of a dream never realised and a time that never existed

I’m still so amazed by the idea of Doctor Who. There are so many possibilities for stories, and I love all those tragic love stories.

being separated by a wall between universes

realising the husband you had in a dream-like au doesn’t exist when you get out of that alternate universe (it still kills me that he was there, he just couldn’t call out fast enough for her to hear him *crying’)

meeting your loved one in reverse order so that you are always aware of that one time that you meet him and he won’t even know who you are

seeing your husband being zapped back in time, never to come back, and going after him, not knowing if you’ll be zapped back to the same time and place, all the way knowing you’ll never see anybody else ever again, like your best friend and family

so many people dying to save their loved ones

splitting yourself into thousands of echoes of yourself to help the man you love in every bad situation in his very long life

coming to terms with loving a man who literally became a different man (but still the same man, duh)

waiting two thousand years in front of a box that holds your wife to protect her from all harm

Like, you can literally think of anything and make that happen in that show

my favourite thing to do is trying to find ways for that one girl to get back to her original universe, and often her goddess-like inner side plays a very important part in that