When I think of Jared:

(In no particular order)

Sunshine smiles

Tip tilted eyes

Thoughtful answers

Smart is sexy

Excited little boys

Not the Losechesters

Broken microphones

Backward chairs


Elegant, long fingers

Hidden pain

Open heart

Thirst for knowledge

Tight hugs

Deep laugh

Forehead crinkles

Honest tears

Black socks with shorts

Psychedelic shirts


Blatant affection




Oenophile (Wine lover)




You probably know Neil deGrasse Tyson as an astrophysicist with a seemingly endless stream of science fun facts at his command. You might not be aware that he is also a great oenophile and lover of food.

Some 16 years ago, before I was a journalist and illustrator, I worked with Neil at the American Museum of Natural History. He would sometimes carry around a small canvas tote bag. As I recall, the bag would contain one of two things: either a weighty, mango-sized meteorite to show to guests of the museum, or a bottle of wine to gift to a colleague.

It was pretty symbolic of his twin passions – the heavens, and wine. (By extension, that includes cuisine.) I recently talked with NdGT about how these all collide in the kitchen.

Astrophysicist, Wine Lover, Foodie: The Neil deGrasse Tyson You Didn’t Know

Illustrations: Beth Lebwohl