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New pages in my grimoire/BoS! Decided to continue with the moon so I made a spread for the full moons of the year. Again with my beautiful shimmery watercolours, I am in love!

I’m thinking of starting a series about grimoires/BoS. What kind of supplies I use, how I build my pages, some techniques maybe? Would that be something you all would be interested in?

Tell me about a gigantic person you know

Tell me what makes them so

Is it because they’re really tall?

So tall they make you feel small

Or is it their smile that warms your heart?

Or how in a crowded room they stand apart?

Is it their personality stronger than a stone?

Or are they simply the best person you have ever known?

- All sorts of gigantic

“Shout out to all the kids who’ve been in bad situations. Who’ve seen people at their worst. Who’ve never truly had a childhood or a place to call home. To those who’ve practically lived multuple lives. To those with absent or troubled parents. Those who had no choice but to grow up quick. You’re strong. You’ve made it this far, and you can go so much farther.”

A.M // Otherwise Writings

That girl that stares back at me in the mirror, she’s never hurt me.
She’s sure as hell never going to leave me.
So it’s about time I loved her, because she deserves it.
—  self love is the best kind of love //

“I can’t remember when it was that I got so comfortable with you. There are things I’ve shared so easily, things I’d do so simply with you that I know I’d never be able to do with anyone else.”


I am afraid of a lot of things, but the thing I am most afraid of is the unknown. I don’t know his thoughts about me, so I spend hours contemplating his every word spoken to me. I wonder when he will fall out of love with me. I wonder if he will ever think about me when he leaves. I wonder if I will find a job after falling into debt to get this degree. I wonder if I will do well in the job. I wonder if people think I am pretty, I wonder if I look okay. I wonder about a lot of things. I wonder how I will die, when I will die, what day of the week it will be, and who I will be with. I am unable to think in the present because I am so scared of the future.
—  I am scared of things that I don’t know about yet. 

Although not technically an autumn themed blog, @teacoffeebooks​ is one of my favorite blogs and almost always gives me an autumn vibe. Day 25 of the September journaling challenge by @journaling-junkie

  • Pen: Sailor Pro Gear Slim, Extra Fine (cursive) and Tombow Dual Brush Pens (lettering)
  • Ink: Diamine Ancient Copper
  • Writing Music News Show: The Young Turks