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Why ToZ X Is Actually Just Bad

Beyond the obvious issues of tossing the main plot out the window in favour of this new amalgam of ToZ’s universe + ToB Spoilers + Fan service to placate Alisha Fans.*

I wrote a lot. Sorry fam @ mobile users.

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Valentines season
  • Everyone: Oh, and I got this super amazing chocolate for my boyfriend and-
  • Me: Well here comes another day of me hiding in my room watching anime trying not to think about how sad my love life is haha...

 viictuurious replied to your post “krushvox replied to your photoset “~ I’m glad to see you too ~” …”

‘missed the days’, there are freaking hundreds of anime where men are nothing but friends!! stop taking the few canon gay ships there is and complain. go watch basically any other anime if you don’t want “gay”. also these two are best of friends, because guess what: your partner can be your best friend!

Thank you for that ^v^ Also through all the non “yaoi” anime or games that exists, there aren’t a few that has truly a same-sex relationship being canon. And very often it’s still pretty suggested so having even a hug is a big deal tbh. That’s why I didn’t appreciate getting a comment like this, when this hug means a lot for many people :’)


Let’s not forget about Yamaguchi baby being left out in the anime as a pinch server. Though both serves were out of bounds, but yeah, our freckled boy is still playing~

kissanime rant

so,recently kissanime.to was taken down for some reason. leaving people raged and confused. me, being one of those people who watch their anime only on kissanime, really hopes they fix this. here’s some problems I’ve found with the ‘new’ kissanime website.

- it’s changed to “io” and not “to”

-YURI ON ICE cANT BE SEARCHED?? (it can be found in the sports tag, page 6)

-the video player is messed

-you can’t download anime anymore:(((

- the episode countdown time thing is gone

-yuri on ice is not on the 'recently updated’ section on the main page

- accounts were deleted

-the read manga section is gone

-you can apparently watch movies now??

-unfinished anime is listed as completed

-ep 10 of yoi is non-existing

-no anime episode updates

-and yuri on ice is “completed” apparently.

i’m very disappointed in this new website and protest they bring back “to”. They honestly didn’t need to change the website to begin with. like I said before, for someone who can’t afford, or can’t buy a premium on crunchyroll kissanime is their next go-to.and when they find out that they can’t watch the anime they want is honestly devastating. so, I want to start a protest. make a post about the new .io website and tag it with #wewantkissanimeback .let’s get out anime back.

blackmausart  asked:

Hey hey!!! I just wanted to reach out and say you drawing anime characters as black is actually such a beautiful thing!!! Black representation is almost non-existent in anime and for a mixed black girl like me who loves anime, that's pretty shitty. Especially since if I want to cosplay an anime character I have to be prepared for the backlash I may get because I am black and as you said, a lot of people don't like their anime characters to be black. Thank you for the representation!❤❤❤

thank you so much for the message!!! it makes me really happy!!! i wish you all the best with your cosplays and that you dont get too many nasty messages ;;;; its incredible how shitty ppl get when ppl dont depict their anime girls as cutesy light east asians anymore ……… pfui

anonymous asked:

Also, what are any story cliches that you like?

  • Crazy loud stuff going on behind oblivious janitor or anyone with earphones
  • Overly hammy passionate anime speech
  • Characters watching weird non existent TV shows (RoboCop)
  • Someone throws something off screen and you hear something breaking
  • Not really a cliche, but an episode where everyone is racing somewhere on foot (Ed Edd n Eddy, Workaholics and Kill la Kill did that)