of awesomnes

The most important day of the year

Sarada: Boruto! We are not done with training, where are you going?

Boruto: I need to leave early today. It’s the most important day of the year… try not to get yourself injured while me and my awesomnes are away.

Sarada: You wish!… but what about that important day thing? I don’t recall anything special happening in july


Himawari: Shino-sensei! May I leave now? It’s the most important day of the year and my parents excepect me earlier at home.

Shino: You should have warned me about that before, miss Uzumaki. I can’t just let you leave the… GET AWAY FROM THAT WINDOW RIGHT NOT!

Himawari: But I’m telling you, I have to go!


Shikamaru: Today don’t accept any requests for the Hokage’s clones. Naruto wants to save all his energy for the one he has at home.

Shizune: Don’t tell me, today’s the most important day of the year.

Shikamaru: Yes… that day again. Wonder what that troublesome hokage is up to.


Kakashi: Gai is not in his room?

Nurse: I’m sorry sir. He left with the leader and the heir of the Lee clan an hour ago. They were singing something about today being the most important day of the year.

Kakashi: More important than taco friday? What’s going on?


Sasuke: Closed? How am I supposed to fix my sword if the only ninja tools shop in the village closes for no reason?

Sakura: Relax honey, TenTen said something about celebrating something important today?

Sasuke: Today? How is the International Plastic Bag Free Day important? Are the members of the Lee clan ecologists now?


Tsume: Thanks for receiving me, Hanabi. But I expected to see your father.

Hanabi: I’m terribly sorry, Miss Inuzuka, but my father left to celebrate a birthday party.

Tsume: The old-fashioned former leader of the Hyuga clan not assisting his daughter during a meeting with the Inuzuka clan? Whose birthday is it today?


Hinata: Everybody’s here? now we can start singing… Boruto, don’t eat the cake!

Boruto: That’s not fair. Dad tasted it already

Naruto: Boruto, you shouldn’t lie about the hokage doing naughty stuff.

Hiashi: Before saying something like that, you should clean your mouth first. Everybody can see the cream, idiot.

Himawari: I’m sitting next to my boyfriend!

Metal: For the last time, princess Himawari… I’m not your boyfriend!

TenTen: Calling her “princess” is not helping, Metal. You are acting like a tsundere now.

Lee: Like mother, like son.

Gai: Enough! We can’t keep him waiting forever. It’s his birthday after all and he’s been waiting for us to celebrate all day… we start singing at three, two, one…

Everybody: Happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you… happy birthday DEAR NEJI… happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!

- In front of the cake a photograph was standing thanks to a colorful frame full of hearts and birds. There, a boy with long black hair and white eyes smiled-


That was awesomne

BrewDog Black Eyed King Imp (Vietnamese Coffee Edition) 12.7% abv 

Last year the Scottish craft beer powerhouse created a monster, a beer spoken of in awestruck ravings by those few lucky enough to try it. A special test brew of Cocoa Psycho imperial stout positively loaded with chocolate and coffee and aged in a couple of haggard old Scotch whisky barrels for two whole years, the original Black Eyed King Imp was a brew to quicken your heart and lift your soul, an almost perfect creation. It’s reign was glorious but ever so short, and as it’s small numbers vanished it became the stuff of legend. But now the name returns, this time in the guise of a bourbon barrel aged vanilla and Vietnamese coffee imperial stout, but is it a worthy heir or a inbred chinless buffoon?

I crack the ring pull, pour, and a syrupy wave of pure darkness tumbles into my glass, the head a glorious mocha colour, the rising whisky sozzled liquorice and crème brûlé aromas intoxicating. In the mouth it’s sigh inducingly decadent, so soft, full, and warming. The sweet, intensely flavoured, bowel worryingly rich brew delivers a riotous blend of vanilla bourbon, dark chocolate, roasty coffee, stewed dates and prunes, fig jam, and liquorice, with subtle, old world hop spice undertones and a bitterness that builds throughout the epic, almost never-ending finish. 

Aye, it’s another stunning imperial stout from these Scottish awesomneers. I gotta say I don’t think it’s quite as mind bendingly complex or intense as it’s predecessor but that’s fine, it’s a joy as it is, a beer to treat y'rself to and treasure. Cheers m'dears!