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You have completely creative control over your appearance

 7 steps to change your appearance (through the law of attraction)

Source: YouTube/ Leeor Alexandra: Law of Attraction: How to change your appearance

all of our thoughts and opinios (from others too) about ourselves have formed the way we look now

1. believe that it is easy and possible to change the way that you look! You have to tell yourself often that it is easy to get the body you want.

2. Visualization (or day dreaming)! You have to visualize yourself looking the way you want to look in your head every single day.

3. Say the change that you want out loud (to yourself and everyone). Instead of complaining all the time about how you look tell others and yourself how good you feel or that you’re losing weight.

4. Find a placebo! Telling yourself that doing something will make something else happen is a very powerful technique. You need to find a placebo pill for you (like eating carrots will slim down your waist)

5. Begin to behave as if the change has already accured! If you wanted to lose weight, start buying clothes in the size you want to fit in.

6. Start to appreciate the quality that you want for yourself in other people. (instead of envying it!) For example if you want long hair, compliment a person with the hair you’d like to have too.

7. Release resistance. You have to stop beating yourself up for the way that you look now! You have to accept and love yourself. If you’re beating yourself up for not looking a certain way you’re just focusing on the way you don’t want to look. You have to think about what story you’re telling yourself and others that’s holding you back. If you want to be thin, you can’t keep talking and thinking about how fat you are. Thinking lovingly about your body will help you to reach your goal.

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If you're not busy, bysoti(d) drabble prompt? Are Shuji's feelings toward Yuuri simply platonic and the jokes about dating him all in good fun, or is there something deeper there?

Shuji dropped his bag onto the seat in front of him and sat down in his own seat in the stands.  The ice in the arena had six skaters going around for warm-ups before they got a chance to go through their routine.

There was only one skater that Shuji cared about though.

Yuuri laughed and spun, pulling his tracksuit jacket forcibly out of the grip of the Russian skater, Viktor.  From the side of the rink, Shuji heard Yuuri’s coach yell something at them in Russian, and Viktor just turned and pulled an anime pose: pulling down his lower eyelid with one finger and sticking his tongue out.  It was a pretty good look for him, in Shuji’s opinion.

Yuuri, on the other hand, just squeaked and returned to his warm-up.  His skates cutting through the ice in some complex series of moves that Shuji knew that he’d never understand and really had no desire to.  Skating was fine to watch, pleasing on an aesthetic level, but not interesting.  Not to him.  Yuuri, though, was.  He was a mess of contradictions.  Humble and riddled with self-doubt, Yuuri was practically a shrinking violet most of the time, but then, when he got comfortable, when he was dancing or skating or even just joking around with friends, he was none of those things.  Push just the right button and he became confident and teasing, a little boastful.


Shuji wasn’t the only one who thought so.  Obviously.  Shouta had kept Yuuri to himself for over a year, but now…

Shuji had a chance.  A small one.  He wanted to see if this pull that Yuuri had on him was because he couldn’t have him or because he wanted him.  It could go either way. It could work and Shuji would be able to take advantage of having an incredibly hot, sexy secret boyfriend for a couple of months before they each went their separate ways.  Or he could crash and burn in the most spectacular way imaginable.

Regardless, Shuji knew one thing: It would be EXCITEing.


Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. by Andrew Carter

Feelings Are Habits

Your feelings are habits, and habits can be changed. Feelings are also patterns. We all have developed patterns of feeling in response to different things. Those patterns form how and what we experience in our world. You have the freedom to choose new patterns.

Different feelings are different patterns. If you don’t like the patterns that repeat based on how you have dominantly felt about your reality, then your job is to change how you are dominantly feeling.

Maybe it sounds easier said than done, but you have the freedom to practice until it gets easier and easier.

Whatever your goal is right now, you believe it will make you FEEL a certain way. Maybe you think it will make you feel happy, loved, free, powerful, appreciated, admired, independent, valuable, worthy, attractive…the list goes on…

Your current feelings are what are causing you to desire your goal in the first place. They are serving as your launching point. Your task is to do what you can (in positive and healthy ways) to feel “now” what you believe you will feel in the having of your goal fulfilled.

What is the end result of your goal?

What is the feeling associated with that?

Your current circumstances directly reflect your most dominant feelings and beliefs.

Desiring goals that you don’t feel as true for you is what slows you down dramatically. You want it, but you might not feel it as true.

That’s why you get more of what you dominantly are feeling instead of what you are trying to consciously attract with law of attraction.

How “could” you feel like your goal were true, like it was already accomplished?

Practice getting yourself to feel how you want to feel, and feeling like the goal is achieved, and practice doing so no matter what the circumstances look like on the outside. The inner work you do will overpower the way the circumstances appear.

The inner work you do will also effect the actions that you take and the people that you attract into your reality.

More on this later…


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