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Five most underrated kisses | Steggy Secret Santa 2017

Before we start, let me apologise for being so late. So much family drama, illnesses and almost A&E visits, and a horrible exam later; here it is.

I really hope you like it @cotyca82, and again, I’m terribly sorry it couldn’t be done in time.

Five most underrated kisses

Types: shoulder kisses, temple kisses, knuckle kisses, nose kisses and palm kisses.

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anonymous asked:

Hi uh, I'm a lesbian. But boys, men. Id like y'all to know, y'all hands-on and blessed beings and you're doing great. Keep it up cause all us ladies believe in you! No matter what some say, keep your head high, and know you're fucking a m a z I n g! X ♡Love, trans mum here for her boys♡

orc-lady-unabi  asked:

What anime is the lizard guy from????

Overlord. The Lizardmen are mentioned in season one but weren’t supposed to show up until season 2. The anime is from very popular Japanese novels about a guy who’s favorite online VR game is shutting down, so he decides to stay in until it shuts down and boots him from the system but something strange happens and he doesn’t get kicked and instead the entire guild that he and his friends made gets sent to an entirely new world similar to the game world he was in before. All of the NPCs his friends made are now living, breathing characters and he’s stuck in the body of his overpowered undead character.

It’s a really good anime and was worried they may not do season 2 for a while but now it’s out and I am freaking stoked!!!

Btw, all of the main characters are non-human. A big part of his guild was that all the members were non-human since players in the game that were humans picked on non-human players. The main character of course is the only one (so far) that got sent to this new world. Everyone else in his guild are the NPCs his friends made.