Tegaki E is Closing This Month.

Forget Inktober. Tegaki is more important.

Tegaki is important. Tegaki E is an oekaki site - sort of like an online MS paint. As such it is basically the purest expression of electronic aesthetic in visual art. Tegaki at its best shows off pixels and jagged lines - smooth, filled colors. It is unrepentantly electronic.

Most digital artists spend all their time trying to imitate traditional looks created by “analog” tools and materials. Tegaki forgoes this. It is electronic. You draw with a computer, and you draw onto the internet. There is no imitation. It just is. It is what electronic art is and should aspire to be.

Even though I draw on paper and utilize traditional materials and tools, Tegaki was a major influence on my art. The sharp lines, the angular electronic styles, and odd color palettes. It was cool, and it is cool, and even though I admit to not having logged on in over three years - it is still important and influential.

I’m a retrogrouch. I’m normally telling people to pick up some bristol and try out an old fashioned dip pen. To experience some real, hands on art. But if you’re going to draw digitally, you owe it to yourself to experience the electronic purity of Tegaki. See what it really is. Go to it.