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Hey- I'm super uneducated on ableism and want to be more informed, so I apologize if anything I say is ableist because I ABSOLUTELY do not mean to come off that way. So, I was wondering if using language like "dumb" is acceptable when referring to an idea that seems unintelligent rather than a person? Like "This Obamacare replacement is just dumb" or whatever. Like if you legitimately think the idea is not a smart one. Again, sorry if I'm coming across as ableist. Thanks!

this is a tricky one because you’re working under the assumption that the obamacare replacement is unintelligent.

it’s not unintelligent. donald trump and the republicans know EXACTLY what they’re doing, which is denying poor people an essential right to free healthcare. it isn’t anything to do with them not being smart, it is to do with them not giving a shit about anything other than how much power and money they have.

don’t give the bad guys the benefit of the doubt of “not being smart”. at first glance donald trump doesn’t know jack shit about anything (and indeed, he does talk on topics he knows nothing about, but that’s arrogance not unintelligence) but take a look and realise that he was smart enough to trick almost 50% of the country into voting him. he’s not “stupid” - he’s an arrogant, selfish asshole who cares about nothing but money and power and subjugating anybody who disagrees with him. that’s why he’s shutting down research into global warming. because it doesn’t fit with his politics, not because he actually doesn’t believe in it.

calling donald trump and his policies stupid because we disagree with him is like calling lord voldemort and his beliefs stupid because we disagree with them - they’re not stupid. they’re intricately designed and planned to fuck over people who aren’t as lucky as themselves because they believe they are inherently better than everybody else.

not only is calling something unintelligent because it’s wrong paint actually happenstance unintelligent people badly (which like, isn’t their fault! it isn’t somebody’s fault if they don’t know something), it also does a disservice to discourse about politics as it allows people like donald trump and other republicans to get away with what they’re doing as just being unintelligent - when it’s not. it’s intelligent. it’s planned to hurt people of the working class and give more power and money and safety to rich people like himself. that’s always what the right-wing and capitalism in general has been about, and we can’t stand by and call that “unintelligence” - it’s wrong and it’s selfish and it’s evil

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is it normal for some people who identify as Lesbian to occasionally feel something of attraction towards men? like, maybe more than aesthetically, but not in a pursue-a-relationship or hookup-once-or-twice way, but more in a "im-attracted-to-you-but-that-doesnt-actually-make-sense-because-then-the-word-attraction-loses-meaning" kind of way? if you know what im trying to say?

Tbh I think I’d say it’s more common to feel that way sometimes than it is to never feel that way at all. Although I’m a little jealous of anyone who doesn’t struggle with that, lol :) 

It’s a very common result of the force of compulsory heterosexuality, and it doesn’t make you any less of a lesbian. From the day you’re born, before you’re old enough to even know how to read, you’re taught in a million subtle ways that girls should be attracted to boys and not girls, and that boys should be attracted to girls and not boys. It takes a whole lot of time to unlearn things like that that are so deeply ingrained. 

Don’t sweat it too much, that doesn’t make you any less of a lesbian, okay? xx


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al & scorp taking meals in the greenhouses to avoid the great hall

That means Neville would absolutely catch them making out and go from leaving them to it thinking “finally” to explaining a beet red Albus that there are more discreet places for that kind of stuff. Probably leading to having “the talk”, which Harry would be eternally thankful is out of the way for him

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speaking as a disabled person, some of us are here for escapism, you know :/ i don't care enough to unfollow and 'not hp /' is all well and good but there's no blacklist on mobile and i can see how people wouldn't like it

okay that’s fair and i 100% get you, but we have close to 100,000 followers and if we didn’t spend some of that trying to make the world a better place by trying to teach our followers about some important issues, what kind of people would we be?

i don’t mean to sound rude and condescending, but for people on mobile, you can easily just scroll past something that doesn’t float your boat.

i 100% understand some of y’all are here for escapism, though. thanks for mentioning it, it’s something i do need to keep in mind at times. thanks for your input.

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callout post: mikleo. is too fucking pretty to exist

That I definitely can agree on.  I still don’t get how he’s so pretty … and then somehow manages to get prettier in the epilogue, I really don’t.  My mind can’t wrap itself around the concept, other than to prod me into staring slack-jawed at him in all of his gorgeous glory.