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Hogwarts AU

For a couple of months now I’ve been drafting up concepts for a YOI Hogwarts AU, my next writing project after ‘Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts’ is finished. You can find all the information I’ve so far released in my ‘Hogwarts AU’ tag including some character backstories but I figured since there is such a Harry Potter/YOI craze going on at the moment, it was finally time to post a proper summary to let people know what they can expect from the fic when it finally gets written! 

Title - Falling For Your Charms

Rating - Teen and Up Audiences (tbc)

Archive Warnings - No Archive Warnings Apply

Relationships - Katsuki Yuuri/Viktor Nikiforov

Characters - Katsuki Yuuri, Viktor Nikiforov, Yuri Plisetski,  Christophe Giacometti, Phichit Chulanont, Celestino Cialdini, JJ Leroy, Otabek Altin, (other characters tbc)

Tags - Alternate Universe - Harry Potter Setting, Hogwarts, Fluff, Getting Together, Charms Professor Viktor, Transfiguration Professor Yuuri, Half-Veela Viktor, More Tags To Be Added


Professor Katsuki’s crush on Professor Nikiforov is supposed to be a great secret.

So naturally, the whole school knows 

….in regards to my last post, it’s also worth mentioning that choc-chip-pancakes has surpassed 1000 followers! thank you so much everyone, this is incredible, i never would have imagined that my silly little blog would get this far! :’D thank you for the support, thank you for being friends to me, and thank you for sticking around thus far!


[Blog & Personal Updates]

((Hey everyone, I hope you’re all enjoying Stormblood! I just have a couple of updates that I wanted to share with you!

Don’t be alarmed if you’ve not seen me on Balmung recently; I’ve been playing Stormblood on Tonberry since the queue times are much better and to catch up with my friends on that server. Once things settle down, I’ll be running my alts through Stormblood on Balmung. I’m loving the expansion so far and it’s been amazing to meet up with so many old friends!

When it comes to irl stuff that I have posted in the past, I just wanted to share with you all that the boss who was giving me such grief at work has recently left to manage another store. One of our grocery managers has taken her place, and my stress levels have plummeted and my hours have increased. I’m no longer hating my work, and I’ve decided to stick it out there until I find something more permanent. My mental and overall health has improved since she left, and I’ve finally been able to come off one of the awful medications I’ve been stuck on for the last year! Things are looking up! ♪

Finally, I know that many of you lovely people have sent me asks that I’ve left unanswered for a long time now. So I’ve decided that every Wednesday from here on, I’ll be borrowing a computer at the local library to answer asks/ reblog and post any memes I’ve been tagged in. This should help me be online a bit more, help me save money on my phone bill (my last one was over $200, eeek!), as well as letting me respond quicker to things.

That’s all for now; please look forward to this blog being more active! Be kind to one another ♥ ))

Arta (& Nugget)

jessycarpenter  asked:

I know this is like really off topic but do you know if yahoo email addresses will be safe to use for Tumblr after the 30th? My emails aren't any of those that are listed on that post circulating but everyone is talking about switching to gmail and obviously I use a yahoo one and I'm so anxious about this I can't seem to get a straight answer ugh. I made my email when my family was with altell which was bought out by AT&T so do I need to change it?

I think you should be fine? As far as I know, a yahoo email isn’t affiliated with AT&T. I know next to nothing about all this stuff, though, and I’ve always been using gmail, so maybe someone else will have a better answer in the notes of this post. But imo, you should be okay.

–Mod Mercy

okay real talk, i wanna write in my au where leia grows up with owen && beru, while luke’s a prince of alderaan. so press ♥ to plot // for a starter in this au.

important notes i have set up thus far:

  • leia is VERY DIFFERENT in this au than in canon, she’s a lot more rash && open with her feelings rather than haughty, she’s a lot more arrogant, a lot less refined && polite, && because of the traditional gender roles && expectations on tatooine she’s a lot more angry if thats even possible.
  • owen already has hired help for his farm, instead leia helps beru run the home, owen who fears leia becoming like her father or ending up as a slaver being sold off as a wife, is very adamant about her learning to take care of their home, 
  • owen && beru also try to set her up with other farmers, since they’ll pay a nice dowry to marry her because of her age —— it’s not out of malice or to get rid of her, but because they see it as the safest option + it’s what they are raised with && brought up with as a norm.
  • she is eventually married off to another farmer, whom she DESPISES with all of her being. while owen && beru married for love, it is common for farmers to buy their wives. though leia’s not a slave, she is seen as his property && wishes to escape from the second they are wed.
  • instead of owen && beru, it’s leia’s husband who buys threepio && artoo  && it’s from luke she receives this message that is meant for obi-wan.
  • when threepio tells leia that artoo is said to belong to obi-wan, she decides to go find old ben kenobi along with threepio && artoo… mainly because she wants to run away from her husband. like llike they are ambushed by sand people, but saved by obi-wan.
  • like in anh, they travel to mos eisley where they meet han && chewie with the intention of going to alderaas. but of course they end up at the death star where they save luke.
  • leia doesn’t tell anyone but obi-wan that she’s married because it’s something she likes to repress.
  • leia goes to dagobah with artoo, && struggles with her training more than luke did && yoda sees much more of anakin in her.
  • leia struggles a lot more than luke does with not turning to the dark side, so her turning to the dark side && joining dad vader is a possible outcome as well.

anonymous asked:

I hear you. I'm trying to be much more careful about who I reblog from but it's not as easy to find stuff out, especially since I've largely distanced myself from fandom because of the grossness. I just wanna keep Zev and Reyes and Kaidan and all the other folks fandom shits on and misinterprets far away from them.

nah it’s not worth worrying over every little post, you obviously are aware of the shit you’re trying to avoid so that’s a good thing in itself my guy. but yep agreed those boys deserve so much better than what fandom gives them lmao 

**Do not repost/use without permission

Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!

This Friday (31st March) is Trans Day of Visibility

[This post refers to TDoV 2017; other years will have TDoV on a different day of the week]

It’s that time of year again! That awesome day where trans people share their selfies and stories. It’s one of the two largest trans advocacy days, the other being Trans Day of Remembrance (20th November). That day is dedicated to mourning and solemnity, while this day is a day to celebrate being alive! Like last year, I’m not sure of the absolute official hashtag, so I’m guessing there’ll be a variety in use, such as: #tdov #transdayofvisibility #trans day of visibility #trans visibility #trans pride #transresistance #trans resistance

This day has been recognised since 2009 and is increasing in popularity and support each year, but there’s still a long way to go in spreading the word. Visibility is something that the trans community often has to struggle for, so this is our time to step out of the shadows, take pride in who we are, and show the world that we exist and we’re here to stay.

If you are trans

This is your day. No matter your gender - whether you’re male, female, or any nonbinary gender - anyone who isn’t cis (ie. whose gender is different from the gender they were assigned at birth) can participate. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and be visible. If you’re comfortable, post a selfie. Share your story. This is your time to be proud of who you are! It can get hard and lonely sometimes, but there’s a whole community here who have your back.

If you are not trans

Please also get involved - don’t leave this day just up to us. Today is a day for you to support and listen to the trans community. Show us some love by reblogging some selfies and reading some stories, whether you browse through the tags listed above or stick to your mutuals. Now is a perfect opportunity to learn about our wonderful community and to look at some beautiful people. It’s a win-win, really.

Above all, I hope everyone has a fantastic TDoV! Have fun and keep it positive.


Here is a full set of the Yuri on Ice Pride flag colours series i have so far. I do plan to do more, I just got bogged down with thesis work. the requests you sent me related to this series have also been noted, but i thought in the mean time people might appreciate the series all in one place.  For individual posts check out my “yuri on ice” tag.

quick painted doodle; i could’t get myself to draw anything today, except this, that’s how much i’m in shallura hell…i’ll better go back to my trashcan

ps: ignore the fact that i forgot his Galra arm, thank you


a lil dumb comic of my d&d warlock attempting a v dangerous ritual bc of course he would!



This time zone difference has me so confused lol but I guess that’s the good thing because then he can celebrate it again “tomorrow” with us fans on the other side of the world right? ^^ Anyways Happy Birthday to the world’s cutest, fluffiest, and kindest rapper £2 Love you to the moon & back 😘 😘  Please stay healthy & always be happy!! Let’s celebrate again next year!! 
Too little

So this is a post for all those littles that accidentally find themselves speaking in ‘Little speak’ in public when they feel little. Popular excuses are:

° I bit my tongue
° Wow, I can’t talk today.
° I’ve been around my younger brother/sister/cousin too long.
° I am not awake right now.
° Wow I’m tired.
° I’ve gone too far with 'pet speak’
° I’m a little tipsy
° Too many kids shows, I need to stop all of that babysitting
° I’m really tongue tied right now

I recently went into little speak accidentally and I got horribly made fun of. I hope other littles see this and stay safe ❤