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April’s Featured Game: ARCADEA

GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure, Puzzle
SUMMARY: In the world of Arcadea, people can accomplish their dreams. How? Through video games of course! Everybody who lives in Arcadea has a special arcade machine they can visit in their dreams that lets them fulfill their strongest wishes. Whether it’s to go on an adventure, or make friends, or fall in love, or solve a mystery, or completely start a new life, there’s a game made just for them..
The game follows Maisie, a new arrival to Arcadea. She’s not very interested in all this gaming stuff; her only goal is to find an important person. But along the way, she can’t help but be roped into other people’s problems. She also can’t help that the arcade machines seem to glitch around her. A lot.

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Honestly, though, the best part of teaching Greek mythology is that soft ‘huh’ coming from behind you as you’re finishing up a diagram of the gods and the relationships they have between them.

“Is something wrong?” you ask, turning around while you try, and fail, to clean white chalk off your fingers.

“It’s just,” the boy says, and then he blushes a bit, because people taking Latin are usually good and shy and the last thing they want is to get into a fight with a teacher. “Those two characters here - aren’t they both men?”

And okay, at this point everybody’s paying attention except the resident class child - that one girl who still has to use four different colours for everything she writes and will get upset if you point out she should only use black or blue when filling in exams. So, yeah, you look at the boy, and then at everybody else, and then you turn back, pretend to check.

“Yes, they are,” you say, frowning, as if you never had to answer that question before.

“So why is there a double line between them?”

“Because they were in a relationship at some point. Double lines are for sex, remember? Single lines are kids and parents, and double lines are lovers.”

Someone giggles. The two kids whose parents bring them along to weird art exhibitions - the ones who’ve grown up hearing frank political discussions and the occasional dirty joke - are now looking collected and a bit smug. The others are losing it, and fast - they look at the board, as if only just noticing the thing, and then at you.

“So, they were like, gay?” someone else asks, and it’s always a girl asking this question, because 'gay’ is just something boys aged 14 and a half never use - a Voldemort word, something that’s on your lips today and on everybody else’s tomorrow.

And this, of course, is the moment you’ve been waiting for - what the lesson was actually about. You wouldn’t plan a lesson around that, but you will mention the subject if it comes up, and so you start talking, about all of it - about sexual orientation being a cultural construct, about the Greek language not even having a term for 'gay’ and 'straight’, about warriors falling in love with each other and neglecting their teenage wives, about the fact our society is still coming to terms with something people have known in their hearts for millennia - that there’s no choosing and no free will, not about this. About how the most important thing is to respect yourself and each other, and the rest doesn’t matter all that much.

Statistically, in every class there’s a kid who’s struggling with this. Maybe two. Here things are not as bad as they could be, but it’s still hard, especially when you’re fourteen and you think you may be the only one and you don’t want to be different and how the hell can you even have a conversation about these things, with anyone?

And sometimes when you talk about these things - and dedicated teachers will find a way to include this speech somehow, because you never know who might need an ally, and who might need to hear it said out loud - teachers who love their kids will mention the issue when discussing Michelangelo and Leonardo and Shakespeare and the Iliad - sometimes you see exactly who these kids are. Sometimes you see them looking at you, wide-eyed and fearful and yet full to the brim with that Go on look that’s so endearing on any kind of student. And sometimes all you see is their floppy hair, because they will keep scribbling in their notebooks and pretending like this is uninteresting and embarrassing and Oh my God, but the tips of their ears are getting red, and you find yourself hoping they’ll get a hug today, because they really need it.

Harry Potter/Hogwarts AU Masterlist

all the way home i’ll be warm -  It takes Yuuri three Christmases (and one Phichit) to realise that Viktor has always spent his alone.

Apple of his Eye - Everything has to start from somewhere.
It is unlike Newton where an apple falls on his head one day and inspires all of his works that shaped the current world.Viktor, however, well…

The Art of Broomstick Waxing - "You wanted to know what I was doing this morning, right?“ JJ winks at Minami. "Just ask your Captain."Seungil shoots him a glare that’s somewhere between I’m going to hex you and shut up or no sex for a month.In which Seungil burns JJ’s "Don’t flirt with me, my boyfriend is an Auror!” shirt, JJ becomes the subject of target practice, and trouble brews amidst the UK Quidditch Cup.

Black and Gold - Yuri!!! On Ice Hogwarts AU. Yuuri is in his seventh and final year at Hogwarts when the next Triwizard Tournament takes place, allowing him to meet his idol, Viktor Nikiforov, for the first time.More pairings and relationships will be added as the story progresses.

Catch Me If You Can -  Yuuri Katsuki is 13 when he gets into the Hogwarts exchange student program. It’s everything that he’s ever imagined it would be and more. There’re pasties and mermaids and butterbeer and centaurs and Quidditch, Quidditch, Quidditch! But probably the best thing about being here is getting to see his longtime idol and renowned Seeker on the Russian national team, Victor Nikiforov, in the flesh. A few chance encounters and not-so chance encounters and maybe, just maybe, can Victor finally notice one of his biggest fans?

champion of the cup, victor of the heart -  Three champions, two hearts, one victor.
Let the Triwizard Tournament begin!

charm -  Yuuri is now in his sixth year at Hogwarts and the victim of his secret affections, Victor, approaches him one day during Charms. Growing and changing isn’t something Yuuri likes to do, but he soon realizes it’s a crucial part to living.

Colder -  It’s the beginning of Guang-Hong Ji’s fifth year at Hogwarts, and it seems like it’ll be alright. He’s got good classmates, good (if sometimes questionable) friends, and overall, life is pretty steady. Especially with Leo by his side.
But this year is also turning out to be one full of changes - everybody’s starting to fall in love. And that “everybody” might just include Guang-Hong, with the one person he didn’t want to.

darling, we both know - You can grow up with someone and be simultaneously better and worse for it.(Or: the HP Wizarding World (not set in Hogwarts!) AU where they meet as preteens, fuck as teenagers, fall in love as adults, and occasionally find time to magically figure skate.)

Don’t fly past me, darling (I’ve been in love with you since the beginning) - Gryffindor Seeker Yuuri Katsuki Pulls Off Dangerous Nikiforov Spiral, the article had been titled.Of course Viktor wanted a word with him. No one in their right mind attempted the Nikiforov Spiral— especially not bumbling, overweight Hogwarts students who weren’t Gryffindor Seekers anymore, no matter what the article implied. He’d been three sheets to the wind, under the influence of Madam Chulanot’s finest Odgen’s Old Firewhiskey, and flown with half a brain.

Entwining Fates - Imagine if Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after the demise of you-know-who, started accepting foreign students in an effort for greater unity among wizarding communities around the world. Imagine that, in this changing climate of diversity and social acceptance, Hogwarts also decided to host an exchange programme with select students from Durmstrang Institute and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for a semester.Imagine, then, if a young Japanese wizard by the name of Yuuri Katsuki had transferred to Hogwarts to escape his past, just in time to meet a Russian Quidditch player who would blow open the very doors he was trying so desperately to close.A story of love, magic, and teenagers trying to find themselves.

The Eros of Magic - He was just an ordinary wizard with a great fondness for magical creatures. He had no serious goals in his life and he was content traveling the world to help with handling and finding new homes for the beings he adored with his whole heart. He did not have great expectations from the future.Until his long time idol, the great Viktor Nikiforov crashed into his life and turned everything upside down.Literally.Or the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them AU no one asked for.

Exchange Student - (Harry Potter AU) Yuuri goes to Mahoutokoro School of Magic in Japan with his friends, Yuuko and Takeshi. One day, it is announced that there will be exchange students from Thailand, China, and Russia visiting from various wizarding schools. It just so happens that one of Russia’s greatest wizard prodigies, Viktor Nikiforov, is one of those students. What happens when Yuuri and Viktor meet for the first time and change each other’s worlds?

Expomise -  Expomise: a transformation spell that bonds two objects together.
/ Yuuri is at Hogwarts. So is everyone else./

Fantastic Friends (and Maybe a Boyfriend) and Where to Find Them -  The origin and adventure of our favorite smol bean (Yuuri Katsuki) going to our favorite magical school: Mahoutokoro Hogwarts.

Fundamental Laws of Magic and Attraction - "By the time classes start again, everyone at Hogwarts has heard the story about how Lee Seungil, the Hogwarts Champion, was dramatically played and dumped by Jean-Jacques Leroy, the Durmstrang Champion.“In which the Triwizard Tournament returns to Hogwarts, Hufflepuffs control the student-run rumor mill, more than one person attempts to hex JJ, and Professor Katsuki is hiding something Very Important.

I’d rather be skating - Sometimes, when a muggle child gets an acceptance letter from a wizarding school, they say no.Victor Nikiforov would rather be skating. Yuuri Katsuki would rather be normal.

if these wings could fly - Already, the announcer’s taken the chance to sneak in some snide commentary. Viktor tunes it out by watching Yuuri weave between the Slytherin Beaters expertly, his features tense with concentration as he pulls off a complicated manoeuvre and dodges a Bludger while stealing the Quaffle from one of Slytherin’s Chasers. The early advantage for Gryffindor nets Yuuri loud cheers from three Houses, and Viktor spots Phichit waving a banner charmed to morph between several different cute drawings of Yuuri telling himself words of encouragement. Even from down here, close to the ground, Viktor can see the real Yuuri’s joy and determination as he faces the pumped-up spectators.In that moment, with Yuuri soaring upward, framed by the clear skies and roars from the stands, Viktor finally understands that his friend belongs to a place where he can never follow.

QUEENS REC : list of wonderful and amazing Malec and Shadowhunters fanfictions' writers - PART 1

I wanted to make a fanfics rec for a long time but there are so many it’s impossible de choose ! I can’t. So instead, I’ve made a writer’s rec. A queens rec, because let face the truth: they are queens. All of them (and a few kings, probably. I still haven’t met you sorry).

We have so many talented writers in this fandom, it’s a blessing. I said it before but I’ll never stop saying it: thank you, you gave me back the love of reading.

Selecting only a few was heartbreaking. Please forgive me. You all deserve a crown. I’ll give you one, in time, I promise.

If you don’t know her work you’re really missing something. Her two fics are simply amazing !

She has a way to take us so deep in hers characters mind that is stunning. Hers fics are not only Malec center so everyone has a place and is very well studied. It’s invigorating ! She doesn’t leave anyone on side and even has interesting OCs.

How to save a family is really brilliant for that. My favorites are Maryse and Jocelyn, two astounding mother figures with all hers complexity. The case of Max is also a very interesting and emotional one. I’ll let you find out why.

The confrontation between Alec and his AU self in Never stand between two mirrors is worth reading ! Intense and funny moments guaranteed.

Her serie of prompts Spaces Between is also remarkable and offer the scenes and POV we deserve.

Never stand between two mirrors
How to save a family*
Spaces between (serie)*

Lucile has gold in her hands. Really. She’s one of the best autor I ever read. But you surely already knew that.

You’re caught as soon the first sentence and emerged only at the end, three hours later (for the short one). You haven’t drunk, eaten or moved between. You just read because that was the only think you could do. Maybe you live-tweeted to yell at her but that’s the only exception.

Yes, I’m a big fan and have literally no will-power when it comes to Lu’s fics. First I scream when I receive the email or see the post, then I drop everything I’m doing to go read it. And let me tell you : I regret nothing. I’m not disappointed. Ever.

She has already written so many fics and I didn’t even read them all (I know I’m a walking scandal, don’t remind me ! I live with the shame everyday) but if I’ll have to chose one, it will be without a doubt Bright Lights, Small Town. This fic is a masterpiece. A beautiful, so well-written original story with strong and deep characters. It’s Magnus’ POV and he is just so endearing and vulnerable that you want to protect him at all cost ! This fic is about family, friendship and love. It’s about grief, moving on and make choices. This fic is about finding a home and there is not a single thing I don’t like about it. It has touched me in a way I can’t described. Run for it if you haven’t.

To build a home (serie) : Bright Lights, Small Town and extras
Stars Aligned (serie) : And the oscar goes to and following
I see fire
Dead men no tales

Basically you’ll need a blanket, severals hot chocolate (or tea), a lot of tissues, and a loving pet or a plush to get over of her AU fics.

I’m not kidding ! Paparazzi is the most painful fic I’ve ever read, and I’ve read a lot. My heart broke at each chap and there 17 of them so far. The last part of chap 1 of Addicted to you put me on the floor for hours and chapter two was a roller-coaster for my nerves, always promising the sweet candy of happiness and fluff only to take it away before you could even grab it. In summary, Alec is an idiot and Magnus needs a hug or vice-versa. They’re two idiots in love with each others but don’t realize or accept it and make us suffer for their ignorance or stupidity.

But like her writing is so good I’m willing to suffer, and so should you. When angst is well-written it becomes more bearable (do you see the auto-persuasion here?). So be warn but go for it anyway. She promised happy ending so what’s a few stabs in the heart ?

Addicted to you
My true love gave to me

Jackie. Where do I begin ?

Once again I think I don’t have to introduce you to Take me to church, or as we can call it : the longest slow burn ever made. I really hope I don’t. If I do let me ask you something: where you living in a cave without wifi ? That the only excuse I’ll accept.

Slow burn takes all its meaning here. I hope you have patience. Like a lot. No seriously. Love make people blind but at this point it just ridiculous and you just want to bump into the story and scream at this two idiots desperately in love with each others. And you know the worse ? You watch them fall in love. Both of them. So you know. Izzy knows. Jace knows. Catarina knows. Everybody knows. Except them of course.  And on  top on that you have cute Clace and Sizzy, a strong parabatai bond, a brilliant Max Lightwood, Ragnord and Cat as friends of the years but for each year, and a helpful Raj.

I’ve hesitated with Queen of roller-caster because damn I hope you have a good heart. I don’t know how mine survived. Jackie have a way to snap your happiness in one sentence, make you scream of fear the next one to finally made you melt of cuteness two second later. It’s incredible. Seriously my heart had beated so fast so many times while reading this fic ! But you feel so alive, it’s worth it.

And her writing is just a blessing. I don’t count the number of times I had to stop reading because a sentence was so beautifully written that I had to take a moment. There is talent here. This fic really has a particular place in my heart. It’s one of the most beautiful and powerful love story I had the chance to read.

Oh and Fools rush in is extra ! Very different, much more fun and lightly that TMTC but still with angst because it’s Jackie and she can’t help it.

Take me to church*
Fools rush in*
Complete me

I was about to post this rec but Sam posted chapter 17 of In the sin bin before I could and now I don’t think she deserve to be in it anymore…

Yes that chapter ruined me and I’m still pissed. Who’s else ? Raise your hands !

Who else was already on the floor because of the last part of chapter 16 ? Welcome to the club.

And did you see it coming ? No ?! Yeah me neither ! And do you know why ? Because that’s what Sam does ! She always find something to surprise us (or kill us in that case). You think it’ll be okay, they’re going to be happy and then BAM cliffhanger, everything falls apart. How many times did she do that in 17 chapters ? (It was rhetorical question don’t answer that. I don’t want to know). I’m talking about ITSB but chapter 13 of Home was the same. If you read it now you’ll just have to click on next chapter, we had to wait a whole day to find out ! Hearthless.

I’m yelling because that’s what I do but ISTB is a must-read and a fantastic original story. I didn’t know anything about hockey, it’s not really a famous sport in France and I’m the less sportive person you’ll ever met. But reading Sam’s games ? Jesus I hope you have a good heart and aren’t in a public area. It’s more than likely that you’ll scream (of joy and frustration).

But ISTB is not about just hockey. Is about incredible and deep characters. You’ll find in love with Max Lightwood, he has even less chill than Lu. You’ll find in love with Magnus and his suits, Alec and his bread (just kidding they have amazing personality too). You’ll watch them fall in love. Because ITSB is about love, but also about friendship, family, support and team up. ITSB is about taboo and fame, about press and blackmail, about finding yourself and fight in what you love and believe.

In the sin bin*
Glimpses of Malec*

*those fics are not complete

dreammeposts  asked:

I so desperately wanted somthing good today so I decided re-read some of your old posts. They all are so great! But I found out that there is no Saeran and V in request about Wedding night with RFA:(. Can you please do them too when you have time? These two guys really deserve something so sweet!

Thank you, you’re really sweet <3 I’m so glad I’m bringing you this much happiness, and feel free to alwways talk to me if you feel like it, okay?

So here it is:

Wedding night: Saeran and V 


  • “Okay, I heard about runaway brides and runaway grooms, but this is crazy.” Zen stated to Jaehee.
  • “And the best man is missing too.” Jumin said. “What? Saeyoung isn’t here either?”
  • “No, I checked twice, the three of them just… disappeared.” Yoosung said breathlessly, as he came in running.
  • Nobody wanted to say it loud, but they were all thinking the same: the twins’ father. Did he take you as hostage and forced the tins to come with him without resistance?
  • You and Saeran let your phones in the hotel, Saeyoung had his, apparently, but it kept going to voicemail, which was already filled with messages from Yoosung.
  • Jumin was getting ready to send a force task after the three of you. But Saeyoung finally picked up. “Saeyoung, what’s happening? Are you okay? Are MC and Saeran okay?” Yoosung sounded desperate, but he was so relieved
  • “Yeah, they’re great! Just chill, bro.” “How can I chill? The bride and the groom are missing!” “They’re not missing, they’re fine and in the way of their honeymoon.” “What? How can they have a honeymoon without the wedding?” Zen asked as Yoosung put the call on speaker.
  • “Yeah, here’s the thing… there won’t be a wedding…” “What?” all of them asked at the same time. “Well, you should hear this from them, but they decided they aren’t ready for a wedding right now.” “But are they ready for honeymoon, huh?” Jumin asked, his personal beliefs were very clear here.
  • “Well, I’m not in the position to judge and neither are you. Let them be happy as they want. Okay, gotta go! Something just came up! Ba-bye!” he hangs up “Where were we?”
  • “The part about me taking this man to be my lawfully wedded husband?” you say, smiling. “Seriously, what kind of minister answers his phone in the middle of the vows?” Saeran glared at his brother.
  •  “I’m not a real minister, bro, I’m just doing this because you two insisted in having a smaller ceremony.” Really smaller, as it were only the three of you, and a squirrel walking by in the park you two chose to have this symbolic ceremony. So what if it wasn’t official? What you two shared felt official for a while now…
  • “Yeah, whatever. And what’s with the honeymoon thing? Tmi, stupid!” “Well, that was the only way to make them feel uncomfortable about asking anything else, you’re welcome. And can I say you’re very cute saying ‘tmi’, brother? You’re cute, Saeran” Saeyoung teased him.
  • Saeran was ready to pick up a fight, but you cupped his face with your hands, forcing him to focus on you. “This is not a moment to fight, this is about love, remember?” How could he forget? You looked like you just stepped out of one of his dreams, the ones he never thought he could have a few years ago.
  • “Yeah, of course. I’m sorry.” He said, blushing. You wanted to squeeze his cheeks, but that would only make him more flustered, and he hated being flustered in front of his brother. “That’s fine, I know you’re just nervous. Proceed, Minister Choi”
  • “Yes, sure. So, uhm… MC, do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in… ah, that’s boring and I’m not a real Minister, let’s go to the fun part… If there be anyone present who may show just and lawful cause why this couple may not be legally wed, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.” “There’s nobody here but us, idiot!” “What about the squirrel?”
  • “I swear in the name of the squirrel I’ll punch you, Saeyoung!” you glare at him, Saeran chuckles at your sudden change of mood. “Ahhh, don’t! Your punches really hurt! Uhmm… with the powers vested in me by Longcat, I now pronounce you wife and husband…”
  • “Aren’t you missing something?” Saeran asks impatiently. “Ah sure… You may kiss the bri…” Saeran didn’t even wait for his brother to finish, he pulled you for a kiss, not even caring if his brother was watching.
  • “Let’s go, Mr. Squirrel, I think honeymoon just started!” Saeyoung says, almost running out of there.


  • He didn’t show up to the bachelor party the night before the wedding, that itself felt a little suspicious.
  • Then he wasn’t in his room on the wedding day. Jumin, his best man, kept pacing back and forth, calling him every two minutes.
  • Nobody wanted to think of this, but they were all wondering if V disappeared because he realized he didn’t forget her completely… yes, this marriage thing was so sudden! Was he trying to force himself on forgetting her? Of course this wouldn’t end up well…
  • The RFA voted as Jaehee to talk to you, she was the only one that would sound alarming enough without getting you to panic. Also, the boys were too scared of seeing you cry.
  • You didn’t even flinch. Were you also expecting for something like this? “Don’t worry. We’ll find him.” You stated. Oh… not really, you just trusted him.
  • But as soon as she let you alone, you realized how scared you were. Would he be really capable of just abandoning you like this?
  • You needed some fresh air, so you sneaked out of the room. It was a beautiful late afternoon, the sky was a mix of orange, pink and purple…
  • That did a beautiful contrast to his turquoise hair. Yes, V was there, leaning by the porch in front of the beach. You weren’t sure if you should come close, he looked like he was in some kind of trance.
  •  “Jihyun?” you asked, and he turned suddenly, almost falling when he realized you were ready. You looked like a sea nymph, a goddess of the waters.
  • “MC, I… I’m sorry, I… you look stunning, my love.” “Thank you, I dressed like that for the wedding, you know? That one with the two of us?”
  • “Yes, of course. I apologize for losing track of time. Is everybody mad at me?” “No, they’re just worried, I suppose.”
  • “Are you worried?” “Well, I… there’s this part of me who tells me not to get worried. We love each other and we want to share a whole life!” “But…”
  • “But there’s this other part of me, the one that remembers that… she is somewhere in Alaska right now… getting better. What if she gets really better, V? Will you leave me for her?” BOOM! There it was…
  • “MC, the bullet I took for her… is out of my body, but I still feel the pain. Not physically, but it let a mark on me, a reminder that no matter what I did for her, all that was left for me when it comes to her is… pain.”
  • “And when it comes to me…?” “I feel like I’m under the most beautiful sky in the world. You remind me, that no matter how wide is the world, I can spread my horizons ever further when I’m with you.” Oh… wow.
  • “I love you, MC. I wish I can put in more proper words, but… I don’t know the words that express how much I love you.” He held your hand and hugged you tenderly.
  • “Now I believe a wedding should be in session, right?” “Can we stay like this just a little longer?” you asked and he chuckled. “Anything you want, my angel.”

This was an additon to this post~

Someday: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader (Part One)

Summary: High school is full of people with hopes and dreams as tall as the sky. Eight years later, you’ve lost some of that. But with Lin back in your life, things are going to change again.

A/N: I am terrible at summaries. Welcome to the fic that I am super proud of that is definitely going to get incredibly angsty and fluffy so get ready. Also it’s like the longest thing I’ve ever written (!!)

Word Count: 5,062 (whoa)

Warnings: Swearing (I think that’s it?)

Some people figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives when they’re in high school. Some would call them the lucky ones, but those who take that step wouldn’t say the same. If anything, they have even more pressure to be great.

You had always been involved with theatre, but during your sophomore year you went to go see a show on Broadway that changed your life. It was a production of Phantom of the Opera and sure, it was mainstream, but as you watched that chandelier rise, you knew that was what you wanted to do forever.

You became committed to the theater program at your high school. You knew the ins and outs of every production. You weren’t a singer, so you decided to become a stage manager and it was clear to everyone in the room that you were the real deal.

During your senior year, you knew you had the position locked down. It was just a question of what the show would be. Your school had a tradition of hearing the announcement together after school. On that day, you and your friends waited with baited breath for the video to begin to play.

Keep reading

lana’s video for Love actually made me tear up at the point where the camera zooms in on her eye and we can see the glittering cosmos reflected back at us. this video might just be a cool aesthetic piece, or it might be the perfect conceptualisation of what it feels like to be “young and in love.” falling in love makes you believe in crazy things. logic is the monopoly of single people, who tell us that falling in love is an amalgam of coincidence and compatibility and social conditioning. everybody knows this - until you fall in love, of course. then the truth of the universe is unveiled to you. lovers emerge from the earthly dark into the loving glow of the sunlight. love transcends us far above the world; to a place where time ceases to exist, and the only gravitational pull is the infinite string between two beating hearts. suddenly, you see that every event in your life has been a stepping stone leading you to this person. all those whims and free choices, were actually the intricate weaving of the stars. and now that you have found this person, the soul that was born of the same stuff yours was, it feels like all the planets are aligned; the music of the spheres rings in concordant harmony; and your place in the universe is no mistake - all this time, you were made with intention. and with that realisation, comes the recognition of divinity. from thereon, every mundane moment - going down to the coffee shop, playing video games - is celestial. you navigate through the universe with new eyes, filled with awe and reverence. it might be a senseless theory, but it doesn’t matter that all of this is beyond human comprehension. it doesn’t matter that the people who manage to hold onto their sanity tell us we’re crazy. as lana puts it, so perfectly simple, it’s enough to be young and in love.

Dating Millard Nullings would include:

a/n: sorry i couldn’t find a picture :D but here it goes

- he would be your age but you couldn’t tell

- you would convince him to wear the 21st century clothes

- literally, you couldn’t see him but you could feel him there

- he would hold you from behind a lot when standing up

- millard would make so many actual good jokes, you would be giggling and laughing all the time around him

- he would scare you in the morning when you wake up, shouting “BOO” at you, standing right beside your bed

- “millard, are you naked?”

- “i may be”

- mis peregrine would love you two together, always smiling when you were around her

- everybody would think you were the cutest couple ever

- in the beginning, you would laugh at how the food disappeared when millard ate it

- you two reading books together

- you would join millard and horace in their deep, smart talks about everything

- of course, you couldn’t follow what they were saying and you would fall asleep

- when he would see his hickeys on you, it would make him SO happy because at least something of him can be seen

- i feel like you would be a flower girl, millard would look at you sitting in a medow, with flowers around you, in your hair and sunlight shining down on you

- millard’s so cute, protect him

anonymous asked:

Have you done Crutchie headcanons? I love him :)

Have I done them? Yes. Do I always have more? I do indeed! I love Crutchie Morris, he’s wonderful and to good for the world.

  • Crutchie has a really pretty singing voice, high tenor, but he rarely sings in front of people
  • Jack heard him sing in the shower the first time they spent the night together and was like, “babe??? why don’t you sing more???? that was beautiful?????”
  • Crutchie is just embarrassed because he’s kinda shy
  • speaking of
  • he’s such an introvert but nobody would ever guess
  • his favorite thing about his friends is that while they’re loud and physically exhausting to be around, they’re not mentally exhausting to be around
  • sometimes after being around too many people he goes and shuts the door to his room and takes a nap or takes care of his cactuses who all have names and he loves them
  • is highly allergic to cats
  • absolutely adores cats
  • is ace and a demiboy
  • sometimes he asks his friends to use they/them because they feel nonbinary that day
  • is very oblivious to how other people feel about him, but not about how other people feel about people other than him
  • for example, he realized Sarah likes Katherine within like two days of Sarah realizing it, but he didn’t realize Jack liked him until Jack said it in as many words
  • his dad was in an army doctor and died when Crutchie was twelve when the hospital he was working was attacked
  • that was when Crutchie started dyeing his hair because he looked so much like his dad and it hurt to see that in the mirror
  • he started doing makeup on other people the first show he ever teched and then he started doing it on himself when he got anxious and eventually just all the time
  • he always does his best to stay cheerful but sometimes he just can’t anymore
  • he hates letting people see when he’s feeling like that, because he knows he’s the person people come to when they’re feeling sad, and he doesn’t want them to not, because he loves helping people
  • He’s claustrophobic and hates elevators. he loves escalators. if there isn’t an escalator he’ll fling himself up the stairs at 90 miles an hour
  • which terrifies Jack but going down is even scarier because he steps with his good leg, flings himself forward ten steps with his crutch, and gets down six flights of stairs in a minute
  • the first time Jack saw that he actually screamed because he though Crutchie was falling and going to die
  • is actually jacked like he’s so strong
  • he doesn’t get drunk often because he’s typically the one who makes sure everybody else gets home safe, but when he does he’s hilarious
    • he gets really cuddly and sappy about everyone
    • he gets confused about simple things, cats purring, how microwaves work, why ice cream is cold
    • he’s a lightweight which of course everyone thinks is funny
    • he also gets really jealous when he’s drunk so one time he saw Davey give Jack a high five and started crying until Jack gave him a double high five
  • he’s so good with kids? like so good
  • he loves musicals so much and his dream is to design lights on Broadway
  • he realized he liked boys in fifth grade and announced it out loud without quite meaning to and after that never really bothered to hide it
  • he’s really good at advice and listening
  • total mom friend I love the dork
  • one time Spot and Crutchie both got drunk on the same night which didn’t happen often usually it was one or the other and they fought but like, jokingly, and everybody thought it was so funny because it was tiny tough man v the gentlest one of all it was so funny
  • was the kid in high school who was just friends with literally everyone across all grades everyone loves him
  • is wonderful and sweet and kind and loving and very protective of his friends
  • the Hufflepufftm
  • i love Crutchie a lot

anonymous asked:

can i please have a crack-shippy fic where everybody is in love with the wrong people.

OMG. OMG. THIS PERSON. THIS PERSON GETS IT. Fuck yes you may have your fic and all my money besides

Lumiere’s legs ache, but it’s a fantastic ache—the ache of being out in summer, hiking through the woods, air on his face when for just a second there he thought he’d never have a face again. He breathes, deeply, almost too deeply—and oh, his muscles hurt.

“You might have thought not to wear heels,” teases Plumette, gently, just behind him.

Cherie, you yourself are wearing heels,” says Lumiere. She laughs and raises her skirts so he can see them. Truly scandalous! And oh so pretty. Their laughter can be heard through the forest as he chases her off the path.

Behind them by a few yards, Cogsworth sighs and raises his eyes to the heavens. Lovers in summer, eh? He cannot remember ever having been this way himself: annoying, grasping for physical attention, all flirt and kiss and nonsense, utter nonsense. He groans and puffs and leans against a tree.

“They all do it, Mr. Cogsworth,” says Mrs. Potts, walking just behind him. “Let them have their fun. Summer was made for lovers such as them.”

“And normal people such as us?” says Cogsworth. “What of us? You have Mr. Potts, I have…..hmph, I have Clothilde. Summer should belong to us, too.”

Mrs. Potts smiles. Far down the path—lagging far behind the older members of the party—Cadenza and Garderobe cling to each other, arm in arm, taking their time and hiking only in between the kisses and hugs. Cogsworth groans again and keeps on walking.

Mon ami! Cogsworth! Down here!”

The party follow the sound of Lumiere’s voice, off the beaten trail and down into a hollow. Cogsworth waves as he sees his friend and Plumette practically dancing in front of a fallen tree.

“Don’t you see?” yells Plumette. “It’s a tree-house! Someone has made a home beneath the tree!”

It’s true: the upturned roots of the tree form the roof of a home, a charming one strewed with blankets and baskets of herbs. Just outside the shelter stands a cauldron, bubbling over flame; this last intrigues Lumiere very much, who stands over it with a spoon.

“You must come try this at once,” he insists. “Marjoram! I haven’t tasted it in years. Ooh, and something else as well—” He sips from the cauldron and concentrates. Plumette, beside him, laughs and eats as well.

“Lumiere! We are trespassing, we cannot just help ourselves to someone’s dinner—”

“Relax, mon ami,” and Lumiere cuts Cogsworth off by forcing a spoonful to his lips. “When our enchanting host returns, we will share our picnic with him. The master will be along with it shortly, no? Cadenza—you are a man of taste—taste marjoram and see what you think.”

While the musicians smile and sup, Mrs. Potts feels an ache deep within her. This is no muscle spasm—though she certainly had enough of those while hiking this deep into the woods—no, this is unease. She looks into the hovel of the tree, and sees roses pinned against the roots, and an owl perched upon a chair; magic, she thinks, magic, and her stomach turns over.

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20; hoseok

we start out soft (we end up hard) (20)
p: starting with a kiss meant to be gentle, ending up in a makeout

if hoseok had to pick a day out of the week to live for, it would be sundays.

he wasn’t sure if it was because the sun seemed to have mercy on him, stroking his skin with gentle rays of light until he wakes or if the world decides to take it slow on a weekend - growing quiet, somehow peaceful, a bit too perfect and there’s no one else he’d appreciate the day with than - “y/n?” he mumbles, frowning as he runs his arm up and down on your (supposedly) side of the bed. when nothing but cold sheets meet his skin and empty sighs releases from his lungs, he huffs and pushes himself up, a newfound determination to find where you are.

it doesn’t take him long, possibly a few seconds extra than usual because he’s slow in processing where he’s going but the green light shines upon him when he hear motion and movement in the kitchen. when his eyes peel open, he can’t help the wide grin spreading across his face.

he gives you a heads up when he purposely makes a few small noises so you get a hint (and that you don’t get a heart attack). his footsteps are still light for the most part, but what makes it all come together to start floating up to the heavens with bliss is the way he gently slides his arms around your figure from the back and already, you can hear him smiling. 

he presses a long kiss to your exposed shoulder, his shirt always seemingly too big for your frame that it hooks on the right, the end of the collar looped around the space between your shoulder and elbow. what’s being projected in your mind is his gummy grin, his all-too-bright pair of eyes and gosh, his hair that no matter how he tosses and turns in his sleep, he’ll end up looking good.


your hand moves from the spatula, the other expertly switching off the fire before your hands tend to his forearms wrapped around you securely, “good morning,”

he unhooks his chin from your shoulder, leaning back so he can draw his arms to himself but his hands remain to turn you so you’re facing him. when that happens, his smile fades, diminishing as he lures himself back in until he connects his lips to yours.

it starts out slow and mellow; pastel colors being painted with the plush of his lips and the tiny bursts of stars in broad daylight behind your eyelids when they flutter shut, giving into him completely when his arms go back to the mould around your waist and yours fits nicely, loosely locked behind his neck.

one small move of stepping closer to him in the middle of the kiss takes a turn because hoseok’s grip grows tighter when he draws you far from the stove and against the counter beside. it peaks up a notch, his kisses growing more fervent, dripping with need just as the day begins but you’re not surprised, nor do you have any objections.

in contrast to how he nips on your bottom lip and caresses your tongue with his, he ends up whining when your hands draw back lightly to frame his cheeks, so you can pull him away before the both of you get carried away and someone gets burnt by a recently used stove.

“what happened to ‘just relaxing’ today?”

he heaves a deep breath and tilts his chin up, looking at you with a pout, “you, nothing on with just my shirt, does a lot of things to me, y/n,”

with a glint in your eyes hoseok knows too well of, but always falls for seems to spark and - “…do you want to actually do one of those things?”

“you see,” his hands lower down to the hem of your his shirt, already hiking it up with familiarity coursing through your veins, yet each time he does it, it’s sending the shivers down your spine, “you can’t just offer that an expect me to not take it up.”

Bisexual Awakening

For me, the shame didn’t come first.
Mine was a gradual awakening;
I had always floated through,
I thought everybody felt that way.
I fell into loving girls
The way one might fall into
Dreams: disoriented,
Unsure, but in this dream world
Girls could love girls
And God wouldn’t mind.
Even if I didn’t love girls,
Of course not,
I loved boys,
I told myself
And I think for awhile I was right.
But when I allowed myself both,
When I let myself
Marvel at girls’ beauty
And softness,
I was happy.
I had a name for it: bisexual.
But soon shame reared its head:
How can I?
What gives me the right?
How do I know for sure
That I am not some
Did I invent this?
Or worse yet, maybe
I cannot love at all,
And I am simply grasping at straws,
Begging that same all-loving God
For something, anything,
I cannot deny how fast my heart beats
When a see a girl
With a dyed pixie cut
And flannel tied around her waist.
Maybe this
Is all love is.

anonymous asked:

So, uhm... How much do you like to write Otori mpreg? Because I could really go for cute fic about Yuri being embaressed of his size (not that he would admit it) and trying to avoid Otabek. But Otabek loves feeling the baby and he misses the intimacy between them (if you put a bit of angst in there I'd be over the moon 😘)

I love it!!!! I think they would make great parents and love sharing my ideas through the pregnancy and then during parenthood. I’ll try my best with the angst ;) (I also apologize for any mistakes found in this, I’m writing through a migraine but couldn’t stop thinking about this so I suffered through it (-: )

Yuri felt pathetic. Mostly because he could only walk at a moderately slow pace and he could barely do anything without the help of Otabek. He couldn’t skate in general because everybody was worried about him falling and hurting the baby. And of course he would never want to put his child in danger but everybody’s over-cautiousness was starting to piss him off.

He also hated feeling like he was an attraction in an amusement park, if the stares from everybody on the street were to go by. He was embarrassed by how he looked like a beach ball but he still had a couple more weeks to go before the scheduled c-section.

Yuri was currently stationed on the couch in their tiny apartment. Just because they were professional athletes didn’t mean they were loaded. Yuri was able to go a couple of pregnancy commercial though which brought in a huge sum of money for them. 

He had placed a pillow on top of his stomach to hide it and was surfing through the channels of the TV. There was nothing on and everything was boring. Otabek would be back from the rink soon, Yakov having agreed to coach him in lieu of Yuri’s absence. Yuri had no desire to hear about it and the thought of it made him not want to see Otabek at all.

But their front door was opening and Yuri was pulling a blanket over himself to further hide his giant stomach.

“Yura?” Otabek looked over the back of the couch and stared down at Yuri, who was making a show of avoiding his gaze. 

“What’s wrong?” Otabek asked softly. Damn him and his perceptiveness.

Otabek went to sit next to him and Yuri moved back as if burned. He clutched the pillow and blanket to him, refusing to meet his gaze. “I just… want to be alone.”

“Did I do something wrong?” Otabek asked, clearly confused.

“No. I just-” Yuri closed his eyes and tugged at his hair. “I just don’t….”

“It’s okay. Do you need anything before-”

“Can you just stop!” Yuri suddenly shouted and Otabek blinked in surprise. “You’re hovering and overbearing and I hate it! I’m not some incapable fucking freak. Katsudon may have liked it when Victor was all over him, waiting on his hand and foot but I don’t so if you could fuck off that would be great.”

Yuri regretted the words instantly when he felt Otabek get up without saying a thing. He left the room, the bedroom door clicking shut.

“Fuck.” Yuri ran a hand down his face. He knew he should let it simmer for a bit so that’s exactly what he did. He turned his attention back to the TV for at least another hour before he was calm enough and willing enough to lift himself from the comfort of the couch. He gently knocked on their bedroom door and pushed it open from its ajar position.

Otabek was sitting against the headboard with a book in his hands. He glanced at Yuri for moment before looking back at his book.

“Beka.” Yuri said softly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell…”

Otabek sighed and closed the book before rising from his seat on the bed. He wrapped strong arms around Yuri and kissed the top of his head. “I miss you, Yura.”


Yuri peered up at him through his hair when Otabek stepped back. “I see you everyday.”

Otabek smiled slightly. “You’re not yourself anymore, Yura. You don’t let me touch you or help you with anything. And maybe I do come off a little too strong but it’s only because I care.”

Yuri’s eyes watered and he laughed pathetically. “I guess I am a little mean aren’t I?”

“It’s okay.” Otabek said. That made Yuri angry.

“Why do you just take it?! Why don’t you fight with me?”

“Because it’ll get us nowhere.” Otabek said and he reached out, placing a hand on Yuri’s swollen stomach. Yuri wanted to shove him away but he knew how much Otabek loved feeling his child. “Plus fighting could be dangerous to this one if you get too stressed.”

Yuri looked down at where Otabek’s thumb was stroking him through the material. “Yeah…”

“We are going to be stuck with one another for years to come whether you like it or not.” Otabek joked and lifted Yuri’s chin, kissing him softly. “I would rather it be peaceful.”

“I do too! I just…” Yuri didn’t know what he was going to say. Otabek just pulled him to him again and kissed his forehead, Yuri slowly relaxing in his arms. He did miss this, he had to admit.


I found these facts? about Yoonmin. Enjoy it and keep breathing, pls. |Part 1|

  • Q: What kind of person is Jimin for you?
  • Suga: A person that I want to take care of. 

Suga: If I would live an island for 3 years, I’ll choose Jimin as the person I wanna be with 

Jimin: *blushed*

  • Jimin: Hyung, am I handsome?
  • Suga: Of course

Jimin: Then do u want a kiss from this handsome me?

Suga: You embarrasing me, of course.

Suga: The society might judge us but close ur eyes, you’ll be safe here *hugs Jiminie*

Jimin: *speechless*

Suga Everybody’s fall in love with Jimin when you look at him at eyes

Let’s remember Jimin’s birthday, the last one, obvious, the fact that Yoongi bought to him the comic that likes Jimin, was it PRECIOUS. 

Yoongi’s always talking about how much appreciate Jimin and let see he loves him, even if it’s not in words instead

Dude, stop it, let’s remember some practice video, a good one, the Silver Spoon’s practice, I know that you know what I’m talking about. You just have to see carefully twice, I tell u, Yoonmin was the 1st shipp that I saw videos and IT FELT SO REAL. The way they touch each other, LOOK THAT SKINSHIP, the way the look each other, I mean, we all know Suga… he’s perfect and we know how he’s with the other members but with Jimin… he changes a LOT DUUUDEEE. When Yoongi gets stressed he likes to talk with Jimin because he listens carefully what he says. Yoongi said that.  You’re screaming 

And one of the Yoongi’s birthday, the “I know, you know” game that they played there, what they know? The fact they’re falling in love? THAT THEY’RE ACTUALLY IN LUV?

I’m gonna lose my mind. Shut up.

Here there are some facts that I found. And I died read them. Ah, LOVEE. ♥

Please let me know your opinion. 

If you are a YoonSeok shipper I love U, and I’m gonna talk about my toughs of them later, the same for Jikook shippers.   

The pretend dating au where Viktor tired of all the fans throwing themselves at him starts making vague comments about his significant other who he is in a very serious relationship with.

(In my head this all happens when Viktor is like 23-24…)

Thing is the lie is so effective he keeps it up for about a year, and people are starting to doubt his fake relationship and Viktor is outrage they are doubting his love for his fake boyfriend.

And can’t stand for that, so of course he escalate things by showing up to the next competition with a ring on his finger saying he’s engaged now.

Only he miscalculated and now he’s in too deep. So when asked why all the secrecy, he just sort of says something about how they need to keep their heads in the competition.

Which of course means everybody assumes he’s dating a fellow ice skater and rumours start going wild about who could it be.

Then a video of Yuuri skating Viktor latest winning routine shows up online, and Viktor sees an opportunity.

He makes a deal with Yuuri to pretend to be engaged to him for 6 months and in exchange Viktor will get Yakov to coach him, and he will personally choreograph his routines.

Yuuri accepts and then you get your usual shenanigans of misunderstandings, jealousy, falling in love and getting together.

Also picture: 11-12 year Yurio who is still a little shit but imprints on Yuuri because he fed him once and now Yuuri is stuck with a stray moody kid who follows him everywhere and demands skating lessons.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Do you know any jikook chaptered fanfics with high school au? I also love the enemies to lovers thing. I've already read Let's not fall in love and of course Flashing Light (btw, i love it)! Thanks and have a nice day <3

there arent many chaptered jikook fics in general so not all of these are, but ill list high school aus!
doubt thou the stars are fire by iwillalwaysbelieve
listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling you at its own will) by poplolli
- i hate everybody (i like you) by kageyamas
nosebleed summer by gangbang
- school of fun by staycute1234 (everyonexjimin)
this summer’s crazy, man by cyphers
crushes, badboys, and frienemies? by jiminniexmochi
- smells like teen spirit by shywall
of mind reading and cats by skswriting
- you’re my human holiday by neiljostens
- mizu by renaihyung
- you’re intoxicating (i can’t stop) | can’t take my eyes off you (don’t take your eyes off me) by astrochild
open up your heart (and let me pull you out) by beating_heart
- hide and seek by jeongguks_angel
- stop playing “hard” to get by seungkwan
- push & pull by perfectyoongi
- i shouldn’t be in love with you by wildandsexy
- risk management by atechamcham

What about Chloé?

Everyone is thinking about Adrienette finally become a couple and I’m here like: What about Chloé?

Hear me out - she’ll be broken

  • first, her mother dies/leaves/disappears(?) leaving her alone with a father who is too busy with his job. He loves her but isn’t able to show her her boundaries. He buys her everything she asks for so she learns that everything is buyable by a young age. Money equals power.
  • then she meets Adrien who is the same age and seemingly lives under similar conditions (well except for the lack of affection from Gabriel). You’re a rich kid, I’m a rich kid, let’s be friends. 
  • she goes to a normal school and meets Sabrina, who is easy to take advantage of. She’ll do anything for me and I have someone to carry my books.
  • eventually, Chloé starts getting obsessed with Adrien
  • there’s this girl in school that everybody likes. Cute, nice and lovable. 
  • Chloé has learned that people always act with certain intentions they leave unspoken but Marinette is different - Chloé is jealous and bullies her. (I noticed that she is crueler to girls than to boys so I think she has a twisted attitude towards female persons)
  • Adrien goes to a public school
  • Adrien and Marinette seem to get along well. But Marinette doesn’t like Chloé (which is understandable)
  • and that scares Chloé
  • Marinette isn’t a rich kid so why does he like her?
  • Marinette is going to take away Adrien, her only true friend
  • she never learned boundaries 
  • she never learned how to deal with jealousy
  • her whole world will be falling apart

Unlike Adrien Chloé grew up in a political household where probably every person she met has intentions and relationships/friendships aren’t real. ‘Everybody adores me’ - of course, they do, your father has influence/power. Everyone who wants a spark of his power wants to be your friend or in your favor. 

Chloé isn’t evil. She just never learned how to be nice. Seeing her only true friend (and love interest) with another person will break her little world.

(Does this whole text even make sense? I just wrote this to clear my head because every time I think about Adrien and Marinette officially dating, I can’t stop thinking ‘what about Chloé?’)

Two Tales of OUAT, Part I

Aka OUAT’s contradicting views on Love, Hope and Letting go

Note: In this meta I concentrate mainly on the Charming family, Emma, Regina and Hook. I tried to include Neal and Rumple, but it would have made the meta way too long and complicated, especially as both has been portrayed in a rather messy, contradicting way. So this kind of family sort of deserve a separate meta, but I am not sure I am the right person to do it justice.)

Note 2: Usually I am not an anti-blog, but this is probably my most bitter meta of all time. You were warned. I will try to make the necessary anti-tags.

Note 3: Not all the pictures are mine. 

Note 4: Part II can be find here

Once upon a time I wrote a meta about OUAT being a puzzle. Both in story structure and in philosophy. You have to get all the pieces to see the big picture. Except, this season proved me something. There is not one big picture we are trying to make, but at least two. Because how you can make sense in these aspects of the show: 

Season 1

Snow White and Charming fall in love, but George wants to separate them. 
Snow steps aside, which is initially treated as the honorable way, but then she is already shown that she cannot live like this, and it is portrayed as very romantic
She is heartbroken and tries to forget Charming. This is treated with sympathy for her (even her going to Rumple!), but ultimately not a good thing - because she should have more faith in Charming who is looking for her and will always find him. 

Message: Be strong, your true love will always find you and save you. 

Regina is a kind and brave young woman who is deeply in love. Her mother kills her fiance. Regina is grieving and with no support, she misdirects her blame. While in the scene of Daniel’s death she is shown with sympathy, in the very next scene her anger and grief are instantly presented as a bad thing. As a sign of evil, even if later it becomes clear that she is 10 years away from becoming the monster we know.
She marries the king in the hope that she can bring back Daniel. Her quest to do that is presented with sympathy, but ultimately not a good thing. She cannot bring back the dead, she has to accept Daniel’s loss, because what she is doing is unnatural and leads to tragedy. 

Message: Whatever you do, your true love is dead, and if you are angry about it, it makes you dark. Bringing back the dead is unnatural, you have to let go. If you don’t do that, you will become a monster. 

Emma gives up Henry in a difficult period of her life. Her choice is treated with sympathy and her reuniting with her son (which in real life is rather illegal) is treated with celebration and positivity of motherhood. Meanwhile Regina’s attempt to keep Emma away from Henry is treated as a VERY BAD THING. (While Regina is the villain of season 1 and what she does to Snow, and Emma are villanous things, her initial attempts to ask Emma to leave are already shown in a bad light, because this is the way they establish her villain status. Except these attempts are NOT villanous acts in a normal situation). 

Message: No matter that you weren’t in your child’s life for 10 years, you are his mother and it prompts a True Love’s Kiss. And no matter that you raised this child for 10 years, and you really love him, your love is shown as obsession and a very bad thing. 

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anonymous asked:

You seem to know alot about tropes and stuff like it so might I ask what you're least favortie story-telling trope is?

hmmmm…I don’t know if there’s an official name for this, but I’m really not a fan of the alpha male love interest falling in love with the soft-hearted virginal girl who conveniently managed to “never meet or date anyone she wanted to have sex with” but good thing the alpha male is just a dynamite lover (and it’s irrelevant how many women he’s fucked, but it’s a complete turn-on that she’s so pure and untouched).

i’m completely fine with reading about virgins, of course, and everybody has a first time at some point, but the proportion of experienced male lovers to virginal good girls is kind of obnoxious, and it’s so overdone and trite at this point. especially when the author has to go out of their way to explain why the woman hasn’t had sex by the time she’s met the love interest. i think it especially annoys me when the woman feels like she HAS to explain why she hasn’t had sex yet because it just makes it more obvious the author’s hung up on the virgin-gets-deflowered and the male-is-changed-by-his-love-for-the-virgin narrative.