a success for Chanbaek shippers~ Hopefully the one in japan will be even better~~~