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Herbal Tips:

If, like me, you like your herbs and wish to have a collection of them in Amber jars lined along the walls of your dream witchy kitchen amongst your copper pots and pans, all the while sipping a brew near your amazing welcoming fireplace, there’s a few things you should know about them.

1) Herbs aren’t safe to consume in large doses. Your body can’t handle 2,000 cups of herbal tea a day. Your kidneys and liver have to filter out everything you consume, so keep the amount of dark liquids and herbal brews to a safe minimum. After a while, you can actually harm your body rather than heal it. This also goes for tinctures and herbal capsules. Drink plenty of clean, fresh water daily.

2) Not all herbs are safe for human consumption. There are many herbs that are poisonous and could cause major adverse effects and (or) death. If you wish to make a medicine from herbs, please do research BEFORE consuming. Just because the magickal properties of herbs say one thing, it doesn’t mean that the medical properties are safe to consume.

3) Dried herbs, herbal tinctures, herbal capsules, medicine in general, should be stored away from sunlight, high heat, and lots of humidity. All of this can ruin the potency of the herbs and render them less effective. Ever buy herbal capsules or supplements from the big chain stores? While they are herbs, they aren’t as potent or effective as freshly prepared concoctions because the companies that make these products don’t use very potent herbs to begin with, and when they get to their destination, there’s no telling how long they stay on the shelf in storage before they hit the shelf for sell and before you purchase them and take them home. Big companies are only truly interested in the end result: their profit.

4) Not all medicines mix. If you’re on prescription drugs from your doctor, always, always, always check with them before beginning herbal anything! There’s a reason they tell you this. Chemicals can cross and cause adverse effects. Or, they could mix and double or triple the result–in a bad way. Always check with your actual health care provider.

5) Herbs are NOT a substitute for a medical professional! Do NOT rely solely on herbal medicines. If you have a serious condition that needs medical attention, go to your doctor. While it is true that herbs are effective and heal, don’t chance a possibility of death by drinking tea rather than seeing a professional. I don’t know of any herbalist that would argue against this point.

Please use common sense.

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Colour-changing burns bandages begin clinical trials

Bandages that change colour and glow when a wound gets infected could be manufactured as early as 2017 if clinical trials go well. 

The bandages, developed at the University of Bath, are being tested with patient samples from four UK hospitals to statistically determine how effective they are. 

Sadly burns often have symptoms of infection but actual infection is much rarer. At the moment infection diagnosis takes up to two days and requires removing dressings, a painful and upsetting process for burns patients which can slow healing and cause scarring. Antibiotics are also prescribed as a precaution while the tests are conducted.

Colour-changing bandages would give an early-warning that real infection is taking hold, meaning medics could provide better and quicker treatment. 

The bandage contains gel in tiny capsules. When infection-causing bacteria are present the capsules dissolve and release the gel which then fluoresces bright yellowy-green, alerting patients and medics to the problem. 

If they do make it onto wards the bandages would not only improve treatment but save money through cutting down on the cost of tests and drug prescriptions. They would also help tackle the threat of drug-resistant bacteria because there wouldn’t be a need to prescribe as many antibiotics as a precaution. 

Images: University of Bath


Cute Things from Stephen King’s original script for “Chinga (Before Chris Carter’s re-write):

1. Scully herself is a victim of the grocery store frenzy caused by the doll; she ends up hitting herself in the head, but later lies to Mulder over the phone, saying she’s fine, because she doesn’t want him to worry. 

2. Mulder is NOT completely helpless in this version of the script; in fact, he is preparing to go make a speech at a university, but bails to go see Scully when an officer faxes him a picture of Scully hurting herself in the grocery store (more on this below).

3. Actual lines from the original script:

*After Scully suggests ergot poisoning may have caused the grocery store attack, Mulder goes into graphic detail about the effects it has on people, and Scully responds, “I love it when you talk dirty.”

*A minute later, Scully declines Mulder’s offer to come help her, and when he then wonders why she called him, she responds, “I guess I just missed the sound of your voice.”

4. The ending scene, as written by King, is amazing. (One final note before you read it: in the original script it is even more obvious that Sheriff Jack Bonsaint has a crush on Scully. And at the end of the episode he asks for her number, implying that he would maybe come to see her in Washington D.C. Then, this happens):

BONSAINT: Maybe we could—
He stops, realizing that she’s stopped paying attention to him. He sees where she’s looking, over at a man in a topcoat who is sitting on the bench outside. There’s a briefcase between his knees. It’s MULDER. Scully is out of the car almost before it stops, and hurrying over to him, her face amazed and intense. Behind them, Bonsaint gets out and stands watching. Maybe he won’t find any business to do in Washington, after all. Maybe there wouldn’t be much point.
SCULLY: What are you doing here, Mulder? How did you get here?
MULDER: Hitched a ride from Andrews to Portsmouth Naval Air Station in an F-111. Those Navy kids drive fast. You okay, Scully?
SCULLY: Fine. Why did you come?
MULDER: (shrugs; smiles) I thought you needed help. Call it woman’s intuition.
SCULLY: What about your speech? Weren’t you supposed to give a speech at George Washington University tonight?
MULDER: The world’s not short of speeches, Scully. It’ll get along without mine.
They reach the top of the steps and face each other. This is a classic lovers’ shot, profiles like you’d see on a Valentine’s heart, lit by one radiant overhead globe.
SCULLY: This is the second time I’ve seen you tonight, Mulder.
MULDER: Really? Want to tell me about it?
SCULLY: It might hurt my credibility.
MULDER: (identical delivery) Really? Want to tell me about it?
CAMERA moves in on Scully as she thinks. 
SCULLY: I might. I believe I just might.


SCULLY: (in the black, and with a touch of reverb, perhaps) I believe—

Fun Fact: Extreme low-frequency sounds, too low for the ear to hear but felt by the body, known as infrasounds, induce emotional responses ranging from anxiety to despair. Such sounds occur naturally before earthquakes and volcano eruptions so it is thought that this sense is a vestige of a threat detection sense much as dogs will react before earthquakes. 

Filmmakers are now using these infrasounds in theaters during emotionally tense, suspenseful or frightening parts of the film. The French film “Irreversible” used it to such great effect that people actually became nauseated and disoriented causing many to walk out of the theater.

Favourite HP theory?

I got asked what my favourite HP theory was, and I’ve gotta say it’s definitely the one that says Petunia and Vernon weren’t actually bad from the start.

I love this theory because it made me wonder if the Dursley’s actually did hate Harry from the start, or if it was the Horcrux within him that made them turn sour on him.

We know that Horcruxes can have a negative effect on its possessors, such as with the locket, making the three have frequent arguments and fights during Deathly Hallows, and it even caused Ron to ultimately leave the Trio for a short period of time. It literally possessed Ginny and almost lured her to her death in CoS, and so on.

The Dursley’s own Harry from the moment they legally adopted him, therefore making him their possession, because as his legal guardians, he’s now theirs.

Dudley isn’t in possession of Harry, because he isn’t his legal guardian, so why does he treat Harry so badly? It could be three possible reasons that I think could be legitimate:

- Dudley following in his parent’s footsteps,
- Being around a Hocrux for 11 years straight,
- Being related closely to a Horcrux.

Dudley was a wicked little brat, shown when he is tormenting animals at the zoo, bullying Harry and whatnot, and I find it hard to believe that many parents would tolerate that shit, so maybe the effect of the Horcrux was what made him like that? After all, he doesn’t seem to do that much crap when Harry isn’t around that we know of.

We know that neither Ron nor Hermione are affected negatively throughout their time at Hogwarts, even though they’re around Harry for 8 months every year, virtually never leaving his side. This could be because they aren’t in possession of Harry like the Dursley’s are.

Apart from Nagini and Harry, there are no other known living Horcruxes that we can observe the negative behaviour on their owner’s of. We can’t observe the potential negative effect Nagini may have given as a Horcrux, because he was owned by Voldemort, who’s literally the most evil wizard ever, without the help of a bad mood let snake.

Also, if Petunia was that loathsome towards her sister’s son, she wouldn’t have taken him in the first place. She would’ve put him up for adoption day 1. Yes, Dumbledore explained how the blood bond between Harry and Lily’s sister would ultimately protect Harry from Voldemort, but judging by the way she treated him from 11 years old onwards, she wouldn’t have even taken him in the beginning! Harry was an angel of a child, rarely stirring shit and never acting as bad as Dudley, so there would be no reason for her or Vernon to hate Harry, and again if it was only because he was Lily’s son, she would’ve never taken him.

The ring projected Ron’s worst thoughts in front of him, and maybe that’s what happened to Petunia at some point. Maybe she was reminded of Lily being accepted into Hogwarts and her being refused enrolment, and maybe that’s why she and Vernon hate magic altogether, only fuelling the fire of hatred they already had for Harry thanks to his Horcrux.

I know there are a couple of loopholes, with quotes like “[Petunia] may have taken [Harry] grudgingly, furiously, unwillingly, bitterly, yet still she took you", but does Dumbledore even know Petunia’s initial reaction to finding baby Harry on her door? He didn’t tell her the story in person, so he probably didn’t wait around to see how she responded, so maybe she was worried for the baby, and maybe she was more than willing to protect Harry. After all, she’d finally have some importance in the wizarding world, which she had always wanted…

Also, I know that Dumbledore is a legendarily smart wizard, so maybe he did know that Harry’s inner Horcrux was making them hate him. I feel like if Dumbledore had’ve known this, he would’ve kept it from Harry anyway. Harry hated the Dursley’s with fair reasoning. They enslaved him, they belittled him, they abused him, they locked him under the damn stairs for 11 years. But for Dumbledore to then turn around and say “It’s not their fault, it’s yours” would be a shit idea, because that’s basically saying to Harry that everything they did to him and put him through was okay, and that it was actually his fault, because it was the Horcrux within him. If I hated someone that much, I wouldn’t someone to excuse it. 11 years they treated him like dirt, and even longer after that on holidays when he wasn’t with the Weasley’s.

So yeah, I really do believe in this theory, and it’s definitely my favourite one. I love thinking about all the different possibilities for why they hated him and being able to read the books again in a different light.

What do you think about it?

So apparently Sasaki Nobuko (Remember her?)

Was actually connected to the irl Kunikida Doppo.

From Wikipedia : “Against her parent’s wishes (Nobuko’s mother encouraged her to commit suicide rather than marry Doppo), the couple was married in November 1895. Kunikida’s ensuing financial difficulties caused the pregnant Nobuko to divorce him after only five months. The failed marriage had a traumatic effect on Doppo, and his depression and mental anguish over the separation can be seen in Azamukazaru no Ki, published from 1908–1909.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.”
-Steven Moffat

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I think a lot of people cling to the thin “don’t curse because it’ll come back to you!!!!” logic because it enables inaction. It gives a moral rightness to not actually doing anything active with your skills. I think it’s a subconscious thing mostly, enabled by the fear of failure.

But really, plenty of curses are spells like “you understand the true depth of the suffering you cause” or “you are prevented from success until you stop being a shit” which is not really a cut and dry thing for “rule of three,” an extremely basic and unnuanced effect, to apply to in very coherent ways. In the end all that would happen is that I’d be held to the same standards I hold others to, which I already do.

Funny, you didn’t hear any commotion or gunplay. But it looks like there’s already been some action in here. Or there will be. You can never take tense for granted with these goons.

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff.”

So, why doesn’t Jace seem as affected by his separation from Alec when Alec’s literally falling apart on-screen? I got three bunnies…

1. It’s the fact that Alec’s actually in love with Jace and this is the reason why it’s forbidden for parabatai to fall in love: they become literally inseparable and the death of one then causes the death of the other. 

2. It’s Jace’s blood. It protects him from the physical fallout of a separation from his parabatai - until it doesn’t, until the strain becomes too much even for his blood to keep the effects at bay.

3. Because of Jace’s abusive childhood, he learned to block his emotions, push them away - and he doesn’t even realize that he’s actually pushing them onto Alec, who’s feeling the separation twice as hard because of that because he carries both his and Jace’s pain.

Look at them bunnies! *rubs hands*

Powers of Max linked to the tornado

I’ve heard this question a few times from multiple people that, “Game starts with a tornado vision, Max uses her powers for the first time in the bathroom, so if she didn’t use her powers before that how did they cause the tornado?”

The answer is simple, “Retrocausality”.

In this what happens is, the effect (tornado) takes places before the cause (Max using her powers) for the reason that the cause will happen in the future.

As the 10th doctor said, “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff.”

So the effect can take place before the cause, specially when time travel is involved.

-Ken Xyro.

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‘Cerberus stole Omega from me. The Illusive Man is now squarely at the top of my shit list. He will pay for every second I’ve spent in this bureaucratic hellhole

Aria T’Loak 

Pendulum practice

Guys! I just thought of a good way to practice using a pendulum on your own! Okay, so a lot of people on the internet that I’ve seen have suggested just asking the pendulum questions about yourself/questions you already know the answer to, but I’m a little iffy on this method because I think it’s super easy for it to be biased. Even if you’re not intentionally giving yourself the right answers, the fact that you already know what the answers are could influence your subconscious-thus, causing your arm muscles to move even a little bit towards the direction you’re expecting/hoping for through some kind of placebo effect.
This method, however, is one that you can do by yourself without knowing the answers while still getting instant confirmation of your results (as opposed to answering questions from anons or something else). Btw just so everyone knows, I haven’t actually tested these methods and I’m typing it now so that I can get it out while it’s still fresh in my mind. Anyway, let’s begin!

What you’ll need:
•A single sheet of paper
•Some sort of large-ish container
•A writing utensil
•Scissors (optional, but recommended)

Divide your paper in half, and draw two equal grids on each of the halves. The number of squares you put in the grids is up to you. After doing this, write yes’s in each square of one of the grids and no’s in each square of the other. Then you cut (or rip, if you don’t have scissors) the squares apart, fold each paper scrap so that you can’t see if it says yes or no, and put them into your container and give them a good shake or two.

How to use:
•Method 1: Take 1-5 scraps of paper out from your container at a time, lay them out so that you can’t see what they say, and one by one ask your pendulum whether each scrap says yes or no, checking your accuracy as you go.

•Method 2: Take 2-10 scraps of paper out at a time, lay them out so that you can’t see what they say, and ask your pendulum how many yes’s or no’s you’ve drawn, working your way up from two to ten, checking your accuracy once you get an answer saying which number is correct.

•Alternative methods:
For method one: If you think your pendulum has a tendency to give one answer the majority of the time even if it isn’t correct, maybe instead of writing 50% yes’s and 50% no’s, make 75% of the squares the answer your pendulum gives least often so that you can practice it giving its ‘usual’ answer only when it is correct.
If you want to test more than just yes or no answers to increase accuracy, make squares for all the answers you know your pendulum to give (such as “maybe”, “I don’t know”, etc.)
For method one or two (it’d be easier for method one), instead of writing equal parts yes’s and no’s, you could write equal yes or no questions about yourself and ask instead of whether the square says yes or no, whether the answer to the question on the sheet is yes or no. Idk, just a thought.

If anyone can think of any other ideas, please feel free to add on to this! Also, please credit me if you reference this post anywhere else.

Coping With Body Memories

Also known as somatic memories, body memories can be an effect of trauma and present as physical problems that cannot be explained by a medical cause. These memories can be physically painful to experience and are a common issue that survivors deal with. Here’s a list of things that help me get through it:

  • Breathe
  • Remember it will pass.
  • Focus on the feeling and getting it away
  • Remember that that feeling actually isn’t happening in the moment
  • Go to a private place and meditate
  • Breathe
  • Remember that it is all over and you are safe now.
  • Focus on your surroundings and other sensations (hold an ice cube, drink hot tea, chew gum, or exercise)
  • Talk or write about what feelings/memories are brought up by the body memories
  • Use positive self-talk to get through the feelings
  • Repeat affirmations
  • Do grounding exercises: name 5 things you see, 5 things you smell, 5 things you feel, 5 things you hear, and 5 things you taste (Note: donít do the senses that are triggering in that moment)
  • Do something nice for your body like taking a bath, putting on lotion or a nice smelling perfume, or wear comfy clothes
  • Write a letter to your body venting your feelings
  • Stretch
  • Aroma Therapy
  • Ask your body what it needs

What helps YOU to cope with body memories?