of a lovely paul


katherine doesn’t care about anyone but herself.
she’s incapable of love
 → “she’s obsessed with stefan”


Here, have some more cute photos of Lauren from Michael Ausiello’s birthday party!!! (X) (X) (X)


TVD 8x14

— План был не такой, приятель.
— Ну, а теперь такой. Кай сказал, что убийство Када уничтожит и ад.
— Да, я знаю, я был там. Я подслушивал. Ты на самом деле веришь ему? Ты забыл, что ты человек? Кай почти распотрошил тебя, а я стоял прямо там. Что, ты думаешь, Кад собирается делать?
— Я верю только в то, что должен попробовать, Деймон. С тобой или без тебя. Я знаю, что это…
— Это самоубийство, Стефан! И если ты облажаешься…Мы не знаем, что он сделает с Еленой.
— Мне жаль, Деймон, но я должен сделать это.
— Теперь мне тоже жаль. Но я не могу позволить, чтобы с ней что-нибудь случилось. Или с тобой.


I’m still trying to pull myself together after GallifreyOne last weekend but over the next few days I’d like to share some of my favorite ribbons I received. The first of which were created for the much loved and missed Paul Spragg. The people who made these assured everyone that Paul will ALWAYS have a ribbon at Gally.

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"It's still a good love story" Yes, exactly. They were not meant to be if there is such a thing and maybe in an alternate universe they could have worked out, they didn't. They slept together A LOT and cared about one another as friends and yeah fuck buddies obviously. They're not heartless, it meant something and the fact that they stayed friends in spite of their affair warms my heart actually. Harrison was decent beyond the cheating part, Carrie was old enough to know what she was doing.

(cont.) And I firmly believe that Harrison was a hundred times better to Carrie than Paul ever was. Yeah Paul may have loved her back in his own twisted way but he made her feel like crap while Harrison never said much but he made her feel like someone in spite of it fueling her impression that she wasn’t worthy because he was so perfect in her eyes, he did tell her she was smart and had the balls of a samurai and that is validation I bet Paul never gave her in a decade.

Well, Carrie knew it was going to end so it wasn’t like it was a surprise to her. But yeah, I think in his own way Harrison respected her and that’s more than what can be said about Paul Simon.

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What's your opinion about Alex Jones/Paul Joseph Watson/Infowars?

Alex Jones is just not my cup of tea for some reason.  Of what I’ve heard and seen on his show, he gets “screamy” and for some reason, I don’t do screamy very well.  I think he tries to out do Limbaugh and nobody, nobody, can do that. I don’t listen closely enough to Jones to opine about his content. I think it’s just a style thing that I don’t listen to him much. 

I love Paul Joseph Watson. I know Jones and Watson are associated somehow together but not sure how.   At first, I thought Watson was a little over the top,  but the more I listened to him, the more I saw that he brings up some of the same things I think.  I like the way he talks too–the accent and the cadence–as well as his sense of humor.  His videos are interspersed with graphics and his reactions are sometimes those of myself.  I followed him on “twit-ah” (love the way he says that) a couple of weeks ago. 

He makes a lot of sense in this video about celebrity deaths–thinks exactly the same thing I do about them.