of andy's snl days

How wild must it have been to be someone like oblivious to snl coming to 30 rock on a day andy and bill were filming laser cats. Like imagine being some random business person and going to a serious meeting at 30 rockefeller plaza and the elevator doors open to two grown ass men in capes and helmets pretending to shoot lasers at each other with toy fucking cats what a world we live in

Best Part of The 4th of July:




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Captain America?

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Every 4th of July SyFy (formerly Sci-Fi) runs a “Twilight Zone” marathon that interested me to the show and that my family keeps on in the background during the day. Recording our favorite ones, watching what’s on, skipping the super creepy ones because we scare easily, “The Twilight Zone” will always be that strange tradition I have for the 4th.

That, and of course, watching Independence Day after everyone’s asleep.

Happy 4th of July everyone!


The only way to truly celebrate Boss Day right.

And PS - You can head backstage of “Like a Boss” - like a boss.


Finally finally finally!!! A trailer for 7 Days in Hell starring the beautiful men that are Andy Samberg and Kit Harington!!! This looks epic! I seriously cannot wait!