of all the things i miss from season 1 it's these things that i miss the most

Q: How are you today?
A: Good … thank you !! Though THIS traffic …. #shame

Q: How many days till you are able to go home?
A: Just a bit over a month … counting down the days !!! #summerfun

Q: #AskClaire are you watching anything good? Binge worthy? 
A: Did someone say @SHO_TwinPeaks

Q: Where’s Eddie while you’re away? You must miss him! 
A: I do miss HER … (i won’t let her know you made that mistake !!) She’s waiting in Scotland for some SA treats !!

Q: You gonna be long? #onbehalfofmycompadres 
A: If I said another hour …. would you a) cry b) explode c) just go home ..????

Q: What do you consider to be your best scene from Season 3?
A: 🌴…. that’s a clue !!!

Q: What book are you currently reading? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: Mirror, Shoulder, Signal …or is it Mirror, Signal, Shoulder … anyway .. It’s GOOD.

Q: Will you get time off this summer before Season 4 filming begins?
A: Well I’d better … I hear people might want us to promote it #AskClaire

Q: What’s been your favorite thing you’ve learned since coming to South Africa to film? #AskClaire #Outlander
A: People’s incredible capacity to forgive and heal … and that it’s a process … LOVE SA ❤

Q: When will you come to France ? #AskClaire 
A: Soon, I hope !!

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Victor and Yuuri’s Career Choices in Episode 12

Alternatively titled “WTF was episode 12!?” 

As the 3rd and final post in the Victor/Yuuri and Grief series (found here and here), we’ll be taking a look at how their individual journeys that we explored in the previous 2 posts leading up to the hotel scene in eps 11/12 affect their career choices in the final episode.

As we’ve seen already, both of them have gone through the entire grieving process by the time the hotel scene rolls around. Just as a reminder about what their grief focused on, I’ll do a super quick recap.

For Victor, his grief was centered around the developmental loss of his career and accepting that he can still have a fulfilling life coaching Yuuri. He hits his acceptance of this during the GPF short programs, the moment we see him overlooking the stadium as Yurio breaks his short program world record. Victor has finally reached a place where he feels he can be happy with things as they are – with him off the ice.

For Yuuri, his grief was centered around the anticipated loss of losing Victor (in all capacities) after the GPF ended and accepting that the time he has with him is limited. He convinced himself that the time he has with Victor in every capacity wasn’t forever and that he would eventually have to give him up. Over the course of the series, he comes to terms with this on his own.

Buckle up because it’s going to be a long ride. I promise you, however, that the read will be worth it. (I’ll even add in some music recommendations to listen to during certain parts to add to your reading experience!)

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I’ve decided this year to do things a little differently with my “favorite anime” lists. Instead of just doing a year-end top 10 list, I’m going to do a Top 5 every three months at the end of the season (anime seasons run quarterly, as opposed to once a year like with American TV). This way I can highlight more shows, plus it will be when all the episodes are online and you can watch the shows from beginning to end.

Without further ado…

This is a cute little slice of life/comedy series about a biology teacher who is fascinated by “demi-humans,” aka monsters. He happens to have three students who fall into this category (a vampire, a dullahan, and a snow woman), plus a fellow teacher who also happens to be a succubus. He convinces the girls to do interviews with him about what their lives are like as monsters, not just for his own curiosity but to figure out how to be a better teacher for them.

If you’re expecting risque ecchi shenanigans like on shows like Monster Musume, you won’t find them here. What you will find is a surprisingly sweet and charming show featuring some extremely likeable characters (the succubus teacher who tries to hide her physical charms by wearing a tracksuit, which of course only serves to get people’s minds racing even more, is my personal favorite).

A hilarious comedy about an angel who graduates from angel school at the top of her class and is sent down to Earth for post-grad work… only to become obsessed with video games and turn into a lazy bum. Meanwhile her best friend, a demon fresh out of demon school, is entirely too sweet and responsible to be a good minion of Satan.

Throw in a fellow angel who is actually a complete sadist, and a fellow demon with delusions of grandeur, and you’ve got the recipe for some seriously funny times. Satanichia the would-be queen of the Underworld damn near steals the show. If you’re looking for some laughs this is a great show to check out.


If you haven’t seen Season 1 of Konosuba, stop what you’re doing, go watch it, then come back, apologize, and watch Season 2.

The four most inept, narcissistic, delusional adventurers in anime are back and funnier than ever. Imagine “Its Always Sunny” type humor mixed with D&D style fantasy world tropes. The jokes are nonstop with this show, with some fantastic voice acting (especially from the voice actor for Kazuma the main character). Even when the animation sometimes slips in quality, it actually makes the show FUNNIER.

I really hope we get a Season 3, I need more of the adventures of my explosion-obsessed mage, useless goddess, masochist knight and Kazutrash. I needs it, maaaaaaan.


An office worker gets drunk one night and misses her train stop. She ends up wandering into the woods and coming across an injured dragon. After helping the dragon out, she offers to let the dragon stay with her… then goes home, sleeps it off, and completely forgets about everything.

The next morning, guess who’s at her doorstep?

Calling this show cute would be the understatement of the century. It’s absolutely adorable, with the dragons stealing the show with their shenanigans. The animation style is great, with tons of colors and great character designs. There’s a genuine sweetness to the show that’s never forced or cloying. And did I mention the show is about A FREAKING DRAGON MAID?

I had a hard time deciding whether or not to give this or KOBAYASHI the number 1 spot. If it came down to which show I had more fun watching, it would have been KOBAYASHI hands down. But that isn’t a fair way to judge this show.

Make no mistake: Scums Wish is NOT a pleasant show. It’s one of the most emotionally draining experiences I’ve had watching an anime. The subject matter alone will likely turn a lot of people off, and I imagine there will be people who like every other show on my list and hate this one. But that’s okay.

The show is about two high school students who appear to be the perfect couple, but it’s all an act: they’re actually in love with other people, people who they can’t have (their teachers), and are using each other as physical substitutes to fill the emotional void.

A lot of love stories (in anime and other mediums) like to pretend that love is always fun and pleasant, and even when things get bad, they work themselves out in the end. This is not one of those shows. This show will remind you just how horrible love can be: unrequited love, loving someone who hates you in return, knowing the person you love is only using you as a replacement but going along with it because you think it’s better than not having them in your life at all. The characters in this show are all flawed, and some of them do awful things to each other… but in the end, I desperately wanted them all to end up okay. You’ll have to watch the show to find out if they do.

As always, these are just my personal top picks. I’d love to hear what your favorite anime of the year so far are. 

P.S. I know Little Witch Academia is missing. I’m waiting til the season is done to add it to any lists I do. I’m sure it will end up there. 

Floriana Lima

Ok here we go. Like us all i am disappointed, very. However, i think we should try and take some positives out of this.

First of all, don’t tweet abuse at Floriana, don’t leave hate on her instagram because that would literally make her not ever want to come back less.

I am also happy for Floriana because it means she has been recognised as an actress and that is wonderful.

I know how you all feel, you have had this as your main like lesbian story and its the first thing you have related to. L word was that for me and it got Axed far too early and it just ruined me so i understand completely where you are all coming from. 

I am trying to see the positives from this, you are probably all not going to like this post but here we go:

Floriana Points:

Main point one - Floriana hasn’t left, she’s decided to go and do another project - from what i know in the film/tv world, this screams, i have been given a big film opportunity i can’t turn down and i need to take some time out of doing the tv show to do this. This could mean that she could be gone for the first half of the season and maybe come back for the end of the season. 

Two - Floriana is like closing on 40, now when you get to 38/39 in film a lot of actresses think, well i’ve done a lot of tv work now, if something comes up i need to take it. Which seems the case in Floriana. She also hasn’t like ever done a really long TV role. It doesn’t mean it will work out, not that i am being a downer on it, but sometimes you take those risks, thats the film world. 

Main points for Supergirl itself. 

One- The last season was EXTREMELY relationship heavy and the one thing i do miss and i am sure everyone misses is the fact most people were single and they were actually getting superhero work done. Maybe this will allow more of that to happen next season. People have said that it is one thing Supergirl has lacked a lot this year is the villains, dealing with aliens, the whole ok we had the Cadmus storyline and then hang on wait…what!? then on wait Lillian is back without Jeremiah in the finale. I think for storyline development it will allow the writers to focus more on opening that up. I do think season 2 has lacked storyline development in the sacrifice of relationships and as much as i adore Sanvers, I am hoping we will get more of this.

Two - We have missed the Danvers sisters this season and maybe we can have that back which i can’t see as a bad thing because people praised that highly in season 1. It was completely and utterly the heart of the show and maybe we will get this back in season 3. 

Three - Andrew hasn’t stated how long she’s bowing out for and like i said, it could be a film opportunity has come back and Maggie will be back in it. it also means like Cat Grant she could go away to do something good - for me the biggest thing for me is that she could accept Alex’s proposal but then say to her. Look Alex, before i do this, i have to resolve the whole deal with my parents because deep down, i want them to know you and she could come back and open her storyline up that way.

Hey i may be clutching at straws but as someone who knows people who work in film and such i am trying to see the positives for it. Maybe actors do this and come back. I think Floriana and know she loves working on this show and knows the fans will be disappointed and i don’t think she won’t ever come back. 

‘Let me count the ways’: All the ways JonSa could evolve in S.7 ep. 1 or 2

I shall but love thee better after death. - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Until recently the possibility of anything happening physically between Jon and Sansa early in s.7 seemed remote. I really thought (still kinda do) that we will get them coming together in s.8 after Jon gets disillusioned by Dany. But based on a few posts, plot leaks I’ve tried to avoid, and actors comments, I’ve upped the potential for a f*ck plot in episode 1 or 2 to a solid 50/50. (Excuse my language I don’t know what else to call a f*ck plot but a f*ck plot.)

**SPOILERS**  maybe…

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pxiao  asked:

Top five Fruitshipping moments. Cause I want to see a good show don't tell relationship and we have plenty of moments to fill a large variety of these lists.

Oh god just 5??? Okay I got this be still my heart

5. Episode 2, Yuzu and Yuya’s action duel

Okay I know this is pretty early in the series and it can be seen as platonic, but you get so much character from this scene and grounds of a solid friendship between them. Like:

Yuzu’s getting shit because she was rude to Yuya like some of the fandom does to her lol but instead she just goes with it.

Like at this point of the story we now know both Yuya and Yuzu are entertainers, and now we get to see them doing what they love together and how they work off each other.

Not to mention this scene is funny as hell. Like wow it’s just showing us two cuties performing together (granted it’s not perfect because Yuya’s in funk atm) and I already fell for their dynamic at this point and its only ep 2. 

ALSO they fucking used Plain Plain (where this duel took place) in episode 141 to rip my god damn heart out and to show this duel had meaning and we should realize that we’re missing Yuzu.

4. Yuya is PISSED/cry baby (eps 50 + 51)

At this point in the show we’ve gotten a good basis on their relationship. Yuya and Yuzu are childhood friends with the same goal and they inspire each other to become stronger. Pretty standard and honestly nothing new.

And then they get separated.

Like I did NOT expected them to act the way they did when this happened (at least Yuya because when has a main protag ever cared that much for the female protag minus Anzu from season 0)

I am 98% sure that this is the first time Yuya has cried openly to people without his goggles AND ITS CAUSE OF YUZU. This boy has hidden his emotions about his dad, his bullying, and pendulum summoning but Yuzu’s apparent capture is what got Yuya to finally show his sadness and not cover them with jokes and his goggles.

Yuya as we know, when he’s not berserker, is a pacifist but he’s going out of character because he’s so mentally distraught and sad. Like the only person I would get like that for is my twin so to me this speaks volumes since Yuya values Yuzu’s well being over his own values.  

And then in Yugioh it’s a known thing that the female protags most times stay on the side line and cheer on the main protag AND THEYRE ACTUALLY ACKNOWLEDGING IT AND IT’S SUPER IMPORTANT TO YUYA. Like apparently Yuma’s says something similar to Kotori near the end of Zexal but I’m not there yet but like this is ep 50 compared to 140-something.

Looking back this is super important. Like when Zarc got revived he stated he was surprised/thrilled that there was more to Pendulum Summoning than he first thought (combining all the three methods w/ it) and the reason Yuya was able to do it was because of Yuzu. He was able to go beyond Zarc’s expectations and plans BECAUSE OF YUZU.

God when has a main protag screamed out a female protags name like that before in yugioh??? 

Yuzu is also a cry baby three episodes down the line.

3. Yuzu saves Yuya from Zarc

It speaks volumes when nearly all your friends (including your bff THE MAN Gonzengaka) can’t save from Satan, but the moment you say one sentence to you, you regain some control.

Like god, I love their relationship. Zarc and Ray are literally trying to destroy the other but these two can break through their previous lives soul’s to communicate with one another cause of how god damn much they mean to each other.

Listen if you go across DIMENSIONS to get save someone in Yugioh YOU KNOW your ship is real (Spiritshipping and Keyshipping being the other prime examples). But like in my fruitshipping video (which ya’ll should watch) this moment is when I used the lyrics ‘no distance can ever keep us apart’ because WOW dimensions AND demonic/angelic possessions isn’t enough sever the bond between these two.

Also my otp tag.

2. Yuya summons Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

Lowkey this moment is up so high because Yuya’s just fucking amazing in this scene. Like Zarc’s influence is getting stronger but like LIST OF THINGS THAT HAVE CAUSED YUYA SO GO BERSERKER 

-Ep 39 with Zarc’s trigger words and Yuya didn’t even remember it

-Yuto’s memories of being attacked the Academia 

-Being electrocuted in the god damn brain

-Being in the same area as all four boys that causes a hole to open in the sky

-Creepy old guys touching Yuzu

Like one of these things is not like the other lol

Seriously though, the others are near close to psychological torture and PTSD but someone touching Yuzu inappropriately invokes the same amount of rage from Yuya. THATS A HUGE ASS COMPARISON. Also the scene was gorgeous god damn.

1. Yuzu inspires Yuya during Friendship Cup

Okay this moment…THIS is when Fruitshipping went from a casual ship to god damn otp for me.

So for the past couple eps, Yuya has been feeling like shit (ground facility, losing Jack, missing Yuzu), of course Yuzu doesn’t know some of bad shit that’s going on, but goddamit the citrus is going to show the tomato that she’s okay.

Like dueling for other people is nothing new to yugioh but holy SHIT

Of course Yuzu doesn’t know the cost of losing, but all she wants to do is make Yuya feel at ease (which the poor boy hasn’t felt in so long fuck)

Yuzu hasn’t spoken to Yuya this entire arc but she knows how he’s feeling right now. She knows Yuya. This just furthers the belief that they’ve known each other for so god damn long and are ‘irreplaceable’ to one another.

Look at how goddamn surprised he is. Like instead of worrying about herself, she’s worried about him?? Granted this might have to do with Yuya’s self worth issues And as the duel goes on, it’s not just her feelings she trying to convey to Yuya (hot-blooded and shivers). Instead of ‘oh look it’s your love-interest’s feelings’ she shows that everyone from back in Standard are also with Yuya.



Just…fuck me. 

At a relatively young age, Jonathan Toews already possessed an incredible shrinking bucket list. And at age 28, the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks was voted among the 100 Greatest NHL Players – quite the accomplishment for the all-purpose center.

But a look at his resume explains why:

Toews won the Stanley Cup with the Blackhawks in 2010, 2013 and 2015.

He earned a gold medal with Canada at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

In 2010, at age 22, he became the second-youngest player to win the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP. He had 29 points in 22 games.

In 2013, he was awarded the Selke Trophy, given to the NHL’s best defensive forward.

In 2015, he won the Mark Messier Leadership Award recognizing contributions to one’s team and community.

Prior to all of this, Toews was named captain of the Blackhawks on July 18, 2008, before his second season. He had played 64 NHL games. No player in League annals had been named captain faster.

Really now, what is left for this special talent?

“More Stanley Cups,” Toews said, matter-of-factly. “Winning is addictive.”

Entering the 2006 NHL Draft, the Blackhawks were in dire need of new blood and a new direction. They had qualified for the playoffs once since 1997, making an abrupt five-game exit in 2002, and fan interest had dipped precipitously throughout an Original Six market. In the words of no less an authority than chairman Rocky Wirtz, “We had become irrelevant.”

The Blackhawks could not afford to miss on the No. 3 pick. They knew of Toews’ decorated amateur career, first at Shattuck-St. Mary’s School in Minnesota, then at the University of North Dakota. They probably anticipated that his pedigree – in 2007 he would become the first Canadian to win gold at the World Junior Championship and World Championship in the same year, and did it as a second-year collegian – would bode well for his evolution as a professional on hockey’s greatest stage, the NHL. They might even have heard the story about how, when Jonathan was a tyke, he made a promise.

“He told me he was not only going to make it in the NHL,” said his father, Bryan. “He told me he was going to make it big and buy me a new truck.”

The Blackhawks did not miss. They studied the person and the statistics, but there was no guarantee that Jonathan Toews would point the franchise toward a golden era with his excellence and maturity. He made a quick impression, scoring on his first shot with the Blackhawks, against the San Jose Sharks on Oct. 10, 2007, and got a point in each of his first 10 games, then the second-best streak by any player to start an NHL career. Toews had 24 goals and 30 assists in 2007-08, his rookie season in Chicago, but it was more than that. It was his presence, the example he set, on the ice, in the locker room, on the bus.

“If I hadn’t seen Jonathan being born,” said his mother, Andree Gilbert, “I would swear he’s older.”

Teammates didn’t need to hear that parental praise. They merely observed the businesslike manner in which Toews prepared for his job and applied himself. Patrick Sharp, who won three Cup championships with Toews, called him “Mr. Serious.” Then Brent Seabrook, also fitted for three championship rings with the Blackhawks, acknowledged that Toews bore all the trappings and intangibles of a captain. So Seabrook updated the nickname to “Capt. Serious” and it caught on. Toews never warmed to it, but deduced correctly that the more he would debate the merits of such a label, the more serious he would seem.

“It stuck, I guess,” said Toews. “As far as leaders go, well, I happen to think we’ve had a lot of them on this team as we’ve learned how to win. It’s an honor to be captain of this team. But the ‘Serious’ part, I don’t know about that. It’s not like I never laugh.”

But Toews never takes a night off, and when your captain operates in such a way that every shift matters, the effort is contagious. Toews has the ability to be among the most productive players in the League, but his unselfishness and devotion to duty when opponents have the puck are paramount. When it’s about risk versus reward, Toews opts for the grunt work. He has what it takes to score 40 goals, but did not exceed 34 through nine full seasons. During that period, he had a rating of plus-187.

“All Jonathan Toews does is make everybody he plays with better,” Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock said. Before he took over in Toronto, Babcock saw plenty of Toews as coach of the Detroit Red Wings, bitter rivals of the Blackhawks. Babcock also coached him with Canada in the 2010 and 2014 Olympics. It is noteworthy that, for the latter, Sidney Crosby was appointed captain. But before he accepted, Crosby sought to determine whether Toews would be at peace with the designation. Such is the degree of respect bestowed on Toews, who gladly served as an alternate.

For his play with the Blackhawks, Toews has received lavish praise from coach Joel Quenneville as the perfect link between management and labor.

“It makes it a lot easier to do what I do when you have No. 19 in the locker room,” Quenneville said. “You can’t teach what ‘Tazer’ brings to the table. When your best players go about their way like he does, it affects everybody else. Johnny is zero maintenance.”

Whereas Toews stands out for exemplary defensive and faceoff numbers, he is renowned for taking over a game when required. He is especially noticeable in the spring, as a clutch performer in playoffs. At the conclusion of the 2014-15 season, he had already amassed 10 game-winning playoff goals, second only in franchise history to a contemporary icon Patrick Kane’s 11. Through his first nine seasons, of Toews’ 251 goals, 51 were game-winners – third most in franchise history.

“Jonathan brings it every night,” said Scotty Bowman, a Hockey Hall of Fame coach and the Blackhawks senior adviser to hockey operations. “It’s one thing to have ability, but another to compete. You are not going to outcompete Toews. He plays in all situations. Power play, penalty kill, 5-on-5.

“He’s a big guy. You see him out of uniform. He’s strong and thick. But again, it’s another thing to use the body the way he uses it. He takes it to all the tough areas and makes sacrifices. He plays the entire rink. He’s got everybody’s respect, his own guys, guys throughout the league, coaches and general managers. He never causes problems and is a tremendous representative for the Blackhawks, the League and hockey. He carries himself well, speaks well. He even speaks French. He’s got it all.”

In Chicago, a city that has enjoyed its share of sports legends, Toews quickly became among the most admired and popular athletes ever. He dedicated countless hours and support to local causes, including The Kitchen Community, which builds learning gardens in Chicago to connect children with real food, increase academic achievement and encourage civic engagement.

In his native Winnipeg, Manitoba, where there is a lake named after him, Toews donated $1 million to the Dakota Community Centre, a facility that includes the 95,000 square foot Jonathan Toews Sportsplex, housing two indoor rinks, a gymnasium, nursery school, skate shop and strength training area.

For a big-name NHL player, Toews is not pretentious; when he brought the Stanley Cup to his hometown in 2010, he took a public bus to the parade.

“My parents have instilled in me the importance of giving back,” said Toews, captain during the most successful era in Blackhawks history. As a 20-something, he achieved iconic stature with the franchise, as did Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita, both of whom have monuments erected beside United Center.

Jonathan Toews is a statue waiting to happen.

—  Jonathan Toews: 100 Greatest NHL Players (Captained Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup titles, won Conn Smythe Trophy in 2010)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any meta or something to say about Dean's siren? My only reaction to that was literally scream "YOUVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME". I think that'd be an episode re-watcher post canon destiel are going to be like "how the fuck did I miss that?"

Well, I think I’m in a party of one here because I don’t see the siren as confirming bi!Dean… because I think it was purposefully ambiguous to the point that it is so well hidden that it can’t be used as proof as such, just a hint

I choose to go by what is textually said here in the script and what the writers decided to show, in the sense that there is so much shit going on between Sam and Dean at this point that the ‘little brother figure who looks up to you’ thing is exactly what I think they were going for here. 

It doesn’t mean that for me it can’t be both though, I totally get the interpretations and the points many people make about how it does confirm bi!Dean I just personally think that it isn’t 100% clear and I think that’s kind of the point… same as Dean Winchester himself, the writers took something that could be kind of revealing of his sexuality and hid it behind something else so it is ambiguous and could be covered up by the other thing.

They do this all the time! It’s part of why I love all the subtext and the performance side of Dean, because the writers deliberately make so much of this stuff ambiguous. 

They also write Dean as so GOOD at the performance that some people still take performing!Dean at face value (although it is changing now as the writers are breaking this down to show the general audience more and more now).

So I feel like there isn’t a ‘oh 100% it’s sexual’ or ‘100% it’s not’ thing going on here - its supposed to be ambiguous.

However the really important part of this for me that isn’t ambiguous is Sam and Bobby’s reactions.

I do think it is really important that Sam and Bobby don’t know that the siren is potentially not just a sexual siren but has said that he is taking on a ‘little brother’ role, they only know the siren as a sexual siren and they totally just roll with it, they don’t even raise an eyebrow or afterwards have a little joke about it with Dean, like hey, dude when I first saw the siren I was like ??? Haha isn’t that funny… even though afterwards of course when it spits at Sam they know it could have not been sexual, but still, spit? What’s the most likely way to transmit that? I mean, it would totally have been possible and quite funny if there wasn’t an undertone of ambiguity around Dean’s sexuality, a straight guy would probably totally laugh it off like hey you guys must have been confused right?! Thats the kind of joke SPN has been known for, kind of not PC but yeah… BUT this didn’t happen.

This, coupled with all the other stuff through the seasons is just more fodder to the ‘everyone knows already but they don’t want to bring it up because Dean himself doesn’t want to’ concept of Bi!Dean and also Dean’s feelings for Cas. 

Bobby knows

Bobby is such an amazing character and I love and miss him every season since he died… because I miss him for the boys. I want them to have him, same with Charlie… I don’t so much miss him as a character but what he gave the boys.

I love the moments when Bobby kind of calls Dean out on Cas in season 7 as being more than just a buddy, that he is aching from the loss, that he kind of parallels it with his loss of his wife. Bobby looks out for Dean and Sam and he can see that Dean is in a bad way in season 7, he tries being kind in his own way, looking after him, then also giving him the tough love variation… he does his best to help him through in the best fatherly way that he can and I find it so heartwarming but also so heartbreaking… 

Originally posted by mygreeneyedhunter

I just feel like if you asked Bobby he would absolutely know Dean, the real Dean because he helped raise him in a way that John never did and paid attention in a way that John didn’t to who Dean really is - the baseball thing, the way they spent probably nerve wracking weeks with him while John was hunting, Dean being all worried and protective of Sam already as a young kid, showing his worry because he hadn’t learned to sublimate it yet

I bet Bobby saw Dean grow up, become more and more repressed and it broke his heart but he, gruff man, alcoholic and repressed himself, just did his best to help where he could, probably thinking in this line of work it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing not to wear your heart on your sleeve anyway… *I’m not crying*.

On top of all this, in season 7, with what is happening to Sam of course, Cas is brought up again and again, when Dean is drugged up Cas is the first thing he mentions to them as to what he was repressing when he was conscious, how Sam and Bobby both watch Dean take the trenchcoat from the lake etc etc 

Then of course there are all the other instances of bi!Dean through Sam’s eyes over the seasons….

So yeah, the Siren is just more fuel to this fire for me without it being obviously one way or the other, as basically everything is in this show.

The thing is, it gets to a point where we are at now that the AMOUNT of ambiguous bi!Dean and Destiel moments now is just so vast that it feels like it must be amounting to something. Either they are just playing with us (which I think they were perhaps doing to start with, these might have not been a serious potential storyline in the beginning but it just kept growing and being added to to the point now that it’s everywhere), now there is just so much it becomes a game of just adding it up and…

If 1+1+1+1+1 = 5 then…. the answer is probably 5.

shegathersstrengthasshegoes  asked:

Heyooo, from the new prompt list, can you do #20, #23, #32, and #40 with Kylo pleased :)

11 & 17 with Modern Kylo please!!! 💕💕

1 and 17 from the new print list with kylo ren please😊

Ok, haha so it’s quite a few numbers but when I read them I figured they would go absolutely perfect together. Hope you all like it!

Modern AU Kylo Ren +  “I don’t want to stop loving you.” +  “My life is my own to ruin.” +  “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.” +  “Just do one last thing: Kiss me.” +  “I should be the only one making you happy.” +  “I miss you every second of every day.” +  “You’re blushing.”

Reclined on your couch you mindlessly watched one of your shows, hand burried deep into a bag of chips. For the moment, all you really wanted was to have your mind pulled elsewhere. Anything to simply make you not think about it all, even for just a moment. So far, your venture was fairly successful. You had managed to watch your way through three seasons of your show, not a single thing on your mind except for what would happen next in this story. For now, your story could take a break.

Suddenly a series of loud knocks stirred you from your focus. Your brows furrowed as you turned to look at the door, then back to your phone. No one had told you they were coming over. You didn’t remember ordering any takeout, and you certainly would have considering how much you enjoyed that treat.

Within a moment there were more urgent knocks. Hesitantly you rose from your couch, making your way towards the door. Looking through the peep hole you felt your heart nearly stop from the sight on the other side.

It was Kylo.

Your heart began to beat faster within your chest, a flutter erupting through your insides. It seems even your night of mindless television couldn’t keep thoughts of him, or he himself, away entirely. 

Cautiously you opened the door, unsure of what you were going to be greeted with. Your gut nearly sunk into your shoes as your eyes finally caught Kylo’s. You knew that look all too well, and you knew just what you were in for. He wasn’t angry, he was depressed. Though tears may not have been brewing in his eyes yet, you knew they were on the verge.


“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“You could’ve called.”

He shook his head, “It’s not the same.”

“What do you want?”

He gulped suddenly appearing more nervous before you, “I miss you.”

Despite keeping your cold exterior, you felt your gut flutter. You would have been lying to say that you didn’t miss him as well.

“I miss you every second of every day.”

Just faintly you could feel your heart ache inside of you. After breaking things off you had hardly considered just how hard Kylo would take it. Considering his typically brooding behavior, you had expected him to move on before you, considering it all a hindrance. That however was so unbelievably wrong.

“…I thought you moved on by now.”

“I’ve tried, for you. I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.”

Your gut fluttered again as you shook your head, “Kylo we’ve been over this.”


Your brows furrowed faintly. Although it annoyed you, he was right. All you had allowed him was the few minutes before you walked away from him, most of which he spent silently reeling through his head what he had done wrong rather than speaking. 

“I don’t want to stop loving you.”

“When did you start?”

A pang hit Kylo straight in the heart. He knew he was closed off and sometimes cold, but he never expected you to believe he didn’t love you. His jaw tensed.

“Before you started accepting dates from pretentious shits like Hux.”

You crossed your arms, “My life is my own to ruin.”

He huffed, shaking his head. For a moment he paused, running a hand through his hair before he gave you those same endearing eyes again. In short, he looked like a puppy that had just been left out in the rain by its owners. Hurt, confused, and just all around solemn.

“I should be the only one making you happy.”

You scoffed, “Only you? Honestly Kylo?”

He gulped again, “…No one other than you makes me happy.”

Your gut fluttered again. Damn your emotions. You knew you felt too strongly for him to just simply bypass everything he was saying. Truthfully it had pained you more than anything to break up with him, convinced he wasn’t interested.

“I don’t…I don’t know if I can take you back. …If you’re not willing to prove you want this as much as I do, I can’t.”

Kylo nodded, falling entirely silent. From what you could tell, you had likely just shot down all of his hopes. Or so you thought.


You looked up at him, contemplating if you really wanted to shut the door on him entirely. You knew your heart was practically screaming at you to give him another chance.

“Just do one last thing: Kiss me.”

Your brows furrowed, “What?”

“Please…if I can’t see you again, I’d like to at least have that.”

You hesitated a moment before nodding, “O-ok.”

Slowly Kylo took a step forward, the motion alone nearly causing your heart to thud out of your chest. No matter what transpired between you, he always managed to have an effect on you.Gently he raised his hand to your cheek, craddling you in its warmth before he leaned in. Delicately his lips pressed against yours. With only that you found yourself kissing back, encouraging him to go on. It seemed as though no matter how many times he kissed you the dizzying effect he gave you never ceased. He had a connection and power over you that you truly couldn’t explain. After a few moments of feeling his full lips brush over yours he pulled away, his warm breath fanning across your face.

“You’re blushing.”

You smiled faintly at that. Of course you were blushing. For a long moment he stared into your eyes, nearly getting lost in them before he spoke.

“Thank you.”

Your gut nearly took a freefall as you saw the expression on his face drop. He truly thought you were done, that you never wanted to see him again. The thought alone of never seeing him again pained you in ways you couldn’t entirely explain. Seeing him about to walk away you instantly gripped onto his wrist.


He paused looking you over hesitantly.

“Don’t go.”

His expression seemed to perk up just faintly as he turned towards you. In all honesty his dark psyche kept assuming you would likely give him the last of his things he might have forgotten and send him on his way, but the look in your eyes said otherwise.

“…Please don’t go.”

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Have you done the high school teacher fic on the au's no one asked me for because if not please do it!

A/N: I cannot believe this oh my goodness gracious I have just been asked to write a prompt from an au list that I WROTE. I’ve made it to the big leagues, boys. Here goes nothing.

“we’re high school teachers and we keep pranking each other and you stole all of my staplers so my fourth hour is bombarding yours with paper airplanes now this is war”

This Means War

Ao3 Part two here

By Clarke’s second year teaching at Ark High School it is a universally known fact that the humanities hallway is home to a historic rivalry. Rooms 319 and 321 face each other and the hallway between them is not one to be lingered in. It started on Ms. Griffin’s third day of work when her favorite mug was stolen from her desk only to be spotted later in the hands of one Mr. Blake with an accompanying wink.

Clarke hated him.

He was also her favorite part of going to work.

Needless to say, it was infuriating.

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Why TVD was kinda cool. Why Williamson was missed. Why Delena shouldn’t have last and is against the actual LOGIC of the fucking show.

1. Listen, you can say whatever you want but Delena relationship has from the very beginning a very messed up foundation. Remember when Damon came to Mystic Falls? It was to open the tomb and free Katherine aka love of his life who manipulated him and basically destroyed him. He came because the conditions were reunited. Comet, etc. Still, the first time he met Elena, he met the doppelganger of Katherine, better he met a version of Katherine who could love him like he wanted to be. He knew that Katherine loved his brother and that he was just an entertainment. Elena was this naive girl, ready to be manipulated, loved and protected by her family. Well a version of Katherine who had everything on a silver platter, when Katherine was destroyed by an actual trauma / death of her parents and loss of her baby. When Damon came to her, he said what Elena WANTS. No. It was what he wanted “ A dangerous love, comuming you blablabla bullshit”. Elena was compelled to forget it, but I’m pretty sure that this declaration of Damon still subside in her subconscious.

2. Delena had to happen. 

For a really good reason, for plot. Stelena was presented for a warm love based on trust and friendship. Elena and Stefan were friends who connected on a spiritual level, when Damon with his repeated harassment attempts wanted to steal his brother place without any concession. No battle fair and square. Stefan in letting go Elena did the selfless thing because he knew that Elena needed this relationship. He wanted to erase the frustration. He wanted to erase the doubt with “ is Elena want to be with Damon when she’s with me? “ something no one should get into. Look at this interesting parallel btw between Stefan and Damon. When Katherine was between the brothers, Damon didn’t let her be with Stefan resulting on awful emotional bruises. Stefan let go Elena and made his peace with it. He basically grew up cause he understood that we can’t control someone’s feelings. 

Delena had to happen to make a point. For me it was completely sure that Delena was never meant to last. The Damned season 5 was the worst of Tvd, not because it was Delena centric, but because they romanticized a situation that was completely crazy. Delena fights were like a freaking day without end. Same pattern, same dynamics but NO CHANGE. Which is breaking the golden law of scriptwriting. A conflict has to be resolved. A fight has to be the expression of values. Both of these rules in story introduce an actual resolution. THIS resolution happens to make the characters forward. The season 5 was awful because the characters didn’t move forward. It was the same thing, over and over and over. 

So, with some thinking, I thought it was probably what JP and the Writers room was trying to say. That Delena doesn’t change. Damon doesn’t challenge Elena. Stefan does. Challenging someone is not making them do awful stuff and say “ yaaah you are so cool”. NOPE. Challenging someone is making them realize another perspective. Damon’s perspective was against the values of Elena, and I’m sorry but the values of a oneself can’t be destroyed simply because of “love”. Also Delena sex scenes were more passionate, animal and numerous compared to Stelena. This difference everyone in the fandom saw it. This is why we can draw a line Delena- Sex/ Stelena - dialog. And Season 6 , Elena asks Stefan if she will have the same relationship with Damon than with him. and this is when I actually understood Elena.

Season 5, she says a lot the word of choice. She stands by her choice. It’s like she’s forcing herself to stand by this choice. Why? Because Elena feel guilty. She basically broke Stefan’s heart for the best sexy summer in all time, and didn’t even see that her best friend was dead. Standing by this choice… Elena wanted to be responsible: No she can’t go back with Stefan when she broke him, she can’t pretend to be a good friend when she wasn’t. So She has to stay with Damon even if she knows that it’s good for her. Season 5 was awful but interesting and really messed up. The end, the death of Damon was an opportunity to stop everything at its pinnacle. For me they messed up there. Damon and Bonnie should have been dead for at least three years. The time Elena needed to heal. To date. To get over it. Also, the powers given to Alaric was such a bad idea. Erasing her memory stuck Elena on a state pre-Delena so she basically NOT FREE. Elena needed to get crazy. It was Stelena time to go back, Stelena time to rebuild her making a parallel with season 1 when Elena lost her parents.


THE POINT WAS MADE BY KEVIN WILLIAMSON, you guys should definitely listen to Kevin Williamson’s interview in TVD forever :

He was explaining WHY he began TVD and it was because he was grieving. TVD was about finding life in the most desperate times. Hope. Light. GRIEF. 
This is why Elena falling in love with Stefan made sense. This is why killing Jeremy Gilbert MADE SENSE. Jeremy wasn’t supposed to come back. The idea was that you’re going to loose so many people but you will be strong enough to get through to evolve. 


3. So Now Bamon. Why Bamon is working and not Delena? Because the foundation built by WIlliamson WORKS WITH THEM. Bonnie is the one who fucking lost everyone without any possibility of return from the beginning. Dad, Mom, Grandma. Her mom is a vampire so she’s dead. Her father was killed by Silas, her grams was dead because she tried to release other dead people. Caroline is a vampire, Elena is a vampire so dead. Matt is barely alive. Bonnie wasn’t.

She was a tool, in automatic mode. She was barely living in using her magic in desperate times. Her obsession, her self-depreciation showed that she was a person DEAD INSIDE. This is WHY she was so prompt to kill herself so many times, to save people? No. To end herself. 

And then. Damon happened. Damon who was the less alive person on the planet, MADE BONNIE FREAKING BENNETT ALIVE. SEASON 6 BITCHES.

Either it is a friendship or a love relationship, Bamon > Delena

Bonnie came back in the realm of the livings and the first thing she said was “ NOW IT’S ME. ME. FIRST” She was ready to kick asses for her, she was ready to BE ALIVE. THis dynamic is insane and gives SO MUCH SENSE to a loooot of things and critics.

Also, now Bonnie let herself be in love. Damon literally saved her life. HE GAVE HER WHAT DE SHIPPERS CLAIMED HE GAVE TO ELENA WHEN IT’S not the case. Damon gave Bonnie the freaking holy fire ( no pun intended). Also it’s kinda interesting how magic is portrayed as life…

Season 7: Bonnie cries when Damon leaves and kill himself basically gives up on life. This is a nightmare for her. How the one who gave her life and the will to fight can kill himself? It’s a fail. It’s her worst nightmare. And now Damon is missing with Enzo. She lost her magic. What if it’s actually emotional? She lost it becaaause she’s dead inside AGAIN?.

So this is why this tv show was interesting.

100 Reasons NOT To Kill Yourself
  • 1. We would miss you.
  • 2. It’s not worth the regret. Either by yourself if you failed or just simply left scars, or the regret everyone else feels by not doing enough to help you.
  • 3. It does get better. Believe it or not it will eventually get better. Sometimes you have to go through the storm to get to the rainbow.
  • 4. There’s so much you would miss out on doing.
  • 5. There is always a reason to live. It might not be clear right now, but it is always there.
  • 6. So many people care, and it would hurt them if you hurt yourself.
  • 7. You ARE worth it. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise.
  • 8. You are amazing.
  • 9. A time will come, once you’ve battled the toughest times of your life and are in ease once again, where you will be so glad that you decided to keep on living. You will emerge stronger from this all, and won’t regret your choice to carry on with life. Because things always get better.
  • 10. What about all the things you’ve always wanted to do? What about the things you’ve planned, but never got around to doing? You can’t do them when you’re dead.
  • 11. I love you. Even if only one person loves you, that’s still a reason to stay alive.
  • 12. You won’t be able to listen to music if you die.
  • 13. Killing yourself is never worth it. You’ll hurt both yourself and all the people you care about.
  • 14. There are so many people that would miss you, including me.
  • 15. You’re preventing a future generation, YOUR KIDS, from even being born.
  • 16. How do you think your family would feel? Would it improve their lives if you died?
  • 17. You’re gorgeous, amazing, and to someone you are perfect.
  • 18. Think about your favourite music artist, you’ll never hear their voice again…
  • 19. You’ll never have the feeling of walking into a warm building on a cold day
  • 20. Listening to incredibly loud music
  • 21. Being alive is just really good.
  • 22. Not being alive is really bad.
  • 23. Finding your soulmate.
  • 24. Red pandas
  • 25. Going to diners at three in the morning.
  • 26. Really soft pillows.
  • 27. Eating pizza in New York City.
  • 28. Proving people wrong with your success.
  • 29. Watching the jerks that doubted you fail at life.
  • 30. Seeing someone trip over a garbage can.
  • 31. Being able to help other people.
  • 32. Bonfires.
  • 33. Sitting on rooftops.
  • 34. Seeing every single country in the world.
  • 35. Going on roadtrips.
  • 36. You might win the lottery someday.
  • 37. Listening to music on a record player.
  • 38. Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
  • 39. Taking really cool pictures.
  • 40. Literally meeting thousands of new people.
  • 41. Hearing crazy stories.
  • 42. Telling crazy stories.
  • 43. Eating ice cream on a hot day.
  • 44. More Harry Potter books could come out, you never know.
  • 45. Travelling to another planet someday.
  • 46. Having an underwater house.
  • 47. Randomly running into your hero on the street.
  • 48. Having your own room at a fancy hotel.
  • 49. Trampolines.
  • 50. Think about your favourite movie, you’ll never watch it again.
  • 51. Think about the feeling of laughing out loud in a public place because your best friend has just sent you an inside joke,
  • 52. Your survival will make the world better, even if it’s for just one person or 20 or 100 or more.
  • 53. People do care.
  • 54. Treehouses
  • 55. Hanging out with your soul mate in a treehouse
  • 55. Snorting when you laugh and not caring who sees
  • 56. I don’t even know you and I love you.
  • 57. I don’t even know you and I care about you.
  • 58. Because nobody is going to be like you ever, so embrace your uniqueness!
  • 59. You won’t be here to experience the first cat world emperor.
  • 61. Starbucks.
  • 62. Hugs.
  • 63. Stargazing.
  • 64. You have a purpose, and it’s up to you to find out what it is.
  • 65. You’ve changed somebody’s life.
  • 66. Now you could change the world.
  • 67. You will meet the person that’s perfect for you.
  • 68. No matter how much or how little, you have your life ahead of you.
  • 69. You have the chance to save somebody’s life.
  • 70. If you end your life, you’re stopping yourself from achieving great things.
  • 71. Making snow angels.
  • 72. Making snowmen.
  • 73. Snowball fights.
  • 74. Life is what you make of it.
  • 75. Everybody has a talent.
  • 76. Laughing until you cry.
  • 77. Having the ability to be sad means you have the ability to be happy.
  • 78. The world would not be the same if you didn’t exist.
  • 79. Its possible to turn frowns, upside down
  • 80. Be yourself, don’t take anyone’s shit, and never let them take you alive.
  • 81. Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary. Be your own hero.
  • 82. Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.
  • 83. One day your smile will be real.
  • 84. Having a really hot, relaxing bath after a stressful day.
  • 85. Lying on grass and laughing at the clouds.
  • 86. Getting completely smashed with your best friends.
  • 87. Eating crazy food.
  • 88. Staying up all night watching your favourite films with a loved one.
  • 89. Sleeping in all day.
  • 90. Creating something you’re proud of.
  • 91. You can look back on yourself 70 years later and being proud you didn’t commit
  • 92. Being able to meet your Internet friends.
  • 93. Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate
  • 94. Sherlock season three.
  • 95. Cuddling under the stars.
  • 96. Being stupid in public because you just can.
  • 97. If you are reading this then you are alive! Is there any more reason to smile?
  • 98. being able to hug that one person you havent seen in years
  • 99. People care enough about you and your future to come up with 100 reasons for you not to do this.
  • 100. But, the final and most important one is, just, being able to experience life. Because even if your life doesn’t seem so great right now, literally anything could happen
  • IF that isn’t enough:
  • Depression Hotline:1-630-482-9696
  • Suicide Hotline:1-800-784-8433
  • LifeLine:1-800-273-8255
  • Trevor Project:1-866-488-7386
  • Sexuality Support:1-800-246-7743
  • Eating Disorders Hotline:1-847-831-3438
  • Rape and Sexual Assault:1-800-656-4673
  • Grief Support:1-650-321-5272
  • Runaway:1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000
  • Exhale:After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-4394253
  • Child Abuse:1-800-422-4453
  • UK Helplines:
  • Samaritans (for any problem):08457909090 e-mail jo@samaritans.org
  • Childline (for anyone under 18 with any problem):08001111
  • Mind infoline (mental health information):0300 123 3393 e-mail: info@mind.org.uk
  • Mind legal advice (for people who need mental-health related legal advice):0300 466 6463 legal@mind.org.uk
  • b-eat eating disorder support:0845 634 14 14 (only open Mon-Fri 10.30am-8.30pm and Saturday 1pm-4.30pm) e-mail: help@b-eat.co.uk
  • b-eat youthline (for under 25’s with eating disorders):08456347650 (open Mon-Fri 4.30pm - 8.30pm, Saturday 1pm-4.30pm)
  • Cruse Bereavement Care:08444779400 e-mail: helpline@cruse.org.uk
  • Frank (information and advice on drugs):0800776600
  • Drinkline:0800 9178282
  • Rape Crisis England & Wales:0808 802 9999 1(open 2 - 2.30pm 7 - 9.30pm) e-mail info@rapecrisis.org.uk
  • Rape Crisis Scotland:08088 01 03 02 every day, 6pm to midnight
  • India Self Harm Hotline:00 08001006614
  • India Suicide Helpline:022-27546669
  • Kids Help Phone (Canada):1-800-668-6868, Free and available 24/7
  • suicide hotlines;
  • Argentina:54-0223-493-0430
  • Australia:13-11-14
  • Austria:01-713-3374
  • Barbados:429-9999
  • Belgium:106
  • Botswana:391-1270
  • Brazil:21-233-9191
  • China:852-2382-0000
  • (Hong Kong:2389-2222)
  • Costa Rica:606-253-5439
  • Croatia:01-4833-888
  • Cyprus:357-77-77-72-67
  • Czech Republic:222-580-697, 476-701-908
  • Denmark:70-201-201
  • Egypt:762-1602
  • Estonia:6-558-088
  • Finland:040-5032199
  • France:01-45-39-4000
  • Germany:0800-181-0721
  • Greece:1018
  • Guatemala:502-234-1239
  • Holland:0900-0767
  • Honduras:504-237-3623
  • Hungary:06-80-820-111
  • Iceland:44-0-8457-90-90-90
  • Israel:09-8892333
  • Italy:06-705-4444
  • Japan:3-5286-9090
  • Latvia:6722-2922, 2772-2292
  • Malaysia:03-756-8144
  • (Singapore:1-800-221-4444)
  • Mexico:525-510-2550
  • Netherlands:0900-0767
  • New Zealand:4-473-9739
  • New Guinea:675-326-0011
  • Nicaragua:505-268-6171
  • Norway:47-815-33-300
  • Philippines:02-896-9191
  • Poland:52-70-000
  • Portugal:239-72-10-10
  • Russia:8-20-222-82-10
  • Spain:91-459-00-50
  • South Africa:0861-322-322
  • South Korea:2-715-8600
  • Sweden:031-711-2400
  • Switzerland:143
  • Taiwan:0800-788-995
  • Thailand:02-249-9977
  • Trinidad and Tobago:868-645-2800
  • Ukraine:0487-327715

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I hate these writers b/c now I dont trust Ian with Mickey. People say Ian tries to suppress his feelings towards Mickey b/c he is in jail and there is nothing he can do, but is it love? Love is when you care about your partner. +

+ Mickey is alone in jail, maybe he starts every day with a hope that TODAY Ian will come and visit him. Ian’s visits would’ve made him so much happy. He doesnt have this feeling that Ian misses him. Can we be sure Ian loves Mickey when he didnt even stop for a second to think: “What if something bad happened to Mickey? What if he needs me?” Its Mickey who loves b/c after that he will take Ian with him to be left again. And the writers’ll still make him look dirty. I hate them. 

Okay, okay, slow down. You put a lot of things together. I don’t know if I can calm you in any way, but I’ll try. 

First of all, I just want to say that Ian is a complex character and very few people I know on here understand him at all (but, to be honest, I think most of the people on here didn’t even try that much). What I see is infinite love for Mickey, which is a wonderful character whom I love deeply, with wonderful character development - and then a sort of contempt, or disdain, for Ian. Because Ian’s character didn’t develop towards sanity, towards emotional stability, towards health. Ian’s character went to hell and back. Ian is broken and vulnerable, and, very dangerously , he doesn’t realize it. And, most dangerous thing of all, I don’t think the writers realize it. I don’t think the writers understand him, and this is why yes, I agree with you, I don’t trust Ian in the hands of these writers because I don’t believe the writers want that’s best for Ian, and, since they don’t know and don’t wanna know, Ian doesn’t know what’s best for him. It’s complicated and kinda makes me sick, because, empathizing with Ian, I feel terrible everytime I think about it. Not only is Ian neglected by his family in the show, but he is neglected by the people who created him. And it’s awful. 

So, I hate the writers too. But now let’s talk about my idea of Ian, which may not be the same as canon (we’ll see), but I think (probably presumptuously) it’s the closest to the real Ian that the writers created. 

Firstly, I just want to say I accept Ian’s behavior in S6 and S7. It makes total sense to me, and I wouldn’t change it at all. Yes, I would cut Sammi out of the equation so that Mickey would have never had to go to jail, because I think that, in that way, Mickey and Ian would have made peace and would still be together as of now.

People complain a lot about Ian’s change with his bipolar disorder, but it’s stupid to talk a lot about it, for me. Everyone deals with their mental illness in various ways, much like being diagnosed with a scary, physical illness like cancer. You can become crazier, you can become suicidal, you can become a killer, you can change completely or you can stay the same.

Ian escaped from his diagnosis, and he’s still escaping from it, after two years. And you know why? Because he doesn’t aknowledge the change it made in his life, he doesn’t aknowledge how the medication affects his mood, he doesn’t aknowledge his losses. Basically, he doesn’t aknowledge his feelings. None of them. He completely deletes himself emotionally. (and, btw, this is why Caleb and Trevor succeed in manipulating him. It’s not Ian’s personality. It’s not how he is. It’s a symptom of his illness that is still there.)

Now that I’ve explained what I think about Ian’s relationship with his feelings, do you understand what I mean when I say that Ian deeply, desperatly, truly misses Mickey, but he’s not able to aknowledge it to himself or others?

I am sure that Ian loves Mickey. Ian has always loved Mickey. Ian fell in love with Mickey since Season 1. Ian will always love Mickey, come what may. The problem is that Ian’s love is censored by Ian’s illness, and if the writers don’t realize this and do something about it, Ian won’t do something about it because he can’t deal with this by himself, and he’s having no help whatsoever, from no one. This is why, fucking fuck of a holy shit fuck, it’s so important for me that Ian goes to the-ra-phy. THERAPY! A smart, empathic, informed psychologist/psychiatrist is (probably) the only chance Ian has to really deal with his illness, instead of running from it and saying that he’s managing it only because he doesn’t do nothing crazy because he pops nine pills a day. 

Sorry if this is an Ian-centered post and it’s not what you wanted. But you asked some questions in your ask and I tried to answer as deeply as I could. Can we be sure Ian loves Mickey? Yes, I can be sure. I am sure. 
Do we know if Ian thinks of Mickey? Yes, I think he does think of Mickey, but tries not to as hard as he can. But he’s been with Mickey for five years. Usually, when you are that long with someone, it’s hard not to think about them everyday. Only because the writers don’t wanna show us, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. 

Love is when you care about your partner. Yes, but sometimes multiple things don’t allow you to. Obectively, Ian can’t take care of Mickey, because they are physically separated. Even if Ian went to see him, he literally wouldn’t be able to do anything for him. And that would damage his already very very frail, ill mind. Ian can’t take care of Mickey because he can’t even take care of himself. This is a situation I’ve lived many times. Keeping relationships and friendships in order while having a mental illnes is extremely difficult. People will sometimes feel abandoned by you, neglected, won’t understand you, and you will feel guilty, and you won’t be able to do anything about it, because the illness doesn’t allow you to. It’s as simple as that. You can’t be there for that people. You can’t give emotional support. Because you don’t have it in you and don’t have a way of creating it. 

In the end, the point is that sometimes, mental illness will stop you from loving. From feeling love, from knowing how to love. It’s horrible. It’s ugly. It is what it is. It’s not a death sentence. You can learn how to love again, you can remember what it was like. But Ian needs help, and if the writers won’t give it to him, then. Well. Gallavich doesn’t have a lot of hope, because Ian doesn’t have a lot of hope.

I mean. I do believe that Mickey could help Ian a lot, because Mickey knows how to love him, and loves him unconditionally. To be honest, I think Mickey’s the only one who truly ever loved Ian. I think Mickey understands Ian and sees Ian better than anyone (better than the writers, obviously, and better than all of us). But if the writers don’t agree, there’s not much we can do about that. 

These are my opinions on the matters you brought up. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts buzzing around. I love talking about these things.

And if anyone wants to share their thoughts too, go for it. I have to distract myself from real life problems. Please, distract me, lol. Have a gif of Ian hugging the only person in the world who sees him and understands him and accepts him for who he is. 

The Muppets: Kermit the Frog, INFP

INFP, the Healer, the Dreamer, the Harmonzier-Clarifier

So Kermit is my hero.

I realized early on in my MBTI-nerdom that we shared the same personality type, and all the strengths and weaknesses that go with it. By then, I’d already started collecting Kermit stuff. It began with a PEZ dispenser and now occupies a shelf in my living room. I appreciate Kermit’s willingness to be himself, to encourage the best in others, to roll with life’s chaos and keep moving, and his ability to come out of a self-critical tailspin and find his dreams again.

Dominant Function: Introverted Feeling (Fi), “Evaluate the Experience”

At his best, Kermit the Frog presents as chill, calm, polite, and even gallantly gracious. He has a high standard of professionalism and always says nice things about his guests. He has a strong desire to make the world a better place by making people happy through singing, dancing, and telling jokes.

He appreciates his own uniqueness and specialness, or “Bein’ Green,” a lesson he has to remind himself of from time to time. He also appreciates others’ individuality and quirks, which makes The Muppet Show a haven for the weirdos that work there. He has a strong inner sense of right and wrong, too, and can’t be convinced for anything to work for Doc Hopper’s frog leg restaurants—in fact, he denounces the commercials as the most horrible, despicable thing he’s ever seen. Kermit often finds himself standing up for the group against ruthless villains who would destroy their misfit, makeshift family group.

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.... Aria is still A. 5x25 THE REAL CLUES.

OKAY, I am QUITE disappointed in my Aria is A believers/theorists for throwing in the towel and assuming that Charles is A, and for all you people who jumped to theories about this finale and the “twin thing”, HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED?? “Charles” and the supposed twin thing, were HANDED TO US ON A Pretty Little Platter, therefore HE was NOT THE CLUE/clues given to us. It’s no wonder people we SO UPSET about this episode, because HELLO, we already knew HALF of these clues, SO WHY ISNT ANYONE LOOKING FOR THINGS THAT WERE THE NEW CLUES???????? Charles is NOT UBER A. HE IS ONLY A PIECE OF THIS PUZZLE. Not only did WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT THESE “clues” BEFORE THE FINALE, BUT Marlene said, A will not be revealed until season 6.   

There were SO MANY CLUES towards Aria in this episode. HONESTLY, I was shocked when I came on Tumblr after watching and NO ONE WAS POINTING ANY OF THEM OUT. My “Aria is A” believers REALLY let me down. Now, I don’t know how many of the clues that I have found are super big, but when you are able to find so many, I think its important, therefore I am posting about everything I noticed. Also, Marlene did say:

Lets dig in.

-In the van, Spencer was commenting on the fact the police think Ali is the leader and they were all following or something to that effect, and Aria says, “Does that make us the little pigs, or little red?” Connection to Pigtunia? Or Redcoat? Was redcoat small? (Spencer to Aria in the Season 2 finale,” You’re little, but you are big.”) Uber A? (screenshot was too dark to post)

-Hanna was telling the girls about jail, and said “They treat you like you’re a criminal, and its hard to remember that you’re not one.” When Hannah says this the camera goes to Aria’s face and she makes a nervous face and bites her lip (another lip and teeth connection.) Why would she bite her lip? If you were nervous about jail, I would understand the look, but biting of the lip signifies some feeling of guilt.

-It has been pointed out that the guy who took the girls from the van, looks like Andrew, and its true, it could be Andrew, but not because Andrew is “A”. I think, if anything, it points another finger toward Aria being in charge. We know for a fact that he pledged his loyalty to her in the last episode, and they have shown him being obviously sketchy lately, which makes his another piece, but I believe it is Aria’s game board.

-The GIRLS ROOMS: Okay so when the girls first get into the rooms, we obviously see them all in their rooms. That would be way to noticeable to not see Aria in her room. HOWEVER I noticed that Aria’s room was a little off. Where Aria’s closet door(S) usually are, there is only one door. And If you watch closely as the camera turns and shifts to make the “creepy” affect, where is Aria’s dresser that lies between the closet door(S) and her bedroom door? Not only is that missing from her room, but another thing that is missing, IS HER IN HER ROOM AGAIN. We see her go into her room several times at the time the girls go into their rooms, but we don’t see her IN HER ROOM again. We see Hanna, Spencer, and Emily at night OR we see their rooms being monitored on the “A” screens, but we never see Aria’s. Maybe the girls being watched is another significant clue. Remember those photos of Aria sleeping? Well maybe she wanted to watch them sleeping.

-When the girls meet up in the middle of the night when the generator goes off for a few minutes, like clockwork, Mona says, “It blasts the siren until you’d rather DIE than listen to it one more second.” Again, Aria’s face does something without checking with her first, and she makes a face of guilt.


-Aria Montgomery music committee. NOT ONLY DID ARIA KNOW WHERE TO WALK BEFORE THE VOICE EVEN STARTED TALKING, but she reads her card saying SHE was in charge of picking music for this dance. THERE IS A WHOLE LIST of songs from 7 years ago, but who chose this important  clue the “Unwritten” song, ARIA. Question is why? IS ARIA WRITING THIS STORY? If so, FOR HOW LONG? Lets not forget that Aria’s old babysitter mentioned her intense journals. After all, according to Ella in the last episode, Aria has had an eventful 4 years. HOWEVER, we have only been following the girls lives for 2 years. The show has been drawn out for us as viewers but the girls have gone through ALL OF THIS, in two years. (Read more about Ella’s interesting wording in my previous theory.) Let’s also not forget that in the Shadow Play episode, Aria tells Ezra, “the story is changing..” She says she is getting fascinated with the villain. Ezra asks “Does your villain win in the end?” and she replies, “Sometimes the villain wins.” Now where else have we heard about the story changing? OH, that right, the writers have told US that the show is about to change. “It started as one thing, but now it’s changing..” Marlene has also promised us a ENDING to THIS story in the first 10 episodes of season 6.
Moving right along to our next clue.

-At the “Ali” station, Mona writes to the girls on a ballet asking if they received a gas mask from A. The camera pans to Aria and ONCE AGAIN we see the most guilty look on her face, SHE EVEN TURNS HER FACE AWAY. As if, she wasn’t expecting Mona to ask the girls that, or even mention it. But WHY? We know the EZRA wore a gas mask in the Ravenswood episode, it’s possible that Aria gave that mask to “Ali” and asked her to wear it because of the Ali/Ezra connection. OR there is some super twisted Ali/Aria connection that we don’t know about yet.

-As Spencer and Mona are talking about the PROM POSSIBLITIES, Aria looks very intrigued at what they are saying, while the other girls look confused or uninterested. Perhaps they were pitching the idea to her RIGHT THERE. I tried to grab a screen shot of her little tiny open mouth smirk that she does, but I couldn’t it was so fast. If all that’s not enough, when the girls look up at the camera, ARIA FREAKING SMILES at it. It’s not a fake smile either. It is real.


-The liars start to make this prom happen and they look up at the camera for some affirmation that it looks ok, and when she does, we again see something VERY interesting from Aria. 


-As the girls walk back to the rooms, something VERY INTERESTING happened. I will put up some screenshots so you can see what the director chose to catch in this scene. The girls get to their rooms to find PROM dresses (theory coming soon). Aria turns and says to all four girls, “A thought of everything.” She looks at the liars, and they all walk into their rooms. The doors start to shut and Aria has this weird “hopefully they like them” look on her face. Then her door closes.  

**I think how they chose to stage this scene, speaks VOLUMES. With all four of them in 1 shot and Aria “at the head” in her own shot.**

Now for this next clue/connection lets head back to jail.

-As Ali is describing  the “A that stole the game from Mona” to Mr. and Mrs. Hastings, she uses the words “puppet- master”. Now from what I can remember, that term was never used until this episode where creepily we have seen a LOT of puppets. Even the promo pic that was released has the girls on puppet-strings. Now how does this have anything to do with Aria? Marlene recently posted a picture of Aria holding her pig puppet (on her hand like a puppet) and captioned it, “BEWARE of the Pig. You have not seen the last of Pigtunina.” Now with the clue above about the little pigs, and the fact that since that clue came out we haven’t seen the Pigtunia, again, and now the phrase “puppet master” has been used, can we assume we are to beware of the puppets MASTER? AKA Aria! If the clue WAS about Pigtunia, then why have Aria in the picture? She could’ve posted a picture of JUST THE PUPPET, but no she posted one of the ONLY TIME WE HAVE SEEN ARIA HOLDING THE PUPPET CORRECTLY, like a puppet master.

Now back to the dollhouse:

-That night, when the generator kicked off for a few minutes and the girls met up again, Spencer and Mona were talking about what they were going to build and Aria looked SO confused, and asked nervously what they were talking about because, she wasn’t aware earlier that they were talking about a machine, and not a kick-ass prom.  

Now those were all the HUGE clues that had to be pointed out and thoroughly explained, but some repetitive clues are these (some have pictures to go along, but some pictures have been used above):

-Aria’s door shut last everytime.

-Aria seemed VERY AT HOME in this dollhouse. The past few episodes she has been ANYTHING but calm, but in this episode she seemed, calm and confortable.

-When Aria would look at the camera(except the first time) she would smile at it. Sometimes it would be noticeable, others it was faint, but it was there.    

-Aria’s face did a LOT of weird things without asking. She said so herself.

-When Aria did look scared, she looked OVERLY scared, like it was an act.

-In this episode Aria really stays pretty quiet. She usually has a lot to say and sometimes she “guides” the liars in a direction with what she says about clues, but she really listened to their plans and let them hash stuff out. 

-Past Aria clues, and Marlene clues, that were connected to Aria haven’t yet been touched on, therefore, she could possibly be the Uber A that won’t been revealed until season 6.

 Now THIS theory was SPECIFICALLY for Aria. I HAVE A COMPLETE SEPARATE THEORY FOR THE PROM AND THE ENDING, THAT I WILL POST SOON. I actually have SEVERAL theories about this episode that will be posted soon. A LOT was reveAled in this episode. I watched it SEVERAL times before making theories so I could find as much as possible and evaluate everyone.


Kisses xxxx

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Mina’s Monday Recs: Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day Edition

Well, I’ve kind of been preoccupied with other things, which meant unfortunately that I was away from my laptop for most of Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day. :/ But for me, every day is Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day, so I thought it would be a good idea to do something a bit different this week from my usual recs. This week is entirely dedicated to fanfic. I’ve wanted to do a shoutout thing for ages – to a bunch of amazing writers whose writing has literally made it easier for me to get up some mornings, and whose stories I wish more than anything could be canon. I should also probably preface this by saying that I’m sure I will probably miss someone, but know that if I’ve ever left you a comment on your work, it’s because your story was quality. And of course, you can as always tag me in stuff you want me to read :)

So, in alphabetical order (because I need things to be in some kind of order, haha – but absolutely not in any particular order of awesomeness, because, well, all these writers are amazing):

absentlyabbie – HOLY WOW, Abbie is talented. :D I did not realise until I read her Toliver fic that I even shipped them together, but after I read Discoveries, it was difficult for me to ever remember not shipping them. The way she writes is so fluid and gorgeous, and it is definitely because of her fic that Toliver has basically ruined my life. Just saying. :P 

alanna-the-lionheart – Her 2x23 missing moment fic is definitely one of the best characterised season 2 fics I’ve read. I love how beautifully the missing gaps in that episode were coloured in in No Going Back. Especially the bit when Felicity invites Oliver inside her apartment, hehe. :)

anonymous033 – Ahhhhh, the queen of all things Nyssara! Seriously, though, Sophie’s fic, Here, in This Room (nsfw), remains up there as one of my absolute favourite Arrow slash fics ever, for me. There isn’t nearly enough femmeslash out there, and when both Nyssa and Sara are so gorgeously and wonderfully characterised (not to mention the smut was HOT)… well, what’s not to like? Seriously, even if you’ve never read Nyssara before, you should totally give this one a shot because it is just that well-written. 

anthfan - Wellllll, what can I say about this amazing author that hasn’t been said already? She just gets Oliver and Felicity so beautifully. Whether it’s a small missing moment drabble from 3x08 (The Table) or a fully-fledged smutty kind-of AU (Devil’s Backbone), you can guarantee that it will packed with emotion and incredibly well-characterised Olicity goodness.

arrow-through-my-writers-block - There is something fabulous about reading season 4 spec fics - and not just because they feature CANON established Olicity. It’s also because, well, this author’s New Threads series (my faves are part 1 and part 3) does so brilliantly in tiding me over this hellish hiatus while also weaving in the details we’re slowly learning about the team at cons and so on.

aubvi - Ahhhh, carefree!Olicity and during their road trip, no less, is my absolute fave. Aubrey’s dialogue between my OTP is just fab - especially in this lovely drabble, Caught in the Rain. She is definitely my go-to when I want some Olicity road trip happy fic. :D

dettiot - Melissa is one of my favourite smut writers, and with good reason, too. I mean, check out Now Playing, Number 14 (nsfw). My favourite thing about this fandom is the way everyone grabs at things the cast do or say and incorporate it (rather deliciously, I should add) into fic, and this was no exception. And, you know, I am a SUCKER for road trip smut, hehe. 

dust2dust34 - OH GOD BRE. Behold another Olicity smut goddess! Literally, her fics kill me. Whether it’s a gloriously naughty 3x20 smutlet like this one (nsfw) which happens to be the first fic I read by Bre, I think, or the achey perfection that is Mutual Release (nsfw), this wonderful writer never fails to deliver - and not just in terms of the sexytimes. Her writing is also just so beautiful.

effie214 - GAH. I don’t know how she does it, but literally everything Effie writes is pure poetry. Take come let me show you where life begins, for instance. Her style is so incredibly lush and beautiful and ARGH. And as if that wasn’t enough to ruin my life on its own, her tag fics are also just things of beauty. This one (nsfw) remains my favourite, just because you can never really get enough of Oliver going down on Felicity, imho. :D

gnimaerd - Duuuuuude. Sinceriously, I don’t even know what to say about this amazing author’s writing - except that SHE LITERALLY WRITES ALL THE THINGS I LIKE. Talk about being the queen of all things femmeslash! I could go on and on about her beautiful Olicity fics too, but I will focus for now on her gorgeous (and HOT) Nyssara fic, New Scars (nsfw) which quite literally took my breath away and made me realise how much I love Nyssara. And then there’s this amazing Laulicity fic called Distraction Techniques that does such a brilliant job on exploring Laurel’s character when she’s at her weakest. And of course, Laurel is my darling and there isn’t nearly enough fanfic out there with her in it - much less paired with another woman.

hopedreamlovepray - God, I ADORE how introspective this author’s fics are - to the point that I literally feel like I am in Felicity’s head when reading anything by her. Case in point: this wonderful fic set during 2x08, Just a Dance, which is a great homage to one of my favourite Olicity episodes in season 2 and, I think, a turning point for Oliver in terms of his characterisation. And then there’s this rather sexy fic that is the perfect domestic!Olicity story, Hanging Pictures and is another one of my favourite season 4 spec fics.

jedichick04 - Ahh, Rachel’s characterisation is always spot-on - whether we’re talking about Oliver, Felicity, Diggle or even Slade. I particularly love the funny lines she gives Felicity. In Where There’s Smoak, I was reminded why the timeline of Arrow Season 2.5 is known as the Summer of UST. I nearly spat out my tea laughing when Felicity says (entirely platonically, of course) “You look hot” to Oliver. :D And I have also been loving the stuff she’s produced for the Arrow Summer Rewatch, such as Workouts and Wisdom, which is such a fab missing moment in season 2. I love it when Oliver and Felicity talk things out. <3

juliesioux - I’ve said before that fanfic poetry doesn’t get nearly enough recognition in the fandom, and poems like this one really make me wish I could have that way with words. Such prettiness. Not to mention unaðurwhich is quietly sexy along with being really well-written. (Don’t be put off by the fact that the title is in another language, btw - the actual fic is in English, but I like how the author has used Icelandic words for her titles.)

lostolicityscenes - The author of these wonderful scenes deserves a medal. I adore the script format and the unique way these lost Olicity scenes play out. The Apartment is probably my fave. So much lovely Olicity banter, and as usual, the funniest Freudian slips by Felicity. :D

louiseblue1 - Lou is such a great writer! My favourite is definitely the Unexpected series. I love love love road trip fics, as I’m sure is obvious, and this little series was wonderful. Even though there were definitely angsty moments in it, and some serious Joliver tension in places, too, that angst contrasted beautifully with the much lighter moments. I still giggle at Barry the duck, to this day. ;)

machawicket - AHHH. Macha’s OlicitySpotting story (Hiking is Stupid) remains one of my absolute favourite fanfics based on that ridiculously feels inducing photo Stephen shared with us a while back. Just. WOW. And, actually, it was because of Macha that I even know what the term OlicitySpotting means, haha. I LOVE seeing how outsiders view Olicity and almost always think relationship goals. And then there’s this lovely domestic!Olicity fic which begins with the line “Why are you holding my underwear?” that had me squeeing until I was pretty sure my heart burst with the feels.

quiveringbunny - What would a rec list be without Lisa on it? To this day, The Dark Hours still gives me chills when I reread. I probably have already said I have a thing for missing moments, but especially from 2x23, and this was another excellent one. And one of my favourite things about this fandom is how so many of the amazing authors out there - which includes Lisa - are able to get Felicity’s babbling and lengthy internal monologue down to a tee.

seetheskyaboveus - Whoaaa. Her smut is legendary. I mean, check out Mission: The Wedding Night (nsfw). The author apologised for it being so long, but I LOVED IT. The only thing better than smut featuring my OTP is when the smut is plotty. :D

skcolicity - So there are fics that you enjoy, and there are fics that you squee over and there are fics that you giggle about because really you shouldn’t be reading it in public. And then there are fics like A Moment of Grief, which are so very well-written and stay with you because of how close to home it was. It’s angsty, for sure, but if you’re looking for a fic that addresses mental illness that imo Oliver is likely to suffer from, this is the one. At any rate, it stayed with me for a long time - well after I had finished reading it.

supersillyanddorky06 - Holy shit. That is what I say most of the time when I’ve finished something of Matty’s. I first caught sight of her work when the MTV Reblogs were happening - her Things They Learn series was sosososo good. Such a fabulous exploration of my OTP. And then I came across Underwear - the Door to Opportunities and nearly bust a gut laughing because what a wonderful and lightly naughty fic! It was after reading this fic that I realised how much I was missing out on all the alternate first meeting fics out there. Still, this one is definitely one of the best AUs I’ve read. Especially when it includes my darling Tommy.

susannahmccormick - Holy road trip gorgeousness, Batman! It’s great that we as a fandom use the scraps of info given to us in the hellatus as fic inspiration, and Ceci n’est pas un conte is a great example of that. (I’m assuming this was based on what Stephen said about when he thought Oliver realised he was in love with Felicity… if not, Susannah is obviously a psychic, lol.) There is so much lovely banter between them that I absolutely adore. This is one of those must read road trip fics. 

theshipsfirstmate - Yet another wonderful author of amazing road trip fic. My fave of the series is probably Pack Light, just because of all the tiny details the author picked up on - like the earrings and the Porsche and the dress. And there is such a beautiful, understated sexiness to each fic that I think is just the best.

thevegantargaryen - Okay, I will be honest. I literally only just discovered this author this morning, but my GOD am I glad I did. I am super excited for Sara to come back, however briefly, to Arrow verse, and the way that was explored with a couple of characters in the following drabbles was just fab. For instance, this Nyssara fic has such a unique take on Sara in a way that, for me, totally fits the more mystical mood season 4 is supposed to have. And then I came across this Canarrow fic that literally had me wailing. I’m an Olicity shipper through and through, but I LOVE the Canarrow dynamic and the haunting style of this fic still gives me chills now.

wagamiller - AHHHH. I first came across this delightful author around the time of us getting those 3x20 promos, when she wrote this spec fic called The Eye of the Storm (nsfw). Just. UGH. So many feels as Oliver and Felicity go for round two. :D And then there was this amazing fic, you’re the one that I want, which was delicious in an entirely different way - I’ve fantasised a lot about Oliver and Felicity being on his Ducati before, and MAN was there serious UST in this! There was so much in this fic that made me squee.

yespleasehawkeye - And while we’re on the topic of UST… check out Captivation. I absolutely love the way this author writes. She has such a way with words that I end up reading her fics again and again. The best thing is the way she writes established!Olicity - there is always such a gorgeous familiarity between them and their interactions. And obviously I love it when Felicity teases Oliver. :D And her smut is beautiful. One in Ten (nsfw) is just so incredibly well-written. Sure, it’s angsty, and with some delicate subject matter, but it was also handled and addressed really well. And the smut was gorgeous. I was sobbing by the end of it. You probably will too.

Good Lord, this is a long post. I’m sure I’ve missed people, and for that, I apologise. But if I have ever left you a comment on AO3, or  reblogged/liked your work, or if I’ve recced something of yours before, then that means I think you’re amazing - just as much as everyone on this list. Keep writing, keep reading and keep commenting/reccing/reblogging so all the fanfic writers out there get the recognition they deserve! And if you haven’t already, be sure to follow these fabulous people and leave a comment on their works.

Spread the love, as always, my lovelies. <3

(Also, apologies if you got notified twice. I tried editing something and the whole post messed up, so I had to go through and re-type things. Sorry.)

Recs from last week

My fics

The Epic Dance Battle *Part Three*

Originally posted by elusiveandcrazy

There is a challenge for guys and here are some guidelines:

Objective:Find the reference to a line in Stranger Things. (A/N: I recently finished Stranger Things and literally love it so much and can’t wait for another season full of an awesome soundtracks and talented child actors)

How you win:Message us your answer 

Prize:A personalized imagine to any fandom. (A/N:Literally any fandom)

(A/N:You must get the reference right to get the personalized imagine.

What if I don’t win:Send in your request anyway. We’re always open to new requests and would love to hear from you guys.

Summary: (Y/N) confronts her feelings about Stiles but its super hard to think about it when she doesn’t have time alone.

Pairing: Stiles x Reader


Fandom:Teen Wolf

After you got of the pool, you went to the room you shared with Allison and Lydia. As you entered the room, you called out for Lydia and Allison but nobody answered.

“Guess they’re not back yet.”

You decided to take a shower to get the scent of chlorine off your body.

After your shower,you got dressed into some comfy clothes. Eventually,Allison and Lydia came back from spa ranting on and on about it was one of the most relaxing experiences of their lives.

“Soooo…how was the pool?”

Lydia asked curiously.

“Good.I actually I met up with the boys.”

You explained.

“Did you wear the bikini?”

Allison questioned.

“Yeah. I did!”

“Ohhhhh….I’m surprised the boys didn’t make a move right then and there.”

Lydia inquired.

“No. Actually, on the walk to the pool, they all seemed distant and Scott was really pissy.”


Allison added.

“I know. But that’s not the only weird thing that happened…”

“Whatever do you mean,miss (Y/N)?”

Lydia hinted in an odd British accent.

“Well…Stiles and I were messing around in the lazy river and he pushed in the water and I pushed him and then suddenly….it was so weird…..it was like……I was looking at him……differently……like I-want-to-kiss-you-right-now differently…”

“You wanted to kiss Stiles?”

Allison said.

“I guess I did….I’m really confused too….”

“I’m not. I’ve been shipping you guys since day 1.”

Lydia stated.

“Whatever. I just a good night’s rest to clear my head about it.”

You confirmed.

“Soooo…I guess that means you’re not coming with us to singles meet and greet tonight.”

Allison asked.

“Singles meet and greet? You two?”

You asked pointing at Lydia and Allison.

“Actually,the whole pack. It was on the itinerary,(Y/N).”

Lydia stated.

“I’m surprised you got the guy to go.”

You said barely holding in your laughter.

“Yep! And you need to help us pick out the most I’m-fiery-sexual-female-predator-so-come-and-get-me outfit”

Lydia said in a spunky fashion.

You and Allison burst out in laughter.

“I’m just kidding,guys. Come on!”

Lydia said as she dragged the two of you to help her pick out her look.

                                      1 hour and 20 minutes later

“You guys look great! Go get ‘em tigers!”

You said as you bid your friends farewell.

As you laid on your bed, you looked up at the ceiling and pondered.

I can’t believe I wanted to kiss Stiles. I mean he’s my brother’s best friend. He’s my best friend. I never find him hot or attractive or kissable.’

So why now? Why do I have to realize all of this now? Why couldn’t it have been like 4 years?

I can’t possibly like him. (Y/N), you are a practical person. You have to look at the facts here. 1.Scott would totally not be okay with it. 2.He probably only sees you as the little girl who had to borrow his pencil in kindergarten.

You know what! You can’t do this! You can’t sit in your hotel room alone pondering about a boy. He’s snuggling up to some girl at the Singles Meet and Greet while you’re here wasting your time.

You got of the bed and looked at Lydia’s itinerary.

It was about 8:30 now and looked under events around the present.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

I could take ballroom dancing lessons. I’m down for that elegant shit. Let’s do this!

You changed out of your comfy clothes and changed the fanciest outfit you brought on the trip.

While you were walking to the ballroom, you kept reassuring yourself that this was going to be awesome.

You got this,(Y/N). You are probably gonna get set up with some handsome gentleman tonight. You got this.

As soon as you walked in,you spotted a familiar face.


“Hey (Y/N)!”

“Hey…hey…hey Stiles”

You said awkwardly. This was supposed to be a very non-Stiles filled night but the night had taken a very unexpected turn.

“What are you doing here? Aren’t supposed to single-ing it up at the meet and greet?”

“Umm…nah…that’s not really my scene..”

God,you’re cute.’ ‘Shut up,(Y/N).

“I’m guessing you looking at Lydia’s itinerary.”

“Yup.Affirmative. That’s what has…me…here…right now…in here….with you…”

You were slowly losing your shit by the second. You seriously could not think of a more embarassing moment then right now.

“Hello,class! I’m Miss Tina and I will be your ballroom dancing instructor.”

A loud female voice interrupted you and Stiles.

Thank god for Miss Tina

“I assume you all have partner tonight. So I’m going to put some music on and you just feel it out,okay?”

She said strongly.

Please don’t! Please don’t ask because I won’t be able to refuse and then I’ll make a complete fool out of myself

“Hey,you want to be my partner?”


“It would be my honor,sir”

You said in a fancy fashion.

He held his hand and lead you to the dance floor.

You were intimidated by all the other couples dancing skills and Stiles could see it.

“Hey…how about we saw them how to really dance?”

Stiles said.

You immediately knew what he meant and nodded.

And then you started to dance with Stiles.

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“Ummm….excuse me,young lady! That is not how you dance,”

An annoying redhead boomed.

“Sorry are you talking to me?”

You said furiously.

“Yes! You have no class!”

“Hey! Don’t talk to her like that!”

Stiles defended.

‘Oh my god he’s defending me!’ ‘Shut up any good-willed person would do what he’s doing right now.’

“You know what? Marco,let’s show them how it’s done!”

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“Wow! I’m so impressed.”

You said sarcastically.

                   2 hours of boring ballroom dancing later

Eventually you and Stiles got back to your room and relaxed for a while.

“They’re so stupid!”

“I know”

“They’re all like, ‘Sandy,darling,I love you so lets eat this caviar to prove how rich we are’”

“Yes,Marco! Absolutely marvelous! With champagne!”

You both giggled.

“And Sandy,dear,may I just say you look beautiful tonight?”

You broke out laughing as Stiles looked at you and built courage to say what he wanted.

“You do look beautiful,(Y/N)”

You looked Stiles shocked.

“Stiles,stop! You might even make me blush.”

“But it’s true”



You climbed on top of him with your legs around sides of his waist.


And in a instant, Stiles sat up from the bed and took you with him.

Your faces were inches apart. You both were breathing so heavily.

“Are you okay?”

He asked. His voice so sincere.

You nodded because you were afraid of what you would do if you opened your mouth to speak.

“Friends don’t lie.”

He said.

All of a sudden the door swings open and surprise awaits.

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated. I had a lot of fun writing this. Thank you guys for so much support!

FDTD 3x06 Review:

Yes its that time again and jeez do I have major emotions after this episode. Much as I enjoyed last weeks B-movie SUPERNATURAL/Hitchcock inspired monster fest this was the second strongest hour of Dusk this season! We’re finally at the halfway point in the show’s riveting 3rd season and the stakes have never been higher. All the performances in 3x06 were stellar, the twisted humor was an added bonus, the creepy SAW atmosphere was fun as it was disturbing, emotions ran higher than ever and once again the action sequences were simply astonishing.The shining stars of this episode however were definitely Zane Holtz, DJ Cotrona and Madison Davenport.


Seth & Richie Gecko: this was probably the most emotional episode for these two so far this season and in the series overall. It was interesting to see how vulnerable they became; Seth fighting to control his anxiety and fear of losing Richie while remaining focused on the mission to rescue him and whether or not he has it in him to do the alternative. And Richie struggling with his sanity after the abduction as well as succumbing to Amaru’s power. As we go deeper and darker into the story the tragedy unfolding between the brothers becomes all the more apparent. Regardless of unresolved issues 3x06 demonstrated the unconditional love the Geckos have for one another. And its that very sacred bond that will be put to the ultimate test as the episodes go on.

Zane and DJ’s onscreen chemistry together has never been more flawless and spectacular. Its simply the driving force of Dusk. Both of them gave powerful performances in 3x06. I was in tears during every one of their scenes. Even their quick fight scene together was gut-wrenching. I felt their pain and their struggles with both Richie’s abduction and Xibalban possession. And I almost got the feeling they wanted to challenge Madison and Brandon’s Fuller siblings for who could tear at your heartstrings the most. If I was gutted anymore after this episode I’d be hollow because I swear the Gecko brothers are going to break my heart. If there’s one thing Zane and DJ really excel at together either than the humor its the emotional brotherly angst which I’ve been missing since season 1. THAT HUG BETWEEN THEM DESTROYED ME! MY GOD!

Zane was absolutely brilliant hands down in this episode too. He killed it again. Zane has shown so many sides of himself in this series and 3x06 was no exception. He scared the hell out of me with those Jack Torrance [The Shinning] vibes as he stalked the unsuspecting team Gecko! I seriously can’t get enough of this man’s acting. This was probably the most challenging material he’s had yet on Dusk because it was taking Richie Gecko to a whole other level of darkness while remaining true to the spirit of the character. What I loved about this episode was that it wasn’t just about Richie’s decent into madness but it also emphasized the daily battle with his inner demons. Demons that Amaru manifested turning Richie into a raging monster which is frightening given how much his good side has to fight to suppress that dark side. It only defines how much more of a tragic figure he is underneath all that sass, confidence and emotional armor. 

And even while possessed and somewhat soulless, Richie still maintained a piece of his former self [like refraining from killing any of his teammates but locking them all up] thinking of his brother above everything else who he still cared about in his own twisted way. Richie still wanted to protect Seth [locking him in that control room] and give him what he always dreamed [Elrey] even if it was with sinister intentions. 

I loved Seth rising to the occasion in this episode as well not just as an established leader of the team but also in his affection for Richie. The beautiful thing about the Geckos was that even in Richie’s monstrous state of insanity Seth still loved him. He still defended Richie when his team disregarded him. And he tried to use that love and devotion to fight for Richie’s soul even if he wasn’t enough. I was cheering the whole time because this was the Seth I’ve always wanted to come through. God that scene where Seth sets his brother on fire to save him had to be one of the most difficult things he’s ever had to do. The expression on his face when he did it just annihilated me. 

Another eerie thing about this episode was it further foreshadowed Richie’s fate; that my theory of him sacrificing himself at the end of S3 will happen and how much its going to hurt Seth. Richie’s guilt over Ximena’s death and the death of that asylum inmate is only going to provoke that crucial decision all the more. The pain is coming guys and it won’t be merciful.  

Kichie/Amarichie: aside from the Gecko brothers and the Fuller siblings my other favorite Dusk relationship is and will always be Kichie. Though Kate didn’t reach out to Richie in this episode I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the interaction between Zane and Madison the whole time. They really turned up the heat. Despite playing a different character either than Kate and Richie being under a Xibalan possession the chemistry between them has never been more fiercely electric than its ever been. They simply carry that connection into their dark personas so genuinely that it almost makes you root for them as much as you would actual!Richie & Kate. 

There was something strangely erotic about their scenes in 3x06 from that moment where Amaru took a hold of Richie’s hand telling him “remember what we shared” to the scene where she stuck his hand in that hell doorway. It felt very much like I was witnessing a demonic sex scene with Richie all sweaty under that exhilarating look of pleasure on his face matching Amaru’s. At the same time watching the Richie/Aamru scenes was heartbreaking for me because Amaru was actually using Kate’s memories once again as a way to compel and manipulate Richie’s thoughts, feelings and emotions. I couldn’t help feeling Kate’s pain through it all. Trapped and forced to watch a person she cares about mangled against his will.

I even felt a twinge of anger watching the Amarichie scenes because it brought back all those painful memories of what Santanico had done to Richie in the first two seasons of Dusk. Yes guys if you think what Amaru did to Richie in 3x06 was bad might I remind you of the hell Santanico put him through in S1 and S2? there’s no comparison. This isn’t the first time Richie’s head has been messed with. I don’t care how evil and wrenched Amaru is, it doesn’t change the fact that Santanico used, abused, manipulated and forced him to murder an innocent person against his will. It doesn’t erase what Santanico put Richie through mind-f**king with him [just as Amaru had done] and nearly driving him crazy all season 1. So yes I still have a lot of resentment towards Santanico’s character and Amaru’s torture of Richie reopened those wounds. It was disheartening to watch. 

That said the Amarichie scenes had its entertaining moments, especially that quick scene where they were both red-eyed grinning at each other in the car like the power-couple-from-hell; after the car rammed into Sex Machine lol. I could tell Zane and Madison had a blast working together in this episode and it showed onscreen. I hope the writers continue to let these two interact on the show because their scenes are always fantastic. Zane’s best work on Dusk is with DJ and Madison period. Those dynamics are the most interesting of all.

I still hope Kate comes through I haven’t given up hope our girl will reach out to Richie. I’ve been really missing Kate all season even though Madison is slaying it as the demon queen. But at least we got a few Kichie references in 3x06 including the moment where Amaru echoed Richie back at the pool with Kate. 

We also sort of got another Kichie [Amarichie] hand scene. I just hope we get actual Richiekate scenes soon because I’m dying for the follow up of that “I hope you burn in hell” moment they shared before Kate’s death in 2x10. Another thing I found interesting this season is the writers have managed to show us not one but TWO romantic relationships between a human and a culebra. First there was Kisa/Santanico & Manola. Then there was Freddie & Ximena. While both of them ended in tragedy I couldn’t help getting the notion these relationships hinted at Richie & Kate’s future together; a future where they will make it work. Because if there’s one thing I know  those other couples didn’t have; its Richie and Kate’s unique simple human connection.

However I have this tormented feeling that Richie’s sacrifice is going to do with Kate and not just saving the world or Seth. Its being made very clear by the writers how significant their connection is and that it may play a pivotal role in rescuing Kate. Richie is going to save her no matter the risk. I guess this means my Romeo & Juliet of the Underworld nickname is gonna stick after all.

Other episode highlights in this episode include the hilariously growing animosity between future brother-in-laws Scott and Richie. That fight scene between Brandon and Zane was bananas insane! I especially loved that moment where possessed!Richie gives Scott the finger lol. Also we said a heartfelt goodbye to one of Dusk’s newest additions Ximena [who I really liked as well as her scenes with Freddie] carrying with that the added angst between Freddie Gonzalez and Richie. 

Buckle up guys the storm is coming and its going to hurt a lot.