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I’m torn about the whole SolarPunk aesthetic/genre. While I really appreciate some of the aspects to it, I keep seeing posts going around about it that, well, make me feel less enthusiastic about it than I might otherwise be, considering I’m an environmental engineer (seriously, you’d think that this genre would be my precious).

As I recall, most of the ________Punk movements, such as SteamPunk, are most assuredly not utopian vistas (Boneshaker comes to mind as a good example). But “utopian” is exactly what one whole post describing all of the best parts of SolarPunk is, even if they don’t use the word “utopia.” Which, sort of makes it not so much of the _______Punk tradition, as far as I can tell. But what bothers me about labeling it as something that is from a tradition that is a heavily romanticized, but still “gritty”-not-all-skittles-and-beer world, is that it’s a kind of false advertising. I like my Utopian World fictions (did you block all the Trek crap I reblog?), but I also think it’s important to recognize that the those worlds *are* set up to be utopia. And here’s why.

I think that by failing to recognize that a setting is a utopian vision, it becomes more difficult to understand/recognize the inherent difficulties, and maybe even the impossibilities, that the creators of the Utopian vision didn’t have to worry about, because they were creating a fiction.

For example, while one post was waxing super poetic, it describes SolarPunk as a world where we are all gardeners. There are several questions that I could bring up, but assuming it was just a bit of exaggeration for romance or a sort of humanity descriptor shorthand, rather than reality, there is to me a glaring omission in the world. I have yet to see explained in SolarPunk where all those amazing photovoltaics come from (and how they work at night).

Even a hand-waving bit of magic would be fine by me, because doing that might make it sink in a little more that this is a utopia- a no place. The OP was going on about how this was all attainable, but I can’t help but think that the reason it seems so attainable is because there isn’t recognition of some of the immense hang ups present. It’s not just that we live in an unequal society and it would be a long hard haul to get to where we can have these nice things. Right now, we don’t have the means- the technology- to make SolarPunk a workable reality for one big reason (maybe two) which I know I’ve harped on before.

How does mining fit into the SolarPunk universe?

I imagine, based on what I’ve seen the answer is either a) “oh, uh, it’s all perfectly sustainable now and doesn’t hurt the environment” or b) “oh all mines were of course closed and destroyed and turned into nature preserves/gardens so now they are not evil ugly scars on the land.”

Neither option makes *any* sense in reality. Mining cannot be made sustainable, the metal ores don’t grow back. And the big issue with just closing them is that even with all the metals we have pulled out so far, I’m not convinced we can just recycle them out of what those components are currently in and have enough to make these SolarPunk dreams a workable reality. Only in a Utopia, where somehow, the materials needed to have metal and silicone and rare earths just show up in unending supplies at factories (or artesian workshops, your preference).

And I guess that’s what rubs me the wrong way about SolarPunk. It looks so pretty and seems so attainable, and people fall in love with it and want to make it a reality by, well…

Let’s just say that anytime I see a world with no explanation of manufacturing and construction that people want to create IRL, I can generally assume that I’m going to end up with an even harder job. Yes, scientists aren’t evil in SolarPunk, thanks for that. But by not recognizing a utopia for what it is- something that can inspire, but cannot literally be made, I fear that making realistic progress on many of the problems of the day, particularly for the planet in terms of resources and production, will be harder accomplish. Because the SolarPunks are convinced that it can be done, and me? Well, I’m just going to be sen as some old-world industrialist who wants to destroy the planet and shouldn’t be listened to.

So, somewhat sadly, given how much I kinda liked SolarPunk, I’m mostly going to stick to Trek for my utopia right now. Because I know that warp drive, while mathematically possible, would melt the ship, and replicators are cool, but not real feasible without a fuckton of power. Star Trek was meant to be a utopia and was labelled as such. And that makes me more comfortable interacting with it; I know it’s not strictly attainable, but I can take the inspiration from it and dial it in to what is workable, maybe in part due to how outlandish some of the technology seems.

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@sibyl Hey! I'm new to this blog, but so far I'm in love with it. Can you explain the story line so far? I only can go as far back as Kenny' s birthday party. And my tumblr lags alot, so some of the things you post aren't there. Sorry to bother ♡♡♡

[ Hmm, sure, I’ll try to run it down for you. 

Cartman seemingly spontaneously starts a blog. Stan and Kenny seem fine with it, but it takes a while for Kyle to be okay with it, initially expressing distrust towards Cartman’s motives.

Kyle eventually convinces Cartman to not be so strict on asks. He initially heavily moderated the asks the other boys saw, but now they all look at the asks and see every single one of them.

After the boys read several asks about a seeing a vibrator Cartman has no choice but to admit that he owns one.

Once Butters is allowed onto the blog he slips that Cartman is gay and used to experiment with him when they were younger.

Anons harass and pester Kyle about Eric and also send multiple strange threats, causing him to become distressed and want to leave the blog. The boys convince him to stay and Eric agrees to turn off anons for a month.

After Kenny’s birthday Butters and Kenny are now together.

After lots of persistence Bebe finally gets into a relationship with Kyle. 

Eric admits to Kyle that he has a crush on him, Kyle insists that Cartman’s being manipulative and leaves. 

Kyle Stan and Kenny agree to plan a triple date.

That’s it for right now. ]


“I am going to look at the stars. They are so far away, and their light takes so long to reach us. All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.”


Personal post!!!!

Hey all my nerds, I’d like to show you guys some of my photography. I’m thinking of opening an Etsy shop for it - I’d put it on a couple planks of wood to add to it being used as decor.

I’m heading out today to get prints, wood, and photo transfer, so I’ll post how it looks tomorrow.

Is this something you guys would be interested in? I can post my Etsy account but I have nothing up so far. Let me know please!!!

An Astronomy Nerd

P.S. That’s my mom in that photo of an eye. I think she’s so beautiful, but she hates it cause of her smile lines (wrinkles she calls it), could you guys support me on this? Lol

( so i actually hit 100 followers while i was away! which is great considering this blog is what? a week old. i’ve never actually stayed in the disney fandom this long; nor did i think i would again. i won’t lie, it’s big &&. scary but my short time here so far has been amazing. &&. i’m so glad to see that everyone still has a love for peter pan. the little shit. but this is just a short post to say thanks to all the friends &&. people who i have interacted with &&. people i want to in future!  they’re not in any real order; just the following list. but you all are rad &&. i’m actually laughing because you follow a dip like me &&. a jerk like peter but thank you all for being so rad &&. lighting up my dash every day!

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hey guys..

I just wanted to say that vid i posted about shooting up was a mistake. It was meant for my private diary blog and I am dissapointed I made that mistake. It was my first time shooting up and isnt something I plan on repeating. All I ask is that you respect my privacy and do your best not to pass judgement. 

But it is what it is, I am an addict. This is no secret. 

If anyone is ever struggling with addiction like I am, feel free to message me any time.

I love you guys. and thank you for all your wonderful support so far. It means the world to me.


Kuros Adopts - Tomorrow!

WELP, I ended up going back after that ask and plowing thru the rest of the breeds, so now they’re all ready to be posted up and adopted out! However, to be fair, I’m giving a day’s heads up before posting them. I’m also going to give out the time of when to expect to see them go up, as well as the rules and details. As of now, the adoptions will be handed out on my DeviantArt.

So far, this is how adopting one of the designs will go. If you have ANY questions, ideas, etc, feel free to send in an ask :D Keep in mind, these will not be the last adopts! My plan might be that I won’t be doing two of every breed again, since it took so long to do, and I may do 2-4 of one breed every month or so. I’ve debated on possibly selling them for dA points (though, not for much) for me to donate said points to a raffle winner, as well as do other raffles to receive either said points and or receive a free design.

Again, my main reason for doing these is to provide peeps with their own Kuros OCs. I’m not looking to make a profit off of them. They DO take a lot of work designing as well as take time to do though, lawdy @3@

Rules and Details

  • Only one kuros per person. 
  • All adoptables gender, sex, element and names can be changed. Once adopted, I will note the owner a reference to be posted which will have the Kuros’ color circles and name if a name has been picked out. Reference sheets like this one can be commissioned for $25-40.
  • I can create a bio for each character if desired as well (at no extra cost).
  • Even though these Kuros are being adopted, the Kuros species and original design must still be credited to me, Weird Hyenas. Do not claim ownership of the Kuros species or that you designed the dragon yourself! The designs may NOT be resold for profit of any kind. 

Right now, the plan is that I will post these 10 adoptable Kuros on my DeviantArt on July 31st, 6pm Pacific Time. It will be first come, first serve. 

Let me know what you guys think :)
~Weird Hyenas

penelopefairfax replied to your post:[pm] Estela, is everything alright with your…

[pm] But can you still slay But are you still–strong? Your senses, and your healing, is that all there or has it been somehow replaced?

[pm] I saw a ghost! On my own! Without Harper around. Sure, Tod’s seeing them too but do you realize how trippy that is? She was dead and I saw her anyway just standing there. And she was looking right back at me so she saw me too! Oh… Those are still… Check again tomorrow and I’ll have confirmation if my healing is still around but… I mean, there was a weird… I ran into some spawn. I don’t wanna think about

nuggetsandbroccoli I thought I might as well do this. I’m sorry for being annoying haha I just wanted to show the world my shitty handwriting. Also you’ve probably all already done this but I’m lazy so you’re getting tagged again. :) you don’t have to do it thoughhhh
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This is probably the worst one I have gotten so far.

“Hey sweetie ! I just want to intrude you with a promt tiny question. I apologies for this. I finally put on my coolest my blog game in my private Tumblr page and I need you dear to try it out. Could you be so kind and test it on for a very short minute? Only inform if it’s playable at all? very please :)“

There are so many things wrong with it I won’t bother to highlight the errors.

Drafts List

Here’s a list of drafts I currently have. This is not a post saying that I will be a lot quicker than I have been so far, but an information for those of you waiting for a reply that I have not forgotten about it. Some of those are also in my queue for next week, because I won’t be online much/possibly not at all except for checkin messages.


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It's the exact reason why I don't allow anonymous asks. If you say anything under any tag that has a large fanbase, people will just attack you for nothing. I think it's cowardly to go onto anon and attack people. To me, I feel like, no, if you want to be an asshole, do it directly to me or not at all. But usually once people see they can't be invisible, they back right down from whatever insult they had mustered up while trying to get to my page to tell me off. It works wonders lol

I haven’t received any asks so far that haven’t been incredibly sweet and supportive. It would probably be another story if I had anon allowed on my blog. I just think it’s awful that we have to censor ourselves this way. “Oh, this fandom has a large fanbase, so I shouldn’t post what I think or I’ll get bullied.” I think that’s terrible. To be so off-putting to newbies and lurkers, especially when the message of the show in question is friendship!

glowdeer replied to your post: can’t really tell if i dont like t*ssa…

it could be that you were expecting another hanna and so you were comparing it to that as you were reading

nooo that’s not it…my problems with it aren’t that it’s “not like hanna”. i didn’t like it because the pacing was weird, the characters weren’t really likeable, all their reactions to things seemed wrong, and despite what was supposed to be a tense and scary environment it just seemed boring. and so far the plot jsut seemed like forced conflict

I suppose I could provide some context for some of those pics I’ve been posting.

On Wednesday was the beginning of the festivities leading up to my friends’ wedding that I am in in the Chicagoland area.

We got here Wednesday afternoon, then the groomsmen/woman had a fancy dinner and then went barhopping in Chicago all night for the bachelor party.

Yesterday was the rehearsal dinner.

Then today we went to a barbershop to get all shaved and de-scruffed before the wedding at 6ish I believe.

So it’s been a helluva few days so far and the important part hasn’t even arrived yet.

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😊🌸 My favourite book this year so far has to be Among The Wild Roses a dear friend of mine wrote it and has just sent it off to be published. It's a really great story of self discovery, and I can't wait until the world gets a chance to discover it.


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Tumblr on iPhone is the stupidest. If I scroll too far down your blog (not ridiculously far, just a day or so) it just stops trying to show actual recent posts and serves up your mtv reblogs. Oh tumblr.

I, too, have noticed these shenanigans, anon! I had yet to go through and delete my sideblog and all the superfluous reblogs I had done on here - I have now done so, and I just ran through it on my phone again up through the last week and they didn’t pop up again! 

Maybe it was some weird inter-blog weirdness! (Probably just app bullshit.)

Hopefully it stays that way!

Freaking iPhone Tumblr app and your shitty shittiness.

Originally posted by lovelydlight

Thanks for letting me know it wasn’t just my phone, anon!

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Hi, I noticed on the question about how to post a story without an account, you didn't mention livejournal. Is it not ok to post fic on LJ these days? I have been out of the fanfic world for ages and I'm too old for tumblr, lol. So I have posted a story on LJ, I hope that's ok. My LJ username is acertainzest and so far I only have one story there, I'm new to Castle fanfic so would love to have some readers ;) Thanks so much for all you do, your blog is fantastic!

Tbh, I find that livejournal is an outdated site and no one really posts on there anymore, at least for Castle fic, so the only thing I use it for is the kink meme. Also I find it really difficult to navigate. Like I couldn’t even search your name on the site, it came up with empty results, I had to physically type it in :/ But I’ll link it here for sure, but I would recommend maybe getting an Ao3 account for future use, as you can post smut on there :)

ATTENTION TO ALL MY PEOPLE THAT LIVE OR KNOW ANYONE THAT LIVES IN SOUTH CENTRAL!!!!! I have been seeing this post on Facebook and Instagram and from what I have been told by friends/acquaintances is that it is true. It’s called 100 Days 100 Nights. Two gangs made a bet of who can reach 100 kills first. All of this is because a main member of one of these gangs was killed. So far in the last 5 days 27 people have been shot and 6+ are believe to have been killed. It is happening in between the streets of Normandie and Western all the way down to Imperial and up to Florence. I literally live 10-15 minutes away from these areas and the thought of it is frightening. They are willing to kill anyone. So if you know anyone that lives near or in these areas please tell them to be safe or better yet stay indoors!!!! Please help spread the word!!!!