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My cosplay progress over the years:

For my first two years doing cosplay, I bought my costumes and hadn’t started working out yet. 

After my summer convention in 2014 I made the decision to start weightlifting and to try and make my own costumes. I cheated a bit by tampering with regular clothes (blue Korra), but then dived into making costumes from scratch (green Korra and Fang). I still bought some pieces, but not the whole costume.

In 2016 I made my first almost entirely homemade costume, Rinkah. Chat Noir was pretty low effort, but he was my most fun cosplay to date and pieces of his costume prepared me for making my Rinkah costume.

In 2017 I finally tried foam for the first time and I think it came out pretty well.  

“Let’s take a look at this mark of yours”

Haaah i like this photoshoot so much. As much as the girl next to me ;D

Also, I miss being tanned :~

Light by @rizzyokuni

photo by Shinta Oni

pasiphilo  asked:

Besides Korra, are there any other characters you have or want to cosplay?

I have cosplayed as Fang from Final Fantasy 13, San from Princess Mononoke, Rinkah from Fire Emblems Fates, and Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug. I am hoping to do either Pharah or Zarya from Overwatch, and I had also been considering Nidalee from League of Legends. 

Suteki da ne.jpg, no wait XD

Well, we were there and we couldn’t miss the joke. Coz that’s the way we roll. And we both like Final Fantasy X.

Have a nice Fangrai day XD

Lightning by @rizzyokuni
Fang by me :D

Photo by @shintaoni

Stalling in Gran Pulse.

I’m in a Fangrai mood today.
I blame the girl :p

Lightning by @rizzyokuni

Ph Shinta Oni

The #FanServiceFriday MUST GO ON! \o/

Here’s more Fang at the Pulsian waterfalls. Care for a little swim, Light?

also, pic is also available as a print at rachasakawa.ecwid.com :D Go get yours!

photo by Oni Hideout - Drawings and Arts edit by Rizzy no Okuni // Eckhardt CosPhotos

Back to Pulse!

Oerba Yun Fang and Lightning Farron from Final Fantasy XIII Saga. I’d say Lightning Returns XD *coughcoughIdidn’tbotherwiththel’ciemarkcoughcough*

Hope you like it <3 

Dear Lightning by @rizzyokuni
Fang by me :D
Photo by Shinta Oni 

“I wonder what she’s thinking of. I can’t quite read that kind of girl.” 

Can’t get enough of Fang. Guess I never will.

Photo by Shinta Oni

That photo.

Me as Fang
@tinuvielcosplay as Vanille

Photo by @caaphotoshootmagazineblog