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1 month post Big Chop and my hair never been so Healthy! It looks kinda crazy in this picture because I need to wash it but you guys get the idea.

Current Hair Regime:
1. Shampoo/ deep condition 1x per week
2. Co wash in the middle of the week
3. Black tea rinse every 3 or 4 weeks to reduce shedding. Ive seen a huge difference.
4. I use “espiritu de canela” to stimulate my roots for growth. Literally feels like pouring lava on your scalp but it works!

Thanks for all the positive vibes so far and joining me on my journey!

Left: 3/26/ 17
Right: 2/26/ 17

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We gotta incorporate a meme into these milestones as always and nothing says memes like a livestream!! I’ll announce it on the blog sometime this week!!

I’m gonna get a tiny bit sappy here so while I am almost half way to 1K, I want to thank everyone who has interacted with my skull grunt so far in her journey. I stay up countless nights just to have fun and draw for everyone’s enjoyment!

I’ve seen my art improve during this time (slightly but still getting there). All the laughs with this sassy little, all the events I create to laugh OR to cry (still holding my “Queen of Feels” crown), all the development made with this character and the ADORABLE SHIPS,,,,YELLS,,,,,. In the end, I LOVE seeing people’s reactions to the shenanigans that happen to this blog.

That is my favorite part about running this and I hope for more fun to come in the future! Thanks for all the support everyone ❤️

It’s funny that otayuri antis are all over the place screeching about paedophilia and abuse between a couple with a not-even 3 year age gap, yet I’ve seen no such posts regarding victurio shippers. I’ve seen a surprising amount of smutty fanart of the couple on my dash but no anti posts. I even sought out the antis and as far as I can see there are none.

So what’s the truth? Are you really against this /totally/ abusive relationship between a minor and an adult or do you just not like the ship?

Because honestly, Viktor/Yurio is a more problematic ship but y'all don’t seem to give a flying fuck. No. It’s relationships between underage-in-america people and literally-just-turned-18-last-week people that’s the real issue here.

Y'all need a hobby.

Me watching Power Rangers movie:

The truck crash was phenomenal

20 minutes in and I’m enjoying this far too much for my age

They’re all wearing their ranger colors and they haven’t even figured it out yet

Am I so gay I’m really reading too much into these teen characters and getting a sapphic

Holy crap Elizabeth

Holy crap the special effects

Ah, there it is. Pink ranger and red ranger..

Zach is definitely my favorite

Training scenes are awesome

Holy crap, I totally wasn’t making up the sapphic vibe in my head!

Elizabeth Banks



*sees Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank* *Grabs friend and squeals* THE ORIGINALS! (And all the adults in the theatre cheered and clapped.)

“Tommy Oliver? Tommy Oliver? Tommy. Oliver.”

2 hours later still a grinning ball of delight.

*Sees cast wants a female Tommy Oliver* I have two female relatives named Tommy/Tommi. Just saying.

You know for all the posts I see insisting that shipping Jack and Ashi is bad, I’m not really seeing much of the aforementioned shipping. I’ve only seen two, maybe three people producing any Jashi content that was genuinely shippy. Am I missing something? Is there a secret group of Jashi shippers posting stuff I can’t see?

Personally I’ve been going back and forth on whether or not I’m okay with the ship. I like “enemies to lovers” ships sometimes, but I get why it squicks people out, and I’m really against pedophilic ships in all my fandoms. But as far as I can tell, Ashi isn’t a child or a teenager. She’s a grown woman who’s being set up for a possible redemption arc and it looks like she’s teaming up with Jack at some point. So who’s to say what kind of relationship might result from that?

It gets trickier with Jack because he’s technically 75 years old but looks 25 and it’s hard to tell if the ‘no aging’ thing also applies to his mental age. Even so, both Jack and Ashi are adults. If they wanted to have a romantic relationship they could. At this point in time, I’m not sure it that’s what I want to see for them. All I really want is for them to end up on good terms with each other and at least be friends. They both deserve happiness.

Anyway I’m rambling and it’s late so I’m gonna go to bed now.


Dorsey, Shen and Bella looked at each other. “What now?”

“We do this fairly,” Gene said. “You’ve all come so far. You each cook your heart out and we get a winner.”

“Yes, but the show has been cancelled,” Shen said. “No one will air this.”

“My social media is pretty popular,” Caleb said. “We can post it up there and get people to share it. It’s not official, but after how hard you’ve each worked, I think you deserve to have a winner crowned.”

“No restaurant though,” Gene said. “But, who knows what will come of this?”

“I guess I’m in,” Bella said. “What do I have to lose?”

Dorsey nodded. “Me too.”

“Yeah, the hell not?” Shen scratched his head. “Let’s do this damn thing.”

       and here’s part two ! there’s info about max under the cut. he’s a newer muse so hopefully this won’t be as long as my last post lmao. feel free to message me or like this or my post about augusta to plot !!

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talk to the fox

hey doods. so the mood lately to be a bit more active on here, as far as letting you all get to knw me a bit more. Part of that has been posting pics again, some of them just of little pieces of my day. I’ve also been making more posts about my life. Anyways i just want to be a bit more open, and Ihave started a tag for my asks, so you guys should talk to me! Anon is totally fine btw. Ask me whatever, i love interesting questions! i love you <3

In light of that ability post and the fact that we’re looking for a new house… 

I still tend to ‘forget’ that I have a disability. I know, I’ve been born with it, so perhaps it’s not that odd. But chances are pretty high that I’ll have to walk with crutches and/or have surgery or a wheelchair at some point in the future. That point isn’t all that far away tbh. One of my PT’s sort of warned me I’d probably need surgery when I’m 50-ish, and that’s only 5 years away. And we want that house to last a bit longer than that. 

I don’t even have an official ‘disability’ thing, while I’d most likely get an official stamp if I put effort in it. 

Also related I really want to get into something weight lifting or other exercise to do more strength exercises. If I am going to need that wheelchair, I want to be able to get around manually. Much easier than a big electric wheelchair in any case. I just don’t want to accidentally fuck up my back/spine any more than it already is. *sigh*

/I really hate gyms okay; I’m fat and walk with a cane. Just think about the eyes on you.

     hi guys ! my name is RAJ, i use she and they pronouns, and i’m comin’ at you live from the eastern tz to tell you about my muse babes, augusta ( cindy kimberly fc ) and maximus ( bob morley fc ) ! i’m going to split this up into two posts bc i’m annoying and disheveled, so here’s gus.

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Alola! Pokémon Sun and Moon are officially released today!


some wintery/christmas-y hypothetical OW skins >3c 

shout outs 2 my buddy jaq for the mei and rein ideas and @trustme-im-a-pirate for the genji idea <3



The Adventures of Kuro

Oh my God… this turned out to be one of my longest posts so far. XD But well… I worked on this series over the last week and I just couldn’t resist to upload them all at once.

So, this is like an AU where Shiro ended up with Haggar after s2. She experimented on him and…well… kind of cloned him. But that clone’s a real pain in the ass and she’s kinda glad that when the Paladins came to save Shiro, they took him too. Now the Paladins have to put up with Kuro’s shit. :)

Guess I’ll upload some more Kuro stuff in the future. I just love drawing him so much. The world needs more Kuro! :D

Someone probably beat me to the punch and made a post like this already, but honestly, I just had talk about this scene.

I’m sure all of you remember the infamous bathroom scene. This new flashback from episode 12 puts things into a different perspective. 

Here Yuri is, watching Yuuri’s past GPF performance. He’s trying his best to look disinterested yet you can tell he’s clearly interested. He even goes as far to admit that Yuuri’s step sequence grabbed his attention. And when he mentions the failed jumps he sounds almost…disappointed.

He isn’t making fun of him for messing up his jumps. He wants to see Yuuri be able to succeed and successfully complete a program.

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A To-Do List for White Fandom

I’ve seen several posts circulating today about racism in multiple fandoms. The arguments and counterpoints I’ve seen are not unexpected. For background: I am writing instructor and I devote a significant portion of my classes to discussions of media representation. Why? Because I realized I was doing everything that these posts talk about: Ignoring characters of color, sidelining them for white villains or sidekicks with far less screen time, ignoring women of color entirely, etc. And all the while, like so many of you, I said, “I’m not racist.” I had in-universe explanations for why I liked this ‘ship over that one, this character more than that. I could defend and explain everything.

Racism is not who you are. It is what you do. And here’s a fact: All white people do racist things. We’ve been trained to, taught to. It’s in our culture, all around us. If you’re white, our culture has allowed most racism to be entirely invisible to us. Racism isn’t just yelled slurs and burning crosses. Often, racism is simply *not caring* about people who aren’t white. Racism is an inability to empathize with or care about the story of someone who is not white.

IF YOU’RE FEELING DEFENSIVE, PLEASE KEEP READING. I beg you. That’s exactly the feeling we have to push through. I’m going to give you a brief list of actions we can take. And I know these are important because I have to do them, all the time. Because the poison is in me, too.

If you truly believe in equality and want to be a better person, then here’s what we, as white fans, have to do:

1. BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE UNCOMFORTABLE. It absolutely sucks to realize you may have hurt someone, or that you might be wrong. Realizing you’ve done something racist is a stomach-churning reality check. Have the courage to face it. Don’t run from it.

2. INSTEAD OF LOOKING FOR WAYS YOU’RE NOT RACIST, LOOK FOR WAYS THAT YOU *ARE*. It’s comforting and tempting to itemize the ways in which we’re open-minded. See #1 again. Don’t let yourself be comfortable. Instead, look for what you do and ways you contribute to fandom racism. Maybe it’s reblogging or creating gif sets that leave out main characters of color. Maybe it’s forgetting to include them in your fanfiction, even when they would rightfully be there. Maybe it’s reducing them to stereotypes or caretakers for white characters. Maybe it’s ‘shipping the white leads with anyone but the POC around them. Maybe it’s accusing POC fans of “starting drama” when they discuss racism. Look at your actions and be honest with yourself.

3. PUT IN THE EFFORT TO FALL IN LOVE WITH POC CHARACTERS. Here’s the thing: It’s easy for us to fall in love with white male heroes and villains. It’s what we’ve been training for all our lives, with every movie, television show, and book we’ve ever enjoyed. Media *encourages* us to love white men. So yes, falling in love with a character of color will be harder, and it probably won’t “just happen.” So, truly look at Finn and Poe, at Cassian Andor and Bodhi. Truly look at Luke Garroway and Magnus Bane, at Luke Cage, at Iris West and James Olsen, at Michonne. Seek out ways to connect with their feelings and their stories. Look at them as full-hearted, three-dimensional human beings. Force yourself to become obsessed with them. If you do this, I would be absolutely shocked if you don’t fall in love with one of them.

4. LISTEN TO POC FANS. Yes, even if they’re angry and call you names. For my research, I spend a lot of time on blogs that talk about hating white people, hating white fans, hating white feminists. The language is furious and vitriolic. So what? They have every right to be angry. Instead of judging their anger, LISTEN to it. Try to be better. Don’t say “not all white fans,” or “not all white people.” Instead, try to be a better white person. Be a better white fan. Be a white fan who is brave enough to look at themselves and truly be an ally. Do not silence POC fans. I promise you: Listen, and you’ll realize they’re not overreacting.

5. REMEMBER THAT “ALLY” IS A VERB. Our thoughts count for nothing. It’s our actions that speak for us. Maybe you’ve read all this and you still want to insist that you’re not racist. Okay. But your actions might be. Challenge the stereotypes that exist in your head, learn to identify them as stereotypes and be willing to hold yourself and other white fans accountable.

6. REPEAT STEPS 1-5 FOREVER. We cannot cure our internalized white supremacy in a weekend. This is a forever gig. But it’s one of the most worthwhile tasks you can ever give yourself. Want to feel like you’re changing the world? Here’s where it starts.

Inevitably there’s more to add to this list. I’m always learning, but I thought it might be useful to share a few of these steps I’ve learned along the way. I love fandom. I believe profoundly in the transformative power of fanfiction, fan creations, and the friendships forged through our shared love of media.

I believe we can become BETTER PEOPLE through fandom. But it will not happen without our willingness to be transformed.

quick painted doodle; i could’t get myself to draw anything today, except this, that’s how much i’m in shallura hell…i’ll better go back to my trashcan

ps: ignore the fact that i forgot his Galra arm, thank you

witchy-woman’s spell jars.

Y’all are requesting spell jars I already have, and i realized they are properly buried in my blog so here’s what we have so far (plus the other posts like recipes and tutorials) 

Updated – March 14th 2017


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