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Day off today, and with Camp NaNoWriMo in only five days, I need to get my head down and have the last three pieces for “The Longest Drop” done. I have ideas for two pieces, but the last one will be a surprise because I honestly have no idea what to write about ^^”

This collection is a bit of a mish-mash of subjects, really. I’ll have to sit and really think through the reading order when I’m done because despite that to me there’s a thought pattern, to anyone else it’s going to be kind of hard to follow smoothly. Oh, there are a few running themes (one of which I’m kind of concerned about having in there at all, but it’s a solid ten pieces and I can’t bring myself to take them out again) but my concern is that they don’t tie in together very neatly. I suppose that’s what comes from writing about my life experiences though, huh? There’s nothing neat about real life!

In other news, I’m buying myself a laptop! It’s only going to be a second-hand piece of crap, but I’m still super excited! As much as I love my desktop, it does rather tie me to the flat when I have work to do. A laptop will give me the freedom to go out and about to write (I tried handwriting into notebooks, but LORD that takes so long!) and through the summer months that’s going to be amazing! :D 

Anyway :) I gots werk to do! 

Hope you all have an amazing day! xx

Why would any smart team have Louis Tomlinson be managed by Russell Eslamifar when you can have the likes of Matt Colon managing him? Especially now that JGG and Deckstar have merged.

I say this because Matt: 

  • Is an industry veteran who has worked his way up for over a decade (at least)
  • Knows how to build global brands that have strong multi-media presence among different categories (i.e. music, fashion, gaming, merchandising, etc.), 
  • Is innovative and progressive in his thinking and in his pursuit of opportunities for his talent (look at all the stuff Steve does)
  • Knows how to optimize social media platforms for artist promo and can collaborate with fandom

Matt is also the CEO and co-owner of Deckstar. And when you think about it – all the other boys are managed by the heads/owners of their management firms!

  • Harry - Jeff/Irving - Full Stop
  • Niall - Richard Griffiths - Modest
  • Liam - Simon Oliveira - Doyen Global

So why wouldn’t Louis be managed at the same level? Why assign just one of many artist managers in a firm to him? JUST POINTING THAT OUT!

He’s one of the biggest stars at that firm - certainly the most well-known, and the most followed on social media, hands down!

(It’s also worth mentioning that all 3 boys are also backed publicly by their label’s Chariman/CEO or President: Rob Stringer for Harry, Steve Barnett/Ashley Newton for Niall, Charlie Walk for Liam. Louis doesn’t have this kind of support at the moment.)

My point is THIS: Louis Tomlinson should be managed by someone of Matt’s caliber. As we can now see, THAT level of expertise and experience is instrumental to shaping the boys’ solo careers - so why shouldn’t Louis Tomlinson’s solo career be given the same kind of guidance and prowess? It doesn’t necessarily have to BE Matt ( I don’t think anyone would complain if he indeed became the Scooter Braun to Louis Tomlinson though!) - but at least someone who can enhance Louis’ career as much as he can!

lactosefreepussy  asked:

Please write those 24356643 meta posts on post Azzano Bucky!!!! I wanna get sad!!!

Let’s start with one!!! But when??? There’s so much to think about and see with post-azzano Bucky and it’s only because Sebastian is truly great. I’m gonna pick my favorite and start with The Bar Scene

are you sad yet? Because I am.

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You know what I wished I learned to do before grad school? How to take criticism. 

And I’m not taking about negative, mean criticism that’s not remotely helpful (though you’ll probably face some of that too). I’m talking about the good kind: constructive criticism. 

Because in grad school, you’re going to be critiqued constantly. On your writing. On your experiments. On your presentations. You are just starting out, after all. And, if you’re lucky, most of the time the people criticizing you will mean well. But being criticized all the time can be very discouraging, especially if you’re someone who’s just not really good at being told what you did “wrong” or–even worse, in my opinion–a complete people pleaser (like me!!). 

But remember: just because the criticism is constructive doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right or you always have to follow it. Grad school is there to make you learn how become an independent researcher. That starts with learning how to say no and backing up your decisions when you do. 

Second Worst Interview of My Life

Some years ago, I had been selling insurance and wanted something a little less salesy. My bank put out an ad for a financial services representative. It was salary plus incentive bonus. No travel. No prospecting. You sat in the bank and the tellers and others would drive referrals to you.

The ad stated requirements of a Life/Health Insurance Agent and two years professional experience. Preferred qualifications were a bachelor’s degree and securities licenses.

Cool. I was, at the time, still working on my degree part time. So this looked like a good next step to getting off of the road and stopping with the cold call biz.

HR calls me for an interview and is super friendly. They set up the interview with the hiring manager. I show up at the designated time and place, with my confirmation email in hand, and am told to sit and wait. About five minutes into my sitting and waiting it became very clear that they didn’t know where the hiring manager was. The receptionist was calling numerous numbers asking if they had seen her. After about 10 calls, they track her down. And she’s trying to discreetly convey that wherever she is is not where she is supposed to be.

They come and apologize, telling me she was stuck in another meeting and will be right out. I sat there for a half hour. I’m about to leave. The receptionist tells me that she will be right with me. Another half hour passes. Finally, this woman walks in through the outside entrance (so she wasn’t even in the building) and approaches me. She takes me into a conference room. The room had various rows of pot lights to light the space. She only turned on the row above where we were seated. So it was just the two of us in a dark room with two lights directly over each of us.

She then starts off by saying “Well, u/JamesOliv, why should we consider you? You don’t even have securities licenses?” I point out that I have my Life/Health license, the required license per the posting, as well as a Series 6/63 (they also required Series 65 and 7). She continues to make grunting noises like I’m wasting her time as she reads through my resume. Then she begins to get somewhat excited by the fact that I have a degree until she reaches the point where I have an anticipated graduation date. She stops mid-sentence and just ends the interview. Total actual interview time, 20 minutes.

Pretty obvious I wasn’t getting the job. However, I was pretty pissed that I wasted over an hour waiting for my interviewer. Even more pissed that she evidently had never read my resume before that moment. Of course, I cannot imagine working for someone who is that inconsiderate of others time. When HR called me to follow up on the interview I told them all of the above. The Director of HR was pretty pissed off and asked me if I’d be willing to come back in and talk about my experience. Kind of hoping I would parlay this into another job interview I agreed. Instead, I ended up relaying all of it to a VP of Financial Services with the HR Director in attendance. They fired the hiring manager for, I can only assume, a long line of offenses related to being a shitty person. I was only able to ascertain that they fired her because of her LinkedIn updates.

I never saw a place reveal itself to be so dysfunctional during the interview process.

Kinklock's Fic List
If you have not checked out Kinklock’s site, you should. She has the lists to end all lists and links to almost any persuasion. I have the utmost respect to the effort she put in cultivating this list. Hats off to her. ——————————- Johnlock fic rec

My fics: my ao3 (also my bookmarks)

Fic Rec Lists (by request or by my weird preferences)

Smutty / Kinky:

Alternate Universes:

Other (Specific Characteristics):

(OLD) Master Post List 

(Unconventional category system, aaaaand terrible descriptions provided by yours truly)


  • XO by MirithGriffin. John is brought onto an alien spaceship to be Sherlock’s mate. The aliens are jelly. Of their love, and literally, they are made out of jelly. You think this is crack and then it actually makes you feel things you haven’t felt in years, so go now my children, reeadd. 
  • They Mostly Come Out at Night by tawabids. Aliens crossover. I can’t emphasize how good this fic is and how you do not need to love Alien/Aliens to get it (though of course I am an alien fangirl soooo maybe I lie). Sherlock is the little girl in Aliens except you know not a little girl, and John is Sigourney Weaver kind of. 
  • ROT-13 by berlynn_wohl. Spaceman! John intrigues not-a-spaceman Sherlock, look it’s cute, just read


  • Software Malfunction by tiger_in_the_flight_deck. But can a robot sherlock learn to love? yes. yes he can. If you read this, please go directly to the Fluff category immediately following the experience. 
  • Made in Man’s Image series by thequeergiraffe. Sherlock being a strange android at an all robotic hospital. This also answers the above question, and yes, there are robot sex antics. 


  • All The Best and Brightest Creatures by wordstrings, Do I even need to tell people to read this, like it’s wordstrings, what else do you need to know? Love at first sight plus asexuality plus an extra sadistic moriarty PUSH ALL MY BUTTONS why don’t you. 


  • The Regent’s Park Regulars by Basingstoke. Sherlock is a swan except his name isn’t Sherlock and John is a duck and Lestrade is a zoo keeper, and you should already be sold by now. 
  • Wild Kingdom & Mating Snarl by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy. I need to stop re-reading these, BUT SO GOOD? Not technically animals but there is a lot of lion sex consideration. 
  • The Swan Triad by Pennin_Ink. This series starts off all like cute John and Sherlock meet cute, hating each other as kids, true love, happy end- and then suddenly shit gets serious and magical. 

Bees in Sussex 

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Apiology by VictoryCandescence. John and Sherlock meet for the first time as old men pals and like my entire heart hurts in a good way.
  • The Sea in a Chasm by wiggleofjudas. John goes through his teenage rebellion years and Sherlock’s like fiiine I have a house and some bees when you calm down. 
  • The Declaration by flawedamythyst, Sherlock being a goof and John being a cranky old man, all my fave things <3

Book Crossovers 

  • Bel Canto by bendingsignpost. Phantom of the Opera!!!
  • Un Homme Dangereux by IShouldBeOverThis. Les Liaisons Dangereuses! (which Cruel Intentions is based on) wherein Sherlock writes letters to Mycroft like watch me bag this dude oh shit wait I’m in love. This crossover actually makes a lot of sense to me because holmescest slides in nicely but johnlock rules out 
  • Unsettled by AxeMeAboutAxinomancy. His Dark Materials (The Golden Compass)! A+++ for use of daemons as a plot device


  • Collared by VelvetMace. Slavery and sex, but mostly dub con not so much full non con? (that isn’t comforting ashleigh)
  • Playing the game by KeelieThompson1. Fave fave fave, dark vampire stuff, but in a very blase, no one is overly upset, kind of way - everyone’s like put his dick in a cage who even cares any more. (I’m going to give this the award for worst description).
  • Cross Wired by Pretty Arbitrary. I know this category is labeled dark, but this shit is extra dark like satan’s ass crack dark. John finds a journal of Sherlock’s that is, let’s say, not kittens and rainbows.
  • Dehumanize Me by deuxexmycroft. Sherlock makes John his prison bitch, aand yeaah. 


  • Duvet (Green) by mazarin. Mind palace things! I love mind palace things.

Misc AUs

  • This Thing All Things Devours by cypress_tree. 80’s sci fi movie fic (you can already tell why I like it) humans are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, when the numbers on their arm start counting down, and the only way to get more time is to earn/borrow/steal. John, obvi, is a gambler and Sherlock is basically immortal. Time to solve some TIME THIEVING.

Period Piece -ish

  • echoes through time by chellefic. John reads fanfiction Watson’s journal about him and Holmes being lovey dovey and gets ideas!
  • The Man No One Liked by shouldbeover. Where Sherlock is John’s valet for a visit to a Downton Abbey style place and - quelle surprise - there is a murder to solve!!!!
  • Captive Hearts by Nana_41175. I say period piece, but this isn’t really set in real earth medieval times. Sherlock is a mask wearing, hawking prince (this should be enough to sell you on it) who semi-captures highlander!John. Etc. etc. etc. things get hot. 

Tarts and Vicars aka Priest!lock (I’m so glad this is a category)

  • The Beast of Baskerville by Mildredandbobbin. Priest!Sherlock (I KNOW, normally it is priest John) and John meet up on their way to a village where there are mysterious wolf-related deaths and mayhaps Sherlock is rethinking that whole celibacy business.
  • Ad Meliora by lotherington. Priest!John getting all seduced


  • Stranger at the Gate by bendingsignpost. This is like if Sherlock was a vampire but a super cute baby vampire who hasn’t gotten his vamp sea legs just yet. Like he’s manipulative as shit and lies like crazy but this is the cutest he’s ever been to me. no plot explanation provided just read it
  • Playing the game by KeelieThompson1. This is dark and vamp related so it comes up twice. Did I mention it was dark? Vamplock turns John into a vamp and then Johnvamp complains about it for a few centuries.  
  • Night Shift by corpsereviver2. John is vamplock’s body guard :D  
  • Preservation by Mildredandbobbin. PINING AHOY and let’s of sex while pining for each other, which I didn’t even think was possible, so kudos. 


  • The Orchard by DancingGrimm. My fave Sherlock loses his v card story ever. I have a soft spot for Prostitute! John. 
  • Safe Distance by merripestin. Really enthusiastic virgin!Sherlock with added bonus of sexuality crisis John!

hey there! 

i know i’ve done this before but i mean it this time! if you’re pagan/wiccan or you practice any kind of witchcraft, and want to find others like you, then i’ve got a safe space for you! it’s a discord group chat for us to share all of our experiences. 

i picked discord because of the fact that you can create separate chat channels to make the chat less hectic. If you’re interested, and I hope you are, then do these things: 

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 thanks for reading! blessed be!

Bakugou doesn’t seem to be the type of person to remember irrelevant details. If something is retained in his memory, it’s because it’s important to him, or it has some kind of significance he subconsciously remembers.

Quoting Kirishima from back to the Sports Festival is a subtle but extremely telling feature of his character development, and their friendship. I can go on how amazingly kind it was for him to pull that up, to use Kirishima’s words to encourage him, and to add on Bakugou used his personal experiences in Kamino to make something good out of a very bad sitatuion.

He’s still dealing with guilt for that, but in his Bakugou way he’s following the All Might manifesto in saving their hearts. It’s just that he’s using it for his friends now, and knowing where we started with Bakugou, it’s pretty darn good.

A+++ Character Development.

No filters no flexing just me in my happy place! So many people have told me I inspire and motivate them. Some have shared stories of success and struggle with me, others have asked me for tips and tricks. Some pop by every so often just to leave some encouraging words and be genuinely kind. It’s all more than I ever expected when I started my blog. What I set out for was to see progress and find success. That is something I knew I was capable of achieving once I set my mind to it. What I didn’t expect was all the people, interactions and kindness I’d experience along the way. Those experiences have added to the chapters of my journey and further shaped who I am. Thank you all for your kindness, sharing and following along on my journey it’s what helps keeps me coming back and pushing everyday to be a better version of myself.
Since the Tumblr community kinda gave me the Cap nickname how about a fun little activity? How many Captain America references can you spot in this shot? 🇺🇸
:hint it’s more than 1 and less than 10 and some are hard to make out.

Fic: A Different Kind of First Time

Summary: Sequel to my fic “Just Once,” but can be read as a stand-alone. Phil has only ever had casual hook-ups in the past and so has never had sex without a condom. Now in a relationship with Dan, he experiences it for the first time.
Word Count: 4.5K
Rating: Explicit
Tags: Smut, Established Relationship, Smut, Fluff, Smut, Romance, Smut, Barebacking, and some Smut
Author’s Note: Quite a few people started following my blog after my last 2 or 3 fics were posted, and those fics were all very fluffy, with only hints at the things that go bump in the night. So scroll on by, little lambs, if you don’t want to learn some fun new vocabulary words. I promise to post some non-smutty fluff again soon. (Also, this fic is dedicated to Gilove2dance, who suggested the idea in a comment on “Just Once” on AO3.)
You can also read this fic on AO3 here

A Different Kind of First Time

Phil couldn’t seem to stay focused on anything today. He’d tried working on ideas for a new video, but just couldn’t keep his mind on topic. He settled on the sofa with his laptop for a while, trying to answer some tweets on Tumblr, but couldn’t think of anything clever or silly to say. He and Dan had gone out separately this morning, but Phil had gotten home first and Dan’s prolonged absence was driving him a bit mad. He made himself a cup of coffee and sat again on the sofa, one leg jiggling up and down in agitation.

When he heard Dan’s steps on the stairs, he sat up a little straighter in anticipation. When Dan unlocked the door and came in, Phil greeted him with a big smile. Dan blinked for a moment, then smiled back, closing the door behind him.

“What are you so happy about?” Dan asked suspiciously.

Phil shrugged, looking away, then smiled a sort of little private smile to himself before meeting Dan’s eyes again. His attention was caught by the pink box in Dan’s hands. “What’s that?”

Dan grinned. “Do you know what today is?”

Phil frowned in thought. “Um … Thursday?”

Dan rolled his eyes. “It’s Tuesday, actually, but that wasn’t what I meant. Today is our three-month anniversary … so I got you something.” His smile was a little shy as he offered the box to Phil. Phil opened it to find a cupcake with red frosting inside.

“Can I eat it now?” he asked with childlike enthusiasm, and Dan nodded. Phil took the cupcake out of the box and took a big bite. He groaned in pleasure. “Red velvet!” he mumbled with his mouth full.

“I know it’s your favorite,” Dan replied, looking pleased that his gift was so appreciated.

“Do you want a bite?” Phil offered, holding the cupcake toward Dan, but Dan shook his head.

“It’s for you. Because you’ve made me so happy these past three months.” His face was going a bit pink.

Phil set the cupcake down on the coffee table, heedless of the crumbs falling everywhere, and went to Dan, taking him in his arms and kissing him softly with lips sweetened by icing. “Me too,” he said quietly. “So happy.”

Dan stepped away and coughed. “We’re such saps,” he complained, but his pleasure at the attention was obvious. “Now what were you smiling about when I came in?”

“Can’t I just be happy to see you?” Phil asked, looking a little nervous. Dan instantly became suspicious again.

“What’s going on?” he demanded.

Phil went back to the sofa and sat down, his leg starting to jiggle again. He picked up his cup of coffee and took a distracted sip. “It’s been three months,” he said hesitantly.

“I know,” Dan replied. He gestured toward the crumb-strewn coffee table. “Hence the celebratory cupcake.”

“Well, um … you have to wait three months for an HIV test to be really accurate…”

Dan stiffened slightly, figuring out where this was probably going.

Phil continued in a rush, “So I counted back to the last time I had sex with anyone else, and I went and got tested after three months, and I got the results today, and I’m totally clean. No HIV, no STIs, nothing. Totally clean.” Phil glanced up at Dan’s face.

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xpmods  asked:

One of our players wants resources on writing a hivemind (specifically the Stepford Cuckoos/Five-In-One). Do you have anything on that? (Awesome blog btw - so helpful!)

Thank you so much @xpmods:)

Okay, so I had to look up the Stepford Cuckoos/Five-In-One (because I’m a loser and I’m not into superheroes), and I apologize if anything I say contradicts the Stepford Cuckoos’ abilities/powers. I’m not sure how to write for them specifically, but I do have some tips on writing a hive mind in general.



Also know that there are different kinds of hive minds (Examples taken from Wikipedia)

1. Collective consciousness or collective intelligence, concepts in sociology and philosophy

2.Groupthink, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome

3. The apparent consciousness of colonies of social insects such as ants, bees, and termites

4.Swarm intelligence, the collective behavior of decentralized, self-organized systems, natural or artificial

5.Universal mind, a type of universal higher consciousness or source of being in some esoteric beliefs

6. Group mind (science fiction), a type of collective consciousness

7. Egregore, a phenomenon in occultism which has been described as group mind

The kind we think about most is probably collective consciousness and the hive mind that is associated with insects.

So basically it means that everybody is connected to everybody. There are no secrets. There is no individuality. Just one huge ball of shared information that is constantly being added to the more the individuals included within the hive mind experience different situations.

In the writing world, however, there are no set parameters. You can take this information and go wherever you want with it. You’re a writer, after all, and that’s what you do! You aren’t obligated to follow the exact definition.


You don’t actually have to go outside and study them; I mean research their behaviors as well as drawbacks that they sometimes experience.

For example, ants are followers. They leave scent trails so that other ants know where they have been, and many ants follow the ones in front of them without any way to control themselves; they simply can’t help but follow the ants in front of them. (This explains why you always see groups of ants moving in single file lines)

“Most ants navigate by using eyesight, but some army ants are completely blind – and it’s possible for them to become disorientated and march in circles until they die of exhaustion.

It’s known as an ‘ant mill’ and is one of the strangest sights in nature.

Army ants navigate by following pheromone trails left behind by others. However, should enough of them lose the scent they begin to follow the ant immediately in front and a huge ant spiral forms.” Source [x]

Basically, the ant in the front of the line turns, and sometimes the line is so long that the ant in the front collides with other ants in the line. Naturally, the ant begins to follow. The ants are now caught in a vicious circle where everyone is following the person in front of them. And, as the article states, they eventually die of exhaustion.

This is only one of the drawbacks, and this only pertains to ants.

This whole section basically is saying DO YOUR RESEARCH!!


Common tropes associated with a hive mind/creatures who are a part of a hive mind:

- Individuals are never found alone, always in groups

- Individuals talk at the same time, in the same monotone voice

- Individuals walk in time with each other

-The hive mind is always controlled by a single ruler, usually a Queen

- Individuals work together incredibly well and are nearly unstoppable

These tropes aren’t at all overused or stupid; there are simply too little well-known stories containing hive minds for it to become too cliche.

My advice is to use these tropes however you’d like, but still add your own little twist on it.

After all, the twists are what make your story unique!

Hope this helped!

Blink Induction

This is a full post induction, if you are looking for a trance experience, please find time to read the post at a comfortable pace. If you do not wish to experience a trance you can skip over or skim.

I want to try something. Less trancey language and more direct programming. Pavlovian conditioning of kinds. It is my belief that the human mind is always looking for patterns to follow. You hear this in pre-induction speeches all the time, how to save energy the brain will go onto auto-pilot, time can vanish away as you watch TV or highway hypnosis can happen when your mind guides your motions without checking the critical mind. Indeed, the athletic term “choke” is when someone is so tense that they think about their actions and cannot do things in that automatic way that is trained from repetition.

Ericksonian hypnosis requires a break in this pattern. If you are in a susceptible state when following these patterns, Erickson would use that suggestibility to order you to enter a deep trance now. It saved time. The mind wants it already, and if you know where you are going, as any patient who has been subjected to a competent pre-speech would, your mind will willingly surrender to the most comfortable and relaxing trance imaginable.

Rather than build a trance state via progressive relaxation or commands which bypass critical thinking, I am going to try and train a natural pattern following trance from you now. All you have to do is follow along and focus only on reading the instructions and following them. There is literally nothing else you need to do.

First, prepare. Sit comfortably. In a place where your eyes can see my text while your posture is not tense. Let your fingers lie on the wheel of the mouse or the down arrow. Something so you can scroll down effortlessly. I’ll rely on you to automatically scroll/click down to keep reading. Please promise you will follow my words as they move down the page. You will keep up with my words. You will read and you will follow the instructions.

Okay. Are you ready?

Breathe in right now through your nose, filling your lungs and blink hard for me, keep the blink for a second, count it in your mind. Breathe, blink, one, open. Scroll if you have to.

Breathe out through your nose, releasing that air.


We’re going to try this counting up and then down. Keep reading with me. No need to visualize, but anything which comes to mind is fine.

Breathe in, blink hard, count to one, breathe out. Relax.

Notice how your heartbeat has slowed down? Did you hear anything while you closed your eyes? We’re going to count to two this time.

Breathe in, close your eyes hard, count to two, breathe out. How heavy is your hand on the mouse or keyboard right now. You are remembering to follow my words down, aren’t you? Good. We’ll try for three now.

Deep breath in, closing your eyes, counting to three, and deep breath out.  So soothing. Feeling so refreshed just to take the time to feel yourself becoming so calm and letting everything fade away.

Take it slow. Take it easy. The only thing I’m asking you to do is to breathe, blink, count and breathe. And there’s no need to do anything more than that except follow my words down with that heavy finger ready to follow and ready to let your heavy eyes read more and more. It’s time for you to count again.

Deeper and deeper breath in, heavy eyelids falling shut but opening on the count of four, three, two and one, breathing out and reading my words, always reading from the top down, following when you need to, I know you’re doing so well and must be feeling so relaxed right now.

Are you finding it easier? To read my words? To hear me tell you to breathe, blink, count and breathe again and know you’ll just let your body follow and your eyes drink in the words? Automatic and knowing what to expect.

Deep breath in, eyes hard closed, count to five. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Deep breath out.  Are you reading this line before and after you close your eyes? It’s okay if you are. And extra credit if you maybe get to the start of the line and start again, breathing again, getting caught in a mild loop, because you’ll know when you’re ready to follow me down the page, down into trance. If you feel you need to take a deep breath, closing your eyes, counting to six or to seven, but never more than ten, you can do that now, feeling so refreshed every time you breathe in, blink, breathe out. For me, right now. 

And if you counted to five or to ten or you lost count of how often you had to breathe, blink, count and breathe out, that’s fine. What I do know is that you have followed and have done so well to reach this point. Ready to follow when I tell you again to breathe, blink, count and breathe. What number are you counting? Is that how deep you are or how deep you will go when you do go deep for me now, deeper and deeper still each time I tell you to breathe, blink, count and breathe again. Flowing your eyes across the words when you open your eyes and trusting your fingers to follow my words and take yourself deeper each time. 

I want so much for you to follow my words, but I also want for you to feel wonderful today. And knowing that the stress of life is melting away and you may be so disorientated that all you want to do is read and wait to blink, count, breathe and blink and breathe and count and sink and fall and follow and let your eyes follow and your body obey. Did you find yourself following then? Did you breathe? Did you blink? Are you counting? Ten, nine, eight, breathe in, seven, six, five, breathe out, so tired, so focused, so willing to follow my words as you breathe in, four, three, two, breathe out, and one.

I want you to visualize a peaceful place for a moment, next time I ask you to close your eyes, try to picture it in your mind. It could be a garden or a beach or a room just for you or a place to share with a loved one, but a place of peace and tranquility. Maybe if you read this trance again sometime you’ll see it more and more clearly every time I tell you to blink, and count and feel so much deeper and calmer. Knowing you can take time in your day to day life to just close your eyes, breathe and count down to take a moment of serenity, a moment to feel in charge and capable, free of stress and strife.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just blink and let those cares fade away? To breathe in, close your eyes, count down and breathe out and feel so much more able to handle the worries of the day?

But for now, I would like to end this little session. Taking a much stronger breath and feeling the life come back to you, feeling energy and attentiveness, as you open your eyes and count from one to ten, one, two, coming back, three four, wanting to let me know how well this worked if it did or if it didn’t, five and six, happy and content, seven, eight, feeling great and nine ten, back up and ready to take on the day.

Thanks for taking the time to follow along!

Q&A - 2/24/17

Going through some private messages and emails and wanted to share a few, but before that I want to let you all know that I’ll be interviewed by another blogger very soon and I will post the link to that as soon as I can. Hopefully it will have some helpful information for you all. With that being said, let’s get into some questions.

dirtymindseeyoho says.. “You have a lot of good information about hotwifing on your blog, gonna use some of your ideas thanks”

Well dirtymind, thank you for the kind words. It’s great to know that I have support of followers like you afterall, this blog was intended to not only digest my journey to get my wife to have some open sexual experiences, it was meant to help others who have the same fantasies. I also appreciate the followup message you sent;

“I got her to submit to me last night… she actually said I submit to you I will do whatever you want me to and i will let you do what you want to do to me. I am yours. It was so hot and erotic first we were just playing around I told her to get on her knees then suck my dick and then I told her I have always wanted to slightly control her in the bedroom and I asked her how she would feel about that so then she proceeded to give me one of the best cock sucking I  ever had.  And then I made her beg me to let her come and I did that with my fingers”

Now some of  you might be thinking “what does that have to do with hotwifing?” and the answer is that if you can be open and honest with EACH OTHER sexually then you can openly discuss your fantasies without fear of being rejected or viewed differently in the eyes of your spouse.

jonesalley38 says.. “Hello I’m trying to get my fiancé into the bdsm lifestyle but she’s extremely strong willed and prudish woman but the other night when we had sex I tried something new, I was sucking and pulling on her tits I decided to choke her, the next thing I knew she was guiding my hand between her legs I never knew her clit could be that swollen or pussy so wet. I at that moment realized that the only thing would be better than this moment is watching another man doing these things to her, I’m I wrong for thinking this way?”

Jones, I’m going to share with this group exactly what I said to you in our private chat. You’re absolutely NOT wrong for thinking like this. This is YOUR fantasy. It’s a feeling that turns you on, and it may or may not be something you can even control. HOWEVER, you need to be open with your fiancee and COMPLETELY honest with her. You can’t just say “hey I want you to have sex with another man”. From personal experience with my wife, who is the same as your fiancee with her strong willed and somewhat prudish mentality, you HAVE TO explain everything and hold nothing back. She has to know how sexy you think she is, and how much you love and trust her, and that will translate into her realizing that you’re not trying to trap her into letting you have sex with another woman later on. I’ve found that, at least in my case, if your wife/fiancee/gf has the slightest bit of doubt of your intentions then she’s likely to blow the whole thing off. Just be completely honest, and remember. REASSURANCE IS THE KEY!

And to wrap up this edition of Q&A, I wanted to share a brief conversation I had with a follower that I found to be pretty exciting. At least for him.

eaglesmit1 started out by saying .. “I’m freaking out! I just sent my new hotwife, (married for 30 years but new to this), out on her first date!”

howtotrainyourhotwifeYeah? Write me and let me know how it goes! I’d love to share your story. Good or bad

eaglesmit1 “Wanted to let you know that I’ll send some details on how it went - but for now: GREAT! Also, my wife and I tend to over-think things so we actually have a written agreement of OUR hotwifing rules. I’ll send that too.

eaglesmit1 “Not too familiar with Tumblr so I guess I can just write you here? Anyway, my wife and I agreed to try hotwifing. The very next day she set up an account on a dating website and found a guy to meet her for lunch. she left, anklet and all, and that was an exciting moment. An hour later she texted saying things were going great and she likes him a lot. After another hour, she asked me to join them - which I did. I found her sitting across from him at the table with her feet up in his lap. He was nervous when he saw me but calmed down once he knew I was ok.with it. He had to leave soon after but she walked him out to his car and was gone for the longest time, (I was so turned on). She came back and said they talked and kissed and he’ll be over Saturday night…”

This is the kind of thing I love to see from my followers, and for those of you who are new to hotwifing, you’re likely not going to tell your wife or significant other that you want her to have sex with another man and have her immediately agree and jump right into it. It will be a LONG and slow journey in most cases, so be patient and don’t rush it. Once you see progress being made, don’t try and push it too fast. If you do, and she becomes scared or annoyed then it could come crashing down on you and she might back off completely! So be patient and take babysteps!

That’s it for this session of Q&A, but keep your questions coming! I’ll do my best to answer them all!


okay i know some people may not care but i just really want to explain my spotify playlists here and share them okay yes cool they’re pretty self-explanatory but just let me live okay

ABSOLUTE LOVES: Okay so this is basically just all of my favourite songs (it’s a big playlist because I have a lot of favourite songs) but it all kind of varies between styles and tempos and all that jazz. This is the most likely playlist to be changed because I’m constantly finding new music. 

SLEEPY SLEEP: This playlist is probably my favourite because it’s helped me so so much, it’s a collection of soothing and slow songs, and it’s obviously really good for getting to sleep, but also for calming down and just relaxing. 

STUDY PLAYLIST: This playlist mostly consists of soft and nice but not distracting songs, but not slow ones to make you sleepy, just not necessarily something that would get you up and dancing instead of well, studying. 

SHOWER PLAYLIST: This is kind of just filled with fun and upbeat songs that you’d want to sing in the shower, and even when you’re out of the shower and getting ready, I guess just songs to get you excited for wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing. I’d hope that you wouldn’t listen to all the songs during one shower though… (haha wow sarah you’re funny).

RAINY DAY PLAYLIST: Okay this song works for both literal rainy days and emotional rainy days, since it’s really just a bunch of songs to snuggle up in blankets and cry to. Kind of lame, I know. But it’s nice to just let out emotion and feel all dramatic and sad every now and then.

PICK ME UP PLAYLIST: This is kind of the opposite to the rainy day playlist, as it is full of songs to just dance and muck about to. Whether you need it as a mood-lifter, something to wake up and get energised with or something else, it’s sure to be a jam (just a warning, there are quite a few beyonce songs on there so if you don’t like beyonce, unfollow me on all social media right now) 

COLLABORATIVE PLAYLIST???: Okay so this was an experiment to see if I could join our creative forces together and find somewhere that everyone can share their favourite songs but it kind of flopped so please help and add songs you like so we can work together. 



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Q: What kind of movie will EXO be if EXO were to be a kind of movie genre? What about the movie genre based on your life?

Sehun: Fantasy. If I were to boast, I would say we did things that were not realistic, and we are going to do the same for the future. The members are all very different from one another too. If we were to be made into a genre, it wouldn’t be comedy but fantasy action? The main leads would be our team, EXO. 
If I were to seriously express my personal life, it would be a very sad movie that turns happy. Why happy, firstly because our members are doing so well and I, too, have widened my working field. I think it’s because of those two things.

Q: When and where is your favourite time and place? 

Sehun: I like midnight. About 1 or 2AM. The very mid of night. I think the feeling of tranquility and silence that one will only get at midnight suits me well, and I also really like the feelings that I am only able to feel at that time. I can also think more then.
As for my favourite place, I don’t really like being cooped up. If I was locked up, I’ll become gloomy. Or should I say that I get lost in my sadness. I have friends whom I always go out with. Though I like being with them indoors, I don’t really like it when I’m alone. 

Q: What do you mostly think of at midnight?

Sehun: Everyone might not think the same but, worries for my future, my expectations, my excitement, don’t we all have thoughts like these? Thoughts of our lives.

Q: Between something familiar and something unfamiliar, which do you enjoy more?

Sehun: I enjoy unfamiliar things. We’re comfortable with familiar things, aren’t we. But we have to adapt to unfamiliar places. Just like how we have to follow the Roman law when we go to Rome, I think the process of adapting to a new place is fun. New people, new things, getting to experience those kinds of things for the first time while there will be many eye-opening and challenging things too. That is why I think I can enjoy unfamiliar things more.

Q: Where do you think you will make your home if you were to travel your entire life? 

Sehun: I hope to have my home in Seoul. I think it would be great if my ordinary day is in the city, living with many people in a place where the air isn’t good and then sometimes going to somewhere that doesn’t have anyone and where the air is good. 

Q: How was your very first travelling trip?

Sehun: I can’t remember my first trip because I travel a lot. I obviously had my first trip but I just can’t remember. 

Q: Then can you talk more about a trip you’re thinking about now?

Sehun: With travelling, I should organise the trip and then travel. But I like travelling whenever I feel like it. I don’t ever plan it and I just go spontaneously. I won’t even bring my clothes, I won’t even book a place, I will just go carrying only my wallet. It’s fun going with my friends and doing things there. I don’t know what will happen but the people that I match well with all like that kind of things. So I think our relationship will last for a long time. If there is a baseball game when we get to a rest stop, we’d do that and then leave, and when we get to Daegu, we eat something. Those kind of unpredictable trips. It makes you excited. When I see others making plans for their trips, I also wish to do the same. I really want to do that but I don’t follow my plans very well. Then I think that will screw up the planning even more. So I just travel comfortably with a “Okay, whatever!” mindset.

Q:  How would you explain something that you like because it’s been a long time with it, and something that you like because it’s new?

Sehun: I think of new things as something that I get to experience and be enlightened by. As for old things, what I learn from them will become feelings and memories and that way, I can remember them. To be specific, it would be human relationships. I think relationships are the most important in life. With humans, the more you see each other, the more you become fond of the other, don’t you? The process of getting close with someone is fun. It’s the same with new things. If you meet someone new, you will obviously have things to learn from them, there will be things you get to gain and on the other hand, you will have an influence on that person. I think those kind of things are fun. 

Q: The past, the present, and the future. Which one of them do you think is the most important?

Sehun: For me, I think the future is important. I think about 10 minutes has passed since the start of the interview but that’s still the past, isn’t it. And so, I wonder if there is such a thing as the present. The moment a minute and a second passes, those moments become the past and besides, we are walking in the direction of our future, aren’t we. I think the thing about the present is that it’s quite ambiguous. Are we able to talk about the present? I don’t think so. That is why I wonder if there is such a thing as the present. Can we even call it the present. Of course if we look at the big picture, we can call the time from just now until this moment the present but if you really consider it, isn’t the passing of 1 minute and 1 second history? Time is always moving so isn’t the the future important? I think of it that way. 

Q: When did you experience the broadening of your outlook on the world?

Sehun: I like things that are eye-openers, I like learning, I like experiencing, and I said that I enjoy coming upon new things. And so I am the type to try everything. That way, I can inform the people that I like and I can be of help. When people say they’ll do something, I can recount my experience and that will help them. I think that also includes how I see the world. So I think I will challenge all kinds of things.

Q: What do you think is the most valuable among all visible things? 

Sehun: Firstly, I am unable to point out just one. Um, isn’t everything valuable? We use every little thing because we need them. Wherever we are, they are all essential and they are all important, are they not? It’s difficult coming up with an explanation right away but I think that even the things that we normally think is bad all have their own roles to play. 

Q: Among the things men made, what do you think is the most praiseworthy?

Sehun: It’s difficult just talking about one, so everything, all. Because wherever we are, they have their uses, and we need them. Isn’t it thanks to them, that we are able to live conveniently? 

Q: What is a moment that you wish to have in your life? 

Sehun: Um, I hope to have a very touching moment. I’m really looking forward to that moment. What it is specifically, I am also uncertain, but I wish to have a touching moment that renders me speechless. I think it is impossible to feel touched if you don’t like that person. When you think of someone you really like, when you were once touched by that person or because they did something that touched you, that is when you are able to come up with plans to make them feel touched. Surprise is also incorporated in the sentiment of feeling touched, isn’t it. Because if there is no element of surprise, you cannot feel touched. 

Q: If you have a twin or a doppelganger, what kind of person do you wish they would be? 

Sehun: We have to be similar. Ah, no. I hope they would be the complete opposite of me. Only that way we can learn from each other, and the way we think will be different too. I think it will be fun if their logic/reasoning is different from mine. I think only in that way, we can inform and enlighten each other. I like taking care of someone. I wish to become someone who strengthens the other. Among the many reasons why living is essential, I think that is one of it. That is my life’s joy. I believe that it is a really happy thing to be able to be of help. And I think that those things will come back to you. So if I die, who will be sad? I have those thoughts too. Among the people I sincerely interacted with, who would be sad? I occasionally have those thoughts too. 

Q: If you were born into a family with 9 brothers, which position would you like to be born as?

Sehun: The oldest one. Then I can take care of everyone. There is joy in busily living in a tough life. Of course I’d be extremely tired and I will need time for myself. But still, if I lived like that, I’ll have things to do and I think that having a life where you get to take care of things will be satisfying and interesting. 

Q: When have you felt that your life is perfect? 

Sehun: I think the greed of humans is never ending. Many a time I have thought that I don’t have more to wish for but because my field of work has widened, I want to know more, I want to do more, I want to experience things. By doing that, it seems like this is how I wish for more. Even now, I have something I am hoping for. 

Q: If you were to be invisible one day and only one person could see you, who would you pick that person to be?

Sehun: The woman I love. 

Q:  When do you feel that the day has gotten shorter? 

Sehun: When I’m happy. When I’m playing with people I love. Or when I go on trips. When I’m happy, I don’t think of what was difficult, or something that I am agonising over at that moment, or what I am stressed over, so it seems like time is passing so quickly. When you’re doing something you hate, you will keep thinking “when is it going to end” and you’ll keep waiting, when is it going to end. By doing that, you’ll become delusional. Then you will feel like time is taking too long. I think humans are mysterious in that aspect. When we do something we like, we go ‘I want to do this until I die.’ When we have that kind of mindset, we don’t have anything to wait upon and we have something we want to do and we do it. And when it happens, you won’t even know that time is passing. 

Q: If day or night was to keep going, which would you like better? 

Sehun: Night, midnight. The tranquil atmosphere of midnight. But day and night have to co-exist. Night is only nice because there is day. 

Q:  What time of the day do you think the sky looks the most beautiful? 

Sehun: Midnight. During that time. It’s very pretty. It’s dark but I like it. Even though we can’t really see the stars in Seoul, I don’t think that it is very important. I’m not the kind to feel moved when I see that kind of things. 

Q: Have you ever felt that someone is of great importance in your life? 

Sehun: I feel that way most of the time. If there is something yummy, I’ll say “let’s come together again.” When something bad happens, they’ll run to me. When something good happens, we share it together. People, though it doesn’t have to be the people I know, but I think that value that people have is amazing. And I can’t even measure their worth. Those people, are the first ones I think of. The ones I can’t live without. 

Q: What is the compass in your life?

Sehun: How should I explain this. If there is a road straight forward or backward, and if there is a road on my left and right as well as side roads, I will take the side roads. There are pros and cons of side roads. Side roads are fresh and they’re not complete. Also, there is something you can experience from it. As with the common straight roads ahead, because there are already many information on it, I know that there might not be things I want to try experiencing. However, as for the side roads, people who have not gone through them don’t know what they hold. And though it cannot be gauranteed, I might be able to be a bit more comfortable and be able to go faster, and it will be fun. The con is that there are many bends. Extremely many. And if you’re not careful, you might end up at the start and go the straight road ahead instead, you might not keep walking the same road too. So you need to be wise with your choice of roads. You’ll learn and experience many things, I think you need to rely on and go with people who make the the environment great. If I can only handle being wise, I will be able to safely and enjoyably cross that bend while living a dynamic life. I think being an EXO member isn’t all straight roads and within that, I want to have more dynamic experiences, do a lot more, know more things, help the people around me and learn from each other. I want to live that way.

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I’ve been wanting to write this review for two weeks now, but I was scared I would somehow overanalyse Love. Then, a few hours ago, I realised that was impossible. Gaspar Noé wouldn’t make a film he knew would be controversial and highly criticised without really getting into details. There’s a lot of different aspects that I’d like to discuss separately and meticulously, but here’s my brief overall opinion.

Love is a film representing Murphy’s (the main character) trip to the past when he finds out his ex-girlfriend, Electra, is missing. As Murphy, a young man who is studying cinema in Paris, says in the film, his “biggest dream is to make a movie that truly depicts sentimental sexuality”. Whether this character has some biographical connection with Gaspar himself or not, is something discussable, but his statement is undoubtedly related to Love.

Some might say Love is a romanticised porno, with unnecessary shots and scenes which only purpose is to make it even more controversial than it would have already been without them. It is not a lie that Noé chose several provocative shots with explicit sexuality, and decided not to show the awkwardness of sex. Some say Love does not represent what sex really is about because of omitting that. However, if the point of the film is to “depict sentimental sexuality”, if the title itself is summing up the whole point of the plot, is it really necessary that we see this couple literally cleaning up their mess, or going through the process of getting it right physically? Of course, if that’s not important to Gaspar Noé, so shouldn’t be most of the, as many say, cheap close-ups. The question is: if we all know what happens after sex, and we also know what happens during sex, what was Noé’s intention? What is it that distinguishes Love from a regular porn when it comes to sex scenes? I believe that if Gaspar had represented the triviality of sex, most people would finally agree he did something completely different from the banality of most drama films related to love issues, and that he got the pornographic part to work perfectly because it represented sex exactly as it is. I also believe that these people are the ones mistaking Noé’s goal. Let me break this to you: Love is not a porno; not because it didn’t turn out like one after editing, but because it wasn’t made to be one. Love is a drama, and what the film is trying to represent is love in sex.

As Murphy claims, “(…) sex while you’re in love. That’s the best thing.”. Right from the open scene, we are engaged in an intimate moment between this couple we don’t know. We even get the feeling that the scene is going to end at any moment, because that’s what usually happens. We don’t know if they’re in love, we don’t know who they are, and we don’t know what’s happening to them. All we know is that there stand two relaxed people, enjoying each other calmly, and we can feel the love right away.

Sex is the ultimate vehicle of transmission of love. The magnum opus of human interaction. Noé knows this, and he brings us this couple that can’t take all the sentiment inside and so has to pour it out skin on skin. It was necessary that the film was as explicit and real as possible, so it could ascend to its own purposes (and expectations, too). Because if you want to do something different, you can’t imitate what’s been done, you can’t imitate art, you got to imitate life.

But if on the one hand Gaspar managed to create something entirely new, he also stepped on ordinary themes such as drugs, adultery and even violence. Once they put drugs on films, we know something’s about to go down. Following the first scenes involving narcotics, we’re presented with moments where Murphy and Electra try to elevate their sexual experiences to a whole new level and experiment all kinds of different stuff. Which, if I may say, doesn’t exactly pleases Murphy.

It is also likely that viewers will question the existence of love between the main characters since they cheat on each other several times, but it seems that what Gaspar was trying to do was to demonstrate how desire and love can work separately. While discussing the cheating part of the film with a friend, I was given a whole new perspective that I hadn’t honestly thought of before that. The true and real betrayal happened when Murphy gave Omi the baby that was meant to be given to Electra. Throughout the film, there are an extraordinary number of almost idyllic conversations about babies. Murphy says they did everything together, except for making a baby. They even picked out names for this imaginary child that never existed. It was like they had built a dream together and Murphy gave it away to someone else. That was something Electra couldn’t forgive, and that was what killed her. Of course, Murphy ended up paying for what he’d done, broken and lost in memories of a love® long gone, and the moment of acceptance comes when he’s desperately asking God for a second chance and for Electra’s safety, while recalling the beginning of their relationship.

I think everyone expected Love to be a soft-porn, something light in terms of emotion and heavy in terms of sex. Some actually see it that way, and most don’t have enough sensibility to feel the deep complex plot. Love flows sweetly and gently, violently and roughly. But in the end, we feel it all.

bellegirl  asked:

Hello Mister, Just got lost in the hunt for the answer "do you have a little?" Your link to a link to a link made me dizzy but it made me laugh. What a fun game. I'm not a little but I enjoy following your blog. You're so kind and sweet and you really do have great advice that is applicable for any D/s relationship, not just the DD/lg type. Thanks for taking care of all those sweet littles out there. You are fun and sweet and wise and you have a great beard. -bellegirl

Thank you very much.

What many don’t know or may sometimes forget is that I was a Dom before I was a daddy, and I have many years experience.

I can just as easily tie you up and slap you around as I could make you cookies and cuddle in a blanket fort.

Or both. Aftercare is important after all.

hey witchblr, i don’t wanna get too bogged down in the specifics but between paying for healthcare and keeping the lights on and, like, needing to eat people food, my spouse and i are in something of a financial crunch. we really need some help. i’m offering these things:
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Studyblr Senior Quote Project

Hey, y’all!

Now that the school year is winding down (at least where I live), I’m finally able to breathe again and I came up with a pretty neat idea:

A studyblr senior quote post!

It would be a listing out all of the studyblrs who graduated in 2017 and a quote they’d like to use. I think it’d be a really great idea for all of the studyblr community to be able to recognize who has graduated this year and for those who can’t/are not allowed to do senior quotes in their year book to have the chance!

For those that don’t know, a senior quote, in America, is a quote that graduating seniors in high school will have pictured next to them in the year book. Most of the time, they are quotes that they feel represents them or their high school experience. They can be funny or serious!

Some good examples would be any kind of scripture or verses, or “Goodbye everyone, I’ll remember you all in therapy!” from Spongebob Squarepants.


  • Must be following me!
  • Must be a studyblr!
  • Reblog this post!
  • In either a message or ask to me, write:
    •  your quote
    • name (optional)
    • what you will be graduating from (also optional; eg middle school, high school, college, grad school–feel free to tell me what school too, if you like)!
  • If you want your studyblr to be put in the post but it’s a side blog, put the url in your message. Otherwise I will use the blog that you use to send me the message.


I would prefer your quote not contain any kind of inappropriate language or themes. I’m not trying to violate your freedom of speech or anything, I just would not feel comfortable publishing those quotes on the internet. If you still send me inappropriate quotes, I will not publish them.

Quotes by unknown authors are okay, but if it does come from a specific source of media, please put who/what it is in the message.

The deadline is June 7.


The leader must project to his following a personal kind heart that never gets cold or paralyzed, is always fresh and sunny. In objective decisions hard and straightforward, in personal contact happy and kind, that is our leader ideal. The leader must acquire a deep understanding for all the distresses, suffering and contacts of his following, a fine tactfulness for all weaknesses and delicate things, and honest empathy for all the joys. Only a few are born leaders. Most are officer cadets and must first learn, fight for and work for leadership, and experience it deeply and joyfully. The leader from whose eyes a personal kind heart shines and from whose nature it radiates can demand from his following sacrifice, work and performance. He no longer needs to use major pressure. Based on his inner bearing, he introduces his following with hearty comradeship to the purpose of their work, of their sacrifice, of their struggle. He treats them like full-valued comrades, not like servants, not like machines, but also not condescendingly or with pity. Not pushy, not like a school master, not like a professor, not like a pastor - he gives to his subordinates, who are for him coworkers, winks, tips, explanations, encouragements, clarifications in speech and conversation that is not forced. He shows them the work, helps to shape the work himself, is the first foreman. He is the man who stands at the front in leadership, work and performance.

The leader does not exploit his following, he does not pump them empty, he does not weight on them like a nightmare. He gives his people energy and strength, shows them in their work and in their life ever new possibilities, new opportunities, visions. He enriches his following inwardly with ideas, new joys, energies and sources of strength.

The leader is not a guard. He does not lurk for offenses. He is not happy when he catches a coworker at a mistake or ineptitude. He is not dissatisfied if he cannot find fault. Serious and kind, comradely and straightforward, he discusses everything that is not in order, he praises what has been made good.

Individuals may exploit this personal kind heart. The totality is forged together by this bearing.

Whoever has acquired this kind of leadership, does not have to intensively study long recipes and rules of behavior, he never has to fear for his reputation, he will always do the right thing. Whoever still discovers within himself traces of egoistical, heartless tyranny or slavish servitude, knows that he is not yet free of alien oriental bearing.

Who ever is such a genuine leader, has taken on responsibility for his following before God and represents them before God in the community’s festive hours as well. In these festive hours, the whole community then grows together anew and at the same time grows into the infinite connections of God’s great order of creation.

by Anton Holzner, Eternal Front