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I’m speechless…allow me to get very sappy for a moment.

I made this blog at the very end of May - the last day of May in fact. At the time, I thought that daily blogs would die out soon enough, and didn’t see the point in getting involved. 

@dailykakyoin, sorry if you don’t wanna be mentioned here, but I can’t thank you enough. Making this blog has been one of my best decisions….ever, so far. The people I’ve met, the people I’ve yet to meet, and the improvement I’ve seen in myself have made it all worth it.

Under the cut I’m going to be mentioning some people for various reasons, read on if you’ve been notified or if you’re curious.

Once again, thank you all so SO much. I couldn’t have gotten here without each and every one of you, thank you so much for supporting me and helping me to run this blog.

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A Tale of Two Princes - Scarlet Heart Ryeo meta - part 1

With Scarlet Heart coming into a turning point in its plot, the stage is set for an open conflict between the 8th Prince and the 4th Prince (first for Su’s affections, then probably for the throne).

I’ve been pretty open with my frustration with the 4th prince and my dislike of the 8th. Perhaps a little too open. Since I’ve written only reaction posts without much analysis after each episode, these have been superficial comments, so I decided to try to articulate better my interpretation of these two characters, especially since I read some interesting arguments.

Episode 11, I think, illustrated very well the differences between the 4th and 8th.

Romantically speaking, while the 8th says all the right things, he rarely acts on them. Meanwhile, the 4th prince says all the wrong things (to some of the viewers at least, and, so far, to Su too), but his actions tell us a “different”, more “heroic” story.

Of course, their childhood and relationships with their families are obviously different as well, which, supposedly, justifies why is so easy for one to defy the palace while the other has to protect his family.

Things aren’t that black and white, in my opinion.

Let’s forget about episode 11 for a bit, and let’s put their relationship with Su aside for now. Who are these men, individually? Are they really that different?

I’m going to start with the 8th prince first.

Prince Wook - Duty, Debts, and the Burdens of Love

When we meet the 8th Prince, he’s already very invested in keeping his family safe, his image secure, and aware of the dangers of the palace. He offers Su a place to live away from his household because she’s clearly a danger to herself (and everyone associated with her). Multiple time across episodes, he assures her that he’ll look out for her. He does this, apparently, because of his wife. That’s the excuse he uses in the beginning.

With the king and his brothers, he acts like the neutral party, the one that will kneel first to avoid conflict, the calm, logical one with no personal ambition, only a desire to be dutiful. One would think he’s a pacifist or a good guy that doesn’t want to hurt anybody and just live his life. Again, at first.

He’s a model of a prince. The Prince Charming of Goryeo. The dutiful son, husband, and brother. To the women in his life, he’s perfect. To the men, he’s not a threat. Respected, but inert.

This is how the characters (and viewers) see him. But there are hints that something else is going with him. Even without seeing the C-drama, I stumbled upon comments that suggested he’s ambitious, but as the show went on, there were very few hints of that, and it appears they are going with the “forced to make a bad choice” route for him. So, who Wook truly is?

By doing nothing outright impactful, by being very aware of his actions and image, Wook achieved quite a feat: he has no personality. No outer personality, at least. 

In fact, I would argue that the love he receives from everyone, from his dying wife to his devoted sister, has little to do with the person he is, and much more with the person he presents himself to be. Or they believe he is.

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Come On Baby, Light My Fire

It’s Firefighter Friday! So here’s a master post with links to all parts thus far written and posted for my firefighter!Peeta story. Edit above by the amazing Any, @loving-mellark. Thank you, dear. You are too good to me. Everyone else… Try not to drool much. Saliva and electronics don’t mix well.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been as excited about this story as I have. It is probably one of the most outright fun stories that I’ve written. And I’m doing it all without a real outline, just kind of winging it based on the prompts you all have sent me. So another huge HUGE thanks to all of you who’ve filled my inbox with asks, encouragement, and prompts.

Part 1 - Grapholagnia

Part 2 - Neighbors/We Meet Again

Part 3 - Callipygian

Part 4 - Apodyopis

Part 5 - Gymnophoria

Part 6 - Mamihlapinatapei

And coming soon… Part 7 - Basorexia!

you know, as awful, horrible, and terrible as Endeavor is, i just can’t see him cheating on his wife

he made a commitment by marrying her, a commitment to birth the ultimate child to defeat All Might, and he’s the type to stick with his decisions, regardless of the harm they might cause

like. he’s stubborn as all hell, and all of his decisions so far have reflected that about his character. he’s not gonna admit that he fucked up and chose the wrong person to try and create this ultimate child with. he’s not gonna try again with someone else. he’s gonna stay and try and try and try until it fucking worked. (which he did)

AGAIN, ENDEAVOR IS AWFUL AND TERRIBLE AND A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING, but i just can’t see him cheating on his wife and having some secret lovechild that no one knew about

Updated Masterlist!

HEY PALS. I’ve got my masterlists all up to date and organized, so I thought I’d share the links to everything as a text post just for convenience :-) and the links are also on my blog as well! Cas and Dean get their own masterlists bc I’ve written more than one thing for them, so one day Sammy will have his own masterlist too :-)


Castiel’s Masterlist (aka 99% of all of my writing bc I’m cas trash)

Dean’s Masterlist (only one fic and a drabble here so far but he’ll get more love in the future)

Birthday Sex (Misha x reader)

My Favorite Winchester (Sam x reader)

A Private Sermon (Priest!Jimmy Novak x reader)

My opinion on Presidential Elections. 

Important reminder : Opinion which is just an opinion, that I feel compelled to share on my blog, aka a personal space. 

I see all these political posts in my dash about American elections, French elections, and they’re so terribly similar. 

We’ve got the angel, we’ve got the devil. 
People don’t understand how the devil got this far, the angel is not that clean after all, but hey, between both, the choice is pretty clear right? 
Yet people are still considering the devil. 

This is story-telling. Whatever country you pick, it’s the very same story. You can change names, people, parties, it’s still the same. It’s not about values, or law projects anymore, it’s about characters development, storyline, and strategies. The very same way I build my stories. It’s incredibly revealing. 

Who tells the story? Not the political leaders, not the parties, not the voters. Media does. Media pushes down our throat the political leaders stories, they turn them into characters, that you see laughing, doing sports, getting angry, having a smart input, concluding a deal, hiding a secret. Check your browser, all the articles you see are pretty much all about this. No more law projects, with data, budgets, insights. Only the gossip. 

Why is it becoming a story? Because everyone likes a good story. A good story sells. Sells provide money, money fuels campaigns, campaigns get people elected… Elected people then gotta repay. They gotta thank so they get elected again, so they can push their agenda. 

How do they do it? By passing the media’s interests first, the organizations that got them elected. Trump just confirmed that by his very famous quote “That is being smart” on his low taxes using law. He just revealed, publicly, that he paid not to pay. In other words, he paid the right people, people who could grant him what he wanted. Only elected people can do that, only elected people could use the law this way without Trump being worried.

Whoever you vote for, be aware of the fact that you’ll pass second. If some room still remains for you. They’ll keep telling the story you still wanna hear to make you patient, to convince you to make some more efforts, “that next year will be a little tougher than the last but it will be fine cause you’re resourceful, you are great, you are valuable, so tomorrow will be a better time for all of us thanks to YOU”. And when you pass that supposedly tough period, they’re like “uh uh, not went as good as we thought, keep holding on, better days are coming”.  Don’t you feel you have heard this a zillion times during the past couple months? Years? 

Maybe it’s a bad comparison, but whatever, it speaks to me at least. I’m into philosophy, and philosophy created immense parts of our societies. Rule #1 while philosophying (I don’t even know if it’s a real word, if not, it should be), is to doubt everything. You hear something, doubt it. Is it really true, is it false, check the data, all types of data, wherever the sources are coming from, compare all the data and draw one or several conclusions. This is my conclusion, my reaction to what I see. I just feel like this should be written way more often. 

Still working on this thing. I said I wasn’t going to post anything until it’s completely finished, but I’m really happy with it so far. Yuichi became a beautiful boy when I wasn’t looking lol. Going to take a break now, I might work on it some more tonight.

I actually don’t mind the slow pace I have been going at in regards to my work. I don’t care about finishing things in a timely manner. I plan on doing one thing at a time and taking all the time I need/want on it. I am currently at my most relaxed since I have started pulling more and more away from tumblr. I’m happy it’s here when I want to share something or want to post some art. But I think I’m getting to the point where I don’t feel like I need it to survive. I’m not thinking about it every second of the day. Certain events one here, personal ones, have kind of forced me. I’m not going anywhere or anything, but I’m not on it nearly as much. 

I’m still happy to see people turn up in my notifications, ngl lol Anyway, probably my only post for the evening/night. I was going to add some little info about him, but I am just going to wait until this whole image is done lol For now, this is my precious space son and I love him dearly.

Applying to Korvia

 안녕~!!!! 오랜만이야.

I’ve gotten really busy with school, work, internships, and volunteering but I’ll try to post more often. But let’s continue onto what this post is about.

As some of you may know, I want to be an English teacher in Korea. After talking to my parents, they’re okay with that but the deal was to get a masters in education since I don’t have a background in education or anything of that sort. But I thought I would write a post about what I’m planning to do and help others with the research.

I’m not applying to teach just yet but I will one day. This is what I know so far and I hope this helps y’all. If you have any questions, I can try to answer them.

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anonymous asked:

Just gonna let you know, I love your fanfictions. But I personally think that original pieces are always more important. Don't be scared of how people will look at your story, because the effort to make a real story is praise worthy. It's great to write about things you enjoy, but that original piece will be the mark that people will know you by. You write fanfictions great, so I'm sure you will go far with your originals, don't lose hope, cause me, and many others have faith in you. ^^

The original story i’ve been working on for quite some time is at


and i’d absolutely love you to stop by

That story has been my baby. I haven’t posted it all, I got sidetracked and discouraged, but i’ve poured my heart into that story and I hate that I haven’t done anything with it in months.

anonymous asked:

Hi im the person who got the best url but like never posts about genji and yet they all love me anyway

1. this url sucks but i’ve had this trend of long urls for far too long to change it up 2. where were you when i made all those posts about genji’s fat ass


It’s been so long, a year since then
Do you still remember our past?

We dashed ahead, I didn’t know
I see that it went really fast

Here deep in my memories
I’m searching the unchanging you

And until this point, here and now
I’m waiting for you to break through

I really badly want to see you once more
Just for a moment, that is all I ask for
I am not reaching you somewhere, oh so far
You are my distant star

I really badly want to see you right now
And all the times we shared, but I wonder how
Maybe it’s just too late?
Still I have a wish to send you, oh please come true

the-mad-badger  asked:

I just read from the very beginning... And might I say how much you have grown from 2014? You've become better in every way since that first post, and I'm proud of you for keeping at it for so long... Here's to another 2 years of Cloud Spark!

OH MY, I APPLAUD YOUR DETERMINATION. Thank you, I love to think that I’ve grown a lot since drawing on a free ipod program. Personally, there are a lot of things I’d change but, what can you do :)

So far I only know of 3 people who have read the entire blog from the beginning. Considering I have 1,438 posts,I guess that makes sense… But really, thank you so so so so so much for reading through it all you have no idea how much that means to me. Thank you!!! I hope I can keep up the blog like I am!

This Thursday (31st March) is Trans Day of Visibility

It’s that time of year again! That awesome day where trans people share their selfies and stories. It’s one of the two largest trans advocacy days, the other being Trans Day of Remembrance (20th November). That day is dedicated to mourning and solemnity, while this day is a day to celebrate being alive! Like last year, I’m not sure of the absolute official hashtag, so I’m guessing there’ll be a variety in use, such as: #tdov #transdayofvisibility #trans day of visibility #trans visibility #trans pride

This day has been recognised since 2009 and is increasing in popularity and support each year, but there’s still a long way to go in spreading the word. Visibility is something that the trans community often has to struggle for, so this is our time to step out of the shadows, take pride in who we are, and show the world that we exist and we’re here to stay.

If you are trans

This is your day. No matter your gender - whether you’re male, female, or any nonbinary gender - anyone who isn’t cis (ie. whose gender is different from the gender they were assigned at birth) can participate. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and be visible. If you’re comfortable, post a selfie. Share your story. This is your time to be proud of who you are! It can get hard and lonely sometimes, but there’s a whole community here who have your back.

If you are not trans

Please also get involved - don’t leave this day just up to us. Today is a day for you to support and listen to the trans community. Show us some love by reblogging some selfies and reading some stories, whether you browse through the tags listed above or stick to your mutuals. Now is a perfect opportunity to learn about our wonderful community and to look at some beautiful people. It’s a win-win, really.

Above all, I hope everyone has a fantastic TDoV! Have fun and keep it positive.

quick painted doodle; i could’t get myself to draw anything today, except this, that’s how much i’m in shallura hell…i’ll better go back to my trashcan

ps: ignore the fact that i forgot his Galra arm, thank you