of all the babies

“No matter how far apart you are, or how long you haven’t seen him…that doesn’t change the fact that you are his daughter.” 

Loved seeing the scene where Sarada smiles! 

More BUDGET friendly tips...for BEAUTY

It’s always the battle of the CENTURY when I go into Sephora and try not to buy up the store.

1. Rinse Splenda and Gift daddies for higher end makeup brands. NARS or YSL foundation is around $50-$60. If you have the TIME and ENERGY to entertain them, they can really help you upgrade your wardrobe (staple pieces), hair bundles, and experiment with high end fragrances and makeup, which in turn will attract more $$$ from wealthier men. (I actually read this somewhere on tumblr anyway, and it’s so true I had to rewrite it)

2. Go to the till / register of Sephora and DONT SLEEP ON THE MINIs. They have mini NARS concealer, UD setting spray, Tom Ford roller ball fragrances, Becca Highlighters, Kat Von D primers, Laura Mercier powders and SO MUCH MORE (and they’re long lasting) for half the price.

3. Don’t sleep on synthetic wigs. Youtube “Affordable Wig Lookbook” and many of the videos will end with “All Under $50!” Or “Under $20!”. You can find great inexpensive wigs (that don’t look plastic or unrealistic) through these methods. I have a 2 $20 synthetic halfwigs that I get complimented on EVERY single time I go out. For reference, I’m natural and type 4something and if you want your edges to blend get a YAKI texture.

3a. Black and white men always come up to me and try to separate and “praise” me for not being like other black girls and wearing fake hair. Little do they know….shaming other black women to lift me up does not work and two, men are fools.

4. TJMaxx/TKMaxx, Ross, Marshalls for body scrubs, hair products, and sometimes high end or luxury products! I’ve bought Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Marc Jacobs from there in the last few months. All for under $20.

5. SAMPLES. I use a specific Tom Ford fragrance that I don’t want to use my own money to pay for (lol). Until then, I go into my local Sephoras every week and get samples of my fav fragrances. You can get up to 3 samples of nearly anything in the store everyday.


Karakakoo! Yayayawoo!

Happy birthday, Minder! We Yoshis are so happy to celebrate with you! Bom! Did you enjoy your day, yoshi? We Yoshis are glad you got such nice presents! And we Yoshis are glad you shared your cake with us, yoshi! Ehehe, nom!


Poochy! Don’t jump on the cake, yoshi! Don’t worry, I won’t let those naughty little Yoshis steal the treats on the top this time! Minder says they’re for you, yoshi!


Happy birthday again, Minder! Thank you for always looking after us Yoshis! Let’s have another fun birthday next year, yoshi!

I feel really uncomfortable and anxious in my current apartment a lot of the time. There’s this middle aged man who I know lives downstairs who freaks me out. When I pulled up to park after getting home late from work tonight, he was outside smoking. He smokes a lot, and wears this same blue tank top like, every day. And I went into panic mode because my car is up against the curb, there’s the grass, then the sidewalk, and he just slowly stumbled around on the grass part right next to my car, looking at me. He always stares at me whenever he’s outside while I’m coming and going. I made sure my car was locked, and just sat there for a bit, and soon enough he went back inside. 

So for that, and a few other reasons, I’m just worried about how I’m gonna handle living here for another 10 months… Like, I’ve been out of the state for a while and this is my first night back, and I already want to pack up my stuff and go home. I just want to be home. Idk if I’ll ever feel good about living anywhere else again… 

So. When I was in 5th grade. All my classmates had ganged up on me and called me a lesbian and I didn’t even know what it meant at the time. I even said “I’m Spanish. Not lesbianese”

Anyways. At lunch a lunch lady had saw them making fun of me and asked when they said and I told her they called me a lesbian and she told them to apologize????

And then I remember telling my teacher the next day and as class was leaving she asked for me to hang back. She told me that being a lesbian was nothing bad and to just ignore them. I was like “I don’t even know what a lesbian is? All i said was that queen amidala was so pretty I wanted to marry her” and my teacher chuckled and nodded her head before saying that I could go.