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this isn't to flower and frisk, but to the creator of the blog. Thank you for taking your time and putting so much effort into the work you've shown. I appreciate every bit of these and I hope you are doing well! Since the chara sideline is over do you plan to go back to the story, or do another magic anon thing

Sadly, that was the very last Magic anon I can do for this blog, but Don’t worry I have something planned for later~

I’m just finishing up adding my sounds on my game and making some tweaks before I start streaming in a bit

I know I’m going to type so much just to say one thing, but just saying Happy Birthday to you is not enough. Ever since you became my idol when I was 13, I have learned so much about how to be myself. You’ve taught me a lot to not be scared of who I am, and honestly that has made me into the person I am today. You’ve taught me it’s okay to be sad at times. You’ve taught me that it’s okay to be gay. You’ve taught me it’s okay to be myself. And goddamn, I cannot thank you enough for simply existing and doing what you do. You’ve had a huge impact in the lives of so many people, including me. I hope you celebrate today your 31 years of being alive. 31 years of talent. 31 years of beauty. 31 years of inspiration and love. I hope you truly know what you have done for many people in this world. Happy, happy, happy birthday, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta ❤️

Halcyon Days

For @tmntflashfic’s wonderful Spring prompt, a fic that is sort of a sequel to my ‘April-joins-the-Foot-clan-post-season-4′ fic, but can be read as a standalone.

Have some soft family fluff and mutual grieving between the murder lady trifecta and the four chaos brothers + Casey. Main focus is on Karai and Leo, enjoy them being adults and (mostly) stable individuals together.


Karai leans her head back against her seat, idly watching the country side rush past her window. She blinks slowly, eyes feeling tired from the abrupt time change she’s experienced coming back to America. The sounds of April and Shinigami in the front seats chatting quietly further soothes her nerves, because their familiar voices have long since become staples in her life, and she can always depend on them to anchor her.

Karai feels their car turn, and shifts her weight as they begin the journey up the farm house driveway. April’s voice picks up a note of excitement, and Karai smiles to herself at the red head’s eagerness to see the other half of their family.

As they keep driving, Karai sees the car following them suddenly stop and then park in the middle of the road. It’s one of four in the area, with three or two Foot soldiers in each. Extra protection, just to ensure they aren’t interrupted during the celebration.

Karai’s men and women are good soldiers, now that they’ve served a solid ten years under her reign as clan leader. She made sure that none of them were anything less than perfect, and knows she can trust her chosen subordinates to guard the perimeter. She can let go of her constant vigilance, at least for tonight.

Karai eases the last of her leaderly stress from her mind, and finds herself grinning as the farm house comes into view at last. Just a fourteen hour flight from Japan, and then four hour drive from New York, and they’re finally here.

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Why do people have to assume that all Olicity/Felicity stans automatically hate Laurel?

I will have you know under all my Olicity shipping , I 100% crack ship laulicity👭 Those AU gifsets and stories GIVE ME LIFE.

Plus, I stated once and I will do it again; the ONLY person that I hate in the Arrowverse (minus hatred for villains because I’m suppose to hate them) is Susan Williams🙅🏼

Todd: “Okay recruits, today we’re joined by Wardens Sandman and Locksmith for advanced rescue drills. First, a few rules: the goal is to rescue the target from the opponent, not defeat the opponent. You will be graded on successful rescuing only. Taking on the opponent with intent to incapacitate or kill WILL lose you points. Not that I honestly think any of you could do that at this point, plenty of better trained and stronger things have tried and failed.”

Recruit: “So we’re just rescuing you from them?”

Todd: “Oh no, you’re rescuing THEM!”

Recruit: “What are we rescuing them FROM then?”

Todd: *takes off a sweater she was wearing, revealing surprisingly muscular arms covered in battle scars*

Todd: *smiles* “Me.”

Colored!  She has way more scars than this, her back and sides and stomach are a MESS.