of blues golds and roses

I was tagged by my darling and lovely friend @strangestorys. It was so great to read your responses to these, I miss talking to you ♥︎ thank you for tagging me.

name | Estefanía 
nicknames | nia
zodiac sign | cancer (it fits. i am a emotional rock with legs. i love the sea + the moon)
height | 4′11 
orientation | bisexual
nationality | Hispanic American (i’m first generation in a family of Uruguayan + Colombian immigrants)
favorite fruit | mango! raspberries! strawberries!! watermelon!!
favorite season | autumn. those early autumn days when the leaves have just begun to change and the air is crisp but the sun still shines warm on your skin.
favorite book |  favorite is a tier!! some of my top faves are Jane Eyre, Frankenstein, Wuthering Heights, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Goldfinch
favorite flower | gardenia, hydrangea, sunflowers
favorite scent | eucalyptus 
favorite color | muted colors- dusty rose, soft blues and greens. gold.
favorite animal | cats, sea lions, deer
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | coffee! love tea, though.
average sleep hours | about 5, unfortunately.
cat or dog person | i have and love both but i’m def more of a cat person.
favorite fictional character | Will Graham, Eowyn, James Flint, Max, Enjolras + Grantaire, Jane Eyre, Cosima Niehaus, Claire Temple
number of blankets you sleep with | a thick blanket and a fluffy duvet!!
blog created | …. a long, long time ago
number of followers | ≈ 2k and some change
tagging | @apolloniae, @twobrokenwyngs, @crucifythenburn, @flintinlove, @old-long-john, @silversflint. I tagged you guys bc i would just like to know more about you, no worries if you don’t wanna do it and sorry if you don’t like to be tagged!!


tagged  by : borrowed from @bestialmade

relationship  status : In love with the $$$$
favorite  color : pastels ranging from blues to pinks & rose gold~
lipstick  or  chapstick :  lipstick~
last  song  i  listened  to : Heathens : Twent-One Pilots
last  movie  i  watched :  I think it was Moana…which was a few weeks ago, i can’t recall tbh
top  three  tv  shows : …Cowboy Bebob, Sailor Moon, & Brooklyn 99
top  three characters : Ravus Nox Fleuret , The Warrior of Light & Tobirama Senju ( my white haired sons  all together )
top  three ships : Gonna have to pass on this one my dudes~
books  i’m  currently  reading : none atm. the last book I read though was Jane Eyre

TAGGING (repost dont reblog please):  Anyone who wants to do it~

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Name | Stelvei
Nicknames | Stel, sweet pea (hehe Storm calls me that)
Zodiac sign | Gemini Sun // Pisces Moon // Cancer Rising
Height | 5′4″ ½ (that half counts!!)
Orientation | Bisexual af
Nationality | ‘MERICA
Favorite fruit | Peaches
Favorite season | Spring!
Favorite book | Brandon Sanderson! Yes, all of his books. (*shamlessly lists STELVEI: The Lavender Project by A.D. Monroe* )
Favorite flower | Roses
Favorite scent | I love floral scents
Favorite color | Red! Golds, blacks, copper, silvers, rose gold, pinks, green, blues, purples… >.>
Favorite animal | Wolves!
Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa | Yes please.
Average sleep hours | Eh… more than I need probably.
Favorite fictional character | Garrus is my alien bf. (*shamelessly lists Elio Price from STELVEI: The Lavender Project*)
Number of blankets you sleep with | Depends on the temperature… I freeze a lot.
Dream trip | Egypt and Japan! Uhhg don’t get me started on this cause like I can go on forever about both places…

Blog created | Uhh last year sometime, I think?? april ish??
Number of followers | 1,684! WOW! AHH THank you so much! I love all y’all. I’m always here for you, too! Please don’t hesitate to come talk to me <3 <3

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