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anonymous asked:

You look good in the black shirt

(( OOC: Aw, thank you! I was feeling good today! I had a couple of cute girls smile at me after nearly backing into me with their car… so I guess that counts for something right? 

Here… have some pictures of me standing on my bathtub. #aesthetic ))

‘I am Damianos, true son of Theomedes, and I have returned to fight for you as your King.’

Prints available at Society6

First of all thank you so much for all those awesome people who offered to buy me The adventures of Charls!:) Honestly everyone was so nice about it (seriously here on tumblr I’ve met with nothing but warm reception, it’s so nice^____^) and I got it from @liralicia so here’s thank you Damen (psst Laurent  was feeling lonely;) and do you see the dimple?! *internally screaming* Laurent never stood a chanceXD)

And some news:) if everything goes well tomorrow I’ll post info about commissions and on Sunday about the store, maybe someone will be interested:)