of beautiful young women that were killed

Something To Live For

Human psychology continues to be basically what I’d predict - while still being startling at the same time. Specifically, getting people to settle down in families is a shockingly good way to make them stop being dangerously antisocial:

It was the most elite unit we [ie: The Palestinian Liberation Organisation] had. The members were suicidal – not in the sense of religious terrorists who surrender their lives to ascend to heaven but in the sense that we could send them anywhere to do anything and they were prepared to lay down their lives to do it. No question. No hesitation. They were absolutely dedicated and absolutely ruthless.

“My host, who was one of Abu Iyad’s most trusted deputies, was charged with devising a solution. For months both men thought of various ways to solve the Black September problem, discussing and debating what they could possibly do, short of killing all these young men, to stop them from committing further acts of terror.

Finally they hit upon an idea. Why not simply marry them off? In other words, why not find a way to give these men – the most dedicated, competent, and implacable fighters in the entire PLO - a reason to live rather than to die? Having failed to come up with any viable alternatives, the two men put their plan in motion.“

“So approximately a hundred of these beautiful young women were brought to Beirut. There, in a sort of PLO version of a college mixer, boy met girl, boy fell in love with girl, boy would, it was hoped, marry girl. There was an additional incentive, designed to facilitate not just amorous connections but long-lasting relationships. The hundred or so Black Septemberists were told that if they married these women, they would be paid $3,000; given an apartment in Beirut with a gas stove, a refrigerator, and a television; and employed by the PLO in some nonviolent capacity. Any of these couples that had a baby within a year would be rewarded with an additional $5,000.

Both Abu Iyad and the future general worried that their scheme would never work. But, as the general recounted, without exception the Black Septemberists fell in love, got married, settled down, and in most cases started a family…the general explained, not one of them would agree to travel abroad, for fear of being arrested and losing all that they had – that is, being deprived of their wives and children. And so, my host told me, that is how we shut down Black September and eliminated terrorism. It is the only successful case that I know of.”

I’m a crazy romantic and even I didn’t expect that tying guys like these down with wives and kids would have such a radical civilising effect. I wonder if this has any implications for gangs or other violent pests?

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Hey I'm watching hwarang and I'm confused on what is a Wonhwa and how it relates to the show?

Wonhwa and Hwarang

How does Hwarang and Wonhwa relate to the show? Actually, they shouldn’t relate to it at all because both institutions WERE FOUNDED BY JINHEUNG in the final years of his reign (25 years after the events of the drama). There seems to be some misunderstanding going around in the fandom that the Wonhwa were the spiritual leaders of Hwarang - that is WRONG. Wonhwa (”The Original Flowers”) was an official position held by females prior to the founding of Hwarang and only it’s failure and abolition led to the actual estabilishment of Hwarang. Don’t believe the stuff you read on Wikipedia - they are often inaccurate; Wonhwa wasn’t some group of female warriors or nuns either.

King Jinheung was a great admirer of beauty and sought to surround himself with beautiful people and objects because he believed that beautiful spirit resided in a beautiful body. Towards the end of his reign, he held contests and selected the two most attractive young women, NAMMO and JUNJEONG, to become known as Wonhwa. Each of them lead a group of some 300 YOUNG MALE FOLLOWERS. Jinheung expected that if a woman was well trained in moral principles such as modesty, loyalty and filial piety, and subsequently, if every young man was ethical, they could attain the country’s well-being. However, a deadly competition between the two Wonhwa flared up. Junjeong grew jealous of Nammo’s beauty so she lured her to drink until she was intoxicated and killed her. The young men who were associated with the murdered Wonhwa mourned her disappearance and disbanded. Junjeong was executed for her crime and her followers lost their unity and the group was dissolved.

The king was disturbed that it had come to such an end and he abolished the position of Wonhwa and created a new institution called Hwarang which consisted of beautiful males from noble families who were then trained SINCE CHILDHOOD in the beliefs of Hwarang.

let’s raise a revolution inside her walls

You are not pretty –
you are large
you are terrible 
you are monstrous.

You love water lilies,
but people think of thistles
when the poets sing your name.

So you try not to think of lilies,
of Ophelia braiding flowers into holes
left by her own roaring heart.

(After all, she is no longer mentioned
after her funeral.)

You think of Andromeda,
chained to a rock and waiting
for Perseus to whisk her away.

You think of Helen of Troy,
reduced to a gilded weapon of war,
pacing and waiting in ivory towers.

You think of Europa,
of how a continent slipped from
her skin as a god seized away her will.

You think of all this and scorn
at daughters of prettiness,
their fragile beauty and
their feather-bed bones -

how dare they be victims.

You don’t want to think of the days
you were Andromeda or Helen or Europa,
a pretty flower torn by earth and sea.

(After all, you want to be mentioned
after your funeral.)

It takes Ophelia, again,
to make you think of women
who conquered watery graves
with less pressing anger.

They are not pretty –
they are large
they are terrible 
they are monstrous.

They all have ugly faces
when the world wanted to
look away and call them
young or foolish or silly.

They are survivors in their towers,
wives and mothers who raise and kill,
conquerors of lands and oceans,
willing to bear the brunt of
soft, flower-scented beauty.

(After all, we all want to be mentioned
after our funerals.)


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James Patrick March x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 613

Warnings: murder, duh

     Summary: Reader is married to James, and is a huge hit at Devil’s night

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Devil’s night was not only a huge night for James but also for yourself. You absolutely loved getting to see all your friends again, especially in a dinner party setting when you got to dress in your best gown and do your hair and makeup to the nines. You tried your best to keep calm as you scaled the far hall to the lobby, in search of Ms. Evers to locate your favorite satin wrap but that all changed when you saw both Richard and James in the hall, a women clasped in his grip. “Ricky!” You scream, taking off into a run, over to the man who only opened his arms for you. “Calm yourself my dear, wouldn’t want to disturb the guests” James reminds gesturing to the women still in his hold with a chuckle.

After the women from upstairs had been thoroughly disposed of, you as well as your husband and his oldest friend all crowded in the large dining hall on the side of James’ room, awaiting the rest of your guests. “Stop your incessant pacing love, they will arrive when they arrive” James begs, watching you walk back and forth for the last time before you came to rest at his side. “I apologize my love, I can’t help it” you say, taking your seat and taking his hand.

It wasn’t long, luck for your nerves, before everyone started flooding into the doors of the dining hall, laughing and hollering until their eyes fell on your husband in his seat, his black heart leaking out through his eyes, his gaze like poison on them all “My friends, please” He comments, gesturing to their seats which had been labeled with their names.

“Y/N, kept your ass fat, thank God” Aileen screams in her own way, her crude nature making the lady in you tense but you ignored it in favor of her compliment “Well of course love, although young women now a days are running around starved, in nearly nothing” You hum, fiddling with the fabric of your gown absentmindedly. You were interrupted of course, by the man tied to a chair on the far side of the table, Detective John Lowe. “John, it truly is rude to interrupt dear, can’t you behave?” You tease with a wicked smile earning a chuckle from your husband.

The time eventually came when your dear friend Jeffrey started getting antsy, the salad in front of him not helping. “Oh do bring his gift Jimmy, the suspense is killing me” You beg and he nods, eager to appease you in the simplest way possible “Now Jeffery, James and I wanted to get you something special” You smile, just as the young boy was carted into the room. Jeffrey’s eyes went wide with realization and he smiled, taking the drill you were offering him gratefully.

You had always been close to Dahmer, he was somewhat like a brother and you enjoyed the beauty and vision behind his kills. You watched for a bit and then started to feel a bit uninterested, women of your time were trained to always retire early, a habit you could never shake.

 “I think I’ll go for the evening” You whisper to your husband, his sparkling eyes and handsome face both falling “Of course love, say goodbye to everyone” he says, kissing your cheek in passing “Have fun Jimmy, I’ll be waiting for you” you remind, saying your goodbyes to your friends and heading up to your room.

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Siiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. *groaaaannnss* I need new reading material. Fics, or books. Suggestions, pretty please? O.O

Oh my darling, you have come to the right place!

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An Unkindness of Ghosts by Rivers Solomon is the sci-fi tale of a queer black autistic intersex woman on a generation-ship where the set-up is sickeningly reminiscent of the plantation South - abusive, racist whites in charge and everyone else enslaved and abused. There’s plenty of triggering content - the book opens with an amputation, and there’s violence of all kinds, including sexual - but it’s really beautiful. Aster, the main character, discovers a link between the suicide of her mother and the death of the ship’s current leader, one that leads her to uncovering the secrets behind the ship’s workings and destination. Feminist and queer in all the ways - there’s even a gray-aro ace character! - it’s about oppression and revolution and family, race and gender and religion. Absolutely compulsory reading.

Ask Baba Yaga by Taisia Kitaiskaia is a collection of excerpts from a kind of agony aunt column written by Baba Yaga, the witch of Russian mythology, the kind of thing where people write in ‘how do I get over my ex?’ etc and get answers from a woman who regularly eats heroes and lives in a house with chicken legs. Glorious and wild and fierce.

The Black Tides of Heaven by JY Lang is the first novella of the Tensorate series. Set in a world where children choose their own gender when they reach adulthood and mages alter their bodies to be in line with that decision, it follows the stories of the tyrannical Protector’s two youngest children; one of whom is gifted with prophecy, the other who defects from the Protectorate entirely. There’s magic and queerness everywhere, and traces the beginning, building revolution. Awesome.

River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey is another novella, again full of queerness (non-binary character!). It’s set in an America where Congress decided to import hippos for farming meat (something that was apparently considered in real life), the feral hippo problem is now very much a Problem, and a small group of assorted criminals are sent in (on their own tamed riding hippos) to get the ferals out of this one area. It’s fun and fast and I loved the diverse cast. I’m reading the sequel right now.

An Accident of Stars by Foz Meadows is what happens when you ask a queer feminist to write a portal fantasy. The world our white Australian protagonist jumps into is one where poly and queerness of all descriptions abound, with matriarchies and body-sculpting magic for transpeople and a corrupt king who needs overthrowing. One of our other POV characters is aromantic; almost no one is white. Book one is great; book two is fucking amazing. You have to read this one just to get to the sequel.

In Other Lands by Sarah Rees Brennan is YA fantasy wherein a viciously smart and sarcastic bisexual boy gets whisked to magic school, and is Very Unimpressed. It’s laugh-out-loud hilarious and fucking heartbreaking by turns, and it flips or tears apart dozens of traditional fantasy tropes, most notably the glorification of warriors and war. It was originally published for free on the author’s blog, but it’s been edited and massively expanded for traditional publication and I didn’t think it was possible, but it got even better.

The Traitor Son cycle by Miles Cameron is - superficially, in the beginning - a fairly traditional swords-and-fantasy, surrounding the exploits of a mercenary company hired by a convent to clear the local area of monsters. Except bit by bit, book by book, the plot spirals outward, gets bigger and bigger until the fate of multiple worlds is involved. The series also gradually gets more queer characters as it goes along, and there’s a lot of different representations of female strength; everything from women knights to the power of women as healers and chatelaines. It’s very, very heavy on the actual mechanics of medieval style combat - the author is a re-enactor, so he knows what he’s talking about - but I encourage everyone to force their way through book one (I loved it, but not everyone does) to get to the increasingly awesome rest of the series. 

The Alpennia Series by Heather Rose Jones is set in the fictional European country of Alpennia, and is kind of a cross between historical regency romance - except all the sex is fade-to-black - and historical fantasy. The main characters of book one are a female duelist and a woman who can see magic as it is cast/worked, who get thrown together when the latter’s godfather bequeaths the former’s service to her in his will. Along with all his fortune. I think book one is the weakest, but the series just gets better and better as it goes along. Each book is a lesbian romance, and the characters of book one gradually gather around them a circle of female intellectuals and alchemists and magic-workers, and it’s just so ridiculously cool and sweet.

The Abyss Surrounds Us by Emily Skrutskie is about Cassandra, a young Asian woman from a family who breeds and trains Reckoners, genetically-engineered sea-monsters who protect ships in a post-environmental-collapse world. Except on her first trip out, her Reckoner is killed by pirates and the ship she’s guarding goes down, and she’s taken by the pirates to train the Reckoner pup they’ve somehow managed to get their hands on. It’s the first book of a duet, there’s a lesbian romance, and it’s unbelievably good.

Summer in Orcus by T Kingfisher is a weird, beautiful book about a young girl who meets Baba Yaga and wishes for an adventure. She gets sent to another world in the process, where she meets were-houses and talking birds and women who used to be dragons, and it all seems like it should be childish and silly, but it isn’t, it’s deep and heart-wrenching and the ending is a punch to the gut. It’s beautiful. I would read it to my kids, if I had any; as it is I want to give a copy to every kid I know. And most of the adults too.

The Art of Starving by Sam J Miller is a magical realism YA about a young man with anorexia, who believes (perhaps not incorrectly) that his starving himself is giving him superpowers. It would be really easy to make a mess with that premise, but I think Miller handles it perfectly, and it’s a very, very good book. Not to mention we don’t talk about male eating disorders nearly often enough. And of course, the main character is gay, which complicates everything even more.

The Eternal Sky trilogy by Elizabeth Bear is my counter to the trainwreck that is Tiger’s Daughter; epic fantasy set in an Asian-inspired world, beautiful and queer and awesome in scope and beauty. We have a wombless sorceress and the rightful heir of this world’s Ghengis Khan, we have a plague of demons and a holy order who work magic through reading and writing, there are humanoid tigers and a sky that reflects what power holds the land beneath it. It’s EPIC, and the first book of a new series set in this world is out on Tuesday!

The Heartstrikers series by Rachel Aaron is a self-published urban fantasy series set in the future after magic has returned to the world and all its spirits have woken up; it follows the adventures of Julian, the world’s only ‘nice’ dragon, whom his mother kicks out of the mountain in disgust after binding him from his (feathered!) dragon form, to prove himself worthy of the Heartstriker name or die. Book one is good; book two is AMAZING, and book three had me screaming. This series twists and turns so much and I simply adore the dragons in it, and the Mortal Spirits! AHHH. So many insanely cool concepts and so much great world-building!

The Dragon’s Legacy by Deborah A Wolf is so good I can’t even talk about it. It’s like this book was written for me. I love it I love it I LOVE IT. I can only read a page of it a day because it’s so good I can’t bear more than that at once, I’d explode if I tried to read it faster. 

And, as usual: everything by Catherynne Valente, Andrea K. Host, and the Kushiel sequence by Jaqueline Carey. I’m not even going to write up descriptors for them this time, I’ve recced them so often at this point!


White Harbour

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I know I’ve written 20 stories staring the Manderlys buuttt here it is

-And they are supposed to arrive in the Targaryen flagship, right on the third dock! The flagship is the largest on the fleet, you will tell it apart easily. Apparently, her name is Queen Rhaella, oh don’t look so sentimental, Marlon! And Wylla and Wynafryd, where are my two precious gems?-

The two girls rolled their eyes at their over-enthusiastic grandfather. Lord Too-Fat-to-Sit-a-Horse had this brilliant image of himself as a master politician and tactician, the northern Tywin Lannister, but his family knew that a dead Tywin could beat him at the game easily. Wyman crafted the idea to seal an engagement or even a wedding between the King in the North and one his granddaughters, about what neither of them was enthusiastic about as they already were happily in love, and the idea to find a northern match for Daenerys Targaryen. Four eligible young men were gathered, one of them was his nephew and the future Lord Glover, Arthor.

-Listen girls, granddad has paid good money for two lovely gowns which you two should wear for the welcome of the King and Queen and on the feast tonight. Arthor, you should also get cleaned up, they say she’s a beauty!-

-A beauty armed with fire-spitting beasts!-

-Lord Manderly, I don’t want to sound unreasonable, but men tend to call terrifying women beautiful to their faces, in hope they won’t kill them.-

-I don’t have the time to discuss a dragon’s vanity, maester!-

-Very well, my lord.-

On the deck of Queen Rhaella, Jon was holding his lady love in his arms. Wrapped up in the fogs of White Harbour, they were hidden away from prying eyes and something Jon Snow wasn’t ready to face yet, reality. The truth was, these weeks spent on this ship, with her, were the best time of his life and he’d give everything to stay like this, with Dany. He pressed a soft kiss on her cheek, nuzzling it for a moment. She leaned against his shoulder, salvaging the moment.

-Tell me more about the Manderlys, what are they like?-

-They’re from the south actually, but came to the North three hundred years ago, thanks to your lovely ancestor, Aegon the Dragon. - He said, poking her stomach. She was ticklish and the sensation made her giggle.

-I know that, I know their symbol is a merman, they control most of the trade in the North, the current Lord is Wyman Manderly and that the follow the Faith of the Seven.-

-Good work! I see you caught up with your studies. I think you’ll like Lord Lard, he’s a bit of an eccentric, but everyone grows used to him pretty soon.-

-Lord Lard?-

-You’ll see.-

She connected their lips, he licked the bottom of her lips and slid his tongue in. Dany hummed in pleasure and grabbed his face and he snaked his arms around her waist. They were unaware of the Hound and Baratheon bastard watching them.

-Won’t they choke like that?-

-Fucking disgusting.-

-I was just jesting, I’m actually quite jealous.-

-I wasn’t.-

-You are too, every man knows a woman’s hands are more worth than seven kingdoms. - Gendry walked away and bumped into Tyrion Lannister and Corlys Velaryon, the ship’s captain. House Velaryon immediately swore fealty to the Dragon Queen upon her arrival at Dragonstone, so he was the current captain as he was incredibly experienced. Head of the house, Master of Ships until Yara Greyjoy returns, he was a formidable fellow with Valyrian looks and the height of a tree. He nodded at them and left to get dressed.

-Good morning, lovebirds! – The Little Lion greeted the pair.

-Hello, my Lord Hand. - Smiled the Queen back.

-It’s nice to see two young people in love and everything, but I suggest you two detach from each other’s hips because we are arriving, according to our captain, in less than an hour. I’d suggest you paint on majesty and grace and walk shoulder in shoulder, like equals. And no mention of knee-bending until I say so. You two need to be put in check!-

They nodded, understand the situation. Jon came back first, dressed in his cloak but he wore a new coat underneath and new armour. Daenerys followed soon, dressed in white fur, a silver chain across her chest. Corlys nodded at the crew and they anchored. Jon escorted Dany to the other side and Dany spotted the Manderly flag and the family themselves. With Jon’s help, she descended the stairs and was welcomed by a large group. She suddenly understood the Lord Lard moniker. Biting her lip, she followed Jon and the man got of the poor horse and bowed.

-My King, Your Grace. Never have I ever expected to see a Targaryen in White Harbour again, yet here you are!-

Jon looked over at Dany, who just nodded.

-It’s an honour to meet you, my lord.-

Wylla and Wynafryd were standing with Arthor, who was equally shocked by the sight of the Dragon Queen. Clad in all white, she looked like she belonged there, like she was one of their own. The King offered her his arm and escorted her to a horse, helping her up. On a white mare, she looked like the princesses of the North from the old tales. The King mounted a black stallion and they rode together, each of them on the sides of Lord Manderly.


-Beautiful. - Finished Arthor, eyes wide open. Like it was planned, the roar of the mighty Targaryen beasts filled the air and they followed their mother to the keep. The New Keep was a large, white building, with two wings and a ginormous courtyard. The monarchs were escorted to their rooms, but Jon had better plans. He made an arrangement with Davos, as the Onion Knight was supposed to share with Tyrion Lannister, that one of them takes Jon’s chambers and he’d just quietly smuggle his things to Daenerys’ room. The older man agreed reluctantly, but he had no heart to separate them at times like these.

Dany was happy with her roommate, he wasn’t taking up much space and warmed her, how could it be any better?

-Is grey appropriate to be worn on a feast in the North?-

-Do I look like I know that?-

She laughed.

-Perhaps I should just wear nothing.-

Jon cocked his head, laughing.


She wore a simple grey coat with a white cape and Jon took of his heavy cloak. Jon was seated between the two granddaughters of Wyman Manderly, while Dany was seated between her Hand and Missandei. Jorah was next to Missandei and everyone was gawking at him, as if they’ve seen a ghost.

-And now, a toast for the King!-



Dany came to the conclusion that the Southerners had pomp, but Northerners were plainly simply loud.

-And now, my King, as every good host, I must offer you some entertainment, am I right?-

The lords shouted again.

-How about a little dance?-

Tyrion grabbed his head. If anyone would see the King in the North touch the Queen of the Andals, they’d immediately now what’s going on. So the lords and ladies came out, pushing the King on the middle, pulling him everywhere, but no one came near Daenerys. Tyrion exhaled until Varys pulled his sleeve to tell him something in private. When he came back, he was greeted by a wildfire. The young lovers we’re dancing, but thankfully around each other. No touching yet, the music was too fast for it. But their eyes, oh their eyes. They were looking at each other as if they were the only people in the room, and then their hands touched, barely. Tyrion yelped, but then they disappeared. Wyman was pushing the poor girls around, not carrying about their voices and shouts at him.

Jon kicked the door of the chamber open, kissing and pulling Dany’s clothes off. His armour was on the ground, and he was left in his leathers. He pulled away for a moment, soaking in the moment.

-Wait, I need to get Longclaw, it’s still in Davos’ chambers.-


-Yes, I’ll forget it else.-

-Fine. - She signed and he left. She started undoing the fastenings of her coat herself, so that she was only left in a soft dove grey chemise that reached mid-thigh. She undid her braids and what happened next was a blur.

A man twice her size, clad all in black, armed with a dagger, charged at her. She screamed and his hand flew toward her, stopping mid-air. Crimson liquid pour out his mouth, nose and chest and he fell on the ground, and behind him was Jon Snow with his sword. He put it on the table and ran to her, hugging her tightly.

-Love, are you alright?-

-No, I am not. Is that alright?-

He nodded, grabbing the furs of the bed and wrapping her up, placing the frightened woman in his lap, kissing the crown of her head.



-I’m staying here tonight. Nothing can make me leave.-

Lord Manderly, followed by his son and nephew, ran into the cellar and screamed at the bloody corpse. It was cleaned and moved, and he apologised to his guests.

-I suppose you’d want a different room, Queen Daenerys?-

-No, not really. I’d stay here rather, than move everyone. But thank you for the concern.-

He bowed in Jon’s direction and left, closing the door behind him.

-And what now? - Asked Arthor.

-It’s too late for anything, my boy. Our King is besotted with her.-


-He’s holding her in that room and she’s half naked.-

-Gods… How can anyone deem that appropriate?-

-For a woman and a man to lie together out of wedlock?-


-I don’t know, but for a King and Queen to lie together, I would not dare to interfere.-

Jon stirred the fire and walked over to Dany, who was still abed. Stroking her face gently, he kissed her nose. She smiled in return.

-Do you want to sleep? Maybe take a bath?-


-And what do you want to do?-

-To enjoy our night together, Jon.-

He hovered above her, laying butterfly kisses all over her face.

-Aye, but how shall we enjoy it?-

-One to bed, one to dread, and one to love…- She whispered, leaving him stunned.

-What was that?-

-A prophecy.-

-What did I tell you about those?-

-That you don’t believe in them.-

-Aye, my Queen. I believe in you and that I love you. - He said, leaving soft kisses down her neck.

-And prophecies, my love, are just wind and words. Nothing else. – He continued, as he was taking off his shirt.

-It said I will have three mounts, one to bed, one to dread and one to love. I never understood what it meant. Perhaps never will. It may have spoken about my first husband, a man I was supposed to marry and perhaps, - She trailed his scars with her hands – you.-

-I still don’t care for prophecies. I’m a simple man that loves an extraordinary woman.-

They bedded each other many times, but this time, it stirred something in them. A sense of belonging, of fate and destiny. Garments were discarded, kisses exchanged, bodies connected.

She did not understand Jon Snow’s habit to hold her face when they slept together. Man previously roamed her body, groping, grabbing, and catching as much as they could. Underneath him, she felt safe. One leg wrapped around his hips, they moved in sync as they did many nights before. They fall asleep, limbs entangled, together.

Legend of the Beast

Everyone knows the story of the Beast. They say he lives in a lair close to the border between the Demon Kingdom and the Wooded Kingdom. They say he is part man, part monster. They say he eats children and scares grown men to their core. But how much of what is whispered is true? Is any of it even true? Is it possible for such a being to exist? Bill Goldberg thinks it is.

A retired and accomplished warrior, Bill Goldberg swears by the existence of the Beast. Goldberg served as a knight in the Emperor’s forces for twenty years, and after leaving the Emperor’s service, has worked tirelessly to hunt down the Beast and prove his existence.

Raised in a small village shrouded deep within the Wooded Kingdom, Goldberg says that the Beast’s existence was never doubted within his hometown. His town, which no longer exists due to an intervention by the current King Bray Wyatt, is most commonly known for its practice of sacrificing virgin girls to appease the Beast, in the hopes that doing so would protect them from his wrath, prevent him from eating their crops, and keep their children safe.

Goldberg, who commonly recounts this tale over several drinks at taverns across the Empire, recalls that the virgins sacrificed to the Beast were not killed - not directly, at least. Rather, they were dressed in beautiful gowns and chained to a tree a ways outside of the village. About a day’s walk away, the tree was supposedly chosen simply because it was somewhat warped and recognizable enough to be used on a regular basis. Girls who found themselves chained to the tree, Goldberg states, were never heard from again.

The practice was done annually, which meant that the villagers were constantly having children so as to guarantee that there would be virgins aplenty each year when the time came. Many young women in the town would run away before their eighteenth birthdays, too afraid of being left to the Beast. Others saw it as their duty to remain pure and give themselves up to protect their families and neighbours. Others, still, would intentionally go about trying to lose their virginity before the time came, though the men of the town were punished mercilessly if they aided a potential candidate in this endeavour.

Goldberg was sixteen when his older sister was given to the Beast. He recalls her as being a shy, intelligent young woman with the potential for a bright future. Even his father fought the decision, wanting his daughter to travel and study rather than fall victim to the Beast. There was nothing that could be done, though, and so she was dressed up and walked to the Beast’s Tree, where she was tied up and left.

Goldberg, however, refused to let his sister die like that. He decided that he was going to sneak away, rescue her, and run away with her. He recalls having no idea where they would go, only that he wanted his sister to be safe and he didn’t want her to be fed to the Beast. “Damn the whole town,” he says as he recounts the tale at the tavern, “let the Beast eat their livestock and rampage through, as long as my sister was alright.”

His family was in mourning, and he doubted that it would surprise them to wake up the next morning and find that he had run away. His only hope was that he could get to his sister and get away with her before they figured out where he had gone or what he was doing. He packed a bag, hid it beneath his bed, and when his family was all asleep, he crept out of the house.

He ran much of the way there, he recalls, so he was tired and out of breath when he arrived. His sister was still tied to the tree. When she saw him, she asked no questions, only requested a drink of water. She had been tied there for a day and a half by then, with nothing to eat or drink. He untied her, gave her some water, and told her his plan. She agreed with him, not caring what curse befell the town, only wanting to be free and safe. Off they went.

After about an hour of walking, the pair came upon a most unusual sight - a small castle in the woods, one unknown to them. They knew that it was not the King’s castle, but they also knew that they were nowhere near the Capital City or the Demon Kingdom’s Volcano City, so what castle could this be? They decided to knock on the door, to take shelter and see if the castle’s occupants could help them.

“No one answered the door, of course,” Goldberg recounts, “and my sister, she was frightened and thought we should leave, but I was sixteen and boisterous and afraid of nothing, so of course I said we ought to go inside.”

Goldberg and his sister went into the castle, but found it darkened and empty. His sister immediately refused to go any further, so they agreed to leave. When they turned back and walked out the doors, though, they saw a man standing outside.

“The man was huge - looked all human, but you could tell that he had to be some part giant, some part orc,” Goldberg describes. “He had blond hair and blue eyes and you could see murder in them. He looked like he’d been some kind of specially bred for destruction, but there’s no way - I think he was created, by some angry witch or warlock or something like that, and placed in the world to destroy.”

Goldberg says that at this point he told his sister to run, and she did. The Beast pounced at him, tackling him to the ground. Goldberg recalls being certain that he was going to die, but wanting to take the Beast down with him. He pushed with all his sixteen years of might, and managed to throw the mighty Beast off of him.

Realizing that this might be his only chance to escape with his life, Goldberg got up and bolted. He ran in the direction his sister had gone, and he knew the Beast was in pursuit because he could hear him.

“Of course,” Goldberg says, “I embellish the fight scene every time I tell it. Nobody in a bar likes to hear a story where all I do is push the Beast off of me and run away, but that’s what happened.”

Goldberg caught up with his sister, by which point he realized that he could no longer hear the Beast behind him. They slowed down and looked behind them, and sure enough, the monster was gone.

After that, they continued to flee until they found a small town near the bottom of Lake Armbar, within the Demon Kingdom. They settled in there. Goldberg eventually moved to the Capital City to serve on the Emperor’s forces, while his sister married a young widower from the town in which they’d settled. She passed away twenty years ago as a result of complications during childbirth, but Goldberg says that the life she lived was happy, full of freedom and love.

“She made the most of the time she had after I saved her from the Beast,” Goldberg likes to say. “She gave me two beautiful nieces and three handsome nephews. I visit them on a regular basis, and they’re wonderful kids - and her daughters will never have to grow up with the fear that they might one day be sacrificed to the Beast the way she did.”

Though Goldberg’s hometown no longer exists, many of its old families and inhabitants still maintain the practice of sacrificing young women to the Beast. It is estimated that at least four small villages scattered throughout the Wooded Kingdom come together annually to give up a young virgin to the Beast. What becomes of these women is unknown, as they are reported to be never seen or heard from again - but of course, it’s highly likely that many more escape and live happy, fulfilling lives elsewhere in the Empire, as was the case with Bill Goldberg and his sister.

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The Aftermath of Jealousy

Summary: A fic where Maya and Riley are jealous of Lucas and Farkle and decide to finally act on their feelings.

Preview: “ It took me a long time to realize, but you’re a big part of where I am today. For a while, I didn’t know who I was. I got lost and confused.”

Riley and Maya weren’t the jealous type.

Really, they weren’t.

Maya Hart was a beautiful young woman with a gift for anything concerning the arts. She was also fiercely loyal to anyone she considered a friend. An amazing individual.

Riley Matthews was also a beautiful young woman who believed in people to a fault. Her greatest asset was being aloe to bring out the best in the people she cared about.

The Double Threat… that’s what they were called.

It stuck.

So, when they saw the men of their affections being wooed by women that weren’t them, they were reminded once again that they weren’t the only women in high school who could enchant Farkle and Lucas respectively.












Maya chewed out. If looks could kill, that girl, Amber, who was talking to Lucas would be six feet under. Maya’s fists were clenched so tight, she was sure they would bleed if she didn’t release them. But for some reason, she just found herself glaring at the boys who appeared to be flirting back with Amber and Sasha; another duo who were equally as pretty and talented.

“Yeah. I guess so.” Riley said, impressed that her words came out a lot smoother than she had hoped. She was trying to keep her cool. Riley wasn’t one to get jealous. Quite the contrary, she was one to encourage and motivate others when they were pursuing their dreams, talents, and ambitions.

So to find her and Maya feeling this way was very foreign to her. Although to be fair, the situation had been a far cry from comfortable for the past few months.

In Riley’s case, she had initially thought that she had loved Lucas. She hung on his every word. They tried to be together. They had even made it official after they came back from their Ski Trip, but their relationship never really materialized into something real.

The conversations were stiff and awkward.

The dates were slow and boring.

It wasn’t what Riley had envisioned as her dream relationship.

It seemed as if Lucas and Riley weren’t the modern day Cory and Topanga that Riley had hoped they would end up being. Which is why two months ago, they mutually agreed that they were better off as friends.

Ironically enough, Farkle and Smackle had broken up for similar reasons. Smackle was pleasant enough. Somewhat awkward and very intelligent, she seemed to be a match for Farkle in every way.

Except there was never that connection.’ Farkle would say, when Riley would ask about why they broke up. Every time they would talk about their feelings, Riley and Farkle would have this almost magnetic aura around them. It drew them together, and before they knew it they would be lost in each other.

Riley fell for Farkle.

Maybe she always liked him, but she was so blinded by finding the “ideal relationship” that she had overlooked the only person she could have that with. When she thinks about it, the whole thing is very fairy tale-esque.

The genius who was kind and sweet. Overlooked by many. Loyal to the ones close to him.

Over time he matured into a handsome, young adult who was desired by many, but still loyal to the ones he loved. 

The girl he always loved realized how amazing he was after all those years and they stayed together forever.

Is what Riley wishes she could say. But, due to complications, Riley has been stuck in a limbo with Farkle. Her pining after him while he remains oblivious to her affections. Riley wanted to tell Farkle. It killed her every time she saw him and she couldn’t let him know because she knew that Farkle was still having some reservations about the breakup with Smackle.

Or, at least, that’s what she thinks.

Maya’s situation was equally as complicated. Around the time that Riley had been with Lucas, Maya had decided that she was going to start an interesting “relationship” with Riley’s uncle, Josh.

Maya had been going through somewhat of an identity crisis, so after a visit to Uncle Shawn, she had thought she was “fixed.” She really wanted to believe that she was. But, unfortunately her issues ran a bit deeper than that.

After some prying from Lucas and some self-reflection, Maya finally discovered her true self. She had realized that the only reason she was okay with being in a “relationship” with Josh was because she was trying to suppress her feelings for Lucas.

She had to admit: She really liked the cowboy.

So she ended her “relationship” with Riley’s uncle and was fully prepared to accept her feelings for Lucas and tell him how she felt.

But, it’s never that simple, is it?

It was right around the time that Lucas and Riley had separated that Maya had come to these discoveries. Right after their separation, Lucas had sworn that he would never ever put himself in a situation like that with a girl he really cared about. He had also told Maya that he was glad they had never dated because he loved having her as his best friend.


So, here Maya and Riley were, feeling incredibly jealous and insecure because the boys who should be with them are now being wooed by two other girls who are equally as pretty.

“Ugh. Riles I’m sick of this. I have all these feelings that I want to express and I just can’t. I’m tired of Lucas not knowing how I really feel about him.”

“Me too, Peaches. I wish I could just tell Farkle that I-I really do like him. But I guess it’s too late” Riley responded, with a frown on her face.

“You know what, Honey? We should tell them. Forget these girls! Lets go over there and tell them how we feel! I’m tired of being the one with unrequited feelings. Carpe Diem!”

“Yeah! Carpe Diem!”

Without missing a beat, Maya and Riley stomped right over to Lucas and Farkle and whisked them away from the girls they were talking too and dragged them down all the way to the Bay Window, ignoring any protests from the boys and the weird looks that Amber and Sasha were giving them.

“Maya! Where are we going?! Farkle and I were having a very nice conversation.”

“Riley?! This is very unlike you. What’s going on.”

“You’ll see” is all Maya and Riley said in response.

After fifteen minutes of protests, those boys really did know how to complain, they finally made it to the Bay Window. Gesturing for Farkle and Lucas to sit by the Bay Window, the girls both took a deep breath before explaining their out-of-character behavior earlier.

“So… does anyone want to explain what just happened?” Lucas asked in a confused manner.

“Yeah. I’m not sure what’s going on here. Did we do something wrong?” Farkle added.

“You didn’t do anything wrong Farkle. But Maya and I have something we need to say to the both of you. But, before we do, you guys have to promise us that no matter what you think about what we’re about to say, it won’t affect out friendship.”

“Deal.” Lucas and Farkle agreed.

“Okay. Maya, do you want to go first? Or should I?” Riley asked.

“I’ll go first. If I don’t get this off my chest it’ll kill me.”

Sauntering over to Lucas, Maya gently intertwined both of her hands in Lucas’. Feeling her cheeks warm up, she ignored all the butterflies that were in her stomach and locked eyes with the Texan.

They both smiled genuinely at the gesture, giving Maya the confidence to continue.

“L-Lucas. I like you. I really like you.” Maya confessed.

Farkle and Lucas both exchanged a look before letting Maya continue. Riley stood by her friend, proud that she was finally allowing her feelings to be made known.

“It took me a long time to realize, but you’re a big part of where I am today. For a while, I didn’t know who I was. I got lost and confused. So, I went on an adventure with Riley. We went to go see Shawn and I hoped that I would find the answer there. Initially, I thought I did. But, it wasn’t the right answer. It wasn’t until you said those words to me after we got back from the Ski Lodge that I really started to piece myself together.”

(2 Months Prior)

“Maya. Was this your solution?” Lucas asked as Maya was cleaning up the last of her art supplies before leaving for the day. Even though Riley and Lucas had just broken up, he was still one of her best friends. He would walk her home everyday because they lived in the same direction.

“I don’t know what you mean, Quick Draw.” Maya responded, slightly annoyed at the tone he was taking with her.

“Maya. I know you. I know who you are. And whatever happened to you in these past few months has changed you back into someone who isn’t the real you. I wasn’t kidding when we were in the Bay Window that day-I would know the real you anywhere. And whoever this is isn’t the Maya Hart I know. I-”

“Then who is she?! Can you tell me? Cause I don’t know anymore…” Maya blurted out, feeling tears brimming around her eyelids.

Crossing the distance between them in what felt like milliseconds, Lucas enveloped Maya in a tight hug as she let out the emotions that had held her captive over the past few months. Soaking the front of Lucas’ shirt, Maya knew that she should probably stop, but it just felt so good.

To be allowed to be who you are.

After what seemed like ages, Maya started to release herself from Lucas’ grasp. But Lucas kept a tight hold on her. He shifted his hands down to Maya’s waist forcing her to look up at him.

“Maya. I’m not sure what made you go back to believing that ‘hope is for suckers’. But, I’m here to tell you that’s not true. You have every right to believe in the impossible. You deserve to be happy and I hope you realize that you should be the best you possible. There’s only one Maya Hart, and I’m glad she’s my best friend.”

“Lucas… thank you.” Maya says, drawing him into an intimate embrace once more.


I know what you said about us being friends, but after today I couldn’t take it. Huckleberry, you’re the sweetest guy I know. You’re such a fortune cookie with your positivity. But, you also care about your friends so much. I’ve always loved that about you. But most importantly, you helped me realize who I am. Thank you. I will always be in your debt for that.”

“What happened today, Maya? Why choose today to tell me this?” Lucas inquired. Maya couldn’t quite read his expression, so she wasn’t entirely sure what he was thinking. But, nevertheless, she knew she was going to have to tell him sometime. Might as well be now.”

“Well, if you must know, Riley and I saw you and Farkle flirting with Amber and Sasha today at school. I was tired of keeping these feelings inside so we decided to do something about it. That answer your question?”

“Flirting?!” Lucas exclaimed, unable to keep his laugh down. Farkle, who was equally amused just shook his head and continued to watch Maya and Lucas’ moment.

“What’s so funny? It looked like flirting to me and Riley!” Maya retorted

“I’m sorry Maya. I didn’t know you had that impression of that conversation.” Lucas said, while giving Maya a smile that was only reserved for her and squeezing her hands simultaneously.

Maya melted.

“Maya. I’ve liked you for so long now. There was never any competition. You’re the strongest person I know. You’re so talented and beautiful and I love the way you express yourself. I think you’re funny and kind and tough too. But you also have a soft side which most people don’t get to see. I’m glad you decided to show it to me. Maya Hart, it’s one minute to five and there’s no one else I’d rather be here with than you. Would you do me the honor of going on a date with me?”

“Of course, Huckleberry. All you had to do is ask.”

Lucas smiled at Maya and embraced her in a warm hug. Riley and Farkle smiled at them together. It was truly a wonderful sight seeing their two best friends happy.

“Honey, your turn.”

Taking in a deep breath, Riley turned to Farkle and saw him smiling right back at her.

“Farkle… I-”


Hey guys, so I’ve been in the writing mood lately and I wanted to knock out another fic before the weekend. I know I left it off on a cliffhanger, but if I get enough feedback from it, maybe I’ll do… another one. [Insert DJ Khaled’s voice here]


Baltic mythology: Laumės

Laumės are said to be the oldest Baltic sky and earth spirits, sometimes referred to as goddesses. It is thought that their image could have been formed just after the Ice Age when the very first people started living in the current Lithuanian and Latvian territories. First images of laumės looked like hens, roosters and pigeons. That is why pigeons are quite often called laumės paukštė (the bird of laumė) in Lithuania.

There are a lot of names influenced by them. For example, lake of Laumežeris, Laumupis river,  Laumės‘ hills, villages like Laumenai, Laumikoniai and even last names such as Laumė, Laumelis, Laumedynskas. The most familiar things are laumės juosta, better known as vaivorykštė (rainbow) and laumžirgis (dragon-fly). Laumžirgiai lived together with swamp laumės.

First images of more human looking laumės were cannibals who had long arms with stone fingers and sharp nails, giant teeth and tangled hair. They would tweak or tickle men whom they caught at night and eat them afterwards. In most of stories they claw and devour people. If laumė lost her yarn, she may just use women hair, entrails or veins instead of it, firstly killing them with deadly tweaks and grinding their bones afterwards. Cannibal laumės lived near water, in the deep forests or derelict bathhouses, using water steam as the only source of nutrition (besides their victims). They were afraid of flax blossoms and metal, especially iron things.

Later laumės’ image changed into beautiful well-dressed young women, often pictured naked, charming, sexy or motherly. In the stories they are portrayed sitting or swinging on trees, especially birch trees. Laumės used their singing and dancing powers as a chants to call the rain and storms and gathered near rivers, lakes, swamps, dewy fields at night under the new moon or the full moon, dancing in a circle. If people found any trampled down circles in the fields or forests, they would assume that laumės were dancing there.


Modern Myths Meme: Sirens

— Sirens were believed to be beautiful women with enchanting voices. They are easily confused with mermaids, though they do not lure young men to their homes, they kill them. Sirens also know both the past and the future as they possess a certain psychic ability to see into their victim’s lives. The creatures have sweet, beautiful voices that put even the strongest of sailors into a lethargy. Ultimately, the end of the song is certain death as the Sirens lure the unsuspecting men into shipwrecks.“

Switching Places Chapter 14 : The More The Merrier

Title: Switching Places Chapter 14
Fandom: Kiss By The Baddest Bidder & Metro PD: Close To You
Rated: Drama, Thriller, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Mystery?
KBTBB’s MC: Mia SAKATA (reference)
Characters: Eisuke, Soryu, Mamoru
Summary: One more person is going to join the “party”

Background: If you don’t know what this series is about, here’s a quick summary and reference links. MC Mika is the twin sister of Mia- original MC from KBTBB who’s now unconscious in hospital after an attack, Mika who works in MPD goes undercover and soon discovers about the black market auction plus a series of “troubles”-
Eisuke forces himself on her / Walk into Soryu masturbation / Fun time with the boss Kirisawa / One night stand with creepy doc / Sleeping with lazy Mamo & Eisuke’s fantasy  / Or going on a date with Eisuke? / Drinking game with the bidders

Notes: The last and this chapters are the ones I needed time to plot in order to connect the dots. I thought for a long time what to do BEFORE Mika got kidnapped, originally I planed 3 rescuers for readers to pick (Kirisawa, Mamo or Soryu) but at the end, I gave that up because I couldn’t write 3 extra POV / chapters that wouldn’t mess with the main plot lol sorry for those who love the options :( Maybe next time

Chapter 1: Part 1 Waking Up
Chapter 1: Part 2 Welcome Home
Chapter 1: Part 3A Hell Hole (Option 1 SMUT)
Chapter 1- Part 3 (option 2 ROMANCE)
Chapter 2: Hello Stranger
Chapter 3: Part 1A Someone
Chapter 3: Part 1B What Am I? (Soryu’s ROMANCE)
Chapter 4: Heated Night (Soryu’s SMUT)
Chapter 5: Part 1 Bad Timing (Kirisawa’s SMUT)
Chapter 5: Part 2 Show time (Luke’s SMUT)
Chapter 5: Part 3 Bed time, kid (Mamo;s SMUT)
Chapter 6: Part 1 Morning After
Chapter 6: Part 2 Be Mine, Again (Eisuke’s SMUT)
Chapter 7: Nothing Else
Chapter 8: The One & Only (Soryu’s SMUT)
Chapter 9: Part 1 Behind the Mask
Chapter 9: Part 2 Date Night
Chapter 10: Let The Game Begins
Chapter 11: Make It Right

Chapter 12: Will You Help Me Mamoru?
Chapter 13: GONE

Chapter 14: The More The Merrier

Waking up to find yourself in an unfamiliar room with the cold concrete floor touching your bare skin, Where the hell am I? What’s the last thing I remember? You think to yourself by trying to recall your latest memory but your head hurt from sitting up as you look around the place for a means of escape until a giggle comes from above. “You’re not getting out of here dearie.” You look up to see cameras and speakers on all four corners, “Who are you? Why am I here?” You shout.

Another voice coos, “You don’t know us but we’re going to have so much fun, Mia.” You back away into one of the walls, “Who’re you? How do you know my name?” These must be the same people who attacked Mia. “Nothing personal. Pure payback, if you want someone to blame, take it to your boyfriend.” The younger voice says, then the door cracks open with a pair of red heels right in front of you. “Hi, ready to play?” She asks with a camera in her hand and devilish grin on her scar face.

4th week Monday afternoon

Eisuke wastes no time to yell at Soryu, “Find her.” is all he says before he hangs up and hops on his private jet. Ota and Baba tracks your phone and latest whereabouts while Mamoru speaks to your colleagues for information, Soryu heads to the security room.

Your phone’s been off since Sunday morning and your last known location is right at the hotel, the empty dorm room suggests that you most probably never make it back there. No one seems to remember in great details as they’re all busy with preparation for the IVC. Soryu watches hours of footage and finds a senior staff who walks you out from the corridor. He quickly gathers her address and heads to the dorm, “I’ve got a lead, tell Eisuke if he’s back before me. Tell him I’ll find her.” That’s all he says before Mamoru can ask anything.

“Sorry to bother you.” Soryu greets as the door cracks open, a slender and tiny lady with a surgical mask on her face. (Yes, it’s an actual thing in Asia. Ever since multiple flu outbreaks, people wear mask to prevent the spread of germs) “Sorry..” *Cough cough* “I’ve come down with a flu, pardon me.” *Cough cough* “Come in.” Soryu enters the room few doors down from yours, the flat is slightly bigger but messier.

The lady has gone to make some tea, Soryu sits on the carpet floor and takes a brief scan around the flat. Everything’s kept to minimal, nothing extra or unnecessary, the only decoration is a small photo frame by the nightstand. “That’s my younger sister.” She quietly says, “Here, have some tea, it’ll warm you up.”

A nice cup of tea helps with the cold temperature but not to ease his anxiety. He asks directly about you which she explains seeing you walking wobbly down the corridor so she helps and walks you out to the back door exit where most employees use. A dead end, this doesn’t help with your current whereabouts, he should call the Ice Dragons and gets them to widen the search. He apologizes once again before getting up on his feet, “Sorry to bother you Ms. Akiya.”

Bowing her head, she smirks at him, “Oh, no bother at all, dearie. The more the merrier.” His vision becomes hazy and that’s the last thing Soryu sees right before he collapses.


“If you want revenge, you should go to Eisuke.” Staring at the scar woman across, you quietly study her, her profile, her gesture. “What better way to hurt him than to hurt you?” Her grin sends shivers to your spine, “What has he done to you?” Touching her mark lightly on her cheek, she inhales deeply. “This? Oh it’s my husband.” Time seems to have stood still as she beings telling her story, how handsome Eisuke was and how they hit it off quickly. “I wanted some good sex, he wanted trade secrets, we both delivered until the day my husband offered him a better deal so he sold me out with evidence. My husband divorced me without paying me a single dime, he also gave me this parting gift so I’d remember for the rest of my life. So… I have Eisuke to thank for, don’t you think?” She smiles, brushing that long scar of hers.

“Well, my story is boring, isn’t it? ” Wrapping your hands around your shoulders from your shivering body, you suggest. “Maybe you can give me my clothes back?” Playing with a cigarette in her hand, she chuckles darkly. “But you won’t be needing them.” You swallow, there’s only one door and you’ve no idea what’s outside or how many accomplices are behind that door. “What about you?” Looking up at the cameras, she must be watching. “Oh hi dearie, you want a bedtime story?”

They don’t hesitate on sharing their stories, either they plan to kill you or believe that they won’t get caught. Both reasons are not comforting either, you can’t tell how long you’ve been captured but both the bidders and the team will know you’re missing, will they know where to find you, that’s the question.

“Eisuke owes me a life.” The older voice says as the scar face leaves the two of you “alone”, “My sister’s life, she was young, beautiful, cheerful and hopeful then one day, everything changed.” Another victim of Eisuke, just how many women did he hurt? Was he that good of an actor or were they too blind to care that the guy is an asshole? Why on earth would they fall for someone like him? Yeah, why? Your very own sister has made the exact same mistake, paying the price and lying unconscious at the hospital. “He dumped her like a piece of garbage and worst of all….. He doesn’t even remember her. No big deal, I will make him remember forever.”

She sounds confident and clam but unable to hide the pain and bitterness in her thick voice. The younger woman returns with another cup in her hand, “Here, this will make you feel better.” She says, suddenly sounding creepily sweet. “How do I know there’s no poison in the drink?” Pushing the cup towards you, she stares right into your eyes, “Oh I have no intention to kill you if that’s what you’re worried about.”

Wrapping both palms around the small cup, you gulp down the tea and feel the quick warmth in need. “There’s something far worse than death itself.” She says, tilting and resting her head in one palm and watches you, you try to speak but your eyelids get heavier and heavier till they are completely closed.

Chapter 15

Writer’s note:
I know I am not the best fanfic writer but thanks for everyone who put up with my writing and continue following this series, turning something from stress release to something I look forward to doing. Just wanna say thank you and again, happy new year ;)

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hi Bryn I know u don't really do blurbs of this kind but can you do one where you guys get in a fight? idk I want some angsty reading, maybe Harry was checking another girl out or something, and they get in an argument when they get home? Like and if you do can you maybe throw in a "I hate you" or maybe "I wish we never met" like I don't want a break up or anything but I don't really want a fluffy makeup either... idk can you please do this.

The moment you guys got home you stormed off upstairs. He’d dragged you to Jeff’s label company opening but wasn’t even with you all night. You’d had about three drinks before you had, had enough and went searching for your boyfriend.

You’d found him alright, in a group full of old business men and young women. They were all beautiful and were obviously in for the money. There was one women who had her arm wrapped around Harry’s and was looking up at him.

This made your blood boil and you shot Harry a look that could kill. He excused himself from the group and smiled at the women with her hands all over him. You walked away from him, leading him to the exit of the bar. “Hey love wait a bloody second jeez…” He was walking fast on his long legs to catch up with you. “No Harry I will not wait a bloody second I’ve been waiting for you all bloody night and you were all over that women.”

You turned around to face him and he stopped. “All over her? I was not all over her! She was drunk and I let her hold onto my arm Jesus y/n do you really think I would do that to you?” His voice was strained and he clenched his fists. He couldn’t believe you were mad at him.

There was a long pause you and got into the car waiting for you both. He soon followed and there were no words spoken on the way home. You stared out the window because you couldn’t look at him, you would either cry, argue, or crack and not be mad at him. There were small glances at him and you could see his jaw tensed up and his brows furrowed.

When the both of you arrived home there were no words exchanged still but only a small thank you to the driver from each of you. Heading straight for the bedroom, you stripped of your dress and put on one of Harry’s tshirts. Even though you were mad you still couldn’t sleep without wearing one of his shirts. “So that’s it then? Yeh not gonna speak a word to me?” He asked standing in the doorway. “I just can’t right now okay? It hurt Harry…”

“Y/n I’m sorry okay? Yeh know I love you and wouldn’t do that to you. She was pissed out of her mind and was fallin’ over, I’m not gonna let someone get hurt…” He spoke. “But the way she was holding onto you and the way you looked at her…I’m human Harry and you’re my boyfriend…”

His face twisted up, “The way I looked at her? What the hell are you talkin’ bout y/n?? You really don’t trust me enough? God thanks so much! That makes me feel fucking fantastic.” His jaw was tightened up and his eyes were blazing green. “Yeh know what if yeh really think I’d just go and look at someone else however you think I was lookin’ at her I’ll just go to Niall’s house for the night.”

“FINE!” You yelled out as tears pricked in your eyes. He grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a tshirt before giving you one more look. You were going to crack, God you didn’t want him to go and leave this fight open for the night. Your lips were trembling as you heard him go downstairs, grab his keys and slam the door shut…

Dear Clexa and Shoot fans,

Alright listen the fuck up all of you. And, yes, I am putting this in any tag I can think of because every single person in each fandom needs to hear this.

This is addressed to both fandoms, because there are problems in each, and I’m going to highlight those problems.

First, let me start by saying that I am a diehard Clexa shipper. Lexa was by far my favorite character on tv ever. Root is certainly a close second, but quite frankly, I don’t think any character will ever live up to what Lexa represented to me. Lexa was strong, intellectual, wise, beautiful, loving, and yes, she was a lesbian. T1OO writers created one of the most complex, intriguing, beautiful characters to ever exist on tv and they wasted it all on a death that was sloppy. Yes, Lexa deserved so much better.

So to the Clexa fans: I feel your pain at losing Lexa. I understand what you’re going through because I went through it with you that horrible night 3.07 aired. I understand that many of you are still angry/upset about it.

However, this does not make it okay in the slightest for you to come into the Root/Shaw and POI tags with your negativity.

Trust me, I have scrolled through the POI tags every day now, and it’s turned into about 75% of POI and T1OO fans arguing with each other. It’s hard to see because the POI fandom is one that has never gotten involved with other fandoms. We’ve kept to ourselves and we’ve been extremely happy with everything we’ve gotten from the show. Let us enjoy our last season in peace!

Just because T1OO writers hurt you does not mean it’s the same for POI.

POI is lucky to have amazing writers who truly care more about the story as a whole. Our writers are more experienced than T1OO’s writers. They truly know how to tell a complex and amazing story. We are especially lucky to have JJ Abrams, who has continuously pushed for more diversity in his projects, and POI is no exception.

I’ll be quite honest with you, I personally think Root and Finch aren’t going to die this season, mainly because, back in s4 when they were captured by Samaritan, The Machine explicitly told them “you are not interchangeable.” That was a huge moment and it was something the writers included with further intentions. Finch told Root many times that The Machine would just move on once Samaritan put a bullet in any of their heads, so The Machine straight up saying that it couldn’t (and probably wouldn’t) replace them was very important.

Anyways…back to why y’all Clexa fans need to keep your negativity out of our tags: We do not want to see it!

This is our last season, and we are well aware of the danger presented to the characters we love. Saying Root and/or Shaw has a higher probability of dying than another character is just plain wrong. Here’s why:

It is near impossible to speculate which character has a greater chance of dying than another on POI simply because every single main character’s death has been HEAVILY foreshadowed at many points throughout the show.

Of course, y’all Clexa fans wouldn’t know this because most of you don’t even watch POI. You have absolutely no knowledge of the plot, character and relationship developments, or where the story is headed.

And don’t even get me started on the few Clexa fans who have tried to say Root/Shaw is an unhealthy relationship. Honestly, if you say that, it’s so obvious you don’t watch the show. Either that or you just really hate neuro-atypical women.

POI fans have every right to get mad at you for this, because of what I just stated above. If you don’t watch a show and don’t know the situations characters have been through, don’t comment on it!

Honestly, Shoot and Clexa are two of the best f/f relationships ever shown on tv. Just because one ended in a horrible way does not mean the same will happen to the other.

However, I have also seen some Shoot shippers attack Clexa shippers. I hate that this whole thing is happening because I am part of both fandoms, but just because I am more involved in the Shoot fandom does not mean I will disregard some things they have been saying. Whether it be calling the Clexakru movement a “white feminist movement” or trying to disregard the impact Lexa’s character has by calling her a “brown-faced girl wearing a bindi.” Now you  are the ones who don’t know the full story.

First, many Clexa fans are POC, end of.

Second, Lexa was and will be one of the best LGBT rep characters ever. Don’t try to undermine that just because you’re upset she was “appropriating” a bindi. Two people killed themselves after 3.07. Crew members had to tweet suicide hotlines. Cast members had to actively console fans who were breaking down - Devon Bostick even donated to the Trevor Project.

Yes, I know that T1OO mistreats all of its POC characters, but that should not and does not undermine what Lexa represented and meant to so many young LGBT people.

So please, to the Shoot fandom, don’t try to downplay the importance of Lexa’s character. Just how we are offended when Clexa fans post negativity in the Shoot/POI tags or try to accuse Shoot of being an unhealthy relationship, it is equally if not more offensive to try and put down the importance and momentum their movement has inspired across fandoms.

Now, to draw a line of peace between all of you for a moment, let me highlight everything amazing about both relationships/fandoms.

Clexa: literally soulmates. The girl from the sky fell in love with the girl on the ground. Two different worlds meeting. Clarke and Lexa elevated each other. Clarke admired Lexa’s strength, but she ultimately fell in love with Lexa’s wisdom and vision for peace. Lexa admired Clarke’s wisdom for her age, but she ultimately fell in love with Clarke’s strength. These two young women balanced each other out in the best of ways, each challenging the other to become better and question beliefs that might not always lead to the best outcome. Their love was raw and passionate and beautiful, and it was ripped from us in the most horrible way by writers who were too busy gloating and kissing their egos to actually think through the decision to kill Lexa.

Since then, the Clexakru has raised well over $100k for the Trevor Project and has trended something every week on twitter. Yes, many trends were about Lexa/T1OO, obviously, because we want to call out JRot and The CW for how they have treated their LGBT and POC characters. However, there were other trends that united many fandoms to highlight the issues in the media, such as LGBT Fans Deserve Better (over 250k tweets), Minorities Are Not Disposable (over 275k tweets), and most recently 307 Reasons To Fight (over 125k tweets). In addition, the situation of shows constantly killing off LGBT and POC characters has been written about by various large news outlets such as Variety, Vox, Buzzfeed, and many others, all thanks to the movement T1OO fandom started. And this movement won’t stop until we see LGBT and POC characters being treated with respect across all tv networks.

Shoot: perfection all around. One is a brilliant hacker, reformed killer-for-hire, and a woman who is still trying to move on from her past. The other is a neuro-atypical woc, technically a sociopath even though it’s clear she cares very much about those in Team Machine. They started off tolerating each other and only helped each other for the greater good of Team Machine. But they quickly realized they needed each other. And then, they trusted each other. Behind Root’s shameless flirting and Shaw’s incessant eye-rolling at every come-on, there’s deep trust, respect, and - confirmed by both Amy and Sarah - love.

The Shoot fandom loves these two ladies. We’ve had the privilege of their amazing development, and we’re lucky to have amazing writers who saw the potential for their relationship and took off with it. Our writers have never gloated about how “progressive” POI is because they have an f/f relationship, nor have they ever promoted it excessively to gain viewers. They’ve treated these characters - and every character for that matter - with respect, and the things that happen to these characters are never OOC; they always have significance. Yes, we are aware of the danger s5 presents to Root and Shaw, but that danger is widespread to every main character too. No one knows what’s going to happen this season, but it is the last, so we know it’s going to be one hell of a ride. Let us enjoy it without bringing our fandom down before the season has even aired.

All this fighting and arguing needs to stop. It was petty for the Clexa fandom to drag us into the whole BYG trope, especially because it never even happened on POI!!! That fact that y’all include Shaw on the list of characters lost to the BYG trope is wrong; she isn’t dead!!! The writers literally had no intention of killing Shaw; they had to write her off the show somehow because Sarah was pregnant, and they handled the situation really, really well. “Killing” Shaw only to have the audience find out she was alive served two purposes: One, it furthered the Samaritan plot for an s5 because of the fucked up things they’re doing to Shaw, and two, it allowed the writers to explore the depth of Root’s feelings for Shaw, to show how much Root loves her.

So Clexakru, just because your writers betrayed and used you does not imply that the same thing has happened with POI simply because it’s hasn’t. So please, keep the negativity out of our tags.

As always, my ask box and messages are always open, so if you want to talk or rant with me or whatever, please feel free to do so in a respectful way. I love both fandoms so much, and it’s hard to watch one of them drag the other into something we don’t want to be a part of.

"Imagine Sam and Dean Watching You and Kevin Fall for Each Other" One Shot

Author: damnitsherlockimadoctornotademon

Original Imagine: 

Very Lengthy! 

Part 1: First Impressions Matter A Lot

    “Wow…” was all you could say when you walked into the bunker. You could feel the smirk form on Sam’s face. Dean was better at holding in his amusement as he took you backpack from you.

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Gaza City, 14 October 2014

Assalam alaikum.
Good afternoon.
I have had a deeply moving, unforgettable day. I am very humbled by what I saw here in this school. Meeting children, I am very inspired by their strength and courage.
It was very important for me to be here and to listen directly to teachers and the children. What their concerns are. How they have to be able to overcome this tragedy.  
I know there is great deal of sadness, frustration, and even anger.  
I fully understand their concerns and difficulties.
The enormous destruction in Gaza is a source of pain to me personally and it’s a shame to the international community.
I am here to say to the people of Palestine and the children of Palestine that you are not alone.
I stand with you.  

The United Nations staff – who showed great courage and commitment throughout the conflict – stand with you.

The whole international community stands with you.

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