of being safe when he should have been out there fighting

Hey, I don’t acknowledge a lot of things on this blog Ik, but this is truly important and something which not many people will hear about cause my country is fucked up. So, hear me out

I’m Mexican and I live in in the state where most feminicides (people killing women just because they are women) occur. Mexico City which is couple kilometres from here is the second one and so on. Mexico’s feminicide rate is worrying to a point you might think authorities are doing something, right? Well, no.

Let me tell you about some atrocious feminicides:

  1. Minerva, she was one of the first victims, if not, the first of this year. She visited some family to celebrate New Year with a guy named Fernando. When they returned to her house late at night, she was stabbed by Fernando, killing her and leaving her on the floor. She was 42
  2. María del Pilar, she lived in Guanajuato (one of the many states we have) with her boyfriend; they had gone out to buy some groceries. She had received threats from her ex boyfriend. She was buying bread and milk when one guy on a motorcycle came and started shooting at the air. She ran and hid in a store but the guy found her and when she tried to escape, he shot her in the face and ran away.
  3. Isabel Cabanillas de la Torre, she was 26, had a four years old kid, she was an entrepreneur and an artist. She was part of a campaign which focused on defending women’s rights and the fight against feminicides. Her friends and family shared on social media she was missing and two days later, she was found dead in the center of Ciudad Juarez, in some place known as “El corredor seguro para mujeres”. She was shot dead in the chest various times.
  4. Ingrid Escamilla, she was 25 and after fighting with her boyfriend, he decided that the best thing to do was killing her. He stabbed her and skinned her from the head to the knees, he removed several organs and threw them in the toilet and the sewer. The media not having any empathy, published the photos of what had happened, you could literally see Ingrid’s skinned body on first page everywhere.

10 women are murdered in Mexico every day. We want to live, we want to laugh, we want to be safe and the people we should trust, the government is doing nothing!

Our president is…I don’t have words to describe him. But things he has done? 0. Women had told him the situation Mexico is going through, they had asked for help and he has minimised the problem saying we make a big deal out of what’s actually happening. Mexico is a big joke to the rest of the world right now because he’s selling the presidential plane…Wait, but he’s not, the plane’s on lottery tickets. Yeah, you could win the fucking plane if you had the luck.

So, we as women decided that no one but us were going to do something. Since yesterday we’ve been doing stuff.

On March 7, women across the country did a human chain, protesting against what has happened.

Today, we’re gonna march for kilometres protesting about all the women we lost along the way. The one that have disappeared, the ones we didn’t know anything of. For the ones we’re still waiting to come home. For the ones we know are dead but not gone nor forgotten. But guess what? There has been threats, people wanting to hurt women with acid and some awful things.

And on March 9, we’re disappearing. We’re not going out, we’re staying home pretending we’re gone. This movement is called “Un día sin mujeres” (A day without women). So people can see the impact it would have if all of us just disappear.

We have manifested before, maybe you saw the pictures of monuments which were “vandalised”.


But all of that happened after women went to the police and only received harassment. All of that happened when our voices were not heard. And peace stopped being the right way to manifest.

Cause maybe you have seen Mexico after protests, because those are the only pictures anyone has. But, have you seen the ones where there is no “violence” against monuments?


The first photo was taken in Mexico City, the fountain known as “Diana Cazadora” (Huntress Diana) surprised everyone with red waters.

The second one is known as Minerva. A fountain in Jalisco where of course, many women are killed and disappeared everyday.

They water turned red for all the blood which has been shed. And few hours later, they were “fixed”

Or, let me show you an altar made also in Mexico City.


I was there and not even one reporter took photos. It was an altar for some of the women. And the second one? It is one of the most emblematic monuments in the city. “Ángel de la independencia” (Independence Angel). The altar was there and why is it like that? Since one of the protest it’s been like that under “reparations” truth be told, it’s the government’s way to tell us that we can’t do anything to monuments for they are covered and protected.

Yup, our government protects monuments way more than the citizens.

Please, take a moment to read this.

Aziraphale always says yes, eventually. I think that’s why Crowley’s so completely unprepared when he says no, at the bandstand and on the street outside the bookshop. Not not yet or we shouldn’t or they’d find out or it’s too dangerous, but no.

They’ve been dancing the same pattern for six thousand years. Crowley makes an offer, Aziraphale makes excuses, and dithers, and even says no for a while – and then he says yes. Yes, “fine, heads.” Yes, “don’t go unscrewing the cap.” Yes, “Heaven couldn’t actually object if I was thwarting you.”

And Crowley’s patient, he can wait. He’s an optimist, he trusts that his angel will come around eventually. Except not only is Aziraphale’s “it’s over” the most emphatic no that he’s ever given in six millennia, there’s no time to change his mind.

It ruins Crowley. He freezes, and you can see him shattering as he rocks back a little (bless Tennant’s acting). Three times, he tries to speak, three times he can’t form the words. “Right… well then… nghh…” He leaves – it’s too sharp, he doesn’t want Aziraphale to see him clutching his broken pieces. Deflects with “have a nice doomsday” but I bet the words cut him as much as they do Aziraphale.


Logically, he should leave at this point. The heart wrenching scene at his flat gets me because even now Crowley has so much hope. He’s trying to convince himself to go, to run, to get out. But Aziraphale always says yes eventually.

He can’t do it. He’s caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. Leave Aziraphale? Impossible. Stay, on his own to face the world’s end and certain destruction? Untenable. So, he procrastinates. When we see him next he’s watching a movie, which isn’t useful for either running away to the stars or dealing with the situation on Earth.

Then comes Hastur. No more time, his worst fears realised, and he just can’t give up that hope. He has to convince Aziraphale. He’s entirely laid bare for the conversation outside the bookshop. No wiles, no tricks, he needs this to work more than anything he’s ever needed in his immortal existence.

Aziraphale’s denial rolls over him like a car crash in slow motion. You can see the chant of ‘no, no, no’ behind his expression as Aziraphale leads with “Crowley, you’re being ridiculous…” He can feel it slipping away, his last chance of convincing Aziraphale, and he’s desperate. His voice gets progressively more broken. It has to work, because Aziraphale always says yes.


And Aziraphale says no.

Now he’s still faced with that impossible choice. Run, like he keeps saying he’s going to; that’s the smart choice, the logical choice. Stay, without Aziraphale, and fight. One demon against the whole of hell? Impossible. And yet, he does it anyway. If he runs, that’s the end of it. He’d be safe, but Aziraphale would meet his end along with the Earth.

So he stays, and lays the trap for Hastur and Ligur. His hope wins, again. He’s choosing to wait out the clock, to give Aziraphale the most time possible to change his mind, even if it means he’s almost certain to be destroyed.

And then Aziraphale calls. “I know where the antichrist is—” Crowley’s best moments of imagination are all driven by the times when Aziraphale needs him. Finally, finally the angel might be about to say yes. Crowley wipes the floor with Hastur, and rushes to get to Aziraphale.

Except, it’s too late. Crowley couldn’t convince him in time, and Aziraphale’s gone, the bookshop burning. The last little ember of hope, always glowing, never before diminished, snuffs out. I don’t think Crowley’s procrastinating any more. I think he’s given up. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – someone give the demon a hug please.


But, BUT – Aziraphale comes back. He’s alive, and he’s not just saying yes he’s shouting it from the rooftops. We can do this, come to Tadfield, I need your help, I need you. Poor Crowley’s too drunk for this, too raw; a thousand blessings on Tennant for the naked emotion on Crowley’s face and the agonising depth he gives to Crowley’s whispered “…Aziraphale?”


And they do it. The world is saved, they choose their faces wisely, they earn themselves space like they’ve never had before, and they choose their own side. They choose each other.

Aziraphale always says yes, eventually. Crowley just has to wait.


Being Dr. Strange Apprentice Headcanons

  • I get this feeling that Stephen actually feels quite lonely at the temple
  • Yes, he’d be quite busy making sure the Earth is kept safe
  • But even if he was not a big social individual in the past, there’s this silence that sometimes fills the room that makes him wish there was actually someone there to keep him company
  • So, one day you show up in need of him
  • And just as him when he first arrived there, you looked desperate to find a way through your issues, willing to do anything that lead you to a solution
  • So he agreed to teach you the mystic arts
  • Of course it took you some time to process and accept such information as he made a demonstration of what was to come, as it was nothing like you had experienced before
  • But he was pleasantly surprised to see how open-minded and determined you were to master them
  • At first he was never the one who taught you, and let the other monks begin to teach you the basic stuff
  • Stephen would often check on you and correct any mistakes you didn’t notice
  • That meant he had to observe you when possible to understand how your mind worked, and would warm up to you quickly
  • One day, he was searching for you to give you a book he had found and thought it would help you out with one particular spell
  • But he found you sitting in a bank under the sunset, staring at a picture (of some people who must have been of your family) with teary eyes
  • He sensed your sadness from far away, and even though it saddened him a bit he didn’t tell you anything as he didn’t come up with any good words of comfort
  • So he thought it’d be better to give you some space to let out your feelings
  • And he soon began to check on you everyday, more and more often as weeks passed by, not only to keep up with your progress but also to keep an eye on your emotional well-being
  • You could feel a silent bound was forming in between you two
  • You learned fast, and soon overpowered your masters, so it was clear that it was time for Stephen to take you under under his wing and make you his personal apprentice
  • He would take you eveywhere with him, to teach you more and more things as your level increased
  • Of course you try to start casual conversation with him to fill awkward silences
  • At first he rolls his eyes or just pretends to ignore your questions
  • After a while, you don’t seem to give up and he starts to feel more comfortable around your company to talk about his past
  • So with time, he grows to enjoy your company, as the lil’ partner he never thought he’d ever want
  • Also, cape really liked getting your attention all the time
  • It’d fly around you, wrap you up when you were cold, play-fight with you at random moments
  • Steven seems to be annoyed by it at first, until it becomes such a normal thing that he gets used to it and just smiles, finding it entertaining to watch
  • Over the years, Stephen would probably grow to love you like a daughter/sister and take a dad-figure roll
  • Would begin to be wary of the boys at the temple, specially those who would go out of their way to talk to you
  • You don’t know if you should cry or laugh
  • Will also train you really hard, taking you to your limits, just so you’re just as prepared at him for any fights
  • Even if he keeps saying that the infinity stone is his priority, he’ll always end up risking something to keep you safe
  • When you have finally completed your learning and are free to leave he’ll be quite anxious
  • Probably even had a nightmare where you left and joined the Avengers, completely forgetting about him
  • So as he congrats you and offers you to stay or leave, deep down he wishes that you choose to stay even if it makes him feel selfish
  • You can see the poor man is suffering, he’s been alone for quite a while and has finally found a friend

“Where would I go? This place is where I belong… this is my home now, and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be, Stephen.”

  • In that moment he knows he’s gained a trustworthy companion for life
  • And now the silence that fills the quiet room when he’s working doesn’t make him feel so lonely

it’s almost been a year in the bnha timeline, so for this lovely new years eve, let’s go through a list of things aizawa has been through, in order, separated by every arc in BNHA! most of it is under a read more because obviously, aizawa’s had to deal with a fucking lot and he’s sort of a punching bag.


  • got a new class
  • new class immediately calls him washed up and scary
  • media invades school. tries to interview him but instead insults him. has to keep his best friend from literally blowing the media’s eardrums out
  • that same day, has to endure a bus ride with New Class That Doesn’t Respect Him
  • ALSO on the same day: USJ. do i need to say more.
  • well, i’m going to:
  • has to take on 20 villains by himself
  • has to watch his entire (NEW) class almost die
  • gets his face beaten in 
  • orbital bone literally shattered
  • arm nearly completely disintegrated 
  • beaten within an inch of his life by a New Type Of Monster that no one has seen before
  • did not think there was any hope of rescue, presumably decided he was going to die there (near fatal encounter 1)
  • watched friend (13) almost die
  • just when he thought he was done for, used the last of his energy to protect a student from being completely disintegrated  (near fatal encounter 2)
  • “eraserhead, you’re so cool” says the gremlin villain child as aizawa’s face is being smashed against the concrete

total near fatal encounters (where aizawa thought he was going to die): 2

total near fatal student encounters he’s had to deal with: 1


  • full body cast
  • “i don’t need to stay in the hospital anymore” he says, still in the full body cast
  • best friend presumably decides that that is a very bad idea and he probably shouldn’t be left alone, so drags him to the commentator’s box to commentate on live TV with him
  • time for our yearly televised student death match!
  • pro hero insults one of his students (ochako), aizawa takes the microphone and yells at him, telling him to get a new job


  • 3 students go “fuck what aizawa says”, go rogue in order to fight a villain, “goody two shoes” student attempts to murder same villain. all of this is against aizawa’s orders. said 3 students almost die

total near fatal encounters (where aizawa thought he was going to die): 2

total near fatal student encounters he’s had to deal with: 2

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anonymous asked:

Heyhey! (^-^)/ My last days were really terrible (T,T), so, can I have some "cute" little scenario, where Ushijima, Aone (my two big fluffy bears), Asahi and Kuroo just changin' their clothes, and their teammates see the scratches on the boys' back? (From their gf, of course. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) Their reactions?

This request was super fun to write, and honestly a great study in team dynamics! Apologies if I (Admin Alyx) ruined Dateko, because I don’t write them very much!

-Admins Alyx and Emma


“Jesus, Wakatoshi, what happened to you?”

Ushijima raised his eyebrows askance at Tendou, crumpling his practice shirt in his hands; “Nothing. It was a good practice and I am in good health.”

“No, you doof, your back!” Tendou exclaimed. “You look like you got in a fight with a drunken tiger and lost!”

“Yikes,” Yamagata hissed, wincing visibly when he caught a glance. “Looks like it hurt.”

Ushijima looked over his shoulder, catching the reflection of his back in the mirror. It was a nightmare–long, red scratches ran from the tops of his shoulders all the way to the taper of his waist, interspersed with the occasional bite mark. He felt the tops of his cheeks warm a bit at the memory of the previous night–the way you clung to him, the way you writhed under him, the delicious point of pain when you ran your nails down his back…

“Ah,” he grunted. “____ should probably trim her nails next time.”

“Next time?” Tendou tilted his head before narrowing his eyes in that weird, almost cat-like smirk of his. “Wakatoshi-kun, are you and ____… having some fun?”

“Satori! That’s rude!” Reon chastised. “It’s none of our business.”

“It’s a friendly question,” Tendou protested.

“It’s rude,” Semi said flatly, slipping into his post-practice shirt. “So long as you’re being safe, Wakatoshi. Are you?”

“Of course,” Ushijima responded.

“Ha! So you admit it!” Tendou exclaimed, thrusting his finger out in an exaggeratedly accusatory gesture.

Ushijima blinked a few times, quirking one of his eyebrows; “Admit… that ____ and I are having sex? I suppose so, but I figured the scratches spoke for themselves.”


A loud wolf whistle echoed through the locker room.

The cause was obvious–Aone’s broad, pale back was absolutely covered in scratch marks, bright red standing out starkly against his skin.

“Man, get it, Aone!” Futakuchi said.

Kamasaki, who had joined them for practice that day, took a swing at Futakuchi, who ducked quickly.

“Not in front of the first years, you asshole! But… nice, Aone!” Kamasaki said, giving a thumbs up. Futakuchi cackled, clapping Aone on the back.

Aone, who had been silently watching the scene unfold, simply gave a knowing smile as he pulled his shirt on over his head.

“Doesn’t that hurt, Aone-san?” Koganegawa asked, prompting Futakuchi to dissolve into raucous laughter again.

“Yes, but–”

“WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT NOT IN FRONT OF THE FIRST YEARS!” Kamasaki shouted. “Aone! I trusted you!”

“It’s always the quiet ones, my man,” Futakuchi said.


“Yeah, get it, Asahi-san!”

Asahi froze when he heard Nishinoya shouting at him. He’d sort of… forgotten the number you’d done on his back the last time you were together. At the time, he’d loved it. At the time, it’d been a sign of your pleasure, and he’d loved rolling into your soft body like that while you dug into his shoulders and back, biting down on the muscle between his neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, there had been some very visible consequences. They hadn’t been such an issue until he forgot he had to get undressed in front of other people.

“You’re so crude, Noya,” Daichi chastised.

“You’d have said the same thing, Daichi, and you know it,” Suga teased. “Although… yeesh, it looks painful.”

“Bet it was worth it, eh, Asahi-san?” Noya pressed, nudging Asahi in the ribs. Asahi buried his face in his t-shirt, trying to suppress the groan he desperately wanted to let out. Of course this was how today was going to go. Because this was his life.

“What was worth it?” Kageyama asked, emerging from wherever he’d been hiding. Judging by the utterly blank expression on his face, he had no clue what anyone was talking about.

“Please, can I tell him?” Tsukishima asked with a laugh. “Please? You won’t have to get me Christmas presents for the rest of my life.”

“You’re all terrible influences, you know that?” Asahi exclaimed, yanking on his practice shirt with an indignant huff, although he did hiss when the fabric scraped over the scratches.

“You started this,” Daichi countered with a smirk. “Coming in here with your hickies and your sex-scratches… living up to your delinquent reputation, hm?”

Asahi quirked his eyebrows; “Only with ____, and only when she asks nicely.”

He was mortified, but seeing Daichi utterly lose any semblance of composure was totally worth it.


“I didn’t need to see that,” Kenma said flatly, looking up from his DS with his nose scrunched in distaste.

“See what?” Kuroo asked, though the way he immediately spun around to hide his thoroughly ravaged back from view implied he wasn’t completely clueless.

“Your back is covered in scratches, Captain!” Fukunaga said straight-faced, one index finger raised. His wide eyes created the guise of innocence, but the way the corners of his mouth turned up said otherwise.

Kuroo’s face flushed bright red like someone had cranked up a dial. “Wha–I, uh, that’s weird, I have no idea–”

Mmrrrooooooowww,” Fukunaga interrupted in an uncanny imitation of a cat, lifting both his hands to mime scratching something.

The room erupted in roars of laughter. Yamamoto appeared to be crying from laughing so hard, while Yaku was snickering into his hand.

“Ooohhh, did your cat scratch you? Make sure you disinfect that!” Lev said.

The laughter only got worse after that, while Lev looked utterly confused. Kuroo yanked his shirt on to hide the incriminating evidence.

“You’re all terrible,” Kuroo said.

“You fit right in, then,” said Kenma. “Seriously, I did not need that image in my head, Kuro.”

“It’s not my fault, _____ just–”

“Nope! Not listening!”

Kenma quickly plugged his earbuds in, effectively checking out of the conversation.

“Okay but I was serious, though,” Lev said, remaining blissfully oblivious, “I had a cat scratch get super infected once! You should put some ointment on it, Captain!”

Kuroo turned around and slammed his head against the locker while Kai put a hand on Lev’s shoulder and said something to him in low tones. Lev’s eyebrows slowly lifted closer and closer to his hairline.


Kinktober Day Eighteen | Xenophilia | you’re caught in the wire; i’ll lift you out | Venom x Reader | Venom

Words: 4407

Tags: Xenophilia, Monster fucker, Teratophilia, Cunnilingus, Tongue fucking

A/N: I have to give credit to @brimbrimbrimbrim because I never would have gotten over my silly aversion to xReader fics if not for her work. Also, if you like this fic, the sex in it is heavily inspired by one of her novels, you should check them out.

Note that this is a kinktober prompt fill. It will be explicit smut, and quite likely, kinky. Mind the tags.


Your mother was right. She was goddamn, fucking, one hundred percent right. She’d always said that your superhero fetish was going to get you killed, especially if you insisted on moving to a big city on the chance of being rescued by one of them and-

“Shit!” The curse flies from you involuntarily. You clap your hands over your mouth as if that will take it back, as something crashes into a building far too close to the alleyway you’re currently cowering in.

You’d just had to put yourself in place to have a meet cute with Captain America, or Iron Man, or some other hero, didn’t you? It had always been your dream, and when you’d seen the first signs of some new invasion, you’d run towards it. Never mind that the Avengers are gone. You’d seen panic and thought supervillain, which in your dreams always means superheroes showing up to save the day.

“Fuck it all, fuck my dreams, and fuck- mph!” The last word would have been a scream, except for the fact that the cause of your scream was something clapping over your mouth, silencing you.

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I’m not sure if anyone has already done this but we need to talk about Kai.

Since season 2 last week I think we can all agree on that Kai has some childhood trauma with his parents fighting, and after a few days of thinking I realized there is more to him that’s spread over both seasons.

Starting off with the big guns, his parents. In the first episode of the second season it is established that his parents are often away and that his butler was probably the one who acted as a parent for the most part. It’s then later revealed that his parents fought a lot. In short, Kai rarely got to spend time with his parents and when they did they were most likely fighting. And it’s not rocket science to say that that is hella stressful especially for a child. Because these are two people who are supposed to love each other, not fight each other. 

A thing that can happen when these situations occur is that the third party will most likely want to act as a mediator and stop the fighting, I know I do. But since the third party in cases like these are children the adults won’t let them help. Now, this does often come from a place of love because a child should not have to engage in their parent’s arguments, much less have to stop or solve it. But even so it can leave a child confused as to why they’re not allowed to help. It’s a feeling that can leave someone feeling pretty useless, more on that later. 

So all of that it is pretty safe to say that Kai probably grew up lonely. 

In the first episode of season two it is revealed that Kai knows and hangs out with Mira brother Miles, which is established through this line, “Can I go to Kai’s place later? He’s got a totally insane new gaming set-up.” Now, to be fair, I may be reading into this the wrong way, but I need to point it out. Notice how at the end Miles gives the addition of Kai’s gaming set-up? Notice how that seems to be the reason he wants to go over? We established in this season that Kai’s family is rich and that he has nice things. The downside to all of that is people will more often than not only want to be your friend because of your things, not because of you as a person. To give an example, when I was younger I was the only kid on my street who had a trampoline, and all the neighborhood kids wanted to be my friend. I was really happy because omg friends! But then, when everyone else got their own trampolines, I was no longer “needed”. I no longer held value because I was no longer the only one who had the cool thing. 

This is something that can really fuck up a person. Reason being that it plants the ever-growing feeling that you as a person is not important. You as a person are not relevant. You aren’t enough. 

Then there’s this line that Kai says in the very same episode, “Anyways, now you know why I was so hyperstoked when you guys asked me to join your team. You treated me so, normal.” Adam and Mira didn’t go to Kai for his things, they went to Kai for Kai. Which obviously made him really fucking happy. For once he was what mattered. Not his things, him. Finally, he was enough. Then came the revelation that he wasn’t the first option for Adam and Mira, which could further the feeling that he wasn’t enough. 

So, he can’t help his parents when they’re fighting, people only hang out with him for his things, not him. All that will make a person feel hella worthless. Add to that the fact that Kai was the last to discover his power in season one, and how we in the fandom made jokes about how he felt useless over it. 

And speaking of the powers, let’s take a look at them shall we?

Mira likes nature and animal life. Her power allows her to get closer to the thing she loves, even the additional power of underwater breathing lets her get close to the animals who she’d normally be separated from.

Adam has been bullied, and judging by how the bullies acted in the whole face your fear segment it most likely got physical. His power lets him defend himself. It lets him be the stronger person.

And then there’s Kai, who just wants to be worth it and enough, chose fire and tech-smarts. Both powers he uses to prove he’s worth it. Fire gives warmth and light, it’s something he can fight and defend with. The tech-smarts allows him to be helpful and valuable as a person because two people can’t have the same owers in the hollow so it’d be something only he could provide. 

In conclusion, Kai not only has childhood trauma but also possibly self-depreciation issues and he deserves so much fucking love.

Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.   


💌Yandere!Dabi x F!Reader💌

9.7k words


Dabi seems so nice for a villain at first - chivalrous, even. But you should know much, much better than to get yourself tied up with someone like that.


Short smut, consensual smut, progressive yandere, soft dabi for the first part but it does get worse dw 😌, kidnapping, murder, small hint at dabi having body issues, dick piercings, tongue piercing, dabi nice to u :)

A/N: uh oh *accidentally projects romantic fantasies onto dabi and then leaves them out to rot into my usual stuff*


It’s a quiet night.

Recently, there’s only been quiet nights. Still, unwavering - caught in an illusion filled with only passing cars and the rhythmic flickering of neon signs. There isn’t much to distract you from the sound of your own footsteps, and there is even less to be concerned about.

Unless, of course, the silence is a concern in itself. Which it is. Because on these streets there’s always a mugging or a robbing or some mis-doing to fascinate the watchful eyes from within the cars. Something to gawk at and something that must be ran from.

But ever since two weeks ago, when you found yourself staring into a pair of blue eyes that outshone the signs, there has been nothing of the sort. Your walk home has been safe and uneventful but you’ve never felt watched due to it - just lucky.

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Cold | 08

Wolf! AU

• Min Yoongi x Reader

• Enemies to lovers

Yoongi hated you the second you joined the pack and that was that

Lots of SMUT this chapter y’all


Cold Masterlist [ tumblr has killed links so please check my blog for the full Masterlist ]


Originally posted by heartsnmagic

What do you wanna talk about Yoongi?” Your throat felt unusually dry all of a sudden, his scent becoming intoxicating as you put your crutches down and made yourself comfortable on his bed. “I…wanna talk about everything. From the beginning until now. We need to clear some things up.” You should have expected this after his little stunts at dinner.

Alright then cat eyes, let’s begin hmm?” You motioned for him to take a spot on his bed as well and he complies, getting comfortable and sitting cross legged in front if you. “I want to start off with why I was so cold to you when we first met.” You leaned back against his headboard, hands coming up to pick at the hem of your shorts. “I… shit well okay. There is no way to put this easily but… I think you’re my mate.”

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Maybe (TS-SS theory)

The video. The behind the scenes video Thomas posted last night (to me) adjusts the lighting on Roman and Logan’s discourse. I’d like to point out:

Roman starts with , “ You know how our arguements should always go, Logan? Mano a Mano. Unless you’re not Mano enough to handle it.” In the extended arguement which leaves Logan stammering to come up with a response. Before simply insulting his insult.

“You want Thomas to meet the deadlines reguardless of the videos quality! Unacceptable!”

Logan does not go outwardly agressive. Infact all Logan responds with is, “ I…I try…I try to bring an honest end to our back and forth and you treat it as a personal attack. Why… Am I not surprised? I’m not. Because this is how you handle all spats , al- everysingle one of them. Or even just general jus- just disagreements in general.”

“ You act like you’re so helpful, sure you are Logan!”

“Yes I do think that I am quite helpful actually. If you think ’helpful’ is synonymous with ‘essential’ to the group! Which it isn’t by the way.”

“ You’re so generous and I’ll tell you what you’re also a genuinely frustrating dude. If this is generosity then you must be sanders claus and B*tchmas came early this year! HO HO HO! Merry B*tchmas everyone!…..”

The bitchmas metaphor runs its course, and Logan responds with, “You’re behaving like a child.”

'No one can bitch any mas(?) Than you Logan!’ Is the last line I believe.

The thing is… Logan isn’t lashing out at Roman. He is still trying to rationalize and tell Roman that he does this every time they argue. That everytime lo speaks Roman takes it too personal. He is just frustrated from saying it again and again.

Roman is just verbally attacking him and he emaculates him and turns around and calls him unimportant. Logan defends himself and you can see him look to Thomas to make sure Thomas is listening. He isn’t. Once again no body is listening.


Patton and Thomas can both hear it. They both know what is going on. This is what summons Virgil. Who didn’t help either.

I am not saying Logan’s behaviour is appropriate. However this is a theme Logan and Roman share.

They both feel:



And neglected.

Roman’s just better at yelling. And feels that Logan’s “ bitching” is unwarranted.

Thomas is catering to Roman because he is being more vocal about his feelings (kinda) and is trying to force Logan to listen but lo is done listening. He wants to be respected and not treated as he has been. The exposition. The plot driver. The cog turning in Romans machine because Roman writes the scripts. Roman creates the show. He is what puts it all together. And I bet that the reason lo is rejecting more ideas is because it is all more of the same. He is the Expo. the vocab cards. The dry humor. This is one of the few scripts that made it threw but fell apart during the filming. And in the end nothing got resolved because even Patton says Ro will have plenty of time to relax because it will be another six months till the next video is posted. Another six months of rejected ideas.

The audio even supports it, if you listen to the fight in LNTAO, Logan’s piece of the arguement is the first to trail off when we shift to Patton. Logan’s lines were also recorded with a lower Logan-esque tone. Calm and rational. While Roman is yelling to be heard.

Similar to the arguement later between Thomas and Logan where you had to struggle to hear Logan’s part of the arguement. We are primarily hearing the things that Thomas is paying attention to. His own words about Logan’s temper and the prince’s cries to be heard.

…..10/10 sorry it is late I might be repeating or overly tired. This may make no fuckin sense. I double check in the a.m. night all!!

Update: holy shit, good morning everyone.

I wanted to also point out, the use of the vocab cards. If Thomas knew these terms (he corrected Logan’s use of the word ’ Savage’ in 'My Negitive Thinking’ safe to assume he knows a lot of modern terms) so does Logan.

* Plus dabbing Logan also suggests he understands more than he is letting on. *

He is only using them because the script said so. The script Roman wrote.

Hamartia [9]

Pairing: Dark!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader

Words: 4,585

Warnings: Swearing, hurt/comfort, fluff, mention of past depression and body image issues, mentions of injuries, description of injuries, mentions of addiction, some description of gore I gues??????????

Summary: Now that the trust’s been broken, where’s that leave you and Peter?

A/N: Bold italics are thoughts! Yeah, there’s no actual angst, basically just hurt/comfort start to finish. I’m surprised, too. Also, tags have been really weird lately, so if y’all could please reblog this chapter since not a single tag worked for chapter 8, I would really appreciate it!! But I hope you guys like it!! Please lemme know what y’all think!!

ch. 8 || ch. 9 || ch. 10

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Peter’s eyes watch as his feet walk across the tiled floor of the tower, hearing the quiet sound of a TV playing from somewhere down the hallway, likely still playing from someone falling asleep and not making it to their room. He still knows this tower like the back of his hand, having spent so much time here and living here half the time. While, it’s a little awkward and a little scary to be here, not quite feeling like he belongs anymore, there is almost this sense of comfort as he walks alone.

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Avengers vs Guardians of the Galaxy

So, something has been bothering me these days and after watching GotG2 I finally got it.

I’m very uncomfortable with the dynamic of the Avengers.

Who feed them?
Who pay for their bill?
Whose ground and building they live under?

Tony-motherfucking-Stark, that’s who. Basically, Tony is responsible for looking after his former team. Like, wtf!? And I could see that they, the whole bunch of them, take Tony for granted. I mean, fuck yeah I’m team Iron Man and I could be biased but, how could I not? (And I get the feeling that Tony is just the type of person to propose to take care of his team first and barely think how munch expense he had to cover). Even from the beginning the team already formed their own opinion about Tony Stark before even actually meet the man.

Black Widow could be a great spy, yes. But then people always see what they wanted to see and I think that this is the case. Tony showed her what she wanted and what the public already know bc why should he do otherwise? He barely knew her, he had nothing to prove and she’s not an important person in his life at that period of time. So I repeat, why should he show the vulnerability that he rarely show to people even his friends to a strange woman that clearly already had a low opinion of him?

But then bc of her report that ‘confirmed’ and ‘refirmed’ Fury’s opinion abt Tony Stark (so basically the whole goddamn SHIELD).

And don’t get me start on Captain America. Some hero, really. They called him the man out of time, in my opinion, is pretty accurate. His time has gone by. Steve Rogers was born in wars and grew up wanting to fight for his country. His opinion while appreciate, is not up-to-date with modern thinking. The man just woke up from sleeping in ice. HE SLEPT all those years, no tragic there really, apart from missing out around everything. Sure he missed his girlfriend, his bff, and how the war end. BUT, but he is also a man always looking for his past.

Now I’m not saying that wanting to find your past is wrong, but come on! Don’t get stuck in it, be grateful that you are one of the helping hand that help to shape up the future today. Be grateful that you get a chance to see the future that you always want your country to be.

Like I said though, They take TONY. STARK. FOR. GRANTED

Now, the Gotg on the other hand? They look like a goddamn family, amitting they are family and would not leave their own behind. Their dynamic, their banters make me want to smile and laugh. Watching them brought me enjoyment because I could sense that they ARE a FAMILY and not just some bunch of random people have to work together.

I love it when a team is comfortable with each other enough that they start throwing insults abt their genes, their species, their races around and leave people bewildered b/c how this clustered fuck of a team work so well together when they are clearly do not respect one another!?

GofG2, in my opinion, is whole lot better then the first movie. It shows how the team has grown, how they have come to accept each other’s quirks and personalities and still want to be around each other even when others being an assholes or giving them a headache. That is what make a GOOD team!

You know they care when Rocket voluntarily head straight to danger and prepare to risk his life for his family, even though he was safely away from it. He doesn’t even have to think about it! He just does.

And what break my heart more is that, they forgive the mistakes when one makes. Even if that mistake nearly cost them their life, they still consider they are family and NO ONE GET LEFT BEHIND! (they don’t even bring it to Rocket face when it was his fault that a whole army of ships are after their asses, they did not even consider or think of it)

So, parallel to the Avengers anyone? Ultron? Civil War? Any bell?

As Long As You Both Shall Live

 Bucky Barnes X reader X Steve Rogers

Till Death Do Us Part

Summary- In a world where everyone is born with the name of their soulmate-or soulmates- on their wrist the reader has the horrible fate of being bound to two dead soldiers. That is until she sees Captain America fighting in New York. Does she run from her destined love or does she go to him?

Message- This is part 2 to Till Death do us Part! I added some T’cham to the story. I got the idea of Bucky burning/ scratching off his soul mark form a story @iavengesuperwholock wrote! There is going to be at least one more part! Sorry if it sucks!!!

Word Count-1300ish

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the draft where you run into the ex you’re still in love with and accidentally kiss him goodbye.

Three things should be noted when it comes to the topic of your love life.

1. You once were a self-proclaimed romantic, though that’s not really what it was. Yes, you loved romance but you never quite had the patience for anything beyond that. It was more that you were obsessed with love and falling into it. You’d flit from relationship to relationship chasing the rush that came with first kisses, first confessions and sleepless nights of love making. 

But the thing about chasing is, eventually you catch what you’re after. Eventually you have to fight to make things work. Eventually, the simple actions that once made you giddy no longer have the same effect. 

And that’s when you’d bolt.

Because love is hard, you learned. It can be wonderful, yes. But putting yourself out there like that, bearing all your flaws to another person and leaving yourself open to be left – that is scary as hell. And really, you never found anyone quite worthy of sharing your truest self with. No one had made you feel quite safe enough to be that vulnerable.

2. That all changed when you met Namjoon. No longer were you interested in running, as Namjoon didn’t chase you. Not forever anyway. He didn’t play into your little love games or back down when you tried to deflect serious conversations of the heart. He didn’t eat out of the palm of your hand or worship the ground you walk on in order to keep you with him. 

No, Namjoon knew his worth as a man, as a partner in life. And as badly as he wanted to be yours, he wasn’t going to cut himself down or ignore his own needs just to feed your delusions about what love actually is. He wasn’t going to be used as a play thing or a doormat. 

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Issues (Jax x Reader)


“You know smoking is bad for you” You causley said as you flipped through your magazine on the couch. Jax jumped up from his spot slamming his hands down on the coffee table making you also jump in surprise.

“Can you stop being a whiny bitch for once? I have had enough of your shit lately”

“Well excuse me for being a bitch that cares about your health. Smoking a few a day Jax is nothing but your hitting a pack now and that’s ridiculous” You spoke while crossing your arms . Jax stared you down and said

“You know what’s ridiculous is that a grown ass lady is bossy me around like I’m a two year old. I’m a grown man who don’t need your stupid ass opinions. I can take care of myself”

“Well honey this lady happens to be the one you picked as your old lady so you don’t like it? That’s your fucking problem. I’m trying to look out for what’s best for us as a family” Jax rolled his eyes, finishing his cigarette.

“Family yeah that’s what you’re looking out for” Jax scoffed as he went to turn to leave the living room.

“What’s that suppose to mean Jax? What else would I being doing?” You asked as you walked closer to him so you could be face to face. Jax let out a loud laugh, his eyes darken before he spoke

“It means you are looking out for yourself. If this kills me you’re going to have no one to bring home all of this money for you, so you can go off and spend it on bullshit” His answered hit a nerve. You were never one to back down from a fight but having Jax speak this poorly to you wasn’t setting right.

“Say it Jax we both know you want too” You yelled making sure your voice wouldn’t crack on you. He wasn’t going to see you weak that’s not what an old lady was.

“You’re acting like a croweater. All you want at this point is this cut that’s the reason your still here in this life. For the cut not me, and damn well not for my child” You looked up at Jax with tears in your eyes. Did he really think that’s all you were? Some stupid croweater that was only there for the cut and not the man behind it. Not wanting to be this close to Jax anymore you pushed your way passed him. Walking out of the room Jax followed you.

“Where do you think your going?” He asked as you picked up your coat from one of the chairs.

“Out” Jax grabbed your arm before you got to the door stopping you

“No your not” Jax said making you come closer to him, the normal smoky smell mixed with cologne that always warmed your heart was making you sick.

“I didn’t realize I needed your permission.” You snapped back harshly pulling your arm out of his. With not even a glance towards Jax you walked right out of the door. When it slammed shut Jax sank into the chair putting his head in his hands wondering what he just did.

After a few hours of driving around Charming you decided to go back home. It wasn’t safe to be out alone even more so now that it was dark out. Being the Vice President Old Lady means you have a big target on your back at all times. Parking your car outside, you took a deep breath getting ready to face Jax. One look at your face anyone could tell that you have been crying and you knew Jax would feel bad like he should.

Jax looked up from his seat at the kitchen table when he heard the door open. Seeing it was you he quicky popped up making his way towards you. Taking your hands you try to pull away but Jax was too strong for you.

“I’m sorry darling for fighting with you. I know you’re not a croweater and I should have never compare you to them because I know and so does everyone else is that you’re here for me and not this cut. There’s been so much club shit going on lately and I took out all of my angry and stressed out on you. For that I’m sorry I know you’re just trying to take care of me” You looked at Jax you could also tell that he had been crying. He was never one to admit when he was wrong so you just thought you would come home and act like none of this ever happened but he had other plans.

“Jax I’-” you went to say but he cut you off. “ No you don’t say sorry I’m the one that acted like a complete dick and mistreated his old lady. So I made a few calls and what would you say about you and I going to the cabin for the weekend without the club”

“Jax I would love too but you do know you still need to make up for this a bit more. It really hurt when you said those things about me.” You told while leaning into his chest.

“I know darling” With that Jax laid a kiss on the top of your head before wrapping his arms around you. Happy that he had someone like you to put up with his famous Teller temper.

Saw Infinity War again last night...

And I paid really close attention to that gap in time where Loki is out of frame. His absence is so conspicuous; he is gone for 3 minutes and 17 seconds (yeah I’m a nerd and I timed it). I don’t understand how we’re supposed to make nothing of it.

After Loki says “We have a Hulk” and tackles Thor safely out of the way, what happens with them? Do he and Thor just hang back and watch while Thanos beats up the Hulk? Thanos is occupied, the Black Order seem to be focused on Thanos and the Hulk. It seems to me Thor and Loki could’ve been using that time to scheme up something–or at least Loki could have, if Thor was still too banged up to speak or move very much.

For the 3+ minutes that Loki was out of sight, there were so many opportunities for a quick Loki reaction shot that would have made it clear to the audience that Loki was in fact present. For example:

  • when Thor made his weak attempt to hit Thanos with some kind of pipe
  • when Ebony Maw put Thor in restraints
  • when Heimdall summoned the bifrost to send Hulk to Earth
  • when Thanos killed Heimdall
  • when Thanos broke the Tesseract and put the Space Stone in the gauntlet

I’m not saying we needed to see Loki’s reaction to every single one of those things, just pointing out that it’s odd we didn’t see any at all. Especially since we are shown Thor’s reactions during most of the above and later on when he’s watching Loki in the moments leading up to his death. Once Heimdall dies and the Hulk is bifrosted to Earth, Thanos, Loki, and Thor are the three key players remaining in the scene. It’s strange to omit focus on one of them.

Even with the different directorial styles across the movies Loki has appeared in, we have been trained to expect Loki reaction shots, especially when he’s assessing a situation to his advantage/disadvantage. It’s just a basic function of storytelling, particularly with mischievous or unpredictable characters. Think about the scene in Ragnarok when he’s listening to Banner, Thor, and Valkyrie discuss their plan to escape Sakaar, the scene in The Avengers when he’s sitting on rocks and watching Thor and Iron Man fight, or the scene in Thor when the camera keeps cutting back to Loki on Asgard during Thor’s confrontation with the Destroyer. 

So I guess all I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t sit well with me that for nearly a *third* of the entire scene, we get zero indication of where Loki is or what he makes of the events that unfold over those few minutes. If that isn’t deliberate, then it certainly is sloppy, and I find it really hard to believe that the directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier would be so haphazard. IMO Winter Soldier is the smartest, most precisely-filmed movie in the MCU; every shot counts. The Russo Bros have got to know that no sign of Loki = shenanigans. Even to some of the more casual audience members.

This is just one of the many maddening things about this scene for me because IMO it either indicates that this aspect of it was poorly shot/edited or that there is some kind of long game being played here and the directors intended for us to be suspicious. We won’t know for a year unless Marvel decides to confirm either way. I mean, I’m not gonna be surprised if somewhere down the line the Russo Bros explain it away with “Oh, Loki was there just lurking in the background and waiting to make his move.” But if that’s the case, it won’t be particularly satisfying. If they wanted us to 100% trust that Loki’s death was real and final, they should’ve done a better job of conveying that by making it clear that he didn’t go anywhere or have the time or ability to do anything during the minutes that he was offscreen. They should have given us more of a clue about what was going on with Loki internally as he watched his and Thor’s options become even more limited; it may have helped us accept his logic and the way in which he reappears and makes a desperate and unsubtle attempt to fool and murder Thanos (and why he seems so… chill? about it).

This is all feeding into my major issue with Loki’s death in general: How can we feel the full weight and impact of his sacrifice if we can’t trust that it was real?

I’ve dedicated a lot of words to this subject, sorry about that; I think I may have it all out of my system now.

The Demon Brothers From Most to Least Likely to Go Yandere + Headcanons!!!


Thank you to @princess–alice–xxx and @anonymous-hacker123 for your requests!!


  • “Avatar of Envy” is not just an empty title. When he sees you hanging out with his brothers he can’t help the growing thoughts inside his mind screaming at him that they’re just trying to take you away from him. He doesn’t have much confidence in himself so he thinks that when you meet or talk to someone else you’ll eventually find someone better and leave him.
  • He secretly collects some of your stuff when you’re not in your room to stop him. A few shirts, some of your perfume, one of your favorite hoodies. He probably has a tiny hidden corner in his room where he keeps all the pictures he has of you along with the stuff he “borrowed.”
  • He isn’t one to pick a fight right away but he’ll slowly start to isolate you from others until you end up staying in his room for most of the day. He hates going outside but he would rather go fetch whatever you need and have you stay back at his room than let you out to get it yourself.
  • He knows what a yandere is and he can feel himself falling into the stereotypes of it but he can’t help it. He’s too infatuated with you to let anyone else take your attention and love away from him. When you start expressing that you want to leave his room he’ll immediately start to panic and try anything to make you stay. If you still insist on leaving he’ll break down in tears and might end up using his demon form to intimidate you to stop you from leaving.


  • Mammon has been following you around for most of the exchange program since you arrived at the Devildom. Which is to be expected since he’s supposed to be keeping an eye on you but you start to notice that his behavior has become much more aggressive towards other demons.
  • He already stays in your room but now he’s even more adamant about being around you. Even though Mammon is a tsundere his yandere side will make him very overprotective of you. “You think I’m following you around too much? I’m only doing this to keep you safe! You humans are so weak, there’s no way you’ll survive out there without me! You should be grateful to have the GREAT MAMMON looking out for you!!”
  • He doesn’t really know how far he’s fallen into being a yandere. All he knows is that his feelings for you have always been the same. He loves you and he won’t let anyone come between the two of you no matter who they are.
  • If you try to move away from him he’ll get even more possessive around you, insisting to go wherever you’re going and doing anything he can to draw your attention back to him. He’ll fight anyone who he believes is trying to take you away from him. He won’t do this in front of you but you’ll start to notice everyone else avoiding you like the plague.


  • He’s the perfect yandere in disguise. From the day you started dating Satan it’s been all smiles and sunshine ever since. Everything between you seemed perfect but sometimes you would get subtle hints that something was wrong. Your friends would meet with you less and less. Some of the other demons that tried to flirt with you before would be absent for weeks, allegedly said to be “sick” until they eventually “dropped out” entirely, never to be heard from or even seen again.
  • As the Avatar of Wrath you knew about his violent tendencies but you wanted to believe the best from him. Until you stumbled across something that would change everything. Satan was busy with student council affairs when you found a peculiar book hidden beneath his bed. It was huge and had hundreds and hundreds of pictures….of you. They went back to your first day in the Devildom long before you two even started dating. And along with the book you found a list with dozens of names all crossed out in red ink. From a glance you could tell some of the names belonged to your friends and the others you could only assume belonged to the demons that went missing.
  • As you closed the book and rushed to put it back under his bed you could feel a hand stiffen around your shoulder. He didn’t want to hurt you. He wanted you to love him without a shred of fear in your heart. But now that his secret was out….well, what happens next depends on you.
  • He’ll defend his actions saying he was only looking out for you. You’re so precious to him and he just couldn’t stand anyone else who thought they were important enough to take your attention away from him. It was all for love, right? There are two ways this can end. You can accept him and everything he’s done and things will slowly go back to the paradise of a relationship you once had. But if you try to run or escape he won’t let you go even if that means roughing you up in the process.


  • Lucifer had always been protective of you so it didn’t really come as a surprise when you found him being a bit possessive once you started dating. He was just keeping you safe from all the other demons that could harm you. Or at least that’s what he told you every time he pulled you close to his body while staring daggers at anyone whose gaze just so happened to fall on you.
  • His aura alone was enough to intimidate others and make them want to immediately flee from your presence. When you talk to him about his jealously problem he would deny it and simply say that he doesn’t enjoy others trying to take what clearly belongs to him. Well, he’s always been like this so it’s nothing out of the ordinary right?
  • As time passes his “affection” becomes more and more suffocating. You can barely get a moment to yourself without Lucifer calling, messaging, or straight up following you. Eventually you get fed up and try taking some time for yourself. You ignore his messages and isolate yourself from him for a few days to get some space but once you meet him face to face again you can tell you’re in for some kind of punishment for ignoring him.
  • You expected a five hour lecture or a similar penalty for your behavior but there was no way Lucifer was going to let you off the hook so easily. To him, you tried to escape, you tried to run away from him. After he poured out his heart for you, cherished you more than anyone else, you wanted to leave him. Now that you were standing in front of him, he was not about to let you walk away. He would tie you up and confine you to his room, unable to move or do anything for yourself until you were ready to love him again like how you were meant to from the start.


  • Belphie was so sweet and charming you doubted he would ever do anything bad despite his disposition as a demon. Oh how wrong you were. He may not have shown it but he was deceptive, manipulative, and devious beyond belief. His lax expression and calm demeanor were just a facade he used to make sure you suspected nothing of his true intentions.
  • Even though he had the power to fight off anyone that came close to you he decided to take a different approach and let the events that followed unfold on their own. Lies, rumors, and harsh accusations would seem to pop up overnight and surround any demon that made the mistake of getting too comfortable around you.
  • He always feigned innocence and acted like nothing was wrong so it never really dawned on you to pry for more information. Then again, Belphegor knew he couldn’t keep his act up forever. You continued to reach out and befriend other demons despite all the effort he put to make you stay away from them. He started to wonder if you even valued his love in the first place because if you did then there was no reason for you to be with anyone else but him.
  • Belphegor knew how awful it was to be confined and locked up against his will but this time it was different. He was with you, protecting you and keeping you safe from anyone else who might take you away from him and do god knows what to you. Now you could stay by his side, warm and safe with no one else to interfere. But if you keep trying to escape from his room, your persistence will only feel like betrayal and he won’t stand for a human taking advantage of his heart.


  • Beel usually had no problem keeping other demons away from you. Whenever he walked with you between classes his size and build were more than enough to intimidate weaker demons. Still there were always a few exceptions he sometimes had to deal with. Demons that were overly cocky or dared to outright flirt with you in front of him. He didn’t want to do anything violent when you were around but if he was alone with them there’s a good chance he might just take a bite out of them.
  • Beelzebub was always so gentle around you so you never really expected him to become a yandere down the line during your relationship. It would actually take a lot for him to break his patience and take on the obsessive, overprotective nature of a yandere but from his perspective it just meant that he loved you, that he valued you above anyone or anything else.
  • When he started becoming more and more protective of you, you honestly thought it was cute at first. You thought he was safeguarding you like he did with his favorite custard. It was ridiculous and a bit funny but ultimately harmless right? After all, at the end of the day he was still your giant teddy bear of a boyfriend, right?
  • It started to get out of hand when he insisted on following you everywhere you went. His behavior was no longer the adorable puppy like affection you were used to, it was much more compulsive and excessive than before. Isolating yourself from him would also be a difficult task. He was faster and stronger than you so even if you tried to run away from him he would catch up to you in the blink of an eye. He didn’t want to hurt you or do anything that would make you hate him though, that would absolutely destroy him and he wanted to avoid that more than anything. In the end he would try to be patient with you and give you every chance to stay with him all while making sure everyone else kept their distance away from you.


  • Hypocrite. That was the only word you could use to describe him. He loved attention from anyone be it compliments or actual flirting but when someone else so much as commented on your hair or your new outfit he would lose it and start getting all protective about how you’re his.
  • Asmo would probably stalk your social media accounts even before you started dating. He could never understand what you saw in all those other demons you hung out with. He was the most beautiful being ever created, no one else could hold a candle to him so why weren’t you his?
  • He wasn’t about to give up his following but the fact that you were the only person that evaded his charms struck a chord with him. If he couldn’t gain your love by being the best he would simply get rid of the competition. There was no need for you to waste your time with any other demons when he was obviously perfect for you.
  • To him you were just showing pity to all the other demons that stood no chance compared to him. There’s no way you could value them over him right? You just needed a little nudge in the right direction to see that he was everything you could ever want. And if that meant eliminating all the imperfect scum that got in between the two of you, he wouldn’t mind getting his hands a bit dirty.
With All My Spark

A/N: Reader is based on my OC Elsey (Sam Witwicky’s younger sister), and this fic is based after Revenge of the Fallen. Enjoy!


Title: With All My Spark

Summary: Optimus Prime goes through the toughest battle he’ll ever have to face: getting you to shut up and go to sleep.

Words: 3436


Optimus Prime was the leader of the Autobots. He was smart, strong, the best there was at fighting, and definitely not one to get as close to the humans as Bumblebee was to Sam… that’s what you’d think anyway. Except it was a little difficult to do so when he was parked there in his truck form, a seventeen-year old girl curled up on his seats…

It was summer, and with summer came weeks off school. Sam was already in college, it having been a little over two years since you met the Autobots, and you were in your second-to-last year in school. You hated school, to be honest. You wanted to join the military when you were a little older and work with Optimus and the others. It’d always been a dream job of yours, of course, but ever since the ‘Bots arrived on earth, that dream had grown bigger. Your summer was therefore going to be spent at NEST. You weren’t actually there for a reason, per se, only to spend time with the Autobots, but Will had organised it all and called you his little intern to get nosy people who wanted to know why exactly you were there off his back. Of course, there were still people of a higher rank that were ready to send you on a plane straight back home, but nobody could argue with Optimus when he told them you were staying.

Your relationship with the leader of the Autobots was one everybody had grown used to, now. You guessed it’d started around the time you’d first met; when Optimus was hiding underneath the bridge and Mikaela and Sam had fallen to the ground, subsequently getting arrested, you’d managed to stay on the ‘Bot’s shoulder. He’d kept you safe after that, carrying you with him and returning you safely back to your brothegr when you met the next time. That had sparked something. From then on out, the two of you had grown a bond that was now too strong to ever break. Like Sam was ‘Bee’s, you were Optimus’s. What more was there to say? You could act a certain way around him that nobody else would ever dare to, save the other ‘Bots. Optimus would reprimand you if you were being particularly difficult for him or anyone else, he knew how to deal with one of your moody attitudes, he’d gently grab you and lift you onto his shoulder to help you relax if you were ever upset, and he knew you better than he probably knew himself. Whenever Sam came to visit you at NEST, and you were teasing him or annoying him as a younger sister should, a simple “I’ll tell Optimus!” would shut you up. He kept you in line, to put it simply. That Autobot was the only one you’d listen to, and nobody knew any different.

He loved you, and that was that. He had no shame admitting it.

Things around the NEST Headquarters had been pretty quiet recently. There hadn’t been any Decepticon readings in quite some time, and therefore everything was calm. Will hadn’t needed to give you a tour around the place as you’d been there plenty of times already, but he did keep to the intern side of things and showed you how some stuff was done at the Base, always returning you back to Optimus in one piece at the end.

The soldiers slept in rooms in the building, and you had your own one for every time you visited. You’d decorated it yourself, a photo of you teaching Ironhide how to take a selfie hanging above your bed, and you almost felt more comfortable in it than you did in your room at home. Of course, the place was barely ever used, seeing as you always managed to find your way over to Optimus as soon as everyone else had already headed off to bed. He and the other Autobots recharged in their car forms, and so sleeping in him (that… sounded weird) was no issue. In fact, it was preferred by both of you. Optimus didn’t care if ‘Cons hadn’t been seen in a while, he still wanted you near him at all times to protect you the best he could. And you weren’t complaining. Who wanted to sleep in a dank room by themselves if they could sleep in a warm truck who also happened to be the person they loved the most?

The amount of times Optimus had asked Will to carry you out of his truck form in the morning if you’d slept in so he could transform was lost on him. The man made it routine to make his way over to the leader of the Autobots first thing every morning, always finding you spread out on the seats, your duvet wrapped around you. You were a quiet sleeper, not moving around a lot and never letting so much as a snore escape you, but you sure were a heavy sleeper.

Not that that helped you get to sleep any sooner. You felt like you had to spend as much time with Optimus before you went back home, even if that meant sitting quietly in his truck form while he repeated “go to sleep!” so many times he thought he’d lose his robotic mind.

And so, it wasn’t a surprise that tonight was no different.

You’d dragged your duvet and pillow downstairs to where the ‘Bots were recharging around thirty minutes ago, clambering through Optimus’s open door and falling flat onto the seats. “Tired?” came the Autobot’s deep voice.

You sighed and turned over onto your back, grabbing your duvet and throwing it over your body. You picked up the phone you’d left on his dashboard earlier on and unlocked it. “Not really.”


“I’m okay.”

Optimus didn’t reply after that, instead choosing to simply make some kind of noise with his engine. You ignored it, knowing he knew you were lying, and began to scroll through your Instagram feed. You briefly glanced to the top of your screen, grimacing a little at the bright ‘1:42′ that was shining back at you. Optimus also knew the time, which was why you were treading lightly and not talking to him.

A couple minutes at most passed before the truck moved slightly. “I think it’s time to sleep.”

You huffed, pulling your duvet up to your chin. “Go to sleep, then.”

“For you, I mean.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Well, I want you to. And what I say goes.” His tone changed slightly at the end, reminding you that, even when he was practically exhausted and attempting to recharge, he was still the boss of you. You groaned in indignation and reached out to place your phone on his dash, rolling onto your back and staring up at the roof of the truck. “Thank you,” he said. It went silent again, yet you still weren’t ready to sleep. It was nice, you decided, just laying there. It was strange to think of someone as big and strong as Optimus sleeping so vulnerably, yet here he was. You sighed and sat up to look out the window. You could see ‘Bee next to you, the yellow paint of his Camaro form glinting in the light that was hanging from the ceiling of the building.

“What are you looking at?”’

You jumped slightly at Optimus’s voice yet again. He sounded even more tired than last time, and you smiled. An annoyed Optimus Prime was pretty amusing, for as much as you loved the guy.

“Nothing,” you said.

“Are you going to sleep?”

“I’m okay.”

“Yes, you’ve said.”

Your smile widened and you lifted your arm to rest along the ledge of the window, leaning against it and continuing to stare out. You weren’t really looking at anything in particular, simply sitting there and feeling the coolness of Optimus’s metal beneath you. It made you feel safer when you were around him. You felt like, even with the Decepticons still out there, nobody could harm you as long as you had the leader of the Autobots with you. “Why do you want me to sleep so bad?”

Optimus’s engine rumbled slightly. “Because it is late.”

“Not too late.”

“It is late, Y/N. Sleep. Now.”

Again, that slight firmness entered his tone again. And, sure, he definitely wasn’t as intimidating as he would be if he weren’t currently a truck, but you knew he’d get upset with you if you didn’t listen to him. Besides, he’d been training a few of the ‘Bots that evening and was clearly tired. Honestly, you didn’t want to keep him awake for too long. “Sorry,” you said. You tried not to sound gloomy, but you couldn’t help it. You didn’t want to sleep, and the damn robot knew it! Nevertheless, you moved so you were laying back across the seats, pulling your duvet up over you and huffing as quietly as you could.

“I heard that, you little wolf.”

Optimus had taken to calling you his wolf. It was a simple referral to the ‘Three Little Pigs’ nursery story, where the wolf huffed and puffed and blew the pigs’ house down. He said you huffed so much you practically were him.

Who thought it a good idea to give Autobots access to the whole of the internet?

Somebody who didn’t think it would become as annoying as it was; that’s who.

You smiled at the sound of his quiet voice nevertheless, burying your head into the duvet.

“Good night, little one.”

“Night, Optimus.”

And that was that. The Autobot fell back into recharge and you drifted off into the land of happy dreams, where ‘Bee was chasing you around NEST and you were running in between Ironhide’s legs, giggling as the yellow mech tried to catch you-

No, that was not what happened.

“I can’t sleep, Optimus.”

The leader of the ‘Bots barely refrained from groaning. In all his dignity, he allowed himself a small sigh, and the truck came alive again. “You must try before you say that, Y/N.”

“I did.”

“It’s been three minutes since we said good night. You have not tried.”

“I have.”


“Stop being annoying.”


You hid your grin in your duvet, not wanting him to see that you were enjoying this a lot more than you probably should. Optimus, on the other hand, could clearly see the amusement shining in your eyes. He sighed. There really was no use trying to recharge some more with an energetic teen sitting on his seat, was there? “Go to sleep,” he said, trying to keep the pleading tone down to a minimum.

“I can’t.”


“You know why!”

He did… though it was more of a ‘won’t’ than a ‘can’t’. He knew you were worried about summer coming to an end and having to return home, and he knew that you didn’t want to leave him and the others. If he could, he would come back with you and stay in your garage, exactly like ‘Bee had done, but he couldn’t. NEST wouldn’t be able to run as well without him. He could see you becoming upset, now. Usually, he’d leave you be if you were still awake, knowing you’d drop off eventually, but it was an earlier start that morning than most times, and he knew how tired you’d be if you didn’t fall asleep anytime soon. And so, with a small smile, he decided to have a little fun with you before he told you yet again to go to sleep, knowing he’d have a better chance of you listening to him if you were in a happier mood.

In less than a second, the words to the nursery rhyme ‘Rock-a-bye Baby’ filled your ears. You rolled your eyes and stared pointedly up at the ceiling. Trust the leader of an alien race to search ways to get babies to sleep on the internet and choose the one he knew would irritate you the most. So mature.

“Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop-”

Really, Optimus?”

-“When the wind blows, the cradle will rock-”

“Stop it.”

-“When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall-”


-“And down will come baby, cradle and all.”

You growled and thumped the dash, making the truck shake and the music stop. “Ow!”

“Serves you right.”

“What? You don’t like the song?” Optimus asked, his deep voice clearly harbouring amusement. “Alright, I’ll change it.”

“What? No, wait-“

“Hush, little baby, don’t say a word-”

-“Papa’s gonna buy you a mockingbird-”

You groaned and grabbed your pillow, stuffing your face into it and trying to block out the words. Optimus, however, simply turned up the volume… and began singing.

“And if that mockingbird won’t sing, papa’s gonna buy you a diamond ring!” He had a nice voice when he sang, you’d found out quite some time ago. While spending time with you, he’d managed to memorise lyrics to more Coldplay and Harry Styles lyrics than he’d ever admit, and the other Autobots, to their surprise, often found him humming to them at random times. It was definitely strange how much they’d learned since arriving on Earth.

“Optimus,” you groaned, tossing the pillow to the side as it clearly was not helping.

Both the song and the ‘Bot went silent for a second. “Are you feeling sleepy yet?”

Sleepy? What am I, five?

“Twinkle twinkle, little star-”

“Oh my God.”

“Mm? You said you were five. Don’t five-year olds like these kinds of songs?”

-“How I wonder what you are-”

“I’m leaving.” You didn’t want to, of course you didn’t, but you couldn’t take this incessant annoyingness any longer. You were meant to be the irritating one! You picked up your phone and took a hold of the corner of the duvet, beginning to scoot towards the door, but you stopped in your track and widened your eyes once you heard the click of the lock. Great.

“No. You’re not leaving, Y/N. I’ve had to deal with you, and so you now have to deal with me.”

A groan left your mouth as you fell back onto the seats. The voices of the little kids singing the song now felt like tiny infuriating creatures ripping into your brain and tormenting the hell out of you.

“Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky!”


“Sing the next line and I’ll stop.”


“Go on, little wolf.”

That damn voice! Who knew a robot could sound so pleased? You rolled your eyes and stuck your tongue out at the ceiling, knowing he could see it. That was confirmed as the seats you were laying on jumped slightly, almost throwing you onto the floor. Stupid robot. “Twinkle twinkle, little star,” you started, your voice as monotonous as you could make it. “How I wonder-”

“How I wonder when you two are gonna shut the frag up!” You jumped at the new voice, seeing Ironhide’s face staring back at you through the window. He was in his Autobot form, and his face showed clear annoyance, probably at having been woken from recharging. Your head tilted back, you looked at him for a few moments, both you and both ‘Bots completely silent.

Until you burst into laughter. You couldn’t help it, but the giggles just poured out of your mouth like a waterfall over a cliff. “Your face, ‘Hide!” you said, tone rising an octave as you felt Optimus shaking from laughter underneath you.

Ironhide wasn’t please. The weapons mech growled and brought one finger up to his leader’s window, tapping on it in a clear warning. “Yes, my face. It’s the face of someone who’s fragging tired of hearing both you and your guardian’s voices while I’m trying to recharge.” Your giggles died down a little as he continued, yet a huge smile was still plastered on your face. “Now, you, young missy,” he continued, staring at you with those bright blue optics, “will go to sleep now and stop Optimus from blasting those infernal nursery rhymes through his speakers. Do you hear me?”

You bit your lip and nodded. “Yes, Sir.” A salute followed after that and Ironhide rolled his optics once again before waving his hand at you and trudging off back to his recharging station where he could transform.

“Do not worry, my friend,” Optimus called after him, “we will both settle down, now. My apologies.”

Ironhide shouted something incoherent back at him, transforming in one swift motion. Your smile softened. “My, my,” Optimus said. “Maybe Ironhide should be your guardian from now on. You seem to have no trouble obeying him.” There was a hint of betrayal in his voice, and you knew that, were he in his Autobot form, he’d have one optic ridge raised and both his arms would be crossed over his chest as he stared disapprovingly down at you.

“Sorry,” you replied, sincerity clear in your voice, “I just… you know.”

Optimus’s voice softened. “You don’t want to leave here.”


“Y/N, you still have four weeks until then. All you have to do is sleep for a few hours; it’s not like anything will happen during that time. I’ll still be here when you wake up, and then we’ll have the whole day ahead of us. Laying there, just staring up at nothing, isn’t going to make a difference. You’re growing increasingly tired each day and it ends now. Do you understand?”

You did. You could see exactly where he was coming from and, to be honest, the whole ‘let’s stay up until well into the morning just so Optimus and I are together’ was pretty stupid. If you were awake and he was recharging, what was the point? You weren’t doing anything. Whereas, if you slept properly and was well-rested in the morning, you’d be in a better mood and have more time to be with Optimus. Besides, even asleep, you and the ‘Bot were still together. “Yeah, I do. I’m sorry, Optimus. I just… I’ll miss you.”

The Autobot smiled. He knew a huge part of it was to do with his whole ‘dead and then revived’ thing. That hadn’t been easy for you at all, even after he’d come back, and it had taken Sam everything to get you to come home with him afterwards. Or, rather, it took him everything to take you away from Optimus… it hadn’t been easy on him either, mind, and it’d taken him a long time to recover afterwards. He’d seen how close he’d been to leaving you, and he hadn’t liked it one bit.

“And I will miss you, my little wolf, as I always do. However, like I said, we’ve still got a month until then. And, even after you’ve gone home, we can communicate through the phone, and I’m sure Lennox can set up the thing you call Skype.”

You giggled at that, the idea of Skyping Optimus just a little unbelievable. “Okay,” you said. “And, again, I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for.”

A smile graced your lips, quickly disappearing as a yawn escaped them not a second after.

“Ah. Tired, are we?”

You rolled your eyes and snuggled deeper into the duvet. “Just a little.”

“Good. Sleep, now. I’ll still be here in the morning… even if you’re in Lennox’s arms.”

Eyes shut, your smile came back for just a moment, knowing you probably would be if the time you were falling asleep at was anything to go by. “Night, Optimus. Love you.”

“And I love you.”

He settled down for the last time that night (or, more practically, that morning) and began to shut down completely, knowing he may get a good night’s recharge after all. The ‘Bot equivalent of a sigh wafted through his air vents, blowing a gentle breeze over your already sleeping form. He watched you for a moment, content with simply listening to the soft breaths that escaped your lips and marvelling at how utterly adorable humans looked when they were asleep. He came to the conclusion there and then (though he’d probably already come to it sub-consciously a long time ago) that travelling to Earth had been the greatest decision he’d ever made. By far. He was happy. And he knew he’d always be happy as long as you were alive and well and with him. You and his Autobots were all he needed. Humans taught him what it meant to have a family, and people who loved you… and he believed he’d found that.

“… with all my spark.”

attilarrific  asked:

If you are still taking soft angst prompts (and no worries if you aren't! I'm late, I know): Wangxian, “I’m… I’m trying. I really am”?

Wei Wuxian startles, when Lan Wangji stalks into his tent unannounced.  

He’s barely managed to quickly throw his inner robe on before Lan Wangji is before him. “Er-dianxia,” Wei Wuxian greets softly, looking down and away from Lan Wangji, and it’s his actions, paired with everything else that has happened over the course of the day that truly irks Lan Wangji. 

“Look up,” Lan Wangji says, and stiffens when Wei Wuxian does, revealing the cut on his face. Wen Qing had said that she’d seen to his injuries, and that much is true - Lan Wangji can see the thin coat of ointment that Wei Wuxian has on his cheek. “You’re injured.”

Wei Wuxian winces. “It’s just a scratch,” he says quickly. 

The thought of Wei Wuxian being hurt, and perhaps more crucially, the fact that no-one thought it important enough to report it to Lan Wangji, gnaws at him. 

Keep reading