oeufs mollets

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Happy Easter, Sakuma-san and to all of the others as well. Because this is basically the day of the egg, here is a question to all of you. I put it here, because i don't want to spam all the ask boxes, if this is alright with you. So, here is the question. How do you like your egg/What is your favourite egg dish?

Happy Easter to you too. Sorry this took so long to be answered; I have to collate the answers from all the spies. Some of the spies are not here at the moment - I wonder where they are - so here are the answers from those I could ask.

Me: tamagoyaki
Fukumoto: deviled egg
Hatano: omelette
Miyoshi oeuf mollet
Amari: eggs Benedict with a side of mimosa
Jitsui: sunny-side up
Yuuki: custard