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What song do u think stelena would dance to at their wedding :)

Elena gazed at Stefan as he rifled through the Wedding Planner placed on the bed between them. It was a large and thick pink binder, bookmarked, dog-eared and tabbed; Bonnie and Caroline had both added pages and comments and suggestions to it. It had been a chaotic few weeks. Elena hadn’t really had any time alone with Stefan in the midst of all the preparation but now he was here before her and she just wanted to look at him, study him, enjoy him — her fiance, her husband-to-be. She tried to keep from smiling.

“You’re staring,” he said.

“I’m gazing,” said Elena, grinning.

Stefan smiled. “What is it?” he asked without looking up.

“What makes you think there’s an ‘it’?” said Elena.

“I know your stares,” said Stefan. “This is a ‘I wanna bring something up’ stare. So, what is it?”

Elena twisted her mouth to the side and then lay back on the bed, putting a pillow on her face. “It’s embarrassing!”

“More embarrassing than the time you tried to cook Chicken Parmesan?”

“You promised you wouldn’t bring that up again!”

Stefan grinned and inched over to the head of the bed. Gently, he lifted the pillow so he could see Elena’s face. “Tell me.”

“You promise not to laugh?”

Stefan nodded.

“OK, it’s about the song for our dance.”

“Oh OK,” said Stefan. “You have one in mind?”

Elena nodded. “For a while.”

“Ah.” Stefan nodded knowingly. “This is going to be one of those ‘since I was a little girl’ things.” 

“You promised not to laugh!”

“I’m not!” said Stefan, smiling. He bent forward and kissed her on the nose. “What’s the song?”

“Well … when I was … a little girl … my mom and I used to watch Cinderella all the time. It wasn’t even my favourite Disney movie but when she and the Prince end up together and they have that dance at the end of the movie … that sort of fairytale, everything is perfect, life is a dream dance? It’s to the song, “So this is love” … I don’t know, every time I dance with you, I think about that song.”

Stefan pressed his lips together and Elena’s eyes widened in lighthearted indignation. She whipped the pillow at his face and Stefan laughed into it as he held it. 

“You’re laughing!” she said.

“Yeah but not at you,” said Stefan. He removed the pillow from his face. “I love that that’s what you think about whenever we dance,” he said, his tone and expression becoming more serious. He reached forward and stroked her hair. “I would love to dance to that song with you, Elena.”

She stared at him and smiled. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you.”


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