here it is… the long awaited coyotes primer! anyways this took me a million years for some reason and it still looks like garbage but I love my boys so much.

tagging some ppl who might be interested: @jakobschychrun @crosbeast @andysmountains

emilmedia One of my personal favorite moments from this weekend was after we had packed all the lights down, and the set was halfway packed in to the van. A slightly intoxicated but friendly guy came in and started talking to me, he told me he was there with one of my all time favorite hockey players in @arizonacoyotes and newly crowned Hockey world champion Oliver Ekman-Larsson @oel23 ! He got super hyped about the photos we had taken off the artists playing at the festival and called Oliver to ask if he was game to take a few frames.

Oliver was super cool about it and kind enough to give us a few minutes to take some photos, so in all hurry we set up the lights and took out the smoke machine again and had everything done in 5 minutes! Different - but very fun experience.

Thanks for the super fast rigging! 😍❤️
@moritzmech @albinhovlin @yourhoumees