of blues golds and roses

What Colour Should The Signs Dye Their Hair 💆🏼


Dark Fiery Phoenix (Darker reds, oranges, some yellow):

Metallic Frozen Orchid (Faded blues and pinks, pastel greys):

Bright Colorful Rainbow (Neon yellows, reds, blues, purples, pink, a little green):

Nothern Lights Aurora (Neutral blues and purples, a little grey):

Deep Rose Gold (Light brown, rose gold undertones, a little blonde):

Industrial Shocking Silver (Light and dark and greys, a little blue and purple):


0485-8654  asked:

what's your favorite thing to study, and what are your favorite colors to work with?

My favorite things to study from are: old master paintings, nude figures, vintage photos and sculptures (like Bernini). I also like studying anything horror-related. 

Favorite colors to work with: colors that are almost black (dark reds, blues) emerald green, rose gold and various greys. Overall I like muted palettes or very rich, dark colors. 

Thanks for asking! 

There is a lot of meaning in that dress.

Not only is it black, signifying the death of ‘Sansa Stark’, but it’s sprouting black feathers in its shoulders, generally the Westerosi houses dress according to their colors, Cersei with the Reds and Golds of the Lannister, Olenna and Margaery with the blues and greens with the roses embroidered, the Baratheons in Gold and Black, the Greyjoys in dark grey and deep blue, and the Starks in white and grey.

Alayne is wearing the feathers of the Eagle, the animal of House Arryn, her dress symbolizes one thing, for all intents and puposes, once Robin is shipped off, she is the Lady of the Vale of Arryn and protector of the Vale, and what she did against Petyr’s wishes secured her safety, she knew as long as the Lords declarants of the Vale knew she was Sansa Stark she would be protected from Petyr and she would also be free to ploy with him at the same time playing as Alayne in disguise.

Now the Vale of Arryn is sworn to her, the cornerstone of her plan was that Lord Yohn of House Royce KNEW who she was as he visited Wintefell when she was a Little Girl, something only the REAL Sansa Stark would know, proving her name to them.

Sansa just proved that she’s learned to use her sad little innocent girl to her advantage and has been doing it this whole time.




For this year’s India Bridal Fashion Week in New Delhi, Falguni and Shane Peacock created an enchanting collection that explored the crossover between the traditional components of Indian bridalwear with their fierce style statement. The result of this accumulation gave us a visual feast for the eyes. 

The designers exhibited distinctive pieces to their bridalwear collection which included biker jackets, artistically crafted patterned lengha skirts, intricately decorated cholis with heart-shaped necklines and thin layers of sheer fabric for that added allure. The dupatta was recreated in this collection as an elegant cape which glided from the shoulder all the way down the length of the body effortlessly -  this elegant quality allowed the bride-to-be to appear more statuesque and seductive in her wedding trousseau. These unconventional elements were interweaved with the traditional shimmering gold embroidery, draping saris and lenghas - the staple features of Indian bridalwear. 

The variety of bold colours ranged from deep maroons, gold, navy blues, rose pink, ivory and coral. Crystals, beads and sequins illuminated each bridal attire when coordinated with the rich colours. 

Falguni and Shane Peacock explored the cultural dimensions of Indian bridalwear by adding their unique twist and trademark style. These sensual designs offers brides-to-be the privilege of wearing a sophisticated yet sexy ensemble for their special day. The designer duo have acclaimed themselves as one of the leading haute couture brands in Indian bridalwear.  

Colours For The Signs

Aries: Bright Red, Gold, Deep Blue

Taurus: Strong Blues, Deep Orange, Yellow

Gemini: Lemon Yellow, Slate Blue, Violet

Cancer: Smokey Greys, Greens 

Leo: Orange, Bright Yellow, Gold 

Virgo: Deep Blues, Dark Greys, Browns

Libra: Blue, Soft Rose, Pale Green

Scorpio: Deep Yellow, Wine, Purple

Sagittarius: Seagreen, Deep Blue, Purples

Capricorn: Black, Gray, Dark Green

Aquarius: White, Pale Yellow, Electric Blue

Pisces: Silver, Violet, Purple