of a non existent anime

Please all of you watching kakegurui, read the manga. Please.

The last episode was a fucking mess and the best and gayest parts have been skipped.

I mean really the last episode was a fucking meme fest. It looked more like kakegurui on crack than anything else. The animation was cheap on most of the points too. I don’t usually complain about that stuff but like please. All season the episodes were nice but the last one? Ugh

Please consider reading the manga. Please. Save yourself from that ending.

Edit: also the ending in the anime is a non existent scene in the manga so like don’t search for it and honestly really just… read the manga. Enjoy the anime ending if you want but if you don’t read the manga you’re missing on good stuff

Why ToZ X Is Actually Just Bad

Beyond the obvious issues of tossing the main plot out the window in favour of this new amalgam of ToZ’s universe + ToB Spoilers + Fan service to placate Alisha Fans.*

I wrote a lot. Sorry fam @ mobile users.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I want to ask you something. As a wonderful edits creator you have a keen sense of aesthetic, in that aspect do you think SP even remotely does justice to the design Kishi drew for Sakura?

Hi! And wow thank you so much, I honestly don’t think my edits are anything special but I’m happy to hear you see it that way! 

 I think everyone knows sp’s adaption of Sakura is a little different from the canon version by Kishimoto

but the difference isn’t as outrageous as some people make it out to be. i do not know why sp decided  to give sakura the body of a 12 year old girl.  like it was soo unnecessary. sakura has a very nice gorgeous figure in the canon she also has lipstick and she’s drawn like the beautiful strong 32 year old Woman she is.

but there are times sp animates sakura very beautifully sure her curves and lipstick are completely non-existent in the anime but they still make her beautiful sometimes..when they feel like it. 

so to answer your question, no i don’t think sp does kishi’s design justice but personally i think she is very beautiful in the anime.


Let’s not forget about Yamaguchi baby being left out in the anime as a pinch server. Though both serves were out of bounds, but yeah, our freckled boy is still playing~

yourfavoritegreg  asked:

Would you say Pakunoda's nose adds or retracts to the character's design/sex appeal

Initially you couldn’t help but notice it mainly because at that point you’re used to anime female noses being practically non existent but then as the series went on it just became her face. Now it’s like “Nose? What Nose? Who said something about her nose?!”.

Long story short is I’m fighting Kurapika at the next PPV.

kissanime rant

so,recently kissanime.to was taken down for some reason. leaving people raged and confused. me, being one of those people who watch their anime only on kissanime, really hopes they fix this. here’s some problems I’ve found with the ‘new’ kissanime website.

- it’s changed to “io” and not “to”

-YURI ON ICE cANT BE SEARCHED?? (it can be found in the sports tag, page 6)

-the video player is messed

-you can’t download anime anymore:(((

- the episode countdown time thing is gone

-yuri on ice is not on the 'recently updated’ section on the main page

- accounts were deleted

-the read manga section is gone

-you can apparently watch movies now??

-unfinished anime is listed as completed

-ep 10 of yoi is non-existing

-no anime episode updates

-and yuri on ice is “completed” apparently.

i’m very disappointed in this new website and protest they bring back “to”. They honestly didn’t need to change the website to begin with. like I said before, for someone who can’t afford, or can’t buy a premium on crunchyroll kissanime is their next go-to.and when they find out that they can’t watch the anime they want is honestly devastating. so, I want to start a protest. make a post about the new .io website and tag it with #wewantkissanimeback .let’s get out anime back.

anonymous asked:

Also, what are any story cliches that you like?

  • Crazy loud stuff going on behind oblivious janitor or anyone with earphones
  • Overly hammy passionate anime speech
  • Characters watching weird non existent TV shows (RoboCop)
  • Someone throws something off screen and you hear something breaking
  • Not really a cliche, but an episode where everyone is racing somewhere on foot (Ed Edd n Eddy, Workaholics and Kill la Kill did that)