of books and journals

#taz spoilers

honestly this is just me with boxes full of pepe at 7am running on no sleep and 150% insomnia power

i’m not sure how much has been discussed about the ‘seven birds’ prophecy thing or if we decided who was whom but like, with the added information of ep. 57 i think (hope, pray) that lucretia could be the ‘lonely journal keeper’ bc:

  • in that vision the book magnus saw in the tank was blue with silver trim and the only things we’ve really been given that has blue/silver associated with it is the BoB/The Director, and she just so happens to reside where the voidfish is (that part is simple enough)
  • we know that once a lich gets their body back they forget everything again so i think it’s possible that lucretia could have gotten back in her body and found a journal, and maybe that journal was specifically about the relics that were made, what they have the ability to do, and where they might possibly be located. not knowing the story behind the relics they probably just seem like incredibly dangerous weapons that are going to hurt people, thus explaining how she found out about the relics and knew they ‘needed to be destroyed’

things i’m not sure the least sure about include:

  • that vision could have been from robbie’s pov when he got ‘possessed’ and broke into the director’s area i’m not sure what purpose it would serve, and also the rest of mag’s visions were from his perspective, so that’s not really solid (i mean none of this is solid but w/e)
  • not sure if the book in the tank from the vision is the journal that lucretia would have found upon entering her new body or if that book is full of her trying to figure out what it all means (her very own boxes full of pepe)
  • dumping the book into the voidfish tank would be ultimately meaningless unless the person you’re trying to keep the information from hasn’t been inoculated, so why put it in there in the first place (unless its a different voidfish, or its just so nobody else can get to it)

anyway this whole theory is flimsy and badly structured but i needed to come up with some reason as to why they all, including bartholomew pantaloons, need to go back to the moon to get ‘the truth’ from the director without the reveal that she is an antagonist bc i’d rather die than admit that and this is the hill i will die on