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What are the main differences between an INFJ and an intj?


Essentially, INTJs, from first glance, will be a lot more arrogant and sure of themselves. INFJs are not sure of themselves in general. They’re likely to be like, “oh no!! I’m sorry!! But you know what you can do is…”

Whereas INTJs will be like, “Well that’s your own fault for getting that started anyway. In the future, to avoid that sort of thing you should…” and of course, they’ll only say that if they feel like wasting their breath trying to help you. Or scold you.

Otherwise, the differences are like this:

  • INTJs will be more interested in the world. Solving problems. Generally interested in politics, history, science–a subject that can actually be applied to everyday life and discussion.
  • INFJs, on the other hand, are usually into subjects that they don’t know how to explain why they like them. They like pondering over things inside of their heads. It doesn’t matter to them if it has a “real world” application; it’s fun to think about so they like it.
  • INTJs are more sarcastic, crass, and rude
  • INFJs are more emotional, easily offended, and vindictive 
  • INTJs are problem solvers, excellent communicators when they want to be, and are confident
  • INFJs are understanding, humanitarian, and soulful

I’m going to include another ‘appearance’ tidbit, but of course it’s just my own personal observation of behavioral patterns:

  • INTJs are socially awkward. They’ll do things like cross their legs in a chair and pick at the soles of their shoes. They’ll repeatedly run their fingers through their hair when thinking hard. They’re oblivious, in short, to social norms. A lot of them look like they have a touch of autism because of this. 
  • INFJs are quiet, but less socially awkward. They may be clumsy and get into awkward situations, but they are generally aware of how to act around people. They’ll be unnoticeable if they want to be, or the center of attention if they want to be. It’s up to them. But generally, conversation with them is lighthearted until they really get to liking you.
  • INTJs are confrontational. Say something they don’t agree with and they’ll start arguing about it.
  • INFJs are quiet observers. Say something they don’t agree with and they’ll ask you why you think what you think first, and argue with you second. When they argue with you, also, it’s less intense and usually ends with, “I see your point, and it’s ok if we don’t agree.” (unless it’s a FIGHT, but that changes everything)
  • INTJs explode and then quickly shut down in fights. Fights are fairly common since they’re capable of being so abrasive
  • INFJs explode but take a longer time to simmer down in fights, since fights with INFJs are so rare; a lot of held-in emotions from a long period of time rush to the surface and they can’t force them back down again 

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Cassian/Jyn + we can do anything

Jyn doesn’t say anything as she sits down next to him. It’s a relief, after the noise of the party; Cassian understands the need to celebrate, but it puts him on edge, the Ewoks’ instruments and the crackle of the fire and the raucous laughter. Jyn’s silence is like a blanket, a safe harbor. 

“You’re not celebrating,” she says at last. Even she’s been at the party, he can see; her cheeks are flushed and her eyes brighter than usual, her leg bouncing with the music. She’s only not at the party because of him. Because she’d come to find him, here on the edges of everything. 

“I…” he trails off. Jyn waits as he chooses his words. “I’ve fought this war my whole life.” He lets out a long breath, and looks away from Jyn, up to the stars. So many stars, freed from the Empire; so many deaths and sins and scars. “I don’t know what I’ll do, now.” 

Jyn snorts like she does when she gets too annoyed at him, and gets to her feet, reaches a hand down to him like she’s ready to help him to stand. “Whatever you want,” she tells him, like it’s obvious. For her, it is–for this woman who only ever does what she wants, what she thinks is right. Then she smiles, almost shy, if Jyn were ever shy, but still boldly staring him down. “Whatever we want,” she amends. 

Cassian has to smile, at that. That whatever happens next, it will be with Jyn. 

He takes her hand, and lets her pull him up. 

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Do you know any good overall Shinee blogs to follow? I love the group and I want to know who is a good option to follow.

 for starters i would definitely follow the other fy/update blogs:

and then theres like casual update-ish type blogs:

and then this is just a list of blogs that i follow?? lol: 

heres a list of onew biased blogs:


a continuation, of sorts, of this

anyway my friend @lady-kima-of-vord suggested this is how Marj and Azura would meet in the Heroes world and I had to do it. I’m gonna go under the assumption that their story hasn’t happened yet (ignoring dragon f!corrin, but whatever)

one day I will summon f!Corrin to match my Azura. Maybe. if my luck ever turns gold again


Nuri-Jones here wanted to bet his hair that we’d hear from some potential board members in like three weeks or more. I laughed at him, said he was dumb and made the bet anyway. We have our business plan sorted out alongside a Lawyer and a few more meetings to help get us up as soon as possible. I’m just happy to see that something’s actually happening ya know?

Anywho; We now have a meeting/presentation to organise… And Nathaniel now has until Monday to get rid of the mop 🙃

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I just want myself some hella sick (high as hell fever, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, EVERYTHING) Yuri Plisetsky. Can you do me the honor and write it?!

YEEEESSS! I love making this poor boy suffer! It’s an honour for me to write it. I actually ended up feeling a little bad about this one. I always like to slip in some angsty ‘Yurio misses his grandpa’ bits. I love that sort of thing :) Anyway, I hope you enjoy it.

“Come on, Yurio, swallow this for me. It’ll lower your fever,” Viktor urged, trying to coax some medicine into Yurio’s mouth. The teenager turned his face away weakly.

“No… Feel sick,” Yurio murmured, and Viktor gave up. There was no point in forcing Yurio to drink the medicine if he was just going to throw it right back up again.

Viktor was becoming increasingly concerned about Yurio. The boy had woken that morning with a raging fever of 40.1 degrees. There was no way he’d be able to manage a day on the ice - he couldn’t even stagger across the flat without falling into Viktor’s arms.

Viktor had settled Yurio on the sofa, and the boy had been too weak to argue about missing practise that day. This was a terribly worrying sign - Yurio always argued about missing any skating practice. Half the time you couldn’t wrestle him off the ice to take a drink.

Yurio hadn’t moved from the sofa; he was shivering miserably, covered with Viktor’s Russia jacket. The boy’s face was pale as whey, his eyes ringed with such large black circles that it looked like he had been punched. Viktor had turned on the TV, but Yurio clearly wasn’t watching. He was holding his head in his hands, his eyes squeezed shut.

“Yurio? What’s wrong?” Viktor asked worriedly, squatting down beside the sofa.

“I-I feel weird. Everything is s-spinning. I’m dizzy.”

He gave a miserable, choked sob. “Viktor, please make it stop.”

Yurio’s poor weak voice made Viktor’s chest squeeze with sympathy. He knew it took a lot to make Yurio cry or ask for help - and the boy never said please. It was so worrying that Viktor almost wished the teenager would yell or insult him, just so Viktor would know he was on the mend.

“I can’t, Yurio, I’m sorry. Just-just try to relax, okay? Is there anything I can do for you? Do you want anything?” Viktor asked desperately. To Viktor’s horror, Yurio started sobbing in earnest.

“I-I want…”

“Yes? What, Yurio?” The teenager was sobbing so hard it sounded as if he was choking.

“I want grandpa!” he wailed desperately, and then collapsed into further tears, because of course he knew there was no way Viktor could bring his grandpa to him. Yurio was beyond reasoning; he was sick and tired and miserable, and he would have given anything in the world to leap into his grandpa’s arms.

His grandpa could always make him feel better. He’d been doing so ever since Yurio was a toddler, bawling is eyes out during a tantrum. He never yelled at him - he didn’t have to.

“Oh dear, Yurochka, looks like somebody left the waterworks on,” he’d always say, and then he’d pretend to twist the boy’s nose, as if he was turning off a tap. It’d always make Yurio smile, and his tears would stop instantly.

His grandpa hadn’t used that trick on him for over a decade, but Yurio wished he could do it now, wished he was just with him. He cried harder. Viktor was horrified. He’d never seen Yurio in such a state before - the boy hardly ever cried. Right now - with his face a pale white moon, tears streaming down his cheeks, his nose running - he looked like a little kid.

Viktor sat down determinedly on the sofa, grabbing Yurio and hauling the sick boy into his lap, resting Yurio’s head on his shoulder. Usually, the teenager would have squirmed and fought indignantly, but he simply fell against Viktor this time, clinging onto him gratefully.

“It’s okay, Yurio, I’m here. I’ll stay with you, I promise.Try to calm down now, you’re just going to make yourself feel worse,” he whispered, mopping Yurio’s wet cheeks with the sleeve of his jumper and running his fingers through Yurio’s sweaty blond hair.

After a while, Viktor could feel Yurio relax on his lap. He felt the tension in the boy’s body releasing, until Yurio fell into a dizzy, feverish sleep, right on Viktor’s lap.

Viktor kept the boy on his knee as the teenager slept, not even moving him back to sit on the sofa when he started to lose the feeling in his legs.It was rather uncomfortable for Viktor, as Yurio wasn’t the cuddliest of boys. The blond was all sharp elbows and bony shoulders, he fidgeted something awful, and he was uncomfortably hot from the fever. Viktor bore the pain heroically.

After an hour or so, it was clear that something was disturbing Yurio’s sleep. He started thrashing around restlessly, moaning quietly as he slept. His face bleached several shades whiter.

The blond’s eyes suddenly snapped open, and he lurched forward just in time to be violently sick all over the floor. But still, he’d managed to avoid coating himself and Viktor in his stomach contents, which was a considerable achievement, considering Yurio’s condition.

Viktor swept back Yurio’s blond hair as he heaved again, bringing up a thinner stream of puke into the growing pool on the floor. He coughed and gagged painfully as Viktor rubbed the boy’s back, whispering comfort in Russian.

When Yurio was finally finished, he flopped weakly on the sofa, breathing heavily. Viktor held a cup of water to his lips and managed to get Yurio to take a few sips.

“Sorry a-about the mess,” Yurio rasped, his voice hoarse from vomiting. Viktor smiled kindly.

“Never mind about that, you couldn’t help it. It’s easily cleaned. Then you should see if you can get some more sleep. You seem a little better after having an hour.”

Viktor cleaned the floor hastily, setting himself back down on the sofa when he’d finished. To his surprise, Yurio crawled back onto his lap, winding his slender arms around Viktor’s neck. Viktor gave a soft laugh.

“You really are like a kitten. You only cuddle on your own terms,” he chuckled. Yurio pressed his face into Viktor’s chest.

“Shut up.”



[Caption: Ten gifs of the poc from Shadowhunters, with orientation headcanons (and in Magnus’ case, canon) written on them. (1 Dot) “Gay” (2 Magnus) “Bi” (3 Luke) “Bi/Polya” (4 Simon) “Pan” (5 Maureen) “Bi” (6 Raj) “Gay” (7 Raphael) “Aro/Ace” (8 Meliorn) “Pan/Polya” (9 Alaric) “Gay” (10 Isabelle) “Bi”]


Adam’s sleeping in the basement. Yeah. I told him I wasn’t happy. I don’t know what I expected him to say, but he said, “I’m not happy, either.” Which is definitely not what I expected him to say.

Mob Headcanons

It’s here, it’s finally here. the one you’ve all been waiting for and the one I’ve been having the most trouble with. this isn’t exactly the end of the series, but i wont be able to write these kinda long winded hc posts as much unfortunately

// Teru // Shou // Ritsu // Reigen // Mob // Serizawa //

  • really, really likes clouds
    • has a tendency to just stare out the windows during class and just watch the clouds go by.
    • sometimes will go outside and just lay in his front yard, staring at the sky.
      • ritsu sometimes joins him with a book to read and Mob loves it
  • has Tunnel Vision
    • basically, when he’s focusing on something (which is kinda rare lmao) the whole building could be collapsing around him and he wouldn’t notice.
      • it’s so hard to get his attention when he’s like this
        • “Hey, kageyama-kun. Kageyama! Mooooooobbbbb.” “Suzuki, oh my god, leave nii-san alone. this is the longest I’ve ever seen him read a novel.” “Riichan, he’s reading a manga.” “…..oh.”
  • doesn’t often understand jokes, especially Shou’s
    • good thing Ritsu is usually there to poke mob in the shoulder and explain it to him
    • Teru is shit at explaining jokes because he usually starts snorting and chuckling half way through
      • mob doesnt mind tho seeing Teru laugh is better than any joke in his opinion
  • also, when he tries to tell jokes, it has a 50/50 chance of working
    • half the time he just starts giggling before he can get to the punch line
    • the other half he just sits there with a small, expectant smile on is face
  • considering how he has repressed his emotions for so long, he has trouble putting a name or recognizing both how he’s feeling and how others are feeling
    • sometimes he’ll say something that hits a little too close to home, or will be a little too blunt, but he honestly doesnt mean it. He just doesnt know
  • Will show up at Spirits and Such after school, sit on the couch, and sigh really loudly
    • Reigen will instantly grab a glass of milk and ask what’s wrong (if it’s chocolate milk or not depends on how loudly he sighed)
      • “okay kid, what happened today? Make it quick, we have an appointment in ten.” “Tsubomi looked at me… across the street.” “Oh wow, two days in a row! You’re on a roll, kid!”
  • doesnt really get it when someone flirts with him…. at least, not right away
    • will suddenly start blushing at midnight because holy shit Teru called him handsome
  • has a tendency to sit on his hands when theyre cold
  • those stim videos (paint mixing, kinetic sand, etc) really calm him down, but Ritsu had to limit how often he watches them because he started floating into the sky one day
  • his Bisexual Awakening was more along the lines of “oh hey, Teru’s smile might be nicer than Tsubomi’s”
    • he doesnt really put a title to his sexuality/gender tho. Searching for a label that fits him kinda stresses him out so he is just cool with Whatever
  • “Nii-san, how can you eat that? Didn’t Hanazawa-kun make it?… doesn’t it taste bad?” “mmmm…. yeah, but Hanazawa-kun was so happy, I couldn’t say no.”
  • has a tendency to just…. lay on the floor. Right in the middle of the room. especially on days where getting out of bed is a little tougher than usual
    • “Hey, boss! where’s– is Kageyama-kun okay?” “Oh? Yeah, he’s having one of those days. Give him a few minutes.” “ah, okay.”
      • teru likes to lie with him sometimes and talk about his day to fill the silence (mob never says so, but it helps.)
  •  “Hey little brother, check out this song.” “Ahh, okay, what– is this Smah Mouth?….Did Suzuki put you up to this” “no…. Yeah. Don’t tell him I told you!”
  • Mob is the most prone to Shou’s Shitty Pranks, because it’s the perfect way to rile up both Teru and Ritsu in one go
  • has issues with self worth quite a bit
    • basically doesn’t want to be more trouble than he’s worth, (and he doesnt think hes worth much in the first place) doesnt want to be a nuisance
      • he’ll say sorry a lot for this, but no one really knows the reason
  • twiddles his thumbs a lot, hums to himself, gets lost in his head quite often
    • likes to fiddle with the hem of his shirt, always is That One Kid who is clicking his pen in the back of the class
      • basically moves his hands a lot subconsciously
  • at some point he adopts reigens weird Hand Movement Thing and Reigen is??? so old proud? he’s like some dad that just watched his son score his first goal in soccer
  • after….. recent events (the Cursed Arc) he always makes sure to tell how much he appreciates people.
  • sometimes, when he goes too long without seeing friends or family, he starts to fear that he is still in the world Mogami trapped him in
    • hates to be alone now because of this
      • sleeping alone in his room is a nightmare the first few nights

redid my first andreil cat neighbor!au piece from all the way in april!