of course he still loves him kurt is lying to himself all the time


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Pairing: Sebastian Smythe x Reader

Request: Hi! Idk if your requests are open but imma go for it: can you please do a Sebastian Smythe x reader thing where they are secretly dating because she’s in the New Directions and they wouldn’t approve? But she is the one that gets hit by the rock salt slushee and he gets all worried? You can go off from there! Thanks 

Word count: 1.678

A/N: Hi, sorry for the late post. I had no time in these weeks, unluckily. Anyways, I added some fluff at the end and I hope that you liked it. Honestly, I’m not happy how it turned out, but I had no clue on how to write it. I tried, though.

- G. x

Love is one of the most important things in your life. You’ve always dreamt of having a prince charming since you were still a little innocent child. You would always envy the Disney princesses and you would always ask your mum when was your prince charming going to arrive in your life. You were just so delightful at the thought of it and it caused you to be so thankful when your other half came into your life: Sebastian Smythe.

You loved the idea of having your boyfriend with you, but the situation became unbearable when the both of you had to hide your relationship from your friends.
Sebastian and you were both in a glee club, The Warblers and New Directions. It was just a shame that the two of you went in two different schools and your groups are always in competition, of course.

Sebastian was the leader of the Warblers and he was the most hated member, of course. He was a competitive person and he loved to annoy his opponents, provoking them with his unnecessary insults and ironic stupid jokes.

You found it hard to hide your relationship from your friends, because you couldn’t ask them for any advices or you couldn’t tell them how your date with Sebastian went. Sebastian forced you many times to reveal them your secret relationship, but you knew that your friends would just separate the two of you and they would never approve it. You loved Sebastian, but you loved your friends too and you just didn’t know what to do.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” Kurt shouted your name and you finally turned your head to his side. “Finally, the others have already gone!” He rolled his eyes and you snorted for his actions. Kurt was your gay best friend and his mannerisms have always made you laugh, you never knew for what reason.  

“Sorry.” You finally apologized when you stopped crying and laughing at the same time. He knew the reason why you were laughing and he threw you his empty water bottle, dodging it perfectly. “What is it?”

“The Warblers are already in the auditorium. Let’s kick their asses and get this chaos done.” You laughed at his intensions as you stood up from your chair and you walked towards Kurt.

“C’mon and kick their asses.” You agreed smiling, thinking that you will see Sebastian any time soon.

You walked through the auditorium arm-in-arm with Kurt and you started thinking of the mess your boyfriend’s group creating once again. They were competing against your group at the regionals, but then you found out that both of the groups had the idea of doing a Michael Jackson song. Probably it was your fault, because you left your papers lying around your house messily, but there’s no way you are telling you them that fact.

“Oh, hey losers.” Your cheeky boyfriend looked at you and your best friend as you entered the auditorium. Kurt rolled his eyes once again and you gave him a playful death glare, him trying not to let out a laugh.

“Shut up, idiot.” Santana blurted out. “I think it’s time that I show you a little Lima Heights hospitality.”

“Unless you want to join your relatives in prison, that’s probably not the best idea.” He flashed her a flirty smirk and Santana crossed her arms furiously.

“Smythe, shut your filthy mouth.” You seriously said to him as you went near the auditorium stage. He crossed the line with that offense and he just rolled his eyes, letting you know that the fun has just started. “So why can’t we start fixing this mess?” You stood in the middle of the stage, having Sebastian behind you.

“I demand satisfaction in Warbler tradition.” Sebastian courageously challenged your group.

“Then let’s have a dual.” Kurt sassily answered Sebastian.

“Alright.” Sebastian confidently said, annoying your group members even more.

“We aren’t scared, Warblers.” Artie said as he rolled his wheels forward, nearing himself on the stage.

“You really think you’re that bad?” Sebastian smirked once again. “Is that what they teach you at that little public school of yours?”

“Let’s get it on.” Blaine then butted in, not minding what Sebastian has said, as the members of both groups went on the stage. People were divided in two big groups as the beat of Michael Jackson’s Bad started to be heard.

New Directions started to sing and dance with the Warblers and you didn’t mind that Sebastian dropped hints of you being together during your performance, also because your friends were busy on showing their best.

The most of the time, you were looking at your boyfriend’s eyes and you wanted to hug him in the middle of the song. You wanted to stop this battle between your group, because it was hard to pretend that you both hated each other and
Sebastian needed to moderate his words, because he really offended people with his sass.

You then lost Sebastian’s gaze, realizing that Kurt pulled you further and he blocked your way from Sebastian. You knew that he noticed the tension between you and Sebastian and he tried to protect you, even though you knew that Sebastian would never hurt you.

You then noticed Sebastian taking out a large white paper cup from a brown paper bag. You corrugated your forehead and you started to walk fast towards him, bumping people when you needed to. You knew that Sebastian could play dirty sometimes and you wanted to stop whatever his plans were.

“(Y/N)!” You heard Kurt shouting, but suddenly the song’s beat faded and you felt a cold and stinging liquid running down your face.

You shouted for pain and sting that you were feeling on your face.

“(Y/N)!” Your friends shouted your name.

You were about to fall on the ground, when you felt two familiar strong arms catch your weak body. You couldn’t see anything and you heard nothing, except for your sharp shouts.

“Fuck, Smythe!” You then heard Kurt, anger in his voice.

“You’re paying for this, Smythe.” You heard Santana’s sassiness. The next thing you heard was that your friends were blaming Sebastian because of what happened.

“Quiet, losers!” You then heard your boyfriend’s loud voice. “(Y/N), are you okay?”

“I can’t see and my face stings, Smythe!” You bitterly answered him. How could he ask a question like that when he obviously knew the answer?

“I am sorry,” You sensed the sadness and the regret from his voice. “it was my fault.”

“I knew it was yours, douche.” You answered him sassily, still bearing with the pain.

“Can you open your eyes?” It was Artie’s voice.

“No, don’t! It had rock salt in it.” Sebastian worriedly answered. You felt him wiping your sticky cheeks and you felt cold when the ice went inside your shirt. Your face was still stinging but the pain was bearable than before. “I’m really sorry.”

“You better be, Fievel.” I then felt someone’s hands held my forearm. “Let her go now.”

“No, I’m bringing her to the hospital,” Sebastian protested. “Whether you like it or not.”

“You hurt her.” Santana fought back, still having her hands holding your forearm. “She’s not safe with you.”

“It wasn’t meant for her, it was meant for your loser friend, Kurt.” Sebastian replied harshly. While your friends and your boyfriend were busy on discussing of what happened, you silently thought of how everything happened. The insults that your boyfriend was receiving from your friends just flew across your ears.

“Seb, I am cold.” You suddenly felt cold and you tightened your grip on your boyfriend’s arms. You felt him wrapping his arms around your cold body and you enjoyed the warm temperature that his body gave you, as you heard your friends commenting of how you called him and, obviously, for his gesture.

You were angry at Sebastian for his stupid and brainless actions, but you knew that he was regretting it and it wasn’t meant for you. He did something wrong, of course, and you are not tolerating him once you get better, but he was by your side, worrying. He cared for you and you knew that he always did, even after all those playful insults he told you in front of your friends.

“I’m bringing you to the hospital now, mon bébé.” You massacred your lower lip with your white teeth when you heard how he called you in front of your friends. “Don’t worry, okay?”

“Mon bébé?!” Your friends shouted in unison.

“Oui, mon bébé!” Sebastian confirmed that you two were in a relationship and you heard your friends talking about it. You then felt Sebastian carrying you in a bridal style, assuming that he was finally bringing you to the hospital.

“I’m sorry, love.” You heard him say, noises weren’t heard anymore as the cold breeze of the outside air hit your freezing cold body.

“Asshole.” You playfully insulted him and you laughed afterwards.

“Okay, I deserved that.” He let out a giggle as he put you on his car’s passenger seat.

“You better know it.” You pouted and he let out another giggle.

“Stay still.” You did what he told you to do and you heard the car’s door slammed.

“I love you, (Y/N)!” He sweetly said as he caressed your sweet and red cheeks.

“You’re not buying my love just like that, Smythe, even though you’re worrying for me.” You didn’t hear him talk for awhile, but then you laughed out loud. “You’re in serious troubles.”

“I know.” He shortly answered.

“And I love you too.” You then smiled at him and you felt his warm lips touched your sticky and sweet forehead.

“I know that too.” You both snorted as he started his car.

You knew that Sebastian was an asshole, but you loved him just like that. He never meant to hurt you, but whenever he did, even though it was an accident, he was always by your side and he will never leave you, not even after he accidentally revealed your secret relationship.

“Show and Tell” - Kurt/Blaine

<3 Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies! <3</p>

It’s time for the return of my precious mess baby, drunk!Kurt, so look here for some schmoopy husbands. This is based on a one-word prompt: “stumbling.”

1500 words | AO3

This has been… a night.

He’s far too warm. So is Blaine, but Blaine is always like that, always warm and cozy because Kurt married a furnace, and that’s okay because their little vintage apartment has radiators that work on a spotty basis at best, and–

“Kurt? You okay?”

Kurt sighs and presses his cheek against the side of Blaine’s face. Warm, warm, warm. “I’m okay,” he slurs, and though the sound of it (”Uhm-kay”) tells him exactly how drunk he is, he doesn’t care, because they’re at the threshold of their apartment and Blaine’s holding onto him just fine. He’s so hot, and a little sweaty, but that’s okay too, because they have the best times together when they’re hot and sweaty, and it’s Valentine’s Day, so–

“Are you sure?” Blaine pauses his attempt to get his keys out of his pocket and tightens his grip around Kurt’s waist. He reaches up and pushes Kurt’s bangs out of his face where his coif has finally fallen out of its hairspray.

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Klaine Summer Challenge Day 8- Walking on Sunshine

Word Count: 1,130

Summers often make Blaine feel lonely. (Warnings for depression and anxiety attacks.) AO3

He thinks the heat must be getting to him.

That’s the only explanation he can think of, why else is he tired all the time, or why he’s so hot that he can’t stand to leave the house or even walk down stairs to eat.

More than anything he’s bored.

When he was at Dalton, everything was go, go, go. He woke up and did the same thing everyday, and while most people are ready to escape the tedious routine of school, he misses having something to do everyday. It’s only the end of June, but he spends most of his days waking up at noon (after falling to a restless sleep at 2am) and then taking a nap at around six o’clock.

The time spent in between is spent doing nothing.

He reads, he’s been reading a lot, but the words on the page muddle together and he just gives up and watches another movie instead.

“I miss you guys,” he says to his mom over video chat one afternoon- he can’t even remember what day of the week it is, they all feel the same. “I wish you guys didn’t have to be gone for so long.

“We know sweetheart,” Pam says with a sigh. “But your grandmother is really sick and your father needs me right now.”

But i need you too, Blaine thinks, but doesn’t say in fear of sounding selfish. His grandmother has been sick for a while and the humidity in her retirement residence in Florida isn’t helping her. His parents left at the beginning of the month, right after he finished the school year.

“Have you been having fun? Hanging out with your friends?” She asks.

They’re all with their families on vacation, he thinks bitterly

“A bit,” he lies. “They’re all busy.”

“Oh, well how’s Kurt?” Pam asks, changing the subject with remorse.

While Blaine usually smiles at the mention of Kurt, his heart sinks a bit.

“We’ve gone on a couple dates,” he says, and it’s true. They went to the movies last week - and Blaine was so happy because he didn’t have to talk- and Kurt took him to the New Directions end of the year party, where he mostly sat around and drank soda while everyone else hung out.

He doesn’t blame Kurt for not making him a priority, they’ve only been together for a few months, and when they do hang out Blaine is so nervous because he rarely spends time with people these days.

“We’ll be back in a few weeks honey,” his mom says. “And when we do we’ll all go out as a family- maybe we’ll get Cooper to come back home.”

I’m not even fun to be around, Blaine thinks.

“Yeah mom, that’ll be great.”


Kurt texts him late one afternoon if he wants to go on a picnic tomorrow, and Blaine doesn’t even text back until after nine, a simple “Sure, I’d love to :)”.

When he wakes up the next morning it’s a completely different story.

First off all, it’s Saturday. Which means more people in the park than usual and it’ll be so crowded and it’s so hot outside he spends thirty minutes after waking up walking around in his undershirt and boxers and opening all the windows, his breaths becoming shorter. He starts thinking that he has nothing to wear-  he hasn’t done laundry since the end of May- so he’s thinking that Kurt will make fun of his outfit and ohgodishouldjustcancelnow starts running through his head until he’s sitting on the couch, his leg shaking hard and his head feeling like it’s been filled with cotton and rocks at the same time.

The doorbell rings, and it rings multiple times when Blaine can’t force himself to get up to answer. After what feels like an hour, he picks his body and the edges of his vision are fuzzy as he tugs furiously on the doorknob.

“Hey, I thought you may be asleep- you’re not even dressed?” Kurt asks curiously.

The floor sways under Blaine’s feet. “I’m sorry, oh gosh I’m so sorry.”

Kurt tries to place his hand on Blaine’s shoulder but he tenses up so much he retracts. “Are you okay?”

No no no, Blaine thinks. “I can’t breathe,” he confesses, tears brimming in his eyes and threatening to fall on his cheeks.

“Oh Blaine, let’s sit down,” Kurt says steadily, it the most solid thing Blaine is aware of. He feels a strong hand on the center of his back, his feet trudging forward with its guidance as he’s lowered on the couch.

Blaine is shaking and the room is blurring around him and Kurt says something like “lie” - it sounds so far away- and then he feels himself being laid down on the couch. He starts feeling nauseous so he closes his eyes until the pounding in his ears fades away.

When he wakes up project runway is playing at a low volume on the T.V. and Kurt’s hand is toying with the hair on his head.

“You’re still here?”Blaine asks. He debates sitting up but his head hurts too bad.

“Of course,” Kurt replies immediately, his voice soft. ”Plus you’e kind of on my lap.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“I think you said that enough earlier,” Kurt says in a slightly teasing tone. “What happened?”

Blaine explains, and he cries again but Kurt stay silent give or take a few hmms here and there. He apologizes mores and Kurt lets him, going in a steady pattern on the back of his head as they watch models on the screen.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Is Kurt’s first question.

I didn’t want to bother you. I thought you wouldn’t care. I was hoping it would go away.

“It’s complicated. I don’t really know..” Blaine trails off.

“It’s okay,” Kurt says and Blaine smiles quietly. “We’re still going on that picnic you know.”

Blaine furrows his brow. “Oh I don’t know if I-”

“Trust me,” Kurt says quickly. “Go get dressed.”

Blaine sighs and goes upstairs, and puts on a pair of shorts a clean shirt from the floor, thinking that there’s no point in lying and trying to look too presentable.

He brushes his teeth and goes downstairs to see that Kurt has opened all the blinds and has the food he packed splayed out on the coffee table.

“It’s too hot out,” Kurt smiles, “But we can still enjoy the sun.”

Blaine finds an old blanket in the hall closet and spreads it out on the floor. He can Kurt rewind the episodes of project runway he missed and feed each other grapes in silence while leaning against the couch. It’s still hot, but now the sunlight feels warm in a more comforting way.

Just Promise Me This // #BSPromptChallenge

Day 1: Battle/Battlescars/Wounds/Injuries

A/N: So, here we go! I’m so excited to take part in this amazing challenge, and I can’t wait to read everyone else’s creations. I’m not sure if I will be able to post continuously for the next 30 days, but I’ll give it my best shot!

Kurt paced the hospital ward, up and down, up and down. He couldn’t sit, he couldn’t stay still, he couldn’t do anything until he knew that everything was okay.

He cursed himself in his head, cursed himself for not taking extra precautions. He had been so stupid, thinking that the arrest would be straight forward. Six months ago, they had managed to take down Shepherd, the world’s biggest terrorist, and her organisation. So, in his mind, stopping a drug cartel should’ve been a piece of cake. But he was wrong.

The events of the past two hours kept replaying in his mind, over and over again, his brain taunting him about all the mistakes he’d made.

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Kurtbastian snippet - “ACITW AU Chapter 29 - The Check”

Okay. I didn’t get the chapter done, and I’m sorry. I really tried, the same way I do every year, but it just didn’t work out. But for those of you who wanted to know what I was going to do with this point in particular, here’s the conversation about the money. (1674 words)

This is the last word on the 10 grand … or is it? ;)

To Kurt:

Call me as soon as you can. We really need to talk.

Along with that ominous message his father sent a picture – a photo of an envelope, the return address, NYADA, specifically the financial aid department. And across the bottom of the envelope, where Kurt has gotten used to seeing the words AMOUNT DUE are stamped the words FINAL NOTICE.

Kurt swallows hard. No, he thinks. Not now. Not when I’m here, in this sanctuary, when nothing bad can touch me, still trying to sort things out. Not when I don’t have a clue how to fix this, where to even start.

But maybe that’s the rub. Maybe he was never meant to figure this problem out. Maybe his acceptance to NYADA was something he was meant to lose, like Blaine. Just another part of his life he arrogantly thought was a sure thing, something he didn’t bother worrying about once he’d gotten it, slipping through his fingers.

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Imagine (27.1) - Glee

Anonymous asks:  Sebastian Smythe PLZ!!! Can you make and imagine where he is straight and transfers from Dalton to Mckinley for the reader as a surprise and she lied to him about telling New Directions about them dating so then he’s hurt and the club is mad until she stands up in front of them and tells them about how much she loves him and apologizes to him and just make it fluffy plzzzz

(not my gif)

Sebastian Smythe

“We don’t agree on much. In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever agree on anything. You’re a Warbler, not to mention unapologetic and snobby (not that I’m complaining), while I’m a New Directioner, and practically a 180 degree version of you. From donating to a local charity to using public toilets, we fought all the time and challenged each other everyday. But the most magical and unbelievable thing about us Seb, is that despite all our differences, we still had one important thing in common. We’re crazy about each other. I don’t know what to expect of us in the future, but I’m glad I got on this roller coaster ride and took my chances with you.  Ok, you’re probably going to mock me for expressing my thoughts with so many sentences, so let me cut to the chase. I guess what I’m trying to tell you, or rather write down in words because I’m probably too shy to say it in front of your face is that I love you Seb. You’re the only person (other than my family), whom I would ever want to fall asleep next to. Happy anniversary. 

With Love, 


p.s. when you’re done reading this, i implore you to only look up after counting aloud to 5 so that I can get rid of this embarrassed face which I’m guessing probably looks horrendous now”

“5,” Sebastian said and instantly looked up, catching the sight of you fanning myself.

“You were supposed to start from 1!” You exclaimed.

“When is it ever going to sink in for you that I don’t always do what I’m told?” He said, shaking his head and masking his smile when he realised how red your face were. Of course, he would’ve preferred you to say it to his face, but you were never expressive with your thoughts so a letter’s acceptable too.

“Also,” he chuckled. “Pretty cocky of you to say that we’re crazy about each other don’t you think?” You shrugged, “Well, I learnt from the best,”

“Touche,” Sebastian clapped.

“I got something for you too,” he took out a red box from his back pocket and handed it over too you. “Didn’t we agree to not spend money on gifts this time round?” you remarked.

“I couldn’t resist getting you something. Go on, open it,” he instructed.

“It’s a..” you said as you unwrapped the box, anticipating what Sebastian had gotten, “a Flash figurine…?” 

Sebastian flashed a proud smirk and looked as happy as ever, “Limited Edition.” Then it dawned upon you that Sebastian was into superheroes, not you. He had bought this present for himself. Urgh that cheaterbug.

Nevertheless, it was your first anniversary with Seb, so presents didn’t matter this time round. “Thank you,” you smiled and dived straight into a hug. 

“Now, this is the correct way of expressing your feelings,”  he said. Sebastian inched closer to your ears, so close to nibbling it. “I love you, Y/N. More than I love myself,” he whispered and locked lips with you.

“I thought slushies were bad, but spaghetti sauce in the eye is so much worse,” Artie complained.

Mr Schue had thought of a recruitment plan, called The Purple Piano Project,   many purple pianos were placed around the entire campus and we had to perform a number once we’ve spotted it.

What did that got me? A mix of meatball sauce, spaghetti sauce and god knows what else splattered on my body.

“I have pepperoni in my bra,” Brittany remarked. “Those are your nipples,” Santana replied.

Mike sighed, “Mr. Schue, if you are trying to break us down to rebuild us, it’s working.” Mercedes chimed in, “Not one single person was inspired by our hot lunch jam to try out, Mr. Schue.

"I thought slushies were bad, but spaghetti sauce in the eye is so much worse,” Artie complained.

Mr Schue had thought of a recruitment plan, called The Purple Piano Project,   many purple pianos were placed around the entire campus and we had to perform a number once we’ve spotted it.

What did that got me? A mix of meatball sauce, spaghetti sauce and god knows what else splattered on my body.

“I have pepperoni in my bra,” Brittany remarked. “Those are your nipples,” Santana replied.

Mike sighed, “Mr. Schue, if you are trying to break us down to rebuild us, it’s working.” Mercedes chimed in and side-eyed the teacher, “Not one single person was inspired by our hot lunch jam to try out, Mr. Schue.”

“You kidding me? You guys kinda gave show choir a bad name,” a familiar voice echoed from the corridors. As he entered the room, some gasped. Sebastian. “Except for her of course,” he smirked and looked towards you.

You didn’t know how to react. The thing was, you kinda lied to Sebastian; you told him that the Glee knew about your relationship and approved of it. But how could you let the glee members know? Especially after he’d slushed Santana.

“It’s true. You guys sucked ass,” a nasally-toned woman followed behind.

"I’m sorry, what are you doing here?” Rachel asked agitatedly upon seeing her rival.

The woman spoke up immediately "I’m Sugar Motta, and I have self-diagnosed-” 

“You, shush,” Santana shuted the woman up before fixating her glare on Sebastian.

"As much as I hate to say this, I’m transferring to McKiney,” Sebastian replied. "What?” said everyone, including you. Sebastian hated public schools, last time he was here, he couldn’t stand the ‘stench’ of a public school.

“The sun has risen from the west,” remarked Tina. “You’re kidding right? Mr Schue, this must be a plot to drag us down internally!” exclaimed Rachel. 

“Get a grip of yourself young Barbara Streisand. Everybody knows that New Direction’s a joke and simply not worth anybody’s attention,” Sebastian said and flashed an easy smile. Rachel almost exploded with fury if not for Finn’s intervention.

“I don’t get it Sebastian. You transfer to McKinley, walk into this room, but still continue to insult us. What’s your motive?”

“What else Frankensteen? I knew you were stupid, but I didn’t know you were that stupid,” Sebastian scoffed before walking towards you with that classic smirk. 

“Happy Anniversary. I win best present, again.”

You froze in place, unsure whether to squeal in joy or fear for your life.

“What? You are dating Y/N?!” Santana said aggressively. 

“Seb, I didn’t tell them,” you mumbled. 

“What?” Sebastian uttered loudly. 

You bit your lip, clearly you had no choice but to finally come clean. At this point in time, Mr Schue knew better than to intervene. “Hi guys, erm, actually, I’ve been dating him for a year now,”  

“Hell no,” Mercedes remarked.

“Traitor,” Rachel added.

“You can’t deny that they’ll make cute babies though,” Sam chimed in before earning a death glare from Santana.

“Look, I wanted to tell you guys but it was too much for-”

“Enough of this crap, I’m out,” said Santana. The others followed suit, disappointed that they’ve been lied to. Especially when you’ve been sleeping with the enemy.

“You’ll get through this,” said Kurt. He was the only one who understood how I felt. You see, it took him ages for the members to finally accept the fact that he was dating Blaine. 

You sighed, unsure of how you were going to handle this matter. Once there was only two of you in the choir room, Sebastian finally spoke.

“You lied to me,” said Sebastian.                                   

“I know Seb, but what was I supposed to do? Tell you that my friends hated you, especially after you poured slushie all over Santana?”

“I transferred to McKinley because you assured me that your friends accepted us dating, I transferred to McKinley to see you everyday, I gave up everything for you only to find out that you’ve been lying to me all this time?” Sebastian said.                                                                                                                

“Seb, I couldn’t-” 

“Save it Y/N, you’ve ruined everything,” Sebastian said coldly and walked away, leaving you alone to dry your tears.                                                                                                               

10 reasons why Kurt Cobain wasn't murdered

1. None of Kurt’s bandmates, family, or friends believe that he was murdered.

2. Two of Kurt’s uncles committed suicide by self-inflicted gunshots to the head.

3. Kurt made a Super-8 film as a child depicting him killing himself.

4. Kurt reportedly told a classmate that he was going to become a famous rock star and then kill himself in a blaze of glory like Jimi Hendrix (believing Hendrix’ death was a suicide).

5. Kurt wrote in his published ‘Journal’ that he once tried to commit suicide by laying on train tracks only to have the train come down the wrong tracks.

6. Kurt Cobain’s lyrics were full of direct and veiled references to suicide:

Song: “I Hate Myself and Want To Die” – the name of a Nirvana song, the original title for the album “In Utero”, and Kurt shocked his bandmates by showing up to a show wearing a custom made T-Shirt with this phrase on it.

Song: “Milk It”
“Look on the bright side, suicide.”

Song: “Scentless Apprentice”
“I lie in the soil and fertilize mushrooms.
Leaking out gas fumes are made into perfume.
You can’t fire me because I quit!
Throw me in the fire and I won’t throw a fit.”

Song: “You Know You’re Right”
Lyrics (the song is loaded with a veiled suicide references):
“I would never bother you.
Never speak a word again.
I will crawl away for good…
Always knew it would come to this…
You Know You’re Right.”

7. Nirvana MTV Unplugged, Nov. 18, 1993. To me this was Kurt’s planned epitaph 5 months before his death:

Cobain suggested that the stage be decorated with stargazer lilies, black candles, and a crystal chandelier. Cobain’s request prompted the show’s producer to ask him, “You mean like a funeral?”, to which the singer replied, “Exactly. Like a funeral.”
-Charles R. Cross’ book “Heavier Than Heaven”, pg. 304.

5 of the 6 songs cover songs during Nirvana’s MTV ‘Unplugged’ performance mentioned death.

Some Common Kurt Cobain Murder Arguments & Rebuttals:

8. “If Kurt had taken a lethal heroin overdose he would not be able to pull the trigger.”

Heroin addicts have increasingly high drug tolerances. Even a lethal dose of heroin would not necessarily have instantly killed Kurt Cobain.

“A typical lethal injection death should be completed within 7 minutes. Often that time is exceeded, sometimes by 1 or 2 hours.” -NewRepublic.com.

That is with a lethal chemical cocktail designed to kill a person and stop their heart. If Kurt gave himself a “lethal heroin overdose” it would have still been possible for him to shoot himself before the drugs kicked in.

9. “There was hardly any blood. If Kurt blew his head off there would have been more blood.”

Kurt shot himself using a bird-shot shotgun round, remember George W. Bush’s VP Dick Cheney shooting incident with his hunting buddy? That involved a bird-shot. If fired into a person’s head through their mouth a bird-shot round would probably kill them but not necessarily penetrate through the back of their skull. This would explain why there was so little blood found at the scene and why the security installation technician who discovered Kurt said he looked like he was sleeping.

10. “Courtney Love hired someone to murder Kurt Cobain because they were going to get a divorce.”

Just hours after performing on Saturday Night Live on January 11, 1992, one week before ‘Nevermind’ hit number one on the charts, Kurt overdosed on drugs. Courtney Love found him at 7:00 am the next morning lying on the floor. She revived him by splashing water on his face and punching him in the stomach.

In July 1993, Kurt was scheduled to perform at the New Music Seminar in New York City. Prior to the show, Kurt shot up too much heroin which resulted in an accidental overdose. Courtney Love injected him with Narcan and then punched him in the chest. This resuscitated Kurt who went on to perform later that night as if nothing had happened.

Courtney reportedly saved Kurt’s life after overdosing on heroin on numerous other occasions. If Courtney had not saved Kurt’s back in 1992 Nirvana would be known for a singer who died from a heroin overdose just before their only hit album hit #1. Because of Courtney Kurt lived for 2 more productive years.

Two months before Cobain killed himself he attempted suicide in Rome, Italy overdosing on “Roofies” and champagne and allegedly wrote a suicide note. Courtney discovered him overdosed, rushed him to the hospital, and saved his life again.

If Courtney wanted Kurt dead she could have just let him overdose and die numerous times. I don’t believe Courtney was a stabilizing influence on Kurt’s life but I also don’t believe that she had any reason or need to have him killed. Even if they divorced she would still be set for life financially. Why would she suddenly want to murder him 2 months after saving his life?

Some people need to believe conspiracy theories about Kurt. The 1998 film “Kurt and Courtney” gave rise to many of these “Kurt was murdered” theories. But even the filmmaker Nick Bloomfield does not believe that Kurt was murdered. Kurt’s best friend, Dylan Carlson, who bought him the shotgun said, “If I really thought Courtney was involved, She would be dead now, I’d kill her…” If Kurt’s friends, family, and bandmates don’t believe he was murdered why do some of Kurt’s fans have to believe it like their lives depend on it?

Kurt Cobain and Nirvana changed the course of rock music for the better. I was, and still am, a huge Nirvana fan. Kurt is the only musician whose death has ever made me cry. I have read 4 books about him. I will always love Nirvana’s music, but I do find it hard to listen to Nirvana without being reminded of his tragic death. Anyone who uses heroin is basically flirting with death. Kurt called himself a “death rocker” in his suicide note. I think Kurt always had a death wish and it eventually just caught up with him. “Always knew it would come to this… Pain… You know you’re right.” It’s all right there in his last song. RIP Kurt Cobain. May your music live on forever.

Source: Alternativenation.net

As The World Falls Down- Peter Maximoff (x-men) x Reader- Part 1

A/N: So this is based off a request, and i had this brilliant idea because holy shit, just trust me on this one, the title is a bit of a give away for part 2 though if you see what’s up, hehehehe . I’ve been in a 1970s Peter Maximoff streak so it’s nice to be able to do a post-apocalypse fic. Not many spoilers except for the fact Nina’s alive… just because, let Erik Lensherr be happy 2k16.

Also, who doesn’t ship teachers? I live for bickering enemy teacher AUs. Friendly reminder I’m open to all requests, just check my guidelines in case :)

Tags: Fluff, shipping, dad!Maximoff (ish, kinda…) and sneaking out.

Word Count: 2,835

As The World Falls Down-Part 1

“So, if we take into account the Haber process,” You turned around from the blackboard before taking a couple of steps back just to fix the equilibrium symbol, then once again facing your class. Several students were falling asleep, eyes half-open in the morning sun pouring in. You were going to kill Maximoff. How dare he? How actually dare he assign your seniors an assignment due the same day you have to give a content-heavy revision lesson?

Anyway, you could pick a fight with him in the staff room later. Provided Professor McCoy didn’t get in the way.

Or you could always spike is coffee with something… a laxative would be funny.

It would literally give him the runs. Hilarious.

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prompt by thatweirdgirljess: quarterback!Dean being in love with headcheerleader!Castiel since freshman year. Cas being afraid of just being one of Dean’s flings and repeatedly turning Dean down, until the day Dean is tackled pretty badly and kinda just lays on the ground not moving… Cas abandons his team and runs out onto the field to check on him

Castiel was in the middle of telling his squad that they had to perform to their best today and ignore the rival cheerleading team that were being petty and trying to goad them, when Dean came into his eye line, standing there on the edge of the crowd waiting for Cas to finish. As always, especially before a big game, Dean had a cocky smile on his face, hands in his jacket pockets as he winked over at Castiel.

Fighting the urge to roll his eyes back at him, Castiel finished off his speech, hoping that it would give out some motivation. By the bored looks on the other cheerleaders’ faces, Castiel kind of doubted it. Though he was the head cheerleader, many people always felt the need to unhelpfully tell Castiel that he didn’t, in fact, have much ‘cheer’ in him. Castiel could only assume that he’d gotten the role for his leadership skills more than anything else, though he often second guessed himself there too.

“Hey,” Dean greeted him with a grin when Castiel took the few steps towards him.

“Hello Dean,” Castiel smiled, fiddling with his cheerleading jacket, a nervous habit he always seemed to pick up when he was near Dean, much to Cas’ annoyance, “So,” he ran a hand through his messy hair, “It’s the big game.”

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Like A Drum

Written for blangstpromptoftheday #848: Blaine was born with a heart defect and was ultimately fitted with a pacemaker when he was very young. Present day Blaine- the pacemaker stops working and he collapses in the middle of class/glee club/on the subway in NYC. Kurt isn’t there so he doesn’t find out til later that his boyfriend/fiancé nearly died. [Ao3]

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Cake And Confession : Peter Maximoff x Reader

Title: Cake And Confession 
Rating: T for cursing 
Word Count: 1945
Summary: Sometimes the way you confess doesn’t go the way its planned; same for making a cake.
-Note: This was a quicky

Love makes you do anything for the person who means so much to you; the person your heart, mind, and soul is in love with just to make sure they’re happy. This wasn’t a simple cliche romance quote; it was true or at least for you it was. Never have you been in love before meeting a certain silver haired boy, as they were all simple crushes or sometimes a schoolgirl crush that ended up flying south after a few months. Like those crushes, you figured the feelings and attraction you started developing towards Peter Maximoff would fade away; they didn’t. You had tried your hardest to ignore those feelings or dismiss them quickly, but every time you saw him you’d become uneasy and anxious, yet comfortable and calm. You couldn’t figure out why at first because you never knew how it felt to be in love.

It wasn’t until after many months of Peter and you increasingly becoming closer and closer, that you started noticing the feelings you had for him weren’t going to disappear anytime soon.

To be quite blunt, you weren’t sure what you saw in him when the two of you first meet. You, along with everyone in the mansion, was saved by him from the engine explosion that Alex had shot with his energy rings in an attempt to save Charles. Although, you actually didn’t start talking to him until after the whole Apocalypse show down.

It was the day after he came to the school with a case that you got to see what kind of character he was. It didn’t take you long before you knew his favorite snacks were Twinkies, he loved bands, especially Pink Floyd, was an complete flirt, and he was in your words, ‘a sarcastic little shit’. The list could go on, but those were the biggest ones.

Peter was the one to introduce himself first; seeing you sit under a big, shady tree reading a book, he came over and took a seat beside you. He kind of annoyed you. For the next few weeks, he’d always bug you and mess with you. He was such a pest, but as the both of you talked more over a certain course of time, you started to laugh at his funny remarks and thus, began your playful friendship with him. Your feelings for him didn’t start to form after you slipped on the stairs and almost fell until Peter came to your rescue. An typical cliche moment, but it was still cute.

“I stayed up all night studying a test that was fucking postponed,” Scott cursed, annoyed at the world, as he stretched his hands across the table, “just my luck like usual.” You snickered at him, as you keep your nose in the book you were currently reading. Scott was your best friend; the two of you have known each other since you could remember. Both of your dads were good friends, basically brothers, in high school, so you guys were kind of like cousins in a sense.

“Maybe now you have time to actually study instead of cramming,” Jean teased towards her boyfriend, not looking at him, as she finished some homework.

“So, are you going to do it?” Jean asked you in your mind, giving you a shock enough to throw your book. Thank goodness Kurt was able to teleport because the minute that harry potter like book came at him, he bamfed a few steps back. Everyone gave you a strange look towards your actions, making you fluster in embarrassment. You frowned your eyebrows looking at Jean, who didn’t seemed phased that she made you look like a lunatic.

“Yes, but I don’t know how I’m going to ask him out,” you thought, looking at her. For the last week, Jean has been trying to get you to confess your undying love to Peter and you finally gave in yesterday, promising today that you’d do so. Although, you wish you hadn’t because now you were clueless on how to do it or where. Hell, what if he didn’t like you and rejected you harshly? You knew Peter wasn’t like that; he was many things, but he wasn’t an plain out ass. It didn’t stop you from being scared shitless though.

“Scott, Kurt,” you called out to the two boys who were in the menace of talking, “I need to ask you guys something.” The two turned towards you then at each other and back towards you. They looked like they were about to shit themselves, as they knew when you needed to ask them something, it was usually something they did that angered you.

“Chill, you guys. I just need to ask you both, as boys, on how to ask out guys.” Scott blurted out laughing when he heard you say that while Kurt gave a smile. Sometimes you wanted to punch Scott, but now that if you were to punch him and his shades come off that would end with you turning into toast, you resisted.

“Are you sure you don’t have a simple crush, Y/N. Knowing you, these feelings will go away within a month,” Scott recalled, shrugging, as he leaned back into his chair, leaning it back off the ground. Jean could feel your irritation with him, as she caused Scott to fall back onto the ground.

“Ask the guy vhose heart has captured yours in a private place,” Kurt answered, nodding towards you, “maybe like the training room?” You nodded, agreeing to what he was saying. Perfect; you can just ask him out when the two of you train tonight. You guys shared the same x-men class, taught by Raven and Hank, but on Friday nights, the two of you usually train together alone.

“I can just ask out Peter tonight, Jean,” you exclaimed, smiling happy to the redhead before noticing what you said. Scott’s mouth fell with an huge, ‘O’, gap while Kurt became flustered.

“Really, Y/N? Out of anybody, you choose to like Peter? Of all people,” Scott scolded at you, rolling his eyes, as he groaned towards you. Since you were younger, he had always been kind of protective of you; watching out for you and the things that happened around you. It wasn’t unusual that he wouldn’t be too happy that you liked Peter, but he’ll get over it. Rolling your eyes back at him, you grabbed your book and stomped out of the library. Waving goodbye as you exited, you didn’t see the certain silver haired boy who was strangely walking by.

The two of you pumped into each other, knocking the other a few feet back confused.

“Thats one way to say hello to somebody,” Peter laughed, smiling at you. Seeing him smile at you was the best thing in the world for you. Seeing the man you loved smile in general was amazing. You decided to follow Peter to where he was going, as you had nothing to do and he didn’t mind the company anyways. It was strange though; Peter looked really serious, but also needing a big hug desperately at the same time. It confused you to see him in such a state. Even with fighting Apocalypse for the minute he did, he wasn’t even serious; he laughed at his face. Frowning your eyebrows, you tug on Peter’s sleeve to look at his face detailedly.

“Peter is something the matter?” you asked concerned, looked mildly sad to even think about something being wrong. Shaking his head, he simply shrugged.

“Nah, I’m good; I just got tons of stuff on my mind,” his voice was low and fake; he was lying to you about something. It seemed by the looks of it he didn’t want to tell you. It was pointless for him to say that lie as your mutation is basically an powerful empath, so you could feel his stress and sadness. Walking down the stairs with Peter, you tried to think of ways to help lift his spirits. Like a ray of light, you saw a teacher eating a piece of cake which sparked an light bolt above your head.

You could make him a cake! Cooking isn’t or ever was your strong point, but how hard can it be? Racing to the kitchen, leaving Peter behind without a word, you looked to see if anyone was cooking something. Thankfully, all the students were in class, except for Jean, Scott, and Kurt; they were to busy ditching because Scott isn’t the best influence, but you gotta love him.

Looking for a recipe for vanilla cake, you found one in an old recipe book nobody uses much anymore; curse you upgrading computers. Taking stuff out of the fridge, you set everything on the counter. Looking at the wide spread of materials and ingredients, you felt so stupid because you didn’t understand the exact proper way of cooking a cake.

“I gotta do this to make him smile,” you thought to yourself, putting the amount of ingredients needed into a bowl and mixing them all up. Probably should’ve done the wet and dry stuff separately first, but you can’t change back time can you. Sticking the not so looking batter into a pan, you stoke it into the oven. Now, taking the time to sit at the counter, you thought of what reason you could have for making him a cake.

Maybe it was his birthday soon, so it could be a early birthday present? No; what if it already passed. You just felt like cooking him a cake? That’s to weird and suspicious. For a while, you were so drained into your thoughts that you didn’t notice the increasing fire within the oven. Smelling smoke, you turned around to see a flame peeking out of the oven. Without thinking, you grabbed some water to burn it out, but when you looked back at it, the oven no longer had a flame; it had disappeared. The oven door was open with white foam in it.

“Talk about an epic fail,” Peter stated from behind you, scaring the shit out of you, “you should find a better hobby.” He teased at you, nudging you gently in the shoulder. You took a few deep breaths before smiling at him. Looking back at the mess, you felt a sudden sadness come over yourself. You tried making him a cake to make him happy yet he saved the mansion from burning down and the cake ended up being burnt like Scott got to it on the floor. Peter, now seeing you sad, ruffled your hair, knocking you out of your gloom.

“Want to go to a bakery and get a cake instead?” he asked you, crossing his arms.

“Sure,” you answered short and fast, not taking into consideration that he meant, as a date. Noticing that, Peter laughed at you which caused you to become very upset. Then you finally noticed, your cheeks becoming red as a tomato and your body to shake like a scared rat.

“You already said yes you can’t take it back,” Peter told you quickly, dragging you out of the kitchen.

“Wait- no I was suppose to ask you out!” you yelled confused, puffing your cheeks at a laughing nonstop Peter. He was such an ass for laughing at you, but you loved him; plus if you were him, you’d be laughing at you too, especially for saying that. Stopping in his tracks, he turns around to look at you closely, smirking.

“Then ask me-”

“Lets just go to the bakery already before I do change my mind, you punk.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Quicksilver x Nightcrawler - First Time

Rating: Smut
Notes: Thank you to the TWO anons that requested this!!
Summary: Kurt and Peter get physically intimate for the first time

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2 years after a miscarriage, Kurt discovers he’s pregnant again. 

(The miscarriage drabble

4-5 weeks


The word is followed by a smiley face. Kurt feels tears form in his eyes. 

It had been his suggestion to leave the condoms out of the shopping list and they have been trying for a couple of months now. The only thing missing from their perfect picture of home is a child. They want one. 

Kurt wants one. 

But a gut-wrenching fear is preventing him from matching the smiley’s expression as he presses his hand on his still-flat stomach. 

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Based off of the spoilers for 5x15, Bash, here is a little drabble with our boys ~ Hurt/comfort!Klaine, PG-13 (◡‿◡✿) 

It was late, when Blaine heard it. 

At first, he thought it was some sort of dream, a dream that he couldn’t remember when he waking up from. But it was still there.

The soft, quiet sobbing of someone, lingering in the apartment. Not only someone, but his fiancé‎. 

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Fic: More Bird Talk: Kurt Hummel Talks About Sex in Six Conversations

Words: 7400

Rating: Mostly R with a touch of NC-17 for good measure

Summary:  Kurt Hummel growing up in six conversations about sex. Canon compliant from early!klaine to present day NYC. This is the companion fic to All That Bird Talk: Fives Times Blaine Anderson Talks About Sex.

More Bird Talk


Kurt’s only job is to be himself. At least according to his dad. And his dad seems to mean that even if he’s wearing sweaters to his knees, singing girl songs, or wanting to know what boys’ lips taste like (though he doesn’t tell his dad that part). And though he’s pretty sure that making his dad a significantly healthier dinner than hoagies, and helping out at the garage on weekends, are also on his list of jobs, he knows that as a gay kid growing up in Lima, Ohio, he’s pretty lucky. Not every dad would voluntarily ask to re-listen to ‘Rose’s Turn’ after hearing it belted it out in anger by his son.

But even having a dad that cool doesn’t prevent him from being lonely.

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Fic: NYU

“I’m going back to NYADA and Blaine is really excited because he just got into NYU for next semester. So we get to start over again.“

Because this deserves more. Fillers from 6x01, 6x05, 6x10, 6x11 to help explain the process of one Blaine Anderson-Hummel.

Kurt pesters Rachel for answers in his first few days back at McKinley. He tries to be subtle, nonchalantly bringing up questions while sorting through music.

“Soooo, Blaine’s gig at Dalton…did he mention if that was a permanent thing, oorrr…?”

Rachel turns and throws him a side eye after catching his fake-nonchalance for the eighth time that day.

“If you’re trying to fish for the inside scoop on the life of Blaine Anderson, you’re not going to get it from me. I’ve already committed to setting up a meeting with you two.”

She jabs him in the chest to prove her point, and Kurt sighs in defeat, “I’m sorry, you’re right. I just, you know, want to make sure he’s doing okay. You know, financially and such.”

Rachel nods, tapping her stack of sheet music a few times on the piano, “Obviously. Well and besides if you really do want the dirty deets, all you have to do is go find some one with a big mouth.”

Kurt smirks and opens his mouth for a witty comeback but Rachel beats him, “haha I mean a bigger mouth than me.” Kurt smirks again, and she slaps his arm, “I mean Sam, for goddssake.”

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Fic: Morning After (6x08 reaction fic)

~1,000 words

Yes, another 6x08 reaction fic. I actually started writing this one first and then couldn’t finish it. But it’s done now, so here it is! Many thanks to Emily for reading it over!

He blinks his eyes open and the light filtering through the blinds is soft and gentle; it must be early.

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Baby, You’re A Firework

Weekly Challenge: Fireworks
Part 3 of the Something’s Begun Series
Klaine, 1300 words, A03
Read the whole series here

This is a series of canon-compliant fics for the 2016 Klaine Summer Challenge; each will feature a summery song, and focus on the summer between Seasons 2 and 3. Thanks as always to my beta, perry_avenue.


Kurt sat back in his chair at the Lima Bean, smiling softly to himself as he watched Blaine get their drinks.  Blaine was wearing a red polo which pulled attractively over his arms and chest.  No doubt about it, his boyfriend looked good in red.  Better than in that stuffy Warbler jacket.  

Blaine twisted to grab a stirrer from the other side of the counter, and Kurt couldn’t help but note how his back muscles shifted under his shirt, hinting at how toned they were.   A hypothesis that had been confirmed last week, at Brittany’s pool party, when Kurt had the chance to explore Blaine’s lovely back in great detail under cover of putting on sunscreen.  Not that anyone was really fooled by the excuse, but it had worked, so he wasn’t going to question it.

Blaine met his eyes as he headed back to the table, and Kurt tried to draw his thoughts away from wishing he had had more time to explore Blaine’s skin that day, preferably somewhere more private than in Brittany’s backyard with most of the Glee club present.

“So, the fourth?” Blaine’s question successfully interrupted his musings.  

“What about it?”

Blaine grinned.  “I have the day off.  The whole day.”

“Are you serious?  I thought Kings Island did a huge fourth of July thing.”

“They do.  They’re just going to do it without me.”

“However did you manage that?”

Blaine smirked.  “I may have promised my manager I’d sing at her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah this fall.”

Kurt laughed.  “Now that, I have to see.”

“Oh, you will.  You’re coming with me.  And as many of the Warblers and New Directions as I can rope into it.”

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The story of how Kurt Hummel found out his boyfriend is Nightbird

Yup. Exactly what the title suggests. Saw Deadpool yesterday so if this feels inspired by it, that’s because that’s true.

Warnings for homophobia and violence.

It was supposed to be a one night stand. In the morning, though, Kurt woke up to smell of pancakes and coffee and the memory of a mind-blowing night in his limbs, so got up with a smile, ate the pancakes and never left. So it turned into a two night stand.

And somehow it turned into a relationship.

It happened without either of them really even realizing. It was all a haze off wine and sex and late night pizza and work and sex and music and sex and suddenly it was Christmas and then New Year’s and then Valentine’s day but it wasn’t until March 15th that Blaine blurted out ‘I love you’.

Kurt stared, his eyes wide, mouth full of coffee. It was almost a shock to him when he realized ‘I love you, too’ because that wasn’t supposed to happen. When Blaine tackled him to the bed with a kiss, though, it felt so very right.

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