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In less than 2 months we could already have the first PP3 Trailer!

That can already tell a LOT about the canonness of Bechloe in PP3!

Think about it…

Think about what how it could be…About the PP 1&2 trailer…

I’m super hyped for it!


Promo for Samurai Jack Season 5 Episode 8

Run, you fools, run!

My Candy Love Trailers and Episode Release dates

(All release dates of  recent episodes and trailers according to My Candy Loves Twitter page)

Episode 35

Trailer- April 28th, 2017

Episode Released-????

Episode 34

Trailer-Feb 24, 2017

Episode Released-Feb 28, 2017 

Episode 33

Trailer- December 16 2016

Episode released-  December 19 2016

Episode 32

Trailer- October 7, 2016

Episode Released- October 13, 2016

Episode 31

Trailer- July 1, 2016

Episode Released- July 5, 2016

Episode 30

Trailer- April 25, 2016

Episode Released- April 28, 2016

Episode 29

Trailer- Feb.19, 2016

Episode Released- Feb. 23 2016

Episode 28

Trailer- November 13, 2015

Episode Released- November 18, 2015

Episode 27

Trailer- August 24, 2015

Episode Released- August 27, 2015

Episode 26

Trailer- June 15th, 2015

Episode Released- June 17, 2015

I found what I'd been looking for (to be happy) - Part 1 of ?

So jamais deux sans trois, right? (aka things come in threes) Because I am an impatient little thing, here’s the first part of the Merhartwin reunion fic I am writing right now, inspired by the trailer :D It’s not yet at the part where our three favourite idiots are reunited though and it’s dealing with Harry dealing with amnesia and (what he doesn’t know yet is) imprisonment.

It’s not done hence the part 1 of ?, but if you’d rather wait for it to be completed, once it is, I’ll be posting it on ao3 like usual.

My muse on this one is @liprouvaire my precious babe, and huge thanks to @insanereddragon who never hesitate to give me a much needed boost whenever I doubt my writing and always say yes when I ask if she can read something for me. Tagging a few peeps who might be interested in this @virgosista @bouncybrittonie @dianyx @annaofaza

I found what I’d been looking for (to be happy) - Part 1

He wakes up in a padded room, the white walls around him as blank as his mind.

There is some furniture scattered in the room, but it only helps to underline just how bare it is.

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Thrilling Intent trailer

all animations by Jackson.

Come watch a comedic tabletop show!


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