of all time tbh


Ghostbusters + times Erin’s blue eyes looked especially b l u e

BSD rarepair week day 7: free
theme: akutagawa ryuunosuke has eyebrows high school AU

I would love to see more of ryuunosuke and gin’s interactions in the manga tbh

Also thanks to all the mods at @bsd-rarepairweek for hosting this event! It’s been tonnes of fun and I got to draw themes and relationships I never thought of drawing before. I didn’t expect to finish all the prompts but somehow I did; here are all the other submissions 

  1. Light dance (atsukyou)
  2. Basils & Roses (ranpoe)
  3. Fool-proof plan (kunikidazai)
  4. Beauty and the Beast (atsulucy)
  5. Love Poems (kouyouchuuya)
  6. Hopeless future (odazai)
  7. New semester (akugin)

I didn’t need a heart and a fucking waterworks display but that’s what I put on for myself as she spoke these lovely words. <3 such brilliance.

its months later, found this in my drafts and this made me cry GOD i love chiaki so much D:


Sorry I’ve been inactive for so long. Last 6 weeks I’ve been suffering from an extremely bad migraine and the pain is constant. Haven’t be able to work much (stopped me from being able to work for 4 weeks of Feb and then pretty much the last week. Only been able to work 1 - 2 hours a day)  so been watching stuff when its too painful to sleep (which tbh is all the bloody time). Which on an animation course means that I’m massively behind on work and having to apply for EC’s :(. Keep seeing the doctor, atm nothings working and am hoping it doesn’t turn out to be serious (fingers fucking crossed).

So been watching a lot of Jack’s videos which have made me laugh whilst I’m in a lot of pain rn. Which is nice cus it helps distract from the pain for a bit. Decided to draw Gamer Sam because the image popped into my head whilst watching Night in The WOOOOOOOOOOOOODS. 

Fucking love Night in The Woods XD everytime I read one of the characters dialogue Jack’s voices are what pop into my head. I got a few ideas and this is the first of them. I love the style of that game so much and that’s got a lot to do with what gave me the idea.
Anyway I hope you enjoy and that your having a better time than I am right now :)

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I'm so glad people were interested in your presentation. It's really interesting for me to learn about stuff like that all the time and it makes me happier people liked it.

tbh they were mildly interested??? they paid a lot of attention while watching the battle of yorktown in tony awards tho haha

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i will just say.. i saw them in newark and jimin is so smol (not as smol as yoongi) but his thighs are still skinny (cuz their all models tbh) but they THICC at the same time 😏😏

i heard conflicting reports about this tbh from my friends who went, one said that his thighs seemed skinny but others said they were really thick, same size as kook’s but when you take in account his stature and how narrow he is they seem big, also heard about how round and big his butt really is IT’S ALL TRUE KIDS  but all said he was really small even in comparison to yoongi because he is just very petite :D i think the best way to describe jimin is just -meaty- though i’ll never know for myself until i see him which will be never cause the golden europe + too poor to travel combo

stay close to me ❄ for annie

all credit goes to the YOI team&nanashinohime


Some Fantastic Beasts’ sketches from my twitter


Since we’re on the topic of 1997 nostalgia, let’s also talk about how 1997 was the year when Gillian Anderson became the first actress in television history to win the Emmy, the Golden Globe, and the SAG Award for the same role.

Blue Silk Pajamas

Have another stereotypical Marichat kiss scene, dang these are addicting to read and write.

They’re 18 in this one though, I don’t think those kids should be sneaking around kissing each other in the dark yet. XD

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