'The Wine Show': Come for the booze, stay for the bromance
Booze and bromance There's no better summer viewing than watching a charming Brit and his equally studly Welsh bud drink wine in picturesque Italy. Enter The Wine Show, featuring Downton Abbey's Matthew Goode and the recently Emmy-nominated Matthew Rhys from The Americans.

‘It’s hard to justify The Wine Show’s existence other than Matthew and Matthew’s desire to get buzzed on great wine together and get paid while doing it. But their interplay is adorable. They refer to each other as Rhysy and Goodey and spend most of the time wittily bantering with each other.

Their role is to play the amateur enthusiasts/winos (depending on your viewpoint) to expert Joe Fattorini, who sends the actors on wine excursions and judges their taste.

The wine could be the draw for an oenophile, but even for teetotaler, the best friendship between Rhysy and Goodey makes this worth the watch.’