of a lovely lady

do you ever wonder if a lot of the Clara Oswald and River Song hatred comes from the fact that we’re basically conditioned to think badly of confident women who know that they’re awesome/clever/sexy and 120% own it? 

like, how much of it is a subconscious result of not being used to female characters who unabashedly love themselves who are still sympathetic characters/good people, if also obviously flawed in some ways too? 

because honestly, they’re so important for teaching us that there’s no shame in loving ourselves like that too




She got shelved after I just couldn’t handle the sloppy, unnatural way that female blood elf huntresses fired guns/bows/crossbows/basically everything. BUT, the updated animations for 7.3 look really great, just so much better, and I’m super excited to be playing her again. 

She was my main love for the longest time, hunter is such a fun class to play, and I’m happy she’s making a return.


i’ve watched it countless times and i still can’t wrap my head around why they wrote kirk having an implied sex scene with that slave in the episode ‘Bread and Circuses’ - while bones and spock are in jail, or possibly dead for all jim knows. it just seems so out of character? i know he’s done this kind of stuff on missions before but not when there is literal danger lurking around the corner?

someone explain to me how that whole scene made sense, i don’t see it 

nice girls are the best girls

let me tell you about how nice and caring girls can be okay guys!! I was in the middle of georgia at some bar with my boyfriends band and I guess mother nature was like “let’s fuck w shelby” and paid me my monthly visit. so I’m here, surrounded by literally only guys and one other girl who was bartending. after realizing the closest place to get tampons was over a mile away and having no car, I went up to the bar on the off chance she would be willing/able to help a girl out. as soon as I ask this girl goes “of course!! I literally have a box of every size stashed here!! what do you need?” and then, to make it even better, she comes back with my tampon, some midol, a bag of dove chocolates, and says “what do you want to drink sweetie, on the house? I know how shitty that is” and girls helping girls out like that is what I fucking live for!!!! she literally opened her brand new bag of chocolate just for me!!! ladies, we all gotta learn to stick together like this!! imagine how unstoppable we could be if we were all this way towards each other!!! that might have been the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me!! honestly hope I can help a girl out like this one day, or everyday!! god bless you kind lady at oglethorpe lounge!!

now, I don’t understand. Supernatural set Castiel up to be a father figure for Claire, right? That was the whole point of Claire’s storyline, to give Cas a sense of his own family etc etc

But then, supernatural also set up Dean as Claire’s father figure? But they didn’t do the same with Sam.

Like, that is something spn did ON PURPOSE.

they literally made Cas and Dean Claire’s dads.

Sometimes I think “wtf Julian is only 17 NO ONE in this shadowhunting world would be able to raise children at 17! Only him! Bc he strong and brave!” And then I remember that Charlotte Branwell had been head of the London Institute along with Henry since she was 18 years old and had to raise 3 children who weren’t even related to her, which included a bitter, spoiled girl; a sick boy; and a boy who was mean to every soul and was known to make Charlotte’s life a little impossible. And these kids didn’t feel any obligation to obey her, because she wasn’t family or even old enough.
So yes, Julian was brave and strong (especially because he had been raising his siblings by himself since he was TWELVE) but let us not forget Charlotte motherfucking Branwell.