of all the the people

I’ve lived in this house for 6 years and still don’t know any of my neighbors names

it frustrates me immensely that the primary mode of social interaction for people my age is apparently “large parties at loud bars” because like, that is the least optimal kind of social interaction for me

I can’t hear you and I don’t know 50% of these people which means I just hide in a corner talking to no one

can’t I have board game nights with max five other people or something, why can’t we do that

scenarios are so fucking specific lately, like, back in the day it would be like “imagine exo crushed on you” but now people requests shit like “imagine exo dating a pink haired 167cm tall ballerina with anxiety that nearly dies in a car accident and for some reason they fight her ex” bruh

y'all are fucked up

MORE ACCURATE FATESONA GEM because Jin is becoming less and less like me by the day, I’m just gonna let him be his own character~~

I needed to give some fatesona’s hugs to welcome myself in lolol HERE! in order we have~

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@dryde -Tobias!!!!

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David Tennant Don Juan in Soho Stage door 17th March 2017 

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Alright so here we go I’m gonna barrage you all with some sappy bullshit in order to try and express some sort of gratitude for you guys making a mistake that you can’t seem to fix. Which is following me. I know, I know, its like a disease its hard to cure but maybe eventually you guys can get back to your senses eventually.

Obviously, I’m kidding. Mostly.

I’m not gonna squish too long about this–just know that I appreciate everyone who has enjoyed this blog and my writing. And I also appreciate every one of my RP partners that are better writers than me and the people I haven’t interacted with yet but appreciate all the same.

OK So first of all

@disturbedtwinky and @owlet1 You guys thought you would escape this but you nerds aren’t getting away I don’t CARE if its out of context you guys are the best friends for shooting bandits and dealing with my love of Mad World. Love you lots. K back to our regularly scheduled programming

The Ones I Admire: These are the nerds I get the most advice and overall great interaction and I love them in a totally platonic and not creepy way. I love all of you guys in different ways:
@violentnonretirement (aka soldier senpai)
@simple-geometry (Aka sister nerd)
@lelogedelaveuve (You know why you’re on here don’t deny it)
@vasvvani (you slay and you’re a queen)
@nichtschaden (#bestdoctortotallynotuncoordinated)
@the-rad-doctor (#bestsmoldoctor  #can’tholdaguncorrectlybutitsOK)

OK onto the people that are just a joy to have on the dash: @veuve-lilac, @wakairyuu, @timexout, @wundertater, @stormarrows, @chronal-anomaly, @snsdva, @pungseon-kkeom, @dirsirvan, @love–dva, @shortstoutandswedish, @soldierofhorus @angelarivm @asclepiusangel @pink-mecha-bunny, @he-is-my-hero

New People I want to interact with: @ryujinoken, @ryu-no-kokoro, @angel-of-the-skiies, @dancingspiders, @snxwplum, @breakiitdown, @well-lush-rocketpunch, @gasoliiniic, @ridesagain

Also, btw, @max-cocoa You’re great and I wish you love and happiness because you give me compliments I don’t deserve

OK I’ve gone on long enough and I know I didn’t state everyone on here because that’s far too many people. Everyone have a good day!

I find it really funny that I got 50+ requests a day during a period when my writing wasn’t that great. Now that I’m actually learning and developing my skills, the fandom is quiet and fic writers seem to be getting less and less attention. 

My only regret is that the content I produced back then wasn’t up to my current standard, even though it was the mark of a beginning. I wish the people who requested back then were able to see me grow and develop like this, but I know most of them are gone or have moved on to different fandoms. If I only knew then how much I’d grow. I wouldn’t have let any of the haters beat me down. 

i can’t believe that it has been    four months   since i started on this wonderful journey with you all !!! during the past four months i have grown and learned so much, and it’s all thanks to you wonderful cupcakes which stood by me. you have been there during the  BAD  and the  GOOD  days and i am simple blessed to have you guys with me at this important point of my life ♥. 


@physiiologic // @siideraliis ; you came into my life at a moment when i only saw darkness, you were ( and still are ) one of the few brighter spots during my day. i hope that you’re living a good life, that you’re happy and loved by those around you. i hope that there are flowers resting on your hair and growing out of your heart ; keep on sharing love, because you saved my life, and that surely adds to your good karma jar.  

@absintheabsence ; ‘ and when the morning light, decides to shine. you will find, i’m still here. ’ once i send you that poem ; said that it reminded me of you. and it still does. you have such a kind and loving heart and i can’t believe i’m lucky enough to have gotten to know you. your kindness is unmatched, it truly is. you have helped me realise that shit wasn’t right, you have helped me see exactly how bad things were. you opened my eyes and gave me strength to get out of there, and nothing i say can ever thank you enough for that. 

@rinmorxn // @featheredfiend ; you are president of the mani fanclub, and honest to god, i don’t know why you even waste your time with me. i still cannot understand why you put up with my broken english, my horrible plot ideas, my awful edits ( and above all ) my paranoid nights. but oh, my darling, you deserve the world and the stars. you deserve flower-filled fields and kisses of the spring sun. don’t ever forget that, and don’t ever forget that if i could, i would give all of those things and more to you.    

@rolcplaycr ; my sister from another mister ! i know life is hard, i know that it’s trying to drag you down, but my darling, never forget that you’re an angel with your wings clipped. flight is still a part of you, and even if the world gives you a hard time, know that you hold divinity between your hands ; know that you are worth so much more than people want you to believe. keep on being the way you are, my sweetheart. because soon the world will be at your feet, because i know that you’re gonna go far in life ( i only hope that you’ll think of me once you reach the top


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  • lili reinhart: beronica will never be canon because that's ridiculous and our show isn't fanfiction
  • also lili reinhart: haha love the beronica tag tho!! 😜
  • y'all demons: WOW 😱😱😱 what a Gay Icon™🌈🌈 when will ur fave ever?🐸☕️homophobia whom???😫😫

LISTEN UP KIDS this is going to be a very important meta about how both spencer & shane are wrongly vilified, how rick isn’t a saint ( shock horror ) & how all three are more alike than you think ( @gutspilt​ i got ur back boo ).

first thing’s first. who is the primary character we follow from day one? who do we base our reactions off of depending on their experience in this new world so far? you guessed it: RICK GRIMES. rick is the storytelling focus; we watch his development and - consciously or not - base our opinions on other characters upon situations he’s been through thus far. we see the world through rick’s eyes, so it’s not surprising we inherit some of his internal bias, even though we as viewers are capable of seeing the whole picture.

this leads onto my main point: how both spencer and shane are directly antagonistic towards rick, ergo they’re immediately painted in a bad light. but think about the parallels for a second, and you’ll start to see why, if you praise rick’s actions, you can’t immediately condemn those opposing him.

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