of blur


cleo met a new neighbour in the hall~

cleo, desperately trying to make a good impression: um.. hello.. neighbour? i’m cleo!! nice to.. meet you?/ :—-)
sully: new neighbours?! i guess that means you’ll have to have us over for dinner, ha!
cleo: suddenly i don’t k n o w…..,?? i gotta go.. wash my cat? 

Okay so after looking at the Romeo teasers of “Without You”, I think we can all agree there’s something off about them. They’re not focusing on the members but on random objets placed in the background, so this definitely has to mean something. These objects are a mirror, a wallet, an umbrella, a photo (seriously why there’s a photo of them in the teasers), a clock, an empty plate and posters of the movie “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind”, which is about a relationship and erasing memories or something like that. Most of the objects can be related to time and memories and relationships, so I guess probably that has something to do with what the song or mv will be about ?? Idk, I’m so bad with theories. I think we should wait for more teasers to understand more… If you have any kind of theory or idea I’d love to hear about it !!