of course dave of course

‘’not all men’’

you’re right. Lafeyette, America’s favorite fighting frenchman, would never do this


Dave Lizewski Imagine: Paint War

Finally, and I mean FINALLY, your parents had agreed to let you paint your room. The last time it had seen a fresh coat of paint was when you were 8 years old and frankly, you were not feeling the bright pink anymore. Early this morning since your room had already been cleared and you were sleeping on the sofa, your parents had already pasted on the wallpaper on one wall, leaving it covered because they knew how clumsy you were. All you had to do now was paint the other walls white, a simple job but you still wanted help from your friends.

So, after you parents had left for work you called your friends Marty, Todd and of course Dave begging them to come over to help. Of course they wanted to help you as they knew it would be a laugh. Opening the can of strong smelling white paint, you filled four trays adding rollers before handing one to each boy who walked through the door.

Somehow the conversation how stumbled into the world’s most terrible jokes. “Hey y/n” Dave said pushing his glasses up his nose with his wrist, his hand too covered in sticky paint. “Where do you find a donkey with no legs” he laughed continuing to roll paint onto the walls, the pink slowly beginning to disappear. “Where you left him!” he exclaimed making all four of you flick small dots of paint at him. “That is the worst! I swear I have never heard that one before” Todd spoke sarcastically elbowing Dave in the arm before Dave wiped his sticky hands all over Todd’s back.

“Hey Dave” you giggled mimicking his previous actions. “What do you call a dinosaur with one eye? Doyouthinkhesaurus!” you laughed as Dave himself even chuckled. “Christ these are so terrible! Marty acknowledged putting down his tray and brush. “I’m going to get us some beer because I cannot listen to you too, c’mon Todd come with me you know the guy” he spoke practically pulling Marty out of the house.

“Hey y/n” Dave giggled turning around and accidentally hitting you in the face with a roller, paint going all down your face. “Oh My God!” you yelled pouring the tray full of paint over Dave’s hair. Paint began to fly everywhere; it was a good thing that the room was empty. Soon you and Dave were both covered in paint, you looked a complete mess but you two found it hilarious.

“ew!” you blurted out tasting paint on your lip Dave laughing at you slightly before placing his paint coated hands on your face using his thumb to clear off the droplet that was on your lip. “Better?” he questioned as you whispered a quiet yeah.

Maybe because it was the strong paint fumes, or maybe it was because it was the fact there was only you too, or maybe even it was just the close proximity that you were in too him. Either way you soon noticed that you both were leaning in. Placing your lips onto his they moulded neatly into his making you forget the world until eventually you broke away to the sound of Marty’s voice.

“Christ we should have bought something stronger.”

Honestly one thing I’m surprised nobody mentions in this whole Davekat Debate is that Hussie has always been really good at writing romance in the way that kids his characters’ ages experience it. If two 16 year old guys who have off and on hated each other and been close friends discovered they had romantic feelings for each other of course they would be awkward about it and a bit cagey with their other friends, especially if one of them has been struggling with his sexuality for years in the way Dave has. So of course Davekat is canon and of course it’s flushed but that doesn’t mean that we need them to start passionately making out and declaring their love for each other at every opportunity as proof. These people who vehemently deny Davekat as canon just because the characters have beat around the bush about showing physical and verbal affection don’t really understand Dave and Karkat’s characters in my opinion. Of course they would be awkward and cagey. It doesn’t mean they aren’t hella gay for each other. Let these teenagers be teenagers.