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山本彩 (@SayakaNeon)
2017/02/25 23:43


I am on the front cover and in a feature article of Smart magazine which went on sale on the 24th!


It is a very large article so please make sure that you read it✨✨ 

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Estimate income of Japanese female idol 2016 (Nogizaka, Keyakizaka, and AKB48 group):

1. Sashihara Rino = 4300 万円
2. Kashiwagi Yuki = 3300万円
3. Sayaka Yamamoto = 3000万円
4. Watanabe Mayu = 2600万円
5. Kojima Haruna = 2500万円
6.Nishino Nanase = 2200万円
7.Mai Shiraishi = 2200万円
8.Nanami Hashimoto = 2200万 円
9.Erika Ikuta = 2200万円
10.Matsui Jurina = 2200万円
11.Asuka Saito = 2000万円
12.Matsumura Sayuri = 1900万円
13.Sakura Miyawaki = 1900万円
14.Yui Yokoyama = 1900万 円
15.Minegishi Minami = 1600万円
16.Ikoma Rina = 1500万円
17.Suda Akari = 1500万円
18.Mukaichi Mion = 1000万円
19.Sakurai Reika = 1000万円
20.Yumi Wakatsuki = 1000万円
21.Shiroma Miru = 800万円
22.Rie Kitahara = 800万円
23.Akane Takayanagi = 700万円
24.Hirate Yurina = 600万円
25.Matsumura Kaori = 600万円

万円: ichiman yen =10.000 yen


山本彩 (@SayakaNeon)
2017/02/25 21:58


We had a Handshake Event in Osaka! 


It’s been 2 weeks since we’ve last been in Osaka but as always I enjoyed talking about various topics(*´ω`*)


Thank you to everyone who came✨


I’m a fan of real idols, real Japanese girls who sing and dance and train almost everyday to do their job of making people happy and smile. I hate when I mention that I like idols, then a LL fan goes ‘me too’ and shows me a pic of anime girls. They’re not real, they don’t deserve to be put at the same level as real live actual idols. Even the seiyuu, they’re not idols, they’re SEIYUU. This is why I hate the LL fandom, with them calling themselves “idol fans” they’re discrediting all the work that these girls do almost everyday. They’re constantly scolded, crying, training all the time and you people think it’s fair to compare some anime girls to it. smh