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grumpy little luke walking into your apartment with a pout because he had a bad day at the studio. you’d look over at him and pout right back as you open your arms for a cuddle. he quickly walks over to you and plops right down as he nuzzles his face into your boobs (since that’s his favorite place to stick his face). you run your fingers through his hair as you ask him what happened and of course he tells you. after he’s done he starts to say that it was all his fault and you stop him from saying anything else with a soft kiss to his lips. you put your hands on his face and say “luke don’t even say anything like that because it wasn’t your fault, everyone has their off days and it’s okay. tomorrow is a new day baby and it’ll be way better than today”. he smiles and gives you a few kisses before he once again rests his head on your chest and says “i really needed that so thank you princess, i love you”.

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OiSuga prompt: “they love me cause i’m hot." :>

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The crowd was screaming. Not cheering, but screaming. Suga almost clapped his hands over his ears. He wold have, if he wasn’t yelling so loudly that his voice gave out halfway through the last set. 

Oikawa’s team won, of course. Because their university was good, and Oikawa was good, and everyone else on the team was good. The game had been intense, though, and Suga’s ears were ringing as he made his way outside to meet Oikawa. 

Oikawa was with Iwaizumi by the entrance. The two of them still made an excellent set in game, and Suga hung back, waiting for them to finish talking. They’d made some incredible plays together, and the look of happiness on Iwaizumi’s face after hitting Oikawa’s toss made Suga miss volleyball. He’d missed the points Asahi and Daichi had scored off his his tosses. 

Shouting caught Suga’s attention, and he noticed a group gathering around Oikawa and Iwaizumi. Of course, Oikawa’s adoring fans. It wasn’t just women anymore, either. Suga took out his phone and started playing a game to pass the time. He didn’t really have the urge to push through all those people. 

“Ah, Kou-chan, please take me away from my adoring fans!” 

Suga looked up at Oikawa’s breathless voice. Oikawa grinned at him. 

“Congratulations,” Suga said, “on another game.” 

“An amazing game.” 

“I suppose so,” Suga said with a sigh. 

“I heard you screaming just as loudly as my fans, Kou-chan,” Oikawa teased. 

Suga laughed. “You’ve got me! How did you escape?” 

Oikawa pulled him further away from the crowds, towards the direction leading out of campus. “Ah, well, it was very difficult. You’re lucky I managed it this time. It’s difficult being so good looking.” 


“They all want a piece of me. I can’t help that they love me because I’m hot.” 

Suga burst out laughing and Oikawa frowned. “I’m sorry,” Suga managed. “They love you because you’re a good player.” 

Oikawa sniffed. “And also because I’m hot. You don’t see our ace getting so many fans surrounding him after the games. And that’s because he looks like a brute.” 

Suga scoffed. “I saw him with plenty of well-wishers. I’m sure they’re not just after your good looks.” 

“But I am hot, right?” Oikawa stopped abruptly. 

“I’m hungry,” Suga groaned. “I’ve been waiting for so long for this game to be over. You could’ve hurried up those last few points.” 

“Kou-chan,” Oikawa pulled Suga close. “Am I hot?” 

Suga struggled not to laugh as Oikawa got in his face, close enough to kiss. 

“You are hot,” Suga said, and then pecked Oikawa’s lips before pulling away. “Hot and sweaty! Maybe we should take a shower before dinner!” 

“I’ll let that slide,” Oikawa said, smiling wide, “because you said we.” 

Suga face-palmed. “I meant you.” 

“You said we,” Oikawa sing-songed. 


Oikawa lunged forward and wrapped his arms around Suga in a bear-hug. Suga yelped. 

“Your sweat! Is getting on me!” he cried. 

“We,” Oikawa said. 

Suga groaned and stopped struggling. “Fine. We.”