of course a story formed while i was drawing


More old sketchbook doodles!✨✨✨

Since I have not enough pictures from any project to post, I might as well continue posting pictures from my old sketchbook :O

The first one was a try at the pokémon Mimikyu! I believe they had recently announced this little duder and I loved them so much I tried to draw them. The second picture is of another OC I designed (and of course, they have no name wowie me). I remember drawing them while waiting for my family’s turn to ride some horses in a “rancho” while on vacation. The third one is a quick doodle of Stevonnie from Steven Universe! I really love that fusion lmao. The fourth picture is a fanart of the SU episode “Mindful Education”. That is actually one of my favourite episodes, since it is a very pretty story and the song is so nice to sing. And the last picture is of Bill Cipher’s (from Gravity Falls) final form in “Weirdmageddon 3”. I can still remember struggling with this doodle lmao

I’ve been thinking about that headcanon I posted about young Greg teaching each of the Gems how to drive a lot since I posted it (which was about a month ago) and kind of mapping it out in my head as a comic. I mean, no promises or anything, but I’m thinking about trying to apply myself to actually draw and complete it in comic form. It’s a story I’d like to tell and I think it would be a good exercise. It would be quite long so it would take a while, but it would certainly give me something to do over the hiatus…

Of course I really hate having to draw cars so I might get frustrated and rage quit… but worth a shot anyway, I suppose (maybe I’ll get better at drawing cars)